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(generated from captions) of the whole thing since 1896, of the wettest runs in the history 60 miles from London, and after one and all the other drivers. Congratulations to you Genevieve nears the finishing line. the era of grace and charm. to have driven in The machines show what it's like the celebrations now. Cheerio. From Brighton - there's only E-mail us at with the Government. in their wages battle being slashed. We will not cop our wages to Sonny Bill's NRL walkout. One trade union gives public backing by a powerful earthquake. And the moment L.A. was rocked Get under your desks. Stay calm. It's OK, everyone. of our swimming team split up, And the glamour couple just a week out from the Games. Good evening. the State to a standstill It didn't quite bring Good evening. the State to a standstill have taken part but 300,000 State Government workers in a 'day of action' over wage negotiations. hoping to break their deadlock Police refused to issue fines, to some call-outs firefighters delayed responding speak to their ministers. and public servants refused to even a formidable voice. They stood defiantly together, The reason we've downed tools today has spat in our face again. is because this government Enough is enough. This government is a disgrace! helped re-elect Morris Iemma. These were the very workers who if the 2.5% wage cap isn't scrapped. Now ready to turn their backs on him so he should look after us. We put him there

in this vein, If the Government continues clear, we will not vote for them We will not and I make it very in future elections. child protection workers Firefighters, along with teachers, stopped work - and other public sector employees, at least in line with inflation. demanding a wage rise our wages being slashed. We will not cop by refusing to issue fines. Police made their message clear People are still informed have done something wrong, that they actually proceeding by way of a fine, but what we're doing is not for the Government. so there's no revenue in being heard. Firefighters had a very useful tool SIRENS WAIL through the city. Close to 200 took part in a convoy With most stations affected, in responding to call-outs. they warned of possible delays a real battle on its hands. The Government has The workers say they won't back down, promising to escalate strike action with a better pay offer. until the Premier comes up criticise the NSW Government for There's one thing you can't its frontline workers well. and that's not paying Allison Langdon, Nine News. for today's protest - Some firefighters didn't turn up the crematorium at Rookwood cemetery. they were busy battling a blaze in the fire which started in the roof. It took just over an hour to control under way at the time. There were three funeral services in the three services. About 70 to 80 people

funeral directors and our staff, With the help of the out of the chapels. we got everybody out quickly, up to $1 million damage It's estimated the fire has caused at the historic site. what started the blaze. Authorities are still unsure in Sydney's north-west Long-suffering commuters the metro rail line will go ahead have been promised despite a scathing report an expensive white elephant. that predicted it'll be the $12 billion project The Transport Minister says is all systems go. would carry passengers The European-style metro from Rouse Hill in the north-west in sleek new carriages to Wynyard in just 42 minutes. the Government rejected a report But it's been revealed highly critical of the plan. A top transport expert from the UK too expensive found the system would be to stop driving. and wouldn't encourage people vigorous consideration We took this report, we gave it we came to different conclusions. and at the end of the day why this report was not released. It has to come clean and explain

the metro line was too long The report also found and warned of cost blow-outs. to promise quick travelling times, not go back on for a rail solution We had a commitment which we will to the north-west. let's fast track it, so to speak, If they're really fair dinkum, allocation and start work now. let's increase the budget of public transport are buses. In Castle Hill the only form makes them sceptical And many people here say the report through the north-west. they'll ever see a rail network

they've heard before. They say it's a promise and back and back. It keeps getting pushed back

to see it. I don't think I'll be here in 2010 and be finished by 2017. Construction is scheduled to start John Kerrison, Nine News. Caroline Byrne The father of Sydney model evidence at the trial has broken down in court as he gave of her alleged murderer Gordon Wood. a conversation Anthony Byrne wept after recalling

in the months before she died. he had with his daughter expressed his concern about Wood, He told the court that when he his daughter told him not to worry on her head. because he wouldn't hurt a hair Watsons Bay to inspect the scene This morning the jury was taken to was allegedly thrown off The Gap where the 24-year-old model

13 years ago. 'not guilty'. 45-year-old Wood has pleaded has turned a new corner The saga over Sonny Bill Williams with a powerful trade union

to walkout on his contract. backing his decision The head of the plumbers union says challenge to the NRL's salary cap he's right behind Williams's to do the same. and he's called on other unions

Slammed by the media and public, an

unexpected ally emerged for Sonny

Bill and all media - - a narrow

players who were disillusioned with

the salary cap. I urge all workers

to get behind this. It is akin to

what we saw last year under the

Howard government with workplace

agreement. For and he will be in

Sydney this week to rally further

support. We would certainly be

looking at spreading across the

border throughout the union

movement. In France, Sonny Bill

Wiggins's arrival is starting to

get media acknowledgement. Sonny

Bill Williams? Who we see? Be

recruiting process is simple. We

have to look yet other countries

and if they are very good players

that is better. Nine use

understands that the owner is

returning from the United States to

meet him. The players can't wait to

meet him. It's important to make

him feel at home and get him

settled as quickly as possible.

