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for their Catholic convention, Pilgrims pour into Sydney World Youth Day. Police rule out a fresh investigation drugs conviction. into Schapelle Corby's

And is it food or fuel? over alternative energy. We look at the growing debate

Ten News with Natarsha Belling.

Good morning.

is fast gripping Sydney. World Youth Day fever A day after Pope Benedict's arrival in the city,

for the 10-day Catholic event, thousands of pilgrims are pouring in which officially begins tomorrow. joins us live from Sydney airport. With more, Ten reporter Josh Murphy Josh, some are saying this event

combined. is as big as the Olympics and APEC is the arrivals terminal? Just how busy

It is just one day to go, as

everyone knows until World Youth

Day celebrations. Sydney airport

has really been the focus today. On

Saturday, at 6000 pilgrims passed

through here, yesterday it was a

thousand. Today 10,000 pilgrims are expected through the terminals.

Sydney airport has had to relax its

curfew to cater for all the

international flight. Today 13 international flight. Today 13

flight touched down before 6am. The

crowds are very large here at the

airport. Things were running smoothly. airport. Things were running

smoothly. The airport is busy, but

things are going well at this stage.

It is the first time Pope Benedict

16 has visited Australia. What is

the upkeep today?

As we know the, the Pope touched

down yesterday on his jet. He was

greeted by a Prime Minister it

Kevin Rudd

Kevin Rudd on the tarmac. He was

then quickly whisked away to

Sydney's outer Northwest, to the

Christian Studies Centre where he

is staying. We believe he is

staying there today. There are no official papal engagements today.

They brought a piano for him - he

does like to play the piano. There

was also a cat brought in to the

property. Plenty of things to keep

him occupied until this official

engagement to begin. Official World Youth Day

celebrations begin tomorrow - but

there is plenty planned for today.

Yes, the official event today is

the arrival of the Cross and the

the arrival of the Cross and the

icon for World Youth Day. At the

moment it is being ferried from

Narrabeen through Sydney Harbour.

It is going to be paraded through

the streets of Sydney. Organisers

are expecting about 10,000 people

to follow it through the streets of to follow it through the streets of

Sydney. It is quite a big event

today. It will obviously involve

road closures. The advice for

people coming

people coming in at and around

Sydney is to avoid the CBD, because

there will be road closures.

Tomorrow is the official opening

event - the opening vigil at

darling harbour - the official

events will kick off tomorrow.

Thank you, a judge. There has

already been a security issue at already been a security issue at

the Pope's rural retreat. What

happened there last night? The Pope

had only just arrived in the

country, when there were reports of

an explosion at the Study Centre

here in Kenthurst. An ambulance

here in Kenthurst. An ambulance

turned up. What had actually

happened, was that a police officer

on the had been injured. He was standing

on the perimeter when some of his

equipment malfunctioned. Police by equipment malfunctioned. Police by

describing it as a mishap, it is

thought it may have been a stun

grenade which exploded and cause it

cuts to his hand. He is being

treated in hospital for his

injuries. Obviously, it is quite

scary when you hear reports of an scary when you hear reports of an

explosion and ambulances at the

Pope mack - - Pope's retreat when

he has only been here for a couple

of hours. What is the situation

there now? There are police here,

it is a very secluded retreat. I am

told there are snipers on the hills, and police patrolling with guard

dogs. The police,

Australian dogs. The police, the army, the

Australian Federal Police are all

here. Police have been patrolling

the perimeter or and of course,

people are not allowed to come

anywhere near this retreat, let

alone go inside without proper alone go inside without proper ID.

All vehicles and identification is

being checked on the way in and out.

Pope Benedict's promise to say sorry in the Catholic Church to victims of sex abuse has sparked fiery protests. a PR stunt Some have labelled the apology with Church leaders. and want to meet directly interrupt a quiet mass. Former parishioners (ALL CHANT) We want to meet (ALL CHANT) We want to mee We want to meet with the Archbishop. The group demanding an apology of sex abuse by the clergy. and compensation for victims Justice for victims! he speaks to followers this week, The Pope says he'll apologise when

but some claim it's a PR stunt. some clear reform of the systems It's only words, and unless we have

in Australia, that the Church has put in place it means absolutely nothing. We must see better action, for the victims we must see better opportunity to the civil courts. to be able to take their claim World Youth Day organisers s World Youth Day organisers say

