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(generated from captions) Slang... Can I have another hint? Oh! Nuh. Nuh. 'Fair dinkum'! Fair dinkum, mate, that was hard. This program is captioned live. three young children found dead Family tragedy - a father and his on a remote south coast property. everything more expensive. How rising fuel prices are making

is diesel to run the fishing boats. The number one input cost for this crash victim from disaster. The heroes who saved an elderly I was frightened to move. charge of the operation And Greg Norman takes personal to keep his wedding private. Good evening. In a shocking family tragedy, have been found dead a man and his three children on the far South Coast. in an apparent murder-suicide at Pericoe, The bodies were found in a car inland from the coastal town of Eden. about 450km south of Sydney and The tragedy unfolded surrounded by rugged bushland. on a property in a clearing of a man and his three children - Slumped in a car, the bodies a 5-year-old girl, a 7-year-old boy, just 18 months old. and another little boy to a generator and the car's exhaust, Pipes had been connected possessions scattered nearby. some of their clothes and this morning. The alarm was first raised

So remote is the Perico area several hours to get there. that it took police from Eden of unimaginable sadness. What met them was a sight the result of a murder-suicide. The deaths are thought to be anyone else was involved. Police don't believe has been found safe and well. The mother of the children at the time of the deaths. Relatives say she was not at home there's little kids involved. Not very good because the family. Everyone did, I think. I knew there was problems with Autopsies will be held on the bodies the exact time and cause of death, to determine may have been dead for several days. but it's believed the four Although authorities say any of the local schools, the children did not attend the tragedy has left all of the South Coast Bega Valley in shock.

on the far South Coast. Jessica Rich, Nine News, We've had transport chaos all week, for rail passengers. the latest causing serious problems and this morning The delays overnight came as an international expert a "global joke". labelled our transport system promised better train services, Just three days after the Government so many know and loathe the rail network thousands of lives. was again disrupting I think it's never been worse. commuters on the North Shore line This morning, for work were running up to an hour late after a track failure at Roseville. were stranded in a tunnel Last night, 200 passengers Eastern Suburbs line near Edgcliffe. when a train broke down on the Government can't get anything right. This is further proof that this we've become a laughing stock. It stuffs up so much - no wonder was referring to comments The Opposition Leader of Public Transport from the International Association

that Sydney was a "global joke" to introduce integrated ticketing because a 6-year attempt in a $200 million legal battle. has ended ticketing systems, If you were selling about contracting with Sydney you'd be a bit wary you might end up in court. if you thought around the world Why is it that more than 90 cities have integrated ticketing? Victoria have integrated ticketing? Why is it that Queensland and than we were 10 years ago. Here in NSW, we're further behind

And the rail union says would be more reliable existing ticketing machines

to maintain them. if enough workers were employed in the machine There's too much money or they've run out of tickets, that's causing it, so it's not a mechanical problem it's a servicing problem. Adam Walters, Nine News. hit yet another record high, World oil prices overnight in New York and London. reaching well over US$140 a barrel

it will pass $170 dollars a barrel There are now predictions that before the end of the year, in our daily lives. causing increasing financial pain

John Kerrison joins us now is becoming pretty widespread? and John, unfortunately that pain

reaching records in New York seemed

remote and tell that the price

starts to back at the bows of.

We're hearing stories about how

those high prices a triggering a

chain reaction, sending up the cost

of fuel and abetting the most honourable in our community.

in New York can seem remote News of skyrocketing oil prices feeds 15,000 people across NSW. Meals on Wheels So how are you feeling? But volunteers drive their own cars. With only a small allowance, long they can afford to keep helping. many of them are now questioning how $60 to fill his car It costs Bill Turbett has launched a campaign and the charity calling for more government funding. it'd be wonderful, If we could get a little bit more,

to get a little bit more. but I don't know how we're going Fisherman on the Southern Ocean to fill their trawlers. are paying $30,000 is diesel to run the fishing boats. The number one input cost for this is rising dramatically The price of fresh food like fish

but the customers are shying away

biting their own budgets. because petrol's

the fishmonger struggles to afford. Fisherman want prices

their vessels, They're talking about tieing up out of the business, they're talking about just getting they can't afford to do it anymore. when the people who sell us petrol And it's no consolation are feeling the heat. its profit forecasts are down Refining company Caltex says for the first six months this year. about 40% that the era of low oil prices Unfortunately, it does appear

has gone forever. to higher prices. We are going to have to get used At least a glimmer of hope this morning. at this petrol station in Leumeah gave away free petrol Nine News and radio station c91.3 campaign. as part of the Free Fuel Fridays

and Channel Nine - thank you! c91.3, you're brilliant John, what were petrol prices like to fill up today? for drivers needing

