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Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia This program is captioned live. Tonight, the broadcaster's health battle - Alan Jones faces a daunting challenge. I have called the press conference to indicate that I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. A brave Aussie aid worker killed in a robbery gone wrong. When they did fire the gun, I don't know whether it came through the wall or the door. That's what hit my son. And stuck in Sydney Tower - a sky-high ordeal for members of a visiting orchestra. They lifted the ceiling off the elevator and they pulled us out. Ten News with Ron Wilson and Deborah Knight. Good evening. Also tonight, a bank promises compensation after a costly computer glitch. And the Maroons vow to make it four series in a row after their Origin triumph. But heading Ten News,

Alan Jones has announced he has prostate cancer and will undergo surgery. Sydney's number one broadcaster has gone public, when he goes to hospital. saying he wanted to head off rumours The 2GB star insists he will be returning to work, but he wants some changes. Eight days ago, Alan Jones delivered a moving eulogy to Jane McGrath, who'd lost her battle with breast cancer.

At no stage did he let on he had a cancer secret of his own. I've called the press conference to indicate that I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The 67-year-old broadcaster was diagnosed in May following a biopsy. A long-term advocate of prostate check-ups, he'd missed just one appointment after his own doctor passed away. Apparently it was at that time that I came unstuck. His decision to go public now brought on

because he has to have surgery at St Vincent's Hospital on July 18th and will be off air for a number of weeks and he didn't want the gossip to get out of control. Of course I'll be returning to air, I've got to make a quid, eh. I've got to keep myself off Struggle Street. In fact he's in talks to extend his contact with 2GB when it winds up at the start of next year, Whether it's exactly on the same terms as I'm doing now,

I'm broadcasting for five hours a day, I don't think that will be part of the renewal program. Invincible is a word that comes to mind when you think of Alan Jones - unbeaten in the ratings, undaunted by his enemies. The man who rules the Sydney airwaves from this chair is going to take that same attitude into his fight against cancer. Colleagues and politicians quick to offer their support. Really big shock. He's almost indestructible, you imagine. When he told me about this, yeah, really worrying. As a prostate cancer survivor, I certainly wish Alan Jones all the best for a full recovery. We don't do dying around here. We just try and make the most of living. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Tributes are pouring in for an Australian aid worker shot dead while building a village in Tanzania. Darren Stratti's family say who killed the father of two. they've already forgiven the thieves who killed the father of tw He loved construction and was passionate about aid work. He even spoke their language.

Darren Stratti died just minutes after arriving at a remote hospital. They said he'd gone out, that his lung was flooded, because he had punctures in the lungs, with his blood, and he drowned in that. He'd been shot by thieves as they stole $6,000 from a safe - money that was meant to help build the village. and were bashing at the door and when they did fire the gun, I don't know whether it came through the wall or the door, but that's what hit my son and knocked him down. The builder had left the comforts of his Sydney home to do aid work in Tanzania 18 months ago, near the town of Arusha. He would have died a happy person because he was doing something that he loved. His partner, Rebecka Delforce, took him to hospital. Doctors asked her to wait outside. She said she'd have never left his side

if she'd known he was going that fast and all the way there he was comforting her - "I'm gonna be right, I'm gonna be right." Food Water Shelter. He was working with aid organisation I don't believe that the people that fired this shot or that were there meant to hurt and definitely did not mean to kill Darren. While authorities in Tanzania try to track down the thieves responsible, construction on that village has temporarily ground to a halt.

Their efforts now are focused on bringing his body home.

It will be a long flight home for Darren's partner as she brings him back to Australia and plans his funeral this week. Evan Batten, Ten News. It's taken four weeks, but MPs John Della Bosca and Belinda Neal have finally agreed to be interviewed by police over the Iguana nightclub scandal. For the latest, State political editor Kevin Wilde has more from Gosford police station.

