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(generated from captions) That's very comforting, isn't it? That's very comforting. Oh! Good dealin', pal. Srikanth, Just to give us another $500, what have you got, big guy?

Er, I think I've got 10 bucks. Come on! Come on. Come on. For $500. Oh! Aw. There you go. in the Rangarajan family today, Looks like you're the biggest winner my friend. Let's see the money! Congratulations, Priya. Thank you! Here's a good-looking cheque, pal. one good-looking cheque. Hey? Two good-looking girls, It all works for me. Good on you, Srikanth. Oh, the good-looking guy as well. Good on you, Priya. Whoo! You've done the Rangarajans proud.

You've done Australia proud. South Africa proud, You've done Botswana proud, India proud, er, Antarctica proud! I will. Definitely. Make sure you send us a postcard. Great having you here. ladies and gentlemen, Great having YOU here as well, game-show phenomenon Deal or No Deal. on the international See you next time. 'Bye now. Tonight - with no apology Anthony Mundine comes out swinging flee the country. for helping Sonny Bill I'm my brother's keeper It's my brother, and I'm gonna be here for him.

Investors told to hold their nerve erodes superannuation savings. as the falling share market Sydney families given new hope

back in business under a new owner. with Beechwood builders for our Olympic athletes And the uniform fitting to life in Beijing. as they start getting suited with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. of all NRL clubs The Bulldogs have won the backing to drag Sonny Bill Williams home in their battle before he signs up to French rugby. to be in London waiting for a visa Tonight, the defector is believed urges his mate to chase his dream. while boxer Anthony Mundine He fights tomorrow night, came out swinging for his friend. but today, Anthony Mundine I'm 100% behind my brother. Sonny Bill Williams to the airport. It was Mundine who drove that wants new goals and new dreams, Every kid out there to go for it. Mundine says Even if you've signed a contract,

contract honoured adding those who want Sonny Bill's

are selfish. He's my brother. and I'm gonna be here for him. I'm my brother's keeper What would you do, Anthony, for you? if somebody reneged on a contract And what about Dave Gallop? He was the... That wasn't the question. if somebody reneged? What would you do He was the Super League lawyer... Not a single straight answer, was man enough to face the media. but at least 'The Man' His manager, Khoder Nasser, hid also Sonny Bill's former manager, subpoenaed documents from him. a day after the Supreme Court Where is Khoder Nasser? Where is Khoder Nasser, Anthony? to turn up and face the cameras? Anthony, is Khoder Nasser too afraid And with that, Anthony Mundine left, Khoder Nasser was on Mars. telling us would go there to hunt him down. You get the impression the NRL are trying to subpoena Williams NRL lawyers to force his return to Sydney. They have five days to find him. He's hiding in London the NRL's salary cap and threatening to challenge if forced into a court. most of the NSW clubs won't survive. Without the salary cap, large amounts of cash out there It's not the case that there are

if the salary cap was removed. that could be paid to players including former Wallaby Matt Henjak In France, Toulon players don't care. as a team-mate. They'd love to have Sonny Bill to get a Sonny Bill Williams here, If we're lucky enough with both hands. we'll definitely take him of 10 million Australian workers The retirement savings by the US subprime mortgage crisis. have been hit have lost money All top superannuation funds over the past 12 months. in 16 years. And for most, it's the worst result in your next statement. There's a nasty surprise super has been anything but. This year for the first time, Millions of Australians,

their end balance is less will have a statement showing than their opening balance. I'm assuming it's bad. Yeah, mine went back 6%.

The average loss is 6.4%. One fund fell 16%. two decades of compulsory super. It's the worst result in nearly for super funds It's been an awful year

of falling share markets and that's on the back and internationally. both domestically

but worries he can't afford to. Phillip Boyd planned to retire soon, you'll have to work longer? Do you think Potentially, absolutely. on the pension more for their income make up for the amount they've lost. but the pension certainly won't