We're very glad to have been. If

according to the former All Black,

he will make a successful code

switch. No problem, no problem.

When Euros gift is is that you have

no problem doing anything. To that

what the punters are thinking too.

There is already bets on Sonny Bill

Williams plane for the All Blacks

in the 2011 World Cup. An earthquake measuring 5.4 has shaken L.A. in a frightening reminder that the city could one day face the big one. Today's event was the worst since 1994 when a bigger quake killed 72 people.

Just before midday, a sudden frightening jolt and Los Angeles started to rock. Water sloshed in backyard swimming pools and in Hollywood it interrupted a recording of a court TV show. The judge and witnesses headed for safety under their desks. WOMAN: Stay calm. It's OK, everyone. Get under the desks. The Los Angeles City Council was meeting when the quake measuring 5.4 hit.

MAN: We've got an earthquake. The building is rolling.

Walls tumbled, goods were thrown off store shelves and a broken water main flooded this intersection. Schoolchildren were ordered out of classrooms. And in this city, where some skyscrapers soar to 73 storeys,

worried workers jammed the fire stairs, all heading down. There's no doubt it was frightening for everyone but probably the scariest ride

was had by workers in the Los Angeles high-rises. Down here it finished after about 10 seconds but up there the buildings continued to sway for nearly a minute. You don't know if it's going to get stronger or if that is it. So far there have been dozens of aftershocks and experts worry this may be what they call a 'foreshock' - just a warning of an even bigger one to come.

Robert Penfold, Nine News. With the Olympics just nine days away, the IOC is locked in a battle with China over media censorship. Games organisers have been accused of pulling the plug on free and open coverage of the Games.

Joining us from Beijing is Olympic correspondent Damian Ryan. Damian, we all thought this had been thrashed out long ago when China was awarded the Games? Everyone thought it had been settled but privately many people feared this would happen. Surfing the net for information on thorny issues being blocked by the Chinese. The International Olympic Committee is now scrambling to try to sort it out.

The Beijing Olympics have been feted as a coming-out party, a new-look China showing itself off to the world. But for this communist powerhouse, old habits die hard, officials reneging on a deal to offer complete media freedom during the Games. It's a key plank. It's something the IOC will take very seriously, I'm sure. In the main press centre, home to nearly 6,000 international journalists, it is impossible to access information on sensitive issues such as Tibet and Taiwan. But organisers insist it's not censorship. We are going to do our best and facilitate the foreign media to do their reporting work through the Internet. But the spokesman did concede the religious group Falun Gong was off limits. I would say it is an evil cult which has been banned and outlawed by the Chinese Government.

China's tough stand has landed Australia's Kevin Gosper, who's the chief of the IOC's press commission, in the middle of the mess. You members of the media will be able to report on these Games as in previous Games. Where it's not happening, we will take it up with BOCOG and the authorities immediately. So those talks between the IOC and Chinese officials are under way but what real chance is there that this can be sorted out? It will be battle just like issue of pollution, which you might notice is rolling back in after just one clear day. The Chinese don't like to be pushed around, especially when it comes internal matters, but it certainly doesn't look good and could damage a lot of the goodwill that's been built up here over the years, Mark.

And now to Kuala Lumpur where our Olympic swim team is undergoing final preparations. Michael Usher is there. Michael, the big news - Stephanie Rice and Eamon Sullivan have broken up. Yes, Mark, it's over after two years together. Each of them posted their new single status on Facebook. Now training is their only priority but Eamon was fielding some questions on the bust-up. Team-mates but no longer boyfriend and girlfriend. Eamon Sullivan arrived at the pool first, keeping the shades on and sticking to his routine - warming up, stretching, thinking of gold.

Stephanie Rice arrived later and also got down to business.

They stayed apart, but nothing deliberate we're told. Sullivan was scheduled to speak with the media today - and did - but the talk was not about his Olympic dreams but his love life. Basically it was a mutual decison, we just made a decision that we've got to focus solely on the Olympics coming up and yeah, decided to take a break and we're still great friends. His base in WA, Stephanie's in Queensland, certainly didn't help. We've made a decision together that it's best for both of us and especially for the month ahead and just making sure we swim fast. They apparently split two weeks ago, right after their amazing underwear launch and only days after appearing as a very happy couple on the 'Today Show'. Oh, I guess the question is what isn't her best feature?

