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(generated from captions) (MOUTHS WORDS) Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - accidental hero - who rescued a drowning woman. the young teenager of son Corey. Stefani Warburton couldn't be prouder a bridge on the NSW North Coast, On Monday morning while walking along came across a suicide note the 14-year-old on top of a neatly-folded jumper. floating face down, He then spotted an elderly woman prompting the teenager to act. towards her face. I saw her move her hands I kind of just, without hesitation, and me shoes and dove in. ripped me shirt off

for 80 metres, Corey managed to keep her afloat to drag her onto land. but long reeds thwarted his attempts and her mum, before police arrived. Help came from another teenager Corey, in particular, These two young fellas, and his offsider, Michael, selflessly jumped into the river - from a great height - certainly Corey did to resuce a woman. It was a good effort. but sing his praises. And locals can't help We think he's a very big hero. No-one we know would have the guts. Yeah, he's a hero. A hero. But Corey out of the ordinary. doesn't think he's done anything or the cold of the water was get myself and lady to safety. because all I wanted to do the woman's family were emotional Mum Stefani says as they thanked Corey's courageous efforts.

I'm really proud. I'm just so proud of him. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. have been shattered Hopes of an early interest rate cut inflation figures, by worse than expected and and rising interest rates soaring petrol prices inflation figure to 4.5%. pushing the annual trolleys sums up the scary reality. The view from the nation's shopping more expensive. I think it's going to get While we have rising cost in petrol everything's going to keep going up. the cost of living rose 1.5% In the June quarter for an annual rate of 4.5% - the biggest change in 13 years. apart from the GST, in trying to sugar-coat it all. There's no point It is a very substantial problem.

Sky-high global oil prices even worse he says. are making Australia's inflation Transport costs leapt a whopping 3.1% annually it's close to a 7% hike. The hope now is a better impact in the months ahead. for falling oil prices to have shot up 3.8% in the quarter The banks' interest rates and charges and almost 10% for the year. I got my loan in January my loan rate had gone up two times. and before I made the first payment As unimpressed, the Treasurer. The banks have a choice. their shareholders on the one hand and their customers on the other. he's doing everything he can The Treasurer says and interest rates. to put downward pressure on inflation he's making the situation worse The Opposition says on alcopops and luxury cars. with the tax hikes and Kevin Rudd's So that Budget of Wayne Swan Budget, was not an inflation-fighting it put upward pressure on inflation. higher-than-expected inflation Today's

an interest rate cut anytime soon. has dashed any hopes of the Reserve Bank to sit on its hands For now economists expect on global markets but with so much uncertainty that can't be guaranteed. are going to move anywhere If interest rates in the next couple of months, rather than down. it's still more likely to be up Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. are being offered half-price tickets. Rail commuters in Sydney's West travel outside peak times But the scheme to encourage comes with plenty of catches. are the most crowded on the network. Western Sydney trains So they are the commuters chosen

to ticket prices to benefit from a 50% discount outside the peak times. if they travel

from Emu Plains to Auburn, 35 stations are covered - and Carlingford to Clyde. Richmond to Blacktown To get the discount passengers must arrive at Central: and ease the congestion By that we can spread the load

during the peak times. The trial will run from the middle of next month to the end of October.

on a daily basis, You have to buy a ticket you can travel. it's got limited times difficult to understand. It is extremely complex, hands up and say, "Why bother?" Most commuters will throw their in the morning To qualify from Penrith you'd have to be on a train at 5.50am.

Starting earlier? to change your working hours, yeah, Well, if was OK with employers of bed any earlier? but do you really want to get out But the lure of saving up to $36 a week will work on others. Great. I would save 15 bucks a week. of the travelling public We estimate that perhaps up to 5% to before or after the busy peak. will be shifted But this is a trial and we want to see how it goes.

will cost about $2 million. The Government estimates the trial Kevin Wilde, Ten News. from State Parliament. And Kevin joins us now the trains for half-price, Kev, while you might be able to ride an ambulance for nothing. tomorrow you'll be able to ride

The union representing ambulance

officers will make a final decision at

at 1130 tomorrow which is the

deadline day set for an extra 300 paramedics and 60 support staff.

