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Marry me, Taylor. One word. Rick, I don't know what to say. is one word. That's all I need to hear Yes. Say yes. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. A Sydney man punished Shot down in court. Tonight -

for a laser attack on a police chopper.

Industrial warfare - step up their campaign Ambulance officers

for more jobs and better pay. and trying to make ends meet So many couples like us, both ambos

But first - a man who shone after being sentenced in court. has stood open-mouthed with shock

20-year-old a fool, The magistrate branded the to send him to jail. before threatening

walked free from court Zakary Patrick Babet spending six months behind bars. having narrowly avoided He admits he was stupid that got the better of him. and claims it was just curiosity you could have killed people? Do you accept

Are you sorry for what you did? last month, Just days before his 20th birthday

flying over his home. Babet heard the police helicopter a $10 laser pointer he bought He decided to try out

on a recent trip to Thailand. over Bella Vista The police were flying 1,600ft flooded the cabin, when the green light for at least 10 seconds. distracting the crew of three where the light was coming from, where the light was coming fr It took no time to work out pinpointing his home from the air. When police came knocking, said it all. a sign at the family home Zakary admitted: the magistrate said: After Babet pleaded guilty, As he stood to be sentenced, a slap on the wrist of a fine, Babet probably expected to be given to six months jail so when the magistrate sentenced him he was visibly shocked with his mouth wide open. and left standing suspended the jail sentence, The magistrate

had lost his driver's licence noting the apprentice engineer and reckless driving charges. after high-range drink-driving for a year Zakary Babet will have to behave now

or else he could be off to jail. Evan Batten, Ten News. the State Government an ultimatum - Ambulance officers have given

or patients ride for free. either employ more staff by Thursday with a rally outside Parliament. The threat was then backed up are angry at their treatment. Ambulance officers poor staffing levels In particular, a 2.5% pay offer, and plans to close the rescue unit. The Government has 48 hours of 360 extra staff to deliver a guarantee including free rides for patients. or there will be industrial action

Enough is enough. We've had review after review for all of you and I know how frustrating it is

and to the community at large. The Government hopes the Industrial Commission can intervene.

will make a decision The independent umpire will abide by the decision. and the NSW Government are ready to quit. Entire families of paramedics that are both ambos So many couples like us

with kids living in Sydney. and both trying to make ends meet Her husband Cameron is blunt. another career path We're thinking of looking for that makes more money, as ambos. doing something maybe overseas now that World Youth Day is over The rally is proof that big issues still to wrestle with, the State Government has got some but firefighters and police. not just pay for ambulance officers in chief executive Greg Roachford A vote of no-confidence

passed unanimously.

from Martin Place to Parliament House Officers then marched

addressed an upper house inquiry. where union officials administering us now have absolutely no idea what we do. a public gathering like this They can come into and everything looks all rosey and sound all warm and fuzzy on the streets. but they don't know what we do Kevin Wilde, Ten News. At last some good news for drivers - to $1.40 a litre the price of petrol could fall by the end of the year. by the end of next week and much more to expect trouble And oil companies are being warned if they don't pass on the savings. has driven motorists to despair, The skyrocketing cost of fuel but finally there's relief in sight. down US$16 a barrel in the past week, A record plunge in the price of oil, real savings at the pump. is expected to deliver in trading history. It was the biggest 4-day slide It is good news for motorists. the national average price, We're expecting that which is currently at $1.63 a litre, over the next week. is expected to fall by 10-13 cents At that rate, Sydney motorists, for unleaded today, who paid an average $1.56 a litre

would pay just over $1.40, the price could fall even further - and experts say by the end of the year - to a $1.30 a litre continues to wane if US demand for oil

and the Aussie dollar remains strong.

by the end of next week The savings are expected to kick-in if possible, and analysts are advising motorists, to fill up sparingly until then. I've got three young children so, yeah, the shopping trolley these days and everything is expensive if something goes down in price. so it would be nice it will continue to monitor prices The ACCC has warned on any oil company and will come down hard that doesn't pass on the savings. and, hopefully, ..but I know public pressure having enough power the petrol commissioner will see that occur at the pump. to reduce its dependence on oil The NRMA has called on the Government of the electric car. and fast-track the development Belinda Heggen, Ten News. drop in fuel prices, Despite the forecast another 'go-slow' tomorrow morning, truckies will mount the Hume Highway and M5 motorway. this time earlier this month It will be like the go-slow on the F3 by the spiralling cost of fuel. which was sparked earlier this month. that travelled along the F3 Drivers say meeting increasing demands from major supermarkets is putting their safety at risk. The convoy will begin at 6:00am at Sutton Forest, travel in one lane north along the Hume Highway to Crossroads at Casula. One of the world's most wanted war criminals has been caught,

after a manhunt lasting more than a decade.

Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic has been dubbed the Osama bin Laden of Europe, after masterminding the worst massacre since World War II. They celebrated on the streets of Sarajevo as word of the arrest began to spread. The announcement came late at night on Serbian TV - a statement from the President confirming Radovan Karadzic had been taken into custody. The wartime Bosnian Serb leader had been in hiding since 1996 after he was charged with genocide and crimes against humanity. The victims - more than 7,000 Muslim men and boys massacred by his troops in the town of Srebrenica and thousands more civilians, shot and shelled, in the siege of Sarajevo. It definitely gives some hope for the families of the victims that the justice is going to be served. The arrest of Radovan Karadzic is, I hope, the chance for a new beginning in the region. According to his lawyer, Karadzic was arrested on a bus in Serbia. It's claimed his hideout had been under surveillance for weeks after a tip-off from foreign spies. Karadzic is being held inside the war crimes court in Belgrade where supporters gathered in protest, several were arrested. Authorities now hope to extradite the 63-year-old to The Hague to face a UN criminal tribunal. His arrival should happen in the near future. at which point he will have an initial appearance before the judges. The high-profile arrest is seen as a sign Serbia is prepared to cooperate with the UN, boosting its chances of acceptance into the European Union. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Police are aking for help to solve the violent robbery of two pilgrims in Sydney's west, that left one with a broken jaw. The 25-year-old from Samoa says he was attacked by four men and two women on Dawn Fraser Drive at Homebush early Saturday morning. His 31-year-old friend, also from Samoa, suffered minor facial injuries but managed to escape.

Police want information about a black dual-cab utility, The Pope is back at home in the Vatican visit to Sydney. after his World Youth Day The chartered Qantas flight landed in Rome this morning. the two Australian pilots Benedict XVI thanked who flew the Australian version of 'Shepherd One' to Italy. The pontiff spent nine days in Sydney for the Catholic celebration.

Working fathers are crying out for a fair go.

The Sex Discrimination Commissioner has just finished a 12 month 'listening tour' of the nation,

and says dads want family friendly hours, but fear damaging their careers. From the corporate office to the factory floor it's fathers who are now feeling the pressure. A national review reveals they find it harder than women to access flexible work hours so they can help out at home. Those that did complained of being relegated to the 'daddy track'. They're seen not as a serious player, so you're not a serious player, you're not committed to the workplace, therefore should be promoted? And, look, it's the same issue that women come up against as well. Michael Ullmer does work flexible hours. He believes managers need to show the way. The reality, of course, is that people who work flexible hours part-time are often far more productive than people who work in full-time roles. Even those yet to enter the workforce know the biggest hurdles are still faced by women. Rather than having it all there's a sense that women are doing it all. The review found the Australian workforce remains far from equal. Women earn just 84 cents to every dollar their male counterparts bring home. For part-time workers it's much less. Only a handful of women occupy the top jobs in our top 200 companies, and 28% of women are complaining about being sexually harassed. One woman told she was working in a supermarket, she was on the check-out and she was asked to wear a see-through top. A national phone survey hopes to identify our most sexist industries, like email and whether modern technologies are adding to the problem. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. Ahead in sport with Brad McEwan, League is in shambles tonight. Where do I start? Well, two clubs have players under investigation over nightclub fights. Plus, more brawling on-field as well. a referee has been dropped for a send-off described as the biggest joke in rugby league history, the fallout from this firey game widespread And action Jackson as Lauren leads our Olympic women's basketball team into boot camp with the army. Also, the trans-Tasman clash

that features Kiwi coach against Kiwi coach. Dr Jayant Patel walks free from a Brisbane watchhouse, we'll have more on that next. Also tonight - a kiss for Cate, the star actress supports the launch of a book about the PM's election success. And the Shark let's his British Open secret out of the bag. you got a happy heart. I think when you got a happy mind, When everything's reallu great and in synch a lot of things flow better than what you would expect.

