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(generated from captions) half that in the mountains. is taking its toll on our dams. The dry weather They've dropped 0.2% less than 5mm this week - after receiving

over our catchments from Sunday. though there should be some rain is due into Sydney That's when the wild weather followed by a more wintry week. with isolated showers and storms, up to 18 on Saturday. Mostly fine before that - Thanks, Sara. from the Martin Place studio. And that's all at St Mary's Cathedral. Now back to Ian Ross Thanks, Chris.

full of praise Authorities are tonight of today's papal event. for the smooth running packed the city Up to half 500,000 people of the pontiff. for an up-close glimpse He thrilled them all, waving travelled from Barangaroo as the Popemobile to here at St Mary's Cathedral about half an hour ago. arriving here is coping with the crowd Our transport system on Saturday but it will be tested again walk from North Sydney to Randwick. when tens of thousands And that's Seven News

in the life of our city. on a very big day Thanks for your company. I'm Ian Ross. Goodnight. and the body-image controversy. The primary school girl what they put her through. Her parents defend by the Danes - Princess Mary criticised with no personality. a nation convinced she's boring, James Thomas in Denmark. is under attack. Why our favourite royal Buying or selling - will save you thousands. the new scheme that I'm Samantha Armytage. Good evening, who've spent the day The 500,000 people celebrating with the Pope and much of the nation have lit up a city with cheer and joy. enacted this morning But there was a ceremony over the years. that's happened now a few times,

to pray at Mary MacKillop's tomb, Benedict is the third pontiff born in Victoria in 1842. the Josephite nun In the Vatican's eyes, from being proclaimed a Saint. now one step away more twists, turns, A process that has

and intrigue back-corridor power-plays than the 'Da Vinci Code'.

on a day of mass spectacle Bryan Seymour and private hope. (CHOIR SINGS 'HALLELUJAH') these are unique moments. These are extraordinary moments, (CHOIR SINGS 'HALLELUJAH') 99 years after her death is on the cusp of being canonised, the blessed Mary MacKillop declared Australia's first saint. with Mary MacKillop is What we hope to happen more and more, that as people get to know her of the sort of life she led, people will be appreciative her courage, her determination at the service of others and her willingness to put her life these days, for young people. and that's inspiring, I think, in the Catholic Church, A veteran of 28 years now lives and works in Canberra Father Brian Lucas in the Bishop's conference Australia's first saint-in-waiting. and is an expert on the life of a young woman in the town of Penola Well, Mary MacKillop was Father Julian Tennyson Woods, and she met the local priest, for the local children who encouraged her to begin a school

other women joined her, and from there, that particular activity they wanted to share the Sisters of St Joseph spread and from there,

and later on, to New Zealand. pretty much throughout Australian The daughter of Scottish parents, in 1842, Mary MacKillop was born in Melbourne the oldest of eight children. Her early years were harsh, poor. Her parents fought - life was tough. has made her a hero Yet, her devotion to others

alike. to Catholics and non-believers who can inspire anybody. I think Mary is a person the process of becoming a saint He explains involves the proof of two miracles. Mary MacKillop died 99 years ago. and what was it? When was her first miracle was an incident, I think the first miracle I don't have the precise date - I think, in the 1960s - and the story involved a woman terminally ill with leukaemia, who was very critically, at all not expected to live very long and spectacular recovery and there was quite a sudden and the woman went on then is still alive. and, as far as I am aware, there has to some incident, Essentially, beyond human explanation, that appears to be beyond any medical explanation. invited independently of each other Two individual doctors are then to assess the case. the case, depending on the report, Then after they've assessed by panels of doctors there are further reviews

and then a theological report

an office in Rome and then the matter would go through for the Causes of Saints - that's called the Congregation a recommendation to the Pope. they would then make 47 years after that first miracle, Now, a second has emerged with the ammunition he needs. to arm the Pope

what is her second miracle? What's being investigated now - I understand there is an incident

