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go head to head State and Territory leaders over the nation's water crisis. An elderly man fronts court, his wife of 50 years to death. charged with bashing four hours trapped in a lift And the group who survived 150m above ground. Ten News with Natarsha Belling.

Good morning. of our greatest river system The survival is again set to dominate today's meeting now underway in Sydney. Council of Australian Governments is in Sydney for the meeting Ten political reporter Brad Hodson and State and Territory leaders. between the Prime Minister Brad, is there much confidence will be signed off on today? the Murray-Darling plan

Skidmore in. Well, the stakes and

territories have gone in with

positive outlooks to this morning's

talks. Hanging over them is the

possibility that this emergency possibility that this emergency

plan that is being proposed will

not gain crucial support. The

government wants to lift the 4% a

year levied which can be traded out

of the ailing system,

of the ailing system, which has

been hit by a historically low

inflows. South Australia has got

behind the plan. BS a Premier has

urged Premier from other states to

sign up. Victoria, however, is

holding out. The Victorian premier holding out. The Victorian premier

is saying he would like to seek

he signs. changes discussed effected before

he signs. Kevin ride at expressed

importance that agreement is

reached today. For 12 years we have

had inaction on the Murray-Darling

and in our first six months in office

office we have been trying to turn

that around. We are determined to

act on this and it's a long-term

the name challenge for Australia. Funding is

the name of the game in these talks,

and we are expecting money to be and we are expecting money to be

right on the table as the meeting

progresses. One of the issues is

the compensation T2 states and

territories trying to overturn red

tape. They say that by joining the

to lose National Movement, they are going

to lose out on millions of dollars

of revenue and would like to see

the Commonwealth step up to the

plate in terms of compensation. We

have also seen in New South Wales

attempt to get further funding from attempt to get further funding from

the government to fund their

election commitment of computers in

schools. Of course, while it is

schools. Of course, while it is crucial

crucial political issues are

dominating, I saw that the Prime

Minister was happy with the origin Minister was happy with the origin

result. Yes, Kevin Rudd is a

Queenslander and he visited the

team with Wayne Swan. Great game

the blues, from the Marines, great gain from from the Marines, great gain from

the blues, but a great game for

origin. We will have to wait and

talks here in Sydney. see if that flows through to the

outside the COAG meeting in Sydney. Thanks. Brad Hodson Federal Labor MP Belinda Neal says about the Iguanas nightclub affair she will talk to police if called on to do so.

as her husband, John Della Bosca, The concession comes Gosford Police station this morning finally attended to give his version of events. Neal was assaulted by the media. Police are also investigating claims about what happened? Why won't you talk and invaded her office Ms Neal says a TV crew trespassed at the rear of her electorate office. when they chased her down a stairwell with their grandmother Two children murdered at a home in central west NSW with an axe, as first thought. may not have been attacked

both were found wet Reports this morning indicate of the Cowra home. and in the bathroom They may have been drowned. has been charged A 69-year-old grandfather with murdering his wife, the children with an axe. and attacking his daughter for the woman - A special fund has been set up as she recovers in hospital. who is a police officer - has been shot dead in Tanzania. An Australian charity worker

Father of two Darren Stratti in the country's remote north was working in a village Food Water Shelter for the not-for-profit group when he was killed was a robbery gone wrong. in what some reports suggest is at Chipping Norton Ten reporter Evan Batten in Sydney's south-west

with family members. where he has spoken I have spent

I have spent some time with Darren

Stratti's family. It is incredibly

sad. He died two days ago in a

botched robbery. He has been in

Tanzania for 18 months helping to

build up that village. It will

eventually house up to 80 orphans.

Two days ago, thieves tried to

break in and steal

break in and steal only about break in and steal only about

$6,000 worth of building materials

and cash. Darren was shot. They

took him to three different

hospitals before they found the

late. right one. Unfortunately it was too

late. right one. Unfortunately it was too right one. Unfortunately it was too

could late. They were confident they

could do something about the w could do something about the wound.

They told her to wait outside. That

was not that long later that they

came out and told her he was gone.

He had punches in his long and then He had punches in his long and then

he had drowned in the blood. She he had drowned in the blood. She

said she would never have left him

if she'd known he would die. All

the time he was saying I will be

right, I will be right. right, I will be right. the time he was saying I will be the time he was saying I will be

right, I will be right. The family

is hoping to the body will be

brought home this weekend and are

hoping to hold a funeral some time next week. is appearing in court today, A 74-year-old Melbourne man of his wife of 50 years. charged with the bashing murder in a pool of blood The elderly woman was found inside the couple's home. the Melbourne Magistrates' Court Ten reporter Erin Cassar is outside with the latest.