(GUITAR PLAYS) WOMAN: (SINGS) # We are, we are TWO WOMEN: # We are, we are ALL: # We are, we are # The fresh food people # We are, we are # We are the fresh food people # Australians are fresh food people # We are fresh food people # Fresh food people # Australia... # VOICEOVER: Australians are truly the world's fresh food people. # We are # We are, we are # The fresh food people... # But sometimes you can't grow it or pick it or catch it. Mum, I found it! And that's where we come in. Avocados. # Woolworths, the fresh food people. #

The family of a Sydney woman who was murdered in six years ago has made a heart-felt plea for any witnesses to come forward. Patricia Sagban was 36 when her ex-husband found her dead in a half-filled bath tub with injuries to her neck and head. the family has found it difficult to move on. We just wan to really find out what really happened with Patricia because until now we don't have any answer. Police are particularly interested in a person who's contacted Crime Stoppers previously,

and want them to call again. An inquest into the death begins next month.

The Rudd Government claims it's already halfway there But the States are warning they'll seek compensation if changes to private health insurance drive more patients to their hospitals. Kevin Rudd launched a new book on his winning campaign this morning. It's you! I recognised you. A key election promise was to immediately pump $150 million into State hospitals to cut elective surgery queues. 25,000 extra procedures in the first year was the target. 14,000 have now been performed. To be able to then already get to 55% of the procedures that we're committed to is really excellent work. State health ministers are already concerned over increasing demands on their hospitals, with possibly more to come as many people are allowed to abandon private health insurance. that it has had such an impact, then I'll be the first to put up my hand to say we should be compensated for that. We expect that the Australian healthcare agreement will be flexible enough to ensure the States are appropriately remunerated for any increase in demand. Not looking so healthy - Brendan Nelson's hold on the Liberal leadership, thanks to relentless speculation that former treasurer Peter Costello will remain in Parliament and be pressed into the top job. Would Dr Nelson stand aside to let it happen? Maybe. I'm certainly not going to talk about hypotheticals in the future, but I am very determined that I will lead the Liberal Party and the Opposition to the next election. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Aussie golfer Greg Norman has jumped 480 places in world rankings

after his surprise performance in the British Open. And speaking with his new wife Chris Evert, the Shark says it was all due to her love and support.

A new love and a new lease on the golf course - Greg Norman's surprise and stunning form during the British Open all due to that fuzzy feeling.

I think when you've got a happy mind you've got a happy heart. When everything's feeling great and in sync, a lot of things flow better than you'd expect. While the 53-year-old relived an all too familiar heartbreak by going into the final as leader and finishing third, he's still number one with wife of three weeks Chris Evert. At the end of the day my performance was something I was very, very proud of, and to have Chrissy beside me to experience different grass - normally she's used to that tightly cut grass of Wimbledon. of the British Open. She got the really high grass His new bride's home skills are helping on the green. If I do anything I provide a relaxed environment for him, but at the same time and hit the shots. he's the one who has to go out there The way I figure it, it could have worked the other way. He could have been very relaxed and maybe not focused and not caring about his golf and he could have had a disastrous tournament. The Shark says the former tennis champion has also helped him move on from the disappointing loss. We can relate to it in a tremendous fashion. She actually helped me this morning in a great way this morning by getting me over the hump of, you know, "Don't carry the burden with you and move on." Thoughts have shifted to the next tournament, but surely not far from each other. Summer Burke, Ten News.

Tonight he is called in some X had

to juggle his skill.

We are talking Talaton, we are

talking fit and strong. Look at

talking fit and strong. Look a

this. One arm to power. Fabulous

staff. We are backstage at Cirque

de Soleil. We have some colour and

movement to show you tonight. The

girls have win a smile and killer

strain. The show is something to be strain. The show is something to be

sane, we will tell you all about it

later in the Bulla turn. Will show

you cite your eyes will get but

your mind might not. What about

that chill out there? 15 degrees.

The Somerley made it seem like 13.

The airport got certain degrees, The airport got certain degrees,

fall below average. The cold as it

has been in the year.

Life backstage at Circus Life backstage at Circus mack -

Cirque de Soleil.. Up next - case closed. The McCanns no longer suspects in Maddie's disappearance. We welcome the news today although it's no cause for celebration.

And bringing the house down - Behind the scenes at the final Big Brother party. (CHEERING)

This program is captioned live.

