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(generated from captions) Of course. You know how much I care for you, right? Thank you. That means a lot. Good. Now go lock the door. Yea , believe me, I already id. STORM: (THINKS) As a matter of fact, I'm not gonna let you do this. I'm not gonna let you ruin this, Forrester. I swear to God, I'll stop you. Ashley and I will be together. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia This program is captioned live. Tonight, households set to pay dearly under the Rudd Government's plan to tackle climate change. Lockdown - the security grip tightens for the Pope's entrance to World Youth Day as His Holiness takes time out to meet the locals. Ten News with Ron Wilson and Deborah Knight. Good evening. Also tonight, the Reserve Bank hints at interest rate relief. And last day on air - Alan Jones takes a break to fight prostate cancer. But heading Ten News. Australia's pollution tax. Electricity costs are forecast to soar 16% and the cost of living will go up across the board under Canberra's plan to tackle climate change. But the Government is promising compensation and tax breaks to ease the pain. Even drivers will be spared, at least for the first few years. The first chapter of the Government's climate change strategy has been revealed, and it's an epic. This scheme is about fundamentally transforming the economics of how we do business

and how we choose the products and services we buy. That will come at a cost -

the most likely scenario has business charged $20 a tonne for carbon pollution. That would see household power bills soar 16% with across-the-board price rises of around 1%. Petrol will be included but motorists will be spared for now, with excise cut in the first few years to offset the carbon tax. We are effectively giving Australian motorists five years notice. The new tax on petrol, groceries and electricity prices, it will seriously squeeze middle Australia The sale of carbon permits to major polluters will raise billions of dollars. The Government will cap how much pollution industry can create. Our 1,000 worst emitters will be forced to buy pollution permits. But those that cut their carbon output can sell excess permits, making money by reducing emissions. The Government has promised every cent will be returned in direct compensation for pensioners, seniors and carers as well as tax breaks and other assistance for low- and middle-income earners. Business will also get a helping hand to go green. Coal-fired power stations will be given assistance to cope with the increased price of pollution. But environmentalists say that undermines any incentive for polluters to go green. It's very disappointing to see the Government has chosen to ignore the recommendations of the Garnaut review and give a golden handshake to the electricity generators that should have known better. The Opposition is still urging caution on going alone. But where is the green paper for maximum international pressure on the United States, China, India and the big emitters throughout the world? The 500-page paper is available online with comments open until the end of the year. Emily Rice, Ten News. The price of oil is down, the dollar is soaring, and now the Reserve Bank is hinting interest rates could start to come down. But while it seems good news, there's now growing panic over America's economy and what it will mean for Australia. A stock market searching for direction, but after another rocky day in the US many feared it would be down. In the end it just hovered. Australian shares though have lost nearly $340 billion of their value this year alone, pretty much on the back of American economic turmoil. We're certainly at the mercy of the US, more so than the actual impact of the Australian economy. We do have the mining boom and the US economy doesn't, but, in terms of market sentiment, we seem to be taking our lead from the US. And what the US also has is panic - customers lined up for hours outside the IndyMac Bank after some of their funds were frozen.

this is our money! We damn well do need to be here - I think this is mass hysteria, it's similar to the Great Depression and everybody wants their money. They want to touch it and hold it and see it. With US inflation at its worst in decades, spending down and unemployment rising, the Federal Reserve chairman stated the obvious - the economy is in trouble, although his President was saying the opposite. Do you think the system is in trouble? I think the system is sound - I truly do. A combination of fear and opportunity may actually have some benefits for Australian motorists and travellers. Fear over US growth caused a dramatic, but welcome, fall in the price of oil overnight and the opportunists have used a slump in the US dollar

to push ours to another record - above US 98 cents. And there's hope on interest rates - this is the closest a Reserve Bank governor gets to saying the next move is more likely to be down than up again. You shouldn't be waiting until it's really obvious inflation's gone all the way back down to where we like it to be before you conclude you've got to start easing. You should be easing before that day. The only hitch - it could take two years for inflation to be within the preferred range. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. In just under an hour, Pope Benedict will leave his retreat at Kenthurst and head for the city in readiness for his World Youth Day entrance tomorrow. Ten's Frank Coletta is at St Mary's Cathedral. Frank, what sort of welcoming party can he expect down there?