74-year-old Peter Kerry so it is

facing court charged with that

merge their suffering his wife Rose.

A short time ago their son arrived

at court for today's hearing. Last night,

night, he was questioned for

several hours by police after being

charged over the bashing death of

his wife. We have got to get some

advice. It followed his arrest from advice. It followed his arrest from

his son's home earlier that

afternoon. He said he had returned

shopping centre from eight short trip to a nearby

shopping centre when he found his

wife in the hallway, bleeding from wife in the hallway, bleeding from

her head. He said he had expected -

- suspected a robbery, but the - Queensland police have started burning a cannabis crop estimated to be worth about $42 million.

It was seized in a raid on a rural property so large, detectives are still searching for more plants. Back on the job, and today they're looking for more plants and those who cultivated them. It's already one of Queensland's biggest hauls. Police raided a property near Inglewood, west of Brisbane,

and found seven crop sites and bales of cannabis. Such a huge seizure as this has been will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the market.

14,000 dried plants found inside camouflaged sheds were apparently ready for distribution. Cannabis production is highly organised. It's dangerous and a very profitable activity

and people involved will go to great lengths to protect their investment. 30 police are still searching over 1,700 hectares. So far they've reportedly found 26,000 plants, nine tonnes of cannabis, booby traps and 32,000 rounds of ammunition in an elaborate set-up. There's something like 6.5km of aggregation pipe that was feeding water to the crops. The operation may have been running for years, and Queensland detectives believe crop sitters are still on the run. Cannabis remains a very resilient and valuable crop.

and the demand for cannabis nationally has not dipped in the last two decades. A father and son have been remanded in custody to appear in court again late next month. Mark Suleau, Ten News. It's believed a body pulled from waters off Sydney's south-east late yesterday, could be that of missing teenager Shane Riley. Police are yet to confirm if it is the 16-year-old, who went missing while on the way to work on Friday.

Officers searching bushland in Malabar found items belonging to Shane, before they discovered the body at Lurline Bay. A post-mortem will be carried out today. 11 people have been rescued

after spending close to four hours stuck 150m above the ground in a lift. The group had to be helped through the ceiling of one lift and into another after the elevator in Sydney Tower stopped unexpectedly.

The lift has become stuck halfway up the tower, which would be somewhere in the vicinity of 170m. What happened was that they lifted the ceiling off the elevator and they pulled us out and we got in a different lift. No-one was injured. It's not known why the lift became stuck. 15 hostages have finally been rescued, five years after being taken prisoner in Colombia. That story next. And the construction worker who turned his bulldozer into a deadly weapon.

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This program is captioned live. 15 hostages have been rescued from Colombia after spending more than five years as prisoners. Among them, a former presidential candidate and three US military contractors

saved after soldiers tricked rebels into moving them.

Today in Colombia a joyful group of hostages including three Americans was rescued

after more than five years of jungle captivity. It was a moment of almost unimaginable joy for Ingrid Bettencourt, a well-known Colombian politician held since 2002. the three Americans hostages.

US intelligence helped locate the three American hostages. Then using unmarked helicopters seen in this cell phone video

The Colombian military went into the jungle and got them. Mark Gonsalves, Thomas Howell and Keith Stanselt were civilians working for the Pentagon when their plane was shot down by anti-government guerillas in 2003. Since then they had only been seen

in so-called "proof of life videos" released by the guerillas to prove their hostages were still alive. Hi Marianna, I'm sending you this note on 22 October, 2007. A total of 15 hostages were freed, all without a shot being fired. In a briefing, the Colombian military said the guerillas had been duped into thinking the hostages were simply being moved to another jungle camp. Bettencourt and three Americans were the prize hostages held by the guerilla organisation known as FARC, who'd been fighting a decade-long war funded by drug money

against the Colombian Government. FARC was using the hostages as bargaining chips for the release of captured guerilla leaders. Bettencourt was captured in 2002 while running for president, and the years in the jungle appear to have taken their toll. in reasonably good condition The three Americans were said to be and were medivacced to a US Army hospital in Texas. Schapelle Corby has been given a special treat,

