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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. the star attraction Our swimmers become as they arrive in the Olympic city. A father's anguish

are granted bail in Greece. as his son's alleged killers We are so hurt and saddened are walking outside that these three men while my son is laying dead. And the religious pilgrimage

of hundreds of worshippers. that caused the deaths

Good morning. I'm Natarsha Belling. Also today, Nobel prize-winning author. the death of a controversial of the 'Brangelina' bubs. And the multimillion-dollar pictures First this morning - in China to a rapturous welcome. our Olympic swimming team has arrived joins us live from Beijing. Olympics reporter Max Futcher

at the airport? And they were incredible scenes

Yes, it was a wonderful reception

for the swimmers. Look at what has

greeted them this morning. The smog

is back. You will have to take my

word for it that behind me are the

two big stadiums. In one of those

stadiums later today they will get

their first chance to look at the

their first chance to look at the

inside and take a training session.

It will be their first training

session since arriving in Beijing

from Malaysia. The media really

turned out, many international

media, to greet the swimmers. At

one point it looked like the media

swimmers. It shows were going to outnumber the

swimmers. It shows you what a draw

card the Australian team is in

Beijing. They really do carry the

weight of a nation. Also overnight,

in contrasting scenes, a man who

belt has had a few Olympics under his

belt and has experience with this

pandemonium, Ian Thorpe arrived

without anyone noticing. He is here

to support the team and also

support his sponsors.

support his sponsors. You would

have to think there is a small part

of Ian Thorpe who wants to get back

into the poor, especially when the competition

competition begins. Competition

begins on Saturday and the first

final, the first medal chance,

comes on Sunday, with the men's 400 metres freestyle. have been conned Meantime, thousands of sports fans by a global Olympic ticketing scam. the Games,, A bogus web site selling tickets to

A bogus website selling tickets to was uncovered for tickets but didn't receive them. after buyers all over the world paid is believed to be among those duped. Former NSW MP Kerry Chikarovski will today launch court action Olympic officials to try to have the site shut down. for releasing three men A father has slammed a Greek court of his son. involved in the fatal beating

Oliver Zammit was speaking in Athens outside the family home as hundreds gathered in a moving memorial. to pay tribute to his son Doujon of a short life It's a telling measure that so many came to remember it. but had certainly touched many. Doujon Zammit was just 20 years old, lost on his distraught mother The size of the gathering was not to speak on her behalf. who left it for others

the effect he must have had. But she knows If he's got you all here, in her heart and Ollie's heart? can you imagine the effect and family members gathered Several hundred young friends

near the family's home at a lakeside park

to pay tribute to Doujon,

who's life support was turned off in an Athens hospital whose life support was turned off on the island of Mykonos last week. after being beaten by four men His father, via mobile phone,

the recipient of his son's organs. told the gathering of meeting have gone to a better family. FATHER: And his heart could not his feelings for the Greek court - But less generous - of the bouncers who beat Doujon. after it released on bail three that these men are walking outside We're so hurt and saddened

when my son is laying dead. has been charged with murder, A fourth bouncer

the crime shocking the Greek people. to celebrate a life taken too early. It is a small comfort to those left are here with us tonight. will always be here with us, I know that you

will live on forever. and your memory who can actually do this, And because of that, I want everyone for Doujon - to clap and give a round of applause what he accomplished in his life. on a nearby lake, And with that, candles were released silently lighting their tribute.

Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Brendan Nelson is digging i Brendan Nelson is digging in,

Liberal leader insisting he will remain of a Peter Costello takeover despite speculation reaching fever pitch. are also insisting Supporters of the former treasurer a return to the front bench. Mr Costello isn't planning refusing to comment With Peter Costello to take over the leadership on whether he's about to take over the leadership,

he's left his wife to do the talking. she had some questions of her own. But instead, and where you're from. I'd like to know what your name is She was none too happy the media had staked out their Melbourne home.