on the issue. they're prepared to work with victims in this area. We want to do the right thing that we prevent this happening again We want to make sure and reconciliation and that we bring healing to those who have been harmed. not religious rights! (ALL CHANT) Human rights,

are set to continue in Melbourne. The demonstrations would see protesters fined New laws in NSW to World Youth Day pilgrims. for creating an annoyance

it's restricting freedom of speech. It's a breach of civil liberties, through prayer, Gay Christians appealing for change and risking a penalty. rather than protesting We stand by the gospel, a new generation of queer people. and we stand up for ourselves and Ben Lewis, Ten News. To other news now. that went missing An ultra-light aircraft in north Queensland with two people on board has been found this morning. from north-west of Sydney The husband and wife

yesterday. failed to arrive in Charters Towers

with 10 other aircraft They were flying at 1 o'clock on Sunday afternoon. when they last made contact on the couple's wellbeing. Authorities have not yet commented to take a holiday Brendan Nelson's decision

announcement on global warming ahead of a critical government has prompted fresh questions about his leadership. Wednesday's speech by the Climate Change Minister is now emerging as crucial to both sides of politics.

It's a big week for environmentalists.

Ahead of the Government's response to the Garnaut report on climate change, demonstrators are already calling for faster action. What was billed as a peaceful protest turned violent in Newcastle

when activists chained themselves to a coal train. MAN: That's dangerous!

The Government says it's moving as fast as it can. On Wednesday, the Climate Change Minister will finally outline how the Government plans to implement an emissions trading scheme by 2010. Already, Penny Wong is moving to allay the fears of business it will be a massive tangle of red tape similar to the roll-out of the GST.

We'd anticipate approximately 1,000 Australian companies under this scheme. would be required to obtain permits Obviously we'll focus primarily on the large polluters.

The Government will take feedback from the community before coming to a final position. But one person who won't be responding is Brendan Nelson - he's taking a week's annual leave.

It comes after Dr Nelson last week repeatedly changed his position on just what to do about global warming, and whether Australia should hold off on action until major world polluters act themselves. He is wrong, and there's a frightened leader. The Opposition Leader's colleagues

say Dr Nelson hasn't had a break since the election.

Dr Nelson works every day, 24 hours a day, no matter where he is. The formal arrangements are irrelevant. Brendan Nelson's office says he booked the holiday two months ago. Brad Hodson, Ten News. After eight seasons and more than 1,300 episodes, Ten's reality show 'Big Brother' is coming to an end. Debuting in 2001 with host Gretel Kileen,

the show attracted a fair amount of controversy in its 8-year run. But this season, featuring new hosts Kyle and Jackie O, will be the last,

with the final episode to air on July 21. its program schedule Ten will now broaden with both local and overseas content. It's set to be a volatile day on the Australian stock market. We'll find out what this means for your stocks later in the Morning News.

And Prince Harry becomes king of the kids in Africa.

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This program is captioned live. Federal Police have ruled out a fresh investigation into the Schapelle Corby drugs case. It follows claims by a convicted drug trafficker that Schapelle's late father owned the marijuana that led to her conviction.

Malcolm McCauley also alleges Schapelle knew how the smuggling operation worked. Mercedes Corby has slammed the claims as lies and vowed to clear her father's name.

An Australian drag racer facing life in a US jail over a fatal smash says there was nothing he could have done to prevent the tragedy.

Troy Critchley crashed his car into spectators during an exhibition burnout last June.

Troy Critchley says the exhibition burnout began like the thousands he'd performed safely in the past, but within seconds it turned into a tragedy and the Australian's future was thrown into turmoil. WOMAN: Oh my God. 6 people were killed and 22 injured when he crashed his car into a crowd

during a charity event in Selmer, Tennessee. I don't know how I can ever say I'm sorry.

I will be sorry for the rest of my life. Facing six homicide charges and up to 90 years behind bars, the 37-year-old says he remembers little of the crash. I don't remember if it was the people or the post I hit first. It was a blur. The aftermath, however, is not. It was like a war zone -

there was people screaming and running everywhere.