We've not seen records at the

Bowser today. Prices for unleaded

at about a dollar 64 to about $1.70

a later. If we see the world oil

price continue to grind it's likely

records could break as early as Wednesday. It's not just petrol and food going up. The power companies want another rise in electricity prices. That's on top of the increase of up to $90 a year due to kick in on Tuesday. They say they need a further $100 from every household to cover the cost of new cables and sub-stations. One of the main reasons for the upgrade -

to cope with our increased use of air-conditioners. The heroic efforts of three men saved an elderly driver last night, after her car crashed on a bridge near Maitland. The trio stopped her vehicle sliding off and crashing 10 metres onto railway tracks below. It was a balancing act between road and railway tracks and sitting in the driver's seat, a nervous Berris Russell.

I was frightened to move in case I made the difference between staying there and falling on the line. She was crossing the bridge when she misjudged the railing. I just seen the lady hit the guardrail and the next thing I knew it was hanging over the bridge. As the car slipped forward three men jumped onto the boot, while another attached a cable. They had some good advice... Sit still. others rushed to help. There were lots of offers for cups of tea. There was also a blanket and a dressing-down from her daughter when Berris was eventually pulled free. She was the calm one. I was the one that was frantic. There's another reason why Berris should be thankful

her car didn't end up on the tracks.

Only minutes after she was pulled from the car, a train came through.

One of the local trains went straight underneath the bridge. It was very close, very close. Larry also dropped in to make sure she was following orders. I've got that appointment with the doctor, so I've done what you said. I'm a good girl. The 84-year-old is fiercely independant, but for the meantime, she's happy to take the passenger seat.

Denham Hitchcock, Nine News. During a week when Jane McGrath's battle with breast cancer has dominated headlines, there's encouraging news on the early detection of the disease. British researchers have developed a simple mouth swab which can quickly show whether a woman's genetic makeup means she's more likely to develop breast cancer. Wendy Tanton had no family history of breast cancer but she fell victim to it all the same.

For me it was a big shock to find out I had breast cancer. If I had been offered a test in my 30's to determine whether I was susceptible to breast cancer

I would have certainly taken it. The Cambridge team identified seven genes containing breast cancer's warning signs. Having just one increases the risk by up to 20% above the normal.

A small number of women, about 5%, carry all genes. They are susceptible to a 200% increased risk. You could identify the 5% of women and offer them mamograms from the age of 40 rather than wait until they get to 50. Australian experts welcome the developing research but urge caution in its application until it's garunteed foolproof. We can be unnecessarily alarming women who may, in fact, not develop breast cancer ever. On the other hand, it could falsely reassure women

on the basis of such screening that they won't develop breast cancer. Peter Harvey, Nine News. The quest for absolute privacy seems to be distracting Greg Norman from the joys of his weekend wedding to Chris Evert. Norman is personally steering the campaign to block media attention at his luxury Bahamas hotel. An Australian newspaper team the latest to be caught in his security dragnet. News Ltd reporter Peta Hellard and photographer Jeff Rayner have had a blunt taste of the Norman security machine.

Ahead of the golfer's takeover of the luxurious Ocean Club complex, they've had bookings at the hotel, but they've hardly been getting the 5-star treatment. Halfway through dinner, two security officials interrupted and marched Rayner outside. Four of their colleagues joined in, questioning and threatening the photographer.

The chief of security said to me, "We can call the chief of police. "He can arrest you and throw you into jail at any moment." Working closely with the local police, the security team can order the arrest of Rayner and Hellard

the moment they step back on the island. And they've lost their photos of the hotel interior. They were forced to delete them in front of their eviction committee. Norman is believed to have taken personal charge of this security effort, guarding his wedding to tennis great Chris Evert. From what we understand, he has been dealing very closely with the private security firm that he has hired. Despite the threats, Peta Hellard and Jeff Rayner still have every intention of covering the story they were sent here for - Sunday's wedding. Only they'll do so at a safe distance. I will respect their wishes,

but at the same time, we're here to cover the news. Peter Stefanovic, Nine News, Paradise Island, the Bahamas. In the news ahead - legendary Paralympic skier Michael Milton on his bike to Beijing and growing speculation that Madonna wants a divorce. Right now at Target get 10% to 40% off women's, men's and kids' clothing, sleepwear and footwear. Excludes underwear, socks and hosiery. We've got the whole family covered from top to bottom.

