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(generated from captions) Girls, I've got to do it. Let's start popping them locks. Christie, Mika, the honours, please. It... Oh, yes! Oh! Yes! Yes, yes! 50 cents! (CHUCKLES) my friend. What...a fortuitous decision, Whoo! Very. Oh. Let's see the money! who resisted the temptation Nice to see someone

of Supercase decision-making. at the crucial moment Got you over the line. Well done, Annette! (SPEAKS FRENCH) Hey, listen, happy travels. Good stuff, Suze. a postcard from Dordogne, alright? I look forward to Thank you very much. Definitely. How's about it, huh? Good outcome. Thanks for being with us. inside this fraternite. Always great to have you on board Au revoir. This program is captioned live.

Tonight - Alan Jones takes himself off the air

against prostate cancer. as he begins a battle after a new drivers licence bungle. Calls for an overhaul of the RTA interviewed by police Belinda Neal and John Della Bosca about the Iguana nightclub affair. causing chaos for World Youth Day. And rail workers threaten to strike, with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. of breakfast radio, Sydney's king Alan Jones, with prostate cancer has revealed he's been diagnosed as he fights to regain his health. and will take a break from 2GB in a couple of weeks He'll have surgery wishing him a speedy recovery. with friends and even former foes in front of a microphone - Alan Jones is usually comfortable not so much today. I've called a press conference diagnosed with prostate cancer. to indicate that I have been an 'interruption'. The 67-year-old calls it Are you scared Alan? with me, Well, look, no matter what is wrong there are other people out there more than I am suffering - suffering infinitely

indeed if I'm suffering at all. have told him The broadcaster's doctors

recovery are good. his chances of making a full about these things. You must be positive we don't do dying around here, As I said to someone the other day,

of living. we just try and make the most back in May Alan Jones was told the news with his busy schedule regardless. and has continued on right up until his operation, He'll stay on air in just over two weeks' time. at Jane McGrath's funeral He knew when he spoke not even his closest friends. but told no-one, Now people know support he's gained over the years. Jones is learning just how much each other for over 20 years We're two grown men that have known of our relationship before and we haven't explored that side and I do love him. and I do care for him

of my life and my family's life. He's a very important part Well, I'll say, "Good luck, mate." That's what I'll say to him.

most Australians will say to him. And I think that's what I think Kind words from former rivals too. on many things He and I haven't always agreed a tremendous amount of good. but nonetheless he's done He's been a terrific broadcaster and I hope he's okay.

in weeks not months. Jones hopes to bounce back 'Course I'll be returning to air. I've gotta make a quid. off Struggle Street. Hey, I've gotta keep myself has demanded Australia's peak motoring body Roads and Traffic Authority the New South Wales from the ground up. be scrapped and re-built after Seven News discovered The NRMA's call comes could be back on the road thousands of suspended drivers because of the latest RTA blunder. a traffic fine, Mark Salama couldn't pay so the RTA suspended his licence. Blacktown Court gave it back. On Tuesday, with the law - The rest of us have to comply the RTA couldn't even do that." Mark's suspension notice, A magistrate ruled

and, therefore, every other one, was improperly worded. The law says to surrender their licence. suspended drivers must be told so the notices are illegal. They're not being told, with these defective notices Motorists who have been issued have, in effect, not been suspended. That's every suspended driver, 40,000 last year alone - the RTA didn't see coming. yet another disaster in the morning. Well, the time is 10:53 to this story. We're yet to get the RTA's response We'll do so shortly. But we're willing to bet the same as always - their response will be

that affects no other drivers. that this is an isolated incident This is one individual court case. It's not a binding decision. the individual facts of the case. It's a decision decided on NRMA boss Alan Evans is sick of it. This is just stunning - I mean, a simple piece of paperwork not being done properly. a blundering elephant He calls the RTA and says it should go. step in, reform the RTA. The government's just got to smaller parts Maybe it needs to be broken up into they're capable of doing. and you'll have people doing things ask for his suspended licence back. At least now John Della Bosca can the Iguanagate affair began Almost a month after have visited detectives the two Labor politicians involved to answer questions.

is at Gosford Police Station. Reporter Sarah Cumming how are those interviews going? Sarah, being questioned by detectives Ian, Belinda Neal is still inside,

She has just left the police station

after being questioned by detectives

for morn 2

for morn 2 hours, the Federal mp

finally gave in and agreed to talk

to police about the infamous

incident. Just after three o'clock,

this afternoon, she left her office

just down the road here and made the

short trip to the police station

where four officers stood guard

protecting her from waiting media.