Can you turn that off please? considered unelectable With current leader Brendan Nelson by many in his party, an increasing number of Liberals as the Coalition's only hope. see Mr Costello

what a terrific bloke he is, We are all publicly saying political talent he is, what a fantastic how much we miss him. We love him, we want him. on the growing guesswork. Mr Costello is refusing to comment it's a foregone conclusion But Labor seems to think the former treasurer's record. and is already targeting will take over Speculation Mr Costello

from Brendan Nelson the Coalition leadership

in recent days, has reached fever pitch his own frontbench on climate change fuelled by Dr Nelson's rebuff by

and also Peter Costello's decision of his memoirs to next month. to bring forward the release date But a very close supporter of Mr Costello says

of captaining the Coalition. the former treasurer has no intention

the day after the election. Peter was very upfront

He did the right thing by the party. He made his intentions clear. for the leadership. And that was that wasn't available a defiant Brendan Nelson insisted A short time ago he would remain leader. us to the next election. I am very determined and I will lead

Natasha Exelby, Ten News.

aviation watchdog CASA The pilots association is accusing of being too soft on airlines. It comes as a team of air safety experts begin an investigation into Qantas following a third mid-flight emergency. A hydraulic fluid leak is to blame for the latest scare. The 767 headed to Manila was forced to turn back to Sydney.

There was a noise, some funny noise from the... I don't know what it was.

I thought it was a child crying, but it was some sort of noise like a lion growling. We could see the water coming out of the wings, so that gave us a good indication that something was going wrong. The midair incident is the airline's third in nine days. Last week a flight returned to Adelaide after a wheel-bay door failed to close,

and three days earlier a 747 was diverted to Manila after a midair explosion blew a hole in the fuselage. And while the aviation authority says there's no evidence that standards have fallen,

it's launched a review into the airline's safety and maintenance operations. Clearly there have been a number of incidents recently and it's important that we go in and double-check and make sure that all the standards are being maintained.

Qantas is also under pressure from cabin crew, with unions demanding it overturn a decision to outsource maintenance. Some of these defects that we're seeing are a direct result. But as the review begins the pilots' association has criticised CASA for not being tough enough, warning the hat-trick of emergencies will become the norm unless the authority enforces more regular checks.

People shouldn't have to get on a Qantas aeroplane and worry if they are going to make it to their destination or not.

Ellesa Throwden, Ten News. A millionaire British skipper and his crew mate have thanked their rescuers after being hauled from their yacht off North Queensland. The pair sent a distress call after running onto a reef. Back on ground after spending three terrifying hours stranded at sea, 70-year-old Peter Turner and his crewmate, Tim Wood,

were quick to thank their rescuers. They are amazing. The Australian rescue services are second to none, brilliant. The crew from the 15m 'Asolare' became stuck after its hull crashed into a coral reef 500km off Cairns.

The British sailors were taking part in an around-the-world yacht race but say the reef was uncharted. The reason for it is our chart didn't show any reef in that area at all.

The were some tense moments during the long-range mission. The Cairns-based chopper refuelled on a tiny island before battling huge waves pounding against the rescue cable. Really heavily - it was an amazing crash. And immediately she turned right over onto her side and started leaking water and we had a rough time for three hours. The $1.6 million 'Asolare' is expected to break up at sea.

They were a bit dazed, I guess,

and probably grateful to have seen us. They spent quite a few anxious moments in the early hours of the morning being pounded by waves. They were on the edge of a reef. Peter and Tim will now fly back home to the UK. Anthony Donaghy, Ten News. The first photo of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their twins

has hit the Internet. 'People' magazine has posted its front cover featuring 3-week-old Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline with their celebrity parents. The American magazine reportedly paid $15 million for the world exclusive in a joint deal with British magazine 'Hello'. The money is expected to be donated to charity.

Angelina Jolie has told the magazine it is chaos at their French chateau but they're having a wonderful time with their six children.

Brad Pitt has described their home as a "cuckoo's nest". A young Hollywood star diagnosed with breast cancer - that story when the Morning News returns. And the death of controversial Nobel prize-winning author Alex Solzhenitsyn.

VOICEOVER: When you hear the word 'diesel', you don't normally think of performance or technology, This is a mid-sized car that has six airbags, Electronic Stability Control, plus all the cool bits, like auto headlights and MP3 integration.