Another day of drama with this

story and finally the two members

of parliament have made themselves available

available to police to be

interviewed. The State Minister was

given special arrangements by

police with access to the staff car police with access to the staff car

park. He was inside from almost

four hours being interviewed by

detectives. When he emerged the stresses

stresses and strains of negative

publicity were quite clear and when

he left police stopped traffic

outside the police station so that

he could get away as quickly as

possible. Earlier the police possible. Earlier the police commissioner voiced his

satisfaction that finally the interviews have taken place.

Statements were provided and there

now come for and we were happy to

take him through the interview

process. And this afternoon the

federal MP made herself available

coming into the police station at

315 and she still inside. We 315 and she still inside. We

expected to be inside even longer

than four hours. Investigators have

to complete their brief further evidence

evidence which may be completed evidence which may be completed

tomorrow or early next week and

it'll be handed to prosecutors.

They may release their results next

week. When anyone is charged - what

start of a simple disputes over a

table and a bar has been enormously

damaging to State and federal governments. Rail unions are threatening to cause chaos during the Pope's visit to Sydney. They're planning strike action over a pay dispute. as part of a public service campaign to push up wages.

Rail workers show off their World Youth Day uniforms in anticipation of the Pope's visit, but the World Youth Day celebrations are proving an irresistible target for rail unions, which are expected to bring train services to a halt in a dispute over their pay claim.

A strike during the celebrations will cause chaos, as pilgrims are depending on rail services to reach venues. 95% of our members voted in support of industrial action. We've got 30 days in which to take that action.

Rail unions are expected to strike on Thursday 17 July. It's the first day of the Pope's official visit to Sydney, with half a million people expected in the city to welcome him. The only guarantee from rail unions is that there will be plenty of warning there will be plenty of warn before strikes occur. Any talk of industrial action at this stage, I believe is premature, because the parties are still negotiating. The strike is part of a wider push by the union movement to increase pay rates for public sector workers above 2.5%. 2.5% is inadequate. It in effect means they will all take a pay cut.

But the Government says recent wage deals for public sector workers

have been well above 2.5%. Government workers will continue industrial action on July 30, with police refusing to write traffic fines and fire officers refusing to enter burning commercial premises choosing instead to fight the fires from outside. John Hill, Ten News. A bank bungle has left thousands of employees without their weekly salary a double payment. Westpac is blaming the combination of a technical glitch and human error. It's the pay-day shock no-one wants, discovering an empty bank account. Just logged onto to internet banking this morning and just saw a truckload of zeroes. Ben Madgwick is one of thousands of employees affected. Westpac takes full responsibility and spent the day trying to work out what went wrong when it processed weekly salary payments

on behalf of employers across the country.

Mostly human error, unfortunately. From time to time, mistakes are made.

That mistake meant many received a double payment. A technical glitch caused others to not be paid at all. Just creates a bit of stress and already spoken to the wife and she's like, "Oh, you didn't get paid," and I said, "I'm aware of that." The difficulties compounded by many finding direct debit payments were dishonoured.

Our rent comes out and that will have a huge impact on that. You know, electricity bill and gas bill as well, so it might not be able to take them out. The bank says the errors should be rectified by tomorrow. And we're also working very closely with all the banks involved to ensure that our customers and their customers who have been impacted will not have any adverse impacts from this situation. It's promised to reverse any penalty fees charged. This is not the first glitch for Westpac in recent times. Just last month, tellers found

they couldn't serve customers over the counter when a nationwide computer outage prevented them from accessing account details. For those paid twice - don't spend it - the extra will have to be returned. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Police have attacked the operators of Sydney Tower