Now, unlike other Iguanagate

witnesses who have had to use the

front door, miss male was driven to

the private carpark to the back and

escorted through a side door. The

pefrl treatment also extended to her

education minister was given a husband, this morning, the suspended

police escort here to the station

where he was questioned for where he was questioned for four

hours. He has happensed each and

every answer put to him There has

been no comment from either politician following their

interviews today, Ian. Travel arrangements for Sydney's World Youth Day could be thrown into chaos by the threat of a rail strike. Workers demanding a bigger pay rise have voted to take industrial action within the next 30 days. These Youth Day volunteers are ready to help pilgrims through Sydney's rail system. They might have their work cut out for them. Rail workers have voted for industrial action and could walk off the job during the Pope's visit. We will be taking advice from our members - we're not ruling anything out, we're not ruling anything in. If the new nuisance laws stretch to annoying the Government,

There is no ground for them to disrupt world youth day. disrupt world youth day.. The union wants more than the 2.5% pay increase on offer and no job cuts. They'll launch action within 30 days unless a deal is done.

I think any action of

I think any action of strike action

is not something that we will see. and telling them get serious about paying public sector workers a wage increase that maintains their standard of living. While the Government faces a new public transport problem, it's taking on an old one.

After 10 years and nearly $100 million, it's having another go at the bungled T-Card. Why on earth should commuters have faith that this project can now be delivered? Since that contract was cancelled in January, there's been a lot of work done with an expert panel, advising how to move forward. Experts say a security loophole that allowed a Sydney police officer

to take his gun aboard an airliner must be plugged. The officer was on duty but shouldn't have been armed.

Now, critics fear someone posing as police could do the same. On their new $2 million firing range NSW police learn how to carry handguns. (GUNFIRE) But questions tonight on where they carry them. On Tuesday, a uniformed sergeant walked unchallenged on to a Gold Coast-bound Virgin Blue flight fully armed. He was wearing his full appointments - that was handcuffs, firearm - and certainly he went on board, there's no denying that. It's not allowed, even for police. A single shot, from a weapon, a small arm, if it penetrates the hull, would have absolutely catastrophic consequences. Police rules say

he should've handed in the gun at check-in. That's not unusual that there would be a firearm onboard. It unusual that he would carry it. Seven News has been told he forgot but the incident reveals a bigger problem - police are allowed to walk through airport check-points unchallenged. So who is going to stop the terrorist dressed as a police officer? I would say this is a very large hole in security. Airport management say it's not their job - uniformed police are legally exempt from security screening. Same from Virgin. Their spokesman said today they're not about to start frisking every passenger who gets onboard. The Transport Department says a security review is under way. The mother of a Sydney aid worker shot dead in Africa has told of her immense pride in her son's good deeds. Darren Stratti had been building shelter for Tanzanian villagers and was recently interviewed by a documentary crew. This was 36-year-old Darren Stratti six weeks ago living out his dreams,

helping to build an eco village for orphans. It should be finished by September. We're hoping we'll get all this done. He was so close to seeing it finished. The project was the idea of five Australian women including his soulmate, Rebecka Delforce. We're more than an orphanage in many, many ways. On Tuesday Australian time, the father-of-two was shot in the chest when robbers forced their way into the volunteers' quarters. Darren ordered Rebecka under the bed when a bullet came through the wall. He would have died a happy person because he was doing something he loved. but doctors couldn't help him in time. And all the way there, he was comforting her, "I'm gonna be right, I'm gonna be right." but Darren's family blames no-one. Several people have been arrested accomplished. His mum is proud of what her son

