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(generated from captions) another ?3,000. Really?! If you can find the pot, I'll find the pot! I'll find the pot. Thank you very much. Thank you. to say goodbye from Boston, furniture seems the perfect place Standing next to a massive piece of parish church in the land. working windmill and the largest home to the tallest for the deepest cup of tea! And now I'm going to look

bringing us a wide range of items. Thanks to all the Bostonians for but now from Lincolnshire, goodbye. about silver from our website, You can find out more Subtitles by BBC Broadcast 2003

This program is captioned live. gather for Australia's largest mass A huge show of faith - 140,000 to start World Youth Day. Welcome to you, pilgrims of peace.

As the pilgrims take over the city as an invasion of joy. in what's being described

with some drivers caught out. Road closures increase,

are appalling and ill-conceived. The traffic arrangements which launched the festivities. And the countdown Good evening. 200,000 Catholic pilgrims The wait is over for more than now officially under way. with World Youth Day celebrations

took over the city today, Many thousands of visitors

heading for the first major event - near Darling Harbour. the opening mass at Barangaroo right now - That's where Michael Usher is Michael - it's quite a crowd.

It is an incredible crowd. An

amazing spectacle. The crowd is so

absolutely full to enormous that this venue is

absolutely full to capacity and in

the afternoon they had to turn up

pilgrims away and sent them back

into the city to watch the event on

the big screens around the city.

You're watching it live images are

of the incredible Alter said up

down here. We have just seen a

position of the offering. They're

getting ready for the distribution of Holy Communion. It is

of Holy Communion. It is a very

colourful event. We have had some

cheering and applause, as some

moments of quiet reflection. It is

quite incredible. The beginning of

the survey is an incredible day.

drawn from all countries. Streaming in from all directions, they used to call 'The Hungry Mile'. down the stretch of harbour

an appetite for their religion. Wave after wave of the faithful with We are going to find God. And what a sight they formed. the pilgrims united... For the first time congregation ..dockside containers replaced by a that swept along the shoreline - now called Barangaroo - from the tip of the site to deep into Darling Harbour. A carpet of colour and flags... a new postcard shot - ..the bridge walkers given staggering from the air... on the ground. ..and pretty impressive Pilgrims feeding for the first time

140,000 pilgrims speeding for the

first time on a 140,000 of World

Youth Day highs.

Youth Day highs. You do not have to

be a two-edged goal owed to it

enjoyed his. For everybody else at

the fun comes from sharing the

moment it that so many other

countries. USA. The stage turned

into an Alter with the appearance

of the well travelled across. A stage turned into an altar of the well-travelled cross - with the appearance

the start of a mass to remember. skills for the welcome. The PM calling on all his linguistic And fitting for such a vast crowd. clergy. What seemed like an endless line of 26 cardinals, 400 bishops, and leading them all - Cardinal George Pell. the Archbishop of Sydney

Got our father poured out the bits

of your Holy spirit on the world. ever held in the country. It was billed as the grandest mass It was blessed with good weather... ..a service under the Southern Cross. how is the mass progressing? Now back to Michael Usher -

So still under way but a little

behind shares will. They're just

beginning Holy Communion now. It is

an amazing egotistical event. They

are using a 4000 priests. Quite an

extraordinary operation. Cardinal

George Pell has spoken

George Pell has spoken talking

Catholics here. about peace and hope to be

brought on by the event The number of road closures tripled today, including George Street, as more of the city, was handed over to the pilgrims. the advice to avoid the city The vast majority of drivers heeded understanding about the disruption. and those who couldn't were was infectious. The goodwill brought by pilgrims for about 45 minutes I have been in the car

but that's OK, it's worth it. It's a one-off. turning the other cheek Many driving to work,

of road closures in the city. after being hit by a series you have to roll with the punches. It's an historic event, I think it's exciting, so many young people around. it's marvellous to see

by 'special event' clearway zones. But for some their faith was tested with on-the-spot fines. Cars towed away and drivers hit

appalling and-ill conceived. The traffic arrangements are in George Street - At 10:00am the barricades went up is occasionally closed the city's most famous thoroughfare for protest marches. Today it was overrun by pilgrims. his presence felt Of course the pope will really make when he hits town on Thursday brought by road closures and for the drivers, the paralysis streets but right across the CBD will extend to not just a few to North Sydney and Randwick. this is a pedestrian event. The CBD is no place for cars -

