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(generated from captions) It's about Nick...and me. You and Nick? ever planned on anything happening. I just want you to know that I never,

It just... I... I kissed him. You kissed Nick?! I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I feel TERRIBLE. I-I-I know it's wrong. I just hope you can forgive me. Well, do you have feelings for him? Katie, I need to know the truth. I need to know the truth right now! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - getting into the spirit -

with the country's biggest ever mass. World Youth Day opens Chaos and confusion as more city streets are shut down for a sea of pilgrims.

(ALL SCREAM) them the right to annoy Catholics. A court win for protesters, giving And life at the Pontiff's retreat - to front the faithful. Pope Benedict prepares and Deborah Knight. News with Ron Wilson jail for the mother of five Good evening. Also tonight - nine times over the legal limit. caught driving And, blasting back from injury - in the Tour de France. Cadel Evans takes the lead But first -

World Youth Day is finally here. after two years of preparations,

are gathered at East Darling Harbour As we go to air, 150,000 pilgrims in Australian history. for the largest outdoor mass is Ten reporter Frank Coletta. And with them it's standing room only, if that. Frank, talk about a crowd -

He mentioned a figure - 150,000 - He mentioned a figure - 150,000

He mentioned a figure - 150,000 -

that is the capacity here at that is the capacity here at

Barangaroo at east Darling Harbour.

There are some suggestions that

affair few people have been turned

away and they will go to be applied away and they will go to be applied

site at the Opera House and the

domain. It is the largest ever Mass

in Australia and the pictures are

stunning - flags from 170 different

nations here as Cardinal George

Pell begins a 2.5

Pell begins a 2.5 hour mass. It is Pell begins a 2.5 hour mass. It is

the first major event of the week.

They were treated to a traditional

Aboriginal welcome first up before

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd welcomed

the use of the world in five or six

different languages - but was well

received. He called them the

pilgrims of peace. Mr Rudd took to

the stage before the rest of the

you proceedings for tonight. I can tell

you - 26 cardinals are here along

with bishops of the world - 4000

priests who were at some point will

give Communion to the majority of

the 150,000 people on hand here.

The organisers have built this as

Olympic-the white in proportions.

it is hard to argue Considering the vision we have seen

it is hard to argue with that. They

masses and all about religion - it

is also touching on political

issues? In the lead-up the Pope

made it quite clear that there are

several issues aside from religion

he would like to touch on during

the week off World Youth Day

celebrations. Climate change is one

of those. We have been given an

insight into what Cardinal Pell

will say shortly - I can tell you will say shortly - I can tell you

there is an evocative home early

from the Old Testament which refers

to the Valley of the dry bones and

that is a correlation with that and

the drought which has affected so

many Australians. World Youth Day

celebrations but beginning

officially today. One of and 50,000

people here will be here for at

least another two hours before we

have the start of the festival

events and the concert events and the concert featuring

the likes of guy Sebastian. in Barangaroo. Thanks. Ten reporter Frank Coletta of pilgrims, For the many tens of thousands all day. the excitement has been building Some have been up since midnight of the celebrations. for the official start built on faith and enthusiasm. A river of people And, after months of preparation, the journey comes down to this - for all these pilgrims making their way to Barangaroo, side by side, tens of thousands a man many didn't know, for them being here at all. but the one responsible Having a good time? from across the globe, Among the sea of flags and faces many Australians here, there are, of course,

and across Sydney from around the country to be at this event. western suburbs. Toongabbie, Rooty Hill, And even further west - Adelaide. It took us a 20-hour bus ride. We arrived yesterday. For many, this day began at midnight. ALL: Four, three, two, one! (ALL CHEER) And with the celebration under way, a message from the Pope to spur them on.

throughout the day, It worked - the fervour spread around the city crowds of pilgrims walking their way

to the mass, before eventually heading and chanting - always chanting.

Let's all do the Jesus jive!

