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This program is captioned live. Tonight - The Pope's extraordinary apology of clerical abuse. to Australian victims

for the pain and suffering. Indeed, I am deeply sorry on a journey of joy Thousands of pilgrims ultimate event. for World Youth Day's as protesters and pilgrims clash. Words become weapons

Sex, sex, sex! Benedicto, Benedicto. Lauren Huxley And Sydney survivor victim gets her Papl blessing. with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News from Sydney's Randwick Racecource, Good evening

where an estimated 225,000 pilgrims for a candlelight vigil are settling in with Pope Benedict XVI. from 5am They've been streaming in all day, from North Sydney, many making a 9-kilometre trek across the Harbour Bridge and swags. loaded down with backpacks Organisers say for tonight at least, they've made Randwick Racecourse the 10th biggest city in Australia.

He also spoke of the church's shame keenly anticipated. A papal apology had been

and location of it But the Vatican wanted the timing the last moment. kept secret until The uncertainty finally ending in St Mary's Cathedral. during a ceremony to acknowledge the shame Here I would like to pause which we have all felt of minors by some clergy. as a result of the sexual abuse in America three months ago The Pope made a similar apology the strongest so far on an issue but his language today was wherever he goes. which seems to dog the Pontiff

Indeed, I am deeply sorry the victims have endured for the pain and suffering and I assure them that, as their pastor, I too share in their suffering. should be brought to justice. Those responsible he declared, so grave a betrayal of trust, These misdeeds, which constitute

deserve unequivocal condemnation. more than mere words. But victims' families want two daughters were raped Anthony and Christine Foster's by a Catholic priest.

One was permanently disabled by a

drunk driver Sorry is just a word. Like other victims' families, the Fosters say St Mary's Cathedral they should have been allowed inside for themselves. to hear the Pope's words feeling shut out. It left they and others that the Pope gave via the media. And we only heard the message an open and accountable system They want to prevent more cover ups. of investigating the abuse claims

World Youth Day pilgrims Today was a big day for thousands of across the Sydney Harbour Bridge who walked and all the way here to Randwick. Reporter, Paul Kadak, in Alison Road, Randwick. is at the racecourse entrance have all the pilgrims arrived? And, Paul, streaming through the gates Chris, the last of them are still right through the middle of Sydney. after a scenic pilgrimage of occasions It's one of only a handful has been closed to traffic, the Harbour Bridge for a journey of faith. this time, For so many, who've come so far started so early. the final part of their journey, (CHEERS) and care free. The bridge was car free, way, yay! (SINGS) The Lord coming make your so did the volume. And as the sun rose - (ALL) Amen, amen, amen. It's not a walk, it's a party Jasmine Lee - an inspiration. and for blind Malaysian pilgrim

What's the feeling like? It's heavenly, and God touched all of us here. it's like the heavens open

they need for a sleep out. Everyone carrying everything to go. You've got about seven kilometres (moans) I know it's going to kill us. in short bursts at first, They crossed then came pilgrim peak-hour back across the bridge stretching for kilometres a traffic jam for Jesus. (CHEERS)

of this World Youth Day One of the stars has been the setting and we've turned it on again - to be inspired if the pilgrims wanted on their journey to Randwick than a walk then they couldn't do much better high above the Harbour cathedral of iron and steel. through Sydney's The Thompson's from Alaska are World Youth Day veterans. and Joseph they're third Agnes fifth, Felicity and Agatha's and the twins' first. and Stephan's second

And Sydney? The best one yet! on the good news. The Premier keen to get in how good it is. These guys wanna know It is fantastic! The T-shirts were... $10, $10. The hugs were free. And Randwick was in sight. Pilgrims,

not much further to go. welcome to World Youth Day (CHEERS) God bless you.

You can probably hear behind me the

Chris. bridge has been reopened to traffic.

Thanks Paul. of World Youth Day celebrations, We're coming to the final stages at Randwick Racecourse tomorrow. which officially ends here More than 200,000 pilgrims their sleeping bags are already unrolling for a candlelit vigil with the Pope. and getting ready a meal fit for a pilgrim. After the big walk they were given No fish, but plenty of loaves. Thank you very much. By mid-afternoon, was getting full the Randwick Racecourse

for the sea of happy faces but organisers are well prepared under the stars. who will have a chilly night They can ward of the cold but the flu might prove a little harder. More than 140 pilgrims have already fallen ill, and health authorities fear could blow out overnight. The minimum temperature is expected to be 7 degrees and that temperature it is possible to suffer from hypothermia.

