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(generated from captions) Thank you. (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) I don't know. for asking me to lunch. This was fun. Thank you so much Yeah, you're welcome. It was fun. I appreciate it. (LAUGHS) What? we can do it again sometime. Oh, I don't know. I kind of hope As a matter of fact, I know we will. And I won't take no for an answer. Whoever Storm is with is in danger. (ECHOES) Is in danger. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. the climate change challenge. Tonight - even at a high price. Calls for urgent action, to the Tax Office. Paul Hogan issues a challenge Come and get me. you miserable bastards! Come and get me And nowhere to hide - run out of town again. paedophile Dennis Ferguson Good evening. Also tonight - for World Youth Day. the race to get Randwick ready at Buckingham Palace - And turning heads Kylie honoured with an OBE. a top-level warning But heading Ten News this evening - and environmental catastrophe that we risk economic if we fail to act on global warming.

climate change advisor The Government's his long-awaited report. has delivered

will cost us dearly Tackling the problem expected to suffer the most. with low-income earners climate review may be a draft report, Professor Ross Garnaut's of the climate crisis is definitive. but its assessment is a diabolical policy problem.

Climate change of high importance It is harder than any other issue in living memory. that has come before our polity The release of his 600-page review on the cost of the climate change is the most comprehensive report so far,

and he admits time's running out. to start half a dozen years ago, It would have been better no doubt about that. Without urgent action, he warns, Australia will lose natural assets Kakadu and the Murray. like the Great Barrier Reef, Under business as usual, Murray-Darling will be gone. the economic base of the will slash wages by almost 8%. And by next century, the big warm a national emissions trading scheme That's why he wants up and running by 2010. the Government will limit emissions, Under the scheme, putting a price on carbon, forcing industry to purchase permits. petrol and transport included. And he wants will suffer the most, He admits low-income families but the good news for consumers - $20 billion in revenue he wants half of that estimated hit by higher energy prices. to compensate householders will also get a break, Some businesses like steel with trade-exposed industries initially excluded from the ETS. an attempt to compensate them all. It will be a nightmare if there is Garnaut's going too far, The Opposition says already hurting. with high petrol prices Mr Rudd seems to be in a hurry trading scheme very quickly, to push through an emissions risks botching it. and in the process

Some are disappointed real figures the report doesn't include and electricity prices will rise, on just how much petrol but Professor Garnaut has promised to reveal those details soon.

This is hard economic reform, in a careful, measured fashion. and we will approach it its ETS green paper later this month. The Government will hand down Emily Rice, Ten News. the Australian Government Paul Hogan has accused of a celebrity witch-hunt

America's Internal Revenue Service after it enlisted for alleged tax evasion, to hunt him down he's paid so much tax but the semi-retired actor says

in his honour. the Government should build a statue Brash as ever, he's a fraud. Paul Hogan's firing back at claims Come and get me. you miserable bastards! Come and get me today, At his sprawling Santa Barbara home as the drawling Crocodile Dundee the 68-year-old best-known at the Australian Tax Office took a stab

after reports it enlisted the IRS and prove he's a tax cheat. to dig up his American bank records Hogan says he's got nothing to hide. In fact, claims he's paid more tax than he needed to in seven countries. which they do, As well as send me a Christmas card, a statue of me at the Tax Office. they should send build and business partner John Cornell Hogan a $300 million fraud investigation, are celebrity targets in looking into his offshore trusts. But the semi-retired star says has been the Australian Government. the only tax winner both me and Cornell, I'll give them every cent I made, they made out of my movies. if they give me back every cent

I'll swap with them. a celebrity witch-hunt. He says this is all just sleep easier I know that people now in Australia off the street. knowing Glenn Wheatley's the Aussie larrikin, Still very much really wants him Paul Hogan says if the Tax Department they can see him later this year. around September He's hoping to return home to shoot a new movie in Australia. It'll be a comedy. I land on the shore of course. I'll be arrested the minute so be warned. But I've got a gun - Emma Dallimore, Ten News. In the United States, it has already decided The ALP has denied at the next election. to dump embattled MP Belinda Neil yesterday Ms Neil was interviewed by police

at Iguana Joe's nightclub. over her run-in with staff that the Labor Party would block her It was reported today her Central Coast seat, from re-contesting no decision has been made. but officials say Belinda Neil claimed would be demon And the baby that has arrived. Appearing more like an angel, to Sophie Mirabella yesterday. Alexandra Mary was born