Stop, it's Jesus time! Go Jesus, go Jesus! in being this dedicated, There is a dedication with good reason. from all over the world. Celebrating our faith with people the same language. None of us really speak People from everywhere. in mastering a tricky local name. And there's a dedication In Barangaroo, I think. You said that very well. Thank you! from various defence forces There were pilgrims

with a special message. for they will be known as pilgrims. Blessed are the peacemakers, now give way to prayer But the chants and marches

and a place in history. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. is at St Mary's Cathedral. Ten reporter John Hill

extraordinary influx of pilgrims? John, how is Sydney coping with this There are

There are an awful lot of people

here. Things to appear to be going

pretty well. We have had a look around

around the streets of Sydney today

and those people seem to be having

a great time. There is an awful lot a great time. There is an awful

of traffic in the city - that is

being managed pretty well. Managers

the - motorists appear to have heeded

the warning to stay off the street. in the early hours of the morning The barricades started going up around St Mary's Cathedral where Pope Benedict will be staying and the chapter house from Thursday. along Macquarie Street There were more barricades are now special event clearways - and scores of city streets no parking or stopping are over. until World Youth Day celebrations The clearways are there to ensure that pedestrians are safe and there can be no clearer message than this - the CBD is no place for cars. Traffic volumes were down once again as more motorists chose to leave their cars at home. We've achieved about a 15% drop in traffic. We need to double that by Thursday and Friday. And trains were running into the city every five minutes, carrying more than 100,000 pilgrims. Streets across the CBD are progressively being closed -

most of George Street will be shut down each day this week from 10:00 in the morning. A group of Brazilian pilgrims were the first to take over the roadway.

As a consequence, traffic on other major streets running north and south was heavy all day. With so many pedestrians in the city, turning George Street into a mall has turned out to be a good idea, with pilgrims and city workers taking advantage of the vehicle-free space. With World Youth Day celebrations under way, this will be a party zone all week.

And John, was there a medical alert earlier today?

That's right. Eight young pilgrims

staying at Oakhill College at

Castle Hill have come down with flu

like the Simpsons. Three have

entered the West made hospital and

are undergoing tests.

are undergoing tests. Malaria has

been ruled out. The rest are being

looked at by public health officers

who will keep a close check on

everyone staying at the college to

make sure no one comes down with

whatever it is. Thanks. Ten reporter John Hill at St Mary's Cathedral. A big win for protesters, the Federal Court backing their right to 'annoy' Catholic pilgrims. It's ruled the controversial laws restricted basic rights. It was a victory for free speech. We can hand out condoms, we can wear our T-shirts,

which now cannot be deemed 'annoying'.

The Federal Court has quashed new laws which made it illegal for people to protest against the Catholic Church's position on condoms and homosexuality. It's a victory for common sense, it's a victory for freedom of speech. And protesters wasted no time - minutes later they were pounding the pavement promoting safe sex...

..much to the annoyance of some pilgrims. You can't call it 'love' - sex is sex - that's sex. The Premier played down the overturning of his laws... Two words have been struck out - the words "and annoyance". "Inconvenience" is still there. protesters unveiled their latest legal fashion accessory.

And it's here at Taylor Square where on Saturday

thousands of protesters are expected to exercise that freedom of speech

in a noisy rally promoting safe sex and social inclusion.

Protesters will also send pilgrims a letter in the post: Included in the mail-out - condoms.

Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. The man they're all here to see, Pope Benedict XVI, is preparing for his World Youth Day entrance later this week. He's relaxing at his retreat on the city's outskirts, conducting mass, taking long walks, and enjoying some musical entertainment. Strolling through the quiet bushland surrounds - it's tranquillity Pope Benedict could get very used to.

Not just one, but three walks around the Opus Dei centre in Kenthurst. Cardinal George Pell has discovered the Pope always goes for a wander after lunch. I was very impressed by his energy. As we went walking in the garden we were having trouble keeping up with him, and he's 81.

The pontiff also found time for some musical entertainment before dinner.

