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(generated from captions) piece coming on the market. because I cannot remember any such which it has to be, Good heavens! in excess of ?5,000 or ?6,000. I would suspect we would be looking significantly higher than that, And if it went in the slightest. it would not surprise me I see it as a tin cup! Well, that's the Roadshow for you. out to be a rare piece of silver. What seemed to be a tin cup turns for letting us enjoy Dyrham Park. Thanks again to the National Trust And, until the next time, goodbye. BBC Broadcast 2004 and Sarah Aitken Subtitles by Emma Biggins E-mail us at This program is captioned live. Australians missing in a blizzard A desperate search for six on a New Zealand mountain. gold from Leisel Jones. Oh so close - an American snatches Leisel's world record with her. She is going to take almost powers to a miracle. While Libby Trickett An Australian woman arrested

demonstration in Beijing. over a daring pro-Tibetan extraordinary secret deal And we reveal the for Sonny Bill Williams. that may solve all the problems Good evening. for six Australian adventurers There are grave fears tonight on a New Zealand mountain. missing in a blizzard all from Sydney, The four men and two women, on the slopes of Mount Cook were last seen on Sunday to return this morning. and had been expected an emergency beacon last night. But they set off onto New Zealand's highest mountain The Australians couldn't have gone at a worse time. snowfalls hit the region last night. Gale-force winds and near-record Police say avalanches are inevitable. are carrying survival gear. It's not known if the Australians some basic alpine equipment, We know they took but at this time of the year are absolutely essential. transceivers, probes, shovels an emergency location beacon Rescue headquarters picked up above 2,000 metres. late last night from high on Mt Cook, In a break in the weather today, beacon, but returned empty-handed. a rescue team began a search for the

there was some avalanche activity When the guys were flying,

was coming from. in the area the beacon

until tomorrow morning Air and ground searches can't start and only if the weather improves. and only a few kilometres away, Earlier, another drama was being played out, New Zealand's PM Helen Clark of a close friend, trying desperately to save the life Gottlieb Braun Elwert. mountaineering guide

of this isolated hut, He collapsed at the door cross-country skiing at the end of a day's her husband and friends, with Mrs Clark,

attempts to revive him. Mrs Clark immediately starting the mouth-to-mouth for a long time, We kept up the CPR and people advised us to stop. but eventually cut them off from outside help. As they worked, a blizzard We just threw everything we could and trying to get support in, at trying to help that you can't get a helicopter in. but unfortunately, in weather like

Peter Harvey, Nine News. Now the Olympics - have had a testing time and two of our great swimmers in the Beijing pool. Trickett just missing out on gold. Michael, Leisel Jones and Libby to both of them, Mark, handsome silver medals but not exactly what they planned. reaching her 100m freestyle final Libby had all sorts of drama just

was Leisel's defeat but the biggest shock where she normally rules. in the event the 200m breaststroke firm favourite Leisel Jones went into and world record holder. had no plans to stay in Jones' wake. But America's Rebecca Soni in a dogfight. COMMENTARY: Right now, Leisel is but it was a tough battle - She was in front early, more than a match for Leisel. and the American proved Leisel's world record with her. She is going to take every measure of energy burned, Leisel was spent - but still philosophical. I don't care, I'm all done. collapsed when her legs buckled, Shortly after, Leisel briefly for the medal ceremony. but recovered just fine and then her legs started to go, She said can I have some water and she fell into my arms basically. Leisel was fine later... Love you, bye. ..catching up with fiance, Marty. when she hit the wall, She was absolutely spent

and I'm just so proud of her. just as optimistic these days - Libby Trickett favourite event, the 100m freestyle. and thankful to be in her she snuck into the final After an ordinary qualifying, was disqualified. when a Chinese swimmer Trickett has a big lead. hard and fast and out in front. From Lane 8, Libby swum But right next door in lane 7, a turbo-boost at the very end. Germany's Britta Steffen found it's going to be a touch! Steffen the danger - than a whisker - just 0:04sec. Gold and silver, separated by less to be in the final, To be honest I was just pleased I was so lucky to make it.

and she's still got two races to go. Gold, silver and bronze in Beijing, Her husband Luke is happy too - 24 hours it's been. he knows what a difficult pull herself back together To regroup and regather you know, is a fantastic job. after that heartbreak Again, Michael Phelps was the star attraction - his sixth gold, and another world record - this time in the 200m medley.

To think he continues to get in and break world records let alone win gold medals! It's phenomenal, mind blowing, what he's doing here.

And Stephanie Rice - still wearing her lucky ear rings after finishing her swims

was at the pool happily being a spectator.

