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(generated from captions) I can't have all of you. And you made it clear Please, don't do this. or Jack's. Don't shut me out of your life I didn't do that, Brooke. I didn't shut you out. You did that all on your own. to be in your life, Nick, I may not be able but we will always share a child. break that connection... And nobody can ever ..for as long as we both shall live. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - tributes killed on duty in Afghanistan. to the latest Australian soldier to his family, Sean McCarthy is a terrible loss to the Australian Defence Force a terrible loss to the Australian nation.

Heart-wrenching goodbye - her three children a young mother farewells found dead in their father's car. And the mercury plummets - as winter bites hard. the State shivers and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. charged with bashing a drunk. Also tonight, three police officers And he's off the team, is back training with the Swans. but big bad Barry

But heading Ten News - his name is Sean McCarthy, and at just 25 years of age of the Taliban. he's the latest Australian victim was killed by a roadside bomb, The special forces soldier to six. taking our death toll in Afghanistan to the young trooper, The Prime Minister has paid tribute to bring home our soldiers. but is refusing dusty roads Patrolling southern Afghanistan's is becoming even more hazardous become more sophisticated. as Taliban bomb-makers afternoon in Oruzgan province, The latest attack occurred yesterday are deployed. where 1,000 Aussie diggers The explosion fatally wounded one of our soldiers

and seriously injured two others. that I inform you It is with great sadness soldier, Signaller Sean McCarthy. of the death of an Australian 25-year-old Sean McCarthy

at his Gold Coast high school formal. is seen here eight years ago He was a keen rugby player College's water polo team. and was a member of Trinity Lutheran He was single and, as at school, was well liked

for his dedication and sense of humour.

to his family. Sean McCarthy is a terrible loss

to the Australian Defence Force. to the Australian nation. A terrible loss were taken to the Taren Kowt base Those injured

are not life-threatening. where their wounds have now been killed in Afghanistan Besides the six Australians who many seriously. another 40 have been injured,

describes the operation The Prime Minister and he fears a rising death toll. as difficult, dangerous and bloody

it's reason enough to get out. For the Greens, We don't believe that that mess to be involved in. is for our defence force personnel

They should be brought home. doesn't want the country The Government to become terrorism central again and is claiming success. to keep these Taliban leaders, This will harden our resolve under pressure. these Taliban bomb-makers, The Prime Minister says of the commitment. there will be an annual review We are there for the long haul. We are there for the long term. as a blank cheque. But there is no such thing Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. has buried her three little children A heartbroken mother

in the State's south. murdered by their father attended the funeral Hundreds of mourners

for all victims of domestic violence. where candles were lit what no mother should ever have to - She came to do bury all her children. young lives cut so cruelly short - Three white coffins for three

and Bon, who was only 16 months old. 9-year-old Jack, Maddie was just 7, Karen Bell lit three candles, During the closed funeral, the lives of her lost children symbolising It comes just three weeks by their father, Gary Poxon, after they were betrayed who gassed them and himself in his car

near the small township of Pericoe on their remote property

of New South Wales. on the far South Coast

in part, A poem was read for their mother, "Don't cry, Mummy. "Our spirits live on in you. make us proud of you. "The strengths you handed us grieve for as long as it takes. "You need to cry, Mummy, heals with time once it breaks." "The heart that I gave you words of farewell written by Karen. Her brother Tom Bell read taken too soon, cruelly taken away. "To my special children, you were "May you rest in peace. To each one of you I say goodbye." "I love you and will miss you. throughout the service - There were recurring questions asked and could it have been prevented? how could this happen, hit the community very hard. Their deaths have also is it's togetherness, This community, its big strength just not in this situation, and I would hope, we never, ever lose that. but any situation, a legacy to come from this tragedy, If there is one positive development, it could be this -

were told the mourners here this morning caught in that same cycle of violence that countless women who are are now taking a stand. And just minutes after the funeral, as the children were laid to rest. a final farewell In Bega, Evan Batten, Ten News. A crackdown on public housing cheats rorting the system. has flushed out more than 500 tenants Some have been dobbed in their taxpayer-funded homes, for secretly subletting they own luxury cars and property. while others are so rich (PHONE RINGS) Fraud Tenant Amnesty line. Good morning.

