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(generated from captions) and float me off. and wait for the tide to come in did you run into any of them? No! There are still pirates around - I thought you were a gentleman. Michael, I think I've shivered your timbers! whatever that means. of three, I think I'll heave to - And before Robin demands the best National Maritime Museum, Cornwall. I hope you enjoyed our visit to the for having us. Thank you to all the staff and for being such a good loser. for being such a good host Thanks to Sir Robin Knox-Johnston from Falmouth, goodbye. Until the next time, BBC Broadcast 2003 Subtitles by Alison Rae This program is captioned live.

that Australia must move quickly The heat is on. A dire warning to deal with climate change. We don't have much time. while his father is missing A 5-year-old boy rescued

following a boating accident. set alight on Sydney Harbour. A luxury cruiser deliberately a jealous person out there. Obviously there is with Prince Charles Kylie tells of her emotional meeting as she received her OBE. I'm slightly lost for words. Yeah, it was just overwhelming. Good evening. Australia's economy will stall and strong action on climate change. unless we take urgent That's according to a key report Professor Ross Garnaut. by the Federal Government's adviser, an emissions trading scheme He says we must have with tax cuts and welfare payments and that petrol must be included, for increased energy prices. to compensate expert adviser articulated The Prime Minister's are just starting to realise. what the politicians is a diabolical policy problem. Climate change In a 600-page draft report, what he sees as some of the answers. Professor Ross Garnaut set out an emissions trading scheme The key one,

of the economy, including transport, covering almost all areas a possible 2-year phasing-in period. starting in 2010, though with We don't have much time.

that pollute above a set level Under the scheme, industries would have to buy carbon permits. half the income from permit sales The Garnaut report says should be handed back to households,

and welfare concessions mainly through tax cuts targeted at low-income earners in energy prices. who'd suffer most from increases compensate hard-hit businesses, Another 30% of the revenue would

while the remaining 20% new, low-emission technologies. would go to developing

to avoid effective steps To delay is deliberately to choose change to acceptable levels. to reduce the risks of climate union movement reacted favourably. Conservation groups and the but conservative, report. This is a credible, we've got a balanced approach. Thank God for Garnaut. At last but conservative, report. This is a credible, we've got a balanced approach. Thank God for Garnaut. At last called for motorists to be protected. Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson $1.70 a litre is a price signal Anyone that doesn't think that is living on a different planet. leaving petrol out of the scheme, But Professor Garnaut said would make little sense. or cutting excise to compensate, to do it. I don't see any good reason that his recommendations And he rejected the suggestion for the Government. would spell political suicide political pluses in there. My own view is that there are and we will approach it This is hard economic reform and responsible fashion. in a careful, measured by the Garnaut recommendations. The Government says it's not bound in a discussion paper It will reveal its approach in a couple of weeks. Laurie Oakes, Nine News. keep official rates steady this week, Despite the Reserve Bank deciding to an increase of 0.2%. St George has announced

will jump to 9.67% from next Tuesday. Its standard home loan variable rate is very lucky to be alive tonight A five year old boy

feared drowned, but his father is missing,

accident on the Tweed River after what appears to be a boating on the Far North Coast. There's been no sign of the man, over the past 24 hours. despite a major search which saved a life - It was a chance discovery fishing on the Tweed River an off-duty male nurse stumbling on the boy's body. facing down in the water He'd apparently seen a small body aid and dragged him into the boat. and gone straight to that person's and was not breathing, The child had no pulse

and brought him back to life. but the nurse applied CPR for that off-duty nurse I'm very grateful that young man. who was able to assist

is still missing. But the boy's father, Sean Staunton, in a small dinghy. The pair had been on the river Neither was wearing a lifejacket. actually raised with the father. a fact fisherman Les McKinnon jacket on - "Have you got one?" I said he has got to have a life and he said, "Oh, yeah."

and off they went. But he didn't put the lifejacket on In a bizarre twist, the subject of another emergency, five weeks ago Sean Staunton was by helicopter the 35-year-old rescued

bushwalking on the Gold Coast. after becoming lost while and back tracked a couple of times. On the descent, I lost the path unsuccessful, But with today's search mission may have run out of luck. it appears Mr Staunton at this point of time It is a dire situation in the search for this man. Damian Ryan, Nine News. the formal interview process Police have started driving the boat with the man allegedly two months ago. which crashed on Sydney Harbour 31-year-old Matthew Reynolds Still suffering from his injuries - police station this morning. briefly fronted Tweed Heads a full statement at a later date. He's expected to make

girlfriend, were killed Six people, including Mr Reynolds's collided with a fishing trawler when their overcrowded runabout off Bradleys Head in May.

