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(generated from captions) I feel so empty. I'm alone, I'm... ..I'm all alone. Katie, you are not alone. You're not. that love you, adore you. There are a lot of people You're not alone. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Stephanie's dual in the pool. Tonight - Yes, she does! Does Steph wow them again? for our newest swimming sensation. Another gold, another world record becomes the greatest ever Olympian. 11 gold and counting - Michael Phelps And Sydney's backyard tragedy - a man falls to his death trying to save his dog.

Good evening, I'm Deborah Knight. And I'm Ron Wilson. urged to share its bumper profit. Also tonight - the Commonwealth Bank And he's all washed up - the worker who took a bath in the kitchen at Burger King

gets the sack. But heading Ten News - at the Beijing Games, another golden day for Stephanie Rice and in world record time. claiming her second joins us from Beijing. Ten's Max Futcher to the all the pre-Games hype. Stephanie is certainly living up And Max,

She surely miss. Added 200 and

there are individual medley he was there are individual medley he was

a real hot Thai Tampa and he 100

metre medley when she won her over

Australia's ordination. the gold. She has one half of

Stephanie Rice on the podium Australia's golden girl

our latest double Olympic champion. in a star-studded field The 20-year-old came from behind in the 200 individual medley. to snatch gold Does Steff wow them again? COMMENTATOR: Yes she does! and a squeal of delight. Another world record to share Stephanie's history. Her excited parents were there It was extremely exciting but was a very different race

because the 400 she sort of led didn't she

with Kirsty chasing her it was great. but this one was gut-wrenching, had packed the Ice Cube Hundreds of Aussie fans all dressed for the occasion, our latest Olympic heroine. clearly behind she was amazing. That was just magic, including grandfather, cheered. Back in Brisbane, the Rice clan, I feel very excited for her. She's worked so very hard for this. across the country While in swimming pool clubs for Stephanie Rice. fans found their voice becoming the Michael Phelps show. But the Beijing Games are fast has won so many gold medals

he'd be third on the tally. if he was a country

Phelps claimed his fourth in the 200 metres butterfly. with a record-breaking swim Gold number five of the 4 x 200 freestyle. came in the USA's obliteration The 23-year-old is just three away tally of seven in one Games. from overtaking Mark Spitz' record he's already won 11 gold medals - In two Olympics more than any athlete in history. so happy and emotive It's really great to see him and really achieving his goals to the next level. and taking swimming in the 200 relay. The Australian men took the bronze

semifinals, While in the 100 freestyle reclaimed his world record Eamon Sullivan to France's Alain Bernard. just five minutes after losing it I can do better and faster. Oh anything you can do an Australian gold rush tomorrow Sullivan could start along with Jessicah Schipper for tomorrow's 200 butterfly. who qualified second fastest for the 100 breaststroke. Brenton Rickard, fourth fastest Watching it all from home Nick D'Arcy. is sacked Austrailan swimmer in the 200m butterfly, He was to compete

break the world record but after watching Phelps he would never stood a chance anyway. even D'arcy conceded Phelps breaking the world record and then couple of the other guys off their personal best, knocking two or three seconds

pretty impressive swimming. so it was Phelps has had enough D'Arcy can only hope by London in 2012.

It would not be here Olympics with

controversy. an underarm daily dose of

might be lacking, The atmosphere at some events is in with a chance. but not when a Chinese competitor Russell Mark got fifth, At the double trap yesterday

were swayed by a boisterous crowd but believes the two referees to give the Chinese shooter bronze. and up to three misses were counted of cheating You don't want to accuse them but it's the inconsistency, and when it happens in the final and Chinese competitors when you've got Chinese referees at the rules in our sport. then we probably need to look The AOC is seeking answers. and, like last week, Tamsyn Lewis landed in Beijing

her drug cheat claims. the talk was of wasn't backing down. The middle distance runner what I said was such a big deal. I didn't really realise I just stated the obvious - I'm pretty sure there weren't drugs in sport, you'd have to be naive to think that the favourite in my event, especially when was done for drugs two weeks ago. the girls who's the fastest, hasn't yet visited the Danish team Claims that Princess Mary have been rejected, about the intrusive media interest but the Danes were upset when she did. What did annoy us and the Crown Prince and did annoy the Crown Princess to the Australian dedication was when we got round the corner a TV crew put their mics and cameras the first thing that happened was of the Crown Princess, right up the nose asking questions. perhaps cruel lengths to keep up appearances. It's been revealed in Friday's opening ceremony the young singer was lip-synching. on the right, That's her - Lin Miaoke -

7-year-old Yang Peiyi, singing. but it was actually the other girl,

for not being as pretty Yang was dumped The artistic director admits

and having crooked teeth.