the most beautiful compliment, I just thought it was in your eyes they said, "You must have diamonds "to have built something like this." in his eyes A songwriter with diamonds and courage in his heart. things. # # 'Cos, you're here to do better an inspiration to people to live. I hope my brother's passing is to the project. Donations can be made There's a link on our website. Kevin Rudd says do a better job Australian goverments have to of protecting our children from neglect and abuse. As Seven News revealed last night

the States will now work together to share information about their horror cases. With Labor in power at every level, there are big expectations on Kevin Rudd and his mates from the States. Mate, there's a limit to what you can do in 6 months in this show and I think we've cracked the whip as fast as we can. But after a spate of horrific child abuse cases, he wants the limits pushed further on child protection.

The States have agreed to break down bureaucratic barriers between child protection agencies, and allow information to be shared plan on early intervention and care. as well as develop a new national Australia can do better, must do better. Welfare groups agree. They are overdue, connections haven't been easy. we have suffered because these

They also signed off ailing Murray-Darling River system, on the Federal takeover of the of water projects agreeing to $3.7 billion back to life. to try to bring the rivers of cooperative federalism If ever there was a test on the River Murray. that test was today

for tradespeople, And there's good news building, transport and real estate. particularly in the industries of anywhere in Australia They'll be able to work system. under a new national licensing to begin in December, The new rules, the States' red tape. will put an end to to pull their hair out These cause people and scream blue murder. Alexander Downer Former foreign minister has officially announced he's quitting politics after 24 years. He'll leave Parliament in two weeks and possibly the United Nations. to work for a consultancy firm I don't really have regrets, I just feel that I did my best, I worked incredibly hard I believed in. Downer says his proudest moment was achieve independence helping East Timor best be remembered but he'll probably for posing in fishnet stockings. Still to come - in a Sydney lift for four hours why tourists trapped weren't rescued earlier. Also, death and destruction on a stolen earthmover. in a rampage celebrity playmates in Las Vegas. And Shane Warne makes some new Shane Warne, watch out. trapped in a lift The rescue of tourists in Sydney's tallest building was delayed 90 minutes last night because initially no-one called police. 11 people were stranded for four hours high up in Sydney Tower. Staff eventually called Police Rescue officers who freed the frustrated group.

They lifted the ceiling off the elevator and they pulled us out and we got in a different lift. No-one was hurt during the rescue. Lift engineers are still working out what caused the break-down.

A man has gone on a deadly rampage in Jerusalem, through the streets, driving an earth-mover and injuring dozens more. killing three people and a bus flipped over Cars were crushed before the driver could be stopped. From across the street recorded the front-end loader someone with a camera phone whatever was in the way. as it smashed This bus was knocked over. in the morning rush. It was full of passengers Cars and vans were crushed, some almost flat. (SIREN BLARES) 45 injured. Three people were killed, and an off-duty soldier It ended when a policeman and wrestled the driver. jumped up to the cabin An Israeli Special Forces officer climbed on too and the driver was shot dead. He was a 30-year-old Palestinian construction worker. Several militant groups said they were responsible for the attack but police said the driver acted alone. He crushed everything and anything that was in sight. He struck a bus and a number of vehicles that were completely, in fact, squashed. The Israeli Government called it an act of terror and said the driver had been trying to get to a crowded market. for almost 6 years 15 people held hostage in a military rescue mission have been freed that took months to plan. from the jungles of Colombia They were air-lifted

anti-government rebels after the army infiltrated

into releasing the hostages. and fooled them three American defence contractors Among them were a drug surveillance mission in 2003 caught during candidate Ingrid Betancourt along with Colombian presidential and 11 soldiers and policemen. despite their ordeal. All are in reasonable health 20,000 people have been brought in Olympic sailing course. to clean up China's 100,000 tonnes of algae is clogging the water and slowing down yachts. The American sailing team is preparing to race through it. is not really too conducive to getting rid of this stuff. They've got 36 days to clean it up. Dad-to-be Brad Pitt has visited Angelina Jolie in the maternity unit of a French hospital. He arrived carrying two of their children, Zahara and Shiloh. The Hollywood star was admitted yesterday, weeks before she's due to give birth to twins. She is very well, and she is OK, OK. The doctor says for someone having twins. Jolie's early admission is normal some new celebrity friends Shane Warne has made his Australian poker team while captaining in Las Vegas. He was at the table and Adam Sandler. with actors Matt Damon, Ben Affleck

now a card sharp They reckon the spin king's but they could've been bluffing. then I'd be a little worried. If he was a footy player

