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(generated from captions) was sticking her neck out While the Gold Coast girl for the photo finish, had a late night her supporters back home they won't forget in a hurry. This medal is only the start, the international athletics circuit and I think the girls and all need to watch out, because she's getting quicker. after a sleepless night. The spoils of success So too cyclist Anna Meares - after a track fall her silver coming eight months that almost left her paralysed. It wasn't until my coach, Mart sat me down It wasn't until my coach, Martin,

and I was really afraid of the fact from being quadriplegic I was 2mm away and then he said to me, for those 2mm "Shouldn't you just be thankful "because you're fine." And that was the point I've sort of gone, "Yeah, that's a good point." buckets of pride. At the Meares family home in Mackay, on numerous occasions Anna's proven herself breaking them again, over and over. in breaking world records and and surprise everyone. Anna can come through with anything were there Her parents and husband in Beijing of her remarkable comeback. to share the emotion I'd have been happy with last place to actually get here with the effort she put in and perform the way she did. It is absolutely unbelievable. a bit more, I guess, It just lit the fire in the belly and you get a second chance when you think it's gone from you that extra little bit harder. you just work Leanne West, Ten News. a fresh drug scandal breaking And there could be at these Games. won the silver in the heptathlon. Heptathlete Lyudmila Blonska to a banned substance. She's now tested positive that has been tested so far. It is only her A sample If her B sample is also positive, of these Games. she could very well be kicked out

Thanks, Max.

with our Olympic team in Beijing. Max Futcher there So let's update the medal tally: And our girls just keep performing. We'll have the latest vying for medals - on three of our women's teams the Spirit in the softball, the Opals in the basketball, and the Stingers in the water polo. in Sports Tonight. That's all coming up and the hunt continues To other news now,

to a bungled hold-up for two accomplices by a security guard which saw an armed robber shot dead

in Sydney's west last night. the hospital where he was dumped, The victim's family tried to storm and police are tonight appealing for them to come forward

with any information. A young man shot dead, emergency department in lockdown. Auburn Hospital's to call in the dog squad Police were forced Dib converged on the ambulance bay as relatives and friends of Khaled demanding to get inside. committing a violent crime. The 25-year-old died

and armed with a handgun, Wearing a balaclava tried to rob an armoured van Dib and another man

delivering cash to a Parramatta bank. He was hit once in the chest. Two guards opened fire. The guy got shot out the front. The whole shopping centre went down. Two gunshots were heard.

This alleyway right next to the bank was lying in wait. is where the getaway driver

he screamed out this driveway, With his mate bleeding in the car,

onto busy George Street, as he desperately tried to get away. ramming other cars in a relative's ute Dib was taken to hospital but it was too late. he'd only recently married. Today friends revealed for the families at the moment. I feel sorry for the community,

flying up high. There's a lot of of emotion were too upset to talk. Family members But just 50 metres from their Lidcombe home,

lying in the gutter. detectives found a balaclava two gunmen are still on the run. They know anyone who knows anything, I would expect inclusive of family members, and tell us what they know. to come forward CCTV backs up the security guards' story.

It's unlikely they'll be charged. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. The doctor extradited from the US in Queensland to face manslaughter charges could cost taxpayers almost $40,000 a year

as he waits to fight the claims. Jayant Patel is free on bail police must pay his costs. and, under federal law, are more than $700 a week. His rent and living allowances alone with the shirt on his back. of practice at Bundaberg hospital. The charges relate to his two years for at least 12 months. Patel may not go to trial Charles Zentai And 86-year-old Perth grandfather

to face Nazi war crimes. will be extradited to Hungary he should face a murder charge Today a magistrate found in 1944. over the death of a Jewish teenager He did none of those things - never a member of the Arrow Cross, he was never a Nazi, of his country. detested the German occupation

plans to appeal the decision. Mr Zentai's family A local mayor is standing firm who are looking for love over his call for "ugly ducklings" Queensland mining town of Mount Isa. to head to the male-dominated