After the clash to apologise to Parliament. Ms Neal was forced have been caught on camera Two arsonists

preparing to torch a cruise boat. Detectives are hunting the men who were spotted carrying a petrol tin moments before the cruiser went up in flames. Security cameras outside the Spit Bridge marina

caught a shot of the two men carrying the petrol tin just before 2:00am today. Minutes later, a loud explosion woke residents as the cruiser went up in flames. Flames, massive flames. There were big westerly winds so they were all being blown out. All the sparks and smoke were blowing out across the bay. As the cruiser burned

the cameras again caught one of the men fleeing the scene. The blaze consumed the cruiser for about half an hour. There was nothing fire crews could do to salvage it. with strong-westerly winds And thankfully the other boats here were saved. The men had used ladders from a nearby construction site to climb over a glass security gate. It was carefully planned. The same men were spotted doing a trial run two weeks ago. had a look and left with nothing, Two guys climbed over the fence, which we thought was a bit strange. The owner of the cruiser says he has no idea who did it, but the boat was fully booked till Christmas. It was insured for commercial activity, catering for corporate and social events. But they're still checking if it's covered for fire. I don't care if I have to sink it, I'll sink it. What can I do? Life goes on. Evan Batten, Ten News.

Notorious paedophile Dennis Ferguson has again been run out of town. He's now looking for a new home but authorities are struggling to work out what to do with him. Where will Dennis Ferguson go now? After being run out of his Miles hideout last night, he's searching for a new place to call home. And the Premier admits it'll be tough. Queensland police will be working with Mr Ferguson to find appropriate accommodation. This is a really difficult issue. the serial sex offender was in town The people of Miles didn't know the seriel sex offender was in town until the media broke the story. The Prime Minister says communities deserve better. My general view is the community has a right to know. Civil libertarian Terry O'Gorman has criticised the media for releasing where Dennis Ferguson was living, but talk to the locals in Miles and they say

it was a matter of time before they found him - he's been here before, in 2005. I don't know who is criticising the media, but I think they'd like to know if they had a paedophile living next door to them. Terry O'Gorman has gone as far as saying a new law should be introduced. To make it an offence for the media to reveal the address of someone who's been released from jail - particularly someone who's served a sexual crime. Dennis Ferguson is suing the last man who helped run him out of town. Noel Watterson was slapped with a 3-year good-behaviour bond for forcing Ferguson out of Ipswich. Now the paedophile wants compensation. I've got no money to come across so he's barking up the wrong tree here.

He, like the people of Miles, are happy to see the back of him, but worry for the next community he tries to call home. Jesse Grayson, Ten News. The children murdered in the Cowra massacre were reportedly not killed with an axe. The results of the post-mortem are believed to reveal the 5-year-old daughter of a NSW policewoman was drowned. It's thought her 7-year-old brother died after being struck on the back of the head with a blunt instrument. Their 52-year-old grandmother was allegedly killed from multiple axe wounds to her head and body. has been charged over the murders. The children's grandfather Heavily-armed police have stormed a car park in Sydney's south-west as part of a major drug investigation.

This 34-year-old man was one of four people arrested at gunpoint

by officers from the State Protection Group at Minto. Shoppers say they were told to stay inside for their own safety. Demanded him out of the car with assault rifles and they were all dressed in black with balaclavas. They was quite a few of them - 15 or 20. Police searched a car one of the men was driving. They're being interviewed about the supply of drugs in the Macarthur area. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News: Ahead in sport with Brad McEwan, and no Harry Kewell at the Olympics. No a new club deal has ruled him out of the Beijing Games. Kewell's off to Turkish giants Galatasray. We'll hear why the Olyroos coach says Harry's withdrawal from the Olympics was done in an honourable way. And as the riders are getting ready to fly in the Tour de France it's the best-ever chance for an Aussie to win, in Cadel Evans.