You're watching the news. Time to

check on the traffic. Problems out

at North Mead? In mind a car has

broken down right Meir James Ruse

Drive. The traffic at the moment

both lanes crawling. You can see

what it has done to peak-hour

traffic back into Parramatta. With

those schools going back today, we

are noticing more traffic.

Sworn enemies Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai shook hands and smiled for the cameras after signing an agreement to hold talks on power sharing. We shall be doing this as Zimbabweans, entirely as Zimbabweans, with the help of South Africa. South African President Thabo Mbeki negotiated the apparently good-humoured first meeting between the Zimbabwean President and the Opposition Leader in a decade. The parents of missing British toddler, Madeleine McCann, have been cleared as official suspects in their daughter's disappearance. But they're devastated Portuguese police have closed the case, with the mystery still unsolved. Free from suspicion, but still trapped by grief. We welcomed the news today although it is no cause for celebration. But surely one for relief.

In the baffling case of Madeleine McCann, police have finally cleared her parents or arguido, status along with Robert Murat, who had a property in Portugal near the resort where the toddler went missing 14 months ago. It's hard to describe

how utterly despairing it was to be named arguidos and subsequently portrayed in the media as suspects in our own daughter's abduction and worse. With no more suspects and no more leads, police have shelved the entire investigation.

Madeleine's parents believe detectives may have found her

if they weren't so busy investigating them.

The case steered offcourse last September, when DNA evidence was taken from the McCann's holiday flat and their hire car. Those samples were sent straight to Britain

to the leading forensics team here which services most police forces in the UK, They were the ones to suggest Madeleine's body was indeed in the McCann's apartment and car in the weeks after her disappearance, a suggestion it now seems the Portugese police were wrong to rely upon. The McCann's private investigators will be given access to the evidence files by the end of the week. We can assure you, we would never give up on Madeleine. It's not good reputations they care about getting back, it's their daughter.

In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. ASIC has announced its taking legal action against fuel technology company against fuel technology comp Firepower for misleading investors. The corporate watchdog claims

the company sold shares without fully disclosing the risks. It raised millions of dollars from about 1,400 investors. Owner Tim Johnston then went on a high-profile spending spree, pumping millions into sports sponsorship, including buying the Sydney Kings basketball team. But the company ran out of funds, the Sydney Kings folded and Johnston fled overseas.

To the BankWest finance and the Australian share market recovered from early losses today.

Batman star, Christian Bale, has been accused of assaulting his mother and sister. The story emerged while the star was in London for the premiere of 'The Dark Knight'. British tabloid, The Sun, claims police are preparing to question the actor over the alleged attack. The paper says the star's mother and sister complained to police, after he lashed out at a London hotel on Sunday night. After eight years, 146 housemates, and plenty of headlines,

Big Brother has been evicted. The final winner also made history as the oldest contestant to take home the prizemoney. There was only one way to bid farewell to 'Big Brother' and that was with a big bash.

The happiest person in the room was 52-year-old Terri Munro -

$250,000 richer with her place in television history guaranteed as the oldest and last 'Big Brother' winner. I'm still really overwhelmed. It's amazing here. Fast forward to this morning was busy adjusting to her new fame, and the powerhouse gran doing back-to-back interviews with no sleep.

How do you think your workmates are going to react?

I already know - I rang them this morning! Some of them were crying... Terri has no plans to quit the supermarket job she's had for 26 years, just to cut back on the hours a bit so she can travel. But for others, last night signalled the end of a very long relationship with 'Big Brother'. I don't know what I'm going to do on Sunday night now. I've watched every episode. Because it's my favourite show. Housemates from previous years joined in the finale, including bum-dancing queen Sara-Marie Fedele. I always say, "I loved who I was before 'Big Brother'." 'Big Brother's given me a lot of opportunity but I would also say that I gave my personality to 'Big Brother' so it evens itself out. With the bed stripped and no-one around, an eerie silence has descended on the 'Big Brother' house, and with no new housemates due in, well, any time,

it's now set to cement its place in television history and become a tourist attraction. Unless, of course, one day 'Big Brother' returns. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Up next, Larry Knight's wife gives evidence on the opening day of the Beaconsfield mine inquest. Also - look out!

The lucky diner who walked away from this, with just a scratch. I got shot at in Vietnam, I jumped out of airplanes, but I never had nothing like that happen to me. (LAUGHING)

And feeling lucky? Oz Lotto's record $50 million bonanza.