as she battles depression. Under police guard, the former beauty therapist has been allowed to visit a beauty salon. Corby, who turns 31 next week and seeing seven psychiatrists. is reportedly under medication Doctors say her treatment will continue for another few days. A terrorist hoax shut down part of the Los Angeles International Airport this morning. A man reportedly walked up to police,

in his backpack claiming to have a bomb

which he threatened to detonate. Officers swarmed Terminal 3 - arresting the man and evacuating travellers. but no explosives were found. A number of flights were grounded The man is being questioned by the FBI. A man at the wheel of a 20-tonne bulldozer

has gone on a rampage along one of Jerusalem's busiest streets,

ramming buses, cars and pedestrians. His deadly drive only ended when an off-duty policeman managed to climb into the cab and shoot him dead. Out of nowhere moments of sheer horror - a bulldozer careers down a Jerusalem street smashing anything in its path. Police jump onto the side, shots ring out. The police have just killed the Arab driver who carved a path of death and destruction, smashing vehicles and the people inside them.

A packed commuter bus flipped on its side. Passengers were carefully helped to safety. Cars and vans crashed, people left trapped in the wreckage. Amateur footage shows the driver ploughing into its targets

leaving at least 3 dead and more than 40 injured, in what the Israel Government has called "an act of terror". He crushed anything and everything that was in sight. He struck a bus and a number of vehicles that were completely, in fact, squashed. It happened during the morning rush hour in downtown Jerusalem. The bulldozer rampaged along Jaffa Road,

one of the busiest in the Jewish part of the city. As it headed towards a crowded market the powerful vehicle smashed everything it struck. The 30-year-old driver who lived in the Arab area of East Jerusalem helping to build a new rail system. It's not yet clear exactly why he did it. But it seems to be yet another expression

of Palestinian rage and despair. The street where it happened has reopened, but Israelis won't easily forget the sudden shocking events that took place here. And it's another massive blow to hopes that Arabs and Jews can resolve their differences in the holy city. Julian Manyon, Ten News. Coffee giant Starbucks is set to close hundreds of stores across the US. The company is blaming the rocky economy

and the subprime mortgage crisis, which have consumers cutting back on their $4 lattes. Starbucks could use a jolt of its own. Rapid expansion and the struggling economy have caught up with the popular coffee chain. The company is closing 600 US stores in the next year. No word on which outlets will be shut down only that most of them opened after 2006. Starbucks is known for high-end specialty brews, and some say a $4 cup of coffee just cannot survive these tough economic times. For a caffeine fix MacDonalds has the $1 deals, Dunkin' Donuts has flavoured coffee, you can get that for $2. When I don't have it my pocket to go buy it then I'll know to stop drinking this coffee. But Starbucks isn't exactly disappearing from the coffee scene. Even with the closings there will be over 6,500 company-run stores in the US. so they'll always keep coming back. Company officials say the stores slated to close were not profitable and are mostly near existing outlets. About 12,000 employees will be impacted.

But it is not known how many jobs will be lost. Many workers will be relocated. But it's not all bad news for Starbucks. The Seattle-based company remains profitable, and plans to open 200 US stores next year in Washington. Joel Brown, Ten News. Prince William has been involved in a high seas drug bust.

He's serving on a British navy warship, the Iron Duke,

warship, the 'Iron Duke',

which intercepted a speedboat north of Barbados. and found 900 kilograms of cocaine The US Coast Guard boarded the vessel with a street value of at least $83 million. The captain says

the prince was involved in every phase of the 72-hour operation, from the planning through to the execution of the raid. The prince is serving on the warship to prepare him for his future role as head of the British armed forces.

The Sydney father helping his son's friends to buy their first home - and second and their third. Our feature story is next. And later in our entertainment -

affairs, porn addictions and alleged pay-offs - of supermodel Christie Brinkley the private life

becomes very public.

This program is captioned live. Recapping our top stories now, State and Federal Governments have squared up over the future of the Murray-Darling River. The Government has tabled a $13 billion emergency package

to save the ailing system,

but it's feared not all the States will back the plan. A man at the wheel of a 20-tonne bulldozer has gone on a rampage along one of Jerusalem's busiest streets, ramming buses, cars and pedestrians. His deadly drive only ended when an off-duty policeman managed to climb into the cab and shoot him dead. 11 people have been rescued after spending close to four hours in a lift. stuck 150-metres above the ground

The group had to be helped through the ceiling of one lift and into another after the elevator in Sydney Tower In finance news, the Australian share market has opened in the the red. The struggle to afford a home has never been as difficult but a Sydney father is doing his best to overcome that. David McDonald has devised a novel scheme

to help 60 of his son's friends get a foothold on the property ladder.

