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(generated from captions) admission fee of one and six. several persons enter paying a fee, "During this conversation I saw which Grace tore in half..." and six and were handed a red ticket, "PC Chopping and myself paid one completely undercover. a riotous evening and yet they were And so it goes on. It sounds like at Kew, the National Archive. Well, that's the end of our day here How times change. It's been good, hasn't it? Fabulous. recommend a visit and it is free. It's a very interesting place. I do and now it's goodbye from me. the staff who helped us so much, Thanks very much to all Goodbye. Goodbye. And it's goodbye from him. This program is captioned live. the competition Libby Trickett blows away for her first individual gold... it's fully sunk in yet I don't think unbelievable. but it feels absolutely smashes a world record. ..while Eamon Sullivan in their home on the South Coast. An elderly couple bashed to death simple as that really. Just a quiet retired couple, for a fast train The Government scraps plans between Penrith and the city. you should have a fast train. It's a very busy here - blanket of white And the mountains get a frosty with another cold snap. as the State is hit I'm cold.

Good evening. For the second day in a row, our women swimmers, Australia is celebrating

and Jessicah Schipper earning bronze with Libby Trickett taking gold in the 100m butterfly. Michael Usher. To Olympics correspondent yesterday, Mike, after Stephanie Rice's effort our women are showing the way? The ladies are the spearhead, Mark, sent a warning today but our men swimmers for some wins of their own. that they're ready Eamon Sullivan set a world record in a thrilling men's relay. as his team scored bronze the women own the bragging rights. But for the moment, A relaxed reunion - just after the big race Libby and husband Luke Trickett for a celebration lunch. and heading out How does it feel? Just amazing. You must be proud? I can't believe it. It's fantastic,

A few autographs for the locals, a furious morning in the pool. relative calm after Libby missed out on this in Athens. Hers was a sensational swim. fighting back. She'd spent four years COMMENTATOR: Australia one, two. but this 100m race was all Libby's. Jessicah Schipper was on her tail, Olympic gold medal. Her first individual

She's going to tear up. Going to see some tears here. as well, grabbing bronze. Jessicah Schipper swum her best This was Libby's fastest-ever swim, of a possibly five Beijing gold. the first that you dream about. This is something For it to actually happen... which is just - I did a PB as well, than this. it can't get much better for mum Marilyn and Luke. A quick hug after the race Unbelievable. Oh, couldn't describe. everything all rolled into one. Just proud, happy, satisfied, Mum was handed the flowers. Libby hung on to the gold. She's really happy, really happy. Just after getting the medal all at the same time. she was laughing and crying A surprise in the 100m relay. our men had no chance - Before the Games, most thought until Eamon Sullivan went to work. Have a look at this! break the world record. Sullivan is going to Let's see... It's going to be close. He does!

that helped earn the team bronze. An extraordinary swim anything close to that. I didn't expect

in and out of the water But the performance went to the gold-medal Americans, in full roar. Michael Phelps and his mates Michael can get his eight. Can you believe it? He certainly can. with the Germans Australia is in a gripping contest the equestrian event in Hong Kong. in the chase for the team gold at after the dressage, Mike, We were in the lead in today's cross-country? but we've a slipped a bit today, Mark, This was the rough-and-tumble stuff twice as difficult. and rain made the jumps The Germans were able to ease ahead, it's a showjumping showdown. so tomorrow, is the toughest leg of the ride The cross-country section for Olympic gold. Thrills and spills... didn't miss a beat. ..but Australia's Clayton Fredericks A clear run. but a little behind on the clock. Wife Lucinda was just as precise Megan Jones, made it a trifecta - The final member of our team, no jump penalties, behind the Germans. leaving the team just four points were taking a cold bath, The Hockeyroos today

from South Korea. after so nearly taking a beating

was the unexpected star, Shelley Liddelow to score two goals. coming off the reserves bench nerves or anything. I didn't really have any pre-match but it was great the way it ended. To me, it was just another game a 3-goal deficit to level at 4-4. The Hockeyroos clawed back seal it for Australia, winning 5-4. It took a controversial own goal to comeback by the Hockeyroos. COMMENTATOR: It is a most amazing its upset victory over Greece Our men's water polo team is hailing as its best-ever at an Olympics.