This is a public transport event. to be preaching to the converted. And the minister appeared Traffic in the city was down 15%. Numbers on trains and buses were up. are usually scandal-free, And while World Youth Days of sacrilege - followers have been accused painted messages supporting the Pope vandalising the war memorial with "God bless you, diggers." and one stating derogatory in terms of words used, Whilst it may not have been it is enormously disrespectful. we would say Damian Ryan, Nine News. the start of World Youth Day, As the many pilgrims celebrated given something to cheer about. protesters were also They won their legal challenge

anti-annoyance laws, against our special new against the spirit of free speech. the court ruling that they were around St Mary's Cathedral, As the faithful swarmed celebrated the court decision. across the road, protesters the Pope's decision on condoms. We are protesting

while others fought back. Some pilgrims listened, always choosing their targets wisely. Activists handing out condoms not I'm only 14. And I'm only 13! Their victory came in the Federal Court, which overturned some of the special powers given to police by the State Government. Under the law, it was an offence to annoy World Youth Day pilgrims and risk a fine of $5,500. It is a major victory for the protest movement

to say to the State Government, "Hands off, we have the right to say what we have to say. The court ruled that parts of the act relating to annoying pilgrims were invalid because it could not have been the intention of Parliament to be so vague on the subject of free speech. These are decisions taken to ensure the event proceeds smoothly. And at the same time, achieve a balance. We've always said people are free to make their point. Like it or not, that is exactly what protesters will be doing for the rest of the week. Jessica Rich, Nine News. Of course, those followers who have come from overseas aren't just here for World Youth Day. They are also here to explore our wonderful city. Denham Hitchcock joins us from St Mary's Cathedral - and Denham, how much are they getting to see?

With these sort of weather we had

today the Sydney really was a

Pilgrim's paradise. Remember they

only have one week in the city and

that is a week but started rice here at the cathedral. It has been counting us down for the past 500 days, but at the stroke of midnight, and surrounded by the faithful, the party officially began. We still have the happiest airport in the world, as more pilgrims arrived, still singing and clapping. Also here, an international mix of 200 soldiers, armed with hymns. Yes they will know we are Christians by our love. 19-year-old Lauren Zolezzi has a tougher job, she will sing solo in front of the Pope

at the Randwick vigil on Saturday night. Her only instructions - don't wear white and sing like an angel. Daunting definitely, but it will undoubtedly be one of the most amazing experiences of my life. And while the Pope may be here to lift pilgrims's souls, retailers are trying to lighten their wallets. From T-shirts... I like this. boomerangs.

They are taking cash... This one I charge $10. ..and credit. That's $131.80, thank you. And no matter where you're from, Some are spending as little as $30 a day, I've met some who can spend up to $100 a day, but when you times that by hundreds of thousands - that's lot of dollars going into our economy. Huge groups are swarming to the shopping centres. Stopping only for traffic lights and tourist shops. It is a religious pilgramidge with shopping thrown in on the side.

Most are hoping to add to their wardrobe. I'm embarrassed. It looks great, man. While others are adding to a collection. I always try and buy a musical instrument in every country I travel. But that doesn't mean he can play them. (PLAYS POORLY) Denham Hitchcock, Nine News. Denham, are there any figures available on just how much this event is bringing to our economy ?

It has to be said not many of the

pilgrims are staying at the Hilton

or shopping at the Queen Victoria

building it. But the sheer weight

of numbers that means the number -

- money is here. Around $230

million is one figure being thrown around.

The rest of the days news after the break - including pilot error blamed for a deadly Black Hawk crash. And the critic's verdict on Heath Ledger's Joker at 'The Dark Knight' world premiere.

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at a housing estate. It was discovered a pipe bomb had exploded together with an unexploded device that was found underneath a motor vehicle. A number of shotgun cartridges were also located at the scene. A second unexploded bomb was also found under the car. So far, no-one has been arrested.

The body of Australian SAS solider Sean McCarthy, who was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan last week,

arrived home this afternoon onboard a Hercules aircraft.

His comrades formed a guard of honour as his coffin was removed from the plane at Amberley air base, west of brisbane. A full military funeral will be held for the 25-year-old signaller on Friday.