A slightly different sing here

tonight as her it'll what they were

calling mass hysteria last night it.

The pilgrims are here again tonight

with their flags and they're out in

numbers ready for the star turn of

this particular week which is going

to celebrate the World Youth Day

with a final Mass on Sunday and of

course that's Pope Benedict. The

Pope has been having three days of

rest and relaxation and getting up

close and personal with the

Australian fauna. This is one of

the things he wanted to do Willey

was here and he got the opportunity

to date thanks to the start of this

rule. He met a car while I and an

echidna and got to pat it all the

animals. But though lovely memories

to take back home once this winds

up. There has been controversy

surrounding this and one of those

was allegations of abuse that

continued to circle. Despite this being conceded by the Catholic

Church, there has been an Church, there has been an

interesting comment made to date by

one of the co-ordinators who

effectively has, fearing this might

cast a pall over the celebration

told them to get over it. I think most of Australia was enjoying delighting in the beauty and goodness of these young people

and the hope for us doing these sorts of things

better in the future, as we saw last night,

rather than dwelling crankily, as a few people are doing, on old wounds.

But a the Pope has flayed his

intention to unfair to make an

apology to those of us are that the

abuse and that could come at the

final Mass. The City is in a locked

down for Thursday but it's not as

severe as we expected. A change of plans

plans between the Church and the

government. We're being told that

some areas are we going to be off

limits are now open saliva, not

just a pilgrims but to the public

as of course the Catholic Church is as of course the Catholic Church is

very keen as against what the

government had said to make sure

people enjoy it could hope for the

first time in 13 years. St Mary's Cathedral - a place of worship but, with the Pope about to move there, it's under a high-security lockdown. The cathedral and grounds have been surrounded by APEC-style security fencing.

Police explosives dogs and army bomb teams swept the area today. Pilgrims who hoped to visit the cathedral were turned away. The Pope will be staying in the residence adjacent to the cathedral. Police say the security fencing has been pushed back hundreds of metres in an attempt to cut off lines of fire for a sniper.

Under Australian law, the Pope is what's known as an internationally protected person. As a head of state, as well as the leader of a world religion, he's being given the same level of security as a visit by the Queen or an American president. So you expect to see those close personal protection arrangements that are in place traditionally around these types of visits. There are airspace restrictions over the city and papal events and police sniper teams are expected to take up positions on nearby vantage points. The security cordon will also be tight during the 'boatacade' to Barangaroo, where pilgrims will greet the Pope, and on the motorcade through Circular Quay to Mrs Macquarie's Chair and the Domain - places where the public can see Pope Benedict. 500,000 people are expected in the city. to come tomorrow We want as many people as possible to welcome the Holy Father. Roads on the Pope's route will be closed all day. The papal motorcade will finish at 5:30. Then, thousands of city workers and spectators will head for railway stations to go home. We've got extra police to help out there as well. If the platform looks as if they're going to get crowded, we'll hold people outside. Commuters are warned to expect delays. John Hill, Ten News. With no official events, today was a day for the pilgrims to pray and reflect. Among the worshippers at the 300 special services held across the city were the members of Sydney's busiest home-stay family. Home-stay pilgrims from Ecuador soak up some true-blue Aussie hospitality.

Good tucker, mate.

June Costello-Law and her husband, Peter, have opened their Mascot home to eight Spanish-speaking Catholic worshippers. It's the most number of home-stay billets under one roof for World Youth Day. Communication's a bit of a problem when there's only a couple speaking English but, yeah, it's great.