They have serious concerns for a

news man covering the Glez. Maka

year or he is keen commentator and

he awaits call and he has been sick

for a decoupled to his that he has

deteriorated. He ate his number and

airlifted to Hong-Kong. That have listened to the press conference. His condition is listed as quite serious. For the air travel he's been placed in an induced coma, and that is standard procedure, I'm told by the medical officers, for him to arrive in Hong Kong. His brother Tim is, as I speak, travelling from Sydney to Hong Kong to be with Matthew in hospital.

Thanks, Max. Max Futcher in Beijing.

We understand put if his Jaymie

respiratory problems related to it

heat stress. But what a week his family tonight. heat stress. But what a week his

family tonight. And now let us have

a look at E medal tally.

but before that Tim Webster has a look at the rest of the day's sport but before that a former league's star's mother has been robbed? Yes. The mother of Jim Serdaris is the victim of a home invasion. She was threatened at knifepoint before before the thief stole two of Jim's Dally M awards. to be returned, He's appealed for his trophies saying they're like Olympic gold. That story in the bulletin, shortly. And then in sport - a Bulldogs player's pet knows just how's his owner is feeling after a visit to the vet. I'll be back later with more in sport.

The Commonwealth Bank urged to cut interest rates after announcing billions in profits. That story after the break. Plus - a wayward caver pays a high price for his misadventures near Sydney.

And the Sydney dog that turned up in Perth, finally flown home.

how we can make their banking more convenient. Karen Lee from Tamworth suggested an in-branch beautician. (STEAM HISSES) (ORIENTAL MUSIC) Oh... Hmm. Interesting idea, Karen. Unfortunately, more people in your branch preferred longer opening hours. Fill out a suggestion form at any participating branch or go online. WOMAN: Now. Since the beginning, there's been a plan for Canberra.

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This program is captioned live. The Commonwealth Bank is under pressure A cave explorer,

who risked the lives of a 100 rescuers after getting into trouble, has been fined $15,000, but he's not been put off. He says he's keen to go caving again. Jeffery McDonnell's fascination with caves almost cost him his life. It also put the lives of 100 rescuers in danger, but the 47-year-old is refusing to give up what has become and obsession. There's plenty of other caves out there. This is all behind me now. The magistrate has passed sentence and I just hope to move on with my life, caving around the world. A landslide inside an unexplored cave pinned him underground for 40 hours in May. Not only was he on his own, he had no permission to be there and no-one knew he was going to the Wombeyan Caves. The court today heard rescue teams were forced to use explosives to free him, causing significant irreparable environmental damage to the otherwise untouched cave. to get him out. It cost almost $24,000 McDonnell will pay $12,000 of that plus two fines, taking his costs up to $15,000. The magistrate seemed very surprised that someone of his experience would make such a dangerous mistake. When she asked why he did it his solicitor replied it was simply his fascination with a pristine cave.

Getting back to that cave which nearly killed him is not top of his list of priorities now. No, not at this stage. There's more pressing things to get on with, like work and other things. Like paying off those fines. A former Sydney airport baggage handler is standing trial on terrorism charges. He's accused of urging terrorists, via the Internet, to attack Australia and kill US President George W. Bush. 38-year-old Bilal Khazal is on trial

for allegedly producing a document that was posted on the Internet urging Muslim extremists to commit holy war

against non-Muslims. The book, called 'Provisions on the Rules of Jihad', was allegedly compiled on Khazal's home computer in Lakemba and sent to a website that published it under the name Abu Mohammad Attaweedy in September 2003. Prosecutor Peter Neil told the jury:

The documents were all in Arabic, allegedly downloaded from the Internet by Mr Khazal with headings like 'reasons for assassination' how to kill national leaders. and details about Khazal's alleged assassination list included George W. Bush, former secretary of State Colin Powell, former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld and US army general Tommy Franks. The prosecution alleges the book calls for attacks on Western nations, including Australia. There's praise for the 9/11 attacks and terrorist strikes on US targets around the world, but Khazal's barrister insisted his client did not write the book but only compiled extremist documents already in the public domain. He told the jury: Mr Thomas said Khazal submitted the book to the Internet site but someone else published it. John Hill, Ten News. The Commonwealth Bank is under pressure to start sharing its fat profits. It posted a $4.8 billion result today, as many borrowers struggle to make ends meet. It's been a tough year for Australian banks. The global credit crunch has cost them dearly and now when they make a little money our politicians go on the attack. If you're a bank generating significant profits I would say that those banks owe it to working families that when official interest rates move that those moves should be passed on to consumers. That's the right and reasonable thing to do. That significant profit belonged to the Commonwealth - almost $4.8 billion for the year, up 7%. At least the dividend is up, too. Its chief executive concedes the next move for official interest rates will be down, but he simply won't guarantee his customers will benefit. What we are saying is we will pass on as much as we can given what our cost of funding is at the time those rate cuts happen. Customers aren't convinced. So we're not seeing pressure from the non-bank players that we did see over the preceding 12 months, and that's obviously allowed the banks to price their products accordingly and will improve their market share significantly. is set to get even bigger, One of those banks the ACCC allowing Westpac's $18 billion takeover of St George.

Our banks are not the only ones making big money. Our largest phone company, Telstra, is doing quite nicely, reporting a profit of $3.7 billion for the full year, up 13.5% on last year. For that it can thank a surge in Next G mobile customers. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. A Sydney man has been reunited with his long lost best friend. Kyle McCrea thought his beloved dog was gone forever,

until the lively pet turned up on the other side of the country.

It has been an adventure for this English Staffie.

Little Tyson was found at a shelter in Perth and naturally the rangers called home. Home was 4,000km away and he hadn't been there for more than 2.5 years. It's fair to say there were a few wet eyes when that phone call was made. Tyson, it's thought, was stolen back in 2006. But today, it was time to return to the East Coast and the life he left behind. A 5-hour flight and just 2 more hours to go. He looks pretty relaxed, yeah - probably pleased he's going home.

And home is the Southern Highlands where his real owner was waiting. He still can't believe it's him, if not a little different, the puppy he'd remembered. Kyle had searched the local shelters every day for three months when he first disappeared. I didn't think I was ever going to get him back, but yeah he's back. Even though Tyson was unfortunately stolen, he was found to be in the wrong place by a routine scan and it's a prime example, the RSPCA says, should microchip their animals. why people Kyle's glad he did. to get Tyson home, It still cost a $1,000 it didn't matter. Would have paid more. Worth every cent?

Josh Murphy, Ten News.

Wicked sending her a friend of

every day but he still finds us.

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high. who caused a deadly crash The Aussie drag racer that story next. cuts a deal to stay out of jail - And he's in hot water - in the kitchen at Burger King the worker who took a bath gets the sack.

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This program is captioned live.

The traffic now and brash Lane Cove

Road causing some trouble.

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minutes. beleaguered it clear in the next 20

FuelWatch scheme appears doomed The Rudd Government's enough support in the Senate. after failing to attract will vote against it Two key independents

it will not push prices down. because they're convinced for FuelWatch in the Senate. It's destination unknown

The Prime Minister was in WA today - the petrol price monitoring scheme. the State that pioneered

to back big oil companies The Liberals have decided which motorists deserve against the consumer power for some time. and have had in this State told motorists in Perth's east WA's FuelWatch a 24 cent a litre difference there was the cheapest and dearest petrol between and where they could find it all day.

is no longer on board. But key Independent Nick Xenophon not support the Government's scheme. I've got no choice but to

This won't benefit consumers. This won't work. fellow Independent Steve Fielding. Quick to join the deathwatch,

can't support a scheme Family First that may squeeze out independents good for motorists and fuel prices. that in the long-term may not be The Greens are holding their fire.

one other senator to join it But the Coalition only needs to kill FuelWatch. playing hard ball with the Liberals, Despite the Prime Minister is prepared to deal to save it. his government

any sensible suggestions I'm not ruling out or Senator Fielding which Senator Xenophon

would wish to make. or any other senator what falling petrol prices And it's amazing to boost optimism. and the whiff of a rate cut can do shows The latest consumer sentiment survey confidence has recovered sharply of the previous month. from its 16-year low Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. To the BankWest Finance Report - around Sydney is $1.43 a litre, And the average price of petrol After five days of fighting, leaving 2,000 dead,

have reached a truce, Russia and Georgia

the peace won't last. but there are fears littered with death and devastation. The path to peace,

well inside Georgian borders, As fighting continued to a provisional cease-fire news that Moscow had agreed soon after a Russian air strike hit. reached Gori, were reportedly killed, Four journalists and three locals about any promise of peace. leaving survivors sceptical "This bomb has been dropped today." "We have to see," says this resident.