at the moment, that's being investigated as far as I understand the facts, again involving a person who was, without any hope at all basically sent home apparently inexplicable cure. and then there was a quite Unfortunately, says Father Lucas, other alleged miracles. some media have been reporting and restored eye sight, Things like sore joints the canonisation of Mary MacKillop. which can only delay

that decision is up to one man - Thankfully though, that man. And it's in his power to make that decision whenever he wants. have turned out again in Sydney Hundreds of thousands of the Catholic Church to see this leader for the first time. appear before them (CHEERING) (SPEAKS PORTUGUESE) At Federation Square in Melbourne, as with other capitals, the faithful and the curious congregated to be part of the papal procession. She's done a lot for Australia, and yeah, why not. For Australia to have a saint would be really good kind of thing to confirm our standing in the national community. Yeah, global recognition for the religious community, the Christian religious community in Australia, which would be a huge thing for them. Some 500,000 will gather this Sunday for mass at Sydney's Randwick Racecourse, the perfect opportunity for the pontiff to end Mary MacKillop's long wait for that unique form of immortality on earth - sainthood. When will we know? At the earliest, you'd be talking many months at the earliest. And possibly longer? Possibly longer.

But I guess if we've waited this long, it's worth waiting a little longer? Well, there's been many saints who waited several centuries

before they were canonised. Let's hope it doesn't take that long. We certainly hope not. Bryan Seymour reporting. Here's an issue that's interested the Church and many others from time to time. At what age does a child become a grown-up? We've had sexualisation of kids as young as 5 and 6. Now there's condemnation of the decision to allow

a 10-year-old Victorian girl into a body building competition. Sophie Hull reports. I would be astonished

if anyone watching this program would regard this as appropriate. I think she's a fantastic role model. Where do you sit? This is wrong in so many ways.

Alongside women twice her age, 10-year-old Maughan Wellham is fast-tracking herself on the adult stage. Body builders from around the country converged on the All-Female Classic Competition, held in Victoria last Saturday. Morgan is the youngest competitor we've ever had. But many are asking what 10-year-old Maughan Wellham was doing on stage. Morgan's parents contacted the office and explained that she'd like to compete. This video of Maughan's routine has many voicing concern. I don't think it's appropriate for a 10-year-old to be paraded with fake tan, high heels, on a stage before adults in an adult competition. It's totally inappropriate. Child psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg acknowledges the decision was Maughan's, but ultimately says it's not the decision a 10-year-old should be allowed to make. The organisers of this competition should have said "You know what? This isn't appropriate." She decided to do body building poses.

She thought it was fun and she saw nothing wrong with that and neither did we.

Tony Lanciano organised the event. I thought, "Why not? A little girl on stage." I think the crowd would enjoy it and see someone - she's a good role model for other children out there. He's surprised by the controversy. That's why I can't see the problem with this. She did something that she probably wanted to do and like we said about following in her dad's footsteps. As for the fake tan.

The fake tan is purely just for cosmetic - obviously with all the stage lights, you don't want to go up there and you look very white. And the bikini?

She wanted to follow the criteria of the older girls and she didn't want to be different and again, I still didn't see anything wrong with that. In choosing a posing routine, Tony believes Maughan may have wanted to emulate her father,

himself a body builder, but stresses she was judged on routine and fitness rather than body building. Bodybuilders use weights - Maughan has never touched weights. She is just an athlete and I would never encourage 10-year-olds, not until they're at least 18 years old, if they want to do some weight training

and again, with a professional. FILE FOOTAGE: I'm 10 years old. I started training with the school since I was 2 or 3. Many were appalled at these pictures of 'Young Hercules', little Richard Sandrak, when we aired his story six years ago. The same age as Maughan at the time,

Richard was driven by his obsessive father, Pavel. At the time we found him marketing his own body-building supplements and being guided by his parents into a career in Hollywood. You have to ask yourself, whose needs are being met here? Is it the parents,

or is it the young person themselves? Those in the body building fraternity believe Maughan's physique is probably more to do with genetics and a generally active lifestyle

than any obsessive workouts in the gym. If more kids ate well and trained a little bit more and kept fit we wouldn't have this obesity problem that we have. But Maughan has won fans in high places, no less than the newly crowned Mr World himself,