Hasn't really sunk in yet, but just trying to enjoy watching everyone else race. A Sydney car detailer is polishing a very different class of metal tonight after winning Australia's first shooting medal in Beijing. Michael, success by the barest of margins? Out at the shooting range, Warren Potent has collected bronze

in the 50-metre rifle shooting. Here's Christine Ahern.

It was third time lucky for the 46-year-old rifleman from Sydney. Another 10-6 for Warren Potent. Well out of a medal in Sydney and Athens, always in contention in Beijing.

That's a bronze medal for the Australian. This year believe me I was in with a good chance. Yeah, I'm wrapped! Great thing for the family and the sport. I'm really pleased. Tamsyn Lewis was a standout for Australia on the first day of athletics competition. Tamsyn Lewis's gone out strongly in the first 150 she ran her way into the semi-finals in the fastest heat of the morning. Tamsyn Lewis has finished fourth. Tamsyn needs to finish in the first two tomorrow to ensure a place in the final.

The three fastest men on earth were also on show. World record holder Usain Bolt the first out of the blocks. Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell are also comfortably through. The Jamaican backing off to barely a jog. Bolt shuts it down completely. There were some anxious moments for our girls in the beach volley ball their Greek opponents forcing their game into a deciding set. There it is! The Aussies take it. Natalie Cook and Tamsin Barnett are now through to Sunday's quarter finals. Our women's hockey team continues to impress after scoring their third straight win. With Nikki Hudson writing her name into the record books. Pretty much everything went to script for Hudson in her milestone match.

The co-captain continued to cause headaches for the South Africans. As the Hockeyroos powered on to post a 3-0 victory

to remain undefeated. The team will face China on Monday. But hudson is still on a high

To have waned last night was great.

To win the last night it has been

an exciting 24 hours. So Michael, sadly no gold in the pool today. Does that mean we've slipped down the medal tally? Yes Mark. We are now in sixth position on the ladder with just five gold medals. China is just too strong, remaining at the top with 22 gold. The USA follows, with 14 gold. And Germany is sitting in third with eight gold medals. An Australian woman and four other protestors have been arrested in Beijing over a pro-Tibet demonstration. They abseiled off the side of one of Beijing's famous new buildings, where they did some temporary re-design work on one of the city's giant Olympic posters. Damian Ryan with that. China State Television's gleaming new headquarters - the ideal stage for a protest. A pro-Tibetan banner dangling over a billboard. Along with a British abseiler

determined to get his message across.

Religious freedoms in Tibet. Political freedom in Tibet. Free Tibet. Also hanging on the end of a rope - 41-year-old Nicole Rycroft. A former Australian representative rower who has been living in Vancouver for the past 14 years.

Chinese police could only watch as they gave interviews. Are you worried about being arrested? Officers with cameras filmed the protesters and tried to photograph the media who had been tipped off about the stunt.

After 30 minutes the banner was brought down. In the back of a police van Nicole managed to make a phone call to her colleagues.

They're treating us well, unfortunately we can't say the same for the for 6 million people that live in Tibet.

Nicole Rycroft's decision to take part in this protest will ensure her quick exit out of Beijing. In the past week as many as a dozen foreigners who mounted similar demonstrations were detained and deported within a period of 12 hours. She knew the risks involved with it but it is such an important time for Tibet

with the Olympics being here in China. Damian Ryan, Nine News, Beijing.

An update on a grant had its help.

Spoke with the team this afternoon

and they say he has not been

restricted to bed or quarantine. He

was having lunch with the rest of the team today. Now to other news and the Sonny Bill Williams saga appears close to resolution tonight with Bulldogs considering an extraordinary offer from the star player. Nine News rugby league reporter Danny Weidler has

uncovered details of the deal which is unprecedented in the game's history. Sonny Bill is getting plenty of attention from the French. They were there to see him play a trial against Toulouse overnight,

but the bench was as close as he got. He watched the game with his good mate Anthony Mundine, after a late decision to obey a court order. But Sonny Bill must have been thinking of the incredible offer he's put to the Bulldogs. Nine News has learnt Williams offered his old club $750,000 to buy his freedom. It's an unprecedented move from a player and it is also a take-it-or-leave-it proposal.