Also Ron and Deb, we'll have the NRL coach who's over Origin. Plus, an angry Venus Williams hits out at claims the family decides who wins between her and Serena. Next - a survivor of Sydney Harbour's latest boat tragedy presents himself to police. Plus - the NSW Ambulance Service admits to workplace bullying. And the push to ban heavily discounted wine. CARNIVAL MUSIC Now if you bundle three or more services from ActewAGL and TransACT, you'll get some great rewards. There are eight services to choose from and the bigger your bundle, the higher the savings - up to a fantastic 25% off

your total ActewAGL electricity or TransACT account, plus a Privileges Card when you bundle five or more services. Call us today on 13 12 93 and save a bundle.

how we can make their banking more convenient. Karen Lee from Tamworth suggested an in-branch beautician. (ORIENTAL MUSIC) Oh... Hmm. Can I help you, sir? Interesting idea, Karen. Unfortunately, more people in your branch preferred longer opening hours. How can we make your banking more convenient? Fill out a suggestion form at any participating branch or go online. After all, it's your ANZ. This program is captioned live. A massive reward is being offered to help solve a multimillion-dollar tobacco heist. More than two tonnes of tobacco and cigarettes were stolen from this warehouse at Girraween last month. The thieves cut the alarm system and broke through half a dozen metal safe doors to access their loot.

The company's owner Charlie Vella says

he's willing to offer a $10,000 reward in a bid to track the robbers down. Anyone with information should contact Merrylands police or Crime Stoppers. A boatie has disappeared after his vessel took on water in the State's north. His 5-year-old son was dragged to safety, but there's been no sign of the boy's dad. The search for Sean Staunton resumed at first light this morning and it wasn't long before his small dinghy was found. Dragged 20 metres in thick scrubland on a small island in the Tweed River,

its engine was missing. We currently have investigators looking at the boat and the boat will be retrieved for forensic examination. The search for the 35-year-old began yesterday afternoon, after his 5-year-old son Lewis was pulled unconscious from the water by an off-duty nurse. Local fishermen say they saw the pair around midday as they left the boat ramp. I said, "Have you got a life jacket, mate?" and he said, "Ah, yeah" and I said, "Well, you better put it on that little kid "because there's a big fine "for kiddies under 12 not having a life jacket on" and he said, "I've got one," but he didn't move towards it. The little boy was taken to Tweed Hospital and later airlifted to Brisbane. Police say Lewis has regained consciousness and is now talking. They're hoping he'll be able to tell them what happened to him and his dad. This tragedy comes just weeks after Sean Staunton was rescued from a mountain in the Tweed Border Ranges on a steep ledge. after becoming stuck His neighbours say the family loved the outdoors. They love their fishing, so he often takes out his boat and all that sort of thing to go fishing. The search for Sean is continuing, but hopes of finding him alive are fading. In Chinderah, Nicky Haydon, Ten News. Sydney Harbour boat crash survivor Matthew Reynolds is being interviewed by police

for the first time since the tragedy that claimed six lives. The 31-year-old, who suffered fractured vertebra in the crash, presented to Tweed Heads police station this afternoon. Reynolds's lawyer, Greg Walsh, says he denies being at the helm of the overloaded runabout when it collided with a fishing trawler off Bradley's Head on May 1. Police have not yet laid any charges. A city courier has had a narrow escape after an out-of-control taxi slammed into his parked bicycle. Gordon 'Flash' Hume was moments away from unlocking the bike, when the runaway taxi crashed into it underneath the Chifley Tower.

The cab had earlier collided with a bendi-bus and mounted the footpath. No-one was injured. The Ambulance Service has admitted it has a culture of bullying and intimidation. Ambulance officers have told the first day of a parliamentary inquiry that the problem is getting worse and the State's most senior health official admits she's aware of the issue. There are pockets of bullying and harassment in that organisation and I believe that we have to work dilligently to stamp that out. She denies claims, however, that senior management hasn't done enough to change the culture of bullying. One of south-western Sydney's most troubled suburbs is being cleaned up. A special task force set up in Rosemeadow, following a series of attacks on buses and the local fire station, has promised to revamp the area to drive down crime. They've agreed to close alleyways around blocks of public housing, improve street lighting and build a community centre. This is not going to happen overnight. But we've got to start somewhere. Part of it is engaging the tenants themselves. Residents have welcomed the decision, but say more facilities for local children are needed. A skate park or a BMX bike track,

a couple of dirt hills from the council up there - you can't get nothing. Several drug dealers have also been evicted from homes in the area.

An explosion and fire has destroyed a smash repair workshop in Paddington.