after 11 people were left trapped in a lift for more than three hours, 120m off the ground. Some of those rescued were showing signs of hypothermia. The show might have to go on The show might have to go o for San Diego's Civic Youth Orchestra but three members made sure they took the stairs today. Not surprisingly, they're wary of lifts after spending their last night in Sydney trapped in one. Did you sleep alright after the ordeal? Really, really well. I was tired. The teenagers were with seven tourists in a lift headed for a restaurant in Sydney Tower, when it became stuck 120m up the central shaft. They were stranded in darkness for three hours as lift engineers first tried to fix the problem. It was a bit chaotic down there. Security were in a mad flap, Lift mechanics were in a mad flap. Once the police were in charge, the rescue ran like a Hollywood script. an adjacent doorless elevator that wasn't in service. It was winched down to the damaged one until rescuers could reach its trap-door and free those inside. They were pretty happy to see me. They weren't so fussed going back down in a lift, in a car that no doors on it, but anyway. Some were already showing signs of hypothermia. Just at a little nervous at the beginning, then we got bored in there and our feet started to hurt so some of us started to sit down. A restaurant worker was the final one to be saved. It's not until you get inside the lift you realise just how small the space is. At one point the passengers had to prise open the doors just to get some more air. Emergency workers say it's just as well it was on a cool night, with temperatures too low to cause any medical problems. Police have questioned why it took Sydney Tower so long to call for help, but for the freed tourists it just added to the drama. What's been the highlight of your trip so far? I think, definitely, getting stuck in the elevator.

Not that they'll get back in one any time soon. Amber Muir, Ten News. A look at sport with Brad - and this is hard to bear - a third straight Origin series win for the Maroons. Yes, it was an old-fashioned Origin match, complete with the biff, but unfortunately it was the same old result of late for the Blues. The State of Origin trophy disappearing across the border, again!

Its welcome-home party deafening. Not even a broken arm could wipe the smile off injured Maroon Scott Prince's face. Disappointed about the injury, but very proud and honoured to be a Queenslander today. left the final game empty-handed For a third year running, Blues fans while their Queensland counterparts soaked up the glory. Queensland! Queensland! The game a close encounter on the scoreboard - the teams a world apart in flair. COMMENTATOR: Check him for a cape. Is there a cape with a 'S' on it? That is just brilliant. They squared up in other areas as Origin's passionate tradition continued. But despite the Blues' determination, early hope soon turned to unbearable scenes as the Queenslanders sent Billy Slater to wrap up the bragging rights. Very very happy with themselves, which they deserve, you know. It couldn't be a more special moment for the guys. It was a typical Queensland win, I think. For the Blues, it's heartbreak and pain - a feeling becoming all too common around State of Origin time. It was the best moment of my life, running out there, but it's an ordinary feeling when you lose. And so comes the time to front up to lost bets. For Morris Iemma, that means staring at a signed Maroons jersey in his office for the next few months. But, as they say... Next year. There's always next year. Victoria Murphy, Ten News. More on Origin shortly, plus a a massive clean-up in China - we'll take a look at the desperate efforts by locals

to get rid of the green goo that's threatening the Olympic sailing events. how South Africa's blade runner went And we'll see in his first bid to make the able-bodied Games in Beijing. And breaking news - a controversial departure from the Blues' coaching ranks for Steve Roach, after giving the referee a blast face to face. And we'll show you how Issy Folau's leaping try stacks up against one of the AFL's best-ever marks. An historic deal to save the Murray-Darling Basin,

details after the break. Also tonight, a new pistol range gives police a dose of virtual reality. And the V8 supercars set to roar around Sydney's Olympic Park.

The LDA/HIA Display Village in Gungahlin has so many brilliant ideas you'll be dazzled. Visit this weekend - Nullarbor Ave off Flemington Rd. The Great Pyramid of Giza. But can you eat it? No. deliciously inside-out wafer and chocolate parcels "Eat me!"