and won't resign, He still thinks it's a good idea

if anyone's been offended. but tonight he says he's sorry rallied in revolt. (ALL CHANT) The mayor has to go! the Mount Isa Council Chambers They met outside to step down. calling for Mayor John Moloney He'd suggested who couldn't find a man "beauty-challenged" girls where blokes outnumber women. should head to the mining town, and enough is enough. John Maloney is an embarrassment over the controversy. But he's refused to go No, I won't resign. an apology of sorts. He did, however, express that I meant what I said, I have said some people... but if I have offended so-called ugly duckling appeal Word of the mayor's has made world headlines. It's not his first gaffe - to Aborigines as "refugees" he's previously referred as "bottom feeders". and council workers more than he bargained for - But on this issue he's bitten off some local women are planning their revenge next election. I don't really think the girls are nearly as ugly as the mayor's made out, and I don't think the men are that great either, so there is a bit of a balance there. It is not an ugly town. Mark Suleau, Ten News. Hope is tonight fading for the orphaned baby humpback that's been searching for its mother north of Sydney. Since Monday, Colin, as the calf is now known,

has been circling yachts, trying to feed.

It's been without food now for at least five days, and, despite a public outpouring, authorities say there's still little they can do. Letting it continue to suffer is not a good idea and so euthanasia is certainly a possibility. Rangers will try to take a blood sample from the calf to determine its condition. US actress Christina Applegate has beaten cancer

by having both her breasts surgically removed.

She says having a double mastectomy was a tough choice, but one that had to be made after watching her mother battle the same disease. In her first interview since discovering she had breast cancer, Christina Applegate revealed yet more shocking news. My decision after looking at all the treatment plans that were possibilities for me,

the only one that seemed the most logical and the one that was going to work for me was to have a bilateral mastectomy. Doctors found cancer cells in only one breast during an MRI scan but, when tests confirmed the 36-year-old also has the breast cancer gene, she opted for the radical surgery over chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Memories of watching her mother battle cancer twice and survive also played a part in her tough decision. I just wanted to be rid of this whole thing. And the radical treatment has achieved just that for the former 'Married with Children' star. I am clear, absolutely 100% clean.

It did not spread, they got everything out, so I'm definitely not going to die from breast cancer. Over the next eight months, the Emmy nominee will undergo reconstructive surgery,

but even that prospect hasn't dented her sense of humour. you know. I'll have cute boobs 'till I'm 90, I'm going to have the best boobs in the nursing home, I'm telling you. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Up next - the Fonz proves he's still the coolest. And the Australian city sitting pretty of a best-selling board game. in a world edition

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This program is captioned live. There's been another delay in the planned execution of the Bali bombers. Indonesia's Attorney-General says he hasn't received the correct paperwork, so the executions will now not occur until at least October. Kevin Rudd has been left red-faced at the Pacific Islands Forum over a leaked briefing note suggesting his New Zealand counterpart is an untrusting control freak. And he's been forced to defend claims he's giving jobs to poor Islanders instead of unemployed Australians. There are no grand conference rooms on the tiny island of Niue - just a dive shop doubling as a meeting room. But that hasn't stopped serious discussion at the Pacific Islands Forum, including Kevin Rudd's plan to bring Pacific Islanders into Australia on guest worker visas. It will give experience to young people, maybe fruit-picking. But the Opposition says the idea's not so fruitful. Don't we have our first priority and responsibility to Australians, particularly those who haven't got work? And while the 15 regional leaders looked a picture of unity,

an important neighbour was missing - the interim Fijian leader boycotting the forum. His decision not to attend has frustrated his Pacific colleagues, who were planning to discuss a return to democracy for Fiji. Bainimarama has gone not just one step too far but many steps too far.