But with no talks there is no

potential for a breakthrough. The

union is angry with the health


by the Minister The view being expressed they've never had it so good that, in effect, has not gone down well. I'm getting from members In fact, the feedback is being misled is that either the Minister is misleading the community. or she herself a range of other issues They've put to us to sit down with the HSU and we are more than happy as we have done for some time they've put to us. to address those issues

But premier may be hopeful but

realistically there will be free rides

rides from as early as tomorrow

afternoon. The union has not ruled

out also having overtime bans in

the future. Indy in the industrial

relations commission will decide.

The Government is already finding

an extra 150 paramedics this

financial year but the union is

Enry so the fight is on and who

knows where it will end? as they fight to be compensated for high fuel costs. Truck drivers are warning they'll hold further go-slow convoys as they fight to be compensated for high fuel costs. Today's moving road block went despite claims petrol prices should start falling soon. The horn blast of discontent. On the Hume Highway this morning dozens of truckies hit the brakes, frustrated by increased fuel costs. At 60km/h they blocked one lane from Sutton Forest to Casula.

Owner-drivers say they're paying thousands more for petrol every week, but are not being compensated by the major supermarkets.

You're working longer hours, even though you know it's illegal, and you're basically not paying yourself a wage. They've apologised for inconveniencing other drivers, but say their safety is at risk. We are cutting corners in respect of maintenance, and the vehicles end up becoming defective. Both Coles and Woolworths claim they do pay fuel surcharges, but drivers say long-term contracts mean those levies are out of date. The truckies and other motorists should be getting some relief. The world crude oil price has dropped US$17 a barrel in just over a week. But today the pump price changed little, an average of $1.56 per litre.

The NRA mesas we are still being

ripped off by 10 per litre. They

claim the real price we should be

paying could be as low as $1.20. If

we were getting all and $90 a

barrel which is where it should be

the week beginning petrol for $1.20. A Sydney truckie has faced court accused of using his rig to squash another driver. Jack Passaris is facing charges of dangerous driving, grievous bodily harm and failing to stop at an accident on the Northern Beaches.

It's claimed the 60-year-old drove into a fellow truckie, then pinned him to his rig during an argument at traffic lights in Frenchs Forest last month.

It left the other driver needing life-saving surgery. Passaris has pleaded not guilty to all charges. He'll be back in court in August. A handcuffed Peter Lloyd is in a Singapore court waiting to hear whether he can be released from prison.

Ten's Eddy Meyer is following the case of the ABC journalist who faces a drug trafficking charge. Peter Lloyd's lawyers have been working frantically since Monday trying to meet the strict bail conditions and have him released, obviously without much luck so far. We do understand that the money, the $45,000 bail, has been gathered and a Singaporean national charged with guaranteeing that bail came to the court yesterday, but wasn't able to fulfil all the conditions and so he couldn't be released. Now a judge will have to determine whether enough of the conditions have been met

which would allow him to be released this afternoon

or, possibly, if not this afternoon, then tomorrow morning or not at all. His next court appearance is on Friday. Now, Stephen Smith, the Foreign Minister, is in Singapore for ASEAN talks. He says that he's satisfied

with the medical treatment he's been receiving for his eye condition and with the consular access he's been given. And I've also satisfied myself, in discussions with Australian officials, that everything we can do for Mr Lloyd is being done. We now simply await the normal judicial and legal processes to continue. Mr Smith also indicated that Peter's family is keen to travel to Singapore. He says that consular assistance is being provided both in Australia and here in Singapore to make sure that happens smoothly. Back to you in the studio.

We have a word that Peter Lloyd has

been released on bail.