This program is captioned live. Sydney's Olympic Park could be turned into a giant racetrack to make it Australia's home of motor racing. But there are plenty of opponents because of the cost in trees and taxpayer dollars. Sydney Olympic Park has been home to any number of sports but there's high-octane event it's yet to host. There's a push to make it home of V8 Supercars in the harbour city. Many thousands of people from interstate and some from overseas, and that provides a very substantial economic benefit to NSW. The big bangers will lap venues made famous during the 2000 Olympics and zoom by major commercial enterprises. Despite the centralised pubic transport and plentiful accommodation, and plentiful accommodation the authority which controls the site doesn't want the event, concerned it goes against the venue's eco-friendly image. The Opposition believes no race will ever take place. We've heard these promises from Morris Iemma and his predecessor over the past 10 years. They have come to nothing.

The Government claims V8s at Homebush could bring in $100 million, but the current Supercars host, Eastern Creek, says street races in other cities have lost millions. The cost of setting it up at Homebush Bay would be in the order of $30 million and of course, there's then the annual cost of putting it up and pulling it down again. Whether racing cars at Olympic Park will help boost the sport's profile is anyone's guess, but one strong indicator there could be some tough years ahead? for Supercars is that Ford has pulled millions of dollars in funding from teams including Dick Johnson and Craig Lowndes.

Some hope it could pave the way for even more revhead events, including the Formula 1. James Boyce, Ten News. A look inside the State's police training college tonight, as students are put through dramatic life-and-death scenarios. Recruits there will soon use technology similar to computer games

to hone their weapons skills. For decades, this firing range at the Goulburn training academy is where every NSW police officer has learned to shoot. Finger off trigger, off receiver. It's repetitive, with limited bullets and paper targets. From next year, new technology - a $2 million simulator - allowing officers to experience realistic scenarios. It's using technology that can certainly be likened to a computer game, but much more sophisticated. There are no bullets - accuracy is marked electronically. It's already used by the military and in the US. You have to change magazines, and they're gas-filled cartridges, so you actually feel the recoil of the firearm, they're that realistic. Drop the weapon! But the computer simulator won't be replacing training scenarios like this one, where students are placed in a room with an armed assailant, pitting their skills against those of another real-life, thinking person. Something no simulator or computer game has yet been able to match. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Australia's greatest river system has been thrown a last-ditch lifeline. The State and Federal governments have finally agreed to an historic deal to save the Murray-Darling. Kevin Rudd came up with $3.7 billion to do it and to overcame decades of interstate rivalry to achieve it - all the Murray-Darling Basin States agreeing to a new way of managing the dying rivers. The Australian people, rightly, are fed up to the back teeth with politicians at different levels blaming each other. Victoria had been as a stick in the drying mud - not anymore. It will build a stronger, a fairer and a more sustainable Australia. It's music to the ears of South Australia. If ever there was a test of cooperative federalism, that test was today on the River Murray. And even New South Wales is happy with the deal. NSW has received its fair share of the funding of the infrastructure that will be flowing as a result of today's agreement.

And just as the reality of the pending natural disaster shocked the politicians to this joint action, so too the recent tragedies of child neglect crossing borders has prompted a rethink. Australia can do better, must do better. The Prime Minister is obviously very sensitive to the charge that he is all spin and no action. Mr Rudd stressed again and again today that he and the other leaders had achieved rare practical agreement on a raft of issues in just six months. And red tape has been cut, saving businesses operating interstate

millions of dollars. These cause people to pull their hair out and scream blue murder.

And after more than 100 years,

trade qualifications will be recognised nationwide. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

There were about to get it surely

winter. That day to day came out of

the vegetable crisper. It was one

degree at Richmond. Maximums were a

couple below-average. It was good

news was known makers. Will have

more news of that in our resort

Report. Tomorrow will be chilly

with the late showers in the

afternoon and cloudy on Saturday and likewise on Sunday. Up next, a policeman takes drastic action to end a Palestinian man's deadly rampage. And Shane Warne wins money for charity with some high-profile friends. But now I like it most when the cake is done. Because then we can open the frosting! I love it. It's the best part of the cake. Now I like the frosting most. VOICEOVER: Betty Crocker knows you love frosting.

