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(generated from captions) to your son is beautiful. I think your commitment It's a pleasure to watch. It's a pleasure to be around. You're a pleasure to be around. by a lot of people, I'm not impressed

but I'm impressed by you. I'm very impressed. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - World Youth Day wraps up. before waving goodbye to Sydney. The Pope meets sex abuse victims

a sincere and heartfelt thank-you. To all of you I say fly home with fond memories. Mass exodus - exhausted pilgrims Thanks for making me feel at home. I really enjoyed myself. And facing justice - to front an Australian court Dr Jayant Patel flies in for the first time. Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Also, the Sydney father to paedophile Dennis Ferguson. who's offered his home And so near, yet so far -

comes to an end at the British Open. Greg Norman's fairytale run But heading Ten News - back to Rome tonight Pope Benedict XVI is on his way for a warm welcome. after thanking Sydney

the pontiff had a private mass Before he flew out, by the clergy, with victims of sexual abuse of World Youth Day volunteers. and addressed the thousands He came, he saw and he conquered. Pope Benedict is on his way home, a religious renaissance. but he leaves behind The 81-year-old arrived in Sydney crippled by controversy. with the Catholic Church of World Youth Day worshippers, Over nine days, with the help he rekindled the faith. you have extended a warm welcome In characteristic Australian style and to countless young pilgrims to me from every corner of the globe. who have flocked here to victims of church sexual abuse, Two days after his historic apology of their horror, the pontiff heard first-hand accounts

before they shared a private mass. the pain will never go away. For some, though, that have met with him today I respect the victims in their journey and I hope that it helps them represent other victims. and I would hope that they somehow the Church has hand-picked them. I very much doubt it, given of people There are many, many hundreds

wanting to meet the Pope that have contacted me all of them. but I wasn't able to accommodate in the Popemobile Time today for one last, slower ride at the Domain. to thank 8,000 volunteers Vatican media say just what the job was all about. Sydney helped the Pope learn was prayer time His most moving moment at the tomb of Mother Mary MacKillop.

is only a matter of time, he said. Her elevation to sainthood But his highlights came

'boat-acade' arrival at Barangaroo, during Super Thursday's and the 400,000-strong final mass. then the candelit vigil at Randwick the people of Australia. May God bless

the Prime Minister. The festival of faith obviously moved

Indeed you have become one of us. You have already become one with us. with the Vatican, Ensuring a stronger bond Mr Rudd has appointed Tim Fischer to the Holy See. the first Australian ambassador but so too the crew of Flight 6035. Pressure for him, for the trip. You prepare tremendously to do this I mean, it's a great honour to go right. and you want absolutely everything

at various times in my life I've been very lucky

carrying different people around, honours I've ever had, but this is one of the greatest to be able to fly the Pope. version of 'Shepherd One' First-class in this Australian has been reserved for the pontiff, of the 20-hour flight where over the course from the Qantas premium menu. he'll enjoy specially prepared meals went the Flying Kangaroo. Into the heavens was a harbour city The view from above into a holy land. the Pope had helped transform

Frank Coletta, Ten News. are the World Youth Day pilgrims, Also flying out of Sydney today heading home hundreds of thousands of them to all corners of the globe. is at the international airport. Ten reporter Josh Murphy Josh, how's it looking out there?

A There is quite a

A There is quite a more here at

Sydney airport. It has been one of

the airport's busiest days.

Tomorrow will also be busy, people

have been warned to let more time

to get here. Today there are a lot

of tired pilgrims, are a lot of sad of tired pilgrims, are a lot of sad

to an pilgrims, but the party had to come

farewelling new friends For many pilgrims today was about and thanking Sydney. I really enjoyed myself. I love Sydney! Among the heavy luggage and hugs there was the haka too.