Morning, girls. Oh, no, thanks, Alice. We've just had breakfast. What a shame. More for me!


New Holden Colorado... ..powerful turbo diesel... ..with 3-tonne towing capacity on 4x4. Tough has a new name -

This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - the price of petrol could fall by as much as 15 cents a litre by the end of next week after recent big falls in the price of crude oil. The ACCC has warned oil companies to expect trouble if they don't pass on savings to motorists. Ambulance officers have given the State Government a 48-hour ultimatum. They're demanding an extra 300 officers be promised by Thursday or patients will ride for free. Hundreds of officers protested outside Parliament House today over pay and staffing levels. And a man who shone a laser at a police helicopter in Sydney's north-west has been threatened with jail by a magistrate. 20-year-old Zakary Patrick Babet was eventually fined $1,500. The widow of Larry Knight, the man killed in the Beaconsfield mine collapse, has told of her grief at the opening of the inquest into her husband's death. Jacquie Knight says she hopes the inquiry will prevent others from suffering a similar fate. For Larry Knight's widow, Jacqui, and brother, Shane, the start of the coronial inquest is the latest and most important part of their search for answers. In a statement, read on Jacqui's behalf by the family's lawyers, she spoke of her pain. "I simply don't want any other mining family "to experience the pain that we have experienced."

Lawyers for the mine's management told the court that while there had been rock falls deep below Beaconsfield in the months prior to Larry Knight's death, all possible safety checks had been made. They said the collapse on Anzac Day in 2006 was caused by a massive unforeseeable seismic event. The mine's lawyers then raised concerns that some senior miners, who heroically rescued Todd Russell and Brant Webb, were now being blamed for the collapse. The question is being asked, "Was anyone to blame?" And we are saying quite clearly, "No."

In a surprise move, withdrew from the inquest, lawyers for Beaconsfield Gold saying they would only return to support and cross-examine senior mine management. The family are disappointed by what transpired today. Beaconsfield Gold, which had attempted to shut down the inquest earlier this month, says it has no more evidence to give, and its involvement will only distress the family more. We don't see that our being there to cross-examine witnesses would in any way ease their difficulty though this process. The inquest will move to Beaconsfield tomorrow, where coroner Rod Chandler will examine the area where Larry Knight died. In Launceston, James Wakelin, Ten News.

I cannot see balancing on one arm,

but you can come up with an umbrella trick?

Would it this girl, she is one of

the star performance. What she can

do with an umbrella. It is all

about the fate, she will juggle

another one. Or she must be... I another one. Or she must be... I

think it is called Good old-fashion think it is called Good old-fashion

showing off. We will go inside the big

big top at 5-6. What about the weather

. Cirque de Soleil, going all the

way through to September in this

fine city avows. That is called

showing off big time, in front of showing off big time, in front showing off big time, in front of

half a million people. You've only got about 20 minutes left to buy a ticket in tonight's record $50 million Oz Lotto draw. That's $30 change. Good luck! When there's 50 million big ones up for grabs it's no wonder every man and his dog was out today buying Oz Lotto tickets. It's the second jackpot in as many months, equalling the biggest advertised offer in any Australian lottery. So much cash. Very difficult to comprehend

I don't think anyone has any idea what to do with $50 million.

You could buy more than one of Mel Gibson's island in Fiji. If that doesn't suit then there's always the highest priced home in Australia - Craig-y-mor on Sydney Harbour. Or for the adventurous, a Lear jet would set you back around $10 million. One trying his luck tonight is 90-year-old Daniel Buckley, his name's hopefully no barrier. I've got Buckley's chance. You may think the pilgrims took over Sydney, but today it's the punters. At least here at Mitchum's newsagency in Cabramatta, which sold one of the last jackpot tickets back in June. Queues all day at what Lotteries New South Wales considers one of the luckiest stores in the luckiest suburbs in Sydney. We're going to to do it again, it won't be freakish, we're going to do it again. So you'll win if you buy your ticket in here?

I think it's lucky shop. I'm hoping this is my turn to buy. If it doesn't go off the jackpot should reach $60 million. Joshy Murphy, Ten News, One man who should go out and buy himself a lottery ticket

is American Kenneth Anderson He was sitting reading the newspaper when the vehicle crashed through the cafe window, slamming him into the counter. After grabbing his cap,

Kenneth managed to free himself and walked away through the debris. I jumped out of airplanes. But I never had nothing like that happen to me. Doctors were amazed to discover he suffered only cuts and bruises. The 60-year-old driver says she blacked out moments before losing control. Sport now with Brad,

and ill-feeling spills over in the Dragons-Storm game. the referee sacked and players cited. Yes, it's a game that seen Ahead, the fallout from a firey, and at times, farcial night at the footy. What! You don't send somebody off for that! And on goes the war paint as our Olympic women's basketball team does it tough in a pre-Games boot camp.