The professional racer insists there was nothing he could have done differently. The track was prepared by local officials and the area for spectators approved by police. I have been over it, and over it and over it. It was 100% routine. The former Queenslander hasn't raced since. But he also hasn't faced the victims' families. Critchley says he doesn't know if he can. I've cried myself to sleep many a night. As well as criminal charges, he's facing lawsuits of more than $100 million. Critchley's lawyer plans to push to have the charges dismissed in a hearing next month. In the US, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Southern China is once again at the mercy of the monsoon season. More than 300mm of rain has fallen in the last 24 hours, quickly flooding streets and buildings and leaving hundreds of residents in need of help. More than 2.5 million acres of farmland has also been swamped by floodwater, driving up food prices that were already soaring as the region recovers from the earthquake disaster. The world is waiting for the first glimpse of Hollywood's newest celebrities - Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's newborn twins. The French hospital where the superstar mum gave birth is surrounded by photographers and fans,

but the first pictures of the babies have already been sold. Even camped outside Angelina Jolie's Nice hospital,

the paparazzi pack may still miss out on the showbiz shot of the year.

The world-exclusive first photographs of her newborn son, Knox Leon, and daughter, Vivienne Marcheline, have reportedly already been sold to an American magazine

for a record $11 million. All the other snappers have seen so far are the Brangelina babies' birth certificates, paraded for the media by the local mayor after he officially registered the stars' twins. On behalf of the inhabitants of Nice I congratulate the happy parents, the most famous couple of the world, who have chosen our city for this happy event. Brad Pitt, who rushed to Angelina's bedside

hours before the birth, was reportedly overwhelmed by the experience. He was very happy, you know, he was very happy. Yes, of course he was. The emotion was very strong for him, and everything was OK, really. REPORTER: He had tears? I was making surgery, I was not looking on the eyes, you understand, but I feel the emotion of the mother and the father

during the C-section, of course. The new arrivals bring the Pitt-Jolie brood to six. The superstar mum will spend the next few days

recovering from her caesarian surgery in the hospital's 5-star suite. She may miss the international release of her most recent feature film. Now it's her latest family photo fans are waiting for instead. Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

Prince Harry has paid a visit to his charity in the impoverished African nation of Lesotho. And it seems the 23-year-old Prince has inherited his mother's special ability to connect with children. Dressing down, but growing up fast. Prince Harry seems relaxed and at home among the mountains of Lesotho. As his adult life takes shape, so too Sentebale, the charity he's helped to found here. This visit a chance to thank the staff and meet the children whose lives it's changed.

This centre helps some of the many youngsters who fall victim to abuse in Lesotho. This 4-year-old had been so badly beaten, that when he arrived here he was unrecognisable. Staff say he's making good progress. He's certainly smiling again.

Harry, it seems, has inherited his mother's desire to help the disadvantaged, and her effortless ability to connect with children. Also, perhaps, her interesting relationship with the press. But he will have to balance this work with the other great passion in his life - the army. I've got a job, you know. So when I can I'll come up here, but a lot of the time, it's... It's a long trek, but I'll do the most I can to come out here as often as I can just to see the kids. And the people who work with him on these projects know that's not just an empty promise. He's central to it in terms of the way the things are happening. And, as you say, you can see he just loves the children.

Not just a figurehead, then? No. He's definitely not. When Prince Harry started his Sentebale charity two years ago,

he was determined it would focus on small, community projects that would make an immediate and real difference. that his vision has been achieved, Coming here, it's obvious and he's delighted. And in this tiny country with such massive problems, he's not alone in that respect. Martin Geissler, Ten News. Food or fuel? Next, we look at the growing debate over biofuels.

And 'The Dark Knight' hits cinemas tomorrow. Later, we look at how the new Batman movie stacks up against the others.

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This program is captioned live. The World Youth Day cross and icon have arrived in Sydney, travelling across the harbour on a ferry. Sydney airport in chaos as thousands of pilgrims pour in for the Catholic convention, which officially begins tomorrow. An ultra-light aircraft

that went missing with two people on board in north Queensland has been found this morning. The husband and wife from north-west of Sydney failed to arrive in Charters Towers yesterday. Police are yet to release details of their wellbeing. Federal Police have ruled out a fresh investigation

into the Schapelle Corby drugs case. It follows claims by a convicted drug trafficker that Schapelle's late father

owned the marijuana that led to her conviction. Prince Harry has paid a visit to his charity in the impoverished African nation of Lesotho. And it seems the 23-year-old has inherited his mother's special ability to connect with children.