Dozens of people called 000 after hearing the blast shortly before 10:00 this morning. 30 firefighters were on the scene within a few minutes but found the building engulfed by flames. It took an hour to extinguish. Two people were taken to hospital after inhaling smoke. It's thought a build-up of fumes in a spray painting booth may have ignited, but fire officers and WorkCover inspectors

are still investigating. Health experts have blasted a major liquor retailer for selling bottles of wine for just $2.00. They say it's encouraging young people to binge drink. It's so cheap, it's selling by the case-load -

bottles of Aussie wine going out the door for just $2. This is a policy that is disastrous and we need to do something to stop these companies from doing this. Health experts argue

the bargain-basement drop encourages binge drinking, particularly among the young.

But liquor chain Dan Murphy has defended its promotion of shiraz and chardonnay cleanskins, which it says doesn't target teenagers. It's not marketed towards anybody in particular and that's certainly not the market we're seeing here for it, anyway.

It's not the first time they've offered the discount wine, but experts fear young people will make the switch from the now pricey alcopops. Alcoholism is a more serious problem for young people and causes more harm than all the illicit drugs put together. If anybody looks under 25, they get asked for ID, basically.

At $2, this Australian shiraz is cheaper than a bottle of water. It equates to just 25 cents a glass. They'll keep selling it until stock runs out. Anthony Donaghy, Ten News.

To a check of the weather. It is

the weekend, it is the school holidays

holidays - surely we will not get a

repeat of today? You know the rules

- the kid come out of school and

the weather goes dodgy. A great day

to day but at least it was Friday.

We had cloud and showers and that

activity brought a 3.6 mm of rain

to Randwick. It was the coldest day

of the year. 14 degrees - 2 to Randwick. It was the coldest day of the year. 14 degrees - 2 degrees

below average. Winter came and

people started to feel it. The bad people started to feel it. The bad

news is that it looks

people started to feel it. The bad news is that it looks like an

overcast and showery Saturday and

Sunday and Monday and Tuesday and

Wednesday - indoor sports for the

kids. No real good use apart from

the fact that tomorrow is Saturday. Up next - she's turning heads in white satin. An OBE for Kylie at Buckingham Palace. And - it's a girl for the man who defied the odds. The LDA/HIA Display Village in Gungahlin has so many brilliant ideas you'll be dazzled. Visit this weekend - Nullarbor Ave off Flemington Rd.

This program is captioned live. Let

the check on the traffic. Vic

Lorusso - we can only blame this

noble what is going on down there.

The traffic trying to head south

take a look at this - this is the

backlog of motorists out here in

the south-west just before

Campbelltown. A sea of brake lights.

Most of these motorists are trying

to head to the ski fields to lap up

the school holiday activity. This

is the M5 out of Sydney. Definitely

not happening this evening. When we

come back later we will get closer

into the city in see how far that the the delays go. Pop Princess Kylie Minogue has been turning royal heads. The starlet arrived at Buckingham Palace in a distinctive white satin gown

to be honoured with an OBE Miss Kylie Minogue for services to music. It was an audience between a Prince and a Pop Princess, The day Kylie Minogue became an Officer of the Order of the British Empire. But it didn't mean she was going to rearrange her wardrobe. Trademark stilettos and a star-sequined Yves Saint Laurent dress were never going to be upstaged, even at Buckingham Palace. I said, " Were not in Melbourne anymore, Toto." She did bring her parents, Ron and Carol, to share her big moment with Prince Charles. I bet he's a real dork.

Charlene! As we did, the Brits fell in love with Kylie in Ramsay Street and have followed her ever since. # Do the locomotion with me... # While selling more than 60 million albums is no easy feat, her battle with breast cancer also won people over. And while Britain has tried to claim the 40-year-old as their own, they've discovered you can't take Australia out of the princess. I think I'm an honorary Brit these days. My heart's in Australia always but I do regard here as home. So to be receiving this here is incredible. And here it is, and it's pretty! # I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky # Josh Murphy, Ten News. An American claiming to be the world's first pregnant man has given birth to a healthy baby girl and reportedly wants a million dollars for the pictures. 34-year-old Thomas Beatie was born female and had a sex-change operation. The former beauty queen is legally a male, although he kept his female reproductive organs. He's married to a mother-of-two, who can't have any more children after a hysterectomy. Their child was conceived through artificial insemination with anonymous sperm donor. Mr Beatie has told an American magazine the only thing different about him is he can't breast-feed. He also denied reports the baby was delivered by Caesarian. An American welder has discovered one of the dangers of smoking. A security camera captured the man's van exploding when he lit a cigarette.

