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left-hand corner of Great Britain, surprises. But here in the top Well, life is full of wonderful yesterday, today the rains came. after our wonderful day of filming the weather has had the last laugh. the new sports centre doesn't leak. Luckily, the roof of of Stornoway and round about So thank you very much to the people and bringing us their treasures. for braving the elements in the Outer Hebrides, goodbye. From the Isle of Lewis but unsuccessful effort A grandmother's frantic from a burning house. to rescue a toddler if she could. She would have gone back inside Kevin Rudd's education revolution - to performance. linking school funding teaching excellence in every school. We must insist on Parents fighting back doing cartwheels in the playground. against a ban on their children I'm cranky - I can't believe it. That's just useless. they're not kids anymore. Kid's can't do anything, And Bradman's century - celebrations around the country of the great batsman's birth. on the 100th anniversary And he's our Don Bradman.

but unsuccessful effort A grandmother's frantic This program is captioned live. Good evening. efforts to save her - Despite her grandmother's desperate in a house fire at Nelson Bay a two-year-old girl has died on the mid-North Coast.

involved - It's a tragedy for the family at Westmead Hospital overnight, the youngster's parents were who's just had a liver transplant. with another daughter Twenty-four hours ago

staying with their grandparents. it was a house full of children officers in masks and gloves. Now its been taken over by forensic The moment the fire broke out rushed her two teenage children 51-year-old grandmother Julie Gibson and two of her grandchildren outside her two-year-old granddaughter Taya. but she couldn't save to try and save her granddaughter. She would have given her life if she could. She would have gone back in there by Taya's death Neighbours are not only devastated of bad luck. but also the family's run

grandparents because Taya was staying with her at Westmead Hospital her mother and father were their other daughter - helping to nurse recovering from a liver transplant. 10-month-old Emmerson - who is because they well and truly need it We have to pray for this family - that deserve it. and they are the sort of family in Newcastle with burns to her hands. The grandmother is in hospital Neil Tarrant, suffering Nearby, the grandfather, smoke inhalation.

hospital with terminal throat cancer. He returned home only yesterday from is quite horrific. The whole personal situation hold of the toddler At one stage, the grandmother had outside to safety and was and was attempting to flee two-year-old ran back inside. but she lost her grip and the couldn't rescue the youngster. Despite repeated attempts they Out of the cruelest of days, survived. somehow the family's terrier in a burnt out downstairs room. he was found huddling Mark Burrows, Nine News. an appeal for the family. And locals have now set up you can do so via a special account If you would like to donate, of St George Bank. at the Nelson Bay branch A trainee pilot has been killed, on the ground were incredibly lucky, while a number of people over Melbourne's south-east today. when two planes collided

clipped another aircraft A Cessna 150 of a house in Cheltenham. then crashed into the garage quick bang when it hit the ground. It was just a big sudden, there was a school nearby By chance, that no one else was injured and we are very fortunate as a result of this, this afternoon. on board. The trainee was the only person carrying an instructor and a trainee. The other plane was a Piper Warrior at Moorabbin Airport. They landed safely case of Sharks Rugby League star There are more developments in the Greg Bird girlfriend at the weekend. who's accused of glassing his on Nine News last night Police are following up revelations visited the victim in hospital. that Bird's manager is at the Sydney Police Centre. Simon Bouda Simon - what's the latest?

Higher understand that the police Higher understand that

commissioner has been briefed on

this development. Wild bird was

have barred it from visited his

girlfriend, certain questions are

now being asked about his manager

visiting her in hospital and

whether that may have breached an

apprehended violence order. We are

aware that that did occur and we're

going to have some further

investigations into doubt. The case

was back in court this morning. The

lawyer for Greg Bird was there and

I asked him whether he was

concerned about the visit yesterday.

I you'll what aware that the

manager has been in to visit the

victim? As the barrister I do not

speak to the media about matters

I'm not constructed to. While the

manager claims he was visiting his

girlfriend as a friend, sources say

he could be trying to influence her.

They have not provided a formal

police statement but detectives

have told me they will continue the

case if they have to just by relying on the evidence they

already have. The victims

corporation is not necessary in

prosecuting domestic violence cases. To State Parliament now - which will be recalled tomorrow privatisation. for the vote on electricity And Allison Langdon, step of introducing the legislation the Premier has taken the unusual

in the Upper House, why's that? damaging to the Premier Well, Mark, it'll be extremely in the lower house, if his colleagues, the sell-off, cross the floor and vote against which could well happen.

in the upper house, Also, by forcing a vote on to show its hand first. it puts pressure on the Opposition the dirt is flying - For the Premier, right up until the very last minute. within the party This time, it's claims from

of bullying and harassment. but no-one's confirmed it to me. I've heard the rumours,

is by Labor MP Kerry Hickey, One of the allegations

funding from his electorate the Treasurer threatened to withdraw who claims

if he opposes the sell-off. meeting that said very clearly, There were delegates in that "That sounds like a threat," and he turned around and said, "No, that's a promise." But Michael Costa has rubbished the claim, saying if the sale is rejected there will be no money for anyone. I think the whole thing is absurd. The meeting that is being referred to occured six months ago. I spoke to the Treasurer, he flatly denies it, absolutely not true. The Premier today conceded if the sale doesn't go ahead, it's over. There is no plan B and our electricity supply will be jeopardised.