And, of course, there's daily prayers... ..and a mass to conduct each morning before His Holiness has eaten breakfast. It will be the pattern for the pontiff's first few days of his Sydney stay, before he fronts his followers in two days. And this will be the vessel that carries Pope Benedict across Sydney Harbour for Thursday evening's

waterside mass. His Holiness will be joined by senior Church members and 270 lucky pilgrims sailing from Rose Bay to Barangaroo. There's even a grand piano for His Holiness to play. Well, as I understand it he enjoys Mozart and Beethoven, so he might play a bit of that for us. Some fresh Sydney seafood on board and a perfect Harbour view may be all the inspiration the Pope needs. James Boyce, Ten News. Let's take a look at sport now with Brad McEwan, and an Aussie out in front in the Tour de France? Yes - Cadel Evans is a step closer to sporting history, to claim the coveted yellow jersey. overcoming injury And back here in Australia his mother is riding every turn with her son, in front of the television. Just 26 hours after his lowest-ever point on the Tour de France, Cadel Evans was on top of the world. I have a lot of people to thank and a lot of people who have helped me along the way. a bit emotional myself. The first Australian since Robbie McEwen in 2004

to don the leader's yellow jersey, Evans pushed through painful swelling and bruising left from his dramatic fall the previous day to clinch the overall lead, amazing even his number one fan.

I'm still a bit overwhelmed by it all. It's so exciting. It's just taken him such a long time and it's been such hard work. Now he's in the yellow jersey for the first time. It's just extraordinary. Cadel's mother has followed every wheel turn in this year's Tour, taking time off work to watch her son's heroics. With a week and a half of racing still to come, she has this advice.

Be careful, obviously. Yeah, just keep it cool. But the new Tour leader has made it clear his eyes remain on the big prize. All my friends at home - drink all the beer and champagne you want. I've got some work to do, a long way to Paris yet. With a rest day to lick his wounds, Evans will need to conquer the Alps as well as the entire field if he hopes to claim cycling's biggest crown in 12 days. Andrew Leahy, Ten News. And shortly in sport - Mark Gasnier talks about his million-dollar-a-year French deal, but the reaction isn't all favourable. The big banks take a battering for their independent rate rises - that's next. Also tonight, pilot error blamed for a Black Hawk chopper catastrophe.

And suburban bombing - an explosion rattles residents on Sydney's North Shore. There was a big bang somewhere.

I didn't want to come out of the house.

This program is captioned live. A pipe bomb has exploded under a car and shots have been fired into the driver's home at Lane Cove. A second, undetonated pipe bomb was found under the black Jeep, along with more than eight bullet casings. rushed to the unit complex Emergency teams

when residents reported gunshots. I thought there were three shots. I looked at the time, it was 3:35, and we couldn't sleep - we haven't slept after that. And after a while there was a big bang somewhere. Police say they don't know of a motive for the attack and no-one has been injured or arrested. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News:

We're interested in both photos and video.

Pilot error and an unhealthy culture of risk-taking have been blamed for the fatal Black Hawk crash off Fiji in 2006. Two people died

when the chopper slammed into the deck of HMAS 'Kanimbla' and plunged to the sea floor. ended with two soldiers dead. A routine flight off Fiji Today the question as to why was answered. The cause of the crash of Black Hawk 221 was pilot error by the aircraft captain. Speed and tailwind contributed to pilot Mark Bingley crashing when he tried to land on HMAS 'Kanimbla'. He was killed. SAS Trooper Joshua Porter also died, trapped as the Black Hawk sank.

Mark was human and accidents do happen. In my heart I know Mark did everything possible for his crew, his passsengers and his aircraft to keep them all safe. The report says Captain Bingley shouldn't shoulder the blame alone, revealing a risk-taking culture within the Defence Force. The squadron's can-do attitude meant they were taking greater risks

to achieve their missions. This led to an erosion of safety standards. The inquiry is damning of sloppy safety standards and an unchecked level of complacency. It found Trooper Porter may have survived had he been properly seated and harnessed. Captain Bingley's widow says she's disappointed, that as highlighted in the report, the training and equipment provided to her husband and Trooper Porter

couldn't save them. She wants action so their deaths aren't in vain. The Defence Chief says he will act on 56 of the 58 recommendations to get a better balance between the military's can-do culture and safety.