How may I help you? Michelle speaking. has been running red hot - The Housing Department's fraud line in just seven days. more than 700 calls

390 tenants have confessed. in a neighbour, Another 142 have dobbed 7 more already own other homes. 18 have been caught out subletting,

up to $53 million. This could save taxpayers shouldn't be able to use These cheats rare and important public assets for their own personal gain. for their own personal The Government's 3-month amnesty is expected to net dozens more welfare cheats as frustrated residents plan to speak out.

They got about 8 or 10 people living in there with big cars and everything and they don't even work. The expected savings from the tougher rules and checks will fund 200 new flats. Rorters face eviction or higher rents

even if they confess from now to the end of September. From October 1 anyone found rorting the system faces up to three months jail or a fine of $2,200. The Government hopes that will lead to more confessions, clearing more places, like here in Waterloo, for people who really need it. The gloves are off - we've given ourselves new prosecutorial powers. We can crosscheck the Land Titles office to see if they own other property, what cars they own, what boats they own. The fraud hotline number is 1800 813 447 and is open now. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Three police officers have been charged with assaulting a drunk. The alleged incident took place in Bowral in March when the 36-year-old man was arrested for refusing to obey a move-on notice and using offensive language. The officers are accused of assaulting the man during his arrest and later at the police station. They'll appear in court next month. A foreign student has faced court, charged with scamming eBay customers out of thousands of dollars. He was caught by one of his alleged victims, who used his online skills to help police track him down. By day he's an IT worker but after hours Neil Moreton is a cyber-sleuth. After winning an eBay auction and handing over $350 for a Coles gift card he never received, he set up a website to track down the person responsible. Other eBay users got in touch. They too had paid for gift cards and computers they never received. Mine was $400 but there's people spending $1,000 to $2,000 on computers. Together, they began compiling information

on the alleged fraudster, 26-year-old Chun Fai Tsang - photos, addresses and phone numbers. He met up with him and he got a description of the person. They some name he was using and his car and his rego number and everything. Last night Tsang was arrested as he reported on bail to police.

He faced court today charged with obtaining benefit by deception.

The prosecutor told the court Tsang was a foreign student who is: Tsang's lawyer said that was rubbish and successfully applied for bail on the condition he lives with his uncle, hands over $5,000 and his passport. At the moment Tsang is only charged with failing to deliver computers to two people. But according to court documents, police are still interviewing another 90 potential victims who claim to be owed a total of $150,000.

To this day I'm still contacting people one by one and telling them, "Look, is what's happening, we have a detective in charge." eBay scammers, look out. Danile Sutton, Ten News. It just keeps going up - the price of petrol has soared to a new high tonight. Unleaded is selling for $1.74 a litre at many service stations across Sydney. It was just three weeks ago it broke through the $1.70 barrier. The latest rise comes despite oil dropping nearly US$10 a barrel in the past week.

About all that cold? I'm not going

to talk about all those goose bumps

are. The table and so - what about

that at two centimetres to three

centimetres of white stuff? Let's

look at pictures of Oberon.

Everyone was white. We're getting

blown away. We're doing it from the

speed at the moment amber light to

a blind eye over. It's their train

0.3 degrees in Sydney - and coldest

day in almost here. We're in for a

cold snap they say it'll be sunny

to Myra. It'll be 16 degrees. It'll

be 17 after that. There will be

cold all way through the for once

cut the first week of the school

holidays. Its white and cold. A look at sport with sport with Neil Cordy, and Barry Hall surprises the Swans by turning up to training. Yes, Deb. I think I would have taken the week off,

but despite that indefinite ban that made training only optional the big forward has made a very public statement that he's trying to work through his personal problems. Barry Hall emerged from his home this morning

with his de facto partner of 11 years, Kylie Stray, close behind him. The all-Australian forward in no mood to talk.