Same age. Same income. Her fund does not pay commissions to financial advisors. Her fees are lower.

Make sure your super fund carries this symbol.

MAN: This is a 2005 Ford Courier. It's been serviced by the book. Shocks are a month old. Fully loaded, it weighs 2871 kilogram,

tyres are inflated to 33 psi, and the ground clearance at the front is 250 millimetres, and only 210mm at the back.

This program is captioned live. Referee Gavin Badger has been sacked for wrongly sending off Dragons forward Jason Ryles in last's firey loss to the Storm. Ryles was cleared by the judiciary today

but two players, including Billy Slater, have been cited over a wild brawl. It was the shameful send-off that had the league world talking. COMMENTATOR: Jason Ryles has been sent! about the controversial footsy, the talking didn't extend to the Dragons. Jason Ryles just about to let fans know of his relief at not being charged when Nathan Brown pulled down the shutters. Nothing. The coach's gag came out for Ben Hornby too, mid-sentence. Yeah, he obviously feels that's what happened so... ..yep.

At least rival coaches and players

were able to share their thoughts on the send-off.

Well, I would say it's very ordinary, yeah. He won't get suspended. If he does I'll wear a tutu next week. Late today referee Gavin Badger was declared in the wrong by his boss and was dumped from first grade. As a young referee he needs to learn from that. Even before the Ryles send-off things were spiralling out of control.

Three players sin-binned - Storm fullback Billy Slater now faces a 2-match ban and Dragons forward Beau Scott one match for contrary conduct. One coach reckons infamous grapple-tackle tactics. the aggro stems from Melbourne's Capping a spiteful few days, all eight Toyota Cup players charged over this brawl have accepted early guilty pleas. Adam Hawse, Ten News.

Canberra Raiders playmaker Todd Carney is in trouble again and alongside team-mate Bronx Goodwin has been stood down indefinitely by the club. Police are investigating incidents at a Canberra nightclub which occurred in the early hours of yesterday morning. Disappointing. The players are disappointed. The club is disappointed, but again, we can't Sydney too much until we work out whether they are allegations or whether there's much to them. Meanwhile, the Bulldogs are investigating fighting allegations at a Cronulla nightclub which some of their players were attending. Meanwhile, League is facing the potential embarrassment of the trans-Tasman netball grand final at Acer Arena out-drawing the adjacent Bulldogs/Dragons at Sydney Olympic Park. The New South Wales Swifts will be facing Waikato Magic after the Kiwi's beat Adelaide by two points overnight. The tickets were on sale for only two hours yesterday and we sold 8,000. That was before we knew about our opposition, so given how many Kiwis live in Sydney, I'm not going to be surprised if it's over 10.

The Swifts have had the wood on Magic recently, they've won their past two clashes but only by one and three points. The Wallabies have lost Skipper Stirling Mortlock for Saturday night's Bledisloe Cup match against the Wallabies. He's still suffering from concussion. George Smith will lead the side. Both teams were today playing down coaching scenario. the Kiwi versus Kiwi Ever since New Zealander Robbie Deans was named Wallabies coach, this week was pencilled in as a marketer's dream, but any talk of Australia having inside information or the All-Blacks looking for revenge on Deans for his defection was non-existent, both teams giving away nothing. Just because he's our coach doesn't mean that we suddenly feel a lot bigger and stronger. There is a media interest and public interest in this situation and it's obvious and that's good. I think that gives it more edge, but from my point of view, I've got to concentrate on what I have to do. Another loss for Henry would further cripple his reputation with the New Zealand public, who are reportedly death-riding the All-Blacks in hope of getting a new coach.

On the field All Blacks skipper Richie McCaw looks to be set to return prematurely from an ankle injury.