Just saying the haka to show respect just not this many. Sydney airport is used to goodbyes,

Move this way for me. busiest days ever, It's one of the terminal's

with 26,000 departures, for a lie-down. but there was still room on the aeroplane. I think we'll get some sleep And who can blame them as they left the final mass? after all that walking yesterday our transport network coped. Slowly but surely, was dubbed the best ever. The organisation of the Olympics compared similarly by our leaders. This World Youth Day has been

Sydney, a stunning success. Cologne imploded. their most well organised event. And for police, The planning that went into this I think is solid, it was good,

it was an outstanding success. and I think overall

to the relief of frustrated drivers. Most of the roads have now reopened, and cooperated so well, They stepped up as indeed they have in the past.

industry has also been vital, The cooperation of the racing at Randwick Racecourse. with repairs now under way is being removed The protective covering and so is the rubbish.

. Quite a bit of cleaning up to do

at racecourse - at when we. 110,000 international visitors came to

international visitors came to

Sydney and 113,000 Australians also

made the pilgrimage. All up in

excess of $100 million spent, a boost for the is in a Brisbane jail tonight Dr Jayant Patel from America. after being dramatically extradited His lawyers are trying to have the surgeon released on bail as he prepares to face charges of surgical manslaughter and grievous bodily harm.

Doctor Jayant Patel was brought back to Brisbane, hidden in economy class. There was a curtain around his seat, the whole row. He had this whole section. For 13 hours, he rested beside two Queensland police officers. You're not allowed to film on the plane. But there was nowhere to hide once he was back on Australian soil. He just didn't have any expression on his face. Didn't look too worried at all.

His convoy of police cars and motorbikes was tracked from the air and the ground as 58-year-old Patel in a backseat with his head in his hand

on his way to the watch house. Waiting for him, the media and former patients who have spent three years and four months hoping to see him in court. We never gave up hope that this day would happen. Bit edgy waiting to see what happens. Patel - who was chief surgeon at the Bundaberg Hospital - faces 14 charges including three of manslaughter.

Judy Kemp's husband was one of his alleged victims. It is a big step forward and justice will be done.

They've been counting the days since Patel was arrested more than four months ago in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, so they know better than most that this is going to be a long road. As expected Patel has applied for bail. We know it can be a very lengthy process. We are all prepared for that.

Just have to take things one step at a time. What the alleged victims don't what is for the case to be thrown out over claims Patel can't get a fair trial. Leisa Roles, Ten News. Queensland paedophile Dennis Ferguson has been invited to live in Sydney. An activist for prisoner rights says Ferguson is welcome to stay with him and his two children, but his neighbours and the Premier are adamant he's not welcome.

He's been hounded from town to town across Queensland.

Now convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson may find a haven in Sydney's inner west. I don't have any concern at all.

The truth of it is sex-offending happens everywhere. Activist Brett Collins lives in Lewisham

and says there's room at his home, with his 12-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter. I don't doubt

Dennis would actually work very easily, very smoothly with our family. But residents are furious at the prospect Dennis Ferguson may live next door.

Bit uneasy, I suppose, 'cause my kids are a little bit older. You'd be a little more careful. I won't be throwing out the welcome mat. The Marrickville mayor accepts that Ferguson has to live somewhere. Repeat offenders like Dennis Ferguson, we just don't want them here.

They could pitch a tent in the middle of the outback and send him there and we'd be fine with that. The Justice Action Group is also offering a paid job as a cleaner in their office, paying him the award wage. Queensland authorities say Dennis Ferguson is a free man, so, technically, it is possible he could end up living here in Lewisham, but they say it's best to understand this invitation as nothing more than a publicity stunt. It's a publicity stunt that could backfire if Ferguson takes up the offer. Dennis Ferguson is your type of offender who will groom children. They are very manipulative,

they know how to get around the system, they know how to groom adults. The furore in Queensland has forced police to again move Ferguson to a secret location ahead of the appeal tomorrow. The DPP is expected to argue

he should answer more child sexual assault charges. Evan Batten, Ten News. In sport with Brad McEwan, Greg Norman couldn't come up with a final magical round.

Yes, he missed out on a fairytale ending at the British Open. With his new bride watching on, the Shark slowly slid from the number one spot on the leaderboard.