Meg Palmer, Ten News. There's been a sombre ceremony Westpac today joined the rest of the big banks in slugging borrowers with an extra hike in interest rates. They've all now doubled this year's 0.5% rise in official rates, despite record multibillion-dollar profits. Worried customers queuing outside branches of the failed IndyMac Bank in California. Four more people, please. The stress and summer heat too much for some

waiting to withdraw their money from the second largest bank failure in US history. We don't have banks in trouble in Australia, we really don't. This economy is very different, but it still affects us. Since the start of the year the Reserve Bank's raised official rates by 0.5% to control inflation. Australia's big four banks have doubled that, raising their rates by around 1% since January. This really isn't the banks being greedy. The cost of money's gone up all over the world. But that's not getting in the way of their profits.

The Commonwealth Bank's half-yearly return was up 8% to almost $2.4 billion. Not far behind is the NAB with $2.2 billion. The ANZ made just short of $2 billion. And Westpac's half-yearly profit was up almost 10% to $1.8 billion. What I would say to them is they do need to exercise some restraint. At its last meeting the RBA board noted Australia's mortgage market remains strong, suggesting the extra rate hikes by the banks went too far. But those hikes, along with the increasing cost of fuel, could stave off another official rise.

But the Treasurer is still to deliver on his pledge to make it easier to switch banks. Despite concerns the plan is too complex and costly, Mr Swan is hoping

to have his account-switching package in place by November. Brad Hodson, Ten News.

Queenslanders were cut off from the world today when an Optus cable was severed by construction workers. All interstate calls, Internet services and mobiles failed to connect. Big and small businesses were thrown into chaos, including travellers at the international airport who were delayed as tickets were manually processed. Call-outs, emails, phone calls to suppliers, phone calls from customers trying to arrange keys to get access to buildings. So work has stopped. Construction workers on the Gold Coast cut through the main fibre optic cable between Brisbane and Sydney. It was a double whammy when the phone company's backup system also failed.

Whether now with a team of Bailey and he is just

and he is just across the water

from Barangaroo. Yet to get it

right this week otherwise you might right this week otherwise you might

get in trouble with some very

important people. We are looking

across secular key. The place is

pulsating with pilgrims. This

morning it was hard to see what

sort of the day he would be.

Campbeltown and visibility reduced

to 50 metres and Tamworth was down

to 150 metres. But in mind in

Tamworth because they had 14 mm of

rain before 9am and that was the

best rain in one month. Direct Line best rain in one month. Direct Line

that you know where. Sunny

beautiful days until Sunday. Up next, jail for a mother of five who blew nine times the legal limit. And starry 'Knight' - castmates honour Heath Ledger at 'Batman's world premiere. I'll be surprised if he doesn't get the Oscar. He's got my vote anyway.

MAN: This is a 2005 Ford Courier. Shocks are a month old. Fully loaded, it weighs 2871 kilogram, tyres are inflated to 33 psi, and the ground clearance at the front is 250 millimetres, and only 210mm at the back.

VOICEOVER: Ford Service. Nobody knows your Ford like we do.

This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live.

You're watching Ten News. Time to

check the traffic and Victor is in

the Drogba over Barangaroo with a

spectacular view. So CBD traffic

has been affected with road

closures. With zoom down to see

what is happening at Barangaroo -

thousands of pilgrims enjoying this

service as we expect. I will

present the camera back to show the

extent of delays on the Bridge.

Live pictures out of that city

reveal a pretty good Western

Distributor. Traffic seems to be

coping with the CBD closures -

people are steering clear and people are steering clear and

taking public transport. More traffic soon. A mother of five has been sentenced to six months jail for crashing with one of Australia's highest blood alcohol readings

for a woman.

Heather Ann Higgins was nine times over the limit when she smashed her car. The 49-year-old told police she drank a six-pack of pre-mixed vodka minutes before the accident. The serial drink-driver pleaded guilty. Her licence has been disqualified for five years. However, Higgins walked free on bail, pending an appeal.

over a cartoon A storm of controversy has erupted depicting US presidential hopeful Barack Obama and his wife as terrorists.

'The New Yorker' magazine's front cover features the Democratic candidate in Muslim dress and his wife, Michelle, in army fatigues with an assault rifle. Obama's spokesman condemned the cartoon as "tasteless and offensive", was asked about it, but when the senator he declined to comment. I have no response to that. 'The New Yorker' has defended the cartoon, claiming it's satirical and designed to hold up a mirror to prejudice. Obama will visit the Middle East next week, where he's expected to meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders. 'The Dark Knight', the film many hope will earn Heath Ledger an Oscar, has had a star-studded black carpet premiere in New York. The actor's family apparently flew from Perth to be in the audience but kept away from reporters. It was a black carpet arrival in New York City,

fitting for a dark film - 'The Dark Knight'.

