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Accept it. BRIDGET: It's lowering. Storm. Heart rate's improving. Storm. It's improving. Oh, my God. She's stabilising. My baby's gonna make it. She's gonna make it.

Calm down.

Storm. She's gonna be fine. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. a grieving father watches on Tonight - murder charge - over the death of his missing son. as police arrest a man

maybe they'll talk to police We hope now someone's in custody

let them know just where Matt is. and do the right thing and Video blunder - with being a sex predator. the Sydney man wrongly charged I didn't know what to do. I was breaking down. after another terror attack. And Olympic alert - China on edge

Good evening. I'm Deborah Knight. And I'm Ron Wilson. Also tonight, a break for home-owners at future rate cuts. as the Reserve Bank hints And knock-out blow - with serial pest Peter Hore. the NRL gets tough a Sydney father has watched police But heading the 5:00 News,

they believe killed his son. arrest the man a year ago. 20-year-old Matthew Leveson vanished His 45-year old partner His 45-year-old partner is now charged with murder.

Matthew's parents hope where their son's body is. they'll now find out 45-year-old Mike Atkins Detectives arrested early this morning, at his Cronulla unit where he used to live Matt Leveson. with his partner of 15 months, presumed murdered, The 20-year-old has been missing,

since last September. Matt Leveson's father, Mark, this morning. was there to witness the arrest seeing someone at least arrested? Mark, how did that feel,

that someone's in custody. Reassuring - at least we know now He was a beautiful kid. that miss him dearly. He's got two loving brothers

I just want him back. We all miss him. And I can't understand would do this to him. why some horrible person

last week about the disappearance. We tried to speak with Mike Atkins

Was it an accident? Did you murder Matt Leveson? I can't say anything. That's stupid. Despite being partners, as missing to police. Mike Atkins did not report Matt The alarm was only raised contacted his family. when concerned work colleagues dumped in the national park nearby. Matt's car was found a few days later

and funeral Planning a proper memorial for Matthew Leveson's family. is now very much front of mind But police freely admit where his body could be. they still have no idea

right across the Sutherland Shire, They've searched parts of Wollongong, right outside his unit. even in the scrubland

and how long were you there for? Matt, how deep did you go We were about 15m deep. How would it be to any mother is laying somewhere rotting to know that their son to finally put him to rest and not being able so his family can move on? After arresting Atkins, the martial arts expert's unit, detectives searched seizing several exhibits. out more forensic procedures tonight. Investigators will return to carry Evan Batten, Ten News. A young Sydney man the Western Sydney rapist wrongly accused of being is considering suing police. charged over the attacks, Joey de Mesa spent two days in jail but detectives now admit they made a mistake.

in a jail cell, Back home after more than two days of being a serial sex predator. the man police wrongly accused a rapist made him feel sick Joey De Mesa says being branded and is furious at police associated with such vile attacks. for allowing his face and name to be

I was breaking down - did not know what to do. I was about to break down, Joey was arrested on Saturday night

this surveillance footage, after police released as a suspect. describing the highlighted man to a police station The 23-year-old took himself

hoping to clear his name. I saw a picture of myself - from Blacktown station, it looked like it was taken and then I didn't know what to do. "I didn't do it, please believe me." I told my mum and dad,

strip-searched twice and locked up, strip-searched and locked up, Joey was charged, despite telling investigators when some of the attacks occurred. he was working at a fruit shop I told them that it wasn't me.

I told them to do more hard evidence all the evidence that we need," and they said, "Nup, we've got and that's it. proved his innocence. But DNA evidence He was released this morning.

The De Mesa family now plans of a high-profile lawyer to engage the services against the police. to commence defamation action today reluctant And investigators were any fresh ammunition. to give the family were presented with I stand by what the investigators and the decision they made. and their course of action It was a very difficult one to make. and no plans for compensation. No apology Daniel Sutton, Ten News. on hold today The Reserve Bank left interest rates but there's a suggestion they could start coming down within months. The bad news is there's no guarantee to borrowers. banks will pass on the cuts A 2% slump in new car sales the economy is slowing. just the latest sign blames the credit crunch. The industry

Business confidence is collapsing. Business confidence, looking out 12 months, that is business since the survey began in 1994. is at its lowest level

noticing consumers are spending less, The Reserve Bank is house prices are slumping that the jobs market is easing. and that there are signs it's more likely that economic growth The Bank says over the period ahead. will be fairly slow rejects talk of a recession. But the Treasurer Let's keep this in perspective. in these circumstances, If you wanted a country in the world most countries would say I'd like to be Australian. This is a slowdown Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan wanted us to have. And according to the Bank it's working.