So far, the Bulldogs have spent $120,000 on legal fees and the NRL has spent close to double that. The NRL may be the stumbling block in this whole situation, because they'll want a cut of any settlement to cover their legal fees

and David Gallop doesn't want Sonny Bill playing rugby union before the Bulldogs' commitments have finished this season. The Bulldogs went public today, but they made no mention of the offer from the Williams camp. They were prepared to talk about an overnight discussion with Toulon. We haven't put any figures on it. We have no idea of where this will head, but I suppose the small and simple message is that the dialogue's pen. But Toulon's owner and president won't be a pushover. At a post-game news conference he said, "I hope this file will be quickly closed, "because if we were about to speak about the Bulldogs, "there are things which would shock people." Danny Weidler, Nine News. Federal police and Customs have smashed another major drug smuggling operation, seizing a massive haul of pseudoephredrine in a container at Port Botany. Four men have been arrested, after authorities swapped the chemicals for a substitute, then allowed the shipment to go on to its destination. Hidden in fruit juice containers the mountain of pills was discovered in a shipping container from Thailand. This container was targeted by my officers as a result of intelligence.

Pseudoephedrine is used to make ice. The 662kg haul could have produced a tonne of the drug, worth $50 million on the streets. Four men have been arrested. Federal police raided 20 Sydney addresses yesterday, including this warehouse at Arndell Park. Clearly, there is a supply network that sits off these importations, so clearly, there are a lot more people involved. The seizure follows the world's biggest ecstasy bust last week. It's been revealed two of those arrested over that haul have also been charged with conspiring to import six tonnes of pseudoephedrine from China. Had that six tonnes been successful of arriving in Australia, that would have had a street value of some $2 billion. Federal authorities say while they can target drug importers, demand on the streets is a major concern.

A total of 8.5 tonnes of narcotics have been seized in the past five weeks - a massive haul, but it begs the question, how much is making it onto our streets? Obviously, the question is if this is what's getting in, what is being missed?

We're alive to that issue. Simon Bouda, Nine News. Residents living north and east of Sydney Airport won't have to put up with extra noise,

after the Federal Government today announced the east-west runway will remain open. There were plans to shut it down to allow construction of a safety area

that would have seen the north-south runway handling more flights.

We have the east-west runway remaining open, a jet blast barrier established to make sure this can occur. Work will begin in October. In the news ahead - an Australian drag racer

confronted by the families of six people he accidentally killed and TV crews come under fire in the conflict in Georgia.

Ever since uni, I've had this dream of leaving work and hang-gliding around the world.

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A seriously ill man fears a surgery delay may cost him his life and he's blaming the State Government. Frank Barbacetto from Waterloo was scheduled for an urgent operation for pancreatic cancer last week, but it was cancelled at the last minute because of a bed shortage. The system's let me down, the one that's supposed to protect me. Frank's surgery has been rescheduled for next week. Big changes appear likely for Australia's car industry. A major review by former Victorian premier Steve Bracks has suggested reducing tariffs,

which protect local car manufacturers, from 10% to 5% by 2010. In fact, it will have a significant upside in arguing to the rest of the world that we're an open, competitive market. To ease the pain for the local industry,

Mr Bracks has called for a $2.5 billion support fund. Tears flowed in a US court today, as an Australian drag racer was confronted by the families of six young people he accidentally killed. Troy Critchley was behind the wheel when his car ploughed into spectators at a charity race day in Tennesee last year.

There's no disputing Troy Critchley was responsible for killing six people when his burn-out demonstration - burning rubber on a public roadway, with thousands watching, unprotected by safety fences - went tragically wrong. In court today, he apologised, while mothers and fathers of the dead sobbed. I would like the people of Selmer to know how deeply sorry I am for being involved in this horrible tragedy.

Darla Griswell, who lost her two daughters, aged 15 and 18, is still grief-stricken and described the city council's decision to allow people up close to the speeding dragsters as an act of stupidity. And then she turned on Critchley. You have completely ruined our lives.

The homicide charges were dropped. Instead, he'll go on 18-months probation. But even now, the problems for Critchley aren't over.

He, his race team and the city council are being sued for over $100 million, although they won't get anything from him, because he's been declared bankrupt. Later, the was an unplanned private meeting with Mrs Griswell and both were in tears. He looked me in the eye and told me he was sorry. Robert Penfold, Nine News, Selmer, Tennessee. In the conflict in Georgia, there was a terrifying moment when Russian troops opened fire on a television news crew. BURSTS OF AUTOMATIC GUNFIRE As they tried to reverse away, bullets shattered the windscreen and the glass sunroof. Remarkably, the Turkish news team survived the attack.

Elsewhere, a Georgian journalist was shot as she reported on the fighting. Remarkably, she continued her coverage Even while her injured arm was being bandaged up. The Russian attacks continue, despite a cease-fire agreement. Coming up shortly - Jennifer Hawkins in the fashion show they're calling Hot in the City. But Ken is next with sport and the Roosters take on the Storm in a crucial game tonight in Melbourne.

The defending premiers telling the Roosters to behave themselves. Also - splish, splash as the Swans rev up for the competition leaders.