33-year-old Ryan Laos. It's getting a little bit too trying to be politically correct I think, these days. The kids have still got to have fun. If that's what she wants to do, her parents are happy to do that and she's not in anything that's too revealing, I don't see a problem with it, personally. Here is a girl that's just gone up there to have fun and enjoy herself and we're criticising that and to me, I think that's wrong. There is a clear message here for mums and dads and of course, the sport of body building, that they do have a responsibility and clearly, that's one that's been breached. Sophie Hull reporting. OK, we'll say it - there's something rotten in the State of Denmark. We regard Princess Mary as our favourite royal. Many Danes, the claim is, think she's dull and boring and Prince Frederick is lazy and reluctant to become King. The claims are from an informed author who's updated her best-selling book on life behind the palace doors. James Thomas went there to discover what the royal subjects really think. When Mary met Fred into royalty she wed. Happy, relaxed and in love. But then came this book, which shattered the look.

Will Mary give Frederik the shove? Hello, mate. our own Danish roadshow We have mounted to confront Princess Mary. behind new allegations To find out the truth by Danish author Trine Villemann. it's on the rocks. I am not saying that it is under strain. What I am saying is the royal fairytale fractured In 2007,

Mary was distraught when author Trine Villemann claimed and seething with jealousy was still seeing ex-girlfriends because Prince Frederik like Katia Stockholm. Frederik has had a milky way strong Danish girlfriends of beautiful, intelligent, with these girls. and he is still in touch Now these claims with fresh allegations and an explosive new chapter are soon to be released of '1015 Copenhagen K' in an English version the really important thing here I think haven't come out disputing this. is that the royal family so, I guess the rumours remain. magazine editor Sarah Wilson Social commentator and former believes the book will be a hit. absolutely crafted It is like this book's been

for the magazine and tabloid industry. So of course, we're going to lap it up here. Aside from previous claims of Frederik's former lovers, that Mary is jealous reveals - the updated version of the book would prefer a sailing holiday The book alleges Frederik of a royal heir. rather than meet the demands

just 70 official engagements, Last year, he had his much older British counterpart, compared to 380 from the Duke of Edinburgh. who has problems of her own. And then there is Mary, that Mary has become - The book alleges You have to remember, from Hobart, Tasmania. here we have this young girl from the other side of the world I mean, how can a commoner it is like to be a Danish royal possibly know anything about what and what she is doing is in the royal palace she has locked herself up and thrown the key away. we hardly know her. I mean, the Danes - tell a different story. Pictures from Denmark appears to love her job The Aussie-born princess as much as the people love her. you may find cracks in the veneer. But look closely - Is this a fairytale or is it stage show? You don't know where Mary is? Move away, please. Oh, sorry. Upsetting the locals a little bit.

Four years ago,

embraced thousands of well-wishers a newlywed Mary and Fred from this very palace there will be no royal reception. but today, Not any further please. Really, I can't? OK, thank you.

The knock-backs are a stunt for the camera but they do make a point - if it was Buckingham Palace, for example. you would never get this close in the first place. Maybe the Danish royals are as accessible as they're said to be. It's not bad for a little weekend villa. We can go in there? No? Can't go and knock on the door and say hello? This is Princess Mary and Prince Frederik's country home. If you believe the spin, the royal couple are regularly seen shopping in the nearby village. Hello - I'm looking for Princess Mary. Do you see her very often? No. Do you ever see her walking the streets, shopping? No, never. Never? No. Do you see Princess Mary very often? No. Princess Mary - a friend of yours? (SPEAKS DANISH)

That was clear as mud. Is there an opportunity for a visiting journalist like me to ask her some questions or do I have to go through you for that?

No? Not even a very quick stop - a shake of the hand?

In Australia, a press conference is held so journalists can ask questions but not in Denmark, it seems. Princess Mary is due to appear at a swimming competition between Danish and Australian swimmers but questions are forbidden. Are you aware that she is not giving any interviews?