That is a goal of sheer strength. from causing a boilover The Olyroos were jsut minutes away packed with world stars. against Argentina in a team 13 minutes from the end The South Americans needed a goal

to prevent a 0-0 draw.

has been thrown out of the Olympics The first athlete for blood doping. tested positive to EPO. Spanish cyclist Maria Moreno

cancelled She's had her Games accreditation from competition. and now faces a 2-year ban Damian Ryan in Beijing, Nine News.

on the medal tally? Michael, where do we stand with two gold medals now, Mark, we're fourth on the ladder after Libby Trickett's win. to dominate, with seven gold, The host nation continues both with three gold the US and South Korea Japan is sitting in fifth spot. bronze just a short time ago, And Australia came oh-so-close to a divers Matthew Helm and Robert Newbery missing out on 3rd by just half a point in the synchronised 10m platform. Now the rest of the day's news, and police on the South Coast are investigating the bashing murder of an elderly couple in their home at Batemans Bay. Police forced their way into the house after their son told them he'd been unable to contact his parents. Neighbours say the couple had lived in this street for decades. Just a quiet retired couple, simple as that really. They kept to themselves. 86-year-old Ken Keyte and his 71-year-old wife Margaret were last seen alive on Saturday afternoon. A son who lives nearby called police when the couple failed to answer the phone. Police broke into the house last night and found the bodies. There were obvious signs of violence but I can't give you much more about it

because it's pertinent to the nature of the investigation. Residents, who wouldn't go on camera, say there were rumours the couple was fighting with neighbours but police say it's too early to suggest a motive. Police spent the day inside the modest brick house searching for clues but won't release information about the fatal injuries or what type of weapon was used. Forensic teams will continue their investigation into the night. John Kerrison, Nine News. In a blow to western Sydney, the State Government has scrapped plans for a high-speed train line between Penrith and the city. Commuters are angry that the project is being dumped, but the Government claims it would have left them worse off. Jump on a train in Penrith and it can take an 1.25 hours to reach the city. So locals were understandably excited

when plans for a fast train emerged three years ago, potentially halving travel times. Half an hour from here to the city would be awesome. But it's no longer going to happen. It's a very busy area here, you should have a fast train. Although the new service would've cost more - about $3 per trip - the operators had claimed a ride to the city from Blacktown would take just 17 minutes, from Parramatta, 11. Residents in Western Sydney are angry the Government has rejected the plan, just as it's about to spend $30 million studying a European-style metro system that goes only as far west as Parramatta. We've got 1.5 million people out here that are going to be affected by that and they're not going to get any benefit whatsoever.

The Premier says there's a huge funding gap and the fast train option just isn't viable. The private consortium behind the project was today unable to defend allegations it has a $2.5 billion hole in its budget, as it's signed a confidentiality agreement with the Government. After you've signed up, they'll be in through the door, saying, "Whoops, we got those figures wrong, "we want you and the taxpayer to pay." Allison Langdon for Nine News.

Pensioners can look forward to more money in next year's Federal Budget

following confirmation that their single rate is not up to international standards. But many pensioners want to know why they have to wait - they want the increase right now. Angry seniors, who got their gear off in Melbourne

in protest at the May Budget's failure to increase pensions, can take some comfort. Next year's Budget will include a rise. The Government virtually confirmed that today. We understand that money will need to be spent. Pensioners are doing it tough in Australia. A government discussion paper, the first stage of a review of pension levels, reported that around 2 million Australians - almost 80% of the population over 65 - rely on the aged pension. Those people who are fully dependent on the single maximum rate of the pension are the most vulnerable. Single pensioners in Australia get $273 a week, just 60% of the $457 paid to couples. The paper found that's low compared with other developed countries. Seniors groups want it increased to two-thirds of the couples rate. That's about $30 a week. That would be the starting point. The inquiry will make recommendations in time for the 2009 Budget, which means increases would probably take effect next July. But there are growing demands for action before that. What we're asking them to do is to go without for another 12 months. We call on Mr Rudd to stop referring serious issues off to reviews and inquiries