And there was more trouble in paradise, with an embarrassing gaffe by Australian Foreign Affairs officials.

to New Zealand's Prime Minister They were forced to apologise because their media briefing notes hadn't been updated since the last election

and portrayed her as a control freak who didn't trust outsiders. I thought it was a hoot and I don't propose to release the one I have of Mr Rudd. Meg Palmer, Ten News. In finance, Tom Piotrowski joins us now from CommSec. Tom - some relief today after yesterday's dramatic fall in the markets The market recovered just a little more than half of what it lost yesterday, Deb, but it was still being pulled in opposite diretions. On the one hand, Wall Street dropped last night. On the other, there seems to be heightened concern that another US bank could be on the verge of going toes up. We saw patchy performances among local financial stocks,

but on the whole, they did well to weather those concerns. The main reason the market rose today was the mining stocks, driven by a rebound in metals prices, and also speculation that the Chinese Government is considering a fiscal stimulus package of up to $58 billion to bolster the Chinese growth, which is interesting in itself when you consider that the country is already enjoying double-digit growth. Elsewhere, it was another busy day

were concerned. as far as profit results cast a pall The weakness in the US economy over Brambles's profit result today, by about 13%. and the shares finished down to slide Virgin Blue continued yesterday - after reporting a drop in profit the shares down by almost 30%. in a trading halt, Babcock and Brown remained

with Babcock in front of it but anything else was sold down today. its profit numbers tomorrow. The company reports CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. Thank you, Tom. On to the figures in detail:

Paedophile pop star Gary Glitter returning to Britain. is desperately trying to avoid was deported from Vietnam yesterday The '70s glam rocker behind bars after spending more than two years for sexually abusing two young girls. When his plane reached Bangkok, he was suffering a heart attack the 64-year-old claimed the connecting flight to London. and refused to board eventually, though. He will have to return to Britain won't let him out of the airport, Thai authorities is likely to accept him. and no other country Tropical Storm Fay has been blamed that have hit florida, for as many as seven twisters and injuring several people. tearing apart dozens of homes All of a sudden this loud, loud noise came

it just came off. and then all of a sudden did, however, look spectacular The volatile weather 350km earth. from the International Space Station,

of the '70s has been immortalised. One of the coolest TV characters from the hit show 'Happy Days', Fonzie, his trademark thumbs-up. is now a bronze, complete with 'Fonzie' Fonzarelli for 10 years, Henry Winkler, who played Arthur and looked pretty chuffed. was at the statue's unveiling

A Sydney couple has struck gold,

ram-raid gangs perfecting a way to stop getting away with cash machines. a lot of four-wheel drives, We wrecked got rid of a lot of old oilers a profile, as you can see here, and we managed to come up with which does all the energy absorption and a design and still retains it to the ground. of metal plates The Raminator has a couple which fix the machine to the ground, impossible for them to be broken off. the position of the bolts making it

into overseas markets. The Raminator is now being sold Now, I'll start a heated debate here, people prefer Sydney over Melbourne, but it is argued that millions of by Monopoly players around the world. and it's been backed up They've voted the Harbour City the most sought after positions onto one of in the game's new global edition. He's an international jetsetter, had his heart set on Sydney, but today 'Mr Monopoly' passing Go to reveal had scored an exclusive spot our beloved Harbour City on the first world edition of the best-selling board game, edging out our interstate rival. Eat your heart out, Melbourne. Nowhere to be found. Sydney commands the respectable red position, alongside New York and London. The controversial selection was settled

thanks to 5 million online votes. More Australians, in fact, voted for Melbourne than Sydney and that it was Sydney's popularity? around the world that largely influenced the final outcome. There are a host of new features, including a new currency, the old utilities have gone green - now solar- and wind-powered. It's actually got a house modelled on an Australian house with a verandah. It hasn't got a dunny out the back. will be sold in Australia in the next few months - another 2 million worldwide. But even Monopoly's been hit by inflation. the stakes are much higher. In this latest edition, the old Mayfair - with a hotel on it, If you land on Montreal - it could almost send you broke. Tim, that'll be $20 million, thanks. The game hits stores on Tuesday. Belinda Heggen, Ten News. Sports Tonight now with Neil Cordy, the Kookaburras. and a big injury has rocked

is out of the rest of the Olympics. Yes, Deb, a key player after the break, We'll tell you just who it is plus a whole lot more. the face-slap back. Wests Tigers bring Mark Bosnich about to set sail with the Mariners.