So we give you delicious ready-to-spread frosting

Let's check the traffic in the

helicopter. The Hume Highway has

sprung a leak. It's going to be a sprung a leak. It's going to be a

very long queue to Bass Hill. A

burst water main and an accident

opposite the Plaza and bass Hill.

Emergency services are working on

the scene now but traffic is down

to one line. Motorists have been

sitting through these delays from 3

o'clock this afternoon. This is a o'clock this afternoon. This is a

significant traffic jam heading out

to the south-west. Massive queues

for motorists heading home towards the south-west. A Palestinian man has gone on a rampage in a bulldozer, killing three people and injuring dozens. The carnage only ended when an off-duty police officer shot the man dead. In one of Jerusalem's busiest streets, a terrifying rampage comes to a dramatic end as police jump onto a bulldozer to stop further carnage. Inside the cab, the Palestinian driver has just been shot at point-blank range after carving a path of death and destruction, smashing through cars and people, using his bulldozer. A packed commuter bus flipped on its side.

Cars and vans crushed, drivers and passengers trapped in the wreckage. ploughing into his targets, Amateur footage shows the driver leaving at least 3 dead and more than 40 injured, in what the Israeli Government has called "an act of terror". He crushed everything and anything that was in sight. He struck a bus and a number of vehicles

that were completely, in fact, squashed. There was a big truck that came to this road and drove on these cars, then on the bus. There was a motorcycle of the supercops that came and shot the guy. The 30-year-old driver who lived in the Arab area of East Jerusalem was a construction worker here, helping to build a new rail system, on a road which has seen numerous suicide bombings in the past, memories of which were all too clearly brought back to those

caught up in the fear and chaos he left behind today. Neil Connery, Ten News. 15 prisoners held hostage by Colombian rebels for more than six years

have been freed. The group, including three Americans and a presidential candidate, were rescued their captors into moving them. after the military tricked The first steps of freedom after more than six years as a prisoner. Today she's just a daughter reunited with her mother.


Ingrid Betancourt thanked the army who rescued her and 14 others from Colombia's FARC rebels, saying, "God carried out this miracle."

Supporters watched and cheered across the country. Her family - alongside French President Nicolas Sarkozy - ever grateful. (SPEAKS FRENCH) Daughter Melanie says, "Today my mummy is here." The French-Colombian was running for president when seized by rebels in 2002. A year later, three American military contractors were captured when their drug surveillance plane crashed. in a proof-of-life video. They were last seen

Hi, Marianna. I'm sending you this note on 22 October 2007. Now the longest-held US hostages in the world. 11 Colombian police and soldiers were also freed after the military infiltrated the leftist guerilla ranks and tricked rebels into believing they were moving the hostages. It's such a great thing for us all that she's alive and she's back and she's free. While their most prized hostages celebrate freedom tonight, it's thought Colombia's rebels could be holding as many as 700 more in the jungle. In the United States, Emma Dallimore, Ten News. Former supermodel Christie Brinkley wanted a public divorce trial and she's getting it, with claims of affairs, bribes and porn addictions. The 54-year-old, her fourth husband, and his 18-year-old mistress

have all appeared in court. 49-year-old Peter Cook admitted paying his assistant $300,000 to keep their affair quiet. Brinkley's lawyers also claim the architect has a $3,000-a-month porn habit which makes him an unfit father. It's been a really long day and I've heard a lot of new things that I didn't know. Brinkley has three children, including an adult daughter to singing star Billy Joel, her second husband. Next, a dismal day for the Aussie share market. Plus, the young investors who've found a smart way to enter the property market. And better late than never - fresh falls breath new life into the skiing season.

and seem to have boundless energy. Fortunately, there's something we think you'll both see eye to eye on - McDonald's Happy Meals.

This program is captioned live. Tonight's headlines - the States and Territories finally sign an historic deal to save the Murray-Darling Basin. $3.7 billion will be spent on water projects.