Former surgeon Jayant Patel could be back in Australia within weeks, following a brief court hearing in the US this morning. He formally agreed to his extradition, but he'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out if he can leave prison on bail. With his lawyer, his wife, and just a couple of friends

in the Portland courtroom with him, a broken Jayant Patel, in prison-issue blue overalls, made his surrender official, signing a consent to extradition form.

I think everyone would agree that this a good development. A judge will decide tomorrow whether Patel will be allowed bail to spend time with family, and finalise personal affairs before heading to Australia.

Planning is now under way to bring the former Bundaberg Hospital surgeon back to Queensland to face the 14 charges against him, including three of manslaughter. Any speculation that it could be a matter of weeks rather than months would be correct. Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson this morning briefed the premiers, police minister's and Attorney General's Departments on the next step.

We can't imagine it would take any more than seven days from the time we got official notification here

to the time our detectives are in Portland Oregon. The question of whether bail will be opposed once Patel arrives here is one authorities won't speculate on, but the Police Commissioner has asked the State's top prosecutor to appear, when Patel finally does face a Queensland court. Matt Dunstan, Nine News.

The United States has eased sanctions on North Korea after progress towards dismantling its nuclear weapons program. If North Korea continues to make the right choices, it can repair its relationship with the international community. The US has scrapped one of its trade bans, rewarding the communist state for giving up information on its production of plutonium - the material needed for a nuclear bomb.

But it's a long way from disarmament and the process could take years to complete. Bill Gates is logging off from his truly remarkable career tonight, the computer billionaire retiring as head of Microsoft.

The change we're announcing today is not a retirement, it's a re-ordering of my priorities. Gates is shifting full time to the charity he runs with his wife. He's been a willing player in farewell tapes

which poke fun at his future goals.

Am I ready to take my shirt off? Um...not yet. Gates founded Microsoft with his friend Paul Allen in 1975. The rumours are getting louder than ever

that the marriage of Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie is over.

British newspapers claim the pop star has told her film director husband that she wants a divorce

and has hired Paul McCartney's divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton. The couple has been married for seven years and has 3 children. As a Paralympic skier, Michael Milton made it to the very top - on one leg! Now he wants to do it on 2 wheels. He's been named as one of 18 Australian cyclists who'll compete at the Beijing Paralympics. They're on the road to Beijing and saddled up for his first summer Games - a winter superstar. Realistically, I'm an absolute rookie. I have zero international cycling experience. But Michael Milton knows how to win -

six gold medals at six winter Paralympics, along the way becoming the fastest Australian man on skis. And then the best victory of all. against cancer, after doctors gave him little hope 12 months ago. What I get a real kick out of, is setting goals

and working my guts out to achieve them. The 35-year-old will become the fourth Paralympian to compete at both a winter and summer Games. For 19-year-old Jayme Paris, it will be her first Paralympics. Great. Undescribable feeling, yeah.

Suffering cerebral palsy, the Doonside school student was still riding with training wheels when she was 11. I'm so proud there's not enough room left in my heart for what this baby girl has done.

Jayme missed out selection in 2004 as a swimmer. Now she'll be riding for gold in Beijing. Take your kids out of their comfort zone. They did, and look. Damian Ryan, Nine News. Ken Sutcliffe joins us with sport from Wimbledon next - where Ken, Lleyton Hewitt's back on court tonight. He meets Simone Bolelli in the third round Mark, but Maria Sharapova is out in the big upset of day four. Also, a couple of surprise visitors to the Blues training session in the build-up to the Origin decider.

EXCITING MUSIC Canberra's biggest ever display village has so many brilliant ideas you'll be dazzled. The LDA/HIA Display Village in Gungahlin. Be dazzled this weekend. Highlights from Wimbledon in a moment, but first to rugby league

and two key matches to kick off round 16 of the NRL. At CUA Stadium, Penrith hosts Brisbane, while across town it's the Roosters against the Bulldogs. Nine's league reporter Danny Weidler is at the SFS. Danny.

I'm hearing there's a bit of drama

in the blogs camp. The chairman is

having some trouble is with the

coach, it Steve Folkes. Their

relationship has deteriorated but

they're still speaking. Folks is

being pressured to quit by the end

of the season and he's has said

today he'll stay put. Sonny Bill

Williams is returning so that will

help them win perhaps. Speaking of

origin, there was a surprise

visitor to the New South Wales

Origen team training today. This large blow-up cattledog is supposed to be the Blues new mascot. More about that in a moment.

Bill Harrigan's presence at Blues training could throw a cat among the pigeons. Harrigan will be a video referee for Wednesday night's decider. Craig Bellamy denies there's anything sinister about him doing some whistle blowing during a Blues training session. We want to try and make our training as game-related as possible, so if we've got a referee there, well, that helps.