I've got to tell you, Cricketers, it's a little gay, just between you and me. with heavyweight, Mike Tyson. Warne also partied now wants to try his hand The disgraced boxer at the Aussie Millions championship in Melbourne next year. Time for sport with Ben Damon, and Blocker Roach is in big trouble. He's been forced out of his job as New South Wales assistant coach for calling the referee a cheat. All the details next. Also tonight, Blues players beg the coach to stay on. I haven't thought about it. I don't think it's the right time to think about it at the moment. And Wimbledon braces for a clash of the titans as Nadal and Federer move through. (GROWLS) (WHIRR!) (SQUEAK!) (SULTRY MUSIC PLAYS) (SQUEAK!) Yoo-hoo! Hi! Oh! (SIREN WAILS, BRAKES SQUEAL) It's worth the wait. Starts July 24. has been forced to resign Blues' assistant coach Steve Roach Tony Archer for swearing at Origin referee and calling him a cheat. Blocker made the remarks the ground last night as Archer was leaving to Queensland. following the Blues' series loss he wanted Danny Buderus didn't get the win with his head held high. but the Blues skipper went out assistant coach Steve Roach - Not so New South Wales in disgrace 'Blocker' forced to quit an "f---ing cheat" after the match. after he called referee Tony Archer

We had some chances early I don't

want to talk about the rest of it. after Ben Cross copped a high shot. It was fiery on the field too COMMENTATOR: It's on! Israel Folau stole 4. The Blues grabbed 2 before Loses the ball. Kurt Gidley found Matt Cooper for a quick reply as Queensland lost half Scott Prince to a broken arm. I suppose bittersweet, I guess. Disappointed with the injury to be a Queenslander. but very happy and proud teenage sensation Israel Folau. No Maroon soared higher than like Superman. Flying through the air Nate Myles tried to make Cross fly. Oh, picked up and cartwheeled! He wasn't sent off of at least six weeks. but Myles faces a ban send someone off in Origin You're not going to I don't think. for a spear tackle, was Johnathan Thurston's brilliance. But what finally killed the Blues Here comes another Origin try!

for Queensland. And a third straight series win That's unbelievable, to win a series down here in a decider. There's an absolute nothing to show for it but all you've got is memories and friendships. While Origin's over for Buderus, he says Craig Bellamy must remain as coach. Yeah, he's your man - he's your man. That's obviously really nice

I have to come under a bit ever scrutiny as well. Another chapter looks likely in one of sport's great rivalries with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on track to meet in the Wimbledon final. Henman Hill was transformed to Murray's Mound but Britain's next great hope was blown away by Nadal in the quarters.

The world number 2 thrashed Andy Murray in straight sets.

Federer was almost as convincing, beating Mario Ancic to reach his 17th straight Grand Slam semifinal. COMMENTATOR: Game. He wanted to finish with an ace. I'm one of the privileged ones - I understand it's a big occasion now, I know how to do it. Federer will meet resurgent Russian Marat Safin tomorrow night. Safin combined fancy footwork and raw power to beat Feliciano Lopez in 4 sets. A massive Olympic selection shock today with equestrian champion Andrew Hoy left off the Australian team.

Beijing would have been Hoy's 7th Games but the triple gold medallist was overlooked. Lucinda Fredericks is a new face on the team and will compete alongside her husband Clayton in the event. The dream obviously would be for both of us to be on the podium. And the 6,000 Olympic medals to be presented in Beijing are now in Chinese hands after the official handover was made by BHP today.

A new V8 Supercar street circuit at Sydney Olympic Park is now just one stage away from being given the green light as the final race in 2009.