(Breathes in sharply) So, what's it like? Hot Box KFC's new Hot & Spicy Fillets

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Oh, the game's gone soft! (ALL GROAN) I shoulda been professional by now. Not like when I was playing. I would've been. If it hadn't been for my knee, were tracking me, The season the scouts under-12s try-scoring average? who do you think had the best Me! be in this game now anyway. But I wouldn't wanna Shh. It's all about the money and the...

Shh! ..girls and the cars, you know?

It's got no heart. But I was in the brothers club...

Shh. They still call me... Shh. Beg me... (COMMENTATOR CALLS GAME) tomorrow night? What time's the game

Yeah, about 7:30. 7:30? Yeah, yeah. We're watching it at your place? Can I get a ride? VOICEOVER: Shh.

This program is captioned live.

to Toyota Sports Tonight. Good evening and welcome where softball will be staged. Beijing is the last Olympic Games a rousing send-off, Tonight it was given between Australia and Japan, with an incredible match for gold, the loser taking bronze. the winner with the chance to play

When Japan took a 2-1 lead courtesy

of a monster Home Run, of a monster Home Run, Australia

needed to level in the last innings.

They did that. A hammer and ju They did that. A hammer and just

when it was needed most! Japan when it was needed most! Japan

eventually condemned Australia to

Brahms by a solitary run.

Olympic adrenaline rush There's a new Jared Graves and Kamikazi made it into the men's semis. progressed through to the women's. Tanya Bailey and Nicole Callisto Others weren't so lucky. on the first bend. Oh, big stack there That's gonna tear off some bark. Ouch. Onto the bitumen. A major stack for Reade. Agony too for Lauren Jackson - on an injured ankle, she requires surgery with the assistance of pain-killers. but will continue to compete, for WNBA gun Penny Taylor There was good news after she was carried from the court over the Czech Republic. during last night's comfortable win

get her on the court in the final. I can't see a reason why we can't in tomorrow's semifinal. They'll need to overcome China first are being convinced by their coach The Boomers, meantime, America's Dream Team that they can beat in tonight's quarterfinal showdown.

if we won this game - You can make a movie out of this

it's 'Rocky'. it's like David and Goliath,

If the boys beat America, that would be awesome.

I would run around the village naked five times. Sally McClellan would no doubt be happy to join her as she continues to celebrate last night's remarkable second

in the 100m hurdles. Andrew Brown for Sports Tonight. Ian Cohen joins us from Beijing now. Ian, you caught up with Sally earlier today. Is she still on cloud nine? Yes, good evening, Neil. No doubt she still will be on cloud nine. Probably more importantly for her tonight, in the land of Nod, because her event didn't finish until after midnight. Her commitments took her into early morning. And when I did catch up with her today, it was just for a little quiet chat, because she admitted to me that she had had no sleep since winning silver. I haven't had any sleep. I'm still very excited. I still haven't realised what I've done.

I think when I get some sleep and I wake up, then I'll realise what I've done. Everything, all the dream - I'll be waking up then. Well, it's been a dream for you. What was it like when you walked into that stadium, the Bird's Nest,

and there you are, Olympic final? Yeah, it was totally amazing. I walked into that stadium and I've never been so pumped in my life. I've never been so ready to run a race and I was carrying on like I've never carried on before. I was pumping myself up, I was pumping myse I was screaming, I was yelling, I was doing everything I could. I think I might have put a few girls off, which was good, so, yeah. There is an enormous amount of pressure on any Australian athlete but you had some sage advice from Bronwyn Thompson on the way? Yeah, she really calmed me down. that night - We went to dinner together it was only just us two - and I said to her, "What do you think about? "What do you let into your mind and what don't you let in?" And she goes, "You let the crowd in", which I did, and I even waved to the Aussies in the stadium, like, in the athletes' stand, which was really cool, and she just said, "You've got to put it in perspective - "at least you're not Cathy Freeman "on the start line at the Sydney Olympics." I said, "Yeah, that's true." I can't imagine what that expectation would've been like. I would've been sick.