It could have been the day Greg Norman became the oldest player ever, at age 53, to win the British Open. Instead, the Great White Shark sank in the final stages, chalking up yet another near-miss Major.

COMMENTATOR: It's just started to trickle away from Greg Norman. Well, you know, I can stand here now and say, "Yeah, I'm disappointed." Where does it rank on those? Probably not as high as some of the other ones, that's for sure, because, quite obviously, I've surprised a lot of people. Including the winner. His demeanour and his response to all my good shots on the golf course was just tremendous. Hundreds of Aussie fans lining the course

were thrilled he led the field at all. Never thought - I thought those days were behind us. I am surprised, but, you know, you can't keep a champion down. It's been quite a few years, but he's a great player. He obviously feels rejuvenated. Norman's wife of three weeks, Chris Evert, held her breath for every shot. Clearly forgiving him for playing golf on their honeymoon, the tennis ace stood out in the crowd with her ball-sized diamond ring. Marrying a fellow sport star certainly seems to have been very good for his game. Greg Norman even asked his new wife to help diversify his training regime in the lead-up to this event, playing less golf and more tennis. I'm very happy with my life. It's balanced. It's nice to have a balanced life. He has signed up for the senior British Open in Scotland next week. That's it - I don't plan on playing any more golf after that for a while. I don't have any in my schedule. Except maybe a second honeymoon. At the British Open, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. And shortly in sport, rugby league's all-in brawl that's seen the NRL cite eight players. Plus, the amazing story behind the Aussie who conquered the Alps to claim a stage win in the Tour de France. And a further blow for the Australian Olympic team, with another of our medal ho forced to pull out

of the Beijing Games. Up next - the $60 million solution to Sydney's energy needs.

Also tonight - mums-to-be abandoned. Angry scenes as they fight to save their maternity ward. It's frightening to think you could be stuck on the side of the highway giving birth. And the teenage boy convincing the world to help save lives.

You've got three. So far I've signed up about 11,000 donors and saved four lives.

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This program is captioned live.

Another incredible hospital bungle has sparked a furious protest by expectant mothers. They've been forced to find somewhere else to have their babies because their maternity ward has been shut. They're about to give birth and in need of care. Instead they feel abandoned, after their busy maternity ward in the Blue Mountains without warning. was virtually shut down It's terrifying to think you're going to be stuck on the side of the highway giving birth. Tanya's due on Friday and, like 60 other expectant mothers, she now faces at least an hour's drive to the nearest hospital. I was scared to start with, so, you know, it's incredibly scary and nerve-racking. I find it absolutely detestable. I know the roads here -

the traffic jams can be absolutely, unbelievably bad. We absolutely regret disruption to people's lives. It is not something we would intend or had planned for. That's the problem. As more specialist staff resigned, no-one planned anything until health managers were forced to take drastic last-minute action and shut the ward. I think this is absolutely the most revolting way to treat a human being.

On Wednesday, mums-to-be were still being given tours

through the birthing centre of this hospital. The last thing they expected was the next day to be told it would close. There's human beings who have emotions, who have prepared for this, who are being negatively affected, and I want you to know that, and it would be nice if you would look at me as well. I'd like you to know that. I'm determined to see

that my chief executive gets it up and running again. that I consider unacceptable. And it has been handled in a way Its doors will remain shut for at least the next six weeks. Ali Donaldson, Ten News.

An official investigation into the deaths of two rail workers hit by a coal train has found it was their own fault. 49-year-old Geoff Johnson and John Turner, 48, were killed near Singleton last July.

has found The Office of Transport Safety they didn't keep a proper look-out. At the time of the accident, one was kneeling near the points while the other shone a torch onto the tracks. for an overhaul The authority has called of all safety procedures around rail tracks, including automatic warning devices.