You know that? Yeah. So don't be disappointed. I can see your mic there. Mary, a question from Sydney! Who are you going to barrack for tonight - the Australians or the Danes? The Danes. Sorry!

That's it - our Mary is ours no longer. She officially barracks for Denmark. And as for my other questions... Well, I got two questions in. I'd love to ask her about, well, numerous things... Such as, what do you think of the allegations made about you in Trine Villemann's book? But I guess we will just have to keep on guessing. I think the point is, is that none of us really know, it is all rumour

and it has been rumour from the beginning.

However, that said, that won't stop, I guess, the magazines picking up on this. And it will no doubt sell. After all, in Australia, there's nothing like a tall poppy ready for the chopping. But in Denmark, the Aussie born royal will remain much loved as she balances on the thin line between the commonly accessible and the unreachable fairytale. You can almost knock on their door but not quite. You can see them in public but not really talk to them. But the Danes seem to like it that way -

it is a fairytale, and when enjoyed from a distance, it is unlikely to shatter. James Thomas reporting from Denmark. Among the biggest winners in the recent property boom are real estate agents. No-one questions their percentage commissions. Even when houses have nearly doubled in value in a decade. So what do you get for your money?

A group of insiders thinks not much. Jonathan Creek It's a massive saving. We believe this is actually the way of the future. We buy and sell things by ourselves on a daily basis except when it comes to our own homes and we call in a real estate agent. I just want the easiest way to sell it. Dorothy Cash is the mother of Australian tennis ace and Wimbledon champion, Pat Cash, a no-fuss woman who knows what she wants.

I don't have to put up with the usual agents worrying me about whether this is good or that's good, how many people came to see it. I just like to make my own decision. When Patrick, Senior died six months ago, Dorothy decided to sell the family home on the outskirts of Melbourne. I thought, "There is no reason to stay here" and Patrick moved to London. Deciding to sell wasn't a surprise - the way she chose to sell it was Dorothy put her house under the hammer using a set-fee no-agent method - a company called Red Direct, agents who advertise the property on the Internet. The rest is up to you. What is really involved in the real estate transaction can be done at a much lower rate. That means Dorothy organises the open-house tours, negotiates the price and signs off on the paperwork. Come to the study where I've got all photographs of Patrick hanging on all the walls. And this is one open house tour you won't forget. This is the study.

There is five bedrooms but this is just a study. You even get to see inside the Wimbledon champion's bedroom.

He didn't want any memorabilia, no tennis memorabilia, in my room. The trademark headbands on the desk give away which room was his. Do you put the headbands on yourself? I do. (Laughs) When I do the gardening. Admittedly, the 2-storey 1970s home has seen better days but the tennis court is fit for a champion. Patrick chose rebound ace and the entire, every Australian professional tennis court in Australia had to change to Rebound Ace. Through Red Direct, Dorothy will save on agents' fees. She'll only pay a set price of $3,500 - no commission, no matter how much the house sells for. You could be looking, with advertising and conventional commission cost, $25,000, $30,000 commission easily. Mark Herbert from Red Direct claims all sales packages can be tailored to the specific buyer. The bottom line - rather than paying for the full service, whether you need it or not,

with Red Direct, you only pay for what you use. If I run into trouble, I can call him if somebody tries to hassle me about the price. The agent's job is to get the best possible price for the seller. Like any real estate agent, Tim Fletcher warns selling your own home can be financially dangerous and may cost you more than what you set out to save. Fletcher's greatest criticism is that many of these low cost-companies are one-dimensional when it comes to finding potential buyers, even though traditional agents can just as easily fall into the same category. The Internet, sure, it's good but it's not the be all and end all. Mark Herbert disagrees and warns traditional agents, times are changing. We like to compete and we think this will be a great result for home owners around Australia.