But the experts say don't panic. but you've got to keep perspective. The last year's been dreadful, were extremely good. The 3 or 4 years before that It all balances out in the end. up 5.4% The best short-term bet is cash - but it's a poor performer long-term. which lost this year Most of us are in balanced funds, but have made 11% long-term. highest long-term return - 17%. Aussie shares have the But this year, down more than 12%. and go into cash. It's too late to bail out your losses. That would just be locking in in your investment strategy The test is to keep confidence in good and bad times. experts say When it comes to superannuation, Australians are pretty apathetic. a wake-up call. They call this downturn just how well your fund is doing A chance to really check you've been paying. and the kind of fees on super - You're never going to lose money well, we all have, haven't we? for hundreds of Sydney families There's new hope, though, with Beechwood Homes. who'd entrusted their life savings The collapsed builder has been sold half-built dream homes and customers' might now finally be finished. It's back in business after folding two months ago. The 900 families affected by the Beechwood collapse can go to bed tonight in the knowledge that their homes are going to be completed. The failed company has a new owner - family-run Resibuildco. They're not celebrating just yet, but buyers left stranded with unfinished homes are relieved. Hopefully they will get it finished and, yeah start living our life. With no house, Melanie McLaughlin, her husband and two children lived in a caravan which was stolen. Living in a shed at the moment and hopefully in the next few months things will be built. We need to ensure that their home warranty insurance specifically compensates them for their losses. It's not just families like the McLaughlin's who suffered through this collapse.

There are also dozens of suppliers and contractors who are today breathing a sigh of relief. Like Bill Twitchen, who's got a yard full of Beechwood homes waiting to go.

Mpblt How did you get through it? My

wife and I cashed in our superannuation. A Beechwood representative says the new owners will use the same contractors, retain employees, and resume construction on homes soon. International coffee chain Starbucks is closing 61 of its 85 Australian stores. The closures will take effect within days with the loss of almost 700 jobs. Staff were told at store meetings today. Regular customers also shocked at the news. Good service, friendly staff and the coffee is great so yeah, I would be disappointed. Today's announcement follows the closure of 600 US stores. The company blaming poor real estate investments and America's economic downturn. A Sydney murder trial has been told model Caroline Byrne died the day after her boyfriend gave evidence about Rene Rivkin's business dealings. 44-year-old Gordon Wood was Rivkin's chauffeur and is now charged with Ms Byrne's murder. Caroline Byrne was just 24

when she went over The Gap in 1995. It was first thought to be suicide but police say she was murdered by her then-boyfriend Gordon Wood. He was working as an assistant to the late Sydney businessman Rene Rivkin. Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi said the day before Byrne's body was found Wood testified at an inquiry into Mr Rivkin's printing company, Offset Alpine, which burned down under suspicious circumstances. Prosecutors say Wood had two reasons to kill his girlfriend. First, their relationship was strained and he couldn't bear to splitting up with her again. Secondly, Wood feared how much Caroline knew about Rivkin's business dealings. Mr Tedeschi said on the day of her death Caroline was seen with Wood at Watsons Bay. Later that day a woman's scream was heard by three witnesses near The Gap. The court heard it was Caroline - being thrown off the cliff by her boyfriend. Australia's Olympic team has started arriving in Beijing ready to take on the world for gold medal glory. Olympic reporter Chris Reason is there. And Chris, what's their reception been like? In a word, wet, Ian.

It's been raining here in Beijing - exactly what organisers hoped for, to wash some pollution from the air. And as you can see behind me, it's worked. Canoeists, kayakers and the Hockeyroos are the first Aussies to have flown in. They been fitted with uniforms and moved into the athletes village. The first of the Australian team arrived last night looking more like they could have rowed here than flown. It's been a long four years so it's good to finally arrive. And just looking forward to getting in the water tomorrow. Finally in country, after all the years of preparation. It's amazing, I've been waiting so long. Travelling with them, Laurie Lawrence - back again, as official team motivator. Mate, it's like giving Dracula the key to the blood bank - I'm in here, mate, I'm ready to roll. The next of the 433 team members to touch down - the women's Hockeyroos. Let's go shopping. First stop, team HQ, for the uniform fit-out. Going to the village wearing our Australian gear is going to be a very proud moment. I think my chest will be puffed out. Behind the black wrapping, the top secret opening ceremony gear. And news today we'll have to wait a little longer to see it.

Australia's been bumped from traditional 3rd place to 203rd. Followed just by Zambia and China - so we'll be at the tail not at the front. It's all to do with the Chinese translation of "Australia". For the athletes, it makes little difference. The longer they're outside, the longer they can stay seated. In fact, it might be less arduous. Australian Olympic officials also say it will make little difference to the TV audience

watching it live back home believing they'll stay tuned through to the ultimate moment, the lighting of the Olympic cauldron.