Florida police believe the flame ignited gas fumes leaking from the tanks in the back. Firefighters found the driver on the side of the road. The driver of this van, the only occupant,

was seating on the sidewalk waiting for us. We noticed he had some burns to the front of his body. He was stable, he was talkative. Firefighters say a seat divider saved the man from the brunt of the blast. Australian opera legend Dame Joan Sutherland

has broken both her legs. The 81-year-old soprano fell in the garden at her home in Switzerland. She will be in hospital for eight weeks.

Dame Joan had been planning to visit Australia with her conductor husband, but the trip has been cancelled. Next, we'll check out whether that expensive climate change plan can really get through Parliament, Also, 11 days to go - fears Randwick won't be ready for World Youth Day. And confirmation the production of bio-fuels has sent food prices soaring. (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS) DELTA GOODREM: (SINGS) # I was nurtured, I was sheltered # I was curious and young # I was searching for that something # Trying to find it on the run # Oh, and just when # I stopped looking # I saw just how far I'd come # In this life # You give me love # You give me light # Show me everything that's been happening # I've opened up my eyes # I'm following # Three steps fight an honest fight # Two hearts that can start a fire # One love is all I need... # The new Qantas Frequent Flyer - now bigger and better than ever. Ingham Chicken Nuggets, made with 100% succulent breast and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. However, if you're one of the 0.001% of Australians who don't like chicken, then there is something wrong with you. Ingham can you help you keep this abnormality a secret. Simply call the Ingham help line and we'll send you these flat-packed boxes. Just fold together, stick them in your freezer, bingo - your friends think you love chicken and are normal. Because if you don't like chicken, there's something VERY wrong with you. This program is captioned live. nowhere to hide. Tonight's major stories - Notorious paedophile Dennis Ferguson has been run out of town again. Vigorous protests have forced him to leave the community of Miles in western Queensland. Authorities are now struggling to work out what to do with him. Actor Paul Hogan is furious with the Tax Office tonight. It's contacted America's Internal Revenue Service, hoping to prove he's a tax cheat. Hoges claims he's already paid more tax than he needed to. And a warning that we risk economic and environmental catastrophe if we fail to act on global warming. The Government's climate change advisor has delivered his long-awaited report. Economist Ross Garnaut admits tackling the problem will cost us dearly, with low-income earners expected to suffer the most. With more, Ten's political editor Paul Bongiorno joins us from Canberra. Paul, has Professor Garnaut written the Rudd Government's political suicide note?

There is no doubt that the most

sensitive nerve for the voter is

supposed to be the hip pocket but

having a good news for the Prime

Minister is that the strength of

opinion polls showed that

Australians know something has to

be done about climate change. After

all, the Prime Minister promised

before the election that he would

do something about it. I think the

problem for him will be that the

opposition is saying he has not got

co-defendants - confidence in what

road comes up with and will not

support it. That will leave it to

the Greens in the Senate and they

were saying that Professor Garnaut

and Kevin Rudd will not go far

enough to there is a lot to play

out here. When will we find out how

much it will cost us to fight

climate change? I think that was

the disappointment today but the

professor says he's waiting for professor says he's waiting for

modelling from Treasury and we are modelling from Treasury and we are

expecting to see that next month.

Professor Garnaut says it will be

nothing like the cost of the 30%

rise in petrol prices this year. The push for bio-fuels is causing a food crisis far greater than first thought. A leaked World Bank report today revealed the growth in bio-fuels has driven up food prices by 75%. It says even the impact of the Australian drought

has been marginal compared to the impact of plant-derived fuels. The World Bank report says the rising prices have pushed 100 million people below the poverty line and caused riots around the world. Leaders of the G8 industrialised nations meet in Japan next week to discuss the crisis. With the latest in finance news,

here's Cindy Pismiris. The stock market suffered another week of losses, falling to near 2-year lows. But we did see a recovery today as investors picked up bargains, particularly in banking and mining stocks.