It's an average suburban kitchen, but the discussion here is anything but average. That was the second last property. That was a really good buy, that one. David McDonald is a semi-retired bricklayer, and with his wife and business partner, masterminds a multimillion-dollar property trust directly owned by dozens of teenagers and young adults. We've had so much success on the cheap ones, I think we should still go reasonably cheap -

anywhere between 280s to 330s. It began with his son Steve, the two investing in property together. When Steve died suddenly, aged 19, some of his mates came around to the family's home to help. They said that they'd like to get a start in it, but there's no way in the world they could save enough for a deposit. if they worked together, they could, And I just said that and it grew from there, where we started with a few people and it got to the point where we got 60-odd people.

They've each chipped in between $25 and $100 a week for the past few years. The trust now has eight properties in New South Wales and Queensland - with another two about to be bought. David expects the scheme to run for 10 years, when they'll decide whether to sell up and share the proceeds or keep going. If they've made no other savings, they're in front, they've saved. Hopefully, as I say, at the end of the day I'm hoping they're all going to come up with $100,000 or so they would not have earned. It's a point not lost on one of those involved. No way. Definitely not. Without Dave's help, everyone's help - all the board, I wouldn't have got anywhere near this far. Probably spent it on cars, going out, holidays, anything but savings. The fund had to overcome legal hurdles -

and getting finance was initially tricky. It also had to set up strict rules to cater for the young people. across hard times and can't

across hard times and can't work, For instance, if someone comes we said that we'd carry them for six months. And then after six months, they can start resuming payments to catch up and things like that, which no bank would ever allow that sort of situation. While David McDonald

and the other directors in his property trust are not professionals, they are well organised and well researched. But financial planners warn there may be pitfalls for others who believe this is an easy path to financial success.

They say key questions need to be considered. If I need to get my money out early, how can I do that? So, is there sufficient liquidity in the fund?

Secondly, do I understand the investment

and the risks involved? But the idea is drawing praise too. Any investment arrangement that encourages young people in particular to save on a regular and long-term basis is commendable. But for David McDonald there's an even greater reason to continue - helping his son's mates achieve financial security is a legacy no-one can put a price on. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Now for a look at the national weather, and for the rest of the day:

The former TV superstars reuniting for a shot at the big screen. Angela Bishop has that story and plenty more coming up next in our entertainment report.

This program is captioned live. Time now for our weekly entertainment report with Angela Bishop, is reportedly pregnant again? and, Ange, another Aussie actress

That's right, Tarsh. Less than 10 months after giving birth to her baby son, reports claim Naomi Watts is expecting. The 39-year-old is believed to be four months pregnant with her second child to American actor Liev Schreiber. The pair started dating in April 2005 and had their first child, Alexander Pete, in July last year. Watts is currently taking an extended career break to focus on motherhood. Her next movie project, 'The International', isn't scheduled for release until 2009. Following the success of 'Sex and the City' the cast of 'Friends' are now reportedly keen to reprise their roles. A film version of the award-winning show has finally been given the go-ahead and shooting should begin within the next 18 months.

Talk of a big-screen reunion has been doing the Hollywood rounds ever since the show wrapped up in 2004. But it's believed Jennifer Aniston had dragged her feet over playing the character Rachel. However, the 39-year-old is finally ready to do it. Affairs, porn addictions and alleged pay-offs - the private life of former supermodel has suddenly become very public.

She's requested an open court during her divorce trial, and the salacious details are coming thick and fast. Christie Brinkley is going very public to salvage what is left of her private life. The former cover girl invited reporters into a Long Island courtroom as she begins a nasty divorce trial

against estranged husband Peter Cook.

In testimony teeming with graphic details, Cook admitted to having an affair two years ago with 18-year-old Deanna Bianci and paying her $300,000. His relationship with the intern at his architectural firm

sent his 10-year marriage to Brinkley into a tailspin. Friends came to support the supermodel through a bitter custody battle, where both sides have plenty of ammunition. Brinkley's lawyers are painting Cook as a philandering husband with a $3,000 a month pornography habit.