It's big enough to fit three adults in the back,

small enough to fit where others can't, and it's over 20% more fuel efficient than a Toyota Camry automatic. The new mid-sized Holden Epica Diesel. Go better. This program is captioned live. At least nine mountaineers have been killed near the summit of K2 in the Himalayas.

Three more climbers are still missing after a huge chunk of ice sheared off the mountain and crashed into them. The team were from France, Ireland, Pakistan and Austria. They were making their descent from the world's second highest mountain in what is regarded as an extremely dangerous stretch. 145 people have been killed in a stampede at an Indian temple. Tens of thousands of pilgrims

had flocked to the shrine in the Himalayas

for a religious festival when rumours of a landslide panicked the crowd. People fleeing down the mountain c People fleeing down the mountain collided with those still climbing the narrow path. Dozens fell to their deaths when a guard rail gave way, but many were crushed trying to avoid the edge. Actress Christina Applegate has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The 36-year-old is now undergoing treatment. Her publicist says the cancer was picked up early in a routine examination.

Applegate has been a Hollywood star since being cast in 'Married with children' in 1987. The Emmy award winner is expected to appear in a televised fund-raising campaign for cancer research across the US next month. Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn has died in Russia aged 89. The Nobel Prize-winning author died from heart failure in his Moscow home.

CBS profiled the writer in 1994, just before he returned to Russia after a long exile. Alexander Solzhenitsyn was born into a family that was well-to-do, before the Communists took over. He went to Rostov University and as he graduated the Nazis were invading Russia. So he volunteered and eventually he rose to the rank of captain in the Red Army artillery.

by military security, But then he was arrested charged with making derogatory remarks about Josef Stalin in a letter to a friend. for which he was sentenced to eight years in the Gulag, plus perpetual internal exile, meaning he could never return to his home. He began his internal exile in a desolate, forbidding part of Kazakhstan

where he taught maths and physics in a village high school. But by that time, his writing, which had begun in earnest in the prison camps, had become his passion. And in the post-Stalin thaw presided over by Nikita Krushchev, his first novel about life in the Gulag, 'One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich', was published. It was an immediate sensation worldwide. Eventually, though, his continuing criticism of the Soviet government was more than Leonid Brezhnev could put up with.

He was branded a traitor and deported.

He became stateless. He lived for two years in Switzerland but he wanted more solitude for his work, which led to his settling down in Cavendish, Vermont,

where for the past 18 years, the most creative years of his life, he said, he and his family have made their home.

Well, if these have been the most creative years of your life, the past 18 years here in the United States, why go back? Why go home? (Speaks Russian) TRANSLATION: Because you only have one homeland and my motherland is in a very difficult state today. My hope is, maybe I will be able to help it somehow. The RBA meets tomorrow - next in finance, Kathryn Robinson looks at the chances of an interest rate cut.

Stay with us. And hang on tight - the inquistive panda cub who didn't listen to her mum's advice.

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This program is captioned live. Australia's Olympic swimmers have received star treatment in Beijing, just days out from the start of competition. Meantime, Olympic officials will launch court action today to try to shut down a ticketing website which has sold around $50 million worth of bogus tickets.

A father has slammed a Greek court for releasing three men involved in the fatal beating of his son. Oliver Zammit was speaking in Athens as hundreds gathered outside the family home to pay tribute to his son Doujon in a moving memorial. The first photo of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their twins has hit the Internet - 'People' magazine posting its front cover featuring 3-week-old Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline.

It's believed the American magazine paid $15 million

for the world exclusive. Will he or won't he? The future of former treasurer Peter Costello is today dominating federal politics. But a defiant Brendan Nelson insists he is leading the Coalition to the next election, and supporters of Peter Costello say

he is still determined to quit politics. We're joined live by Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno.

Paul, is Peter Costello more likely to go than stay?