Ahead in sport with Brad McEwan - the Raider's Todd Carney cleared by police. Yes, but he remains suspended pending a club review, while a team-mate gets charged with two counts of alleged assault over a night out. More shortly. Plus the farewell ritual that tears at a Tiger. The softer side of a rising NRL cult hero who's left the bush behind to try and make it in the game. And get out of my way - how Tour de France favourite Cadel Evans block his path to victory. isn't letting anyone Also, the Wallabies call up Timana Tahu for the All Blacks clash. And another heartbroken Olympian back home. Next, the drug promising to double the life expectancy of some cancer patients. Also tonight, prayers for a pilgrim bashed and left to die in Sydney. And cotton wool kids being placed at risk by overprotective parents. One of my medications is a generic. Generic medicines? Yeah. WOMAN: It could be, perhaps, a different shape, but the active ingredients that you need are correct. Same bloke, different hat. VOICEOVER: Generic medicines are an equal choice. This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $6 million. $6 million Powerball jackpot. Oh, you can't get rid of that. We haven't used it for ages. Hospital. Oh, yeah. And when you did your knee, you got that great surgeon. I WAS in and out pretty quickly. How much do you want for it? VOICEOVER: Medibank Private health insurance -

it's more valuable than you might think. Join or switch today. Visit Medibank or call: And I thought, "Well, that's nice. "They've gave me a choice." And if you can get a generic medicine that suits you, well, why not? Generic medicines Call NPS Medicines Line for more information. This program is captioned live. Residents are furious at plans to open a tattoo parlour and sex shop right near a school and a church. Locals say they weren't told about the plan.

Now it's too late to object. John Cross and Craig Buddle are businessmen who want to open a tattoo parlour and an adult shop at North Narrabeen. Their plans have upset some residents of the beachside suburb who are worried it will be bad for the area. We do sympathise with them and we're not out to cause trouble. It's interesting to know what people think about the shop. It's just another business that we're expanding into. The adult clothing is simply that - adult clothing. I don't think Narrabeen needs it. One business owner collected signatures opposing the development, but did not want to speak on camera to voice his objection. Others support the new shops, but hope it won't attract motorcycle gangs. I don't think there's going to be bikies lined up and down the front which will scare the community away and it's like any tattoo shop - it's very discreet. While John Cross and Craig Buddle have collected signatures of support from residents, some are worried Council hasn't properly consulted the community. Today the applications for objections actually closed and the local community don't know about it. Residents and business owners we spoke to today were concerned that what starts out as an adult store could later be developed into a brothel. But the business owners today offered this guarantee... Under no circumstances would we open a brothel - under no circumstances. Pittwater Council would not agree to an interview today because it's still considering the application.

Evan Batten, Ten News. Swimming legend Dawn Fraser has visited a World Youth Day pilgrim who was savagely attacked on a street named after her. Viliamu Tuialii is recovering in hospital from a broken jaw and teeth. The 25-year-old Samoan was attacked and robbed by a gang outside a pub at Olympic Park on Saturday morning. How sorry that I am that it happened in my country. After a blessing from Bishop Anthony Fisher, Viliamu was handed a new backpack and mobile phone and rosary beads blessed by Pope Benedict. His attackers have not been found. Scientists have discovered a breakthrough treatment for prostate cancer which early tests show can prolong the life expectancy of the terminally ill. The new drug not only stops the cancer spreading, it actually shrinks the tumour. with prostate cancer 19,000 men are diagnosed in Australia each year. It kills 3,000 of them. But now there's new hope, thanks to a revolutionary drug being trialled in Britain. It's given me 14 months of near-normal life. to get on and do some things. It's given me the ability The drug, abiraterone, works by interfering with the production of hormones that feed the tumours, including those released by the tumour itself, doubling life expectancy for terminally-ill patients. They feel better, their pain goes away, they stop their-pain killers, their cancers shrink on scans. Their bones even heal from the cancer. Trials have involved only 21 patients so far and side effects include high blood pressure. It'll be good news for Australian prostate cancer patients, down the track. although it's still a few years It comes as researchers have hailed the success of the national cervical cancer vaccination scheme, which has already immunised more than 1.5 million Australian girls and young women. The Cancer Council expects the number of new human papillomavirus infections to halve in the next two years and be nearly wiped out by 2050. The first step is to eradicate some of the viruses that are causing the disease and that will protect these girls throughout their life. Regular Pap smears, though, are still recommended for women aged over 18. Belinda Heggen, Ten News. Parents are being urged to toddler-proof their homes after a spike in hospital admissions. Trauma specialists believe the increase is a result of children spending more time playing indoors. At a toddler's eye-level the family home is filled with dangers that often go unnoticed until tragedy strikes.