Australian farmers are being urged Australian farmers are being u to join the biofuel boom to help offset the rising cost of petrol. But environmentalists say the alternative fuel option looks at both sides of the fuel versus food debate. fuel a whole food chain. Wayne Newton's crops His sorghum grain is used to feed animals that eventually end up in the supermarket meat section. But soon his harvest will help fill up cars hungry for biofuels,

when he starts supplying a new plant near his Queensland farm.

At the end of the day we are producers of a commodity, grain, and it has multiple uses. Made from agricultural products like grains, sugar cane and animal oils, biofuels were touted as the renewable solution

to vehicle emissions and rising oil prices. For farmers like Wayne, a way to increase demand for produce. The Dalby biorefinery, 200 kilometres west of Brisbane, will be the first grain-to-ethanol plant in Australia. It will buy a 250,000 tonnes of sorghum to produce 90 million litres of Australia's most common biofuel, ethanol, each year. Most people that grow grain really don't care who uses it, they just want the best price, because they need to stay in business. But the worldwide demand for grain is at the centre of the biofuels backlash. Diverting food crops to the fuel market has taken a big bite out of supermarket supplies. A recent World Bank report blames biofuels for increasing global food prices by 75%.

green solution They are not the ultimate because 1, they take far too much land, 2, they don't produce enough fuel

to actually power our cars and planes

and, most inequitably, they cause those who are poor and hungry to actually lose the very limited access they have to food. It takes a hectare of crop to produce about 200kg of corn. This would fill a a 50-litre car tank with ethanol. Or feed a child for a whole year. Biofuel advocates say Australia's industry does not contribute to a rise in food prices. By world standards, just a fraction of our crops are grown for biofuels. The Dalby plant is only the fourth refinery in the country. Australia is also a very small producer of biofuels 1% of our total transport fuel use.

and currently we produce less than Australian plants predominately use crop by-products such as sugar cane molasses, rather than primary food crops like corn. And research is now turning to second-generation biofuels. These use plant waste products, easing pressures on the food market. But caution is being urged from all sides. We should tread very carefully.

We have to be careful as this industry grows, and we have to do it in coordination with both government and industry. Emily Rice, Ten News. with Kathryn Robinson To business and finance news now and Kath, our market's set to take a tumble on the open today? Yes they have, Tarsh. The market 30 points lower on the open this morning following fears about the future of two of the biggest US lending institutions. Beleagured mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which together own or guarantee more than 40% of US home loans, were pushed to meltdown on Friday night and now threaten the entire housing market. The US Treasury though has stepped in this morning to save the companies with proposals to increase the line of credit they have with the Treasury.

And the US credit crisis claimed another scalp on Friday after federal regulators seized Californian based IndyMac Bank. It's feared the institution - which is the biggest savings bank in the United States - will not be able to meet customer withdrawals. It's expected to open for business tonight, using federal funds to meet customer demands for their deposits. Back home now, and bad news for mortgage holders, with Westpac and the National Australia Bank likely to announce a rise in their variable home loan rates as early as tomorrow,

as they follow the lead of competitors.

The Commonwealth and ANZ banks lifted their rates on Friday by 14 and 15 points respectively, well above the 9.5% mark. St George and BankWest raised home loan rates earlier in the week.

And the higher interest rates are taking their toll even further on the housing market, with a leading industry expert predicting a once-in-100-year housing slowdown. Auction clearance rates suffered on the weekend. Melbourne's rate almost half of what it was this time last year. Further declines are expected over the coming months

as companies report results. Tax cheat Glenn Wheatley is reportedly back in business ,

involved in a new company called Stripe which will launch 25 radio stations through the Optus 3G network later this month. Wheatley is reportedly being bankrolled by high-profile friends including Allco Finance Group chairman David Coe, Sydney radio announcer Alan Jones and fashion designer Collette Dinnigan. Wheatley is still serving home detention after pleading guilty to tax evasion.

A new report's found fewer than 1 in 10 struggling farmers who applied for a government grant actually received it. Fairfax newspapers claims just 32 out of 411 farmers have been given the $150,000 to walk away from their unviable properties. Meanwhile, people caught stealing water from the Murray-Darling could face million-dollar fines and even jail under new government penalties.