Of course the additional house guests make for some extra washing, and washing-up. But there's also an impromptu performance or two. I'm from Ecuador, a big trip. It's my first trip and it's amazing for me. From celebration to quiet reflection - the pilgrims gathered for a special church service in their native tongue at St Therese Parish at Mascot. 300 hundred similar ceremonies - known as catechises - were held across the city. Italians gathered in prayer at Drummoyne,

Kenyans and Jamaicans were among the congregation in Lewisham. Carrying their national flag and boldly professing their faith, pilgrims spilled off buses and into the Entertainment Centre for mass. There were 10,000 of them by 3:00 this afternoon. A flood of late arrivals

is expected to lift the number of international visitors to 215,000 by Sunday. They'll be part of a crowd of around 500,000 worshippers at Randwick's papal mass. Belinda Heggen, Ten News. They're calling it the Catholic Woodstock, last night's Barangaroo rock concert hitting the right note with pilgrims attending the opening mass. Ever since they got here, they love to sing. the pilgrims have proved

It's hard to know what organisers would have done without 'Australian Idol', with Damien Leith, Casey Donovan and Paulini all on the bill. Newlywed Guy Sebastian also keeping the faith. 150,000 sharing the joy.

And the pilgrims get the chance to do it all again tomorrow night - Rick Price, Diesel and Vanessa Amorosi will play at the World Youth for Justice Concert

organised by St Vincent de Paul.

Clarissa to do with kids and a

Hymas and raising money for people

in poverty. D get to meet the Pope force?

force? That's a good question. The concert is free for all pilgrims and kicks off at 6pm tomorrow night. In sport with Brad McEwan, plenty of interest in the Rabbitohs today. Yes, more than they expected at an open fan day with some very unexpected guests turning up. Also, the AFL digs in, literally, in the battle for western Sydney and, as their multimillion-dollar development takes shape, the local mayor fires a shot at rugby league, saying they've missed out. And the international cricket star who's now being guarded by an all-female police detachment, and there's a good reason why.

Plus, one of Australian sport's most iconic trophies comes out of mothballs. Passing the buck - next, a property developer defends himself over a failed investment. Also tonight, jail time for the Sydney greyhound trainer who left his dog for dead. And broadcaster Alan Jones hangs up the mike as he prepares to take on a fight for his life. With droughts tipped to get worse and more frequent, ACTEW wants to cover all options. Having a design for a demonstration water purification plant ready to go is like an insurance policy. It's another way we're securing water for life. Same age. Same super contribution. His fund does not pay commissions to financial advisors. His does. His fees are lower. Industry Super Funds are run only to profit members.

That's a lifetime of difference with an Industry Super Fund. Make sure your super fund carries this symbol. It could make a lifetime of difference to your retirement. This program is captioned live. A greyhound trainer who left his dog to die inside a locked car has been sentenced to weekends in jail. The animal died from heat exhaustion and dehydration after enduring temperatures of up to 70 degrees. Go Bronco was a 4-legged fighter, but this was one battle he could not win. He died of internal bleeding after being left for 12 hours inside a steaming-hot car outside a Glebe hotel. Today his trainer, 37-year-old Terry Darragh, was sentenced for the crime. Mr Darragh, will you continue to train greyhounds? Ah, just no comment at the moment, thanks. Are you a cruel person? Darragh will serve five months weekend detention and pay $1,000 in fines. He was also punished for lying to police to cover up his crime. He had initially claimed his car and dog were stolen when in fact he'd dumped the car after being involved in a crash. Do you feel bad about what happened to your greyhound? From the vet who desperately tried to save the greyhound, disappointment. We always like to see the full weight of the law come down when it comes to animal cruelty so, in this case, maybe that was a little bit light. Just minutes after the decision was handed down, Mr Darragh was back inside the courtroom to lodge an appeal over the severity of his sentence. The Greyhound Racing Authority has also launched an investigation into Go Bronco's death. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. If you witness a breaking story The Sydney primary school teacher sacked for posing nude in a magazine is set to sue the State Government. 24-year-old Lynne Tziolas says her health is suffering and she wants damages after claiming she was denied natural justice. She posed nude with her husband in 'Cleo' magazine and was sacked in May. After being reinstated, the Education Department has offered her other positions at different schools, but none has been suitable for her qualifications. Ms Tziolas says her doctor has told her she won't be well enough to go back to work for three months. Broadcaster Alan Jones has had his last day on air today ahead of prostate cancer surgery. The 67-year-old is scheduled to have an operation to remove the cancer on Saturday - doctors asking him to finish up today, a day ahead of schedule.