A major link in Sydney's electricity supply is powering ahead deep below the surface. But questions are already being asked about whether we really need it. A special underground tunnel that always runs on time, removing the rubble as a 1.7km power tunnel is created. The massive boring machine is drilling through sandstone on the western fringe of Darling Harbour. It's the start of a $60 million project that will deliver more electricity to the city. Demand is increasing at about 3% per annum, and this tunnelling system with the cables that will go in it

will ensure that we have a safe and secure power system in the CBD for the next 20 or 30 years. But at a time when the State and Federal Governments are calling on consumers to use less electricity, it's a project that is sending a mixed message about power use. The question for the Iemma Government today is

if they are pursuing energy efficiency -

that is, reducing the demand that is required on this grid - do they need enhanced capacity?

The simple answer is no. The Government is offsetting the extra electricity by also purchasing renewable power like wind farms and solar panels. The power purchased from Green Power commitment to alternative forms we believe shows the Government's of energy power.

25 metres down and it's hot and dusty. Progress is steady - 10 metres every day.

But it would have been double that if the builders didn't have to deal with so much water as well, especially when it's high tide at Darling Harbour and sea water leaks in. So far it's on track and the tunnel should be finished by November and the cables laid 18 months later. Kevin Wilde, Ten News.

An extraordinary 13-year-old has come to Australia after signing up thousands of donors to his fight against leukaemia.

The young American has saved a number of lives overseas and is hoping to do the same here. One, two, three. Pat Pedraja moves the pieces into place for his sick Aussie friend to find a bone marrow donor. You're doing good, buddy. The 13-year-old became aware of a worldwide donor shortage after learning he had leukaemia two years ago. He's been on a mission ever since to change that. I told my mum I want to do something about this. There's a critical need for bone marrow donors.

And I said to her, "Let's go drive around the USA and search for bone marrow donors." I signed up 5,000 donors that year. The figure quickly jumped to 11,000 extra donors and is climbing now that he's brought his campaign to Australia. Different ethnic groups are particularly encouraged to take part. The chances of finding a match depends very much on your particular tissue typing,

from your particular ethnic group those chances will increase. That's what the Sitha-Nathan family discovered when 4-year-old Siddartha was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, a rare disorder where the bone marrow stops producing enough blood cells. We had never heard of this illness before. It was a big shock to all of us. Like 70% of patients, Siddartha couldn't find a bone marrow match

in his own family. This isn't just a problem in the United States. Siddartha's impatient for more people to see that too, but you'll have to take my word for it. He doesn't say much while the cameras roll, especially to adults. We're all reporting for Channel Ten, first at 5:00. How about me? And Amber Muir's still here. We took her job. Sometimes kids just know what other kids need best. Amber Muir, Ten News.

My said changes every day, by your

new said looks pretty spiffy. Blue

and blow for Sydney. 60 kilometres

per hour today, going

per hour today, going up to 104

down south. A little bit of rain in

the past 24 hours in the damned.

But the dam levels seen - still at

61. 18 degrees, to above average.

Tomorrow, 16 degrees, Late Show on

Wednesday, and Thursday and Friday. Wednesday, and Thursday and Friday. A clearing show on

A clearing show on a Saturday.

Temperatures not budging. 16-17 Temperatures not budging. 16-1

degrees. Incredible scenes around

30 centimetres of snow in the past 30 centimetres of snow in the past

24 hours in the mountains. See you

again in about 10 Next - presidential candidate Barack Obama promises more US troops for Afghanistan. And holy Toledo, Batman - 'The Dark Knight' smashes box office records. VOICEOVER: Kraft Singles have always been a part of growing up. # I'm feeling so fine... # Now there's a new range...

# There's love in the air... # ..for more grown-up tastes. (WHINES) # Today's the day I wanna do the things I gotta do... # Oof! # And if I get a chance... # New Kraft Singles. For more grown-up tastes.

This program is captioned live.

Time for a check of the traffic. A

big pool of small about

Wentworthville. What has happened there?

We're hovering over a shot fired.

