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(generated from captions) in the final analysis. Not bad dealing, actually, yourself back on the payroll, Tim, And for $500, to make sure you get what do you think's in 16? Let's see. Come on. Um, I think I've got $3,000. Make it so. It's... Awww. $1 there. ladies and gentlemen. $3, here, Yep. And $10,000 in here. $10,000. Let's see the money. Interesting fact. Interesting fact. Thank you. the lowest offer of the whole match. You ultimately, Em, settled for you did so well early on So it was lucky

was 10 grand! 'cause your lowest offer Well done, pal. Thanks. It's been a lot of fun. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks, Jenny. get yourself along to Mini Maestros. And, ladies and gentlemen, Trust Walter P. Smythe? Sure can't. Sounds like fun.

See you next time. This program is captioned live. Tonight - to a young Sydney woman family and friends pay tribute as her accused killer faces court. Spit Bridge solution The Government's malfunction and chaos. after an apology for last night's We go inside her hospital prison. Schapelle Corby's health improves.

Australians are living longer And a new snapshot shows on the planet. than almost everyone else with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News her 24th birthday, On what would have been Good evening.

has honoured her memory a Sydney woman's family and shed tears faced court. as the man accused of killing her Chantelle Delboe died in January was shunted into a power pole. when the car she was travelling in Today should have been special. Chantelle's birthday. Today should have been at 8:00 o'clock this morning I thought about her 24 years ago. because she was born at 8:00 o'clock It's probably the toughest day. Yeah. (Sighs) to have run Chantelle This is the man who's alleged off the Hume Highway by the side of the road and left her to die at Warwick Farm in January. His name is Anthony Hrycyk. police spoke to him the next day. He left the crash scene -

to 10 driving offences Today in court he pleaded not guilty causing death. including dangerous driving REPORTER: Anthony, to Chantelle's family? is there anything you'd like to say He'll be back in court in September.

I cry every day for my daughter Yeah, it's hard.

who's lost their child. like every parent it's a cruel twist of fate The Delboes say have begun that Hrycyk's court proceedings 24th birthday on the day of Chantelle's her life but they're determined to celebrate and not dwell on her death. Today is about Chantelle. Today is not about me. of her court case. Today is not about the commencement Chantelle. Today is about my beautiful girl, To help that memory live on, from where she died. a tree was planted just metres This is a Tibouchina tree was purple and Chantelle's favorite colour beautiful purple blooms on it and yes, it's going to have this time next year. Northern Beaches Residents of Sydney's are furious at being stranded of the Spit Bridge. by a major malfunction for three hours last night. The 50-year-old span jammed open The Government's sorry

it won't happen again. but can't guarantee to close off the Northern Beaches. Dodgy electrics is all it took traffic stood still. As the Spit Bridge stood suspended took to boats. Some abandoned their cars, It happened at 7:30 in the gridlock. but the electrician was caught It wasn't fixed till 10:00. on the Northern Beaches. There is white rage with contempt. We are sick of being treated inconvenience that it's caused. Obviously, we apologise for the Apology not accepted. I think it is appalling. their backsides and fixed it up. It's about time these people got off

does nothing about roads The current State Government and it's a disgrace. to fix the bridge for years They've been promising with more lanes. I would estimate on some days would be saved. several minutes of travel time But they scrapped it, too expensive. The plan now?

They're working on it. on a number of options. The working group is indeed settling

or changing traffic arrangements Of course building extra lanes occasionally open the bridge doesn't remove the need to what gives way - so then it's a question of cars or boats? After last night, an easy choice. I think it may be appropriate for even the evening. to review opening times