Already a little worse for wear the man who played Jesus before a worldwide audience of 500 million during the Stations of the Cross. A bit of grazing, on the knee when I was dragged, bit of bumps and bruises, but it's all good. Tomorrow, the Pope takes to the streets and the air. Travelling by road to Victoria Barracks where he'll board a helicopter to fly over Randwick. He'll then return to the racecourse in the Popemobile for the 10am mass.

Again, there are dozens of road closures. But, public transport will begin at 4am. Another 100,000 people are expected to join the pilgrims for the final mass. And there's room for a further 200,000 at Centennial Park, where it will be shown live on big screens. Ten young Sydneysiders who've fought incredible battles to turn their lives around enjoyed an intimate meeting with the Pope last night.

Among them, Lauren Huxley, who captured our hearts after surviving unimaginable cruelty. She has been to hell. This was the closest Lauren Huxley has been to heaven. (SINGS) In the church opposite Darlinghurst Supreme Court where her attacker was jailed for 24 years. Lauren waited for that precious moment.

Oh, it was just an honour to meet him. I felt so special. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Her father Pat, so proud. I said to him, "This is my daughter, Lauren." I was a little nervous but I came through. She always does. Nine other young Australians met the Pope. 25-year-old Samantha told her story of extraordinary hardship. Blaming me for my sister's death. She killed herself. It was the day of my ninth birthday. Oh, I just wanted to give him a hug. Oh yeah, he's a top bloke, yeah. Federal ministers were there too and nearly the whole flock had to pass through metal detectors. As spiritual and happy and uplifting as this occasion is, the security here has been hard to ignore.

Dozens of police, metal detectors

even bomb sniffer dogs checking out the media here to cover the event, a sign of the times. (SINGS) # Hallelujah # It wasn't all sweetness and harmony today when anti-Pope protesters clashed with pilgrims on the road to Randwick. Pilgrims did their best to turn the other cheek against a barrage of abuse, but one was arrested. (ALL CHANT): Safe sex - yes. AIDS - no. Pope Benedict has got to go. They tried to spoil the party. Protesting the Pope's stance on contraception,

homosexuality and abortion. The Pope is wrong, put a condom on. (ALL) Benedicto, Benedicto. Separated by a police line and religion. Have some condoms. Pilgrims were pelted with condoms. They fired back with song.

(SINGS) # Hallelujah # While it is a noisy rally, the size of the crowd is nothing compared to the number of pilgrims. We love you.

This worshipper couldn't hide his anger though. Move on, mate. A 19-year-old pilgrim from Newcastle was arrested.

Witnesses say he jumped on a demonstrator and abused him. That's World Youth Day for the moment. I'll be back a little later.

Now here's Chris Reason in the studio with the rest of today's news. Thanks Chris. ABC reporter Peter Lloyd has been offered bail on charges of drug possession in Singapore. The price of freedom is $45,000 and for now, it appears he's still behind bars.

Peter Lloyd spent another day being questioned by Singapore Police. My advice from Singapore officials is that he continues to receive appropriate medical and other consular assistance. The father of two has now been formally charged with trafficking and possession of a small amount of the drug ice. If convicted, the ABC reporter faces up to 20 years jail, and as many as 15 lashes. He would be stripped naked and he would be wet down

and he would be lashed quite extensively

by a police officer. Mr Lloyd has been offered bail at $45,000 Observers find it hard to believe a journalist, who's covered many Asian drug trials, could be in trouble. There's enough signage in Singapore to tell people don't traffic drugs here, don't take drugs here. If Peter Lloyd is found guilty, the chances of him returning home anytime soon are slim. Australia does not have a prisoner transfer agreement with Singapore. I'll of course be travelling and visiting Singapore next week and I will discuss first-hand with Australian officials My Lloyd's circumstances. Mr Lloyd is scheduled to appear in court next Friday.

Radio star Alan Jones is recovering tonight after surgery for prostate cancer. The 67-year-old had the operation at Sydney's St Vincent's Private early today. He will spend about three days in hospital.

His surgeon has said he expects Jones to make a full recovery. Still to come -

a short police chase leaves two people dead. Also, Wayne Carey and his girl back in the USA.

I'm just here for a break, yeah. And Nelson Mandela celebrates 90 years of an amazing life. That's next.