Russia called off its military action After five days of bloodshed, by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. in a deal brokered to their permanent bases," "Georgian forces must return says the President, "and Russian forces will return to the positions

"they had before the conflict." Within hours of the announcement In Tblisi, thousands gathered Mikheil Saakashvili, in support of the President, of former Soviet bloc states joined on stage by five other leaders in solidarity. the US ally's injured and homeless. Aid is now reaching On both sides of the conflict have been displaced an estimated 100,000 and 2,000 killed. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. has avoided going to jail Australian drag racer Troy Critchley

in the United States. to lesser charges The 37-year-old will plead guilty exhibition burnout in Tennessee. over last year's fatal 6 people were killed and 22 injured and ploughed into the crowd. when he lost control 90 years in prison. The driver had been facing He's somewhat relieved some light at the end of the tunnel. now that the situation seems to have happy-go-lucky kind of guy - Troy used to be a pretty always keen to go and do something. always jumping around, on his personality It's certainly weighed heavily and the type of person he was. that will ever go away. I don't suppose

a multi-million dollar civil suit Critchley is still facing launched by the victims' families. are always being encouraged Restaurant workers in the interests of public health, to wash their hands but a fast-food employee in the US a little bit further. has taken the concept A 4-minute video, posted on MySpace, of a Burger King outlet in Ohio. shows him taking a bath in the sink clearly weren't impressed Customers shown the video by the skinny-dipping prank. It's disgusting, it's degrading. about anyone but theirselves. They just simply don't care He calls himself Mr Unstable, might be more appropriate although Mr Unemployed for his naked antics. after he was fired Engineers lash out at Qantas latest safety oversight - over the airline's details after the break.

Also - the Sydney mum mugged prestigious football medals. for her son's There was no need to put a knife in her face. And fashion for the people.

It's the show in Sydney where everyone is welcome. If you've been thinking about having a Pap test, A Pap test every two years could save your life. Make an appointment with your doctor today.

(KIDS CHATTER EXCITEDLY) MAN: Maxie. One for you. Harry. MAN: Through the Woolworths Fresh Food Kids Community Grants, we received $4,000 for new jumpers. We stick as a team, don't we? We play as a team. Go get 'em, boys! Come on! (CHEERING) Yep, we're really looking good this season. To help kids be active and healthy,

Woolworths awards funding to local community groups across Australia. This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - a backyard tragedy in Sydney. A man has fallen to his death while trying to save his dog from a hole at a construction site at Kingswood. Rescue personnel recovered the dog alive and well. for the Commonwealth Bank to begin sharing its fat profits. It posted earnings today of $4.8 billion for the year at a time many borrowers are struggling to make ends meet. The Prime Minister has join calls for an interest rate cut.

And Stephanie Rice becomes our first multiple gold medallist

with a stunning victory in the 200 metre medley. Qantas is being accused of downplaying a safety oversight by blaming paperwork for the grounding of six planes. The airline pulled the 737s from service, citing a procedural issue and claiming there were no safety implications,

but aircraft engineers insist important maintenance work wasn't done. The only link to paperwork is a directive issued by Boeing and CASA has not been complied with. Boeing obviously thought it was important. They were requiring the airline to do it and that's why we're now taking this very seriously. The engineers say a clip should have been installed to reduce the risk of a rapid depressurisation, like the emergency near Manila. Former rugby league international Jim Serdaris

is pleading for the return of two stolen Dally M awards. They were taken during a violent home invasion which left his mother with knife wounds to her face. Accompanied by his mother who is still baring the injuries from her terrifying ordeal today, Jim Serdaris today appealed to the conscience of the man who attacked her. If he has got any morals - obviously he has got a mother and that - how would you like your mother being attacked that way?

Katina Serdaris suffered cuts to both sides of her face. The thief took cash and two of her son's three prized Dally M awards. The former league international won the trophies for hooker of the year and rookie of the year. These trophies, to sportsmen, to rugby league players are like gold medals to us. Police say they're concerned used in the robbery. by the level of violence The attacker first rang the doorbell and told Mrs Serdaris he had a package she needed to sign for. When she opened the door he pushed his way inside and pulled out the serrated knife.