The Board says it has scope to a less restrictive stance in the period ahead. Or in plain English, for the first time in seven years it's looking at cutting rates. But don't crack the champagne just yet. It's by no means suggesting it's going to happen September or October. It's going to look at the economic data over the next month, maybe the next couple of months. of 21 economists found most believe A Reuters survey of 21 econom found most believe official interest rates will start coming down in November or December, but that's no guarantee the cuts will be passed on to borrowers. And that's because the cost of funds overseas, where the banks get their money to lend, shows no signs of easing. We keep an eagle eye on the competitive aspects of our banking system and we've got a very close eye on it. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. The smog that's plagued Beijing in the lead-up to the Olympic Games is continuing to cause problems and health fears for our athletes.

Ten's Olympics reporter Max Futcher Ten's Olympics reporter Max Fu is in Beijing and joins us now. Max, the pollution, it's a problem across the board but not just for those competing outdoors. Yeah, Deb, late yesterday a light breeze did spring up here in Beijing and it did sweep some of the smog and haze away. It's better, but it's not what I'd call good. As you say, it's a problem indoors now. The Australian swim team took its first look inside the famed Water Cube swimming stadium last night and the head coach says there is a definite haze right through the stadium. The official word from the AOC is that they're not too concerned, but they're taking it seriously enough that they have appointed two doctors to check on the effects of the smog on the swimmers. Two people who will be watching the effects very carefully

are Jessicah Schipper's parents. She only started swimming at the age of two to fight a severe case of asthma. Here's what her parents had to say about what is being done to make sure that she is OK. They're going to keep them indoors, in the accommodation, put them straight onto the bus - take them straight to the Cube - indoors - swimming, not let them roam around.

And the dangers aren't only airborne. The Beijing Olympic lead-up has been rocked today by news of a terrorist attack in far western China. The attack occurred near the Afghan border and 16 police were killed. For all its suspicion of the outside world, China's deadliest threat comes from within. The attack took place in a remote province notorious for militant separatists. A truck was driven into a group of police, explosives were set off and the terrorists then stabbed survivors. 16 police died. More were injured. Security around the Olympic build-up in Beijing is now widely expected to tighten further. 100,000 police and soldiers

guard the venues, patrol the streets and someone's always watching. If the attack has prompted an Olympic security crackdown

it's not immediately obvious. Here in one of China's more sensitive locations, Tiananmen Square, things are relaxed. Locals are enjoying themselves. And the AOC believes our own athletes are also safe. This incident took place 4,000km away. The team's security measures haven't changed. The security is extremely tight, around the village and at all levels. As you know, I've been to quite a few Games and the only one that I've seen that's comparable in terms of security is Moscow. In the capital, there are at least murmurings of dissent. Here, a group of locals protest their homes being demolished to make way for a commercial development. They were taken away by plain-clothes police. Now, late this afternoon Chinese authorities called a press conference in which they guaranteed a safe and peaceful Games. Just finally, the torch is due to reach Beijing in the next couple of days.

It left Sichuan Province today and was sent off by - what else? - dancing pandas. Even before it reaches Beijing the relay is in doubt.

There may not ever be a future relay.

The IOC President Jacques Rogge says he is concerned about the number of demonstrations and violence surrounding what is supposed to be a peaceful event. He says he can guarantee the future of the flame

and the lighting of the cauldron as an Olympic icon, but not the relay. Thanks, Max. Ten's Olympics reporter Max Futcher reporting from Beijing. Serial pest Peter Hore has struck again. He's been charged with assault after upsetting another sporting event, his latest antics ending with a lifetime ban from all rugby league venues. Just 20 seconds after kick-off

serial pest Peter Hore storms the ground at last night's Parramatta-Newcastle match. COMMENTATOR: Oh, we have an idiot on the field. Well, I don't believe this. Wearing a Chaser '07 T-shirt, Hore jumped onto Eels forward Fuifui Moimoi