So far, no charges have been laid. has been destroyed by fire A cruise boat worth $750,000 at Mosman overnight. in a deliberate attack of the men responsible, Security cameras captured video other boats being damaged. while locals rushed to prevent to around 2:00 this morning - This is what locals awoke a boat at the end of the pier ablaze, with flames leaping several metres into the air. The upper deck gutted, the fire brigade arrived as red-hot flames were licking the lower deck. I just woke up to cracking and, yeah, the smell of smoke and it was well and truly alight. Today the owner inspected the charred remains.

Oh, they said to me it was a small fire, but obviously I thought, a small fire when I came down here the whole boats melted down. You know, bit of a shock. A security tape shows the alleged arsonists arriving with a container of accelerant. The boat was alight as they ran from the scene. Ladders were found at a locked gate and forensic officers have collected other evidence. We believe that a substance similar to petrol was used. Obviously, there is a jealous person out there. He has lost income from weekly harbour cruises and the boat wasn't insured for its full value. There are millions of dollars worth of boats are moored here, and the insurance bill would have been a lot bigger, if not for the swift actions of those who live at the marina. There was another customer's boat just behind the boat that was on fire. We thought we'd try and get that out of the road before it catches on fire as well. The owner has salvaged what he could. Karen Tso, Nine News. There was drama in the city this afternoon, when a taxi mounted a footpath, crashing into the side of the Chifley building.

Witnesses say the taxi driver was attempting a U-turn on Elizabeth Street when a bus rammed into his car. Luckily missed everybody - there were people all around. This cyclist escaped injury, but his bike is a wreck. The taxi driver was taken to hospital, suffering minor injuries. The Government is facing problems over those special laws to prevent disruptions during World Youth Day celebrations.

With just over a week to go till the Pope arrives in Sydney, civil liberties groups are launching a legal challenge. Security measures and tough special laws made Sydney a labyrinth of steel barriers during last year's APEC conference and turned just crossing the road into conflict with police. Today, lawyers and civil liberty groups warned that the new laws are even more disturbing and will almost certainly backfire.

All these laws do is give grounds for people who want radical change. Next week's court challenge will target the Government's attempt to outlaw what it calls "annoying or inconvenient conduct "affecting World Youth Day pilgrims and events." There's no proper definitions of what those terms mean and there's no reason to criminalise conduct which is merely annoying, but doesn't actually cause any harm. Causing interest in the run-up to World Youth Day spectacular and extremely colourful statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Bigger than life-size, 33 of the sculptures will be positioned all over Sydney, from Bondi to The Rocks. They depict one of the most famous images of Catholic belief -

Christ revealing his compassionate heart. Peter Harvey, Nine News. Aussie singer Kylie Minogue has collected her OBE, in a ceremony overnight at Buckingham Palace in London. Prince Charles made the presentation, which was in honour of her twenty years at the top. A palace seems just the place for a showgirl princess

and Kylie Minogue looked right at home. Ms Kylie Minogue, for services to music. Prince Charles, standing in for the Queen, congratulated Kylie and expressed his pleasure at her recovery from breast cancer. It's incredible and here it is and it's pretty. She received the award wearing sparkling Yves Saint Laurent

and accompanied by her mum and dad, Carol and Ron, and sister Dannii. Yeah, it was just overwhelming. I'm slightly lost for words.

Even in the Buckingham Palace courtyard she was mobbed by fans, sharing her honour with one little girl and making her day. There's been no shortage of amazing achievements in Kylie Minogue's career but it seems on this day, in this location, even the lady herself is a little amazed at just how far she's come. I actually just said to my sister before, "We're in Buckingham Palace. "Imagine saying that to us as kids!" I would never have believed that. I said, "We're not in Melbourne anymore, Toto." Kylie is currently on tour for the second time since her illness, performing to sell-out crowds in Europe

and she says she's feeling well. Before going back on the road, she intended to privately celebrate her OBE with her family. I think a few cocktails this evening will be in order. James Talia, Nine News, London. Still to come in Nine News - angry parents force a convicted paedophile out of their town. And the world's first pregnant man has a baby girl.

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Convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson has been chased out of a Queensland country town by angry locals. About 80 people have protested outside his home since his release from jail earlier this week. Ferguson must go. Protect our kids. The 60-year-old was due to face trial next week for the alleged assault of a 5-year-old girl.

But a judge released him saying it was unlikely he would receive a fair trial due to his high profile. He's now at a secret location elsewhere in Queensland. The suburb of Rosemeadow, near Campbelltown, doesn't enjoy the greatest of reputations, but that may be about to change. It's set to get a full government make-over, with nine separate agencies moving in

to transform the area's housing department homes. The streets of Malcolm, Macbeth and Macduff are known as 'the three Ms'. Each one has a property that's been burnt down, ransacked or boarded up and it's been like this for some time. In the seven months that the place has been gutted, what have they done?