Channel Seven would make no official comment.

And from the athletes - It doesn't matter if it's 1st or 200, I think it will be still the same. It's now only 10 days and 4 hours

until that Opening Ceremony starts here in Beijing. Ian. Thanks, Chris. Chris Reason in Beijing. The families of some Australian athletes are thousands of dollars out of pocket after they were left with no Olympic tickets or accommodation. Team officials are now working to ensure they make it to Beijing. For proud parents Linda and Tyrone Stewart, the Beijing Olympics were going to be the chance to watch their daughter shine. Danielle is a member of the Australian softball team. Her family and friends booked tickets and accommodation through Olympic Vacations - an online travel service. But 10 days out from the Games, Olympic Vacations has folded and there are no tickets, no accommodation, no money. It's heart-breaking, it's very stressful - very, stressful. A letter from the company blames bad publicity

causing interest in the Beijing Olympics to suffer dramatically. It tells customers the receivers of the company will contact them and offers sincere apologies. I don't know how these people can sleep at night knowing what they've done.

Today, the website is down, PayPal won't refund their money.

We've come to grips that it's gone. 12 other people supporting the women's softball team have also been caught out.

Our group's lost around $20,000. If we could try and track the people who took it, we'd love to -

but the reality is, it's gone. Here in Beijing, tickets to all the events have sold out - the first time that's happened at a recent Olympic Games. The Stewart family is lucky - they've managed to get new tickets through friends but they still have nowhere to stay. CoSport, with an extra ticket release have actually managed to secure some tickets, I understand and Softball Australia is helping with some accommodation arrangements. Australia is sending its biggest-ever rowing team to Beijing. Still to come - The Liberal Party vote that has opened up new leadership tensions. Also, a big reward to solve a Sydney murder mystery.

And the unveiling of the craft that will blast tourists into space. That's next. SONG: # Sarah's connected to a Qantas flight... # Yours. # She's off to L.A. on Monday night # Michael's connected to the 'Trading ost' # He's buying a surfboard from the Gold Coast # Susie's connected to Facebook # Had over 300 friends at last look # Them homes, them homes, them network homes # Them homes, them BigPond homes. # A Sydney father is hoping a $250,000 reward will lead police to his daughter's killers ending a 30-year mystery. Trudie Adams was 18 when she disappeared after hitching a ride from the Newport Surf Club on the Northern Beaches. Every now and again you have a dream that your daughter's there and you wake up and realise she's not. Detectives believe Trudie's killers committed at least 14 sex attacks in the area in the '70s. More now on last night's exclusive report on the Iguanagate affair and the sacking of the club's operations manager. The General Manager says the dismissal of Jarred Golla is not connected to the row staff had with Federal MP Belinda Neal and husband John Della Bosca. The timing could have been better but as I said, the situation with Jarred Golla had nothing to do with the situation that took place here on June 6. A police investigation into Iguanagate is still with the State Prosecutor. Liberal Leader Brendan Nelson has been rolled by his Shadow Cabinet on the issue of climate change. Instead, they backed Malcolm Turnbull in a vote that's opened up new leadership tension. Grinning all the way to the political gallows Brendan Nelson's leadership now risks being the first species made extinct by climate change. Have you been rolled by your Shadow Cabinet today, Dr Nelson? Well, in fact, what we have done is, we have agreed to the... What they'd done is roll him.

Dr Nelson wanted to lead Shadow Cabinet to a new position - opposing any date for an emissions trading scheme until big polluters like China and India signed on. The head of his party's climate change committee called it "madness". That's unacceptable.

At the end of the day, that's a Mexican stand-off type tactic - that doesn't work in politics. And in Shadow Cabinet, the leader was forced to follow - suddenly supporting a start-up date. Our view is that it cannot be any earlier than 2011 and you would expect probably in 2012. After weeks of policy gyrations, the Liberals have now turned full circle and returned to the precise position they took to the last election. A position strongly supported by Dr Nelson's chief leadership rival Malcolm Turnbull. Brendan Nelson briefed newspapers this week that he was staking his leadership on changing the party's position and not one member of Shadow Cabinet supported him today leaving his leadership terminal.