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The Storm are mad and they're not going to take it any more - that's the message from coach Craig Bellamy for any team that tries to rough them up illegally. Tonight, they face the Roosters, who've beaten Melbourne in their last two meetings. Laurie Daley is sideline

with injured Roosters forward Craig Fitzgibbon.

Will the teams behave themselves?

I'll ask the man. Will it be a

fiery start tonight? I think it has

to be. Their record speaks for

itself. We have to fight fire with

fire. Talking about that record

they have only lost twice he ate in

recent time,. As I said that record

speaks for itself, but it is not

beyond us. It is a narrower field

and shorter in goals are the

kicking game is very important

tonight a lot of responsibility on

Mitchell Pearce? Yes it is a tough

ask, prodding the ball on the right

place is important. How long will

you be at their game? Should be

back in again next Friday night

against the Sharks. Ken, the game

at Olympic Park tonight Watchet it

should be greater. as the Swans' longest-serving coach tomorrow night,

when he guides the club for 152nd time. And what better way to celebrate than with a win over dominant premiership favourites Geelong at ANZ Stadium? Like birds of a feather, the Swans huddled close as they took a morning dip in icy waters at Coogee. The spirit of co-operation didn't last. But it will take a full team effort to douse the red-hot Cats tomorrow night.

We just have to continually back ourselves to run and take them on, as we can go nto our shells. Fosdike plays his first game for the year. Nick Malceski also returns, but defender Leo Barry's hamstring hasn't recovered. Adam Goodes will stay in the forward line for the rest of the season, after kicking eight goals on his return from injury. He's still not 100%, but he looks really sharp. He's getting more rest time as a forward, so it's not putting as much pressure on his body. The Wallabies are on their way to South Africa. First stop - Newlands in Cape Town, to see how the All Blacks tackle the Springboks. It gives you a little bit of preparation for the week after - seeing how intense and how parochial the South African crowd are. And the ARU has lodged expressions of interest To finance news. The All Ords index closed steady thanks to some sluggish mining stocks.

It was hot in the city last night - with our top underwear brands unveiling their latest collections at the Sydney Fashion Festival. Lovable was full of pastel numbers... its lingerie was paired up with some leggings. But the best was saved for last - with the brand's glamour girl Jennifer Hawkins taking to the catwalk. (APPLAUSE) Bonds had its usual splash of colour for both the girls and guys. Its ambassador Sarah Murdoch was there to support the brand. Jaynie joins us after the break with the weekend weather details. WIN News. Coming up on WIN News... A Canberra woman pleads not guilty to murder, Could the ACT's most expensive home be about to hit the market?And a big financial boo Canberras A league bid. Details next. Good evening ...

(GENTLE MUSIC) VOICEOVER: Kraft Singles have always been a part of growing up. # I'm feeling so fine... # Now there's a new range... # There's love in the air... # ..for more grown-up tastes. # And you on my mind... # (WHINES) # Today's the day I wanna do the things I gotta do... # Oof! # And if I get a chance... # New Kraft Singles. For more grown-up tastes. Now here's Jaynie, with the weather. Mark, good news for those wanting a rain free weekend. There won't be a great deal of change from what we had today which included those bursts of fresh south-west winds, stronger near the coast.

But the mercury hit 20 for Penrith and Mascot Most of eastern Australia under the influence of cool southerly winds. Only light showers about, including the NSW southern slopes and ranges. The high will edge very slowly eastwards tomorrow - with light showers and drizzle in the south and west of the ranges. It should be mostly fine for Canberra. But for Melbourne and Hobart - Fresh southerly winds and light showers. And more sunshine & dry weather for western and northern Australia. Not the case for Beijing. They're expecting cloudy skies and possible showers on Sunday. Tomorrow in Sydney, a mix of sun and cloud. Fresh west-south-west winds near the coast. And a bit of caution if you're not an experienced surfer this weekend. A few degrees warmer tonight due to the cloud moving over Sydney and winds a little stronger.

That cloud could also help provide us with slightly cooler daytime temperatures of around 17 degrees. There could be a couple of warmer days Wednesday and Thursday of next week. But not a drop of rain forecast all week. Which means Mark, A beautiful weekend.

That's the news for this Friday. I'm Mark Ferguson, hope you have a great weekend. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia

Details in WIN News Late Edition at Tonight ... Calls for a fairer pay system in the federal public service. Could Canberra's most expensive home be about to hit the market?And, Canberra's A Leagu receives a massive kick start. There are calls for the Rudd Government to intervene and close the widening gap between public servants wages. The Community and Public Sector Union has revealed