Just off Cumberland Highway. Near the train

the train station, as you can see

we have smoke covering

Wentworthville. We had police and

fire brigade. I'm zooming along,

the police have blocked off the area.

area. You can see the smoke at the

moment all over Wentworthville.

There is a westerly pushing it towards . Thank

. Thank you. Finally, some good news for borrowers. There are now signs inflation and interest rates have peaked, just as the Government sets out to convince Australians they'll have to pay more to cut carbon emissions. Facing hard facts is the challenge for the Federal Government as it confronts global warming. The Government recognises

there is no cost-free way to tackle climate change. But maybe the Government is getting lucky. The latest Nielsen Poll has found 77% of Australians believe we should take an international lead and 68% say they would be willing to pay more. And that burden will be lighter if interest rates start falling which is what some economists are now forecasting after a key inflation measure today suggests prices have peaked. I don't think interest rates will go up or down for the rest of the year but in 2009 they will head down. But there is confusion in the Nielsen Poll. Last month it found Australians wanted to pay less for carbon-producing petrol while this month most say they don't understand the Government's climate change plans. 60% say they only slightly or not at all understand emissions trading. In delivering the scheme we want to have a real dialogue with the Australian people. That dialogue has begun with TV and newspaper ads, and the price tag later. with more to come

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Presidential hopeful Barack Obama has vowed to boost US troop numbers in Afghanistan if he's elected. The senator enjoyed breakfast with US soldiers during a trip to the Afghan capital, Kabul. He also met with President Hamid Karzai.

The situation is precarious and urgent here in Afghanistan and I believe this has to be our central focus, the central front, on our battle against terrorism. The Democratic candidate is now in Iraq. To the BankWest finance report, and the Australian share market has leapt 3.5% to post its biggest single-day rise in almost four months.

The average price of unleaded petrol The average price of unleaded p in Sydney tonight is $1.59 a litre.

You can buy it for $1.48 at Liverpool. Myer is expanding into the Middle East, with plans to open five stores in the United Arab Emirates. The first store will be built in Dubai next year, if the plan is approved by the company board. The overseas experiment could eventually stretch into other parts of the world. to go to Eastern Europe

and also areas such as South Africa. Step at a time though, we've got to get Dubai and Abu Dhabi well and truly established. Myer's also planning to open as many as 15 new Australian stores over the next five years.

'The Dark Knight' has smashed box office records in the US with the biggest opening weekend of all time. The superhero flick took in more than $155 million in its first three days, topping the previous best of $151 million, for 'Spider-Man 3' last year. Certainly, the poignancy of seeing Heath Ledger in his final role

in such a maniacal and dark performance is really gripping. 'The Dark Knight' achieved the highest opening figures for a film in Australia this year when it hit screens last week. Still ahead - Australia loses another Olympic medal hope for Beijing. Also, ABC management arrive in Singapore to support an Australian journalist on drugs charges.

And it's time to go, 'Big Brother' - curtain call for the grand finale.

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This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - Dr Jayant Patel has just been granted bail after appearing in court in Brisbane on numerous charges, including manslaughter.

He arrived back in Australia this morning after being extradited from the United States. Sydney airport has experienced one of its busiest days, with tens of thousands of World Youth Day pilgrims leaving Australia. The scene is expected be repeated over the next couple of days.

And Pope Benedict XVI is winging his way back home after his eight days in Sydney. He held a private meeting with church sex abuse victims and thanked the many World Youth Day volunteers before boarding a Qantas flight for Rome. Australian journalist Peter Lloyd will be the subject of high-level talks when Foreign Minister Stephen Smith arrives in Singapore tonight. Ten reporter Eddy Meyer is outside Changi prison, where Lloyd is being held on drugs charges. Peter Lloyd remains in Changi prison behind me this afternoon. We understand he hasn't yet posted bail but that process is under way. They are trying to gather the money, the AUS$45,000, so that he can leave prison. We do understand that Peter has retained

a high-profile Singaporean lawyer to conduct that process and to conduct his legal defence. Once bail is posted, it should only take an hour for the paperwork to finalised and he'll be able to leave prison, of course, not leave Singapore. Stephen Smith, the Foreign Minister, will be here in Singapore tomorrow.