before Eels halfback Brett Finch crash-tackled him. Finchy landed one on him, I think. That was the only dominant tackle he got for the game, I think. But, jokes aside, players and coaches say the stupid stunt was potentially dangerous. If he had something in his hand or in his possession or whatever, then we might all have something to worry about. You know, he could've done anything to Fui. It's pretty scary. Hore is notorious for his high-profile pranks. In 1997, he ran onto the racing track during a Melbourne Cup race. He also interrupted Australia's crucial Socceroos World Cup qualifier against Iran. To Hore nothing is off-limits - he even gatecrashed the funerals of INXS singer Michael Hutchence and racing legend Tommy Smith. It's not the first time he's invaded a Newcastle match. Once he rode a tricycle carrying a cage full of kittens. Peter Hore is already banned from Newcastle Knights matches. His latest offence, though, has incurred a harsher penalty - a life ban from all NRL matches. Knights officials say Hore was refused entry to last night's game, but he just jumped the fence. We simply don't want him at our games. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Let's take a look at sport now with Rob Canning in the sports chair tonight, and Rob, the hunt for Sonny Bill Williams intensifies? Yes, Deb, the Bulldogs and NRL are moving in to prevent Williams from playing rugby in France. A judge today extended the way Sonny Bill can be served documents ahead of the next legal proceeding, even allowing him to be notified by text message. The club has tried unsuccessfully to serve documents on the player since he walked out on the Dogs 10 days ago to play for French club Toulon.

I'm surprised that he hasn't made himself available, but, as I've said, people who don't have things to hide are easy to serve. Sonny Bill has signed a contract with Toulon and could play his first game as early as Friday, the same day he's been ordered to appear in court. Also, enter England's new cricket captain - we'll hear from Kevin Pietersen as he takes over the role. And later we'll show you footage

of why Brad McEwen's not in this seat tonight - with the Swans he played a charity footy match and let's just say things didn't go to plan. Next, the search for justice - a reward offered after an inquest fails to determine how a young Sydney woman died. Also, helping the helpers - fuel handouts for volunteers. The amount of money is going to go a huge distance, making sure we can keep those 35,000 volunteers doing the vitally important job that they do.

And Australia bucks an international trend with its love of sporty four-wheel drives. VOICEOVER: APIA presents Max Walker's wise move. There's no other insurance company for our homes and our cars. Amazing service. Award-winning service at no extra cost. Make a wise move. Use your onkaparingas. Get in the old dog and bone. Call 13 50 50.

Flows in the Murrumbidgee come from Tantangara Dam,

up there in the Snowies. ACTEW are looking at buying extra water for Canberra, having it released from the dam and then transferred from here to Googong to help secure water for life.

This program is captioned live. The father of a murdered 23-year-old woman fears her killer might never be found and could even strike again. The badly burned remains of Rochelle Childs were discovered on the South Coast seven years ago. Today police offered a big reward to help catch the killer. At 21, Rochelle Childs was living the dream. Celebrating her birthday behind the wheel of a V8 Commodore, pedal to the metal on a real race track. But just two years later this happy and outgoing young woman was dead. Her badly burned body was found in bush land on the NSW south coast. Today, Rochelle's family came to the Coroners Court to be told - despite a 2-year inquiry focusing on seven suspects - a flawed investigation means police are no closer to finding her killer. police are no closer to finding her killer. It's just as raw as it was seven years ago and it just continues. We're just looking for people We're just looking for who knew Rochelle and loved Rochelle or were acquainted with Rochelle, her friends, to come forward and talk to the police. Investigators believe Rochelle was murdered after leaving home to meet somebody she knew. She may have visited the nearby Bargo Hotel. Seven years on, her family are desperate for answers.

She wasn't just my sister - she was my best friend.

We lived together. Someone out there has to know something. Making this case even more frustrating is the fact that police believe it could be one small, seemingly insignificant clue which would lead them to Rochelle's killer. A $100,000 reward has been posted in the hope of finding a fresh lead. For Rochelle's family, knowing the truth would be priceless. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. There's petrol price relief for cash-strapped volunteers. The State Government is pumping millions their way to keep them on the road. Meals on Wheels has been hit hard by soaring fuel prices, so today it was savouring the Government's petrol money handout of $6.7 million to local charities. I've got to say this is a great day for Meals on Wheels in NSW. This is an issue that has been worrying us for some considerable time. The service delivers 4.5 million free meals a year, but many long-standing volunteer drivers have been struggling to cope as pump prices jumped. Reaching out and giving them a helping hand and giving them a helpin when they need that helping hand,

and we don't want the skyrocketing cost of petrol to discourage our volunteers. How the money is distributed to drivers is up to each group.