How you coping, mate? Coping alright? Plenty of support from friends? Of course you're going to be upset. Anyone in that same position - something that you love has been taken away and he's going to be in that frame of mind at the moment. Stray was also tight-lipped. Sorry. Hall's on-again, off-again relationship with her was believed to be what prompted the knockout punch on West Coast's Brent Staker in Round 4 which resulted in a 7-match ban. But just three matches back on Collingwood's Shane Wakelin and his attempted strike on Saturday night had the walls around Hall closing in. I don't know if he realises what he's actually done which says to me there's something going on that he needs to work through. Hall left home separately to his girlfriend to surprise his coach and team-mates hours later by turning up at Swans training. Despite being let down by Hall, the players insist they do want him back in the team,

just as soon as the big forward's learnt to deal with his aggression. I think Barry's a good person. He's got a bad habit through it so he can come back and know that it won't happen again. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Also, the NRL takes action with a lengthy ban against one of the Eels fans who racially abused Petero Civoniceva. Plus, Rafael Nadal's huge welcome home in Spain

as the new Wimbledon champion shows off his prize silverware. Also, Ron and Deb, Aussie cyclist Cadel Evans reinforces his claims to this year's Tour de France crown. Building for the future, or a creating a new traffic disaster? Next, the Iron Cove Bridge debate flares up. Also tonight, a terrifying arsenal of guns uncovered in a suburban house. And a flood of pilgrims arrive in good voice in Sydney for World Youth Day. (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS)

DELTA GOODREM: (SINGS) # I was nurtured, I was sheltered # I was curious and young # I was searching for that something # Trying to find it on the run # Oh, and just when # I stopped looking # I saw just how far I'd come # In this life # You give me love # You give me light # Show me everything that's been happening

# I've opened up my eyes # I'm following # Three steps fight an honest fight # Two hearts that can start a fire

# One love is all I need... # The new Qantas Frequent Flyer - now bigger and better than ever. (MAGICAL TINKLING MUSIC) (BIRDS TWITTER) Like a comforting hug from Mum - Butter-Menthol original, herbal and new Kids range. This program is captioned live. An anti-tank gun has been found among a terrifying arsenal seized in Castle Hill. The armour-piercing rifle, so powerful it has a shock absorber, was among 69 firearms found by police, including a banned AK-47 assault rifle and an illegal .44 magnum revolver, along with military rifles, shotguns and pistols. A 41-year-old man has been bailed and will appear in court next week. His firearms licence has been suspended. 11 people have been arrested over a multimillion-dollar drug ring

operating north of Sydney. Small amounts of drugs were seized this morning during a series of raids throughout the Cessnock and Lake Macquarie areas.

The raids were carried out by Strike Force Nellinda, which is investigating the supply of the ice.

More than 120 drugs charges are expected to be laid against the six men and five woman. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News, email them to: We're interested in both photos and video. The State Government has been accused of picking the worst, most expensive option to solve the traffic nightmare around the Iron Cove bridge. has blown the budget and won't work. Opponents say the project This is the State Government's answer to one of the country's most congested corridors. duplicated on its western side, The Iron Cove Bridge will be providing a new dedicated bus lane, city-bound. disentangle the buses from the cars, we can hopefully attract more people to utilise public transport. The free-flowing animation is a far cry from the true daily grind. During Victoria Road's morning peak motorists clock an average speed of just 20km/h.

The Government's proposal prompted angry protests

from thousands of residents in the past and they continue to argue the plan won't improve traffic flows. For a start, it's the waste of money. Secondly, they're not putting the real information out there for people to make their own evaluation of what's proposed. The aim is to free the bottlenecks at either end of the bridge, at the intersections of Lyons Road and Darling Street. But the same volume of traffic will then be required to squeeze into just two lanes to head onto Anzac Bridge. The Opposition can't understand why the budget's blown out to $156 million when there's one less lane after the Government made concessions for local member Verity Firth. The Government has chosen the most expensive and the worst. There are several other options that we would look at before we look at the one the Government's doing. While the Government claims it will reduce travel times for bus commuters by nearly 20 minutes during peak periods, it can't give the same sort of assurance for motorists.