He is attending ASEAN talks. He was planning to make representations on Peter's behalf. But we now understand that's not the case. It's starting to give us an indication from Stephen Smith just how difficult this process is and just how little impact Australia can have in a high-profile drug case.

We are potentially at the beginning

of a long process. The Austrian

government will monitor these very

carefully. We have an Austrian carefully. We have an Austrian National Overseas charged with very

serious offences subject to very

serious penalties.

I spoke to his wife, she is making

no comment. The foreign minister is

offering the family all the

assistance he can give. He also

said he is quite happy and comfortable

comfortable with the consular

access his receding and the medical

care he is receiving.

A look at the weather now.

Hopefully the Monday night as well

not be repeated but Tuesday is

going to book a lot like today? going to book a lot like today

A couple of degrees down, 16

degrees. The westerly wind is

responsible for putting Chris Bond

in places you did not know you had.

The wind chill you can really feel.

Down south there was 124 kilometres

. The rest of the week I will . The rest of the week I will explain at 5-6. It's the end of an era in television tonight. 'Big Brother', the longest-running reality show in Australia, goes off the air in a few hours. Ten's Angela Bishop is at the 'Big Brother' house on the Gold Coast. We are only hours away from saying, "It's time to go..." forever - the last ever 'Big Brother'. Emotions up here on the Gold Coast are bittersweet.

A lot of people have been working on the show across its 8-year history and are sad to see it go. In no way tonight 'Big Brother' will be going out with a whimper -

it will be going out with a bang. Behind me there are rehearsals going on and a little earlier, the evicted 2008 housemates took to the stage to practise their big dance number and I caught up with quite probably one of the most memorable evictees from this season - Travis, who was kicked out last night. I got to say I take full responsibility for the death of 'Big Brother'. I have to say it was my bike shorts that did it and my loveheart sunglasses. Also going into the house tonight for the grand finale, some favourites from 'Big Brother's past. That's right - previous winners, including the only million-dollar man - the lovable, wonderful Trevor Butler. It changed my life because we were able to buy a house and right now, with all the prices going up, we don't have to worry about a mortgage. Bought a house, bought a couple of cars - we've just had a baby boy, Miaka-Jeremy. As always, there will be a chance for housemates past and present, as well as the crew,

to let their hair down tonight in what is sure to be a very big end-of-'Big Brother' bash. We'll bring you all the details in the Late News. Sport now with Brad -

there's been a wild brawl in the NRL's new junior competition. Yes, coming up - staggering eight players being cited. Also, an Aussie mountain man wins a Tour de France stage in the torturous Alps. COMMENTATOR: A win for Simon Gerrans. And a wild spin sprays wreckage at the German Formula 1 Grand Prix. Yeah, I think it's Timo Glock. (UPBEAT ACOUSTIC GUITAR INTRO) MAN: (SINGS) # I'm the wind from the desert # Black soil of the plains # I'm the mountains and the valleys # I'm the drought, the flooding rains # And I'm the rock, I am the sky # The rivers when they run MAN: # The rivers when they run # The spirit of this great, great land # I am Australian # Australian (DIDJERIDOO PLAYS) CHOIR: # We are one # We are one # But we are many # And from all the lands on earth we come # From all the lands we come # We share a dream # And sing with one voice... # ANNOUNCER: For the first time in Australia, you can watch the Olympic Games action in the palm of your hand.

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The award-winning Lexus IS 250 Prestige.

This program is captioned live. Another major blow for our athletics team in the final countdown to the Beijing Olympics. Gold medal hope walker Nathan Deakes today pulled out of the Games

after tearing his hamstring off the bone. The 30-year-old's withdrawal comes a fortnight after Jana Rawlinson was also forced out, with a toe injury.