I believe Peter Costello is more

likely to go. I think a major

development today was the statement

on morning television from a

senator from Victoria. He worked

for Peter Costello and is close to

him and knows him well. He says we should

should take Peter Costello at his

word, and that is that Peter Costello discussed with his family

what you should do after the last

election, and they decided he

should seek a new career and that

he would leave politics. As Peter

Costello is under enormous pressure Costello is under enormous pressure

from his liberal colleagues to stay from his liberal colleagues to stay

and lead the party, especially in

light of the performance of

light of the performance of Brendan

Nelson recently, I believe Peter

Costello is still of that you. Yesterday

Yesterday you saw his wife was not

happy with the price you have to

pay being in the public eye. The

Labor Party is taking out some

insurance. Yesterday on Meet the

Press this attack was launched. He is also where

is also where Treasurer despite his

claim to good economic management

that presided over an economy that

gave us the highest inflation in 16

years. He was never really able to

stand up to the Prime Minister in

reining back their budget excesses.

There is no doubt all this

controversy will do a lot for

controversy will do a lot for Peter

Costello's pork when it is launched next

next month. As the liberals

continue to struggle with the leadership, there is also

increasing pressure for them to

merge with the National Party in

the wake of the Queensland merger?

The National have found it would be

better for the Conservative side of

politics to follow the example of

Queensland and merge into a new party party before the

party before the next election. party before the next election. Lawrence Springborg, the opposition

leader in Queensland, is the new

leader of the party, had this to

say on Meet the Press. We have to

listen to the people. Most

Australians believe that when it

comes to providing cohesion on the

non-Labor side of politics, it is

best to be a non- Labor entity.

Lawrence Springborg believes this

Lawrence Springborg believes this

could happen before the next

election, although there is a lot

of resistance in New South Wales and Victoria. To the latest in business and finance with Kathryn Robinson, and the Reserve Bank meets this week. Some economists are tipping a rate cut? They are, but not this week, Tarsh. A September rate cut, though, is more likely now that evidence is mounting of a slowing economy.

With retail sales, building approvals and house prices all now languishing inflation could fall, prompting the RBA to loosen monetary policy. 79% of the market is pricing in a September cut, with 100% certainty by June. Reporting season officially kicks off this week, with the results likely to be grim. Lend Lease has this morning announced it expects full-year profits to fall 47%

as it writes down inventories in the UK. Newscorp will report tomorrow US time, and WA Newpapers later in the week, with the Seven Network and WA Newspapers later in the week, giving an indication to how the $12 billion advertising market is going. Other majors reporting this week are AXA, Asciano, Resmed and Tabcorp. And it's just as busy on the economic front this week. This morning we await

indices and ANZ job ads. the Bureau of Statistics house prices And the US Federal Reserve meets.

The global credit crunch has claimed another victim, with the Royal Bank of Scotland set to unveil

the biggest loss in the history of British banking. The bank is expected to announce this week a pre-tax loss of at least $2.1 billion for the first six months of the year, but some analysts say it could be double that figure. Back home now - Iron ore tycoon Andrew Forrest's fortune has plummeted following a coordinated short-selling blitz

by international hedge funds. According to News Limited reports, Mr Forrest's wealth has dropped more than 37% in the past month after hedge funds targeted his Fortescue Metals Group. Fortescue shares struck a low of $7.91 last Tuesday. The action by overseas hedge funds is believed to be a response to predictions of a continuing shortage of iron ore. A new report has confirmed what we've long suspected -

from customers. banks are profiteering

The study shows in the last six months margins have increased more than 30% is weighing down profits. despite claims the credit crunch For more on this report's author's Steven Anderson. we're joined now by one of the Good morning, Steven. from customers - Steven, banks profiteering these results are not surprising. many would say

Now, in the resort we have taken

out, we have seen margins have gone

from approximately 1.3% in January

of this year to 185 basis points on

a standard variable mortgage. Banks

have been claiming the credit

hikes, crunch for recent independent rate

hikes, but your report refutes

this? We're not suggesting interest

rates have not gone up. What we are

suggesting is that the banks have

cast a - - passed on these costs cast a - - passed on these costs

and more. Playing devil's advocate,

should they not do that? We heard

the National Bank, ANZ, last week

posting lots of losses. Don't they

need to pass it on somewhere?

need to pass it on somewhere? They

need to pass it on but I am not

sure the average consumer with a

mortgage should be paying for it.