A comprehensive plan for the entire basin will also be developed. Police are interviewing Federal MP Belinda Neal about her role in the Iguanagate scandal. She bowed today to pressure from the Prime Minister. Earlier, her husband, John Della Bosca, was also interviewed. And broadcaster Alan Jones faces a daunting battle. He's announced he has prostate cancer, and will undergo surgery later this month. But he's vowing to beat the condition

and return to work. A Sydney father has hit on a scheme that's turning teenagers into property owners.

And its cost them as little as $25 a week. It's an average suburban kitchen, but the discussion here is anything but average.

That was a really good buy, that one. David McDonald is a semi-retired bricklayer, and with his wife and business partner, masterminds a multimillion-dollar property trust

directly owned by dozens of teenagers and young adults. It began with his son Steve, the two investing in property together.

When Steve died suddenly, aged 19, to the family's home to help. some of his mates came round

They said that they'd like to get a start in it, but there's no way in the world they could save enough for a deposit. And I just said if they worked together, they could, and it grew from there. They've each chipped in between $25 and $100 a week for the past few years.

The trust now has eight properties in New South Wales and Queensland. David expects the scheme to run for 10 years, when they'll decide whether to sell up or keep going. I'm hoping they're all going to come up with $100,000 or so that they would not have earned. It's a point not lost on one of those involved. Probably spent it on cars, going out, holidays - anything but savings. The fund had to overcome legal hurdles -

and getting finance was initially tricky. to cater for the young people. While David McDonald and the other directors in his property trust are not professionals, they are well-organised and well-researched. But financial planners warn there may be pitfalls for others who believe this is an easy path to financial success. If I need to get my money out early, how can I do that? So, is there sufficient liquidity in the fund?

the investment Secondly, do I understand But the idea is drawing praise too. Any investment arrangement in particular, that encourages young people, to save on a regular and long-term basis is commendable. But for David McDonald there's an even greater reason to continue - helping his son's mates achieve financial security is a legacy no-one can put a price on. Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

To the BankWest finance report and a shocking day on the Australian share market, with its worst finish in two years. Shane Warne is now playing against movie stars. He's swapped his cricket ball for a pack of cards

to take on celebrities at poker. His team-mates called him 'Hollywood' and Shane Warne is living up to his nickname. He's mixing with some of Hollywood's biggest names

to help raise money for charities working in Sudan. But the bloke who had batsmen in a daze doesn't seem to have the same hold over the likes of Matt Damon, Ben Affleck or Jason Alexander.

Now, listen, he's a cricketer, so I'm not frightened. If he was an Aussie Rules football player, if he was a footy player,

then I'd be a little worried. But cricketers? It's a little gay. Shane Warne - watch out.

C'mon! Bring it. Bring it. Warne walked the red carpet for the event - which last year raised more than $500,000 - enjoying his anonymity among the more famous faces. I like it. It's nice just to walk through and not have to do too many interviews.

The cricketer will also compete in the world series of poker, along with Jeff Fenech - one of very few people willing to make fun of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. My fat brother from America. Just because you've got a 6-pack.

Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News.

There's no business like snow

business. That cold front that came

across the snowy Mountains - we've

some good news because we've the world

world famous and that all matter.

It five out of 10 this weekend. world famous and that all matter. It five out of 10 this weekend.

There's 40 centimetres to 50

centimetres of snow at Spencer's Creek. centimetres of snow at Spencer's

Creek. Over the next three or four

days it's hard to anticipate. Some

say Monday Tuesday and Wednesday

there will be a whole heap of snow

but don't be surprised if we don't.

5000 cubic metres made last night.

It was a bluebird day. There are eight lifts operating.