On a positive note, retails sales rose. This was a change to the sluggish start to the year with shoppers keeping away from the sales, scared off by recent rate hikes, high debt levels and rising petrol prices. The latest round of tax cuts kick-in this week and the extra few dollars will be welcome in the wallets. If spending habits slow down, the RBA may be inclined to hold off on another rate hike. On to today's markets: Next week all eyes will be on employment numbers on Thursday. See you then. Will the show go on? Today's rain has done World Youth Day organisers no favours as doubts grow over whether the main venues will be ready in time. The papal altar is taking shape. Heavy rain tumbled down today

workers can't afford to stop. but with just 11 days to go though Normally it would be tools down but those in charge admit there's no time to waste. No, definitely, that is given to us. Even some insiders doubt that all will be ready in time for the Pope's arrival. 220,000sqm of plastic grass protection is still to be laid out, by hand. Trainers say a return to racing on September 6 is also unlikely because of the damage caused during construction and during the event itself. Rails have come down and trench work has caused large holes around the dirt and steeple grass tracks. Everything's fine. Everything's fine. We worked totally within the protocols as set out by the AJC. Those overseeing the work have hit back at the criticism, insisting racing's headquarters will be handed back in tip-top shape. Probably in a better state, I'd like to say. Adding fears of a flop is the Adding fears of a flop is t desperate search for more volunteers. So the race against time continues here at Randwick who will prepare this course for the expected hundreds of thousands of pilgrims. Meantime, nearby a similar push is on for those same worshippers. for those who'll provide merchandise Several stores will open for business tomorrow, including one in Hyde Park. Repair work at the park will close it for three months. Inside, no pope on a rope for sale, just pope on a plate.

Frank Coletta, Ten News,

Protest groups say they'll be handing out condoms to the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims

converging on Sydney for World Youth Day. A flamboyant march through the city streets is being planned. Activists want to educate young Catholics about sexual health. This condom is not intrinsically evil as Pope Benedict says. He says contraception is intrinsically evil, it is not. Condoms stop AIDS. Police are yet to rule on whether handing out condoms will contravene the new annoyance laws.

I know I am annoyed about the fact

that I had this weekend off and

last weekend I was working - Tim,

the weather is not working out for

me! A dodgy weather man dishing up

did you wear that - that's all we

need! Maybe a blue sunny break

tomorrow and tops of 17 degrees but

that is tropical after today's 14

degrees. Sunday will be overcast

and 18 degrees.

If you're going down to the snow

for the school holidays - have you

got any room in the boot? Great

snow conditions on Saturday and

Sunday and then Tuesday, Wednesday,

Thursday, Friday, centimeters of Thursday, Friday, centimeters of

fresh know each day. Sport now with Brad, and there's one NRL coach who's glad Origin's over. His view on Origin's injury toll shortly.

Plus, the Blues great who want changes to avoid another losing series. Also, the European club deal off the Olyroos team that's struck Harry Kewell for the Beijing Games. And as they roll out for the Tour de France, Aussie Cadel Evans is ready for his best shot at glory. Moisturise your skin with Vaseline Intensive Rescue balm. In five days it helps your skin repair very dry, stubborn spots. New Vaseline Intensive Rescue balm. Designed for very dry skin. This program is captioned live. Newcastle coach Brian Smith won't be surprised if the injured Mark Gasnier plays for the Dragons against the Knights tomorrow. Smith is over State of Origin football and the toll it takes on players. And Blues great Brett Kenny has had enough of NSW losing, saying the blame lies with the selectors. There was a distinct Kiwi feel of the Universities World Cup. to today's launch

And the war cry seemed to rub off on Brett Kenny. The former Blues five-eighth calling for heads to roll after a third straight Origin series defeat. Someone's got to pay for it, now whether that's the selectors or the coaches, at some stage you've got to start looking at the people who select the side. Origin has had a massive impact at club level, too. Roosters forward Nate Myles accepted a 6-week ban for a dangerous tackle. The Titans will be missing

Scott Prince for rest the season and Ashley Harrison for at least tonight's encounter with Manly, but the coach accepts Origin's toll. We need our best players playing that game.

There's no problems there. Newcastle's Brian Smith doesn't share that sentiment, losing Ben Cross again, this time for six weeks. Skipper Danny Buderus is in doubt. I'm just one of a lot of people, I think, that are well and truly over Origin this year. Two Origin heavyweights of the past, Wendell Sailor and Adam 'Mad Dog' McDougall, are primed to re-ignite their personal rivalry

in Newcastle tomorrow night. Joey Johns was telling me a few funny stories about Mad Dog,