Work is expected to begin in January. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. With less than a week to go,

Sydney has ramped up preparations for World Youth Day. Protesters have revealed how they'll challenge the State's controversial annoyance laws, while, at the airport, pilgrims are pouring in by the plane-load. After two international flights and, for many, two years of planning, there was really only one way

to describe the feeling of touching down in Sydney. # Praise be to the Lord! Hallelujah! # But the dancing and singing is only half the excitement for these Catholic campers from Germany. It's just amazing to be here now and see so many people that are travelling with us. It's been a long pilgrimage. Even after 20 hours in the air, there are now hours on the road to various country locations. It's a great feeling to celebrate with all the pilgrims from all over the world. This group numbers 117. Up to 100,000 international visitors may register from now through until the weekend, all on the path to see the Pope. I think it's one of the highlights but, um, not the only highlight, I hope. (LAUGHS) So the pilgrims are pouring in but, as expected, so too are the complaints - new police powers bought in for WYD. The fence of State Parliament was used as a clothes rack by the No To Pope Coalition to protest the annoyance laws that came into effect on July 1. If they're going to ask me to take off my T-shirt, and I do comply, then they can't fine me. The police didn't ask her to. It was just a shot, though, at the declared areas that some say go further than APEC. That is, the sole intention of these laws - to intimidate and to exclude people with alternative views. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Up next, family fury - Mercedes Corby lashes out as Schapelle is returned to her Bali cell. Get out! I'll smash your cameras. And helping out - Harry gets his hands dirty in Africa. You can just tell by the kids' faces Everyone is so happy to see help coming. And, you know, what more could you ask for? you pay low fees, no commissions to financial advisors, BOY: Making cake was my favourite thing. But now I like it most when the cake is done. Because then we can open the frosting! I love it. It's the best part of the cake. Now I like the frosting most. VOICEOVER: Betty Crocker knows you love frosting. ready-to-spread frosting with all our cakes. (SNIFFS) (HEART BEATS LOUDLY) KFC's Original Recipe Fillets. Large breast fillets in the 11 herbs and spices, with less than 7g of fat per average piece. KFC's Original Recipe Fillets Meal Box.

If you think it's cold down there

you could try it up in the

helicopter. In the north-west there

was a smash in West Pennant Hills.

You can see the rain is starting to

sit in across the north-west and

unfortunately you can see that's a

sea of headlights are heading to

the north-west with major traffic

delays. The accident is being

sidelined but the delay is extend

all way to the M two. Traffic

struggling on the M5 and problems

out to the West on Parramatta Road. Kevin Rudd has urged the world's most powerful leaders to quicken the pace on dealing with climate change. Addressing the G8 summit in Japan, the Prime Minister remains pessimistic about the prospect of a breakthrough. There was a warm welcome from Kevin Rudd's Japanese counterpart, Prime Minister Fukuda, as the G8 summit heated up on the island of Hokkaido.

Mr Rudd joined 15 other leaders for talks and the hot topic was climate change.

Collectively, their nations are responsible for 80% of world greenhouse emissions. All nations must put their shoulder to the wheel. Mr Rudd had just six minutes to put his case to a tough audience. Australia's voice has been projected. The Australian PM brought with him credibility on climate change action. He's taking a political risk by backing an emissions trading scheme. of the recklessness of Mr Rudd in trying to ram through the emissions trading scheme by 2010. World leaders praised our PM for his tough stance on reducing carbon emissions. Kevin Rudd's presence here at the G8 sends a clear message to those nations sitting on the sidelines of the climate change debate - it's up to each of them to act before it's too late. This will be a tough road. It will be a hard road. But the impasse between the US, India and China

continues to deny the global community real action on cuts to greenhouse gases. Australia wants to see a new grand bargain,