I'm tipping we'll get snow. Brad with sport and a Blues official forced to stand down in the fallout over our Origin loss. Yes, Steve Roach is in trouble for a tirade at the referee - more shortly. While Scott Prince pays a heavy price for the Maroons' victory. Also, up there Izzy - how Flying Folau stacks up against one of the AFL's greatest-ever marks. And why there's more than one slow boat to China - as thousands work to clear a slimy mess from the Olympic yachting course in the great green harvest. ANNOUNCER: Now you can feel even better about the taste you love. Every coffee now served at McCafe is made from Rainforest Alliance Certified beans. This means the coffee beans are grown in a way that helps workers and their families earn a better income and has minimum impact on the environment. McCafe Rainforest Alliance coffee - a great deal for workers and a great-tasting coffee for you. If your super fund carries this symbol,

and your fund is run only to profit members.

This program is captioned live. and Blues great Steve Roach NSW assistant manager has stood himself down from further duties over a post-match confrontation with referee Tony Archer. Roach has apologised to Archer for swearing at him in the tunnel. Some serious injury woes from the State of Origin decider. Queensland halfback Scott Prince is having surgery on a broken arm and could be out for the season, while Blues prop Ben Cross is out for six weeks with a broken thumb and knee injury. After winning a third straight series, the Maroons are determined to continue their dynasty. A late night for the winners, but they're already awake to what's at stake in 2009. No team's won four years in a row and hopefully we can be the first team in history to do it.

And with Israel Folau in the team, who's going to say they can't? COMMENTATOR: It's Israel Folau, like Superman! flying through the air His freakish aerial grab comparable to the finest marks seen in AFL. I watch a little bit of AFL and how they use their jumping style and I try to use a little bit of how they jump for the ball and put it into my game. It was the decider that had everything. Oh! He's been knocked out by the football!

And like a throwback to the '80s, Origin bad blood was back in a big way. Any time you land on your head it's always pretty scary, but I didn't think he'd send him off, not in an Origin game anyway. I tried to get my own back a little bit by throwing a few punches. Nate Myles is facing an 8-match ban for a dangerous throw. A badly broken arm for Scott Prince for Queensland. was the only other lowlight Prince out for up to 12 weeks,

despite the best efforts of the good doctor Wally Lewis. When I pushed myself back up off the ground there was a bit of movement, a bit of grinding of the bones and stuff, so it wasn't too flash. A well-known Johnathan Thurston play set up Billy Slater's match-winner.

Thurston with the description. The old show and go, baby - thank you. The Blues last shot at glory denied by a dubious forward pass ruling. Oh, I was filthy. Of course I blew up at the ref. I was desperate to come up with the goods there and win the game. It was our last good shot at it and I thought that he spoilt it.

Captain Danny Buderus's retirement the start of a Blues' clean-out. Not even the coach is sure if he'll be back. Adam Hawse, Ten News. The Swans welcome back ruckman Spider Everitt for Saturday night's blockbuster against Collingwood. But in a blow for the Magpies, their best ruckman, Josh Fraser, is still out injured. Paul Roos today talked up his good relationship with Collingwood, especially their CEO, former Fitzroy team-mate, Gary Pert. He was the best man at my wedding, so I spoke to him today and he gave me their team, which was nice of him. Still the friendship covers the CEO role. As long as Mick doesn't find out, it's OK, so keep that to yourself. Everitt replaces the suspended Adam Goodes. A Roger Federer - Rafael Nadal Wimbledon showdown is a step closer - the Swiss breezing past Croatia's Mario Ancic. he'll now play Marat Safin in the semis.

Spain's Rafael Nadal disposed of hometown favourite Andy Murray but his semifinal opponent is still to be decided

between Schuettler and Clement.

After rain caused a 1-hour delay to the start of the match

Federer made up for lost time by claiming the first set in just 20 minutes. Another rain delay followed - the world's best clinical upon resumption. such a good shot. COMMENTATOR: Oh, that's Ancic was the last man to beat Federer on grass way back in 2002, but it didn't count for much today. Oh, he's just savaging him now.