You've got that silver medal. I'm going to get you to hold it up and just explain what it means to you to be a silver medallist here in Beijing. This just means everything. You work so hard for this and your dream comes true and it's sort of better in a way when you don't know it's going to happen. Well, you kinda do know it's going to happen but it's still a shock anyway. It's just so great - it's everything you could ever ask for. As you may have seen earlier, one of our marvellous comeback stories was Anna Meares. She could have easily been a quadriplegic in January, after a bad accident in America but she was back, she was fighting for gold. She ended up with silver. But, surrounded by friends and family, after the longest ride ever to these Games, obviously through a lot of difficulties, she says her Olympic silver feels like a gold. This team has worked really hard and although they haven't won any medals, there was a little bit of pressure coming in to tonight knowing that no-one has won any medals. I'm really proud to be an Australian and part of this great sport of cycling. The public of Australia really get behind this sport. I'm just proud that I can fly the flag. Anna's come a long way to achieve what she has done.

Never even thought she would make the team after all the injuries she had eight months ago. Certainly a terrific result for her.

The cycling focus has moved away from the track now

to the BMX. We've got the finals of that event tomorrow. The head coach has admitted that the dearth of cycling medals, well, the reason was a miscalculation by him and the team from Athens. Four years ago we had to make a decision. It was a question between rebuild or repeat. Part of it was due to circumstances and part of it was due to our own estimation, we decided to go for repeat. It came back to bite us on the bum tonight of the last five days. or over the course The Kookaburras, our men's hockey team, they've been dealt a pretty savage blow in their gold medal aspirations, with striker Grant Schubert ruled out of the rest of the Olympic campaign. due to a knee injury. His dream is over He's been a very significant player for us. He's remaining very positive. He wants to support the group. for him We're trying to maintain a role that's very close to the group. Yeah, a very valued player. The Kookaburras play Spain in tomorrow's semifinal, so a very, very important game. Let's check out the medal tally:

And, Neil, we'll have more Olympic details for you at the same time tomorrow night on Sports Tonight. Thanks, Ian. To AFL, Tthe post-season player-poaching game has started early, with bottom-placed sides already bickering over just who is on the market. As Kelli Underwood reports, Fremantle has warned Victorian clubs to keep away from their young talent. Well, Neil, it's no secret that Victorian clubs are lining up to secure the services of young Docker Robbie Warnock, with Melbourne the first to launch a bold behind-closed-doors bid. Yesterday Freo coach Mark Harvey labelled it an ambush. Today he put a different spin on it. I understand business. It's how it's done sometimes.

I might take him out for a milkshake. (JOURNALISTS LAUGH) When he comes over back home and has a holiday I might take him out for a milkshake. privately seething, While the Dockers are believed to be

their cross-town rival, West Coast, has its own problems.

A year after snaring Chris Judd, on Daniel Kerr. Carlton has officially set its sights I think he's a fantastic player and he's 24, 25 years of age. If West Coast said he was available or they said someone else from their club was available,

we'd sit down and have a look.

Out-of-favour Demon Jeff White is also on the Blues' radar. We've sort of got Hampson and Kreuzer there that are gonna grow into men, but we need to be mindful that we can't ask young boys to do men's jobs week in, week out. Adelaide forward Jason Porplyzia will trial a helmet at training tomorrow, provided he's given the all clear from club medical staff. It's been 18 days

since the forward suffered bruising to the brain against Carlton. If there's something there that can help him or help protect him, versus wear it for the sake of wearing it, we're open-minded about that. The Crows play the Saints on Sunday, but there'll be no Luke Ball. He's battling to make it back for Round 22 after straining a hamstring. I've started running - not very fast yet, but I'll hopefully build that up today and throughout the rest of the week. But Scott West is struggling just to play another senior game. The Bulldogs veteran pulled up with a sore knee

after limping through his comeback game in the VFL. He still has a bit of residual soreness from it,

so he'll just soldier on. And, Neil, just before I go, more news out of the West - former Bomber Mark Johnson tonight has announced that this season will be his last, making him the fifth Fremantle player to retire this season. Thanks, Kelli. To the NRL, and the integrity of the judiciary has been called into question tonight