I'll be OK. Will you ring me when I get back on air? I'm looking forward to the compulsory rest, I'm rather looking forward to the enforced rest, even if I have to get chopped up a bit to enjoy it. Mr Jones hopes to make a return to the airwaves in four weeks.

Amazing scenes today with thousands of

of people marching up and down

under bright sunshine. This is a

day that has had the pressure on

before about the Year. I've been

trying to get the forecast right

free here. There's a good reason

why. First day it'll be super. We

woke up a bit foggy this morning it

down to around two visibility of

100 metres. First day of fine and

sunny. Friday fine and sunny. Next, shocking interrogation tactics used on a teenager at Guantanamo Bay. And getting carried away - the motorist who took his road rage to the extreme. Ohh! It doesn't get better than this. Mitre 10's: Bosch 670-watt angle grinder, only: Victa 26cc petrol line trimmer: Mighty helpful Mitre 10. (SWEEPING MUSIC PLAYS) (PIANO PLAYS) ANNOUNCER: Tomorrow, your energy will be kinder to the environment. will be more efficient. Tomorrow, your energy and your water supply will be even more secure. And that's just tomorrow. The day after that will be even better, because every day at ActewAGL, we're working hard to make your world a better place to live in. ActewAGL:

And an entire projected traffic.

Europe and the North West of the

city. I'm expecting many

alterations to traffic as the

Pope's motorcade moves through?

Where death or respecting traffic

problems especially heading from

the North West and a pen and Hills

Road. We've seen no sign of the

Pope Mobile. The M2 tunnel looks

great so they shouldn't be problems

for the hope as they make the city for the hope as they make the city

bound journey. This is Epping and

road. There was an accident earlier. A blame game has started over a luxury development

that's lost mum-and-dad investors a fortune. The company involved says it's everyone's fault but theirs. It was hot waterside property on the Central Coast and investors lapped up these luxury serviced apartments back in 1999 and 2000. Brochures from the developer Austcorp and sales agent PRD had guaranteed returns of 7% and 8% for 10 years. But after 12 months those returns vanished.

15 investors are now suing the developer. They claim they were deceived. Austcorp's lawyers maintain the investor contracts only ever guaranteed 12 months rental return regardless of what the brochures claimed. They've told the Federal Court that each investor's solicitor is to blame for failing to properly read the contracts. Austcorp International believes it isn't liable because it made the brochure guarantee in good faith,

based on glowing third-party assessments. They also believe the wrong company is being sued. Its chairman, Trevor Chappell, has told the court the luxury development was the work of 1 of its 300 subsidiary companies. 30 other aggrieved investors who were fighting for compensation over a separate matter pulled out of the legal action earlier this week. James Boyce, Ten News. Former fugitive surgeon Jayant Patel is expected back in Australia by the end of the week to face manslaughter charges. The doctor is now in the custody of US marshals at a secret location. They will hand over the US citizen to Queensland police for the flight back to Brisbane.

The movement, transport and specifics of Mr Patel will not be released from this day forward.