They've put a fence around it.

Taxi drivers refuse to come here and buses and fire trucks have been pelted with rocks. But the community is trying to change and they've got help. We are forming the Macarthur interagency task force

to bring together a number of government agencies in a focused approach to deal with the problem. The job of upgrading homes, adding a community centre and evicting unwanted tenants will be taken on by nine government agencies.

But for some residents, that's part of the problem. All these departments have been here and they've existed for a long, long time. Why are they stepping up onto the mark now? To try and stop the flow of kids to the courthouse, Campbelltown is hoping to start an Australian first.

The proposal is for Islander youth to be sentenced, not by a magistrate, but by a group of community elders.

It's called a Matai and it's been a resounding success in New Zealand, replacing the authority figure of police with parents. Although these kids go out and commit crime and all that, when it comes to sentencing and all that they still respect their elders. Denham Hitchcock, Nine News. The decision by Alan Jones to go public about his prostate cancer is being welcomed by doctors, who want more men to talk about the disease. GPs across the country are now being sent a new book on the cancer to make sure that patients receive the best advice on testing and treatment. Michael Rogan is only 43, but is tested for prostate cancer twice a year. That's because his father Jim had surgery for the disease eight years ago. Michael says men his age aren't keen on the topic. No way, no. That's one thing you don't talk about. But maybe now, with someone like Alan Jones coming out, people might start talking about it a bit more. They sorta got the attitude that it won't happen to me. Like breast cancer, the disease claims about 3,000 lives each year, but it's curable if caught early. Doctors are being targeted in a new campaign with the launch of this book to ensure patients receive the best information. The main message of the book is to use the PSA test appropriately. The PSA blood test can discover problems with the prostate, although it's not cancer-specific. If a man's PSA is elevated. they have a 1 in 3 chance of having prostate cancer. So it's more accurate than a mammogram. Unlike mammograms for women, there is no population screening for prostate cancer. So GPs play a vital role in prevention. They should certainly be tested from the age of 50, perhaps to 70, after the appropriate information is given to them. If you don't get checked, you don't know and you could just... One day that's it - you're too far gone. Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. America's transgender mother Thomas Beattie has given birth to a healthy baby girl in a natural delivery at a hospital in Oregon. Beatie kept female reproduction organs, despite deciding to live as a man. It is not a male or a female desire to want to have a child, it is a human desire, OK? I am a person and I have the right to have my own biological child. Beatie used donor sperm to become pregnant and will now raise the child with wife Nancy. She's unable to have children and Beattie says he doesn't rule out getting pregnant again. 8 years after the Concorde Jet disaster which killed 113 people,

a French Judge has ordered Continental Airlines and 5 people to face trial for manslaughter. Continental has been charged over a titanium strip which fell from one of its planes

and burst the Concorde's tyres.

Debris from the tyres ruptured the fuel tanks. Such fittings are meant to be aluminium to reduce such a threat. Manslaughter charges have also been laid over the Concorde's own safety measures.

California is enduring a marathon bushfire threat six weeks after lightning strikes set off 1,400 fires. Extreme hot weather helped expand the danger zone today and there's concern that July 4 fireworks could start more blazes across the state. Coming up shortly, we'll tell you why this is Sydney's luckiest lobster. But first, Ken is next with sport - and with Origin over it's the run to the finals in the NRL.

Mark, two teams with their eyes on September. It's Manly against the Titans tonight.

Also, here at Wimbledon, the Williams sisters go all the way to the final. In Canberra we can still water our gardens

because of projects ACTEW Corporation has been undertaking for quite a few years now. But if we're gonna cope with longer, drier, more frequent droughts in the future, we need to think bigger.

This is the Cotter Dam. It's the smallest of our water storages. But soon it will be nearly 20 times bigger, adding 35% to Canberra's water storage capacity. It's one of several important ACTEW projects that, along with all of us reducing our water use, will help provide a green future for our city by securing water for life. Tennis action shortly, but league first and the fall-out from Wednesday night's Origin continues. Blues captain Danny Buderus will miss the next three weeks with a stress-related knee injury

and Nate Myles has accepted a 6-match ban for his spear tackle on Ben Cross. In the NRL tonight, the Titans host the Sea Eagles. Joining us now from Skilled Park on the Gold Coast is Nine commentator Matthew Johns.

I am joined by tightened coach at

Johnny cut right. We are going just

talk about what Prince in a second

but Manly? The a are one of this

form sides of the competition at

the moment. It it will be a battle

for us tonight. What about Scott

Prince? But to lose print on

Wednesday night, it must be a

brutal blow. For we have been

fortunate the Brit Davies had a

couple of games in there and has

improved. On the back of last week

we are looking for him to improve

again. We did some good things

against the Dragons. What her about

Preston Campbell? He is a great

favourite here. He will get

involved. Terrific stadium here, thank you feel time. Another change for the Wallabies

ahead of tomorrow's second test againt France.