Bad news for boaties. I find it incredible that opening of the bridge for 7:30 the minister thinks by stopping the he's going to stop it breaking down. crowded trains Passengers on western Sydney's have won a minor concession -

from Central to Penrith an extra evening express starting in August. increase from six to eight carriages Four other services will providing 1,200 more seats. That's a long way short catching trains of the extra 25,000 commuters compared with a year ago. it will ease congestion. This will ease over-crowding, This only makes a very small dent problem throughout the network. to what is increasingly a major a smooth ride today Bus commuters reported but one of Sydney's 'bendy' buses. despite a drivers' ban on all bumper-to-bumper at the bowser Sydney drivers have been of cheap Tuesday petrol prices. lining up to take advantage At Chullora, this Caltex service station the queue from onto the Hume Highway. stretched back off the highway Sometimes you can't get in

you don't mind. but if you're in off the highway are expected to shoot up again Sydney's petrol prices tomorrow afternoon. quit a top parliamentary position 'Iguanagate' MP Belinda Neal has broken the law. as police look at whether she's The scandal has deepened after a former staffer claimed she'd been intimidated into changing her account of the nightclub clash. Belinda Neal kept her head down today as the Opposition went for her scalp. I think the decision Mr Rudd should do is stand down Belinda Neal from the Government. He didn't but she stood herself down as head of Parliament's communications committee. And she will be donating the allowance

as chair of that committee to a local charity until such times as the investigations are concluded. It's what her husband, NSW PM John Della Bosca, is already doing with his ministerial allowances. In a paid interview last night, former staffer Melissa Batten claimed Ms Neal pressured her into watering down her statement about the infamous night at Iguana Joe's restaurant. I knew it was wrong. I'm not making any excuses for myself. She said she felt intimidated. And I crumbled under her. Seven News has learnt

that the NSW police intend to complete their investigation this week and hand a report to the Director of Public Prosecutions. But we spoke to a number of leading barristers today and not one of them expects Belinda Neal or John Della Bosca to be charged with anything. That would leave their political futures in their leaders' hands. Ms Neal's immediate future will be considered by the Privileges Committee tomorrow

when it hears a separate complaint about her parliamentary behaviour. A mother of seven, who's pregnant with her eighth child, is behind bars in Adelaide charged with criminal neglect. She was arrested

after raids on two houses found 16 malnourished children.

The 28-year-old is accused of failing to provide food, shelter and medical attention. Anti-child abuse campaigners say Australia is in the grip of a crisis. A child is dying every day in this country. We need to actually take action, we need a serious injection of funds into prevention. Six children remain in hospital. The Governor of Bali's notorious Kerobokan jail has visited Schapelle Corby in hospital saying her condition is improving. He's refused to reveal when she'll leave the ward, where she's been resting and catching up with family and friends. Schapelle Corby in her jail away from jail. The hospital room where she's being treated for depression

under armed guard. Here, the 30-year-old is clearly animated and agitated. She's with her sister, Mercedes and a cousin who've been constant companions over the last four days and nights.

After her sleeplessness and weight-loss, her environment is part of her therapy. Today, the Kerobokan prison governor went to check on his inmate. It's not yet clear how long it will be before she's back in his care. REPORTER: And how was she? He said, he thought she was doing better. Time here with family could be doing the trick. Seven News was given an exclusive look around Schapelle's new surroundings. This is the type of room that Schapelle Corby has been staying in here at Bali's Sanglah Hospital. It is a hospital room but it's brand new. There's a TV, a bar fridge, an ensuite with hot and cold running water, a view and a balcony. You can only imagine how hard it's going to be to go back to her cell at Kerobokan prison. The judge who sentenced Schapelle to 20 years jail for drug smuggling says after recent revelations it's time she confessed to what she did. It's been revealed Jane McGrath knew her time was coming and chose parts of tomorrow's funeral. Reporter Chris Reason is at the Garrison Church at the Rocks, and Chris, what can you tell us about the service? Ian, I spoke with Bishop Ray Smith who'll conduct tomorrow's funeral and he says the McGrath family wants an uplifting service of celebration in honour of Jane. He spent yesterday with Glenn and their children, James and Holly, and he revealed Jane was well aware she didn't have long. She told her husband she wanted two specific hymns included tomorrow - 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' and 'There is a Green Hill Far Away'. We can also tell you Michael Bevan's wife, Tracy and Alan Jones will deliver eulogies while Matthew Hayden's wife, Kelly will offer this bible reading. "The time is here for me to leave this life. "I have fought the good fight to the end.