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Welcome back to Sydney's Randwick Racecourse. Behind me, there are thousands of excited pilgrims, eagerly anticipating a two-hour candlelit vigil

with Pope Benedict XVI. They've turned the racecourse into Sydney's biggest camping ground, many spending the night under the stars. Now back to Chris Reason for more of the day's news. Thanks, Chris. An internal police investigation is under way after two people were killed by a speeding car last night. It happened in Queensland's Hervey Bay. The car took off as police hit their lights and siren ramming two parked cars before tail-ending another.

A man and woman in the speeding car were killed. The driver's charged with drink-driving. Police say they weren't chasing the car just trying to intercept it. Fallen AFL star Wayne Carey has returned to America

where he's facing up to 15 years' jail for allegedly assaulting police.

But the trip apparently has nothing to do

with the court case. Carey says he and girlfriend Kate Neilson are there for a holiday.

I'm just here for a break, yeah. Carey was to have appeared in a Miami court on Monday, but the trial's now been put back to mid-October. South African hero Nelson Mandela has celebrated his 90th birthday crediting 'good behaviour' for his longevity.

But the former President remains upset by the hardship still faced by many in his country.

He's an adored grandfather, but to South Africans Nelson Mandela is much more. He spent his 90th birthday in the small village where he was born. There are not many people who look after themselves who can live for such a long time - I'm happy that I'm still alive.

Mandela was imprisoned for nearly a third of his life

for standing up against the government policy of apartheid. We're celebrating a person who has done such an enormous amount of good for us as a people, for us as a country. His fight for equality won him respect. He was born to be a leader.

He was trained to become the principal advisor of the paramount chief of his people. His people are still battling poverty and AIDS but Mandela has given them hope. You are the miracle of the world. And the village joined the party. # Happy Birthday to you. # Tropical storms in Taiwan have triggered flash floods and landslides, killing 15 people and washing away or burying 10 others. Drinking water's been cut to more than 650,000 households, with more than 1m of rain in the past 24 hours. Four people drowned and four others were carried away by raging waters. One woman was rescued from a house buried by mud,

but her teenage brother and 1-year-old daughter died.

Time for sport with Ben Damon, and a bittersweet win for Manly against the Eels. Two of their stars are injured. We'll update their condition next. But there was no stopping the high-flying Eagles last night. COMMENTATOR: That might be the pass of the year. And who needs a Tiger when you've got a Shark? What a silly game it is.

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A blow for the Bulldogs with Sonny Bill Williams ruled out of tonight's clash with the Warriors due to a back problem. Troubles too for the Sea Eagles

with Jamie Lyon and Jason King injured in last night's 18-point win

over the Eels. The Broncos beat the Cowboys and Parramatta's season continues to unravel with defeat at Brookvale. In today's game, it's the Panthers leading the Titans at half time. The Panthers went to the Coast trying to stay in the top eight and Michael Gordon put them ahead. COMMENTATOR: To Lewis, here's Gordon for the corner. The Titans hit back through second-gamer, Air Jordan Rapana. Oh he's done it again.

Last night, the Eels had a perfect chance to end their slide. Manly captain Matt Orford didn't play and Parramatta started well. Gone to Riddell, Riddell will score. A six-week knee injury to Jamie Lyon and suspected ankle fracture to Jason King made it even harder for Manly. Losing both our playmakers it was tough but the boys toiled on. The Eels were right in it at 10-10.

And here's big Williams. From there it was all Manly. Somehow Des Hasler's convinced his side's still flying under the radar. But they're soaring on top of the table. for Hayne, in goes Steve Matai. he should ban play like this. If the coach doesn't want attention, Oh, have a look at that pass.

of the season. That might be the pass

Finally someone admitted that made last year's grand final. they're better than the side

in that, gave us experience For all the players that played into the back end of the year. and we'll be taking that In Townsville, by half-time. the Queensland Derby was over The Broncos led the Cowboys 26-0. Thaiday's got a double. Hunt with the ball, left Wayne Bennett furious, But a scrappy second half rubbish. he called Brisbane's performance for the Broncos, They're happy they're playing what they're happy about. I'm not sure

unhappy right now. My intention's to make them And nobody does it better. And in Round 16 of the AFL today, of the ladder battle Geelong won the top while Richmond downed Essendon. against the Western Bulldogs

Last night, the Kangaroos beat Collingwood. The Wallabies open their Tri-Nations campaign against South Africa tonight. Seven commentator Gordon Bray is at Subiaco Oval in Perth.