In-flight magazines, knives and forks - even drinking water - face the chopping block as airlines try to cut costs to counter the escalating price of oil. Singapore Airlines' chief executive is looking at ways to lighten the plane load and ease the fuel bill which now comprises half of the airline's operating costs. US airlines are even taking out seats entertainment features and some in-flight

to reduce the overall weight of the plane. In finance news, the Australian share market has taken a dive, the All Ordinaries plunging 40 points in morning trade.

Now for a look at the national weather, and for the rest of the day:

'The Dark Knight' premieres tomorrow. Next we look at how this Batman re-make stacks up against the classic. Stay with us.

This program is captioned live. 'The Dark Knight' premieres in Australia tomorrow,

but will it live up to the hype? has come a long way The Batman franchise from the '60s television series, with director Christopher Nolan adding depth and intelligence to the Hollywood blockbuster. Even in this summer full of cinematic superheroes, it's a sure bet when 'The Dark Knight' swoops into theatres this week,

legions of Batman fans will follow in his wake, into a world both comic and complex. People are dying, Alfred. What would you have me do? Endure, Master Wayne. Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, is full of questions and doubts, challenged like never before by a villain like no other. It's simple. Kill the Batman. (EVIL LAUGHTER) In continuing the story and addressing where the story goes now that Batman is established, there is an inevitable darkness to where that story goes. Trust me.

Christopher Nolan, who brought 'Batman Begins' to the screen in 2005, returns to direct this sequel, 'The Dark Knight'.

This film deals with the response from criminals, personified in the idea of who the Joker is. Come on! Hit me. The conflicted hero versus a villain of pure evil. As played by Heath Ledger before his death in January, in his last big Hollywood role

the Joker is not some merry prankster in pancake make-up...

Now there's a Batman. ..but a demon, a terrorist hell-bent on anarchy. Do you want to play? Come on. We're saying, "What's the most threatening thing in the world today?" To me it's anarchy and chaos

and all the things the Joker represents. I don't use the monitor... All this nightmare-inducing chaos from a 37-year-old director of an English professor, with the polished air

who sees deep meaning in Batman. of the Count of Monte Cristo, There are echoes Prisoner of Zenda, this sort of tortured, grand operatic figure, in a cape, this man who disguises himself but is actually one of the most prominent citizens of society, but no-one knows that it is really him. This is Harvey Dent. The famous Bruce Wayne.

Rachel's told me everything about you. I certainly hope not. You take this character very seriously. I've always felt with movies, with big, blockbuster movies, that the more they relate to real life, the more there's a tactile sense of the real world, the more exciting they are. Know your limits, Master Wayne. Batman has no limits. Well, you do, sir. Nolan cast Christian Bale as his troubled hero in'Batman Begins' in 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight', because of Bale's intensity. It's a summer blockbuster, you're wearing a cape, a costume, the whole bit, but it's not a comic movie. No, it's not. I think it looks much more gritty than that - umuch more real.

much more real. We are tonight's entertainment. Add Heath Ledger's menacing, mesmerising Joker and Nolan is offering up that rarest of summer fare -

a blockbuster with brains. A little fight in you. I like that. Then you're going to love me.

CHRISTOPHER NOLAN: We certainly wanted to make as intelligent a film as we could, and that's where the strength of the performances comes in. This town deserves a better class of criminal and I am going to give it to 'em. Tell your men they work for me now. This is my city. Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker already is generating Oscar buzz. He makes the character hateful and odious and yet, when it comes on screen, you're excited to see him.

It's not about money, it's about sending a message. That's the genius of great actors and as a director it's incredibly exciting to watch a great actor craft a performance like that. The big-budget 'Dark Knight' - reportedly $180 million - is a long way from Nolan's beginnings is a long way from Nolan's begi as a director. I kind of like it like that. Yeah. He made his first feature, called 'Following', right out of college for $6,000. That movie, and his next, 'Memento', revealed

a confident, creative storyteller. with no short-term memory searching for a killer, unfolds forward and backwards

in time. It won him a cult following, an Academy Award nomination and entree to Hollywood. Hold it! Who's there? After one fairly solid hit, 'Insomnia'... OK. I'm OK. Action. ..Nolan convinced Warner Brothers to hand him the reins of their fabled, though faded franchise - Batman. (BATMAN THEME PLAYS.) (BATMAN THEME PLAYS)