a new grand consensus, between developed and developing countries. to sales of uranium to India And Australia's opposition to sales of uranium to Indi was put to the test after Washington and New Delhi struck a deal on nuclear power for the developing nation. In Hokkaido, Japan, Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Queensland's Police Minister says she fears for the life of paedophile Dennis Ferguson, under seige in his Brisbane home. 1,000 neighbours packed a public meeting, demanding the removal of the notorious child sex offender. It was supposed to be a meeting to address community concerns, but these residents had only one thing on their mind. Get this man out of our town. Around 800 Carbrook locals turned up to voice their anger at the government's decision to place paedophile Dennis Ferguson in their community. tried to explain the move But when the Police Minister it only made matters worse. How many of those sex offenders live in your backyard? Her backyard, her backyard? We have to put up with it. Yet you hob nobs don't. You go home to your flash houses. Ferguson is technically a free man, after a judge ruled he wouldn't receive a fair trial in a child sex case. He's already been hounded out of another hideout in the south-west community of Miles it has no plan B. and the government admits This man angry over comments made by the Minister on evening television. You called me a thug, you called me a thug, I'm a father. ...Is the one that abused me on that register too? Because I don't know where in Australia he is The Minister's security was called on to the stage after one local came too close. Child advocate groups say Ferguson will only be welcome in jail. There is no way this community is going to accept Dennis Ferguson. There's no way any community anywhere But it didn't end there. As they headed to rally outside Ferguson's front gate, locals say they won't stop until he leaves. Anthony Donaghy, Ten News. Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby is back behind bars

in Bali. Her sister Mercedes tried to shield Schapelle from the media outside the hospital where she has been treated for depression. Leave her alone. God, she's sick. Mercedes lashed out as the cameras surrounded the prison van. Get out! I'll smash your cameras. Schapelle Corby spent 2.5 weeks in hospital. Her doctor says she's getting better and can be treated as an outpatient in prison. She turns 31 tomorrow. A Texan oil billionaire is pouring his fortune into alternative energy to cure America's addiction to oil. is promoting the use of wind power T. Boone Pickens is promoting the use of wind p rather than natural gas to generate 20% of America's electricity. That would free up natural gas for cars and trains, reducing the US dependency on foreign oil by a third. With almost 70% of our dependency on foreign oil, we have gotten ourselves into a trap. Who did it to us? We did. The 80-year-old entrepreneur is investing $2 billion to build the world's biggest wind farm in Texas. Prince Harry is on a mission in a tiny African kingdom. The 23-year-old has recruited some of his army mates to help disabled kids. Sleeves rolled up and mucking in, Lieutenant Harry Wales is hard at work and happy. the Sentebale charity in Lesotho It's two years since he set up and now it's making a difference. Reunited with members of his regiment, he's back in the trenches, turning a run-down old school into a support centre for disabled youngsters. He's clearly proud of his work. The progress you see must be really rewarding? Yes, it is, it's massively rewarding, for the young guys here. You can just tell by the kids' faces. I mean, here out of everywhere I mean, here out of ever in Africa, everyone is so happy, And, you know, what more could you ask for? everyone is so happy, so happy to see help coming. And, you know, what more could you ask for? The prince's passion for this project and fondness for this place are obvious. But the mountain kingdom is in the grip of a health crisis that threatens its very future. It's said bigger charities ignore Lesotho because it's just too small and its problems too big, of this royal support so the significance happy there's help. is not lost on people The whole of Lesotho has to thank Prince Harry for this. It's not all hard work, of course. Harry, it seems, is having a ball. Alright! Not so much the young prince anymore, but his own man, building to help the people here, shaping a future for himself. and perhaps, Martin Geissler, Ten News. A traditional Aboriginal ceremony has been held in the heart of Scotland. An elder performed a smoking ceremony at the University of Edinburgh during the handover of Aboriginal remains. He burned eucalyptus leaves to cleanse anyone who touched the bones. They came here on an old sailing ship. They're going home on a 747 jet so, you know, it's a change of times. The four skulls and an ear bone

were collected in South Australia more than 100 years ago. Young Australians not prepared for bad economic times - that warning next. Also, the last puff for friends of Thomas the Tank Engine in Australia.