(ALL SCREAM) Batman, aka Christian Bale, arrived to screams. So too Michael Caine and Maggie Gyllenhall. But staring down on them was Heath Ledger. The one star missing but there in everyone's thoughts. It's tragic he's not here. But I'm here to see his talents, celebrate it and I hope everybody will. Ledger's parents were rumoured to be attending the premiere in the city where their son died six months ago from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. They didn't walk the carpet but it's thought they might have entered through a back door, avoiding the media and perhaps minimizing the focus on Heath. But it was impossible to ignore. Working with him in the movie he was so, so free. And mesmerizing. Heath Ledger launched himself into the role of the Joker. Critics here in New York are so crazy over 'The Dark Knight' they're already comparing Heath Ledger's performance to Anthony Hopkins' infamous Hannibal Lecter. It's only adding fuel to calls

that the young Australian should be nominated for a posthumous Oscar. I'll be surprised if he doesn't get the Oscar. He's got my vote anyway. I think it's the best performance of a villain I've ever seen. But his private affairs are still being fought out, with claims the 28-year-old's estate could end up in a Perth court. Ledger's will was written before daughter Matilda was born. Lawyers suggest she could receive the lion's share if her mother lodges a claim. In New York, Emma Dallimore, Ten News. And a Batman of our very own is hard at work in Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens. Desperate to get rid of a plague of bats, botanists have brought in a giant inflatable man to do the job. They're the little creatures sending the Botanic Gardens Trust batty,

so they sent up the signal and called in Batman - just the latest in a long line of measures they've tried to move the estimated 20,000 flying foxes that plague the gardens. We can use noises at strategic times of the day and even bashing together lids of bins. But we've also tried bags of python poo, shrimp paste across the branches, have been tried. so all sorts of things Not even a posse of passing pilgrims could shift them. (ALL SING) So far the bats have butchered a dozen trees and another 60 are on the endangered list. They've ruled out any drastic measures. If you go back a century or so they did have the shooters club in doing that in the gardens, but nowadays they're a protected species. So has the experiment worked? Does the grey-headed flying fox -

otherwise known as Pteropus poliocephalus - actually fear the blow-up doll, inflatable arm-flailing tube man? otherwise known as wacky, waving, inflatable arm-flailing tube I think you've been watching 'Family Guy'. MAN: Wacky, waving, inflatable Wacky, waving, inflatable arm-flailing tube man! But just in case our superhero starts getting an inflated opinion of himself... I'm not too sure if it's going to work either, 'cause a few of those flying foxes are now coming back to the tree. Maybe one just isn't enough. Thanks to a shipping error, I am now currently overstocked on wacky, waving, inflatable arm-flailing tube men and I am passing the savings on to you! Angela Bishop, Ten News. Next, we'll go back to East Darling Harbour for more on tonight's World Youth Day opening mass. Also, the fighter plane Australia is simply "rapt" in steals the show at its world debut. And mutton madness - how this ram became king of the castle. He thinks he's one of us and he's just great company, you know? Your mouth is amazing. capable of microscopically absorbing things? That's why Macleans Protect with an active fluoride formula

SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom... # Mazda2. It's a super little model. Your mouth is amazing. Did you know that the surfaces of your teeth and tongue are as unique as a fingerprint, with deep contours that hide billions of bacteria? With the enamel-strengthening protection of Macleans and microactive foam it removes bacteria SONG: # Are your Macleans showing? # This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - there's been a big win for protesters, with the Federal Court backing their right to "annoy" Catholic pilgrims. It's ruled the controversial laws restrict basic rights. The NoToPope Coalition is now handing out condoms to pilgrims attending World Youth Day. Tens of thousands of pilgrims walked side by side as they made their way to Barangaroo

and the opening mass for World Youth Day.