The 58-year-old is facing life in jail on 14 charges linked to the deaths of patients at Bundaberg Base Hospital. For the first time video has been released of an interrogation at the infamous US military camp, Guantanamo Bay. It shows a Canadian teenager begging to be killed. Prosecutors insist he's a murdering terrorist. A grainy surveillance tape provides the first real look into one of the black holes of the war against terror - the interrogation of suspected al-Qaeda operatives. This one happens to be the youngest person ever accused of a war crime. A Canadian citizen, Omar Khadr was just 15 when he was captured in Afghanistan and sent to Guantanamo Bay. Here he shows Canadian intelligence agents the wounds he's suffered when he was captured. Left alone, the disconsolate teenager wishes he were dead. Originally classified secret, the tape was released by Khadr's lawyers, beforehand. who say he was, quote, "softened up" It's time for this travesty to stop and for Omar Khadr to come home to Canada to face justice under Canadian law. (SOBS) he may look like a little boy lost,

American officials say a hardened terrorist. but he is really He allegedly served as a translator for a top al-Qaeda operative

being hunted by American commandoes who levelled this compound where Khadr was hiding. Sergeant Christopher Speer was killed when someone threw a grenade from the rubble. Khadr was the only one still alive in there, although no-one actually saw him throw the grenade. The sons of Britain's back-from-the-dead canoeist have spoken for the first time about how they were tricked into believing their father was dead. Their mother cried in the dock as her boys testified that she had lied to them in the worst possible way. They've suffered the grief of their father's death, the joy of his sudden reappearance, and the shock of discovering it was all a scam.

Five years

after Mark and Antony Darwin thought they lost their father, it seems they've lost their mother too. Now they're the star prosecution witnesses at her trial. It was Anne Darwin, they told the court, who convinced them John died in a canoeing accident. But for a very different reason - she's now accused of playing along with her husband's fake death and claiming $500,000 in life insurance. She seemed to share her sons' shock

when John Darwin came back from the dead last December claiming to have amnesia. But then Mark and Anthony saw a photo of their parents in Panama taken during his apparent disappearance. It was too much for Anne Darwin, who cried silently throughout the hearing. Save for her sobbing, their mother couldn't kept her eyes off her sons. The sense of betrayal, though, is obviously still raw. Darwin son meet their mother's gaze. Not once all day did either In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A cyclist involved in a road-rage incident has been carried away from the scene, on the bonnet of the car. Jason Rehnberg was left holding on for his life as the driver took off down a suburban street and around the block. He became the car's hood ornament after a heated exchange with the driver. He was backing up really fast, so I got off my bike and I was standing there in the middle of the road and he backed right over the front end of my bike With people on both sides of me, I had to go on top of the car. The driver was charged with drink-driving and assault. Rested and ready -

next, Pope Benedict prepares to leave? his country retreat for St Mary's. Also, the path to redemption - special confessionals set up to cater for the masses. And Olivia hits the talk show trail to tell about her surprise weddings. SONG: # Do you see what I see? # Do you see what I see? # VOICEOVER: And we see thousands more children in desperate need that you can sponsor with World Vision right now. Your sponsorship will do more than change the life of a child like Chifundo. You'll help their entire community. So do something life-changing. Sponsor a child with World Vision, but do it now. Call 13 32 40 or visit You know the need. You see the children. Please make the call. World Vision - can you see what we see? you would sponsor Zipangani right now. World Vision child sponsorship is life-changing. The need is desperate. Call 13 32 40.

This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - the Government has promised to cut fuel exise to temporarily shield motorists from the expense of carbon trading. But the plan to tackle climate change will still cost dearly, electricity bills likely to soar 16% and the overall cost of living to go up. Things could be looking up - the Reserve Bank Governor has hinted interest rate relief may not be far off. It's come as the Aussie dollar hit a new high against the Greenback and the price of oil dropped.

And Pope Benedict has been given an all-Australian welcome at his Kenthurst retreat. On his last day there before heading to St Mary's he was treated to a visit

by a special contingent of our unique fauna and took a particular shine to a koala called Darwin. And the pontiff is shifting to St Mary's Cathedral tonight before he addresses the masses for the first time tomorrow. Ten reporter Frank Coletta is in the city. Frank, just when might we see Benedict XVI?