Fine weather here in Perth, joining

me is Dan Crowley, can the Wallabies

land a killer blow I think it will

be a tough assignment. They are

playing against the World Cup

championship, the Springboks coming

off a record win over in New Zealand

How big is this challenge? It will

be a big one. They have to make sure

they break even and then dominate

the breakdown. If they do that, they

will get the ball to our backs and

will get the ball to our backs and

that's where we will win Your type

Always is in close, by 6 to

Australia that makes two of us, it's Always is in close, by 6 to

Robbie Deans' first big challenge,

you can see all the action right

here on 7 from 7.30. here on 7 from 7.

It's taken him three years has finally won his first race but Ford's James Courtney in Queensland. in the V8 Supercar Championship The 28-year-old qualified on pole Mark Winterbottom and held off series leader to take race one of round 7. and veteran Russell Ingall

won your first V8 Supercar race. COMMENTATOT: James Courtney, you've

He said it all himself. the speed we want yet. We haven't got

to get it off my back But no, it's a fantastic feeling and roll on more, I say. There's two more races tomorrow. Coverage on Seven from midday.

Greg Norman looks a genuine chance of becoming the oldest man to win the British Open. The Shark is just one shot back from leader KJ Choi

is at two over par. while Robert Allenby made the cut Eight of the 18 Aussies missed out. but world number 3, Geoff Ogilvy, Happily married again -

has put him back in the game. Greg Norman's love match from the Shark. COMMENTATOR: What an up and down He's 53 now, of a 38-year-old. but playing with all the confidence he won the British Open in 1993. Well, that's how old he was when

and do your thing You've got to keep in your world worry about, you know, and let everybody else do their thing about what you're doing. and not worry about what other people are doing. And I'm not going to worry with some terrific putting. Norman hit a second-round 70 He's looking good but can falter. in the modern era The Shark is the only player in a playoff. to lose all four majors who fired a 3-under par 67. He's one shot off leader KJ Choi

COMMENTATOR: He's done it. The fashion awards for Round 2 came down to a tight contest between Woody Austin's Hawaiian shirt and Ian Poulter's pyjama pants. The judges are still deciding.

Cadel Evans has the yellow jersey

and they hit the alps tonight. Next up, Sydney weather outlook. to be fine for the Papal mass. And we'll see if it's going can live in your toilet. Millions of germs and flushing alone, Even with brushing they may still be there -

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Well, all week for the pilgrims Sydney's had impressive weather and today was no different. and a low of 8 degrees, After a fine night two above average. we reached a top of 18 - overnight. Richmond was the coolest place

not far behind. Liverpool and Campbelltown It warmed to a mild July day with tops in the high teens.

Tomorrow - It will be fine tonight with an overnight low of 9 degrees in the city. And 3 degrees for Liverpool, Richmond and Campbelltown. But tomorrow should reach tops of 19 right across the city. but windy on Monday, It will be fine showers on Wednesday continuing into the weekend. last look at a very brisk Randwick. Now back to Chris Bath for a Thanks Chris. in the last few minutes And we have a development from St Mary's to Randwick the Pope is on the move, his convoy heading up William Street a long loop through Bondi Junction. but apparently taking

but we'll have updates later. And that's Seven News to now thanks for your company. I'm Chris Bath, Goodnight.

Red Bee Media Australia Supertext captions by You know how you can sense that is about to happen? something really big a really special kind of energy. There's a buzz in the air, (EXCLAIMS) Hi.

17 million people have that buzz, And right now, about the greatest show on earth, because their city is about to host is right there on the starting block. and the Great Outdoors There's a buzz in Beijing, alright. With less than three weeks to the Olympic Games, this city can't wait to show the world the best of China. BOTH: We welcome Australian people to Beijing. the best of Beijing. And we can't wait to show you as a souvenir. But be careful what you take home with this. Customs would have a field day You'd make it on 'Border Security'. Back in Australia too, to reach for the sky. our athletes are getting ready but can they help Jen make the grade? Its the first time for some,

OK, that was the fun bit. But others are old hands.

he's keen to add to the collection. Piney knows the taste of gold and He just had to beat Andrew first. 50 metres? You and me. We visit the Australian town than you can poke a javelin at. which is home to more sporting heroes

What was it like, for the opening ceremony? walking into the Sydney Stadium

touch the ground. I didn't really feel my feet It was great. win a trip for two to Beijing, And we'll let you know how you could flying business class all the way.

in the world, Tonight in the most populated country will be telling their kids, millions of Chinese mums "Just 19 sleeps to go, darling. "Just 19 sleeps to go."

'Cause all that planning and all that training are about to come together in one big, magical show. And, quite frankly, Beijing and the rest of China can hardly wait.

as Chinese whispers 'Cause what started an Olympic buzz. is now a full-blown Beijing buzz -