after an unsuccessful challenge to the severity of a charge. The Canberra Raiders are fuming after a 7-week suspension to one of their players was upheld. His season over, his finals dreams dashed, his club fuming,

after Learoyd-Lahrs unsuccessfully contested the grading of the charge for this tackle on Newcastle's Ben Cross. Do you believe you got a fair trial? No, I don't. I mean, I've looked at some stuff before - we looked at Alan Tongue getting smashed by a bloke off the ball earlier in the year and he doesn't get anything. So I don't know what he looks at when he reviews things, but it definitely wasn't a four and we're very, very disappointed. The Raiders argued that a contribution from prop Scott Logan added to the severity of the tackle, but the 4-man panel disagreed, upholding the original charge. Making a return from suspension

is Sydney Roosters forward Nate Myles. Ironically, it was a tackle on Cross that led to his suspension too. It's sort of been an easy couple of weeks for me and they've been going through some really hard times, so I suppose I have to get out there and just play the best I can. I think Nate was probably one of Queensland's best players throughout the Origin period. He's certainly a big, imposing type figure in the middle of the park, and we've probably lacked that a little bit over the last few weeks. His comeback couldn't come at a better time for the Tri Colours. Along with returning captain Craig Fitzgibbon and fellow backrower Setaimata Sa, they'll be looking to arrest a 2-game losing streak when they face Cronulla on Friday. It's going to be a tough game. They are coming off a loss and they are always hard to beat there and the game is just as crucial to them as it is to us. I can see it being a nice, tough encounter.

The Tigers are looking to bring back a time-honoured club tradition against Manly, before this weekend's must-win match and even drafted a couple of old boys to show how it's done.

They have to win, is just full on. and this one against Manly this week is just fu They've got to beat them. Now, Manly are running second in the competition - that's not going to be an easy task. Andrew Blow for Sports Tonight. Socceroos Coach Pim Verbeek says his team will need to tighten its defence ahead of next month's final round of World Cup qualifiers.

Australia conceded twice against South Africa this morning, but overall Verbeek was pleased with the 2-2 draw. It's lapses in concentration like this which Pim Verbeek says must be eradicated if the Socceroos are to win their way through to the 2010 World Cup. COMMENTATOR: Well, that is against the run of play. Defensively I think we still have to improve,

but that's more or less normal with only one day of preparation. And while Verbeek was disappointed with some of Australia's defence, he was mighty pleased with action at the other end. Oh, that's over the top of the goalkeeper. Just what Australia wanted. Overall I can only be very pleased with the performance, with the mentality, the attitude of the players with the opponents. Mile Sterjovski's equaliser was followed by a trademark Josh Kennedy header. He missed it completely. It's Kennedy. And Australia having gone a goal down are going to lead 2-1. That lead lasted until just the 58th minute, when South Africa drew level. 2-2 the final result. Up next for the Socceroos, a training camp in Holland early next month

for the World Cup qualifier in Uzbekistan. Not many people know much about them but I'm sure that we'll have scouts watching them and knowing how they play. We'll probably have a lot of DVDs on the type of gameplay that they have. Luke Schneider for Sports Tonight. Plenty of positive signs for the Socceroos, and, most importantly, there were no injuries as the squad continues preparation for the qualifier against Uzbekistan in Tashkent on September 10.

Mark Bosnich will officially return to action after a 7-year absence from the game when the Central Coast Mariners take on Sydney FC on Saturday in Gosford.

He's signed a 7-week deal with the Mariners and will replace the suspended Danny Vukovic. I'm just taking it step by step. This is the first little tick in the box, and I'm very thankful to everybody at the Central Coast.