There are no strings attached.

But the Government won't say how long the funding will last for. New research suggests high petrol prices are also having a big impact on the traditional family getaway. Families aren't travelling as far and when they get there they are spending less. So it's trips from Sydney to the Central Coast or the Illawarra for holidays, instead of further afield. On average, tourists are spending $500 less on their holidays than they were before because of the price of petrol, which was affecting their travel plans their mortgage interest rates. The NRMA says petrol companies are still charging too much for fuel. Recent falls in the price of crude oil should flow through, they say, to pump prices well below $1.40 a litre by next week. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Australians are defying world trends with a surge in the sale of big cars. Despite petrol prices and green concerns, four-wheel drives are now more popular than ever with families. They dominate the roads, not only in size, but increasingly in number. Sales of medium and big four-wheel drive sports utilities jumped 8% last month. For us it was a combination of a couple things, but primarily we had a fourth child so we needed the extra space. New car sales have dipped overall but more than 120,000 SUVs have already been sold this year - the fastest-growing segment of the car market. Owners have been paying for it at the pump but this week some relief - but this week some relief oil prices dropped to a 3-month low, sparking our biggest petrol price fall. The figures defy an international trend away from large vehicles. In the US, sales of some SUVs have more than halved. still sticking to the big rigs? So why are Australian drivers Industry analysts say with fewer traditional station wagon models on the market, SUVs are often the only option for big families. For people with young children and carrying a soccer team and what have you, those sorts of things are important. Despite some people dubbing them 'climate change on wheels', fuel efficiency is improving. The weekly fuel bill for the SUV RAV4 is about $39 - that's cheaper than the Camry sedan, costing $43. costs just an extra $5 a week to run. While the 8-seater Prado costs just an extra $5 a week t There's also the safety factor. I just think parents like them 'cause they're safe and high off the ground. Emily Rice, Ten News.

Time to check the weather with Tim

Bailey. This is a bit frightening,

going back to any area that sort of

revolves around your wardrobe. This

is a 1950 his exhibition at the

Museum of Sydney. They could well

be his first girlfriend! Some music

and a big celebration. I will tell

you more later. A low across the

west of the state to bringing a

little bit of cloud and rain. Cold

in the Southern Highlands weeks now. in the Southern Highlands weeks

now.-one at which meant an zero at

Campbelltown. Another cold day

tomorrow. 16 degrees the maximum. Up next, critically injured in a car crash - actor Morgan Freeman's dark night. And we cross live to model Miranda Kerr before her DJs catwalk debut.

This program is captioned live.

Time to check the traffic. The M4

tonight - what is the problem? A

terrible start after a car

breakdown heading west bound up breakdown heading west bound up

over Prospect. You can see the tow

trucks are on at the same right now

assisting with the breakdown. It is

not blocking any lanes but

everybody is lolling down to look.

The traffic is bumper-to-bumper all

the way back to Parramatta.

Motorists going west will have

about extra 30 minutes of travel

time. The Great Western highway is the better option. A government website has been set up to help shoppers find the cheapest grocery prices. But the Opposition says it's a stunt which could backfire. Saving money at the checkout should now be a little easier. something new that the supermarket chains won't tell them - who is cheapest in each region overall. Once a month, will show you which stores are the cheapest in each region. But it only prices a generic basket of goods. It won't tell you where to find the cheapest steak, cereal or veggies. Anything that you can put down as a benchmark that you can compare with, yeah, would be worthwhile. Definitely a waste of time. Would be absolutely useless, wouldn't it? But 'Choice' says it's worth it to encourage price transparency. Really the savings to consumers will far outweigh any costs which might be passed on. The website is one of the key recommendations from the ACCC's grocery inquiry endorsed today by the Rudd Government. We cannot guarantee that grocery prices will come down because the biggest impact on grocery prices is those international factors. Grocery Watch is nothing more than a stunt. It's not going to bring down the price groceries at all.