Chances are he's had too much fun

today so he's taking some time to

get over it. The suggestion is the

time will be delayed by a couple of

hours. The pilgrims are here in

force once again awaiting his

arrival at St Mary's Cathedral

where he'll stay for the duration

of his trip before the final Mass on

on Sunday. No movement as yet.

There'll be a motorcade of about 28

cars including police. Before we

wrap up a lot of people have been

asking the question about the red

papal shoes. It's a return to an

old tradition that was can

discontinued by the previous Pope

but it's to do with the colour red.

It's the colour which is distinct

in martyrdom and St Peter was a

martyr and the Pope is a successor of St Peter. Thanks. Ten reporter Frank Coletta at St Mary's Cathedral. Sydney is officially 'Sin City'. 1,000 priests have been brought in just to hear confessions from hordes of World Youth Day pilgrims.

And they're being kept very busy. (ALL SING) # Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole... # The Holy Spirit is clearly moving the pilgrims but sometimes competing forces can prove a challenge

to the most well-intentioned Catholic. So, dotted among the information tents, the church has set up temporary confessional sites. Do you think you'll be paying it a visit while you're here? Ah, definitely. I've got plenty of things to reconcile. I think it's on our next schedule. (ALL LAUGH)

Yeah, we are not, good! (LAUGHS) The only problem, it seems, is finding that path to redemption. Incorrectly marked tents left these volunteers fielding endless requests to repent. WOMAN: Oh, no, we've got the bags. We're right. so this is queuing up for the bags - it's not the chapel 'cause that's what it says on the other side. (LAUGHS) One priest joked a "sin bin" sign would make life a little easier - either that or divine intervention.

But the pilgrims seemed happy to party on while they waited for some of the hundreds of international priests to go on duty. Margaret would love to hear confession from them. Some thought the media should visit too. I make mistakes sometimes too. We are humans. Inside, there's no confessional box, just a series of roped-off sections for an express service available in 50 different languages. The priests say they're not troubled about offering their service so close to other scenes of celebration here in the middle of Hyde Park. They say it's more important that they're out here, reaching the young people. And, by the constant queues, it seems they are. (ALL SING) # Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. # Alright, boys! Amber Muir, Ten News. To the BankWest finance report, and the Australian share market shrugged off financial jitters in the US, with bargain-hunters snapping up the big banks. The average price of unleaded fuel in Sydney tonight is $1.59 a litre. You can find it for $1.53 at Beacon Hill, Frenchs Forest, Forestville and Brookvale. Aussie star Olivia Newton-John has opened up about her new marriage. The 59-year-old singer has been doing the rounds on US television. She's been talking about her secret wedding ceremonies in Peru and Florida and how she's crazy about her new husband. I got married a couple of weeks ago, nearly three weeks ago, to a wonderful man. His name is John Easterling

and he has a wonderful herbal supplement company called Amazon Herb, that I love, and I take his stuff all the time. She's also proudly showing off She's also proudly showing o the ring that her husband chose. The stone is two diamonds that have grown together.

Perfect conditions are. Of the Pope

and the pilgrims must feel like

they've stepped into or postcard

with the City just shining. If you

know anybody that really helping

the planet we want you to nominate

them at this website. We've $2,000

to give away every month and $5,000

at the end of the year.

Pilgrims and the Pope will all cope. Sport now with Brad, and Souths are drawing inspiration from a special player. Yes, he's become a key man on field, but it's an ongoing fight against cancer that's proving inspirational for the Bunnies. And the resurgent Rabbitohs draw more than happy supporters at training as the drug testers suddenly descend on the session. Also, rugby league is warned it's missing out as the AFL builds a multimillion-dollar bunker in Sydney's west. WOMAN: Jason, have you brushed your teeth yet? VOICEOVER: No matter how well your kids brush, there'll always be germs that are left behind. New Listerine Smart Rinse helps clean your kid's whole mouth and contains fluoride to protect against cavities. New from Listerine. VOICEOVER: Stunner Deals are back at Hungry Jack's. all for just $4.95. Drive in for stunning value. The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's.