He's been named for the Test, provided he can prove his fitness. I think he's a 50/50, really. We'll just see how he progresses for the rest of the week. Why wouldn't you? He's their captain, their leader,

and I wouldn't be surprised to see him out there. Rob Canning, Ten News. Opals Captain Lauren Jackson, is leading her team through an army boot camp on the Gold Coast, in preparation for Bejiing. The three day bonding exercise is designed to unite the squad, which is shooting for Australia's first Olympic basketball gold medal. The Opals may have been polished into shape,

but the camp is taking its toll on the weary squad.

Letters check the traffic Letters check the traffic now.

Problems on Parramatta Road?

There was a smash near the junction

of Church Street and Parramatta

Road. He goes all the way down to

Albarn and gravel. You can see

headlights through there. I would

suggest the M four even though it

looks heavy, it improves out

towards prospect. It is a great towards prospect. It is a great run

over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the north Tim Bailey's run off to join the circus. Stay with us. WOMAN: I find it helpful to have a list written down. One of my medications is a generic. Generic medicines? Yeah. Chemist offers them to me sometimes. but the active ingredients that you need are correct. VOICEOVER: Generic medicines are an equal choice. Ask your doctor, pharmacist Brought to you by:

Twist, twist, twist.

Twist of real fruit. This is a good thing. I know this. ANNOUNCER: Nestea - delicious iced tea with a twist of real fruit. And I thought, "Well, that's nice. "They've gave me a choice." And if you can get a generic medicine that suits you, Generic medicines are an equal choice. Call NPS Medicines Line This program is captioned live. Dr Jayant Patel is a free man. He was released in Brisbane a short time ago after finally posting bail. The surgeon spent four months in custody in the US and 1.5 days in the Brisbane watch-house before he was released. He walked out the front door of the courthouse with his lawyer after posting $20,000 surety and meeting all bail conditions. his cash deposit and is now on bail. Mr Patel has fulfilled He will be going out to an undisclosed residential location and we must now start preparing his defence,

once he has recovered from his sleep and gets a bit of rest. We ask that you respect his privacy and try and leave him in peace, and he won't be making any public statements or answering any questions until the trial is very well over and nor will I be making any public statements now after today. Queensland taxpayers will foot the estimated $3 million bill to accommodate Patel until his trial.

All the weather details and coming

from our ringmaster in the Grand

Chapiteau. The big tent. Chapiteau. The big tent.

Grand Chapiteau, it has a nice ring

to it. This is a wonderful show.

Cirque de Soleil, they are always

on the ball. Have a

. There goes down the say so. We

urge you not to try this at home,

they are warming up for tonight's

show. They are taking their own

time about it. Underneath the Big

Top, the ball rolling. Here they go.

A little bit of pounds per ounce in A little bit of pounds per ounce in

the weather tonight. Cirque de

Soleil, this internationally famous

circus group is in a stir till

September then on to the camera and

the rest of the nation. Check their

website at - for tickets. It really

is an experience. You get up and

close to these wonderful athletes

and brilliant show. There is going and brilliant show. There is g to and brilliant show. There is going

to be a little bit of action up

high. It is very hard to be a

ringmaster. They do not speak

Tasmanian and my Chinese is not

that good. The weather today was a

chilly, as you may have a notice.

Around a certain degrees but felt

more like 10, put that down to the

wind. It Blewitt 50 kilometres per hour.

hour. 13 degrees at the airport. It

is the cold as it has been in a

year. For the next four to five

days, I would love to go or to say

we are going to get to higher

temperatures than 16 degrees but

there would be fibbing. 16 is all we

we see with a few showers and right

through to the weekend. We are

always on the ball here at Network

Ten. That is about . Cloud is blanketing Queensland true

true to a trough, bringing rain too

much of this they particularly in

the north. Low cloud over Victoria

from south-westerly winds and south

of the coast.

A trough will combine with tropical

moisture have to generate heavy

rain in the East. Widespread of

morning frost to the South East in

land. Grain over much of Queensland,

heavy in the East, showers over at

least New South Wales and eastern

Victoria. Showers clearing from

Tasmania, showers clearing over

south-west Western Australia.

Cirque de Soleil is the big act at

the entertainment quarter at Fox

studio. That his hand I caught a

nation at its very best. Tickets

are available on their website

Ortega take. Your mind will not be Ortega take. Your mind will not be

believe what you arise as saying.

From Grand Chapiteau, City tomorrow night.

You have been to see the show?

It is very good, better than his That's Ten News for now, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. Stay with is, we'll have updates throughout the evening. with Sports Tonight at 10:30. And I'll be back with the Late News