And Pamela Anderson prepares to shake up the Big Brother house. In Italy, every region has a different cuisine, and Nonna has been busy gathering recipes from every province to create a new range of Bertolli Provincial Pasta Sauces. In Rome, it's cream with bacon and parmesan. (OPERATIC MUSIC PLAYS) At Bertolli, we've taken provincial recipes and the finest ingredients and created a new range of mouth-watering Provincial Pasta Sauces, in new foil fresh pouches. Bertolli - la crema della provincia. This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - the State is in the grip of a cold snap which has seen the Blue Mountains blanketed by snow and Sydney shiver. The bureau says the mercury will rise tomorrow, but only slightly. The mother of three children killed by their father last month has today farewelled them at a funeral on the State's South Coast. Karen Bell lit three candles, one for each child, while family and friends released balloons during the burial. And the Prime Minister fears there could be more Australi casualties in Afghanistan after the death of SAS soldier Sean McCarthy. The 25-year-old was killed by a roadside bomb, while two of his colleagues suffered serious injuries. He's the sixth Australian soldier to die in Afghanistan since 2001. A warning to Generation X and Y - stop your frivolous spending or you'll end up as Generation Debt. With the debt crunch well and truly biting, mortgage mogul John Symond is afraid young Australians are simply not prepared for bad economic times. They're living for today - Generation X and Y fuelling their need for instant gratification with easy money. But with the economic good times at an end,

consumer sentiment has fallen

to its lowest level since the '80s recession. Young people haven't seen that. They've seen full employment. Their friends buy real estate. They made a squillion. They've seen all the good times. The Aussie Home Loans boss says they're simply unprepared, unable to budget or live within their means. John Symond says young people are especially vulnerable to the financial trap of bad debt - lured into racking up hundreds of millions of dollars in freely available no interest, no deposit, deferred-repayment credit plans. And that easy credit has left many with huge debts and no savings. They don't have buffers, so young people, especially, need to be more cautious than any other sector

than they've ever been before. And this is where the crisis is hurting most - the south-western Sydney mortgage belt, where more homes are repossessed than anywhere else in the country. They tell me they're evicting three families in our local community every day. That prompted this community forum on housing stress. Are you kind of hanging on by the skin of your teeth? WOMAN: Absolutely.

Hundreds attended, seeking advice. It all catches up with you with a vengeance. I probably am extremely overcommitted, so bit off more than I could chew. But things looked rosy once upon a time.

And the key advice - don't wait to get help.

And the sooner you get in in those sorts of situations, the more options that you have. The longer you leave it, the harder it is to negotiate with people. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. To the finance report, and upped its variable home loan rate

and BankWest has followed St George by 0.2% to 9.55%

despite the Reserve Bank leaving rates steady. The Australian share market finished the day in positive territory. Insurer IAG dropped just two cents after slashing its final dividend and announcing 600 Australian jobs will be cut. The average price of petrol around Sydney tonight is $1.58 a litre but we've seen it as high as $1.74 and as low as $1.52 in Dee Why, Willoughby and Brookvale. A popular children's railway day has run out of steam after what's being labelled corporate bullying. A change in ownership of the Thomas the Tank Engine brand means the tourist attraction must abandon any reference to the famous train. You can always just watch him on TV and all that and remember the good times you had with him. The not-for-profit operator will lose around $60,000 in revenue from the annual fundraiser. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have taken their new daughter, Sunday Rose, home from hospital. The baby's grandfather has revealed her unusual name was inspired

by the muse of a famous artist who led a scandalous life. It's believed the new Kidman-Urban family spent the day at home at their tranquil hideaway just outside Nashville, or maybe at their other home nearby, a gated mansion estate. Either way, it was private. And in Nashville, that's how they like it. We don't pay much attention to them. They don't pay much attention to us. Everyone should leave them alone. And they were. It's thought they left the hospital unseen late last night - 41-year-old Nicole, new father Keith and daughter Sunday Rose, an interesting explanation. whose interesting name has been given Nicole's father, Dr Antony Kidman, suggested it. He says it's after a Victorian patron of the arts in the '30s named Sunday Reed - a talented woman made more famous after a 9-year menage a trois with Australian artist Sidney Nolan and her husband. Years later, the artist's muse took her own life after her husband died. Nicole's parents so fascinated by her story the name stuck. There's still no glimpse of baby Sunday. It's rumoured the Aussie couple will publicly release one photo in exchange for donations to a children's hospital. It's likely the new family will spend plenty of time here in Nashville. It means Keith can keep close to country music and Nicole can raise their daughter Sunday in a town with no paparazzi and very little intrusion on their private lives. Until their reported return to Sydney for Sunday's baptism,

it's just the rolling hills and a happy family.