The plan is now before the State Government for approval. Racing is in Darwin this weekend where drivers Jamie Whincup and Craig Lowndes are raising money for Indigenous communities. But Lowndes' 888 racing team will lose money after having their funding cut by Ford.

We find out whether Harry Kewell

will go to the Olympics but it doesn't look good. Checking finance now - and the share market has taken a dive to a 2-year low. BHP and Rio Tinto both lost 7%. The ASX 200 closed down 96 points. But our dollar's up again, tonight buying 96.25 US cents. Sara's next with the weather and some good news for the school holidays, Sara. Ian, they're off to a great start with mostly sunny skies for Sydney. I'll have the 7-day outlook and the snow forecast next in Seven News. Mother Nature has turned on its wintry best this week, dumping plenty of snow across the mountains and spreading sunny skies closer to home. In fact, it was a near perfect winter's day in Sydney as light sou-westerlies pushed tops a touch above the average. 18 degrees in town, where it's now 14.

The winds dropped off in the early hours of this morning allowing temperatures to drop fairly rapidly - down to 4 at Parramatta and Penrith. Daytime temperatures hovered around 17 or 18. From the satellite - a high will ridge into NSW tomorrow, turning winds to the south and generating a few coastal showers from Sydney up to the mid-north coast. But those showers will push north early Saturday, paving the way for a mostly sunny weekend in Sydney, while a front generates showers and storms over the southwest. So, wet and stormy for Perth tomorrow. Becoming fine in Melbourne. A chilly for Hobart and Canberra. Cloudy in Adelaide and Brisbane. On Sydney's waterways, conditions will become choppy as light sou-westerly winds swing sou-easterly at 18 knots inshore

and 25 knots along the coast. Tomorrow will be our first real taste of winter as temperatures take a dive.

A top of 15 degrees with cloudy skies and the odd shower. Fog and frost for western parts with lows down to 1 at Richmond, Katoomba and Campbelltown. Then up to 15 or 16 degrees - a bitter 9 in the mountains. Unfortunately tomorrow's showers

are unlikely to reach our catchments. They've had less than 5mm this week, which saw a drop of 0.2% to 66.5. Better news if you're heading to the ski-fields with around 40cm of fresh snow this week So showers tomorrow, followed a brief morning shower on Saturday. But that should be the last of the wet weather until next mid next week with a mix of sun and cloud on Sunday and Monday. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross, thanks for your company. Goodnight. Alan Jones, laughing in the face of a cancer diagnosis. I've got to keep myself off Struggle Street. And the man defying the medical world. How he's beaten the deadly disease eight times. Good evening. What parent would place a pre-school child on the back of a live bucking bull, then send it hurtling out into a rodeo ring? The result is guaranteed - children have been kicked, trampled and taken to hospital, some seriously hurt. With our exclusive pictures and story, Jackie Quist. It's been around for 150 years, it's just kids havin' fun. They're going to get hurt, they know they're going to get hurt. He's pretty tough too, this young fella. The youngest contestants are just 3-years-old - onto the backs of young steers and like grownups, hang on for 8 seconds without being thrown - ANNOUNCER: Did yas hear that, kids? Allll kids that compete in the under 8 poddy calf ride

At that age, the kids can't chose what they want to do and at that age, they are really frightened. Animal liberation's Cherie Wilson has been following the rodeos for years, concerned about the plight of the steers and bulls,

nothing prepared her for this. Certainly, with the children I think this is a fairly new thing having such small children in them and I think it has to be stopped immediately. It's one of the toughest sports on earth. More fatalities, more broken bones than any other sport. Dave McLennan is a father of seven. He owns the clothing store Cowboy World. He's also a steer-roping champion with his own share of injuries during his time in the ring. Yeah, I've broke my collar bone about seven times, dislocated me knee a few times, broke me arm - just different injuries like that. With 24-year-old son, Lee already a top bull rider, Dave sees nothing wrong with entering his youngest sons, 7-year-old Dhakoda and 5-year-old Tyler in rodeos. Let's make them welcome - Dhakoda McLennan and Tyler McLennan! Yeah, they love it. It's quite cute watching them do everything identical to their big brother.