1-year-old Alice is applauding her narrow escape today after curiosity about a combustion heater caused nasty burns to both hands. She was so fast -

crawled up the fireplace and placed her hands on the metal. Fortunately, her scars have healed. of a disturbing trend. But hospitals say the case is typical in the number of contact burns. We've seen a dramatic increase part of his body, usually his hand, That's when a toddler puts some

like an oven door, hot plate, on a hot surface

hot iron. barbecue, combustion heater, painful grafting over many years. Up to 20% of those burns will r Up to 20% of those burns will require

the patient spike is because Medical experts believe

playing indoors than out. children are spending more time There are not enough playgrounds now passions at the Children's Hospital. and that's one probably of our for children to play. There should be more open areas Indoor injuries have also increased in apartments rather than homes. as more families opt to live from balconies and out of windows. That's led to a rise in falls have doubled in the last year alone. At one emergency ward, admissions played too close to windows Even seemingly harmless games

can have devastating consequences. had 15 child admissions for bad falls The Children's Hospital at Westmead's

and, tragically, two deaths. to be take more precautions, Doctors urge parents to areas of potential danger. fencing off access

And the advice for burns - running water for 20 minutes. run the wound under cold Amber Muir, Ten News.

Bds the colt was not of the year

last night. It was 5.5 degrees. At last night. It was 5.5 degrees

Richmond in was-two last night -

Richmond in was-two last night - that is very cold.

that is very cold. That was five

below average. And that Lithgow -

this was just silly - it was-seven

degrees, seven below average. The

wind chill in Sydney pushed the

temperature down to seven or eight.

What you saw today you will get

tomorrow - a few showers and cloudy

conditions going right through till

the weekend. Temperatures will not

go above 16 or 17 degrees. A little

bit of rainfall. Rose Bay had four

mm and rose full had two mm. that fooled the world - Next, the face remained free for more than a decade. how a war crime fugitive is dangerous business, And proof bullfighting even for the spectators. (ALL SPEAK AT ONCE) RADIO: Coming up to 7:30am... the new McAmerica Bagel? Have you tried rasher bacon and spicy ketchup, With a lightly toasted bagel, it's a great way to start the day.

kinder to the environment. more efficient. Tomorrow, your energy will be and your water supply Tomorrow, your energy will be even more secure. And that's just tomorrow. will be even better. The day after that Because every day at ActewAGL, world a better place to live in. we're working hard to make your ActewAGL: This program is captioned live.

Terrible start for traffic heading

out west. This is right knee the

Liverpool exit. It was right at the out west. This is right knee the Liverpool exit. It was right at

off-road fair. Their vehicle was

move quickly that you can see how

bad the traffic delays with all

four lanes load for motorists

heading Campbelltown way. Elsewhere

in Sydney there have been no major

problems. Good traffic on the M4

and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. was also a master of disguise. The Butcher of Bosnia Radovan Karadzic, Accused war criminal, avoided arrest for more than a decade of alternative medicine. by posing as a doctor Hiding in plain sight, one of the world's most wanted men this is how evaded authorities for so long. fooled the world and These pictures of Radovan Karadzic lecture in January. were taken at an alternative medicine a new identity as Dragan Dabic, The trained psychiatrist took on regarded as an expert in meditation and calmness.

as the accused mastermind He's now exposed of Muslims at Srebrenica. of the massacre of thousands of the concept of ethnic cleansing. He was the intellectual developer He really believed in racial hatred. When he disappeared in the mid-'90s

an imposing and recognisable figure. the Bosnian Serbs' wartime leader cut As a fugitive, the 63-year-old disguised himself

long hair and thick glasses. with a beard, living freely for years. He blended into Belgrade, that you can hide for a long time, It shows

catches up with you. but ultimately what you have done are still emerging. Details of the arrest he was seized on a bus. His lawyers says deep underground, He's now in a maximum security cell, and crimes against humanity. facing 11 counts of genocide Some Serbs still idolise him,