Sun, surf and resort-style living at their camp on the Central Coast

must remind the Queenslanders of home.

Branding NSW whingers, Mal Meninga has accused the Blues of applying enormous pressure to referee Tony Archer ahead of the decider. That's good coming from them. Now back to that cattledog. Former captain and coach, Tom Raudonikis came up with the idea that this unofficial mascot will give the Blues more mongrel. Everyone's keen to get in and like you said,

get a bit more mongerel in ya. Everyone's got it in them but it's trying to stay within the law. The only problem - This breed is commonly known as a Queensland cattledog.

The game tonight will be the

Panthers against the A few surprises here at Wimbledon,

but none bigger than the defeat of Maria Sharapova by a little-known Russian compatriot ranked 154 in the world. 2-time finallist Andy Roddick was also eliminated, while Rafael Nadal marched on. But Sharapova's defeat came out of the blue. Sharapova's fashion elegance counted for nothing on a day when she looked clumsy. COMMENTATOR: That's the bread and butter stuff she's missing now. The world number two struggled and it was the other Russian making the right impression. That's good play. Sharapova's bad day ended as Kudryavtseva stepped out of her compatriot's shadow. That's it - what an incredible victory!

The girl that beat me probably won't win the tournament, but she beat me and that's probably made her tournament. The Sharapova shriek won't be heard again at Wimbledon this year, but defending champion Venus Williams roared into the third round. Local tennis-heads were hoping for an upset as Williams took on Britain's Anne Keothavong. The American was stretched in the first set and struck in the second, but wasn't to be denied. Rafael Nadal was on his toes for the second round and against Ernests Gulbis he needed to be. Down the line backhand. Nadal had to battle hard and it brought out some of his best tennis. Andy Roddick's campaign ended in a high quality and emotional loss to Janko Tipsarevic. Spain will meet Germany in Monday morning's final of soccer's Euro 2008. As lightning flashed overhead, the Spanish struck three times in the second half of their semifinal against the Guus Hiddink-coached Russia. Spain is hoping to end a dry spell at major tournaments stretching back to 1964,

when they last won the European championships. To finance now and that record high oil price hit our stockmarket today, the All Ords 72 points lower. Banking and resource stocks fell led by BHP Billiton which lost 2.5%.

After the break, Mike Bailey will have all the weekend weather details. Full details at 6:30. Coming up on WIN News... An ADFA cadet appears in court, accused of killing his friend in a car crash, A bleak forecast for the region's ski resorts, And Raider Glen Turner weighs up his future. Details next. It's freezing outside.

Hey, looks like Dad's home. Barry doesn't always make the best choices but one of his better ones was to connect his home to natural gas. He's saving money, helping the environment and keeping his family warm in winter. Have you got gas? Visit us at:

Now here's Mike with the weather and the weekend's looking good? Yes Mark, but expect cold nights. Clear skies and light winds are combining for the dark-time chill. Richmond had minus-1 this morning, but sunshine there, as on the coast, took the maximum to 19 degrees.

For the city, that figure is 3-above average. A strong, slow moving high means similar conditions over the weekend. On-shore winds ahead of it will bring isolated showers to parts of the northern Queensland coast, and there's a trough moving from the west. Cloud with that brought welcome rain for the wheat belt in WA and it's moving slowly east. But, longer term, the latest seasonal climatic report predicts

below-average rain for most of the nation over the next few months. Falls tomorrow again will be through southern parts of WA at first The patchy rain will spread into SA and slowly further east. That means more showers for Perth.

There'll also be coastal falls with on-shore winds for parts of Victoria, Tasmania, and north Queensland. Early frost and fog patches inland for Sydney tomorrow. Then mostly sunny with generally light winds. On coastal waters, south-west/south-easterly getting up to 15 knots. Seas and swell are low, and winds should be north/north-west on Sunday. Overnight temperatures will be down to begin the weekend, with tomorrow's highs close to those of today. The city should go from 8-19. A little milder on Sunday, with tops of 20. The fine sunny days will continue into next week but with winds freshening at times as cold fronts cross areas further south, Mark. That's the news for this Friday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Hope you have a great weekend. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Questions over the quality of child protection services in the A.C.T . Calls for political intervention to reduce the high cost of diesel, And, a bleak forecast for the region's ski resorts.

Good evening, first tonight, Six streets have been cordoned off in Hughes, after commercial grade explosives

was found at a local home. More than fifteen police officers and five fire tankers