"I have done my best in this race, "I have run the distance and kept the faith." Jane's closest friends have re-worked a Bible reading

Now, Jane's passing has sparked a surge in donations to her charity, more than $200,000. I think she would just feel incredibly flattered

that the public have responded in this way. The service begins at 11:00am but the family says it's a private affair, not a public memorial. They'd prefer people to show their support by continuing those donations and you can via our website, Ian. A snapshot of the health of Australians shows we're getting fatter, drinking too much but also living longer. Thanks to reduced cancer, stroke and heart disease, the average life expectancy is now well over 80. At six days old, Grace and Lewis can look forward to a long, healthy life. They're among 12 sets of twins born in Australia each day. (LAUGHS) I'm glad I'm not the only one! Australians now live longer than any other nation, except Japan. Women over 65 can expect to live to 86. For men, it's 83. Life's pretty good, take it from an 88-year-old. Keep working, have a good time, drink good red wine. Death rates for stroke and heart disease are declining, according to the report. Even with cancer we're now getting some falls now in the death rate. That's the good news. The bad news is 360 Australians die every day. 75 of them are aged under 65. 9 are aged under 25. The surprising fact that three-quarters of deaths amongst people under 75 are largely avoidable. On any day 2.9 million Australians smoke. There are 130 heart attacks, 52 are fatal. 1,200 people discover some kind of skin cancer. 780,000 Australians take anti-depressants. Maybe longer life gives some more time to worry. So you're happy? I'm very happy! Still to come - Zimbabwe slides deeper into chaos. Also, the new device forcing Sydney drivers to slow down. Effectively the vehicle can't travel over the speed limit. And yes, it was cold but why the deep freeze in the middle of the city? The answer's next. People who drive with a lead foot could soon find it's feeling a little lighter. A new system, using satellites, is being trialled in New South Wales to monitor your speed and slow you up. (BEEPING) It's another thing to beep at you in the car but this one doesn't just tell you you're speeding - it stops you. If a vehicle travels over the speed limit, fuel to the engine is cut so effectively, the vehicle can't travel over the speed limit. It's from a system originally designed to stop forklift drivers speeding around. Using satellites and an onboard database the car knows where it is and where the speed signs are. And while it automatically slows down, you can override it if you need to. All the driver has to do is push the accelerator pedal past a point of resistance and full power to that vehicle is restored.

Local businesses around Wollongong are going to test the new system. They're getting it at McMahon's Plumbing. I think it will work and I think it's a great thing - it's going to save lives. Around Wollongong, RTA crews stopped at every sign and entered it into the system, about 4,000 of them. They're doing the same in Sydney but there are a few more here - 65,000. The trial will go for 18 months. If it works, one day all cars might have to come with this. (BEEPING) Zimbabwe's opposition leader is in hiding, fearing for his life. Morgan Tsvangirai has been given refuge in the Netherlands' embassy in his own country. He's withdrawn from Friday's presidential election against Robert Mugabe after attacks on opposition supporters. 60 staff from his office have been arrested by police. We've again been targeted by this regime in an act of desperation. The United Nations says the poll should not go ahead but Zimbabwe's Election Commission claims it's too late to call it off. 15 protesters have been arrested trying to storm the International Whaling Commission conference in Chile. They fear little will be achieved to reduce the whale slaughter because delegates are having too many breaks and long lunches. Our Environment Minister, Peter Garrett, is confident

there will be co-operation on protecting whales but Australia has been attacked by Japan for turning up and making new demands rather than deals. Time appeared to stand still in central Sydney today. Hundreds of pedestrians took part in what's called a 'flash mob'. Everyone striking a pose for several minutes while the rest of us wondered why. There are statues in Martin Place but surely not this many. It's a bit strange. You go out on your lunch hour and everyone's frozen. Hundreds of them - muggers, lovers, tourists. In Pitt Street Mall, too. They'd all synchronised watches. (ALARMS BEEP) And at 12:40pm... REPORTER: Thirsty? Thirsty? ..strange poses and strange looks from those who had no idea. It's been done before in Paris, New York, London - now, Sydney.

It was a challenge for us. It was fun. It was interesting. We wanted to be a part of history. And they didn't need a reason. Yeah, we were bored. (Laughs) It ended at precisely 12:43 as if nothing had happened. Well, everybody's moving now and walking in Martin Place. It's a bit unsettling. It was Matthew Van Rhoon's idea.