How much do the big banks stand to

make this year compared to previous

years? It is likely to be the same

as last year when you consider the

effects of the write-downs. You

also have to adding the extra also have to adding the extra

market - - margins. We're not

expecting a huge difference. How

expecting a huge difference. How

can banks justify this? Banks can

justify it for two reasons. First, justify it for two reasons. First,

a lowering of competition in the

market. Secondly, there has been

market. Secondly, there has been

what we call a change in quality.

In short, customers have said that

they think their money would

they think their money would be

better off with a large bank. It is

not all bad news for disgruntled

customers? The Ethernet be not.

There are still a lot of lines on

the market. There are over 110

different lenders out there looking

for business. If you are happy with

a large bang, fantastic, but you

better off. can look around and you could be

To the market numbers now,

and the Australian share market is slightly lower.

in morning trade The All Ordinaries is down 15 points are placed in a trading halt as shares in Asicano regarding a potential takeover. pending an announcement

at the national weather: Now for a look to Beijing for the Olympic Games, The world's attention is turning their birthdays at San Diego Zoo. Two panda sisters have celebrated

to discover her ice cake and dug in. 3-year-old Su Lin was delighted

But her one-year-old sister, Zhen Zhen, took a tumble

when she tried testing her climbing skills on the cake's slippery surface. Zhen Zhen lives in a separate enclosure with the pandas' mother. The world's attention is turning to Beijing for the Olympic Games, but next we'll look at China's troubled history and the legacy of the man often billed as the nation's founding father.

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This program is captioned live. China has long revered Mao Zedong as its founding father,

ultimately responsible for much of the nation's modern-day economic development. But the reality of Mao's legacy reveals a man willing to sacrifice the lives of millions

for his idea of progress. Call the Olympics China's coming-out party - the celebration of how far it's come and how fast.

The Beijing skyline is proof that Mao Zedong's determination that Mao Zedong's determinat to make China a superpower is coming to pass. 32 years after his death, if Mao miraculously woke up tomorrow, would he even recognise the capitalist colossus China has become? that Mao was the man who transformed China, Let me guess - you always believed the official line

that Mao was the man who transformed China, a heroic leader, even if he did some bad things. The real Mao, we discover, did horrendous things. Mao was responsible for well over 70 million deaths of the Chinese in peacetime, and he was as evil as Hitler or Stalin

and he did as much damage to mankind as Hitler and Stalin. historian Jon Halliday, Jung Chang and her husband, are the authors of 'Mao, The Unknown Story',

based on 10 years of research. In China we interviewed about 150 of Mao's inner circle, in Mao's family, relatives, friends,

and many people talked for the first time. Even Chang and Halliday were shocked by what they learned. I did not realise how much of the misery and hardship he caused was done knowingly and so ruthlessly in terms of his own personal interests.

You've heard of the Long March - it changed history. In order to win their war against the ruling nationalists,

the Chinese communists needed help from the Soviets. So between 1934 and '35, 80,000 communist soldiers and civilians walked 6,000 miles across China

so they would be in a secure position to receive arms and supplies. Mao, supposedly the hero of the Long March, slogging along with everybody else, in fact was carried. Mao knew his political future depended on getting to the Russians first, so on the way he schemed to outmanoeuvre his party rivals,

even though that meant the calculated sacrifice of the lives of thousands of Red Army soldiers. Whoever linked up with Moscow, had the communications with Moscow and recognised by Moscow as the party leader would be the boss. Ultimately he outsmarted this man, nationalist leader and US ally Chiang Kai-shek.

Defeated, the nationalists retreated to the island of Formosa, now called Taiwan, where they remain to this day. On October 1, 1949, Mao declared himself leader

of the renamed People's Republic of China. The crowd chanted "Long live Chairman Mao,"

unaware of the horrific suffering his ambition would bring, beginning with a campaign which, he claimed, was to modernise China.

He named it the Great Leap Forward. 38 million people died of starvation and overwork and Mao didn't want to stop. He said for all his projects to take off,

half of China may well have to die. Imagine - half the population. And for what? In fact, it was to pay for the technology to build an atomic bomb. It was China's president, Liu Shaoqi, who finally stood up to Mao and rallied top Communist Party officials

to put an end to the famine. But Liu and the others soon paid - the infamous Cultural Revolution was Mao's revenge. It began in 1966. It brought trauma, misery, torture, death to hundreds of millions of people. We've heard the name "Cultural Revolution",

but who even knew what it was? Mao didn't just purge the party of anybody who could vaguely be called elite, he literally stripped China of all culture. His Red Guards - violent vigilante student groups - pillaged homes, burned books and tortured party officials. That's my father.