and make a decision for the sake of the pensioners in Australia. But former community services minister Mal Brough has embarrassed the Coalition by revealing he tried to persuade the Howard government to give more help to pensioners last year but was rebuffed. Laurie Oakes, Nine News. It was cold in Sydney this morning, but spare a thought

for those on the other side of the Blue Mountains. They were shivering under a blanket of snow which looked pretty, but made the going tough for anyone who ventured outdoors. Nearly 200km from Bondi Beach but the perfect place to catch a ride. This family from Penrith hoped to make a snowball, instead they found a terrain park.

We just come up and expect to see a little bit of dusting and that and this is great, we've got a good inch or two, a couple of inches and it's the first time the kids have seen it. By lunchtime it was still only one degree - with flurries. I dared myself to stick my hand in the snow for five seconds. The white stuff thrilled tiny snowmen. Look at this Mummy, look at that. While there is not enough snow to ski on, there's certainly enough to have some fun and the light dusting of powder overnight has been enough to turn this picnic spot into a mini alpine village. It's long way to go down to Perisher and down there, so we thought we'd just come up here. Last night the conditions made roads around the Blue Mountains treacherous - at least one car slid off the road. Police warned motorists to slow down before major roads were shut. The conditions were just as challenging today. Around Oberon backyards and cars were covered in snow. More white blankets are likely, particularly toward the end of the season because we get into a mature winter pattern and that certainly does produce those cold winds and again, cold temperatures at the higher levels of the atmosphere.

But the novelty can wear off quickly. I'm cold. Karen Tso for Nine News. In the news ahead - Hugh Jackman back in the saddle for Baz Luhrmann's epic movie. And the death of Isaac Hayes - soul music's Mr Cool.

ACTEW wants to cover all options. Having a design for a demonstration water purification plant ready to go

is like an insurance policy. It's another way we're securing water for life.

Labor has hung on to win the Northern Territory election, after the opposition CLP conceded this afternoon. The final result depended on just one seat - Fannie Bay - which gave Labor a 1-seat overall majority, instead of having to a rely on an Independent in a hung parliament. Russia has responded to Georgia's calls for a cease-fire by sending in fighter jets and mobilising warships in the Black Sea. The Russian military has forced a Georgian retreat from disputed South Ossetia. It is now targeting territory deeper inside Georgia's borders. After just three days, Russian forces now control South Ossetia's capital, their overwhelming military strength forcing the Georgians out. This is the most surreal world crisis I could ever imagine. The Red Cross estimates 40,000 people have been displaced, refugees streaming north into Russia, and south into Georgia, each side accusing the other of ethnic cleansing. Within Georgia, the Russian bombardment continues against both military and civilian targets. Homes are damaged and destroyed. The death toll continues to rise. Also, airfields have been targeted in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, the first Russian action there. In the city's main square, thousands rallied, holding banners saying "Stop Russia". Their president, Mikheil Saakashvili, thanked them for their support and strength. He's offered a cease-fire but the Russians are demanding his resignation before they will agree. For the Kremlin, this is now about more than just South Ossetia. It's a chance to send a message to all the former Soviet republics on its borders - "test us and you will be crushed". James Talia, Nine News. There's been a frightening pile-up in the north of Italy, when a truck crossed onto the wrong side of a busy highway and ploughed into another truck and a car. The vehicles burst into a huge fireball. In all, eight people were killed. American soul music legend Isaac Hayes

has died in his Memphis home at the age of 65.