I first encountered Batman through the TV show. That campy, 1960s version of the caped crusader was just one of Batman's many incarnations. On the big screen, there was director Tim Burton's darkly stylised Batman almost 20 years ago... I'm Batman. ..with Michael Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson as the Joker. Wait till they get a load of me. Then, the superheroes did super box office, the franchise ran out of steam. through three sequels, before Batman was from the very beginning, one of the two or three most popular superheroes in comics. Paul Levitt is president of DC Comics,

which has published Batman

since the character's inception in 1939 and has been guardian of his image in everything from movie serials to animation and action films. He says Warner Brothers rolled the dice, tapping Nolan to reboot the movie franchise, and won. It is one of the happiest circumstances in my career that they had the inspired idea of reaching out to Chris Nolan. I can't imagine ever producing a film for somebody else, actually. Emma Thomas, Nolan's wife and producer, was his college sweetheart and has been by his side through small films and blockbusters. I think that our approach to each film has been kind of the same, whatever the budget. You want to tell a story that people want to see. Yet, the couple find themselves in the sensitive, even uncomfortable position,

of having to promote the film and Heath Ledger's performance without exploiting the death of a friend. To be honest, it's hard to relate the two things, in a way. I know that sounds strange, but somebody dying, somebody you've worked with and been friends with, is an extraordinary tragedy and doesn't really relate to the film, in a strange way. Did you feel an added responsibility to honour his performance? Yeah, I felt a huge amount of responsibility on this film. Heath's passing makes that just all the more true. It also makes it more important to me that his performance gets seen by as many people as possible,

that they really get to see what he did, because I think it's a pretty glorious performance. Early reviews have been positive - Internet ticket sales sizzling. All Hollywood is betting the Dark Knight will soar high once again. Ahead in sport - all eyes on the AFL tribunal. And a rough day for Cadel Evans in the Tour de France,

And Casey Stoner wins in the driving rain of Germany, while Spain's Dani Pedrosa crashes out.

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This program is captioned live.

Sport with Mark Aiston now and Mark, the West Coast Eagles staring down the prospect of their first AFL wooden spoon? Yes, Tarsh. The West Coast Eagles have sunk to new depths after a 13-goal hiding at the hands of Richmond. To make matters worse, the club's lone star midfielder, Daniel Kerr, is again facing suspension. West Coast's fall from grace is now complete and Kerr's discipline issues continue... COMMENTATOR: Oh, Kerr! Kerr's in trouble. ..his frustrated round-arm likely to mean weeks on the sidelines. Oh, yeah! This once-feared club is now offering wafer-thin on-field resistance, only a season and half since winning the premiership. The Eagles allowed Richmond to kick 11 goals on its home turf. in the second quarter They lost by 77 points to the 11-placed Richmond without its best player, Matthew Richardson. It was embarrassing and perplexing for John Worsfold.

You have to query everything. Lack

of confidence, lack of effort, lack

of ability. You have to ask all

those questions and assess it.

There's a bit of assessing for the Match Review Panel to do. Dean Solomon will be lucky to play again this season after elbowing Cameron Ling. a depressed fracture of his cheekbone Ling has had surgery to fix and is expected to miss at least four weeks. Sydney could lose another player at the Tribunal - Amon Buchanan lining up and collecting Hawthorn Luke Hodge with a dangerous, head-high hit. And Brownlow Medal favourite Gary Ablett will struggle to play against the Bulldogs in the top-of-the-table clash this week after rolling his ankle. Rob Waters, Ten News. St George Illawarra chief executive Peter Doust says NRL players should be allowed to play overseas in the off season amid reports centre Mark Gasnier is poised to sign with French rugby union club Stade Francais. 7-game winning streak yesterday, while the Broncos went down to the Bulldogs despite the return of Darren Lockyer. The Bulldogs arrived in Brisbane on the back of a 5-match losing streak.

Against the Broncos, they found their bite. COMMENTATOR: Taumata scores for Canterbury. You know, it's been really difficult for everybody at the club, obviously the expectation is that we're successful and that hasn't been happening, so it's just a real good reward for the players. The absence of Justin Hodges left a gaping hole in the Broncos' attack capabilities. We need to get some strike out there at the moment. You know, other than a couple of forwards and that,

we're just a bit short in that area.