About when? Just on the eve of the Cultural Revolution. And that is 2.5 years later, when he was in the camp. Jung Chang's family suffered too. It is their story she tells in her hugely successful first book, 'Wild Swans'. My father was one of the few who stood up to Mao and opposed the Cultural Revolution. And as a result he was arrested, tortured, driven insane,

and he was exiled to a camp and died. Her parents had been conscientious communists, but even her mother was imprisoned and denounced.

She went through over a hundred of those denunciation meetings and she was made to kneel on broken glass and she was paraded in the streets

where children spat at her and threw stones at her. And that photograph was taken in 1969, just before I was exiled to the edge of the Himalayas. And that's my grandmother. Yes, Jung Chang herself was sent to a work camp and never saw her grandmother again. And so my grandmother eventually died in 1969.

And at the time, she was... It's very sad, my grandmother. While literally millions of families like Jung Chang's

were enduring the agonies of the Cultural Revolution, Mao had himself photographed swimming. He wanted his enemies to know he was well and in charge. We were told that Socialist China was paradise on earth. But if this is paradise, what, then, is hell?

I blamed people around Mao, I blamed Madame Mao,

but I could never contemplate Mao. Madame Mao, Jiang Xing, Mao's fourth wife,

was his attack dog. She was one of the so-called Gang of Four, enforcers who ultimately took the heat. Within a month of Mao's death the Gang of Four were arrested and tried.

Madame Mao committed suicide in prison. Mao died in September 1976, after 27 years in power. Mao left a tattered China. How do you explain the economic miracle that's transformed it? The economic miracles happened because Mao died, and people had had enough of living under Mao's kind of rule.

I mean, they wanted a good life. Next in sport - a Collingwood player charged with drink-driving. That's when the morning news returns. And a crying shame as England loses two cricket captains in one day. I know how proud my mum and dad have been. Cholesterol affects 1 in 2 Australians? No worries. you can do to help. Starting with one, whack some Uncle Tobys Oat Brits in a bowl. Two, whack on some milk. And three, eat! How do they work, Barry? MAN: Oats, like those in Uncle Tobys Oat Brits, are naturally rich in beta-glucan which can help to lower cholesterol re-absorption. Cheers, Bazza. Oh, thanks, Vince. How good are these?!

Nobody does oats like Uncle Tobys.

This program is captioned live. Mark Aiston with sport - and more problems for Collingwood. That's right, Natarsha. They're battling on field and now they have problems off the field as well. Star midfielder Heath Shaw was late last night charged with drink-driving. The 22-year-old was also involved in a minor car accident when the car he was driving made contact with a stationary vehicle.

The young Magpie wasn't injured in the accident. The club will hold a news conference this afternoon where it's expected Shaw will be fined and suspended. Better scenes at the Dockers, with retired Fremantle midfielder Shaun McManus given a standing ovation at the end of his final game. McManus starred in the Dockers' dominant 33-point win over West Coast in Perth last night. And after 14 years in the game, the veteran midfielder says the time is right to say goodbye. It's been an honour to wear this jumper. It means the world to me, mate, and you know that. I'm so proud, so proud. But it wasn't all good news for the Dockers - Jeff Farmer is sure to come under fire for this stray elbow. The NRL is coming down hard on troubled Canberra halfback on troubled Canberra halfba Todd Carney, saying if he doesn't agree to the Raiders' ultimatum to stay at the club, he's out of the League until 2010. The Green Machine struggled against the Broncos without him, while the Bulldogs continue to hurt post-Sonny Bill Williams.

And there are are reports out of France suggesting he could be playing union as early as Friday. Talk about kicking your team when they're down. COMMENTATOR: Crisp has watched it bounce. The Bulldogs handed a 56-4 lesson by the Tigers. You know, I've really got no answers at the moment. playing to first-grade standard We just haven't got enough guys at present. The game over by the break. The Bulldogs leaking 28 first-half points, among them a double to debutant fullback Shannon Gallant. Definitely, I'm happy with two tries.