In Nashville, Emma Dallimore, Ten News.

Here his team who's cold and wet.

Isn't television glamourous? Two

centimetres to three centimetres

across a table lands. It's snowing

in the Blue mountain's. We've had

13 degrees in Sydney and now it's

raining as well. I wouldn't trade

this job for anyone's apart from yours.

On starting to top quickly it's On starting to top quickly it's

because I won again off. Sport now and, Neil, the NRL bans an Eels fan for racial abuse.

Yes, he's been given a few years to think about his actions - more shortly. And in the mood as troubled Swans star Barry Hall shows his commitment to the club despite that indefinite suspension. Also, Australia's Cadel Evans makes a strategic move on the flat in the Tour de France.

In Canberra we can still water our gardens because of projects ACTEW Corporation has been undertaking for quite a few years now. But if we're gonna cope with longer, drier, more frequent droughts in the future, we need to think bigger. This is the Cotter Dam.

It's the smallest of our water storages. But soon it will be nearly 20 times bigger, adding 35% to Canberra's water storage capacity. It's one of several important ACTEW projects that, along with all of us reducing our water use, will help provide a green future for our city by securing water for life. is $20 million! For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball MegaPick. $20 million Powerball jackpot! This program is captioned live. As you may have seen earlier in the news, Barry Hall has surprised his team-mates by turning up to Swans training this afternoon. Suspended indefinitely by his club, Hall must curb his onfield aggression, according to team-mates. that training was optional, He'd been told so Barry Hall's surprise appearance this afternoon

sent a strong message to Swans management. His team-mates clearly happy to see him. He loves training and playing footy and this is where he's gonna get all his support. The club's right behind him, the players are right behind him, we fully support him. Hall today stepping down from the Swans leadership group, his team-mates agreeing with club management that his latest onfield flare-up is a sign that all's not right with their flag-winning former captain. We trust and respect Barry and I think he's a good person. I think we need to be compassionate, but what he did was unacceptable and he's not modelling the behaviour that we want at our footy club. Hall's troubles starting with the knockout blow on West Coast Eagle Brent Staker.

His 7-week suspension disappointing his team-mates, but they remain confident he can get back on track. One of the main things I said to him is he has to take responsibility for what happened. I don't know if he realises what he's actually done which says to me there's something going on that he needs to work through. Leanne West, Ten News.

Penrith captain Petero Civoniceva has applauded the 5-year ban

from all league games imposed on the Eels fan who called him a monkey. The fan faces arrest if he attempts to enter a ground during that time. League boss David Gallop says racial abuse won't be tolerated. It was the racial sledge from the man on the right that angered Petero Civoniceva and stung the NRL into action.

This gentleman has admitted that he made the statement, apologised, but he's received a fine and will now be banned from all rugby league games. The other man involved has escaped punishment as he didn't include racism in his abuse. The punishment comes as rugby league embraces the next generation of Pacific Islander players with a 3-day camp for talented youngsters. Unlike some fans, these guys are well educated. There's a code of conduct that we all abide by and it's show respect. All rugby league players are equal and it doesn't matter what skin colour you are. The boys watching Manly prepare

for what could be a fiery encounter against old rivals Cronulla. Steve Matai training for the first time since bruising a lung against the Gold Coast. I was a bit worried when I was coughing up blood on Saturday. I had scans that night, went straight to hospital. They cleared me to fly. I've just got to wait now on the doc and hopefully he clears me for Saturday. If he is cleared, he won't be changing his style. I like to play hard and I'm not going to stop playing hard so if it comes down to tackling hard, I'll do that for the team. The Eagles with a special visitor - young Menzie Tucker, named after Manly's favourite son. Really good reaction to the name, actually. Everyone loved it and thought it was really nice to name him after such a nice guy. Born 11 weeks premature,