Unit pricing, showing the cost per kilo or litre, will also be made compulsory, allowing shoppers to easily compare prices. But supermarkets warn there will be a cost. Coles estimates

they'll need to spend $20 million to implement unit pricing. And those millions will ultimately be passed on at the checkout. The Government is also moving to outlaw shopping centre leases which restrict competition. It's also looking at ways to stop Coles and Woolworths buying out their rivals. Meggie Palmer, Ten News. To the BankWest finance report - and the Australian share market is down after heavy losses in the resources sector. BHP Billiton and takeover target Rio Tinto both lost more than 6%. Actor Morgan Freeman is recovering in hospital after a serious car crash left him with several broken bones. The 71-year-old Oscar winner lost control of his vehicle in rural Mississippi. Police are investigating whether he fell asleep at the wheel. I could see as the front end of the car hit here it got airborne and it flipped end over end. It went down about 25 or 30 years. The actor had to be cut free from the wreckage. His agent says he's in good spirits and should make a full recovery. She's the new face of David Jones, and tonight Miranda Kerr makes her catwalk debut for the department store. Ten's Angela Bishop joins us from fashion central

at the entertainment quarter. Ange, Miranda's about to warm things up on this cold winter night.

We have come backstage at the David

Jones collections to catch up with

a lady of the Mermaid, Miranda Kerr. a lady of the Mermaid, Miranda Kerr.

St Ewe for joining us. What are

some of the looks we will see

tonight? The beautiful, bright

colours, beautiful florals, fresh

white pieces. I think this summer

trains are all about the fresh, the

beautiful colours. It is about

keeping it lies. You carry huge

international success. What is it

like to come home? It is great. To

be in Australia and representing

Australian designers that I have

grown up with and I love it. To be

walking for David Jones down the

runway, it makes me really happy.

I'm excited. It is your first night

for David Jones tonight. Are you

nervous? And Megan Gale has done

such a wonderful job. She has been

the fashion ambassador for such a

long time. I do have a big shoes to

fill. Hopefully customers were like

me as much as they liked her. Will

there be anyone special in the audience

audience tonight? Some of my family audience tonight? Some of my f

have come down. I'm very excited to

see my grandparents and my parents.

It is really nice to have been here.

There will be room for some other celebrities. Next - the phoney Olympic ticketing website finally shut down. Also, privacy fears as Google's cameras zoom in on your home. They've taken these pictures in the first place. without taking consent And the Force returns - 'Star Wars' goes animated. It was a way of exploring the universe and having a lot more fun, and it's a lot more light-hearted than the actual features are. That's why Macleans Protect has all the triple protection of Macleans with an active fluoride formula that penetrates deep, strengthening teeth from the inside out so you can do more than protect your teeth on the surface. SONG: # Are your Macleans showing? # This is a message for the world's most forgiving dad.

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Wipers come on... Whoo-hoo. (LIGHT-HEARTED MUSIC) (MAN HUMS HAPPILY) And lights go on. Lights go off. (PHONE RINGS) Lights go on.

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The operators of a website at the centre of a worldwide Olympic ticket scam claim they're also victims. was shut down overnight, and those behind the website say they can't provide tickets because the company supplying them has gone bankrupt. Sports fans around the world have forked out tens of thousands of dollars through the bogus website for tickets that don't exist. Australian victims of the scam are being urged to call a national hotline on 1800 055 555. If you log onto the Internet tonight there's a good chance you'll be able to find a picture of your own home. Google has launched the Australian version of its Street View maps, raising serious privacy and security concerns.

They're the maps that really put you in the picture and it's called Street View - thousands of 360-degree photos taken by Google several months ago.

And once you stitch all that together you've got a street-level view of pretty much all the major roads in Australia. All the roads and especially all the homes, cars parked in driveways, people at bus stops, even the odd person in mid-flight at the time the photos were taken.

For some, it's not a problem.

From the outside, well, any low-flying Qantas can see it. For others, it's another great way for people to pry something they weren't supposed to. or find out something they weren't suppose Google needs to be sensitive to these issues and manage them appropriately. So have you been snapped by Street View? Well, it's only been online less than a day and we've already found a gentleman's picture taken here who may have not wanted to be googled running in his speedos.