A Sydney nursing home is one of 30 being checked by authorities over patient care concerns. The Bayview Gardens Home is managed by Aged Care Services of Australia. A surprise inspection at one of the company's Victorian homes found 10 residents seriously underweight. Two weighed less than 25kg. She's probably about 5 stone, if that and she was a heavy lady like I am. The company says the problem is poor paperwork, rather than bad care. Billionaire Sir Richard Branson has shown off the aircraft that will make space travel possible for paying customers. This is the mothership that will launch a rocket-propelled aircraft 18km above Earth. Each ticket costs $200,000. All ranges of people will be able to fly and obviously what we hope is that in time that the price will come down. 200 people have already signed up for the first flights launching in 2010. Time for sport with Matthew White. And Wendell Sailor is now going to France. He has the full blessing of the Dragons. Also, cooking up controversy. Not everybody's sad to see Sonny Bill go. I'm glad he's gone to France. And the drastic measures designed to keep our swimmers healthy. Wendell Sailor expects to be granted permission by the Dragons to have a guest stint in rugby union during league's off-season. While his Europe sojourn has the backing of St George-Illawarra former team-mates of Sonny Bill Williams remain furious at his walkout. Life's not getting any easier for the Bulldogs and Sonny Bill Williams is the one these players blame. He's let everyone down and there's no questions about it. With no SBW, they were murdered by the Dragons last night. COMMENTATOR: Loses the ball. The only upside is that chief destroyer Josh Morris is to swap sides next season. And the flier on the right-hand side has a hat-trick. But Sonny Bill's departure has hurt him, too. Obviously, I'm a little bit disappointed, but in saying that, I probably would have been more disappointed if it happened next year. I'm not prepared to call him a dog until I know the circumstances. Dual international Wendell Sailor may soon be able to say bonjour as he tries to finalise an off-season stint in France with the Dragons blessing. to let me have an 8 or 12 week stint over there. Test coach Ricky Stuart wants Sonny Bill and anyone who goes without permission to be banned for two years. I still feel as though anybody that leaves our game we should make it as difficult as we possibly can in regards to them returning. Kebabs could be the key to keeping Robbie Farah in rugby league. Yum, that's good. The Tigers half is happy with his third-party sponsors, but if offered a million, he admits many would consider walking out on their team. You'd like to think that you wouldn't, but at the end of the day if someone's putting a contract that big under your nose, who am I to say that I can say no. The Australian swimming team has been given special medical packs to cope with Beijing's stifling smog when they arrive in the Olympic city on Sunday. Officials have adopted unprecedented measures to combat poor air quality.

They'll be our most successful team in Beijing and so making certain they're healthy is vital. A number of gold medal contenders including Libby Trickett, Jessicah Schipper and team captain Grant Hackett have suffered respiratory problems. Hackett is well aware of the health risks athletes will confront in Beijing.

Obviously we have very good doctors to advise us what to do and certain medication you need to take

if you're an asthmatic. I feel sorry for a marathon runner if it's a bad day of smog and it's certainly a condition that you don't want to have to deal with. The dual gold medallist also took a swipe at critics of his unprecedented attention to detail and hygiene in his Games preparations. There was a lot of interest and media attention about me being the bubble boy and all that sort of stuff (LAUGHS) which is a little bit over the top. I mean, I'm not quite that paranoid. And Hackett has again pleaded with drug testers to do more ahead of the Olympics in the wake of the Jessica Hardy scandal that's rocked American swimming. He says the more drug cheats that can be weeded out before the Games the better. We're always naive to think that there aren't people who aren't going to try and cheat at this level. I mean, there is a lot on the line. It's also been confirmed 10 members of the swimming squad will now march in the opening ceremony on Friday week. actually go to the opening ceremony and be a part of it from day one. That in itself, you know, is a magnificent privilege for myself.

The New South Wales Swifts have won netball's inaugural trans-Tasman grand final. A 41-goal haul from player of the match Catherine Cox saw the Swifts win it 65-56. The final lived up to all the pre-match billing

with no quarter asked or given. The Kiwis got within 2 in the final stages but the Swifts held on to take the title. COMMENTATOR: As the New South Wales Swifts, against expectations, host and take out, the inaugural ANZ Championship. The final attracted a crowd of more than 12,000. To rugby union and captain Stirling Mortlock and flanker Phil Waugh have been recalled to the Wallabies team for Saturday's Bledisloe Cup clash against the All Blacks in Auckland. Mortlock returns in place of Ryan Cross while Waugh fills in for the injured Rocky Elsom.