He's ready for tomorrow's fight.

It's on, it's on for young and old,

so bring it on. And the Treasurer has moved to pre-empt concerns by the Opposition that Labor will misuse the $10 billion raised from the sale. But Mr Costa has told Nine News a taskforce of business and community groups will be appointed to oversee how the money is spent. It is to ensure that the funds, which are important funds, are allocated to projects

which have long term benefits to the community.

Unless power stations are made out of glass,

there is nothing more transparent than this decision. Business groups met with the Opposition leader late yesterday And, Ally, any idea on how the Opposition will vote tomorrow? Not yet Mark, they'll meet in the morning. But what was interesting to note, this afternoon - the Liberals and the Nationals want to vote as one on this avoid disunity on this one. they're hoping to vote as one. A major shake-up of the education system has been announced by PM Rudd and it could mean the sack for staff at under-performing schools.

Under the new scheme - schools would not only have to show how their students are doing, but also show how the school itself is performing.

He's already promised the States at least $42 billion to run schools for the next four years. Today Kevin Rudd told the Press Club what he wants in return.

I cannot understand why public institutions such as schools should not be accountable to the community that funds their salaries and running costs. To make them accountable, Prime Minister Rudd says States must force schools to perform on three fronts. 1. Improve teacher quality, partly by paying the better ones more... We must insist on teaching excellence in every school. 2. Improve disadvantaged schools. 3. Force all schools to tell parents how their results compare, with tough action for those that consistently fail... Such as replacing the school principal, replacing senior staff. ..But the plan has stoked an old criticism of Kevin Rudd - copying Howard Government policies. Naughty boy. You stole that idea, didn't you? Now the Opposition has unearthed this four-year-old press release to suggest the Prime Minister has simply rehashed an old 'tough on schools' plan. As a means of distracting Australians from the fact that they are worse off under the Rudd Labor Government. They talked about teacher quality - and did nothing. But even the country's key Education Union says the Rudd initiatives simply copy failed ideas. They resemble announcements made by the former government.

This is the right way to go

and we're not going to take a backward step. Tim Lester, Nine News.

In a spectacle of American razzamatazz, failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton

has rallied behind her rival Barack Obama at the Democrat's party convention in Denver. Robert Penfold is there and Robert it's fair to say many of her supporters still haven't come to terms with her loss. That's right, Mark and tonight she saw it as her job to unify the party. nd that meant playing the role of gracious loser as she delivered one of the most anticipated speeches of the convention.

This was certainly not part of the grand Clinton plan. The woman who all but took it for granted she'd be her party's presidential candidate, now saying this - Barack Obama is my candidate and he must be our president. Every look, every word measured to ensure From the gallery, Bill Clinton appeared the adoring husband, fighting back tears, mouthing the words "I love you" while Hillary turned on a new enemy, Republican candidate John McCain. No way. No how. No McCain! No one was more shocked than Hillary Clinton herself when she lost and then came the final indignity when she was passed over as the vice-presidential candidate. Still, she's here tonight, all smiles,

wearing her politician's face to do the right thing by the party. The time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose. But the reality is the party still deals with this - Clinton supporters on the streets refusing to accept Obama. You lost people, get over it! If a large slice of the 18 million who voted for Clinton don't get over it and stay away from the polls, Obama stands little chance of becoming president. # Hillary! Hillary! # Robert - what's the latest on those reports of an assassination attempt on Barack Obama? Well Mark, the FBI is now quite convinced they were just big-talking petty criminals and there was no real threat. So as you can imagine everyone around here is a lot more relaxed than they were this time last night.