Plenty of people wouldn't. It's one of an unknown quantity of images that could test the waters of internet privacy. Google does blur faces and numberplates

but there are no guarantees you won't be recognised. There will be cases to identify themselves or others. where people are able And in that case, you can ask for part of the photo to be blanked out. If people do find faults, that could be be a lot of blanking.

Josh Murphy, Ten News.

Tim Bailey joins us again, bringing

Tim Bailey joins us again, bringing

some 50s flair to the weather. We

get a lot of phone calls asking

what Ron Wilson look like as a

teenager, and this is what it was.

Do we like dancing? Yes! You can

see these guys dancing. There is a

great exhibition. Have a look at

some of this stuff at the Museum of

Sydney, on until around 14th August.

At your place tomorrow, at 16 degrees.

The force is set to be with Sydney once again, with George Lucas eyeing Fox Studios for another 'Star Wars' project. The news comes as he prepares to release 'The Clone Wars', the seventh instalment of the blockbuster franchise. It's still in a galaxy far, far away, but the latest movie in the 'Star Wars' saga Let's go. (MAKES R2D2 WHISTLING SOUND) This time, it's animated - 'The Clone Wars' marking a return to his roots for creator George Lucas.

I started out in animation - that's what I studied in school when I started film school - I've done some animated films - 'The Land Before Time' with Steve Spielberg. The story fits in between episodes II and III

and is inspired by a scene in the original 'Star Wars'. You fought in the Clone Wars?

Yes. I was once a Jedi Knight, the same as your father.

But 'The Clone Wars' isn't all George Lucas has on the boil here in San Francisco. There's rumours of an 'Indiana Jones' V, there's a 22-part 'Star Wars' TV series already under way and a whisper that he'd like to make some movies that he thinks no-one's going to want to see. to make the kind of movies to make the kind of that I was going to make earlier in my career - 'THX' and some other films. They'll be seen by people in art houses and stuff but they're not going to make it into a regular theatre.

And one more project that could create hundreds of acting and crew jobs

at Sydney's Fox Studios. I love Australia and I had a great time in Australia -

we made a lot of movies in Australia and we're doing a live-action 'Star Wars' TV series which has nothing to do with any of these Skywalker characters

but we're looking at Australia, so we may do it there. When would that start? Right now we're just doing scripts with a few Australian writers. 'The Clone Wars' opens August 14. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Sport now, and, Rob, a stinging attack on the Eels from one of their club greats. Yes - Ray Price has his say as Parramatta comes under fire.

And he plays hard, parties harder - now Kevin Pietersen is England's new cricket captain. We'll hear his plans as a leader. Plus - looming large - the Aussie surfing spot that's being called our answer to Tahiti's dangerous Teahupoo reef break.

(SQUAWKS) (ALL LAUGH) Because unlike period pads, they're designed to absorb the thinner, faster flow of a weak bladder. With rises in fuel prices and even groceries,

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it's the worst game I've ever seem 'em. I was embarrassed for them. The Eels conceded six tries to Newcastle, four of them in the first half. A team expected by many to finish in the top four, now struggling to make the eight. There was guys out there busting their arse for the whole 80 minutes. It's easy sitting on the sideline

saying, obviously, they didn't have a go because of the scoreline, but I can tell you, it's different on the field. Clearly there's not a quick fix to the situation. Price says it's not the coach's fault, the responsibility falling squarely onto the players. Listen to the coach.

you best guidance there, The coach can be your best guidance there, and play as a team, that's all I can say. And it only gets tougher for the Eels - they meet the Roosters on Sunday. They've got people calling for heads to be chopped and all that sort of thing, so we all know what happens when a team gets hammered in the press - they normally come out and have a good performance. More trouble for Canberra's Todd Carney, the halfback among a group of people asked to leave a Goulburn club on Sunday night. The Raiders await a written report on the incident. Just trying to get the board together, and we'll give Todd a hearing on Thursday. And Brisbane centre Justin Hodges will front the judiciary tomorrow night, pleading not guilty to using an offensive gesture towards referee Tony Archer. Leanne West, Ten News. Motorsport and an update to last night's report - young British Supersport rider Craig Jones has died from injuries suffered in a race crash at Brand Hatch. Shooter Russell Mark has taken a new angle on Beijing's pollution problem, claiming the Olympic smog will benefit his chase for gold. He's hoping for plenty of smog when he competes in one week's time. The shooting party is in town, but, unlike most athletes, they're not taking aim at the controversial smog levels in the Olympic city. The smog actually helps us. The more the better for an old guy like me. I can actually see those little orange discs a lot better in the sky. It's a perfect white background. As many cars as they want to get on the road the day I compete I'd be quite happy about it. Smog no issue for Michael Diamond either. He was more worried about his best gun - lost, then found, in baggage. A nervous start to his quest for a third gold. I didn't need that this time around. Especially here in Beijing. We wanted to go out to the gun club tomorrow afternoon and do some practice. It's hard to throw rocks at them. also jetted in or expectation.