More than 170 nations are represented. Dozens of streets were shut to let the sea of pilgrims walk freely through the city. Let's go back to Ten reporter Frank Coletta, who's down at Barangaroo. Frank, extraordinary scenes down there?

Certainly has been. The sun has set

and the chill has started to

descend here at east Darling

Harbour. On it and 50,000 people

are here for the opening Mass, the

first official event of World Youth

Day. It was led tonight by Cardinal

George Pell. 150,000 people were

greeted by Prime Minister Kevin

Rudd in a variety of languages. Do

we have pilgrims from Italy? From a tiger?

Added pilgrims from France? SPEAKS


Why hundred and 50,000 people at

the site - what happened to the

others? The old wharf area was others? The old wharf area was

purpose-built to feed 150,000

people and a lot have been turned

away. There are live sites across

Sydney and the country. The opera

house, so Mary's Cathedral and the

domain have TV's. There are

churches around the country that

are also building - streaming in.

Everyone can take part. Cardinal

George Pell has been joined by 26 George Pell has been joined by 26

cardinals, most of the bishops

around the world and also 4000 around the world and also 4000

priests coup will be busy very

surely giving Communion to the

masses here. 150,000 people. A was

plan after the mass at this

evening? The finishers in about an

hour. There is the kick-off of the

concert series which features the

likes of guy Sebastian, Paul Heaney

and Damien Leith. The anthem of

World Youth Week, receive the power,

will be heard tonight. has opened in England. The world's largest air show The star of the event was the Raptor fighter jet, making its international debut. The Australian Government was interested in buying the F-22s, but the US refuses to allow Lockheed Martin to export them. British Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton also roared down the runway, racing a Learjet. His car hit speeds of 280km/h and the plane lost the race. The event was a publicity stunt - the McLaren driver is also a brand ambassador for Learjet. To the BankWest finance, and the Australian share market plunged 2% today amid heavy losses from the banks on continuing uncertainty about the economic outlook in the US. All the banks lost ground. NAB lost more than 4%. All the banks lost ground. NAB lost more than 4%.

The average price of unleaded petrol in Sydney tonight is $1.60. We found it for $1.55 at Beacon Hill, Frenchs Forest, Forestville and Smithfield.

A lot of people pamper their pets, but what about spoiling a sheep?

A family in Wales has taken in an abandoned lamb and, three years later, Nick the ram is king of the castle and the TV. At an impressive 140kg, Nick is a lot weightier and woollier than your average family pet. But the Palmers are overjoyed with their beloved ram, who happens to think he's a person. Not so sheepishly, Nick struts around like he owns the place, parking in the prime spot in front of the TV.

We don't spoil him. Well, we do spoil him. After raiding the biscuit tin, he likes to watch his favourite programs curled up with his owners. The other sheep run away from you. If you're out in the countryside and there's a field full of sheep they all run off. This one will run towards you, you know, because he thinks he's one of us.

That's exactly why David Palmer chose to adopt Nick three years ago and make him the world's luckiest lamb.

As a newborn, he'd been abandoned by his mother in the wild, something of a black sheep, left to stand alone, a social outcast in his flock. Now he has new family members, with half the legs but twice the love. They take him everywhere, even driving to the local shops. He's just great. He's affectionate, we're affectionate to each other and he's just great company, you know? Which is why Nick will stay in the lounge and not end up on the dining room table. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

Let's have a look at the weather

with Kim Bailey who has got a gorgeous

gorgeous view across the water off

Barangaroo and the World Youth Day

service. A figure when you invite

the Pope over to your backyard and

he brings 200,000 of his favourite

pilgrims, we may as well show him

some world-famous Sydney blue-sky

and that's all we did yet today and

we will do tomorrow - I will not

feed this week - that forecast is a true one.

18 degrees tomorrow at your place.

I am not lying this week.

Sport now with Brad, and Mark Gasnier claims he'll be quickly forgotten by league fans. Yes, a very frank Gasnier opens up on his decision to quit the NRL for millions in France.

And the man the Wests Tigers couldn't stop - Greg Inglis with a hat-trick and more.

COMMENTATOR: And the acceleration through the centre of the field! Also, riding his emotions - Cadel Evans steps up to claim the famous leader's jersey in the Tour de France.