A man they say, led a double life and a father with a mean streak. Brinkley, who wanted this public trial is taking hits too. Cook's lawyers paint her as a woman scorned, on her fourth husband and out for revenge. The couple is fighting over sole custody of their 10-year-old daughter Sailor, and Jack, Brinkley's son from her last marriage. The 54-year-old's daughter

from her marriage to Billy Joel, Alexa Ray, is expected to testify in a month-long trial. Taking centre-stage Wednesday, the young woman who played the pivotal role in the unravelling of Brinkely's marriage. Biachi is expected to testify that Cook seduced her,

then paid her to keep quiet about their Hamptons trysts.

In Central Islip New York, Kathryn Brown, Ten News. Country star Melinda Schneider is tuning up for the launch of her new album at a soiree in Sydney tonight. In true country music style, the Golden Guitar winner has been through some tough times, and then written songs about them, summed up in the album's title, 'Be Yourself'. The album also features a duet with Olivia Newton-John called 'Courageous', the pair bonding when Melinda joined Olivia's Great Walk to Beijing fundraiser earlier this year. Will Smith's latest movie sees him play an unlikeable, inebriated bum who happens to have special powers. But it's not long before the stupefied superhero is given a much-needed makeover. Fellas, give yourself up quietly. (GUNSHOT) OK. Let's talk about this movie. Let's talk about Hancock. Because basically, you play a bum. when we first see you, you are a bum. A bum superhero.

I can smell that liquor on your breath. I have not been drinking. Did you have to get in touch with your inner bum? Let me tell you, that was the - Hancock says anything, does anything.

Call me a jackass one more time. Jackass. (Screams) How about you, thickness? Goggles?

He is rude, mean to kids, that was so bizarre and opposite to what my natural instincts, you know. Sure, how you are wired. It was actually difficult for the first couple of weeks, but it actually turned into one of the guilty pleasures.

Who is he like? When you're acting, you're trying to find a model. When you look at a character, something in your life you are trying to find that you have some comprehension of. And the big, superstar athlete was sort of the approach, where someone is so talented and people expect so much from them that they are not allowed to really be human. I do public relations. People do not like you, Hancock. Do I look like I care what people think? I think a great turn for me in the movie was this PR Guy, played by Jason Bateman, decides he is going to help you out. image makeover. Really what you just need is a good Right, absolutely. As it turns out, even superheroes have failings.

That's true. After all, I am the only one of my kind. You deserve better from me. I will be better. Now, you do end up in a superhero costume. Yes. I ain't wearing that.

Hancock - he is fighting it all along the way. He doesn't like that. But we made one major adjustment from most superheroes. We put the underwear on the inside of the pants. That is huge - that is ground-breaking.

As Americans, we are really used to our superheroes having the underwear on the outside. We broke the genre. I want to ask you a serious question about how many movies in a row you have made that have made over $100 million?

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. A lot. Yeah.

here you were on the junket, All through the summer, you were out you were talking to the press and everything else like that, Do you feel the pressure? It is funny. It is not about me, per se. I study the patterns of the universe. Things happen certain ways, so you line up the elements and then the universe does the work.

Okay. The Fourth of July it is the biggest American movie weekend

and has been for four years. So, you put a movie that has a special effects, you make it funny and PG 13. Is this 'just add water and mix'? is it that simple?

I mean, you have got to make the movie good, to me that is the only hard part. See, if it were that simple, I could be in the movie and it would open on 4th July and everybody would go. We will deconstruct the universe the next time. Absolutely. Alright, I appreciate it. Thank you so much. An absolute pleasure. Jack Thompson has treated audiences to a glimpse of some of the music they can expect to hear in the highly anticipated film, 'Australia.' On stage at a Sydney fundraiser the actor gave a quick instrumental rendition of 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'. was full of confidence And the veteran performer about the Baz Luhrman epic. When you look at what we're doing. When you see the material that we've shot. This is going to be a classic This is going to be a c Australian movie forever, in the history of Australian cinema. Australia is scheduled for release in November.

Alan Jones has called a press

conference in Sydney today for 12 o'clock

o'clock - as you can imagine, the

gossip has gone into overdrive that

he may be going to retire or scale

back his work. We will bring that

news when it happens.

'Australia is scheduled for release in November. Ahead in sport - six straight Wimbledon semifinals. Roger Federer makes it that's when Ten's Morning News returns. And Queensland and NSW turn on an old-fashioned State of Origin decider.

