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(generated from captions) $500 right there, Suzanne. You got it, ma'am. The dream, was this the dream case? Could you have had a dream run? don't you, Leona? You think it's there,

Yep. You're absolutely convinced? happy. An extra 500 bucks, Leona. Pop those locks. Show me. Make me Whooo! Yeah! Nicely done. $25,500! working for you there, That's a helluva lot of fives as opposed to briefcase 4. Thank you! Nice dealing, pal. Let's see the money! The lovely Emma Gurney. rather large cheque, as it turns out. Ja, ja, ja, little Fraulein, with a Thank you! Congratulations, pal. Great dealing. Good tag-team effort, that one. You too, Leona. a postcard from Berlin. Make sure you send us ladies and gentlemen. Good on ya. Thanks for being with us, here in the Deal-a-Drome. Ja! See you next time This program is captioned live. Tonight - called off the World Youth Day train strike after Ministerial intervention. of the travelling public. I'm very relieved on behalf

Cardinal George Pell admits mistakes over a sex abuse scandal. but refuses to stand down into the world Nicole Kidman brings Sunday Rose in America's country music capital. And 'Mamma Mia' - after 20 years. Meryl Streep returns to Sydney with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. It wasn't divine intervention John Watkins but that of Transport Minister

and Sydney commuters who's saved World Youth Day pilgrims

from a rail strike. is at Martin Place Station, Reporter Sean Berry to cancel next Thursday's shutdown? and Sean, what persuaded the union

Ian, after three hours of talks what it wanted - the union got pretty much of dollars in extra pay. rail jobs protected and millions a strike-free Super Thursday The new wage deal ensures next week.

The Government said had nothing to do with the strike. the new offer by me to everyone in the meeting There was a very clear position put an EBA under industrial action. that they weren't going to negotiate We simply could not do that. of World Youth Day chaos, But, under the threat spent three hours the Transport Minister with rail union bosses locked in talks who wanted more money more money and no job cuts. The result - and for commuters at the same time This has been a win for rail workers stretched because of fuel prices. of the travelling public of Sydney. I'm very relieved on behalf the visitors to our great city. This is a win for them and for After a year-long stalemate to cut more than 400 jobs. RailCorp has dropped plans for higher pay. It also gave in to union demands The pressure was on - to World Youth Day action. even the Prime Minister objected

Holy Father with us Australia is honoured to have the and all Australians, including those in this particular union with respect. I believe should treat him No sign of Morris Iemma today of "industrial terror". after he accused the unions It seems they've have struck back

on electricity privatisation. after the Premier's win the deal was only done Union boss John Robertson said John Watkins led the way. because Iemma's deputy but the hard work's not over yet. So, big relief for the Government, Negotiations start tomorrow rail workers will receive. on exactly how much extra pay Ian. with a second crisis The Catholic Church is dealing

ahead of World Youth Day his handling of a sex scandal. with Cardinal George Pell defending He's refusing to stand down an assault victim's claims. denying he intentionally covered up

It's not the sort of discussion would like to be having Cardinal George Pell

in Sydney. just days before the Pope arrives There was no attempt at a cover up. come from Lismore man Tony Jones. The cover-up claims He was a 29-year-old student teacher by priest Terence Goodall, in 1982. when he was sexually assaulted is nothing but pathetic. Cardinal Pell's response to me church four days after it happened. Mr Jones reported the assault to the Nothing was done. He reported it again in 2002. found the allegations A church-appointed investigator could be substantiated Mr Jones he said they couldn't. but when Cardinal Pell wrote to there were no other victims He also said to an altar boy who'd come forward. despite writing on the same day That...was an error. That was an innocent error. he misrepresented the facts. He wrote the letter - I believe that was deliberate. is no longer a priest. Father Goodall he's now being bullied by the church Tony Jones says for speaking out. while an investigation takes place. Maybe Dr Pell should stand aside won't be happening. Something Cardinal Pell says rise for a million low-paid workers Unions are applauding today's wage added to their pay. who will see more than $21 a week But employers warn to consumers in higher prices the extra costs will be passed on

at the shops. it's what fair and reasonable. The Fair Pay Commission says What this commission does on the pay scales - is to raise wages for those reliant