WOMAN: Built into every Ford Focus... MAN: a long list of safety... WOMAN: ..comfort... MAN: ..and performance features. MAN: It means that, unlike some other small cars... MAN: ..and options... MAN: your choice of engines... WOMAN: ..colours... WOMAN: ..and body types. WOMAN: Ford Focus CL. MAN: Because everyone's journey... WOMAN: different.

This program is captioned live.

The famous Gasnier name has been lost to league. $1 million out of pocket, he's off to France to recoup his losses, leaving behind a blame game over his exit. Mark Gasnier had given third parties 18 months to pay what they owed, so he wasn't about to apologise for skipping the last three years of his contract. Would you work if you only got paid two-thirds of your wage type thing? Like, would you be happy to turn up for work for two years and that kept going on? And then at the end of five years go, "You know what?"

"I'm owed all that money. Can I have it, please?" And they say, "Oh, well, maybe not, mate. "You're finished now, no-one cares." But it's because the Dragons agreed to an exit clause that fingers are being pointed. That clause was in there because the NRL wouldn't allow the guarantees or the commitments from third parties to be contracted. If there was a firm commitment there would be no reason to have an annual escape clause. Rivals are baffled by the Dragons' escape clause.

You know, that was silly, I think. I think that was pretty unprofessional by their organisation. But a Dragons Immortal backed Gasnier's decision to take the $1 million a year. What would you do? I wouldn't think about it. I'd be going. I'd be just gone. Gasnier says the NRL needs to increase revenue to keep the top players. You know, them Tazo cards, for instance. I would love to know their sales. But we get $1,000. Is that fair? This saga isn't over just yet for Gasnier. He still has to answer to Dragons fans,

and some of them aren't happy, including a call for all Dragons fans to turn their backs on Gasnier for five minutes at their next home game.

As a symbol of Gasnier's decision to turn his back on rugby league

and turn his back on his club. Despite the famous Gasnier name leaving rugby league, he says the code will flourish. I'm not trying to be modest or anything, but I'm not going to be missed that much. Like, the talent in the game, it's just great. It's just another guy coming and going.

Adam Hawse, Ten News. The Wests Tigers lost last night and today -

powerful backrower Ben Teo signing a one-year deal with the Broncos. Last night at Campbelltown Stadium a rampant Greg Inglis shot the Storm back into second place. The Storm were today regrouping and looking ahead to next Monday's showdown again the Dragons. They were at their devastating best last night. Not even the flu could stop sensation Greg Inglis, who ran in a hat-trick of tries in the 30-18 win. COMMENTATOR: It has been the Inglis show here tonight. Earlier, Brett Hodgson scored a try in his final match at the ground. Swans midfielder Amon Buchanan will miss the next four matches after accepting the ban handed out by the AFL Match Review Panel. Buchanan collected Hawthorn's Luke Hodge

late in the second quarter of Sunday's loss to the Hawks at the MCG. But there could be even more trouble for Fremantle's Dean Solomon, who faces a career-threatening suspension tonight of between 7 and 10 weeks. Solomon's elbow on Geelong's Cameron Ling has sidelined the Cat for a month after he required surgery on a depressed fracture to his cheekbone. As you may have seen earlier, Cadel Evans has become just the fifth Australian to wear the yellow jersey at the Tour de France. Evans has taken the overall lead for the first time in his career after powering up the Pyrenees. Cadel Evans was 14 when he watched his first Tour de France. 17 years later, the Australian was overwhelmed with emotion as he proudly pulled on the famed yellow jersey. I have a lot of people to thank and a lot of people who have helped me along the way. And I think I'll be quite... I'm a bit emotional myself. After an unlucky stage nine which left him bruised and battered it was lucky stage 10 as Evans launched his attack on the gruelling slopes of the Pyrenees, Italian Leonardo Piepoli took out the stage, but when Frank Schleck from Luxembourg finished third the overall lead became too close to call.