clashing with police. gangs of ultra-nationalists Karadzic has vowed to fight moves war crimes tribunal at the Hague. to extradite him to the international Pamela Magill, Ten News. about inflation Australians might be worried compared to Zimbabwe, but it's nothing a $100 billion note. where they've introduced To the Bankwest finance report - closed almost 2% higher and the Australian sharemarket

in the financial sector. after strong gains was up almost 86 points. The All Ordinaries in Sydney is $1.56. The average price of unleaded petrol We found it for $1.48 at Liverpool. about inflation Australians might be worried compared to Zimbabwe, but it's nothing a $100 billion note. where they've introduced is only enough That extraordinary number of zeroes to buy two loaves of bread. is now 2.2 million%, The official inflation rate the highest in the world. Unemployment has reached 80%. as a dangerous business Bullfighting is known it can also be risky for spectators. but fans in Colombia have discovered but around 100 people were injured No-one died, when the stand came crashing down.

While the bullfighter was distracted, look at the chaos, the bull moved in to take a closer by people dressed as clowns. but was lured away the collapse. It's not clear what caused can be a daunting experience, Signing up to the army but it's especially nerve-racking

Australia's greatest war heroes. if you're related to one of footsteps of his great-uncle Albert, Simon Jacka today followed in the a Victoria Cross recipient. at his army enlistment day, Sitting attentively others signing up to the reserves. Simon Jacka looks like any of the ALL: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Swearing to serve queen and country - only difference - his great-uncle invited to the Queen's home once - Buckingham Palace.

I knew a little bit and I learnt a bit more His great uncle was Albert Jacka, when I was in the army cadets.

described as Australia's greatest frontline soldier. a dozen Turks single-handedly He fought off during the Battle of Gallipoli. And he received a Victoria Cross for his courage. Many believe he deserved two more for other acts of bravery on the Western Front. Simon's got big army boots to fill. It's been playing on my mind for quite a while with such a big person, to live in their limelight. He seems to be a very well qualified young man and I'm sure he'll do very well. His great-uncle was awarded Australia's first VC when he was 22.

Simon's happy in the reserves for now and serving every day on the western police front near Dubbo. I believe that if I give it my best in the service then that's all I can do - and hopefully serve my family and my country proud. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Up next - the death of one of television's 'Golden Girls'.

Also - king of the kids - to Aboriginal Australia. Kevin Rudd takes his cabinet And Christian bailed - the Batman charged with assaulting his mum. Working with your hands can be hard on them. Skin becomes dry, rough and tight. transforms even the driest, roughest hands Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, Neutrogena.

This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - a teenager is in line for a bravery award after leaping off a bridge to rescue a drowning woman. It took 14-year old Corey Warburton an hour to pull her from the freezing river

at Grafton, on the State's north coast. Rail commuters in Sydney's west are being offered half-price tickets if they travel outside peak times. 35 stations are covered from Emu Plains to Auburn, Richmond to Blacktown and Carlingford to Clyde. And truck drivers are warning they'll hold more go-slow convoys as they fight to be compensated for high fuel costs. Today's moving roadblock went ahead, despite claims petrol prices should start falling soon. The Prime Minister has used his first cabinet visit

to a remote Aboriginal community to commit himself to closing the gap between black and white Australia. But the visit has prompted demands from local elders

for an end to the intervention in the Northern Territory. Taking the government to the people, wherever they are. Community Cabinet in a remote Indigenous community - a symbol of reconciliation. Yirrkala is one of the communities targeted by the federal intervention to stop child abuse. But local leaders say it's been invasive and culturally insensitive. Intervention, it has to stop. Because we are human beings. The Rudd Government is reviewing the intervention but appears unlikely to budge. When it comes to this government's approach to Indigenous policy we sum it up in three words - closing the gap. Also worrying locals is education. (Sing) # We honestly believe our children can achieve anything # They'll need a lot of help. Most children are well below national education benchmarks. For some, English is their fifth language. in remote Aboriginal areas Finding and then housing teachers is extremely difficult make learning tough. and social problems and a schoolroom to go to but they also need a quiet place to put their head at night. While there were plenty of meetings and forums in the communities, locals are now hoping all the talk eventuates in action. the message isn't forgotten, And to make sure they presented a bark petition handed over in 1963 similar to the historic one arguing for land rights. Meg Palmer, Ten News. In Yirrkala, the Northern Territory,

to publicly express its regret Beaconsfield Gold has been forced to the family of Larry Knight of the inquest into his death. for walking out headed deep underground It came as coroner Rod Chandler to examine the mine where the deadly collapse occurred.