The last time Bosnich played a club game in Australia

was in 1991, for Sydney United in the National Soccer League. The stand-off between the International Cricket Council and Australia's cricketers has escalated just 23 days out from Champions Trophy in Pakistan. The Aussies have reiterated threats to pull out because of ongoing safety concerns, and the players' union says we're not the only nation that's worried. There might be four nations that stands

whose players I know are very, very nervous about going to Pakistan,

so it probably makes common sense to be looking at moving it but who knows? Overnight, the ICC dug in its heels, refusing requests to shift the tournament. Lleyton Hewitt's disappointing season is over,

with the former world number one pulling out of next week's US Open after surgery on his injured hip. Now ranked 55th in the world, the Australian says on his website surgery was always the last resort, but unfortunately that's what it came down to. He'll also miss Australia's Davis Cup tie against Chile, but hopes to return to full fitness in time for the Australian Open in January.

More footy now, and some of the highlights from last weekend - the best marks and the best goals from Round 20 of the AFL. VOICEOVER: Oh, what a goal!

COMMENTATOR: Kelly for Geelong goes straight up the middle almost a mark to Lonergan, he takes on Malceski, Byrnes has got the pace, he runs to 40m, he runs to 35m - from Geelong! that is premiership football so it stood for naught, his bravery. A relayed free kick,

let it go, let it roll, it's a goal! Out of mid-air, Fevola - he'll be hard to stop now! He's got two, he's on fire, Thomas has snapped... right on the siren. ..with a magnificent goal,

VOICEOVER: Oh, what a mark! COMMENTATOR: Kicking it from here earlier, centre to the goal square - Brown! This is a great passage of play. the forward 50m, Simpson, back inside and does he come! Cloke needs to come - Did exactly what he had to do. Great grab. Franklin has three to beat up high there, and that's a sensational grab coming from Kelvin Moore. VOICEOVER: Oh, what a mark!

there's been a plan for Canberra. Since the beginning,

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This program is captioned live. of conditions this past week, It's been a bit of a mix whether it was snowy or sunny, with Mother Nature not able to decide

but today it was snowy, with on-and-off flurries falling across all Australian resorts, with some very strong winds also thrown in to the wintry mix. The cover across the NSW resorts just keeps on getting better. It was dry on a deep, firm base, with some nice wind-blown up high. Right here in Thredbo, the lower, tree-lined trails were the way to go, with High Noon the sheltered pick. wanting to brave the elements At Perisher Blue, intermediates at Blue Cow, headed on over to Cold Shoulder

while at Selwyn Snowfields, to Pigs Gully the more advanced headed for some fast-paced action. to the Victorian resorts, Now, crossing the border an overnight dusting of snow. where they had

At Falls Creek, the black diamond runs through the trees

were the hot tip for today, the clear stand-out. with Rollercoaster ripped it up around Lower Playground, At Mount Hotham, the more advanced with the intermediates. while Mitchell's also proved popular And at Mount Buller,

today, intermediates were spoilt for choice in excellent shape. with Shaky Knees and Whiskey Creek for a snowy end to the week, It looks like we're in over the next two days, with up to 20cm forecast to fall which is perfect, for the weekend because it's just in time

to head to the snow. and a great excuse in Thredbo for Sports Tonight. This is Fiona Gwyther, Play of the Day, the most hardened journalists and here's proof that even

can be sent slightly crazy at the Olympic Games - by the nonstop sporting action our own Ian Cohen proving and not much sleep that long hours, lots of sport terrible singing! leads to one thing - (SINGS AWFULLY) # You never count your money # When you're sittin' at the table # There'll be time enough for counting # When the dealing's done. # We can confirm that he was completely sober, and there was no surprises

that there wasn't much money being thrown into the hat. He's working hard, but we can't give him a gold medal. Our Play of the Day will have to do.

A few more days left. I can't sing

either. He is already on YouTube.

Let's take a look at the weather around the nation. A front will bring light showers to south-west WA,

but will cause wind and showers to increase in Tasmania. A broad high will generate a cold, frosty morning across SA, Victoria, NSW and Queensland, followed by a mostly sunny and mild day.

That is the latest from the Ten newsroom for this Wednesday. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We leave you with an embarrassing moment for Japanese police, outsmarted by a cheeky monkey at a railway station. Despite a giant net and two hours waiting,

the wily primate was able to escape, causing panic in the subway. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.