How far should we go in wrapping our kids in cotton wool to save them from the perils of childhood? Well, a school in Queensland has set a new benchmark -

banning cartwheels in the playground. It's a playground activity at most Australian primary schools. But if these Brisbane kids were at Townsville's Belgian Garden School they'd be up for the most serious of playground crimes. Cartwheeling could have them suspended along with the schoolyard smokers and bullies. I'm cranky. I can't believe it. That's just useless. Kids can't do anything. They can't be kids anymore. We always did it and there were no injuries from them. The principal has banned cartwheels and handstands, even forward rolls are off limits. He says they're just too risky. The Queensland Government says parents are forcing schools to act - by complaining every time their children get a bump or bruise. Well, on the face of it, this seems like a ridiculous situation. Here in NSW, there are no blanket bans on cartwheels or handstands. It's up to the individual schools to make up their own minds on whether they think they're dangerous or just plain fun. I think there's a lot of an element of common sense but obviously we have a duty of care for the safety of students. It would be great if the kids could do all those fun games, maybe they just have to do them at home. Lizzie Pearl, Nine News. In the news ahead - the teaching experiment with 90 children per class. And Hollywood's Eva Mendes raises the temperature in Sydney. (Breathes in sharply) WHACK! KFC's new Hot & Spicy Fillets have a full-on flavour hit - breast fillets marinated in chillies and spices. KFC's Hot & Spicy fillets. Well, let's take the Olympic Games, for instance. I think people love to see someone giving it their all. So it's about striving for that highest level? VOICEOVER: Let's give it our best. Gunshots were fired during an attempted hold up

at a Bank of Queensland branch in Newtown this afternoon. The three would-be thieves fled empty-handed before police arrived and although customers inside the bank were shaken, no one was hurt. A 200m section of King Street was closed

causing lengthy traffic delays as heavily-armed police sealed off the area. A Catholic Primary school in Western Sydney is teaching some of its students in a class of more than 90. The Catholic Education Office says it's the future of learning and plans to apply the model to all of its 76 schools. While many schools are desperate for smaller class sizes, at John XXIII Catholic Primary School in Stanhope Gardens - it seems bigger is better. Its kindergarten class has 91 students taught by three teachers and a teacher's aide.

We're allowing the skills of three teachers to come to bear

on the one group of kids. The students alternate between working as one class and breaking into smaller groups - depending on ability and friendships. The teachers assess the children, decide what their next step of learning is and that's the group they end up in. They can get more attention because we're catering for their needs more. Sarah Simpson says she's seen results in her daughter Samantha. Her writing was three little words now it's full sentences. The Catholic Education office now wants this type of teaching model in all of its 76 schools. We have seen improvements in reading and writing.

The children here have shown average to higher growth. But the model has been criticised by the Independent Education Union. It claims it contradicts the industrial agreement which limits class sizes and is concerned it could hinder a child's learning. I can't see how having half a dozen adults and that number of kids

is going to do anything other than make distractions.

Jodie Noyce for Nine News. Brad Pitt and two of his children - Maddox and Pax Hollywood actress Eva Mendes has jetted into Sydney

for her role as international ambassador

for the 30 days of Fashion and Beauty festival. She revealed an eye for Aussie design - her favourites 'Willow', 'Sass and Bide' as well as Collette Dinnigan: I just love comfort and ease - I think you Aussies are great at that. The whole 'no worries' thing - I adopted that right away.

Models Lara Bingle and Nikki Phillips joined her as the local faces of the festival. Sport is next with Andrew Voss - and you have a special tribute to Bradman's century. Yes Mark, it's 100 years since he was born and there are tributes here and interstate. Also, Danny Buderus is honoured at a tribute lunch and Sonny Bill on the run in Toulon. WIN News at 6:30. Coming up on WIN News... The A-C-T election battle gets personal, Investigations into an expensive fire at Brand Depot,

And, birthday celebrations for the great Don Bradman. MACHINERY WHIRRS It's legendary tough. Orange. Green! Anthony. Sam. (GIGGLES) (SINGS) # Dr Knickerbocker # Knickerbocker number nine... # If all your kids think about is the Wiggles... # ..and keep in time... # ..don't miss your

'On The Road With The Wiggles' DVD.

# Let's all do the shimmie shake... # It's yours free this weekend with the 'Sunday Telegraph'. ACTEW wants to cover all options. Having a design for a demonstration water purification plant ready to go is like an insurance policy. It's another way we're securing water for life. In rugby league - an injured cheekbone has forced Parramatta halfback, Brett Finch, out of this weekend's must-win game against the Dragons.