Federer's 64th consecutive win on the surface seeing him through to the semifinals.

I'm playing great, you know - serving excellent. You know, I got a high first-serve percentage and many aces again. Federer now meets Marat Safin of losing the opening set who felt the frustration to Feliciano Lopez COMMENTATOR: And that is goodbye. It was goodbye to Lopez three sets later though. Oh, absolutely terrific. As the 2-time Grand Slam-winning Russian marched through to his first ever Wimbledon semifinal. No matter what I do against Roger, I think it was a great two weeks. Britain's great hope, Andy Murray, was given a warm reception to Centre Court - far less welcoming. his opponent, Rafael Nadal,

The Spaniard dropped just five games in the first two sets... COMMENTATOR: Oh, that's just great. ..before claiming a convincing straight sets win. UMPIRE: Game, set, match, Nadal. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Time is running out for South African blade runner Oscar Pistorius's Olympics bid. The double amputee came up more than two seconds short in his first attempt at qualifying in Italy. I'm a bit disappointed with my time, you know. I didn't expect it to be wonderful, but I didn't expect it to be this bad. Pistorius has two more chances to qualify. He won a court battle to race in able-bodied events in May. And another Olympic race against the clock, this time by the people of Qingdao, who are still trying to clear the Games' sailing venue of a green algae bloom.

Millions of tonnes of the slime is being collected

by an army of volunteers and the army, on land and in the water. We must solve it quickly. We have no time. We have no time, correct. A few weeks now, yeah. Officials rule out pollution for the cause, blaming warm weather and currents. The Olympic sailing begins on August 9. Ahead in Sports Tonight, an injury concern in the Wallabies camp. Plus, the funding blow for one half of the V8 Supercars field.

There are major problems tonight

around Bastille. There's a burst around Bastille. There's a burst

water main on the Hume Highway. Its

it right near the shopping centre

at best he'll plaza. The Highways

completely blocked all the way back to Liverpool. Tim Bailey's back after the break with all the weather details.

We we've been getting some great

entries for the Environment Awards

and it tonight's candidate is mad.

By their own admission that they're

mad and I mean the end the ad

meaning make a difference. They do

make a difference. They're the

reverse garbage community Co-op.

They're about sustainable

containable and have been added

since 1974 turning waste into

resource. 10,000 cubic metres per

year. Though or launch a world-

class art gallery out of an

abandoned shipping container and

they also run education programmes and sponsor a disadvantage and sponsor a disadvantage

community groups. They recycle and re-use

re-use and they're remarkable and

in the running to wind $2,000 as

our monthly winner and also a

chance to take the $5,000 big prize

at the end of the year. If you're

giving the land hand or helping out

our waterways or wildlife we want

to hear it from you. You might know

someone who's up for this one so

nominate them. $2,000 every month

and 5000 at the end of the year. To

tomorrow is coming out of the

bottom drawer of your fridge with

goose bumps or all-over it. An

increasing cloud and south-easterly

winds with a late showers of. And a

sneaking up on the weekend they

could be a shower early an overcast

on Sunday.

Out over the South East and South

West is bring a Highland snowfalls.

Mostly clear across the interior

and the North. Tomorrow a trough and front will spend isolated

showers over a dumb at Western

Australia and a high will clear

Victoria generating a frosty

morning. A southerly change in a

morning. A southerly change in a

few showers for the New South Wales

coast. Isolated light showers along

coast. Isolated light showers along

the New South Wales coast and

Queensland coast and Cleary from

Queensland coast and Cleary from Victoria and Tasmania. Queensland coast and Cleary from

Victoria and Tasmania. On Friday

it'll be chilly. Showers well clear

in the morning for a blue day and

then a mainly cloudy day on Sunday. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight Thanks for your company.

We'll leave you tonight with pictures of the top 10 dancers from the show 'So You Think You Can Dance'. They're holding their final rehearsal ahead of a national stage tour. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

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