It is hard for us. I have worked

for the last four years. I suppose

it will hit me more when it takes athlete on the Australian team. Deakes was the best-credentialled As you may have seen earlier in the bulletin, Greg Norman has missed out a fairytale finish at the British Open. The 53-year-old surrendered his overnight lead to finish tied for third Padraig Harrington from Ireland. behind defending champ Back-to-back British Opens for Ireland's Padraig Harrington and a heap of praise for the man he'd left far in his wake. I'd like to thank Greg Norman. He was a tremendous... CROWD CHEERS

His sportsmanship on the golf course is second to none.

I'm sure it was a tough day for him - it looked like it was going to be his story this week. his many Major heartbreaks. Too often unable to find the fairway, his 2-shot overnight lead quickly dissolved. COMMENTATOR: No, it's not happening for Greg. Three bogies to start. Harrington flashed his championship form early in the day with this stunning approach to save par at the first, while colourful Englishman Ian Poulter shot to contention on the back of three home-stretch birdies.

He closed at +7. The Irishman stumbled, Aussie hopes were raised... Norman leads. Nine holes to go. ..but Harrington finished with a flurry - birdies at 13 and 15, then this to set up eagle at the par-five 17th. And that's the shot of the week. Shot of the championship! The defending champ got home with a 4-shot margin, earning return praise from the Shark. The way he finished - a true champion finishes that way, on these holes earlier in the week and he finished strong again today.

Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. St George Illawarra has bolstered its ranks by signing Penrith hooker Luke Priddis for the next two years. Meanwhile, big news in rugby league's under-20s Toyota Cup - a record eight players were today charged over a wild all-in brawl. It started with a seemingly innocuous tackle but ended with eight players facing suspension. Five Cowboys and three Broncos are in hot water

for last Friday night's fireworks in Townsville. Not even in the NRL

have as many players been charged from a single game, let alone a single incident. No anger from Roosters coach Brad Fittler, despite back-to-back losses

and an appointment with in-form Manly. Mate, I'm not worried at all. What we've done in the start of the year is we've put ourselves in a great position, teams going better than most others so at the moment there's a couple of and, you know, we've got some room to improve,

so we're looking to find that. Fittler is sending out a call to arms to all Roosters fans. He hopes to see more than 20,000 in red, white and blue. You couldn't blame Roosters fans for being a bit apprehensive. In their last two games against Manly the Roosters have lost 56-0 and 42-0. They're pretty good at that. They can make a team that's tried their best

look pretty ordinary. Souths say yesterday's ordinary loss to Wests Tigers hasn't ended their finals hopes. They play Newcastle on Sunday, from injury. who have captain Danny Buderus back We'll be more focused this week and ready to rumble when we head up there because it's going to be tough, like you said, with Buderus back in.

But the Rabbitohs might be without Issac Luke, who's facing a one-match ban. Adam Hawse, Ten News.

Swans coach Paul Roos remains noncommittal about when Barry Hall will return to AFL football. But the Swans coach was angry on another front,

after Carlton chief executive Greg Swann described Nick Davis as "not much of a bloke". I'm very, very disappointed to hear Greg say that.

I think, as the CEO of a footy club, that's inappropriate. The Swans have asked for an apology from the Carlton boss. On the injury front, Michael O'Loughlin and Leo Barry are likely to miss Saturday night's match against Adelaide at the SCG. Australia's Cadel Evans has dropped back to third place at the Tour de France, trailing CSC rider Frank Schleck by eight seconds. It was a magical day for Victorian Simon Gerrans,

claiming his first-ever Tour stage win. The peak of the mountain and the peak of his career - 28-year-old Australian Simon Gerrans a Tour de France stage winner. COMMENTATOR: Simon Gerrans, after four Tours de France, he snatches the first-ever victory. Oh, this is by far the highlight of my cycling career by a long way. It's something I've been working towards for so long.

Gerrans's story is remarkable. After injuring his knee as a boy he sought the advice of a family friend and neighbour in Mansfield, Victoria. That man happened to be Australia's first Tour de France yellow jersey winner, Phil Anderson, who told Simon to get on a bike. In the peloton there were crashes... You just touch your brakes and a whole stack of riders go down.