I say to him, why you do this? What you want? He say, "Shut up. No scream because I kill you." Jim says he's relieved his mother is OK, but is pleading with the attacker to return his Dally M's which carry only sentimental value for his whole family. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News,

in both photos and video. We're interested

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You'll hear about him later in the

program. One degree at Canterbury -

and delivered lower. program. One degree at Canterbury - You'll hear about him later in the

For a true inspiration and a gold

medal performance still command

ball doest of any program.

is gaining popularity A new flavour in ethical eating than taste. and it's more to do with place of the 'locavore' lifestyle. We sample a slice As much as possible, I'm a locavore

to be a locavore in my food, and I'm not just trying that I buy in my neighbourhood. but also in terms of things Find out all about the new local food craze

tomorrow on Ten News. went on show today The nation's top fashion designers

the consumer. for their most discerning critics -

inaugural fashion festival It was all part of Sydney's falling retail sales. designed to help lift It's been a long time coming

has a fashion festival but finally Sydney just for the people. last night It kicked off in sizzling style with an Alex Perry parade in hot new looks for Spring Summer. featuring some well known faces see these clothes, Now people can come along,

wanted to show them, on the catwalk, how the designers straight away. Bonds and even K-Mart, From Alex Perry to Country Road, will showcase their collections 80 designers multimillion-dollar festival, as part of the by the State Government. partly funded

in Martin Place, Today, in a purpose-built marquee they went wild for Charlie Brown, Miss Universe Australia and it wasn't just who got carried away. to the fashion shows. Everyone loves to come going to DJs I remember as a little kid

with my mum. and watching the fashion parades will be measured The true success of the festival in flow-on retail sales the worst sales slump in eight years. after what has been we did it for the consumer We didn't do this show for my peers, onto people's backs. and to get clothes

your front-row seat yet, And if you haven't secured there's still time. The festival runs until Sunday. Belinda Heggen, Ten News. Sport, now, with Tim for Stephanie Rice. and what a golden double

historic swim shortly Yes - reaction to today's in other events as well. and more on how we fared the Bulldogs head off to the RSCPA Also - feeling as down as the team. with one player's pet Wow! (POP MUSIC PLAYS, CHATTERING) It's really going off up here! buy yourself You ought to there's been a plan for Canberra. Since the beginning,

a world-class national capital. VOICEOVER: A plan to build

so much has been achieved As time's moved on, and imagine a greater future. but now it's time to set new goals goes for the next century We need to determine where Canberra to join the conversation. and you're invited Towards Our Second Century' 'The Canberra Plan

details plans for the future. Log on to the website, or call Canberra Connect. pick up a plan and be a part of the journey. Have your say This program is captioned live. gold in the pool this afternoon - As you may have seen earlier, more

became the first Australian Stephanie Rice medley double at the Olympics. to win the 200m and 400m individual

It was in finish almost too close

to call. Yesterday it was also.

What eight tour big effort behind

Stephanie Rice last. She got there

and clear blue world mark. She

eminence. could bear in just over it to

She's the best Rice in China of the individual medley, and after a stirring freestyle leg a dual Olympic gold medallist.

Yes, she does! by the narrowest of margins. A second gold in the 100m freestyle heats A new world record for her ex-boyfriend Eamon Sullivan. freestyle relay team, Bronze for our 200m beaten by a world record,

one of two in row for Michael Phelps number four and five. as he won gold medals He's done it again! destroyed South Africa... The Kookaburras

Oh, that is spectacular!

in a 10-0 romp. ..the defending champions flawless Canoeing bronze for Robin Bell... Ring-a-ding-ding! Who's the king? at his third Olympics. ..a medal at last Proud to be an Aussie. Australia does so well on the end of the medal tally. and proud to be even a little digit Our equestrian team won silver.

almost turned it into gold. Megan Jones aboard Irish Jester Oh, no! for an individual medal as well, She was in contention until this. and everything was going to plan, Oh, no! was showing off the silver medal Brisbane schoolteacher Briony Cole on the 10m platform. she won with teenager Melissa Wu

and a little bit of relief Incredibly excited and yeah, just really pleased. and the men's eight The women's quad sculls

in Sunday's final. will both chase gold overnight. It wasn't all green and gold glory Our softballers lost to Japan, by Rafael Nadal Lleyton Hewitt was trounced by Argentina. and the Boomers were thumped Paul Cochrane, Ten News.