Oh! They'd been together two years but shot to fame when each smashed world records at the Olympic trials in March. Very special. No, I am very, very proud of her. The team says, despite the publicity, the split is no distraction.

It's not a problem - it's very much a personal issue for those guys.

Swimming veterans say the Olympics often come at a cost, in this case, young romance. These are professional young athletes. They've been training for this moment for so long, they will have their mind right on the job.

Michael, no word today from

Stephanie Rice? Have no, she was

should job to do a media conference

this morning and Eamon Sullivan was

due to give a media conference

which he stuck to. Stephanie Rice

will be asked all the same

questions tomorrow. Eamon Sullivan

said he is winning extremely unwell,

he has a few niggly injuries but

the only thing that was niggling

him today were the microphones and all the attention. Yes, the Storm have nailed down Cooper Cronk. (Breathes in sharply) What's it like? KFC's Mixed Fillets Meal - Hot & Spicy Fillets for a full-on flavour hit, plus Original Recipe Fillets and your favourite sides. KFC's Mixed Fillets Meal. This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $10 million. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. $10 million Powerball jackpot. You could: ANNOUNCER: Scientists warn Australia will be hit hard by climate change, with temperatures rising, water more scarce. And economists warn to protect our economy, we must act now. We're developing a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme to tackle climate change, putting a limit on carbon pollution and encouraging cleaner energy solutions. We can't afford not to. Find out more. Have your say at: the Government has appointed West Australian Robert French as the new Chief Justice of the High Court. The Federal Court judge replaces Murray Gleeson who's retiring.

There's now a $250,000 reward for information on the 1994 disappearance of escort and model Ravelle Balmain. New technology has uncovered fresh evidence from the crime scene at Kingsford and from her belongings.

Often in these cases people don't come forward initially but with the passing of time, they may have second thoughts. A coronial inquest found that the 22-year-old was murdered but her body has never been found. Now might be a good time to give up smoking with some of the toughest anti-smoking laws in the country about to come into force. Lighting up in cars will be banned if there's a child inside and shops won't be allowed to display tobacco products at all. Out in the open - row upon row of cigarettes, right at eye level. But not for long. Starting in six months, all tobacco products will have to be stored out of sight. By denormalising smoking in the eyes of children, and you will prevent a new generation of smokers. The Retailers Association says a better way would have been

to treat cigarettes like R-rated magazines.

It's a legal product. Why not put them in an area only adults can get access to them. By placing cigarettes out of sight, the Government believes smokers, especially children, will no longer be tempted.

It's the view of experts that displays like this act as a cue to buy cigarrettes on impulse. Cigarette machines will be allowed only in pubs and clubs. Anyone caught smoking in a car with children now faces an on-the-spot fine of $250. Locked in the car with mum and dad puffing away, kids don't get a choice. Cancer specialists are not holding back in their praise

for the restrictions. This is one of the biggest days in the history of contempory public health, I say that without any exaggeration. Tobacco is our biggest killer. When passed,

NSW will have the toughest smoking controls in the country and some of the tightest restrictions in the world. Mark Burrows, Nine News. In health news - British scientists claim a new drug which halts the progress of Alzheimer's is the biggest breakthrough in 100 years. They say patients had no significant decline in their mental function over a 19-month trial period. Here in Sydney, volunteers are needed to trial a cancer drug which could also help overcome severe heart disease. Heart attack victim Colin Hoole has had a triple bypass

and numerous procedures to unblock his arteries. He takes 10 different tablets a day for his heart but he still suffers chest pain. It's fairly painful and it's worrying. Colin has angina and is taking part in the trial of a drug called G-CSF, which is injected in the stomach.

It's commonly used for leukaemia patients to replenish their immune system, ravaged by chemotherapy. The drug mobilises stem cells from the bone marrow into the blood stream and doctors are looking to see if they regenerate blood vessels in the heart. We think there are signals released by the heart during angina, which attracts the stem cells to that site where they can form new blood vessels. All patients in the trial are given the drug and a saltwater injection, which acts as a placebo. Doctors and volunteers won't know the results until the end of next year. If we can demonstrate it has value in this group of patients, then we can actually move on to look at other patients with less severe coronary heart disease. The Victor Chang Institute is looking for patients like Colin, who've exhausted nearly all options for treatment, to volunteer for the trial. I'm hoping I get a better quality of life. Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. Ken sport next - and there's one League star happy not to be going anywhere for the next five years. Yes, the Storm have nailed down Cooper Cronk. ( VO ) and the man the All Blacks want to target. (GIGGLING) VOICEOVER: From tomorrow at Target, get 20-30% off underwear, socks and hosiery. Excludes sleepwear. The Roosters are about receive a massive boost as they look towards the Finals. Star fullback, Anthony Minichiello, is back training with the squad and his return is imminent. Minichiello has played at the highest level in the game. Now he's getting just as much enjoyment simply training again. This today was with the boys got a bit of agility under the belt but very rusty.