His smooth, deep voice won him millions of fans during the '70s and he attracted a whole new generation of followers as the voice of Chef in the 'South Park' cartoon series. Isaac Hayes had that voice loved by lovers.

(Sings) # Never can say goodbye. #

He first made it big, writing and singing hit after hit in the '60s but his real break came in 1971 with his Academy Award-winning theme from the movie 'Shaft'. # Who is the man who would risk his neck for his brother man? # # Shaft! # His wife found him this morning unconscious in his Memphis home lying next to a still-running treadmill. Doctors believe it was a heart attack. Right up until his death he was working in movies and on stage. # Well, I wouldn't stop for a million bucks. # Then, surprisingly, he found a whole new audience doing the voice of Chef on 'South Park'. Why didn't you tell me about this sooner? But then 'South Park' sent up his religion, Scientology, and he resigned from show. I am a Scientologist and that is my religious preference and I should be respected for that. But now that warm baritone voice is silent. # Who's the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about? # # Shaft! # Robert Penfold, Nine News. Hugh Jackman was back on the set of Baz Luhrmann's epic 'Australia' today puts the finishing touches as the director to his multimillion-dollar film. in the middle of Moore Park, Luhrmann was reshooting some scenes ordering in some red sand and setting up a green screen. all the way from the Kimberleys Stunt doubles were on hand galloping around on his horse. but Jackman looked quite comfortable There was no sign of Nicole Kidman after giving birth to Sunday Rose. who took a break later this week. She's expected to be back on set Ken with sport is next. their many wounds today. The Panthers licking

against the Raiders They were like pussy cats about missing out while Terry Campese is relaxed on a significant milestone. his second major in three weeks. Also, Padraig Harrington wins

(GUITAR PLAYS) WOMAN: (SINGS) # We are, we are TWO WOMEN: # We are, we are ALL: # We are, we are # The fresh food people # We are, we are # We are the fresh food people # Australians are fresh food people # We are fresh food people # Australia... # # Fresh food people the world's fresh food people. VOICEOVER: Australians are truly # We are, we are # We are # The fresh food people... # or pick it or catch it. But sometimes you can't grow it And that's where we come in. Mum, I found it! Avocados. the fresh food people. # # Woolworths, that's the key to results. capacity's not much use. but without water, from the Murrumbidgee River ACTEW's project to pipe water make the most of Googong will help us water for life. and help secure says he has no hard feelings, Canberra's Terry Campese

on a long-standing club record despite missing out

74-12 demolition of Penrith. in yesterday's

scored 36 of those points The Raiders hero from equalling Mal Meninga's mark. and was just a conversion away after almost outscoring the clock, You would have thought done enough running yesterday. the Raiders would have

But today they were back in the gym above sixth on the ladder. and looking forward to climbing

It's going to be tough.

to maintain some momentum. We're up there - now we need as they arrived for training. The Panthers were scalded cats about being outscored 13 tries to 2 Not a single player wanted to talk and that's probably fair enough. conceded so many points Never has Penrith after the game. and the coach summed it up perfectly and our bums spanked We got our pants pulled down occurred as well. and whatever happens after that Terry Campese's effort? And what about

With 36 points, he was just 2 short Mal Meninga's club record. of equalling with the final conversion, He would have got there was oblivious to the fact but captain Alan Tongue

to halfback Marc Herbert. and he gave the kick you can't be angry with, Tongue is one of those blokes so, no, everything is sweet.

in most trouble. with the Tigers' Todd Payten out of Round 22, There were four players charged