Back to that performance bank

Stephanie Rice - - he handled that

pressure had done. She certainly

did. Have the whole oil Serb

handling the pressure. There it is

planned here of supper at here for

a Stephanie Rice has. Is Tisha its

army had four or cash at the end

look marvellous. This time the

family had something else to it

celebrate. because the 400 she sort of led, It's a very different race but this one was gut-wrenching. didn't she, with Kirsty chasing her,

Yeah, it was great.

Her and starting to look into the

heart Michael Fields is and not to

he him. He is there and that the Ms

in human being. He has got fired

middle servile. That my ex ALIA

than in the Olympics or to appear.

We caught up with his family.

What was it like in there? Incredible. Can you describe it more than that? You know, no. It's... Michael just seems to just swim and compete and focus - there is not one word that I could give to Michael's swims because they're all just totally very inspiring, and it warms my heart as his mother on how well he's doing. Thank you.

A near poor soul at the head and go

and do and be a bronze medal there

- at the Old Bailey had beaten to

it took about their amazing part in that amazing Powys.

Oh, bronze is the new gold. We're absolutely stoked with it.

No disregard of the Australian

Swimming Team has got bronze. This

is the best preparation that he has

had. This is The first Olympics there and I have there and I have been too but there and I have been too but he

last Olympic scene was so sick bill

for a beer Olympics. Appeared of for a beer Olympics. Appeared of

believe something great could happen.

He has a one up some unseen in he -

he is mood determined and he said

he ruled that really he did admit.

Rondelli he's extremely proud. A lot of the guys I race against are quite big superstars in their countries and I'm not really well known in Australia. I think there's three people who know me - my mum and probably our dog.

The elder has a lie-in and Ian

Hunter Packham, him. Then needed to

get on the scoreboard fairly

quickly. Physically then he to find

other day to start winning. a must-win game. Iran obviously becomes We've beaten them before and realistically if we can't beat them we don't deserve to be playing anyway, so we just have to beat them, it's as simple as that. We've got to find a way to beat Russia and/or Lithuania.

Broker of hers had been doing

extremely cool. There he absolutely

a rehashed some up a couple stop

there and were amazed to be a pilot

of such as a world equally and feared. I think back in under-11s or under-15s we maybe got up to 20-0 at times we maybe got up to 20-0 at tim but 10-0 at an international match, especially at the Olympics, is unknown. That's very good news for us.

Just before have I go there there

Just before have I go there there

were also a bus accident - a couple

of Aussies were involved but there

were any me a minor injuries her. The Bulldogs have been bashed and battered all season, to one last challenge - avoiding the wooden spoon. Excluding their salary cap rort of 2002, since 1964. the Dogs haven't finished last

Her it has like he has an aged. He

knows that his NRL team has endured

pain. He is determined that his

team will have a look at them

wooden spoon.We're doing a Algester

black players had done in the past

behind Jersey. There last to can

there must wig was dismal. That

does not curious and. Were denied

and he told off. Whelan and a

topside.Bruce Williams was at hand

for the year after he knee

reconstruction. There have been in

decline for a fire if years and

brass to not be in the finals is the epitaph for Later in Sports Tonight we'll cross back live to Beijing and look ahead to the kick-off of the A-League for season four on Friday night.

(GUITAR PLAYS) WOMAN: (SINGS) # We are, we are TWO WOMEN: # We are, we are ALL: # We are, we are # The fresh food people # We are, we are # We are the fresh food people # Australians are fresh food people # We are fresh food people # Fresh food people # Australia... # VOICEOVER: Australians are truly the world's fresh food people. # We are # We are, we are # The fresh food people... # But sometimes you can't grow it or pick it or catch it. Mum, I found it! And that's where we come in. Avocados. # Woolworths, the fresh food people. #

If 5th cleared it could. There are

Her tinder Eileen managers to come

up with stories every now and then.

Them apart a little odd inspirational stories come on

Beijing but no and No uncertain and

there is a to a man. He has a

lifted this beards have their

picture he speaks to 4th

Anand 1 year girl years goal-kick.

The virus attack to Adam.

In it and had a minor spinal cord.

I cannot move a mile arms eight

tiny bit. Had Kenwood for Meyer in

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Most keen to pick this up her us

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endured and here he independence.

He can drag it himself.

Oil of a SUDDEN we have got a year

will be a digital barely in control

This were he That's Ten News for now, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. I'll be back with the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10.30. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.