Evans crossed unaware he just snared yellow. I think Schleck will be the leader, but I don't know. It was confirmed moments later - just one second separating Evans and Schleck who is breathing down his neck. We made a calculation of how fast he was riding, then we knew how fast we had to ride to be in yellow. But it's one step of the way. And with 11 days remaining, Evans's cautious mother continues to watch on

from her home in outer Melbourne. Personally, it would have been better later on in the race, but you've gotta take your chances when they're there. The Australian tightening his grip on the yellow jersey as his bodyguard tightens his grip on sport's most in-demand man.

The question now - Evans wants to retain the lead whether tactically over the frantic final stages. All my friends at home - drink all the beer and champagne you want. I've got some work to do - a long way to Paris yet. Kelli Underwood, Ten News. Later in Sports Tonight, we'll hear from Andrew Bogut as he links up with the Boomers up in Queensland.

Let's have another look at traffic.

A lot of focus on traffic in the

city but there is more going on

over the m for. You have to worry

about motorists getting home - the

CBD is out of bounds for motorists.

This is the airport - if you have This is the airport - if you have

mum or dad travelling home on the mum or dad travelling home on the

motorway it has been pretty good this evening but there are little

delay setting up from Parramatta.

An extra 10-15 minutes for

motorists on the M four. Towards

Cecil heels it has been a great and

heading north has been cord and the

northern beaches are good as well.

More CBD world closures tomorrow

because of WYD.

Stay with us - Tim Bailey has more on this heavenly weather. That's next. If your super fund carries this symbol, and your fund is run only to profit members. (SWEEPING MUSIC PLAYS) (PIANO PLAYS)

ANNOUNCER: Tomorrow, your energy will be kinder to the environment. will be more efficient. Tomorrow, your energy and your water supply will be even more secure. And that's just tomorrow. The day after that will be even better, because every day at ActewAGL, we're working hard to make your world a better place to live in. ActewAGL: This program is captioned live. There's been a sombre ceremony

for the homecoming of fallen digger Sean McCarthy.

The body of the 25-year-old touched down at Queensland's Amberley air base just after 2:00. Among the mourners and the Chief of Army. were the head of the Defence Force

in a roadside bomb blast Signaller McCarthy was killed while on duty in Afghanistan. at Sean McCarthy's childhood home A funeral will be held on the Gold Coast on Friday. Time for the weather

Time for the weather details - what

a magnificent day in Sydney. Kim

Bailey, it may be my imagination of

the glow from Barangaroo but I

reckon I can see a shiny halo

developing above your head. Be if

you can, it is a first but I hope

there is one there because if I get there is one there because if I get

it wrong tomorrow, someone over

there might know about it. What a

time to turn on brilliant blue sky

in Sydney - we are showing off our

backyard in the best possible light.

Fine and sunny, a 10-25 degrees for

the rest of the week all the way

Youth Day celebrations. through. All very good for World

A cloud band is crossing South West

A cloud band is crossing South West WA with

WA with a strong cold front. Cloud

is a lingering and sticking around

across southern and inland New

South Wales with a trough causing

storms. Tomorrow's weather map - so

showers across Western Australia

wins strengthening across South

Australia. Another trough may

trigger an isolated showers or two trigger an isolated showers or two

across Victoria and Tasmania. What

will fall from the sky for the next

24 hours?

24 hours? Showers for the North

Coast of New South Wales and the

Queensland coastline. Rain in

south-west Western Australia. Did

you like the look of that day you like the look of that day there

was personally delivered today to

your place by Bailey? Good! There's

another one coming tomorrow. Clear

and blue for Friday as

and blue for Friday as well and to

- tomorrow. It is looking fantastic

for 200,000 pilgrims who are making

a fair bit of noise behind me. Tomorrow in

Trust me - it is not the way to

tell lies about the weather.

have become instant celebrities, Finally tonight, some new babies Brad and Angelina's twins. and no, they're not are rare white lion cubs. The new stars the extremely cute 2-week-olds A German safari park has put on display for the first time. The zoo's two white lionesses gave birth to seven cubs

on the same night. One died, looked after by their mum, and the other three are still being away from the media spotlight. the three rejected cubs, Keepers are bottle-feeding

who seem set to be a roaring success. I'm Ron Wilson. That's Ten News for now. Thanks for your company. And I'm Deborah Knight. is along at 10:30. The Late News with Sports Tonight

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