Payten is facing a 3-game suspension on Matt Cooper. for a dangerous throw Payten apologised at full-time for the Dragons centre. and that's good enough It's out of his character. He's a good fella. He apologised and I'll take that. Clinton Fletcher, Nine News. In the absence of Tiger Woods, become the world's dominant golfer, Padriag Harrington has suddenly winning the US PGA this morning. major title in three weeks It is the Irishman's second to win the PGA in 78 years. and he's the first European off the course Rain had taken the edge as J.B. Holmes discovered. but there was still plenty of danger, In the end it was a 3-way battle - for the United States, Ben Curtis flying the flag gunning for back-to-back majors. British Open champion Harrington after a number of near-misses. And Garcia chasing his first in the corporate tents a scare Curtis gave spectators with a wayward tee shot at 16. Is that out of bounds? you can get a drink. No, but it's somewhere a telling blow at 17, Garcia's bid suffered Harrington closing it out in style. It's in - he's done it. Chris Hodgkinson, Nine News. It's been quite a weekend Marcos Ambrose. for Australian NASCAR driver to ever win in this form of racing He became the first Aussie

at the same circuit and 24 hours later in another incident-packed race. finished third back to Tasmania, I'll be able to go home, at Watkins Glen in one year. and tell them how good I was will also be able to recount The former V8 Supercar champion a major smash-up how he managed to avoid but with no serious injury. which destroyed eight cars speculation of an interest rate cut, the Reserve Bank has cast doubt over In finance,

saying inflation is yet to peak. financial stocks gained ground - On the markets, a star performer, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and shares ahead 6% at the close. with profits lifting 40% more losses. But Babcock & Brown forecast They finished down by more than 11%. us with all the weather details. After the break - Mike Bailey joins An artic blast delivers Coming up on WIN News... shivering. snowfalls and has locals services to the capital Tiger Airways extends its Glen Buttris to injury. And the Raiders lose hooker of performance or technology, you don't normally think what Holden thought of but that's exactly that has six airbags, This is a mid-sized car plus all the cool bits, Electronic Stability Control, and MP3 integration. like auto headlights to fit three adults in the back, It's big enough where others can't, small enough to fit over 20% more fuel efficient and it's (GENTLE MUSIC) always been a part of growing up. VOICEOVER: Kraft Singles have Now there's a new range... ..for more grown-up tastes. # There's love in the air... # # And you on my mind... # (WHINES) Oof! # And if I get a chance... # If your super fund carries this symbol, you pay low fees, no commissions to financial advisors, and your fund is run only to profit members. kinder to the environment. Tomorrow, your energy will be more efficient. Tomorrow, your energy and your water supply will be even more secure. And that's just tomorrow. The day after that will be even better. Because every day at ActewAGL, we're working hard to make your world a better place to live in. ActewAGL: Now here's Mike, with the weather. When is it going to warm up? Not in a hurry, Mark. But, lighter winds will reduce the chill factor. Temperatures in Sydney today went from 7 to 16 degrees. But, dry south-westerly winds topping 30km/h made the temperatures feel only half way to 16. Snowfalls today were only light and most rain was off the East Coast. But, there was more in the south ahead of another change. The cold front and low pressure system are well across the Tasman Sea. But, cold air from the south has given the central west a chilly day with tops of 2 at Orange and 7 at Parkes. Further rain and some snowfalls will move over the south-east tomorrow with the new front. But, it's not expected to be as strong as the weekend blast in NSW. A different story in Hobart with strong winds, showers and snow for tomorrow. Also showers in Adelaide and Melbourne, and possible afternoon showers in Canberra. Sydney can expect another cold night ahead of a fine and sunny day. South-westerly winds will be fresh at times, with a strong wind warning south from Seal Rocks. Temperatures should get down to around zero overnight in parts of the west. The city will go from a low of 6 to a top of 16 degrees. Fine and mostly sunny days should persist across the week. Temperatures will continue to peak around 16 or 17 degrees right into next weekend. Our weather cadets this week are from Chullora Public School. Congratulations to those youngsters for correctly telling us just how chilly it was in their region today. And, it was pretty much the same everywhere else, Mark. That's the news for this Monday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

Edition at Tonight ... An elderly couple bashed to death in their South Coast home, A Chishom girl killed in a head on crash in the city's south. And, the A-C-T Government

releases its planning vision for the future. Good evening, A tiny community near Batemans Bay is in shock after an elderly man and woman were

found bashed to death inside their home.