saying, "Mad Dog's been talking about you, "talking to his legs, saying he's coming to get you." Looking forward to it, should be fun. It's been a while since we've locked horns. Might turn back the clock seven or eight years. But they'll have to go looking for each other. They'll have to send each other telegrams, I think, on opposite sides of the field. because they'll be Hate to disappoint everybody. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. The Wallabies will field their most inexperienced second row in 20 years against France in Brisbane tomorrow. James Horwill and Dean Mumm have played a combined six Tests but they'll be the backbone of the Wallabies' line-out. With vice-captain Nathan Sharpe out injured, Mumm will call the shots. he gets that responsibility The only time is in Sydney club rugby. Sharpie is very good at that and a challenge and I'm very much looking forward to it. It's a great responsibility to look after the line-out. Young flier Lachie Turner makes his debut

in place of injured winger Lote Tuqiri. The Swans have categorically denied a report a multimillion-dollar offer

they've made to Carlton forward Brendan Fevola. As Collingwood made its way to Sydney for tomorrow night's match, Fevola has been linked to the Harbour City on a 4-year deal.

We haven't made any offer whatsoever.

It's ridiculous, $3 million over four years.

Sydney's last high-profile recruit says its very different from his move north. He's got two ex-wives in Melbourne, he had to escape. Everitt returns from injury against the Pies. And you can see all the action from the Swans/Collingwood match here on Ten from 7:30 tomorrow night. Good news for Harry Kewell - he's signed a 3-year deal with Turkish champions Galatasaray. But that's bad news for the Olyroos with Kewell forced to withdraw with Kewell forced to withdr from the Beijing team. Despite his absence, Football Australia remains confident our 18-strong squad is capable of Olympic success. Despite much anticipation there'll be no scenes like these at the Beijing Olympics, Harry Kewell withdrawing overnight after securing a new club in Turkish heavyweights Galatasaray. Harry made the decision that he didn't want to let anyone down, didn't wan to let down the football community by saying that he would come

and then have to pull out after a couple of weeks and leave us a player short. With Harry out, selectors have gone for Athens Olympian Jade North, midfielder David Carney and striker Archie Thompson as the team's three over-age players, but 40 players from the qualifying campaign had to be culled for the remaining 15 spots, meaning the likes of Bruce Djite and Nathan Burns missed out. Danny Vukovic is also a notable absentee during the A-League grand final, after striking the ref

and with Mark Scwharzer also unavailable due to club commitments Reading's Adam Federici has been given the important task in front of the net. It's tipped that North's experience

will see him pull on the captain's armband. I'll sit down and tell them what it was like the last Olympics, but not just the football side of things, but being an athlete at the village and mixing with all the best athletes in the world - it's the pinnacle of sport. The squad heads overseas in two weeks and Olympic glory may not be the only carrot, given Football Australia's billionaire boss.

I was curious as to whether Mr Lowe has offered you some incentive if you win a medal.

He's promised he'll give us his boat. An angry Venus Williams has hit out at suggestions between her and Serena. the family decides who wins finals Beaten semifinalist Elena Dementieva apologising for seemingly making that inference. Saturday's Wimbledon final will be the seventh time the sisters have met in a Grand Slam decider. Serena Williams was too busy warming up

to watch older sister Venus, the 4-time Wimbledon champion in sublime form on centre court. Against Russian Elena Dementieva she dropped just one game in the opening set. A frustrated Dementieva asked questions and seemingly found the answers in the second. Venus prevailed in a tie break, through to her seventh Wimbledon final in nine years. COMMENTATOR: Is she excited or what?! And I'm looking forward to playing Serena in our third final and I'm going to be rooting her on. Dementieva, though, was seemingly less charitable, perhaps suggesting that the sisters have already picked a winner. I cannot imagine myself playing against someone from my family. It's really hard and for sure it's going to be a family decision. Any mention of that is extremely disrespectful

for who I am, what I stand for and my family. The Russian later backtracked, blaming her lack of English skills. Serena had her hands full against 133rd-ranked Chinese wild card Jie Zheng. Her determination pushed the second set to a tie break, only to lose in heartbreaking fashion. Oh, that is just a great pity. And Serena with a serve to those who say finals between the two often fall short of expectations. I think that you're stating opinions. I've had a very classic final, for instance against her in the Australian Open. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News Teams for this year's Tour de France have been formally presented to fans. Some airborne postmen got the day started

before the cyclists wheeled themselves onto centre stage, including Australia's Cadel Evans. He's favourite to take out this year's race after finishing second in 2007. Last year's winner Alberto Contador was excluded after one of his Astana team-mates tested positive for drugs. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for Rosehill tomorrow. And in Sports Tonight, all the action and reaction from tonight's NRL and AFL matches.