Menzie didn't have to wait long to meet his namesake, the veteran's hands as safe as ever. Look at that - not even crying or anything. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Australia's Cadel Evans has made his move in the Tour de France, jumping to fourth overall. Cadel finished the time trial fourth fastest, battling blustery conditions to be the best placed of the pre-race favourites. He came home 21 seconds adrift of stage-winner Stefan Schumacher, the German taking the leader's yellow jersey after averaging almost 50km/h over the 30km course. Wimbledon champion Rafael Nadal has been greeted by a hero's welcome at his home town of Manacor, in MaJorca. A massive crowd was on hand to welcome home their new champion, Spain's first Wimbledon winner since Manolo Santana in 1966. Nadal is the first man to complete the French Open/Wimbledon double since Bjorn Borg in 1980. That's all for now. later in Sports Tonight,

we catch up with the new coach of the Brumbies, and why Olympic heavyweight Kevan Gosper is very nervous ahead of the Beijing games.

A problem tonight at Chipping

Norton? A bad accident and this is

just appalling driving conditions

for motorists heading west. The

accident has occurred on Newbridge

Road new Governor Macquarie drive.

The police rescue units are there.

The gridlock that goes back past Banks

Banks Town airport.

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A can confirm the Little weatherman

is struggling in the biting cold.

Is there more of this to go? You

hope so because I'm out in it and

you're not. You're in the warmth of

the studio wearing a cardigan. Och I'd

I'd send you my sympathy but it

wouldn't keep you warm. No laughing

place. Third came 0.6 - the colder place. Third came 0.6 - the colder

Stainby here. Auberon - snow. Blue

mountain snow. It's so cold and

brutal with a westerly blowing.

When I'm near the coast whereas 11

degrees below haven't been this car

or miserable glamourous on the

television for three or four years.

Tomorrow - 16 degrees and windy. Friday

Friday about 16 or 17 degrees and

the weekend at the the same. If

fine and sunny but not much good

for. There will have goose bumps

about it. Hang on to your umbrella.

How low to the Princess. Coats from

your little brother. You've got a

warm up with sentiment because is

nothing else going for us at the moment.

Cloud is streaming across southern

or Western Australia and South Australia or Western Australia and South

Australia and Tasmania bringing Australia and Tasmania bringing

patchy light rain. Cloud over the

east coast is circulating over

Upper Largo. A strong front will

bring renewed burst of cold wind bring renewed burst of cold wind

and showers and Alpine snow and and showers and Alpine snow an

small hail to the south-east.

Predicted precipitation - showers

falling as snarl above-trend

hundred metres dropping to 1000

metres it's a bit brutal out hundred metres dropping to 1000 hundred metres dropping to 100 metres it's a bit brutal out here

at the moment. The windows going

sideways and the rain is going with

it. It's the cold a stay of the year. Finally tonight, Hollywood pin-up Pamela Anderson has arrived down-under, on one of our coldest winter days. wearing a tiny sun dress on one of our coldest winter d The 41-year-old actress enters the Big Brother house tonight and after a quick change on the Gold Coast began posing for the cameras. I think it is a lot of fun. I like adventure. I like doing things people tell me not to do. This is definitely one of those things so I'm going to do it. Reported that you are going to get paid in excess of $500,000 to do it? Huge - a lot. Over $500,000? Much more than I'm worth.

While here she also hopes to do some work for animal rights. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening and I'll be back with the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10.30. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. It's getting close - who will win Big Brother 2008? With less than two weeks to go there's another eviction this Wednesday. Will it be Brigitte - the ditsy blonde or smarter than you think? If you think Brigitte should go, dial: Bricklayer Rory - he's faced eviction more times than anyone else. Evict him by dialing: Grandma Terri - she wants to teach the younger ones a thing or two. Teach her a lesson by calling: Ben - never been up for eviction until now. Will it be first time unlucky? To evict Ben, dial:

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