This program is captioned live. Checking conditions on the snow fields now, we're joined by Fiona Gwyther from Thredbo. How are the slopes shaping up?

The snow-clad has cleared up by

overnight, leaving us with a

gorgeous Thursday. The snow is

buckling under all this Sunshine.

Definitely a day you do not want buckling under all this Sunshine. Definitely a day you do not want to be

be stuck in the office. The Definitely a day you do not want to be stuck in the office. The snow

will at the start out hard-packed,

but will soften as the debate goes

on. At Perisher Blue, 16 lifts are

up and running. Crossing the border

to Victoria - similar conditions.

up and running. Crossing the border to Victoria - similar conditions. to Victoria - similar conditions.

Now, this sunny weather will be

sticking around for the weekend.

The Snow Fairy will be making a

comeback on Monday, so things are

looking good for a white school

holidays. Thanks. Fiona Gwythwer in Thredbo. Queensland is celebrating a third straight State of Origin rugby league series win over NSW. It's the first time they've done that since 1989. A late try to Billy Slater sealed a 16-10 victory for the Maroons.

For the third consecutive year, the Origin hardware is staying north of the border. A thrilling series victory, decided in emphatic fashion. COMMENTATOR: Thurston's gone inside, gives it to Slater - here comes another Origin try! Two of Queensland's favourite sons delivered the knockout blow, and with it a new era of Queensland supremacy. Three in a row - how good's that?

These guys deserve all the acolades they can get. Forwards deserve a lot of credit - they laid a good platform, and the old show and go, baby - thank you. The game had it all, from some old-fashioned biff to a broken arm. Scott Price forced off early in the first half and in need of surgery, but it only briefly slowed the tempo, with boy wonder Israel Folau at his freakish flying best. Check him for a cape. Is there a cape with an 'S' on it?

That is just brilliant! The 19-year-old man of the match bagged a double, leaving Danny Buderus empty-handed in his last Origin encounter.

Obviously it's my last game and we've lost, but on the other hand, and on the other scale I'm proud and privileged to have played in that game. It's disappointing for us that we couldn't do it for Danny tonight.

as everyone knows, but he's one hell of a bloke too. Matt Cooper scored the Blues' only 4-pointer. While Nate Myles could have scored up to eight weeks out for this tackle. The enforcer was charged with a grade 3 dangerous throw. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. Collingwood is expected to bring back a host of big names for its clash with Sydney this Saturday. After two straight losses, the Pies need a win to stay in touch with the top four.

Ravaged by injury a fortnight ago, the week off proved a near-perfect remedy for Collingwood. the news is better for a trio of his teammates. Leon Davis is over an ankle complaint, Shane Wakelin

while Josh Fraser will also return. The ruckman likely to go forward and stretch the Sydney defence. So we're gonna have to look at the different structure this time. And certainly playing all three ruckmen is a definite possibility. Collingwood's big man stocks further bolstered by the return of Travis Cloke from suspension. On the flip-side for the Swans Adam Goodes is out serving his penance - the first match Paul Roos has coached without his dual Brownlow medallist. Yeah, it's a bit different without him. I'm sure we'll miss his running. But our younger players as we've shown the whole year -

they've stepped up. injury-prone Tiger Mark Coughlan

While Richmond has the week off,

will make yet another comeback attempt this weekend - through the VFL. The midfielder, who travelled to Germany in May for radical hamstring treatment, will line up for Coburg on Sunday. Fremantle's Paul Hasleby is still a long way from returning from a knee injury. But the Docker has revealed how the setback had him weighing up his playing future. I remember speaking to the guys, a few weeks after my knee

and I got a little bit teary at one of the meetings. Just because of the fact that I honestly believe

they'd be sitting up the top of the ladder. And this was going to be Freemantle's biggest year, and I wasn't going to be a part of it. Roger Oldridge, Ten News. Roger Federer is a step closer to making it six consecutive Wimbledon titles. The Swiss breezing past Croatia's Mario Ancic. He'll face Marat Safin in the semis, While Spain's Rafael Nadal beat hometown favourite Andy Murray.

After rain caused a one-hour delay to the start of the match Federer made up for lost time by claiming the first set in just 20 minutes Another rain delay followed.

The world's best clinical upon resumption.