..and plenty of attacking riding. He just goes round the corner and it's so slippery. Australia's Cadel Evans was ambushed and lost time to several general classification rivals, including new race leader Frank Schleck. Evans trails the yellow jersey by just eight seconds. Rob Canning, Ten News. 7-time world champion Valentino Rossi has stretched his lead over Australian Casey Stoner with victory in this morning's United States MotoGP. Laguna Seca proved a battle royale between two as the others self-destructed early. COMMENTATOR: Oh, God! That's Jorge Lorenzo. The two best in the business on two wheels then fought tooth and nail. Oh, look at this, elbows out. Italian maestro Valentino Rossi and his heir apparent Casey Stoner staged one of the most gripping duels in the sport's history...

This is motorcycle racing at its best. ..until Stoner pushed too hard. His bid for victory was over. He's gone wide! Can he keep it up? Oh, that could be game over for Casey Stoner. He's gone, he's gone. Stoner's fallen. He'd resume, but couldn't catch Rossi. Rossi wins the US Grand Prix. The Yamaha rider's championship lead over Stoner is out to 25 points.

The Aussie finished second. Countryman Chris Vermeulen was third. In the Czech Republic, Troy Bayliss made a clean sweep of round nine of the World Superbikes. Vintage Bayliss! The best face plant award goes to Frenchman Regis Laconi. Aussie success stretched to four wheels, Ryan Briscoe winning this morning's Indy Car race in Ohio.

A frightening moment in the German Formula 1 race. And gearbox is hard into the wall. A lot of energy there. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Glock is quite dazed by that. Toyota's Timo Glock lucky to walk away from the frightening wreck. The race another flaming disaster for Mark Webber. But it was pure joy for Lewis Hamilton,

the McLaren driver with win four of '08. A wonderful victory for Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton now leads the title fight from Massa by four points. Tim Hodges, Ten News.

Ahead in Sports Tonight, highlights of the Storm-Dragons game.

. A look at the traffic. He is over

the shop front reported over in


Of the fire has been contained

before motorists heading out to

Wentworthville, there is still Wentworthville, there is still

plenty of smoke, fire brigade

emergency services have blocked off

the streets, you can still see it the streets, you can still see it

sums might smouldering towards the

power-mad the junction. There have power-mad the junction. There have

been plenty as Maggie activities Stay with us - Tim Bailey's weather is next. Generic medicines? Yeah.

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Time for the weather details. We

were blessed over the last week by

we are in for a bit of a wintry turn?

Westerly wind again to have a fair

bit to save. 60 kilometres per hour

today. That will bring some goes

bust your place tomorrow. Maximum

temperatures of 16 degrees sticking

with us for 45 days. We have had

shower activities across the Sydney shower activities across the Sydney

Bears. While blizzards across

Thredbo, 30 centimetres of snow in

the past 24 hours. A little bit of

rain fall in the past 24 hours fell

on the damp but not enough to lift it. it. Actually

. Cloud over Queensland, causing

patchy rain mostly over the North's

ace. Cloud over England is a farce,

Victoria and Tasmania. South cold

westerly winds causing showers and

Alpine snow falls. A developing

trust combining with south-easterly

winds causing rain to increase in

northern and central Queensland. A

high causing wins Italy's, most

showers to clear in New South pars,

Victoria and South Australia

tomorrow. Predicted precipitation -

light showers in far north east de

New South Wales, later Iran on the

New South Wales north coast, south

of Victoria and Tasmania. To

westerly winds, is in tomorrow but

temperatures dropping. Maximums of

16 degrees. 16 and showers three

Wednesday, a late southerly change

will bring rain. Friday, showery

but not a lot of substantial rain. but not a lot of substantial rain.

Show activities right through the weekend, temperatures not

. Do you have a licence to drive that thing? We And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening with the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 11:00. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight.

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