Have a good weekend! Next Jake the

traffic now with Vic Lorusso and a traffic now with Vic Lorusso and a terrible run towards Campbelltown

tonight. Traffic leaving for the

school holidays heading to the ski

fields. This is over Campbelltown

now and take a look at the traffic

on the Hume Highway from the M5. It

is a massive build-up of traffic

and it is barely moving. As we go

towards the south you can see it

does not get any better and the

backlog goes all the way back

towards Bankstown so a considerable

weight. Problems for motorists

moving north out of the city, slow

to the Central Coast, a very busy Friday.

Stay with us - the all-important weekend forecast is next. VOICEOVER: New Mazda6 comes with something few other cars can match. Stunning praise from 'Motor' magazine. MAN: "For all-round excellence, nothing can beat the Mazda6. "It's impossible not to like." "The new Mazda6 is class-leadingly impressive, "inside and out." And stunning praise from GoAuto. "Most cars have a fatal flaw, but not this one." (GENTLE QUIRKY MUSIC) Do you sometimes feel as if your kids are from another planet? They love everything you don't, can never quite grasp the meaning of peace and quiet Fortunately, there's something we think Your kids love them. you can too. (MCDONALD'S THEME)

This program is captioned live.

Time all the weather details and I

think we have a chilly bone to pick.

That golden glow on the water is

the closest we are going to see to

sunshine all weekend. Hello folks,

and welcome to the weekend also I

had to dive to say that all week. I

am not talking about the weather

forecast because that big bloke was

trying to get something out of me.

It does look a bit dodgy with grey

sky tomorrow, showers about in the

morning, tops of 17 degrees and

maybe a sunny break. Sunday will be

overcast and 18 degrees and the overcast and 18 degrees and the

first day of the school holidays -

I'm sorry, mums - showery, cold and

overcast. Not a lot of sunshine in overcast. Not a lot of sunshine in

the next four or five days. The

coldest day of the year so far

today - 14 degrees, to below today - 14 degrees, to below

average. Port Macquarie have a big

weekend - New South Wales surfing

presents the NSW Masters and Port

tourism are doing a good deal

getting a whole lot of people into

the area and everyone battling for

a spot in the surfing Festival in

August. A long-term deal and very

good for Port Macquarie. I hope you

have a good weekend, despite what I

am throwing at you right now.

That has taken about six kilometres

of Bondi - it is more like 17km/h

if you're being honest. Showers -

and that is your weekend. Low

drizzly cloud is clearing from the drizzly cloud is clearing from the

southern states with a high-

pressure system. A cold front will

bring showers to Western Australia

and South Australia. A high will

keep skies Clear over the south-

east leading to a frosty morning

but also bringing onshore winds and

showers. The business of the brolly, showers. The business of the brolly, predicted precipitation, drips and

drops across rooftops and crops - isolated

isolated and that it showers along

New South Wales and Queensland New South Wales and Queensland

coast, thundery showers over

Western Australia and zap Australia.

coast, thundery showers over Western Australia and zap Australia.

Showers for Tasmania. So Saturday

will be something like this - grey

in the morning with showers, sunny

breaks in the afternoon if we're

lucky but temperatures not moving

much higher than 17 degrees. Abbey on

on Sunday, overcast, it should remain

remain dry and a little bit warmer

- 18 degrees. A showery and

overcast looking weak for the first

week of the school holidays.

This time next week there will be

Sunshine - trust me, I'm a weatherman. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson... ..and I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Have a wonderful weekend

and we'll see you Monday. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Almost time to say bye-bye Big Brother - less than three weeks to go before someone is crowned the winner of 'Big Brother' 2008. Australia, your votes decide. Will it be beautiful Bianca? The youngest in the house and a nomination regular who likes to speak her mind. Evict Bianca by dialling: Rory, the tradie with the trademark dreadlocks is another nominations veteran. Evict him from the house by dialling: Grandma Terri - she's taken her knitting needles into the house. If you want to stitch her up and show her the door call: And finally Travis, the voice of reason. If you're tired of listening to him phone: Or have your say by texting their names to 19 10 10.

Belong votes cost 55 cents maximum. 190 votes from mobiles extra. Lines close at 7:45pm AEST Sunday July 6. Terms and conditions -