While at South Sydney, there's a score to be settled, with the Rabbitohs hoping to wreck the Roosters' hopes

of a top-four finish. The rivalry between these two clubs stretches back to the very first grand final, and 100 years later, they still don't like each other. The supporters that I run into around the place, they're all talking about how passionate they are about the Rabbitohs beating the Roosters and vice versa. No-one at Souths has forgotten what happened in round 1. Prize recruit Craig Wing missed three months of football when Riley Brown broke Wing's shoulder with a blind side tackle. It ruined the Rabbitoh's season, and this will be Wing's first chance to say thanks. Truth be known we're just playing for ourselves, really, build that up however you want but I'm not buying into it. It has been spoken about at training, and it will be a grudge match. Heard a fair bit of talk from them already

about how important it is for them to get their season back on track. You don't want to be going into the semifinals in poor form. And there weren't enough seats for the Danny Buderus tribute lunch. The Knight's captain was to have played his last game in Newcastle this weekend, but a season-ending injury against the Cowboys cruelled that party. It's a hurdle I've just got to overcome in my career and I'll move onto England, but obviously I'm not playing for this great club any more. That was a big hurdle. Buderus's career began in the under 6's

and isn't over just yet. Clinton Fletcher, Nine News. And Sonny Bill Williams is making his mark on French rugby, even if some of the commentators are still getting used to his name. COMMENTATOR: All of a sudden, Sonny Boy Williams snaps onto the loose ball,

and breaks away down field. The try helped Toulon win its first match of the season, against last year's runners-up, Clermont.

It's 60 years since his last innings and seven years since his death. But today another Sir Donald Bradman century was celebrated. Plenty of parties were thrown - from the bigsmoke to Bradman's birthplace because Australia's greatest sportsman would have been 100 years old today. Today, the town of Cootamundra

became cricket's equivalent of Bethlehem. 100 years on in Bradman's birthplace,

Thomas Bradman saw his grandad cast yet again in bronze. Something to me, he was just my grandfather. But yeah,we are very proud of him. In Bowral, where the Don grew up, the Bradman Museum did a brisk trade. The Highlands town determined to claim him as their own. # Our Don Bradman # At 100th birthday parties, cricket greats paid tribute. The Don. (ALL) The Don. One can only say

he was the champion of all champions. Bradman was a freak, as I said. He was a genius in the same way as Shane Warne. They only come along once every long while. Now 86, Arthur Morris was at the non-striker's end when Bradman made that famous duck in his final innings. Did you actually make any yourself that day? I did, didn't I dear? Yes, you did. How many did you make that day Arthur? 196. Despite being the Don's favourite ground, Bradman scored only 2 of his 29 Test centuries here at the SCG. But his famous average of 99.94 means he was basically twice as good as anyone before or since. Andrew McKinlay, Nine News.

To finance and shares in gas producer Woodside jumped -

following $1 billion half=year profit. After the break, Jaynie joins us with all the weather details. This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $10 million. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. You could: Handsome, loving. Now, of course, he's brought shame on the family. MAN: What happened? He cooks his Basmati rice in a microwave. (Blows nose) 48 hours I was in labour with him...for this. Two minutes in a microwave? Can a microwave replace a mother? Generations of traditions replaced by a microwave? You are joking me? It's wrong. Now here's Jaynie, with the weather. Mark, a few showers are building - they should be mainly coastal. Not much at the moment but it was certainly a cooler day thanks to the combination of cloud and southerly winds. The southerly winds are from the front which travelled up the NSW coast today bringing light showers increasing tonight. trough is where the main action is. But in the north-east from this including marble-size hail With severe storms around Lennox Head. in just 10 minutes. Ballina 23mm, most of that falling in about an hour with those storms. And temperatures dropping 7 degrees for NSW tomorrow. A fairly similar pattern But for the west -

and should move right across There is some heavy rain building to Eastern Australia by Sunday. one of our biggest rain events We are hoping this will be in months for the inland. towards the evening. Tomorrow - Perth will get rain A few clearing showers for Melbourne. sticking close Sydney - most of the showers southerly winds will be fresh. to the coastal suburbs where sadly nothing spectacular If you are keen for a surf -

the weekend. and the swell is dropping towards

than likely be cloudy but dry. Inland suburbs - you will more south-westerly With light to moderate A top of 17 in most places. with a dry break in between. Friday - morning and evening showers for Saturday. A return to fine and sunny weather WA should move our way - Then Sunday is when that rain from for the catchments hopefully something figures in tomorrow, Mark. and we'll have the latest dam That's the news for this Wednesday. from our visit this morning But before we go, some pictures the students got into the spirit. to Lansvale Public School where all We had a fantastic time - in the playground we were fully tested gift of a Chinese chess set. and thanks again for the wonderful to our website: We've added these pictures I'm Mark Ferguson - goodnight. cloudy. Minus one Tonight ... Canberra frost then partly s Eve start will place more Fears the Summernats New Year' The National Art Gallery's pressure on police, And, praise and tributes for expensive birthday present, Good evening, our departing Govenor-General. be stretched to the limit, Despite concerns police will says plans for a New Year's Summernats Chief Chic Henry go ahead regardless. Eve start to the festival will