and Todd Russell will give evidence. Tomorrow, rescued miners Brant Webb but that's natural. I think he's a bit uptight, he's wanting it over and done with. I think As well as the collapse, the pair is expected to be quizzed financial pressures it was facing. on the mine's safety record and the

Let's take another look at the Let's take another look at the weather

weather with Tim Bailey our

resident tree harder for the night.

Grade 1, 2, 3 m 4 - I am so much

taller than them - it doesn't

happen very often for May. There is

a great Planet Art initiative on

Friday and Sunday is National Tree

Day. Between Friday and Sunday we

are hoping to plan won the injuries.

Let's have a look at the map of New are hoping to plan won the injuries. Let's have a look at the

South Wales. Let's have a look at the map of New

Tomorrow's forecast up is

officially cold - all of 16 degrees. after being questioned on his mother and sister. over an alleged attack

about the death of Heath Ledger because he's depressed There are reports he lashed out

and is having marriage problems. but Christian Bale's getaway car It's not quite the Batmobile, from the paparazzi did the job of protecting him as he left a London police station. was arrested for assault The fiercely private actor for the European premiere while in town of 'The Dark Knight', the late Heath Ledger. which also stars on the red carpet Monday night, Bale showed no sign of concern his own mother and sister but by then, with police, had filed a complaint in their hotel the day before. claiming he'd assaulted them both knew what was in store Perhaps the 'American Psycho' star

unconvincing interviews judging by his rather leading up to the premiere. you are looking forward And I'm imagining to the London premiere tonight? I am, yeah. both on and offscreen, Known as an intense character has a tumultuous family history - the married father of one but never his mother in interviews. he mentions his late father, denies the allegation. The Batman star says A statement from his solicitors the 4-hour police interview he cooperated fully throughout of the events in question and gave his account before leaving without charge. until September. The actor has been granted bail shooting the new 'Terminator' movie. He's returning to the US to continue Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Golden Girls star Estelle Getty has died aged 84. The actress played an old lady, was one of the youngest on the show. but then in her 60s, It made her a role model for growing old with spirit

and won her a legion of fans.

And two Emmys - that took her 40 years. an overnight success, she quipped, Goodnight. Goodnight, Ma. put a pillow over my face. If I breathe and it bothers you from dementia. The actress had been suffering is set to make is Wallabies debut. Sport now - and Brad, Timana Tahu Test against the All Blacks. Yes, he's on the bench for the against a Canberra Raider. Plus - police lay charges More shortly.

Also - making sacrifices - he tries to make it in the big smoke. a league tough guy's softer side as in the Tour de France. And over the edge in the Alps Much too fast. # I've been everywhere, man... # ALL: (SINGS) # I've been

wireless broadband coverage BigPond - Australia's greatest is now even faster. broadband access for 12 months, Get half price wireless plus a rebate of up to $299 on your wireless device, when you sign up to a 36-month plan with our special offer. I've had my share, man MAN: (SINGS) # Of travel # I've been everywhere... # By in-store or visit # What's a matter? # be back on track. Todd Carney's NRL career appears to their investigation Canberra police ending into the Raiders playmaker against him was withdrawn. after an assault allegation been charged But his team-mate Bronx Goodwin has with two counts of assault after being interviewed by police bar on Sunday night. over alleged incidents at a Canberra suspended indefinitely by the club Both Goodwin and Carney have been pending an internal investigation. Their futures will be decided following consultation coaching staff and playing group. between the club's board, has accepted the blame Sydney Roosters coach Brad Fittler worrying two-match losing streak. for his side's