1.3 million Australian workers in those wages of $21.66. and today I announce an increase

pay packet increase Australia's minimum wage earners' from $522.12 to $543.78 - that's a 4.15% increase. But some say it's simply not enough. especially the petrol, food - Increase in everything, is not enough for us. the $1,400 a week It's a far cry from by heads of government departments or 18% increase picked up with working Australians. often accused of being out of touch that you refer to The overwhelming amount

the performance pay system. is about getting rid of the increase is a good start The unions say in repairing some of the damage done

WorkChoices legislation. by the Howard government's It is only a small step. is on the Government I think the onus to ensure that WorkChoices is actually gotten rid of. Employers describe the increase as 'economically risky', saying it has the potential to have a major impact on the retail sector with price rises being passed on to the consumer. Certainly, some businesses may need to increase prices as a result of today's decision. The weekly pay increase is too little, too late for Sydney families who are losing their homes..

as they struggle to pay household bills. Tonight, special help is being offered in the western suburbs where home repossession rates are the nation's highest. O'Brien Street, Mt Druitt. who has lost their home. Houses are over-mortgaged, repossessed, vacant. This is the real struggle street. D'Arcy Matthews nearly had to walk away from his modest semi four months ago. Some of us are just hanging in, some people are just walking out. Property values have plummeted. We paid $370,000 for it and now, you'd be lucky to get $270,000. His story is repeated right across western Sydney's mortgage belt.

Here, dozens of brand new townhouses lay empty - hundreds of thousands of dollars wiped from their value. The situation has become so desperate charities, financial planners and politicians have teamed up to offer advice to struggling families on how to keep their homes. Before people look at refinancing, taking on more debt to pay the first lot of debt you know, that doesn't help. If you're in a hole, stop digging. There's a forum tonight at Town Hall in Bankstown. It has the dubious honour of being the repossession capital of Australia. Look, I hope things doesn't get any worse. We know there are a lot of families doing it very tough and we're doing absolutely everything we can. A crisis that has politicians scared, too. A Brisbane nightclub has released security video showing the arrest of Blues State of Origin player Greg Bird last month.

Bird initially claimed his run-in with police after the second Origin game was part of a prank.

But the video from the club shows he was involved in a heated exchange with officers before being handcuffed and led away. Bird was later released without charge. Nicole Kidman's baby daughter isn't even a day old but, already, most of the world knows her name. Seven's Rahni Sadler is outside the US hospital where Sunday Rose was born this morning. Rahni, how are mum and bub? They're doing very well. We still don't know whether it was a natural or caesarean birth but Sunday weighed in at a healthy 2.9kg - that's 6lb 7oz in the old scale. Dad, Keith Urban, was here for the birth along with Nicole's mum and sister. The maternity ward at Nashville's Baptist Hospital was packed tonight. It was here, at 9:00am local time, the famous baby with the long name was born. TV FOOTAGE: It's a girl for Nicole Kidman. for the first time. Nicole Kidman has just given birth that is a mouthful. Sunday Rose Kidman Urban - the announcement on his website. The proud father made

for the birth of their first child. Keith was with Nicole

in Nashville, The couple is well known and buying coffee. often seen going to the gym stars and stuff like that Nashville's usually country music actually comes so when a famous actress it's kind of exciting, yeah. Here in Nashville, you know, a bad rep, us being country - most people give the south you know, we marry our cousins - but I think it's great. has two adopted children - The 41-year-old actress 15-year-old Isabella and 13-year-old Connor. Nicole's mum and sister are in Nashville.