The military inquiry into the Black Hawk helicopter crash off Fiji two years ago has found that pilot error was the main cause. But the report also stated that the accident,

which killed two crew members, including the pilot,

was inevitable because of systemic failures. Blackhawk 221 approaching the Navy supply vessel 'Kanimbla' - an accident waiting to happen. He hit the deck with a fair bit of forward speed

and a fairly high rate of descent. The prime cause of the accident was pilot error by the captain. Pilot Mark Bingley died in the crash along with SAS trooper Joshua Porter. The Blackhawk had been on a routine exercise. The report says while Captain Bingley flew...

..he wasn't solely to blame. It says the accident...

The chief of Defence says those failures included a culture of danger prevailing over safety. The squadron's can-do attitude meant that they were taking greater risks to achieve their missions. Other factors included a failure to follow safety guidelines and inadequate supervision. The army says

it's already begun adopting 56 of the report's 58 recommendations, including an audit of flying tactics, techniques and procedures. You've got to understand that what they're doing is inherently dangerous and it'll never be 100% safe. In the wake of the findings, the widow of Captain Bingly released a statement saying she has "absolute confidence Mark would never intentionally

"or recklessly place his crew or passengers in danger."

Daniel Street, Nine News. In the US, a controversial cartoon is causing a stir. New York and Gotham City have long been linked. So, too, Heath Ledger - it's where the Aussie actor died six months ago after filming his role in the latest Batman film. His stunning performance as the Joker was centre stage in the Big Apple today at the world premiere of 'The Dark Knight'. A menacing Heath Ledger looked down from above,

his haunting Joker splashed across movie posters

and this Times Square billboard, as the stars of his film 'The Dark Knight' walked a black carpet at its world premiere in New York. Six months after his death, all the talk was still about Heath. He has created a Joker which is a portrayal that's iconic. Ledger's parents and his sister Kate flew to New York as special guests.

They chose to enter by a rear door, while Michelle Williams,

Ledger's former fiance and mother of his daughter Matilda, said from the beginning she wouldn't be attending. So the talking was left to Ledger's co-stars, who gave rave reviews. This was his moment. Why so serious? Critics are calling Ledger's menacing performance

"brilliant and unforgettable." So good, in fact, that some are even saying

he should be nominated for a posthumous Academy award. But let me tell you something, he is electrifying. And here...we...go.

The movie writers are unanimous. Some even saying, had he lived, Ledger's inspired performance as the Joker may have made him as audacious an actor as Marlon Brando -

and maybe as great.

Peter Stefanovic, Nine News, New York. Ken with sport next - and Mark Gasnier defends his switch to French rugby union? While league's most overrated player has his say. Also - a welcome distraction for the Eels's Nathan Hindmarsh. And Cadel Evans's amazing yellow jersey ride in the Tour de France.

OK, kids. Where are we gonna put it? A budgie's not exactly a goldfish, is it? Oh, does this mean we can get rid of the guinea pigs? LOUD POP MUSIC MAN: The guy just rolled over.

If it's not Italian, it's not going in the office. BANG! Oh!

PHONE RINGS WOMAN: Ajax Pro Team. What's your challenge?

WOMAN 2: Filthy tiles and soap scum. Ajax Professional Ultra Bathroom - its tough-acting formula leaves surfaces super-shiny. Ajax Professional Ultra Bathroom:

The Dragons and the NRL are blaming each other for Mark Gasnier's defection to the French Rugby Union at the end of the season. To stop the player drain, Willie Mason says marquee players should be exempt from the salary cap. We all knew that Mark Gasnier was here to say "Au revoir",

but no-one thought he'd be gone forever. If I had to give you an answer now, I'd say no.

No, I hope to try to go well at it and if that's the case, sign on for longer. Gasnier has warned he won't be the last big name attracted by the big bucks on offer. Yes, there's guys that purely want to go for money. I think what it's done is probably made people more aware that the opportunity in Europe is there.

Nine News first revealed that Gasnier would be $1 million out of pocket after the collapse of a complex deal involving third-party payments.

Now the Dragons are blaming the NRL for that deal going south. There was no commitment by the NRL to pay Mark Gasnier via third-party agreements. Gasnier said he had no choice other than to quit. Would you work if you only got paid two-thirds of your wage?

Would you be happy to turn up to work for two years and that keep going on? Willie Mason says the NRL should copy the salary cap system used by soccer's A-League... Where they have one marquee player that can get as much money as he wants. Then you wouldn't have a problem with Sonny Bill Williams or Mark Gasniers or anyone - Greg Inglises - leaving our game. Mason is dealing with his own problems. In 'Rugby League Week's latest issue he's been voted the NRL's most over-rated player by the players.