Forward Nathan Sharpe is out with a groin injury. Waratah Dean Mumm earns his run-on debut against a French side which was beaten 34-13 in Sydney last week. They'll want to finish off well, finish off their international season and go home with a bit of pride under their belt. So obviously throw everything they can at us. Harry Kewell's management says he is yet to agree to play with Turkish champion Galatasaray despite the club's website announcing a he's signed a three year deal. Galatasaray is one of two clubs still being considered by Kewell,

his future should be finalised by tomorrow night. Today he was left out of the Australian squad for the Beijing Olympics. Harry made the decision that he didn't want to let anyone down and let down the football community by saying he'd come and then pull out after a couple of weeks and us a player short. The women's final here at Wimbledon will be an all-Williams affair but Venus angrily denies claims

she and sister Serena rig their clashes, so they can share grand slam titles. So far in Grand Slam deciders, Serena leads her elder sister 5-1 Venus helping set up their latest showdown with a straight sets semifinal victory over Elena Dementieva. Dementieva felt very proud to make the semifinal. Unfortunately, she wasn't in it at the start.

The Russian was on the end of a first-set hammering, as Venus Williams unleashed. COMMENTATOR: Game and first set, Ms Williams. Another change for the Wallabies Being belted was no fun and Dementieva got frustrated. Nyet, nyet, nyet! Then she got even, taking Williams to a second-set tiebreaker. Williams powered through and making her seventh final, was just as excited as the first. Her father was proud, but the family day wasn't complete. Sister Serena was up next and it was another blistering first set. "Come on!" she yells as she rifles this one. Zheng Jie was the first Chinese player to make a grand slam semifinal and she put in a good showing. Zheng was one point away from winning the second set, but couldn't prevent an all-Williams decider. The Williams seldom produce their best tennis against one another and it has been suggested it's a family matter as far as the result is concerned, it really rankled Venus. I contribute my best in my sport and I also have a tonne of respect for myself and my family, so any mention of that is extremely disrespectful for who I am, what I stand for and my family.

To finance now and our market finally pushed back into the black after five straight days of losses

during which it touched it's lowest point in two years. Now to a real reversal of fortune. Meet the lobster named 'Lucky' by Sydney Aquarium staff. He was rescued by the RSPCA after they found him in display tanks at an abandoned restaurant in Ashfield. He is lucky, because we don't come across these sort of situations on a regular basis and where are we going to put a lobster? He was meant to end up on a dinner plate but will now live out his years at the aquarium where he'll be spoiled, not broiled. After the break, Mike Bailey joins us with all the weekend weather details. maing up on WIN fins... suroval for the Gouation of a driver Yaining centre for kids en darulan,

nd well High School . Ssmitar cin at the on khEisteddfod Batehe Opals team for a Hjing almed in ed berra. eenails next.

Now here's Mike with the weather and I'm hoping those coastal showers are going to clear for the weekend? They're on the way out, Mark. But skies will be partly cloudy and more rain's coming next week. Showers today were heaviest about the coast. Sydney scored 14mm and that was the top fall in the State. Cloud and southerly winds combined to keep temperatures low. The city went from 8 to 13.7 degrees the lowest maximum since last August and 2-below average. On-shore winds ahead of a high pressure system brought the rain,

which will contract north tomorrow. The high will slow the movement of a trough and change expected to bring rain to south-eastern Australia as it gains moisture from the tropics next week. That system produced cloud and rain over parts of WA today. It'll gradually move through SA over the weekend. Tomorrow, as the rain spreads into SA parts of the eastern seaboard will continue to have showers.

They'll be more persistent about the Queensland coast. Showers are forecast tomorrow for Brisbane and Cairns while Perth will also be showery, with thunderstorms, but the rain should ease later.

Partly cloudy tomorrow in Sydney with just the chance of a shower and it's most likely near the coast and early in the day.

Winds will be light to moderate. On coastal waters - north-easterlies up to 13 knots, freshening on Sunday. Seas to 1 metre on a southerly swell up to 2.5 metres. Temperatures will be on the rise tomorrow. The coast should go from 8 to 17 degrees. Looking ahead - some more cloud, but fine again on Sunday. Cloud increasing Monday, with showers likely to return on Tuesday, Mark. That's the news for this Friday I'm Mark Ferguson. Hope you have a great weekend. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia llipensation mooted sease the impact of an -ssions

trading g eme on families. alwls for a national ng ual health strategy tocombat the spread of o sease. pla, approval for a ls.ool where KIDS ng ch KIDS how to how,v o'd evening, cerve been warned to . ural wonders?