And no wonder. Ongoing back issues have restricted Minichiello to just five games this year. To get him back just before the finals would be a massive boost. Hopefully in the next 2-3 games, mate. That's all you're going to tell me? Yeah, that's it. His coach wasn't as guarded. In fact, Freddy spilt the beans. We're hoping for next week. Wouldn't it be great? Great to see him come back. He's had a pretty tough year. Another welcome sight for the Roosters was Amos Roberts in full flight. Once the game's leading try scorer, Roberts was back in open spaces against Manly.

He says it's all about sharing the workload. It was good to turn it around. We were very positive and focused during the week and we really wanted to try our new structure against the Sea Eagles and it worked. And Melbourne's Cooper Cronk says he's not in the slightest bit interested in leaving league, re-signing with the Storm until 2013. Clinton Fletcher, Nine News. The Wallabies leave for Auckland tomorrow with centre Berrick Barnes expecting to be targeted in defence during Saturday's return Bledisloe Cup clash. Under New Zealander Robbie Deans, the undefeated Wallabies have won five games straight, the type of streak Barnes experienced more than a decade ago. I haven't won five games straight in a long, long time, mate - probably since under-11s at Kingaroy. So, you know, it's been a while. With Beijing looming, the so-called Queen of the pole vault is peaking perfectly. Russia's Yelena Isinbayeva broke her own world record,

clearing the bar on her third attempt at 5.04 metres.

Having won gold four years ago in Athens, the Russian has held the world record for three years and is favoured to defend her Olympic title.

To finance news and poker machine company Aristocrat plunged 20% after a profit-warning but a turnaround with the banks helped the stockmarket rebound strongly. After the break - Mike Bailey will have all the weather details. Coming up on WIN News... Queanbeyan Police lobby for

fairer wages, Work starts on a new aged care facility, And the race for tickets underway to Sunday's A-F-L blockbuster. (JAUNTY MUSIC) Order for table six. We've got broadband plans to suit everybody, from plans for families with big appetites... (KNIFE BLADE CLATTERS RAPIDLY) Table seven to go! a wide range of wireless options that give people the freedom to go. Table eight can't make up their minds. And best of all, our handy online Solution Finder will make it easy to find a broadband plan that's just right for you. (PANS CLANG) kinder to the environment. Tomorrow, your energy will be more efficient. Tomorrow, your energy and your water supply will be even more secure. And that's just tomorrow. The day after that will be even better. Because every day at ActewAGL, we're working hard to make your world a better place to live in. ActewAGL: It was a superb Sydney day, Mike. Will it last? Mark, tomorrow is OK but a windy change is coming on Friday.

Cloud with that will bring some showers to southern NSW late tomorrow. Sunshine has given temperatures a welcome and overdue lift. They began the day in the lower half of single figures inland. The city was down to 6 degrees, 2 below average, ahead of a top of 17. Mostly clear skies and light winds around a high over the east will deliver another cold and frosty night.

There's a weak trough to the south and another trough and cold front further west. That system brought heavy rain to Perth overnight. It looks promising for showers and blizzards producing good snowfalls when it crosses alpine regions in the south-east on Friday. Showers will spread gradually east tomorrow. Winds will freshen from the north-west with colder west to south-westerlies to follow. Late showers are forecast for Canberra and Melbourne. Showers increasing in Adelaide, but easing in Perth. For Sydney, early frost inland, also local fog or mist patches. Another fine and sunny day will follow

with west-north-westerly winds becoming moderate. There's another chilly night ahead, then a milder day. The city should go from 6 to a top of 19 degrees, a marked improvement on those 14s earlier in the week. Strong north-westerly winds on Friday pushing temperatures up to 20.

There's the chance of a brief shower as the change passes but mainly fine. And still looking fine for the weekend, Mark. That's the news for this Wednesday. We'll leave you with pictures from our school visit today to Bankstown Public, where there were plenty of future reporters with plenty of questions. And there are more of today's pictures and from our other school visits, on our website:

I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

The Opposition attacks the Stanhope Government over the timing of its health announcements.

Fifty workers in shock as Starbucks grinds to a halt in the Capital, And, Queanbeyan Police join a state-wide FINE-FREE day to lobby for fairer wages.

Good evening, The A-C-T Opposition is accusing the Stanhope Government of using the promise of new technology, to detract from the real issues