but without any luggage of expectation. I didn't fancy myself when I won the bronze and I came home with a medal, so who knows this time? The giant US swim team is ready to go head to head with the Australians. But after seeing the chaotic reception for our swimmers, a moustachioed Michael Phelps slipped past the media scrum to gear up for his shot at a record eight wins.

But neither of the big-gun arrivals compared to the riotous reception for the minuscule, 7-strong Iraq national team. Banned from the Games up till a week ago, it was all about the reinstated red, white and black. Later tonight, Lleyton Hewitt will arrive to complete the tennis contingent. He has finally been cleared of his troublesome hip complaint While modern pentathlete Angie Darby has flown to Switzerland to be face to face for a Court of Arbitration in Sport hearing that will decide her Olympic fate. In Beijing, Ian Cohen, Ten News. To cricket and England has announced Kevin Pietersen as their new Test cricket captain following Michael Vaughan's decision to step away from the role. The 28-year-old's approach to the game

has raised a few questions in the past but the South Africa-born batsman says he's up for the challenge. I like to do what I feel is right to the situation. I think over the years that I've played cricket, I've gained a good cricket brain.

He takes on both the Test and one-day captaincy roles. First up, the final Test against South Africa at the Oval on Thursday. The Africans have already won the series. Pictures tonight of the Aussie surfing spot

regarded as our answer to Tahiti's infamous Teahupoo break, and it's in the Great Australian Bight the coast line provides the ingredients to form the world's biggest barrels. But there's a catch - the spot is so remote it takes over eight hours to get to hospital if something goes wrong. Locals who share waves here include humpback whales, seals and dolphins. It's also a feeding ground for great white sharks.

Now, just to prove we're hands on in this sports department, Sports Tonight presenter Brad McEwan hit the footy paddock today. McEwan was mixing it with the Swans prior to Saturday night's celebrity curtain raiser at the SCG for leading Australian charity Redkite. He's been ruled out though after snapping his patella tendon whilst completing a marking drill. Is he alright? Big bad Brad will have surgery later this week. Brad, if you're watching - we sincerely wish you all the best.

I'll be back with Sports Tonight - touch wood - where we'll be closely monitoring the Sonny Bill situation and we'll celebrate what would be the late Sir Donald Bradman's 99.94th birthday. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's forecast is next. This program is captioned live. Tim

Bailey is stepping back in time tonight.

tonight. This could be scary - we

are taking you back to Ron Wilson's teenage

teenage years. This is the Museum

of Sydney. This is a great

exhibition on until 14th August. We

are celebrating a decade of the

1950s. There will be all things

from the 1950s - Benz, fashion,

dancing. It is all coming. A

fabulous stuff! There are days when

a news reader should come and do my

job. We had a low-pressure system

is across the state, bringing lots

of cloud and rain. Also, a low-

pressure system of the South Coast

that made it very cold today. There

was snow on the Southern Highlands.

There could be some showers in

Sydney. Call again with only nine

degrees as a minimum and 16 and the

maximum. Fine end sunny over the weekend.

On the satellite, cloud

over the east around a low,

bringing showers and storms, mainly

in the south-east of New South

Wales. Low cloud over South Wales. Low cloud over South

Australia is bringing light showers.

A front will bring strong cold

winds and showers to South

Australia and showers later in the

day to western Victoria and South

West New South Wales. Isolated

showers on the New South Wales

Southern and Central Coast. Light rain

rain developing in the New South Wales and Victoria. rain developing in the New South Wales and Victoria. Come to the Museum

Museum of Sydney before 15th August

and checkout the photography. On

24th August there will be aged huge show.

That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:30. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.