This program is captioned live. Australian coach Ricky Stuart fears

some of rugby leagues's brightest young stars will be head-hunted by overseas clubs unless more is done to keep them. Some high-flying support for the Kangaroos, with the World Cup 101 days away, but the hot topic was still Mark Gasnier's multimillion-dollar move to French rugby union. We can't contest that sort of money that's being thrown around and it's only gonna keep on happening. What I'm scared about is that it'll happen to our younger players

more and more now. Gasnier's once-prominent image

has now been removed from the rugby league World Cup website. Jason Taylor calls it the story that's inspired his rejuvenated Rabbitohs - that of rookie Souths centre Jamie Simpson, who's fought off cancer, not once, but twice. He's pretty popular after winning five from five since his debut. And, for Jamie Simpson, winning football games is nothing after fighting Hodgkin's lymphoma. I had it in my groin and in my gut and in my shoulder. Sort of went through an extensive 12 months course of chemo in Rockhampton and it didn't go away after that so I had to get a stem cell transplant in Brisbane, and lost about 20 kilos. where I was in hospital for a month

At the age of 15, Simpson admits he feared the worst outcome just once. Then the game he loves helped him through. It was pretty much a saviour to me. It kept me going, just thinking I could get involved with rugby league while I was still sick and a bit of coaching and then, when I got through it, just play a bit more. Four years in remission, Simpson has two check-ups to go before getting the all clear. And he's been an inspiration to all of us. In hearing his story and then seeing what he does each weekend, he's lifted us with so much enthusiasm. The same enthusiasm Simpson called upon when he needed it most. I had Mum coming down at nights, crying to me while I was just playing the PlayStation.

Yeah, it didn't really faze me at all. I just knew I was going to get through it in the end. Simpson and the Rabbitohs mobbed by fans as they prepared for Sunday's crucial clash with the Wests Tigers. And after reviving their season with five straight wins, it wasn't just jubilant Souths fans turning up at training today. Though not keen to be seen, drug testers were out in force, demanding samples from the reborn Rabbitohs. I think it's the first time they've been here this year so, ah, it's pretty funny. Adam Hawse, Ten News. The AFL and Blacktown Council have unveiled a multimillion-dollar stadium complex

in rugby league's western Sydney heartland. It won't be finished until 2009, but the major development is set to ramp up the battle between the codes. Traditionally a rugby league stronghold, western Sydney is fast becoming a level playing field. We just see this as a great opportuniy for us. Our greatest risk is if we do nothing. The AFL joining forces with Blacktown Council to expand their league. The result, a $30 million stadium to house the league's 18th team due in 2012. It's a plan council says the NRL missed out on. We offered them an academy out here and they never came back. Blacktown's population is expected to grow from the current 300,000 to well over 500,000 and, according to council, the future lies here in AFL. As for the junior rugby league clubs, well, they're furious. Disgusted, saddened. The Whalan Reserve, home to the Rooty Hill Dragons, was so badly run-down last season a number of fields were closed,

deemed unsafe. Now the ground is being used as a dump for dangerous waste. Come out and have a look at the conditions the kids of the west have got to play in, then say whose blame it is.

Get your mob around the table legs move forward As far as they can see, there's only one problem. I'm not quite sure. It'll be pretty good, but I don't know to go for Swans or Western Sydney team. Victoria Murphy, Ten News. The Wallabies will regain plenty of experience for Saturday night's battle with South Africa in Perth. Nathan Sharpe, Lote Tuqiri and Wycliff Palu all return from injury, the home side declaring

there'll be no room for the fainthearted

as the Tri-Nations heats up. up for the physical contest, You definitely have to be as everyone sort of knows here. The last two games between the Blacks and the Boks have been obviously very physical. We accept nothing different on Saturday night and nothing different for the rest of the tournament.