Two tries in first grade I'll take any day. But so undermanned were their opposition, that's about all the Tigers are taking from the result.

We know that, although it was a good performance by us, we're going to have some more difficult tasks ahead of us in the next couple of weeks. No Todd Carney again for the Raiders as they took on a rampant Brisbane. Stood down for the rest of the season, he's still hoping for that ban to be lifted. It's not my decision. REPORTER: Would you like to have him back? No comment.

That could be resolved by management today, while the team is working on its defence.

We needed to see where we're at, and obviously we're still a little way off the mark. 34-6 to the Broncos, who again loom as the end-of-season smiling assassins. We've done this enough times now and what doesn't. that we know what works We just gotta try and finetune it. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. A sensational day for the English cricket team - they've lost both their Test and one-day captains, with Michael Vaughan and Paul Collingwood stepping down. It follows their 5-wicket Test loss to South Africa at the weekend, which handed the Proteas their first series win on English soil in 43 years. An emotional Vaughan said his mind was no longer on the job and thanked his parents for their support. They've been a huge rock.

I know how proud my mum and dad have been. Kevin Pietersen is favoured to get both jobs. The World Superbike round at Brands Hatch in the UK has been marred by a horrifying accident. Young British rider Craig Jones was airlifted to hospital suffering severe head injuries after a frightening crash.

Craig Jones was running second in his home Supersport race with family and friends and local crowd cheering him on when he came off his Honda at close to 300km/h. COMMENTATOR: Oh, Jones is off and it's a big off too! That's a nasty, nasty crash for Craig Jones. And I'm afraid... COMMENTATOR 2: Stop! Stop! Unconscious, the 23-year-old lay across the track.

Miraculously, the entire field missed him before the race was red-flagged. He was struck mid -accident

He was struck mid-accident by Australian Andrew Pitt. He was airlifted to Royal London Hospital with serious head injuries.

over the event. In the Superbike class Aussie Troy Bayliss finished 2nd and 11th to extend his championship lead. Japan's Ryuichi Kiyonari won both races. In Formula One, despair for Felipe Massa. After leading from turn one his Ferrari blew with just three laps to go. Absolute disaster for Felipe Massa who'd done everything right! Massa's pain proved Heikki Kovalainen's gain, the Finn winning his maiden GP. Tim Hodges, Ten News.

Australia's Stuart Appleby has stormed home to secure a tie for second place at the World Golf Championship event in Ohio. The Aussie birdied the 16th and 17th holes to close in on the leaders, carding a round of 68 to finish the tournament one shot off the pace at 9 under. COMMENTATOR: Great shot. He was chasing Phil Mickelson until he began to stumble to the line,

the American giving up his early lead with three bogies through the back nine. Vijay Singh held his nerve with a par putt on the 18th to avoid a play-off and take the title. And, Natarsha, I can't wait for the Olympic Games to start. And looking forward to our coverage through out the competition.

The national weather details when the Morning News returns.

SONG: # We are one # We are one # But we are many # We are many # And from all the lands on earth we come # From all the lands... #

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This program is captioned live. The first photo of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their twins

has hit the Internet - 'People' magazine posting its front cover featuring 3-week-old Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. It's believed the American magazine paid $15 million for the world exclusive. A father has slammed a Greek court for releasing three men involved in the fatal beating of his son. Oliver Zammit was speaking in Athens as hundreds gathered outside the family home to pay tribute to his son Doujon in a moving memorial.

Australia's Olympic swimmers have received star treatment in Beijing, just days out from the start of competition. Meantime, Olympic officials will launch court action today to try to shut down a ticketing website which has sold around $50 million worth of bogus tickets. If you have been caught up in the bogus ticket scam you can call 1800 055 555 for advice.

Now for a look at the national weather:

A parachuting pooch and its owner have jumped out of plane 1,200m in the air. A special harness was made for DJ as he flew into a school fete on the Gold Coast. The terrier was on his second tandem jump and joins an elite group of animals to skydive. Congratulations! Good on you, buddy. The pair donated a skydive to the school. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight.

I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.