New grandad Antony got the news early morning in Sydney. You must be delighted? Very pleased. Also in Sydney - Nicole's co-star in 'The Hours', Meryl Streep. She's had a baby, Sunday Rose - isn't that lovely? Yeah, so happy for her. It was thought the name was inspired by the couple's Sydney wedding day but Keith's brother says it's a Kidman family tradition. Sunday came from Nicole's dad - of it yet. I don't know the origins about 'married on Sunday' and so on. I know people have been talking I can't confirm any of that. But already, people are poking fun. I think everyone's being a bit mean 'Sunday Roast'. and saying it sounds like 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'. It's a bit silly. It's not the title of a song. Oh, Jesus wept - what's wrong? Yeah, not great. like a true girl. It's sweet and innocent, here in Nashville Nicole and Keith will raise Sunday will be in Australia. but some of her upbringing to have her christened back home It's reported they intend and that could happen within weeks. Ian. promoting 'Mamma Mia', Meryl Streep is in Sydney

successful ABBA stage show. Hollywood's version of the hugely

since she was last here It's been 20 years playing Lindy Chamberlain how to fit in. but she hasn't forgotten to Australia much Meryl Streep doesn't come but you'd hardly know it. G'day. (Laughs) She's here with co-stars Dominic Cooper and Colin Firth. 'Mamma Mia!' is about a bride, her mum - played by Streep - and three possible dads. Whoa! to make an entrance. You always knew how her romantic musical comedies. Streep isn't known for my baby daughter. You're talking about That's about to change. the first strains come up With music, and you're already in the scene. it's a direct line to your heart. It's easier,

was his usual charming self. Colin Firth

that, we were... It was just this wonderful feeling on a Greek island, really ..we were on a holiday to be getting paid. and it was almost obscene Meryl Streep can't sing And if you think pleasantly surprised - well, you're going to be all the actors sing their own ABBA songs and they tell us they're not half bad. # But I started to lose control # there's a fire within my soul #

Streep is Hollywood royalty who's worked with the best actors of our time. REPORTER: And who's the best kisser? They're all pretty appalling, really. (Laughs) 'Mamma Mia!' premieres in Sydney tomorrow night.

# You can dance, you can jive # Still to come - a TV celebrity in court charged with fraud. to World Youth Day. Also, Sydney welcomes the sisters Hello and welcome to Beijing. And smiles in China - its biggest show with Beijing ready to put on but what about the pollution? That's next. and mix it up to be all gooey. Mum even let me smash the egg when the cake is done. But now I like it most open the frosting! Because then we can I love it. Now I like the frosting most. knows you love frosting. VOICEOVER: Betty Crocker So we give you delicious ready-to-spread frosting with all our cakes. they've found the body of a man Police believe near Tweed Heads. who's been missing for five days 35-year-old Sean Staunton was last seen heading off on a fishing trip with his young son, Louis. A short time later, the 5-year-old was rescued after being pulled unconscious from the water. This morning searchers found a man's body floating in the Tweed River. The host of Channel Ten's 'Biggest Loser' program has faced a Sydney court accused of a being a welfare cheat. Ajay Rochester pleaded not guilty to 23 charges of fraud. She's accused of receiving the single parent payment for four years while she wasn't eligible. job at Ten if you're found guilty? REPORTER: Are you worried about your in September. Rochester's case returns to court

while in Sydney, Hopes are growing that, to make Mary MacKillop Pope Benedict will announce a plan Australia's first saint. ahead of World Youth Day Pilgrims are getting excited tasting life Down Under. with thousands already here, the holy harbour cruise. All aboard ALL: Alleluia! church for Sydney's sights. 47 Polish pilgrims swapped but a lot of enthusiasm. With little English Happy, happy, happy!

than theirs. Happy our winter is warmer

People are so friendly, that it's so beautiful, you know - the Opera House. For most of these pilgrims, it's their first visit to Australia and they plan on making the most of it,

with trips to wildlife parks and the Blue Mountains also on their sightseeing schedule. Other pilgrims attended mass in North Sydney today, where a new $1 coin featuring Mary MacKillop was unveiled. It's hoped the Pope will announce plans to canonise her while he's here,

our first saint. making Mary Mackillop to the pontiff's Kenthurst retreat. Finishing touches are being made to fire. Workers will have the BBQ ready that will be put in This is the new paving walking along this very path and hopefully the Pope will be

were marching their own path 56 American nuns

through Hyde Park this afternoon Even a group of Angolan worshippers, a suburb of Sydney, who mistakenly thought Adelaide was will make it in time. Angola - to fly here. They've raised enough money

looking after them. Someone's certainly This time next month will be ready to compete for gold Australia's Olympic athletes and we'll be broadcasting live from Beijing in the final hours before the opening ceremony. Today, new venues were unveiled while the focus remains on air pollution. A month out, the Olympic Flame is being carried happily. Mongolia today. In Beijing, all the venues are ready but when we looked in this morning, what isn't right was so clear. MAN: The shot behind you, you know, a picture tells a thousand words. There's obviously still some things to go you can probably see behind me. such as the pollution The pollution is still dreadful. is determined to have blue sky - But a month from now, China whatever it takes. all the factories, steelworks They're going to close down and other polluting industries within six surrounding provinces Victoria and New South Wales. so that would be like closing down China issued a new bank note today.