Veteran Phil Waugh dumped for George Smith, who will make his 87th Test appearance. Australian cricket's most prestigious trophy

will make a long-awaited return this summer. After an absence of nine years, the Sheffield Shield was unveiled at the MCG this morning. It was originally bought with a donation from Lord Sheffield, who travelled here with W.G. Grace's England team in 1892. Now it returns to replace the Pura Cup. You know, watching the people on TV and actually going to the Sydney Cricket Ground as a young kid watching Sheffield Shield matches, it's a very historic thing and it's great that it's back. Weet-Bix has been announced as the competition's new sponsor. Meanwhile, a security detail with a difference for Indian one-day captain M.S. Dhoni - the difference being they're all women. The move comes after two recent incidents in which female fans attempted to throw themselves on the national heart-throb. They've been dubbed Dhoni's Angels'. Later in Sports Tonight, we catch up with Cadel Evans on a rest day at the Tour de France.

Plus, the AFL coach with a severe illness.

soon the traffic back from belong

would. Take a look at the gridlock would. Take a look at the gridlock

now for motorists making the

journey to Parramatta. Significant

queues and a very bad accident in

Guildford. We still waiting for the Guildford. We still waiting for the Pope to leave. Every coffee now served at McCafe is made from Rainforest Alliance certified beans. McCafe Rainforest Alliance coffee - a great deal for workers and a great-tasting coffee for you. Googong Dam has the region's biggest storage capacity but without water, capacity's not much use. ACTEW's project to pipe water from the Murrumbidgee River will help us make the most of Googong and help secure water for life.

The Pope is doing a harbour trip

tomorrow and they'll drive around

the city. I hope he can keep the

sun shine coming. When you've half

the world in your backyard you may

as well put it blue-sky a crossbow

lot. The pressure on the little

weatherman tomorrow to get it right.

His father was a choirboy so it's

still confident of fine and sunny

and 19 degrees tomorrow. It's been

superb this weekend and will

continue. Saturday and Sunday are a

bit dodgy. Possible thunderstorm

late on Sunday but plenty of blue

sky to will. It's been magnificent for the big celebration.

Widespread thick cloud over eastern

Queensland in moist unstable air is

generating showers on the coast.

Affront brings the odd shower to Western Australia and South

Australia. A front will bring a

burst of cola showery winds to the

south Strathearn Coast line. A

front with a trough will triggered

showers in the Tasmania, Victoria

and southern areas of New South

Wales. The northern part of the State of Queensland being kept

clear by a high her. Predicted

precipitation and drops across the

rooftops and tops - isolated rooftops and tops - isolated

showers across southern New South

Wales. Chicago at the snow on the

Alps. 10 to 20 centimetres worth.

Western at Western Australia and Western at Western Australia and

the north-east tropics will have Western at Western Australia and the north-east tropics will have

rain. As a super forecast for super rain. As a super forecast for super

Thursday. The clear winter skies

continue. We always after new

viewers here and even though this

fellow is a today's old he's in

front of the screen and making more

sense than his grandfather did at

the 65 News of our age. I'm Ron Wilson. That's Ten News for now. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Only days to go until the winner of Big Brother 2008 is announced, and your votes will decide it. This Sunday it's a double eviction - five down to three. Who will go? Will it be bricklayer Rory? He's faced eviction more times than anyone else. Can he survive again? Evict him by: Grandma Terri is the oldest person in the House. To evict Terri: Travis is the Voice. To silence the Voice: Ben - at 19, he is the youngest in the House. To evict Ben: Alice - the country vet who loves to compete. End her competition by: Or text their names to 19 10 10. Belong votes cost 55 cents maximum. 190 votes from mobiles extra. Lines close at 19:15pm Australian Eastern Standard Time this Sunday, July 20.

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