A candid Fittler believes Sunday's clash with Manly

is a litmus test for the Roosters to the Gold Coast and Canberra. after losses from the coaching staff down. If anything we've been a bit lazy are in reality. This is a great time to see where we three games to Manly The Roosters have lost their last by a combined score of 128 to 8. the Wests Tigers newest cult figure. He's come from nowhere to become and the Tigers Now giant forward Daine Laurie to ensure he's here to stay. are doing all they can

he looks like just another dad. With a beanie and a pram But this is Daine Laurie there's no soft side. and, come the weekend, shove - get away! Trample, bump, push, grind, in February He only arrived from the country and, making his rise more remarkable,

without his family. is Laurie's been doing it and pregnant partner Jamaica Daughter Maylia to watch him wreck the Rabbits. travelled 10 hours from Yamba as Laurie's accommodation, But with a hostel they have to go home. PA: This train is due to depart. behind the yellow lines. Please stand clear than any defensive line. Saying goodbye tougher for Laurie But help is at hand. so that will help him. We're moving them down shortly He's been living in a hostel

doing it a bit - when I say doing it a bit hard, I mean he's been living on his own away from his family. He's had hard times before. It's already been reported he had troubles with the law on the North Coast, but if his first four games are any guide, there's better times ahead and more comparisons. COMMENTATOR: Daine Laurie - looks like a big Yannick Noah. He looks more like Bob Marley. There's a bit of that Gorden Tallis about him - The Tigers don't want Laurie doing interviews yet, preferring him to do his talking on the field. The crowd loves him, we love him too, When we're all stuffed and tired, he seems to come up with a big run and making 20 or 30 metres. He sees a chance to make something for himself and his family and I think he's really keen to grab it and our job's to help him stay on the straight and narrow and do the right thing. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Former league international Timana Tahu is set to become our latest dual international. Tahu will start from the bench in Saturday night's Bledisloe Cup clash with the All Blacks. Fellow league convert Ryan Cross will start a Test for the first time. Ryan Cross posing with family, his smile as broad as the desert he crossed to become the Wallabies' new starting centre. You know, this is the biggest game of my life, for sure. I just can't wait. A switch in codes to join Perth's Western Force today paying a handsome dividend after nine seasons playing league with the Roosters. He's quiet anyway, but I think the nerves are getting to him. Another convert on the cusp of becoming a dual international. It's a big jump going from local rugby to international rugby. for the Waratahs, After an injury-plagued debut season Timana Tahu will start from the bench. I'm excited, yeah. I'm jumping up and down inside. Union's big grab reflected in Wallaby jumpers. Tahu will warm the bench in his first season of rugby.

Former Rooster Cross will wear the No. 13 for the first time. He'll by flanked by two men nurtured by the Brisbane Broncos, Berrick Barnes and 60-Test veteran Lote Tuqiri. The skill sets aren't dissimilar. The leagueies are a bit upset about that, but in the days when they had the money they didn't care about taking our players. George Smith takes over as captain. This is what they're playing for, the Bledisloe Cup,

the most famous trophy in trans-Tasman sport. The All Blacks will have to defend it without their skipper though.

Confirmation today Richie McCaw has been ruled out

with that recurring ankle injury.

"So what?" says McCaw's former coach at the Crusaders ahead of his biggest game at the helm. It's something I've been looking forward to ever since my appointment. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Australian distance runner Craig Mottram has boosted his Olympic chances with an impressive warm-up victory in Sweden. In Europe to finish preparations for the Games, Mottram won the 3,000m, finishing almost a second clear of his Kenyan rival. Mottram's efforts have won praise from injured walker Nathan Deakes who's tipping big things from the Aussie track team. I still feel that we'll come away with a couple of medals as historically we have in the past. Deakes is back home for surgery on the hamstring injury that ruined his Olympic dream.