COMMENTATOR: Oh, that's such a good shot. Ancic was the last man to beat Federer on grass way back in 2002 but it didn't count for much today COMMENTATOR: Oh, he's just savaging him now.

Federer's 64th consecutive win on the surface seeing him through to the semifinals. I'm playing great, you know. Many aces agai.n Federer now meets Marat Safin who has felt the frustration of losing the opening set to Feliciano Lopez COMMENTATOR: And that is goodbye. It was goodbye to Lopez three sets later though. COMMENTATOR: Oh, absolutely terrific. As the 2-time Grand Slam winning Russian marched through to his first ever Wimbledon semifinal. No matter what I do against Roger, it's been a great two weeks. Britain's great hope Andy Murray was given a warm reception to centre court. His opponent Rafael Nadal far less welcoming.

The Spaniard dropped just five games in the first two sets. COMMENTATOR: Oh, that's just great.

Before claiming a convincing straight sets win. UMPIRE: Game set match, Nadal. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Last week we brought you a story on the algae bloom that's spread over the Olympic sailing course. Well, the clean-up is under way, but there's still a long way to go. When the Chinese promised the world a green Olympics

no-one had this in mind - a thick carpet of algae and a sea that seems better suited to lawn tennis than sailing. It's like some strange alien invasion - a huge gooey monster that's washed up. But the problem really isn't here on the beach, it is out there where this green mess has become a real menace

to those seeking gold here. Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson are big British hopes. In Qing Dao in-training they have mastered the waves but not the weeds that cover a third of the Olympic course. Some of these patches are kind of football pitch size, when you hear them, when you hit them, and they're really thick and algae-like seaweed really solid, you come in at quite a pace and just ride slowly through. They're raking the sea clean. The Chinese blame warm waters, quirky currents and ill winds, is sending this lot their way. anything but pollution for sending this lot their way.

Well, you don't need to go far to find this stuff. It's green, it's slimy, and it's quite smelly. And it's literally all over the ocean around here.

And in true Chinese style they have motivated and mobilised an army of volunteers. They are fighting to clear the beaches, to salvage national pride. We must solve it quickly. We have no time, we have no time, correct. Just a few weeks now? A few weeks now, yeah. But come the Games, they promise the goo will be gone. John Ray, Ten News. has been dumped by Ford Motor racing legend Dick Johnson after the car manufacturer decided to cut spending on motorsport. The decision is expected to save Ford around $3 million, which will help offset losses from the declining sales of their flagship Falcon. was also dumped. The Triple 8 team of Craig Lowndes It dampens news that a street race through Sydney is on the cards for next year. The national weather details when the Morning News returns.

Ingham chicken - beautiful, juicy, tasty Tenders,

made with 100% Australian chicken breast. But what if you're one of the 14 Australians who don't like chicken? Then there IS something wrong with you. And if these don't win you over, we can help by keeping your sad affliction a secret. Take this chicken fragrance, for instance.

Use it in your car, or home. Oh, have you been eating chicken?! Because if you don't like chicken, there is something VERY wrong with you.

This program is captioned live. Recapping our top stories now - State and Federal Governmen have squared up over the future of the Murray-Darling River. The Government has tabled a $13 billion emergency package to save the ailing system, but it's feared not all the States will back the plan. A man at the wheel of a 20-tonne bulldozer has gone on a rampage along one of Jerusalem's busiest streets,

ramming buses, cars and pedestrians. His deadly drive only ended when an off-duty policeman managed to climb into the cab and shoot him dead. 11 people have been rescued after spending close to four hours stuck 150m above the ground in a lift. The group had to be helped through the ceiling of one lift and into another after the elevator in Sydney Tower stopped unexpectedly.

Now for a look at the national weather.

Almost time to say bye-bye Big Brother -

less than three weeks to go before someone is crowned the winner of 'Big Brother' 2008. Australia, your votes decide.

Will it be beautiful Bianca? The youngest in the house and a nomination regular who likes to speak her mind.

Evict Bianca by dialling: Rory, the tradie with the trademark dreadlocks is another nominations veteran. Evict him from the house by dialling: Grandma Terri - she's taken her knitting needles into the house. If you want to stitch her up and show her the door call: And finally Travis, the voice of reason.

If you're tired of listening to him phone: Or have your say by texting their names to 19 10 10. Belong votes cost 55 cents maximum. 190 votes from mobiles extra. Lines close at 7:45pm AEST Sunday July 6. Terms and conditions -