I don't know who they survey. They survey about 100 people, so... ..probably a few halfbacks I ran over. Danny Weidler, Nine News. The struggling Eels have given 19-year-old Chris Keating the thrill of his life.

He hsa been named at five-eighth for Friday night's game against arch-rivals and competition leaders, Manly. Brett Finch will call the shots at number 7 and Keating will be all ears in his debut run-on game. The Eels' Nathan Hindmarsh

swapped his footy gear for a Super-X outfit today. The Australasian Championships will be held at Parramatta Stadium in November, but Hindmarsh isn't pushing for a start. I'd like to do it, but footy pays alright. Feleti Mateo's knee injury has opened the door for Kris Keating. He's only 19, but the Parramatta junior already has the composure of an NRL veteran.

I'll be pretty relaxed and just excited to get out on the field and so what I can do. Brett Finch sat out training but he is a definite starter.

The Eels's number 7 says their new number 6 deserves his chance. He's strong for his size and very quick and always testing the bigger guys around the ruck. And the Tigers and Melbourne played with plenty of passion last night. The Storm ruined Brett Hodgson's last game at Campbelltown

with a 30-18 win. Clinton Fletcher, Nine News. Cadel Evans has hit the front in the Tour de France, only the 5th Australian ever to wear the famous yellow jersey. He leads the race by just one second, after finishing 8th in another gruelling stage through the Pyrenees. It's on the mountain roads where Tour de France champions are made - and broken.

Once seen as Evans's main rival, Alejandro Valverde's spirit was crushed. COMMENTATOR: Valverde has cracked.

But as one challenge disappeared, others emerged. Luxembourg's Frank Schlek making his bid for the yellow jersey. He's got to start dreaming of yellow and see if it inspires him. Sensing the threat, Evans responded. He's now getting out of the saddle. Italian Leonardo Piepoli won the stage,

Schlek crossing in third, then all eyes turned to Evans and the clock.

Who will be leader? I don't know, oh goodness!

Confirmation soon filtered through,

an overwhelmed Evans was the new race leader.

I think they'll be quite... ..bit emotional myself. There'll be some emotions going tonight but this is just one step on the way. Chris Hodgkinson, Nine News.

To finance - and Westpac became the last of the big banks to step in line and raise home loan rates. Its rates are up 0.14% to 9.61%.

That came despite the Reserve Bank saying it feels rates should stay on hold for the time being.

The banks plunged on the stockmarket. The All Ords fell 97 points to two-year lows. After the break - Jaynie will have all the weather details. vetails at 6:30. onming up on WIN News...calls for earlier ogter for the ergion's mental

health lyfferers, Seving costs force us to ragghten widhCanberra's Brendan ones orepares for this laek's

British Open. lbtails next. Across regional Australia, we're asking customers (STEAM HISSES) (ORIENTAL MUSIC) Oh... Hmm.

Interesting idea, Karen. Unfortunately, more people in your branch preferred longer opening hours. Fill out a suggestion form at any participating branch or go online. WOMAN: Now. Morning, girls. Philly with fruit? What a shame. More for me!

Sweet Tooth Fairy.

Now here's Jaynie. Mark, a bit of cloud about but very unlikely we will see any rain tonight or tomorrow.

A couple of degrees cooler than yesterday hitting 20 in the city

that still makes it four above the average. And fog this morning in the west - visibility down to 100m for Bankstown and only 50 for Campbelltown. Showers along the east coast have mainly targeted the northern and southern quarter of Queensland, and that north-eastern tip of NSW. Showers and a few storms further south associated with the weak low, bringing rain to southern NSW and Victoria - all moving eastwards.

To the other side of the country, and a strong front has been charging across south-west WA, with some heavy falls of over 30mm. That same front will move towards SA tomorrow, eventually hitting the south-east on Thursday. But tomorrow - more light showers for southern NSW

with the chance of a dusting of snow on the Alps!

A couple of showers for southern capitals. Perth in for morning storms - over 20mm already today -

it is their wettest month of the year. No rain for Sydney - just more sunshine. And surfers - not much of a swell tomorrow. Light to moderate south-westerly winds. Fog is likely to be more widespread tomorrow morning. 18 degrees the top for most suburbs - so about 2 degrees cooler than today. Overnight Thursaday is when we may be hit with a light shower.

Otherwise fine until Sunday when a stronger front is expected

to bring wet and windy weather, Mark. That's the News for this Tuesday. I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia

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