of the main stadium. It has a picture ALL: Hello. Welcome to Beijing. and broadcast centres were opened. And the main press I'm very impressed. It's very big, it's huge. will cover the Games. 20,000 journalists It is from here that the story, will be told. these stories of Beijing 2008 And shown. high definition for the first time and they're going to be very spectacular pictures. A month from today. Time for sport with Matthew White. And Russell Crowe takes aim at the NRL. He reckons all clubs are being short-changed. But there's no holding back the Bunnies after four straight wins. And, why Barry Hall could be back at the Swans tomorrow. It's certainly not a case of Sydney Swans versus Barry Hall. (JAUNTY MUSIC) Order for table six. to suit everybody, with big appetites... from plans for families (KNIFE BLADE CLATTERS RAPIDLY) Table seven to go! of wireless options a wide range that give people the freedom to go. make up their minds. Table eight can't my softer side? Know what brings out Avon. Mousse Lipstick - New Ultra Colour Rich

the world's first mousse lipstick. A rich mousse centre surrounded by luscious colour. Drench your lips with twice the softness and nourish them deep down for lips that are irresistible in shades you just have to have. Mousse in the centre, luscious to the core. New: Call your Avon representative for a brochure and say Hello Tomorrow. Parramatta believe they've identified two people responsible for the racist abuse levelled at Penrith forward Petero Civoniceva. And some harsh words delivered on the field by halfback Brett Finch to his team-mates - could be just the trigger the Eels need to save their season. To these fans, they can do no wrong. Good tackle. But the Eels are the ones who need help after slipping out of the eight.

Mate, I think we've got a few people seeing psychiatrists already. Halfback Brett Finch dished out some medicine of his own late in the loss to Penrith. Finchy gave us a bit of a spray behind the sticks saying "who are you" such and "so, you know, waiting before you get a kick in the arse

"before you decide to play footy" and he was pretty much right. Finch won't be apologising for his spray but the Eels are sorry for what happened to Petero Civoniceva. It shouldn't be in the game because it's pretty disgusting. With so many players now coming from Aboriginal and Islander backgrounds the NRL says they and fans must take a stand against racism in rugby league. Hopefully we can pick it up and make something good from it. in the NRL hopefully it'll just follow through the rest of the sporting codes. The players say it needs to be nipped in the bud now

for the benefit of future generations. Yeah, true, mate. Yeah. It'll be pretty much all gone by the time, hopefully, the kids grow up. All gone, finally,

is the pain from Darren Lockyer's knee as he prepares for his latest comeback against the Dogs. I've still got plenty of footy left in me.

It's just a matter of trying to get over this hurdle and, you know, I had to be patient. Souths co-owner Russell Crowe has attacked the NRL's current TV deal claiming all clubs are being shortchanged. Crowe was in the crowd last night as the Bunnies pulled off their fourth straight come-from-behind win to beat the Bulldogs. It's been a good month for the Bunnies. Now Jason Taylor's set out a plan to make the finals. He's lined out what we need to win to get there. And what is that? How many do you need to win? Maybe four or five.

They had to come from behind again last night. Rookie fullback Luke Capewell was having a shocker as the Bulldogs led 24-6. COMMENTATOR: Coughs it up - Winitana gets a quick ball from Andrew Ryan. But the Bunnies are becoming the comeback kings - they scored three tries in nine minutes. This took it to golden point.

Grubbering to the corner a chance for Talanoa! Then Capewell turned hero.