Jonathan Creek reporting. When we come back -

how to beat the electricity price rises in the Government's carbon tax scheme. Although some brands would have you think otherwise. Dove Beauty Bar is the only bar in Australian supermarkets that's not a soap, and contains: So your skin holds onto more moisture, which means, day after day, it's the best bar to care for your skin. And now, look out for the new pro-age Beauty Bar, specifically designed for mature skin. Kevin Rudd and his Cabinet made a decision recently that'll put up the price every time you flick on a switch in your home. It'll be covered under a carbon emissions trading scheme and we're already being told it's good for us. What's really good for us is paying less on our power bills. Gavin Alder's been finding out how. She wasn't getting the message. She was determined that she was going to sign me up. It was a very tricky, sneaky way of doing it. There definitely can be some dodgy tactics used in door-to-door activity. (MICROWAVE BEEPS) Guess work, incentives and trickery - it's the battle of the electricity bill, and power companies have you in their sights. The way that I was approached, regardless of whether they are offering the best deal,

I still wouldn't want to be their customer. Jen Carter is a busy working mum and like most of us she wants to pay less for her electricity. But when a salesperson from Queensland Electricity came knocking asking her to switch providers she wasn't impressed. They are sneaky and tricky. They knock on your door late at night, when you are busy trying to do other things, and try and coerce you into signing up for their deals. With promises of a 7% reduction on her bill and a flashy retail discount card, Jen got the hard sell. And it is no wonder -

it's a lucrative industry worth more than $3.2 billion, with the typical household spending $5,500 a year on energy. I had my 3-year-old under my feet. We hadn't organised dinner yet, so their was no dinner on the table. I was highly distracted, and, yeah, they were in a big rush, If you live in: your electricity industry is deregulated. That means you could have as many as 20 providers angling for your business. Competition is fierce and if they can't dazzle you with their brilliance, they appear more than happy to baffle you with BS. The very first thing that came out of his mouth was, "Have you received your free energy-saver light bulbs "and shower heads?" Zoe Pearce is another homeowner who says she was almost tricked into switching power companies. They made it very difficult for us to realise that that is exactly what they were trying to do when they first turned up on the doorstep. She thought she was helping the environment,

but it was the salesman who was helping himself to her account. We said "Yes, we'd be happy to take the devices." He started filling out a form and it wasn't until he was half way through that form that he asked for the meter number, and I thought, "Hang on a minute, "he's actually trying to get us to sign contract here." I don't have 10 plasma's, I've only got the one. The one air-conditioning unit - and it comes on very rarely. No swimming pool, no nothing. So when a bill for more than $500 lobbed into Peter Perry's mailbox he became suspicious. Well I believe everybody should now start looking at their meter boxes. Every time they get a statement received, they should check it - But close enough is good enough when it comes to your power bill. read your meter once a year. Companies only have to actually They can estimate how much power you are using as many times as they like, so it's up to you to ensure you're not getting ripped off. The savings are there to be made.

Leon Hayes is a former door-to-door salesman turned businessman. The savings change dramatically from State-to-State, up to $150 on average in Victoria, up to about $100 in Queensland. He's co-director of -

a website where you can compare and sign up to electricity providers for yourself, without the pressures of the sales pitch. Your average savings are anywhere between 3% and 5% in Queensland, up to 10% in Victoria, and in New South Wales about 6% or 7%. His message is simple - do the research, because when it comes to your electricity bill, ultimately it's you who has the power. Don't be scared to switch your supplier, but make sure you read the fine print,

make sure you choose the right company based on your needs. Gavin Alder reporting. Still ahead - is it politically correct insanity?

The big plan to heritage-list vandalism. We've got broadband plans to suit everybody, a wide range of wireless options

will make it easy to find a broadband plan that's just right for you. (PANS CLANG) Do you go big on safety, big on style or big on oomph? A punchy fuel-efficient, six-airbag, European-designed bundle of 'yes', with stability control for an exclamation mark. The Astra has four cylinders for economy, five stars for safety, and six stars for fun. The Astra's big where it counts. New Holden Astra SRi. Go better. Tomorrow night -

the graffiti artists trapped on a speeding bus over their handiwork and the shocking plan to heritage list their work.

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