A leg injury to Nick Emmett set to leave another gap in the Broncos roster. to a tenacious Canberra Raiders St George Illawarra went down to a tenacious Canberra Raid at WIN Stadium. The loss compounded by speculation captain Mark Gasnier is set to sign with a French rugby union club. The coach not surprised he is contemplating the move. Someone wants to throw $800,000 or $1 million at me, I'd go to France too, wouldn't youse? That's the reality - it's always about the money, mate. That's what life's about. where than get the cash. Everyone goes where they can get the cash. Look, guys - as I said, I don't mean to be rude all the time, I'm happy to answer all these questions. And I think now, we've just finished a game against Canberra, and we probably didn't play the best. The focus should be on St George Illawarra. Andrew Blow, Ten News. A scare for Australia's Tour de France hope Cadel Evans.

He's taken a fall in Stage 9 of the race, but recovered to finish the day and maintain second place overall. Stage 9 was headed for the hills when Cadel Evans found trouble on the flat. His jersey ripped, elbow and legs bloodied. His fall not captured by the cameras. His bike change was. COMMENTATOR: Look at that. That's the hard way to start your attempt

to win the Tour de France in the Pyrenees. Members of his Silence Lotto team dropping back to help Evans rejoin the peloton. His helmet badly cracked.

Fears his collarbone might be too. He'd already broken it seven times in his career. The team doctor chiming in for some running repairs. He's not going to recommend a sick note and five days rest. He is going to just keep this guy going. And going he did -

fracture fears easing when Evans finished the stage where he started - six seconds behind overall leader Kim Kirchen. Italian Ricco Riccardo, who crashed the previous day, made the day's second big hill climb look easy to win the stage, the first of three days in the Pyrenees. Leanne West, Ten News. Casey Stoner has survived the elements

to make the German Grand Prix his third straight race win.

It closes his gap on Valentino Rossi and Dani Pedrosa, the Spaniard crashing out in spectacular fashion. It was wet, and wild, as the Sachsenring turned on a shocker. The preliminaries were full of thrills.

But mostly spills. COMMENTATOR: Oh, dramas! The weather worsening for the main event as pole sitter Casey Stoner went backwards by turn one in the treacherous conditions.

That left championship leader Dani Pedrosa to sail off into the distance.

Until he sailed off into the gravel trap. Oh, Pedrosa's gone! Race leader, it's all over for Dani Pedrosa! The Spaniard lucky to walk away after the 260km/h lose. But his lead in the title fight was gone. It left the lead to Stoner, who provided more frights for the commentary team.

Stoner! Is that Casey stoner?! Stoner! Is that Casey Stoner?! (CALMING DOWN) That's Milandri, it's Milandri, oh. I thought the helmet was Stoner. Phew. You were about to give me an ECG. Bad luck for his team-mate, but the Aussie world champ took advantage to street the field for a hat-trick of wins. Stoner will win at the Sachsenring. It's his third in a row, fourth for the 2008 season. Queenslander Chris Vermeulen finished third. Valentino Rossi was second and now leads the championship. But Stoner is closing ominously, just 20 points behind. Big thanks to the team again for everything they've done for me this weekend. You know, it's nice to close down the championship a little bit more. Tim Hodges, Ten News. And just before I go, inaugural Indian Premier League a player taking part in cricket's has tested positive for drugs. The nationality of the player and the nature of the substance

are not yet known.

That's sport. Have a great day. The national weather details when the Morning News returns.

Although some brands would have you think otherwise. Dove Beauty Bar is the only bar in Australian supermarkets that's not a soap,

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This program is captioned live. The World Youth Day cross and icon have arrived in Sydney, travelling across the harbour on a ferry. Sydney airport is in chaos

as thousands of pilgrims pour in for the Catholic convention which officially begins tomorrow. An ultra-light aircraft that went missing with two people on board in north Queensland has been found this morning. The husband and wife from north-west of Sydney failed to arrive in Charters Towers yesterday. Police are yet to release details of their wellbeing. Prince Harry has paid a visit to his charity in the impoverished African nation of Lesotho. And it seems the 23-year-old has inherited his mother's special ability to connect with children. Now for a look at the national weather:

That brings you up to date with all the news.

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