Wing, magic hands, for Simpson! Away to Luke Copewell for the Rabbitohs to win. We started off a bit shaky there but a lot of confidence there. We're just hanging in. The win puts Souths just five points out of the eight. Their owner was obviously pleased with that but not with the league's TV deal. I don't think it's fair in comparison to what AFL can generate or other sports. We'll work on that - everybody, NRL and every individual club gets together and begins to work on that and build to the next negotiation and it simply won't happen again. Barry hall's exile from the Sydney Swans could be shortlived with coach Paul Roos happy to welcome him back to training tomorrow. Hall was suspended indefinitely by the Swans yesterday after the club's psychologist expressed concerns over his mental state. But Roos says he's still an important part of the club. It's certainly not a case of Sydney Swans versus Barry Hall. We'll do everything we possibly can to support Hally. The Swans play Hawthorn on Sunday.

Tonight is a good night to be in the

Tour de France - a stage for, 29 kilometres.

Checking finance now and the share market has taken a dive to its lowest closing level since August 2006. Analysts are blaming new credit crisis fears for the slide. The ASX 200 fell 70 points or more than 1% Macquarie Group was one of those to suffer from the spook in financial markets - losing almost 5%. Sara's next with the weather and a cold snap is heaing our way, Sara?

Ian, tomorrow could be our coldest day of the year. I'll have Sydney's very chilly forecast, next in Seven News. Today and tomorrow

are traditionally the coldest days of the year in Sydney but while tomorrow looks like living up to its name today wasn't too bad. The city climbed to 17 degrees though, it felt a few degrees cooler due to the light winds and low humidity. A few brief showers moved through last night keeping lows at 4 or 5 in the west

and 10 along the coast. This afternoon saw showers redevelop over the Central Coast and mountains but they were only light. Before that, tops hit 17 or 18 degrees. There were heavier falls of up to 25mm inland

along the slopes and plains as well as some storm activity over the Hunter region today. That's ahead of a powerful frontal system along with some showers but should stay mostly dry. That cold front has already swept through Victoria with snowfalls reported down to 600m this morning. That snow will contract to the alps overnight with a clearing shower for Melbourne. Showers for Canberra, Adelaide, and Perth tomorrow, fine in Brisbane and Hobart. On Sydney's waters - Get your winter woollies ready because tomorrow is shaping up to be the coldest day of the year It will feel even colder with the wind chill close to 9 or 10 for much of the day snow showers are possible over the Blue Mountains with some late thunder activity. Looking ahead - fine and sunny from Thursday and through the weekend.

Take your coat and visions. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Enough is enough. Scores of hungry pensioners

take over Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard's office. The Hollywood star Tom Cruise can't silence - his extraordinary attack on the Church of Scientology. Nicole and Sunday Rose, Angelina and her expected twins - how this baby boom is a career bonus for the famous. Bjorn and Benny - 'Mamma Mia' - why they turned their back on $1 billion to re-form Abba. Good evening. I'm Anna Coren. Tomorrow morning most of us will get in our cars drive the children around, run an errand or head into work. And on every road we travel there will be vehicles that are literally ticking time-bombs.

Tens of thousands have been sold to unsuspecting families. There is nothing accidental about it - it's by design. And the architects of this massive scam are the insurance giants. Laura Sparkes with an investigation repairers say will save lives. At the moment we believe this policy in place is causing accidents and, in some instances, causing fatalities. They said straight off, "Oh yeah, the car was written off on 27 February"

and I was devastated. There's no way on God's earth this is repairable. There's more of these deathtraps hitting the roads - It's a frightening prospect. We're inside a damaged car auction - tens of wrecked cars lined up one after the other - each week, thousands are sold across the country. Cars so unsafe they should only be sold as spare parts not driving up back on the road. You go out to the auction houses and you have a look at the vehicles that the insurance companies have deemed as repairables and you know damn well that they're not and I really worry about the future of that vehicle and some unsuspecting family putting their kids in it. Smash repairer Gerry Raleigh has had enough. After being in the repair industry for 30 years, he's blowing the whistle on a hidden agenda of insurance companies. A repairable write-off is basically one the insurance company puts through to re-sell to put back on the road. If it's a stat write-off that goes for parts only - a repairable write-off brings a better dollar because somebody is going to buy it and put it back on the road. Insurance companies have criteria that determine