Toughest job in world rugby, beating

them over there but we are up for it

this Thank you, Matt. Checking finance now and the share market has tumbled a further 1.5% as credit market fears sparked more selling of financial stocks. The ASX 200 lost 75 points. National Australia Bank shed a further 4%, but resource companies made gains. Sara's next with the weather

and tonight you've got some timely ideas to keep warm, Sara? Ian, I'm with hundreds of the State's farmers who have some great ideas for their produce. Those hot ideas and Sydney's cold forecast, next. A cold winter's day tends to warm up your appetite which makes this the perfect spot to be tonight. It's the NSW Regional Food Fair and more than 400 farmers have come from all over the State to showcase the best of their produce. So if you're looking for some wintry cooking ideas this should provide some inspiration, fresh oysters from Batemans Bay, Szechwan venison, tomato martinis with baby bocconcini, and hazelnut dukkah lamb. Weatherwise Sydney served up a partly cloudy day with fresh southerlies Most of the showers pushed north today but these are the rainfall figures to 9am Coastal Sydney was soaked last night. More than 60mm fell over Rose Bay/Bondi - half that for the city and Wollongong but hardly anything over the west and sadly, our catchments. It remained cool along the coast with tops of 13 or 14 degrees but increasing sunshine warmed Penrith up to 16. The last of the showers will clear NSW tonight as a low in the Tasman moves away.

Lighter winds and clearer skies will follow as a high-pressure ridge moves over the State. A brief shower for Melbourne fine in Adelaide. Showery and windy in Perth. Sydney's waters will be choppy A coastal shower is likely this evening but that should clear for a dry and mostly sunny day. Warmer too with tops of 17 degrees in most areas. We'll need it because it's going to be a frosty night with lows approaching zero westwards. Looking ahead - Thursday, fine Becoming windy on Friday

but at this stage, looking good for the weekend.

The NSW Farmers Federation celebrates 30 years tonight and it's not just about food. there'll be a fashion parade showcasing the diversity of Australian wool. And that's Seven News for this Tuesday. I'm Ian Ross.

Next on 'Today Tonight' - Sydney's Underbelly. The explosive details of the crime godfather who ran the city. That's coming up now with Anna. Thanks, Ian. Good evening. Tonight, the 'Dancing with the Stars' bombshell. The big shock as all the stars are announced. Should Australia's banks be charged with being accessories to robbery because their lack of diligence is helping brazen gangs of young women steal everything on the happiest day of their victims' lives among the smiling and innocent faces in the nation's maternity wards, and then the robbery continues in the bank, where life savings are handed over without a thought? David Richardson has the story. If you see this woman wandering around a hospital, watch out. She's a thief who brazenly steals from patients in some of our biggest hospitals. Especially mothers giving birth and she's being helped by our major banks. I was amazed that someone could come into a hospital and take your wallet. Now, it's identity theft. They can walk out, they can go into a bank, they change your PIN number and they clear out your bank accounts in just under an hour. That's exactly what happened to Mary-Louise Lacey. She had just given birth to her third child, Angus, when she was robbed.

The thief had targeted her at the Mater Hospital on Sydney's North Shore. She was still recovering from a caesarean delivery. It's one of the most precious times in your life. It's a very a happy time and mine was tainted with sadness because this occurred when my baby was only two days old. How much did you lose? In total, $18,400. At least two teams of women are currently prowling the corridors of our hospitals. So far, more than 200 people have been robbed. Identity theft has netted the thieves

more than $1 million, aided and abetted by an unwilling accomplice. So how do the thieves then get access to other people's accounts? They went to the banks for help. They tell the bank tellers they've forgotten their PIN - their security access number. They provide other stolen credit cards, even driver's licences that clearly didn't match,

to prove their identity. The tellers would then change the PIN. It was that simple. When I found out how easy it was to just go in and change a PIN number it frightens me. It frightens me that someone can do that, yes. And I'm amazed that someone in the bank didn't pick it up. We're in an ANZ branch. The thief is making a large withdrawal not twice, and she does it not once, in less than an hour. but eight times anything like me. She just doesn't look