Cadel Evans remains in touch with the yellow jersey after a gutsy 16th stage of the Tour de France. on tour so far Some of the most spectacular scenery

proved perilous on the descents, of South Africa. especially for John-Lee Augustyn

won the stage, Local hope Sereal Desell in orange while Russian Denis Menchov 30 seconds to Evans and co. fell off the pace, losing more than Just how determined Evans is to win

to clear a path back to his team bus. evident when he headbutted a camera in the Women's NBA in the US. The Sparks were flying today clash with the Detroit Shock. The LA Sparks, to be exact, in their The teams aptly named after a stoush assistant coach ejected. which saw three players and an Candice Parker It all started when LA's tangled and Detroit's Plenette Pierson left in the match. with just five seconds then joining in the melee. Players and coaches was thrown out of the game Detroit assistant coach Rick Mahorn Lisa Leslie. for knocking down the Spark's just who did what. Referees using replays to sort out Ahead in Sports Tonight, the result of Billy Slater's judiciary hearing. Everyone is a bit fired-up. Let's

take another look at the traffic

with Vic. An accident at St Marys with Vic. An accident at St Marys

on the em four. Three cars were

involved right near the exit to St

Marys. These are the traffic delays

here at Prospect. They go all the

way up to Sydney's western suburbs.

It will take an extra 15 to 20

minutes to get home. Open you eyes to beauty. (WOMAN SINGS IN FRENCH) And taste the sublime. Club Noir. a woman wants... # SONG: # Just what Newton-John's official photo album In this issue, see Olivia in America and Peru. of her two weddings exclusively reveals Crown Prince Frederik how he proposed to Mary will last forever. and tells why their marriage talk about sex, passion Bob and Blanche 32 years ago. and becoming lovers We bid Jane McGrath farewell and share her last family photos. And we show you how to create on a budget. a delicious Italian feast a woman wants. # # Just what

We like to do Abid for the

environment. We have got Tim Bailey

hugging trees. Be careful, you

would get but a rash. A i and with

some great kids here at Darlington

public to promote National Tree Day public to promote National Tree Day

on Sunday. All of Australia is

working hard to plant 1 million

trees between Friday and Sunday. I

will keep my end of the bargain

because you're now allowed to play

in the dirt. So you go play in the

dirt and start the planting and I

will tell people what they can do.

The good news is that you get on

the website. The good news is that you get on

the website. What is happening on

Sunday when all of a stray is

getting involved is we will play at

an amazing 1 million trees. The

website will tell you about all the website will tell you about all the website will tell you about al

player parts and 700 schools

getting involved. There will be

free barbecues and face-painting.

Or you have to do is pick up a tree

and played it. We thank AMP, Toyota

and our good friends Planet Art.

and our good friends Planet Art.

There is nothing better than

playing in the dirt. It is a bit

pretty cold day to be in the garden.

It was the cold was not of the year

and last night - 5.5 degrees. It was

was not a good night.-seven at

Lithgow - seven degrees below

average. And Richmond was minus 2 - average. And Richmond was minus 2 -

5 below average. It will be similar

tomorrow. Showers across tomorrow,

overcast conditions right through

to the weekend with the odd trip and drop.

Widespread clad in the

Widespread clad in the east will

generate steady rain in the east in

Queensland and showers elsewhere. A

choral see trough will edge South

bringing rain and wind to south-

east Queensland and north-east New

east Queensland and north-east New

South Wales. Tomorrow rain over far

northern New South Wales. School

treat day he's Friday and Sunday is treat day he's Friday and Sunday is

National Tree Day. One the injuries.

What a great idea.

Playing in the dirt - you forget

how much fun it can be. your tootsies nibbled on by fish. in beauty treatment - It's the latest craze

your tootsies nibbled on by fish. to pay to have was developed in China The fish pedicure

of day spa customers in the US. but is now tickling the fancy the work by eating away dead skin. The tiny carp, or doctor fish, do all It tickle like hell though. It doesn't hurt in any way. the fish never lose their appetite. And apparently I'm Ron Wilson. That's Ten News for now, thanks for your company. And I'm Deborah Knight, throughout the evening. Stay with us. We'll have updates with Sports Tonight at 11.00. And I'll be back with the Late News Goodnight. HI. HEY. HEY. ON MY BABY SHOWER? SO, WHAT'S THE FINAL HEAD COUNT A COUPLE PEOPLE FROM WORK ABOUT 20. WHO HAD SOMETHING ELSE TO DO. SISTERS CALLED BOTH OF YOUR