He organised it on the 21st century bulletin board. Facebook. Facebook. We thought, "Why not?" It's all about having fun. REPORTER: And you wanted to freak people out. That too, yeah! Time for sport with Ben Damon and the Blues take a gamble. They've picked 19-year-old Mitchell Pearce for Origin III. Coming up - We'll hear what the teenager has to say about his shock selection. And Lleyton Hewitt survives another marathon match at Wimbledon. COMMENTATOR: There it is, well done. This is a message for my man, Todd. Todd, I'm here to tell you how you can save on car insurance with AAMI. I mean, who knows what you could buy with the savings. Anyway, give AAMI a ring. PHONE RINGS WOMAN: National Security Hotline. MAN: Hi, I'm calling about something I saw the other day that seemed a bit strange. WOMAN: I overheard them planning something. I felt like I had to let you know... MAN 2: ..downloaded documents from suspicious websites. Your detailed information could help keep Australia safe, so if you see or hear something that just doesn't feel right, call the National Security Hotline on: You can remain anonymous. PHONE RINGS WOMAN: National Security Hotline. The fate of the Blues' Origin campaign is in the hands of an untried teenager with Mitchell Pearce called in to replace injured halfback Peter Wallace. The 19-year-old joins Roosters team-mate Braith Anasta in the halves, while Joel Monaghan replaces Mark Gasnier. Jarryd Hayne returns on the wing with Ben Cross on the bench for Steve Simpson. Queensland are unchanged. They've been a deadly duo for the Roosters, now Mitchell Pearce and Braith Anasta have to do it for the Blues. I'm over the moon. I was that nervous. I've got here and I just cant wait. Pearce to follow in the footsteps of father, Wayne who captained and then coached the Blues to Origin glory.

He was over the moon, as you'd expect. Him and mum were in a bit of shock themselves so makes you feel pretty good when you see your parents proud like that.

Dad did have some doubts about his little boy. As a parent I probably think that maybe another 12 months he'd be ripe and ready to go. I thought that was a tad disappointing junior. You know if you're tough enough you're good enough. We'll put a lot of pressure on him and we'll see how he handles it after the game.

I've got confidence in my toughness and ability to handle the knocks so I'll be right. After being repeatedly knocked back by selectors Anasta feared his Origin days were gone. That sort of made me feel maybe it was over but I've been maybe bit lucky. Unfortunately Greg Bird got injured and this gave me the opportunity now and I want to make the most of it. Braith's been ready for this challenge for a long time so I'm looking forward to going into battle with him. With Mark Gasnier out injured Joel Monaghan gets a crack at centre.

I've got my chance now so it's up to me to go and prove myself. His debut will be skipper Danny Buderus' Origin farewell. if everything goes my way and the teams way on Wednesday night. South Sydney's horror season appears to be turning around. Last night they made it back-to-back victories with a 1-point win over the Titans. Today, star recruit Craig Wing has been named to make his return. Souths trailed the Gold Coast late in last night's match before David Fa'alogo barged over, much to the delight of co-owner Russell Crowe. A Scott Prince field goal put the Titans back in front but Isaac Luke's penalty sealed the win. COMMENTATOR: He hits it pretty well though, this one though, no dramas. Flags in the air. And the Rabbitohs have a 1-point lead. Souths play the bottom-placed Cowboys on Saturday. Wallabies coach Robbie Deans has named an unchanged team for Saturday's Test against France in Sydney. Deans has retained the 22-man squad that beat Ireland 18-12 in his first match in charge of the Australian team. Despite showing faith in his players, the French. Deans says they must improve to beat Very conscious of the fact that without improvement we won't get home home in the first Test match. where we were lucky enough to get live on Seven from 7.30pm. Saturday's game, of 204 consecutive games is over To AFL and Adam Goodes' run a 1-match suspension with the Swans' star accepting with Clint Bartram for making head-high contact in Sunday's win over Melbourne. in nine seasons. Goodes hadn't missed a match It took five sets to the second round at Wimbledon. but Lleyton Hewitt has advanced and Sam Stosur Fellow Aussies Casey Dellacqua also moved safely through while Chris Guccione and Anastasia Rodianova went out. Hewitt beat Dutchman Robin Haase but then revealed how much a hip injury is still bothering him. COMMENTATOR: Well, what a shot, yes. That might have been the best shot he's played in the match. This is Wimbledon, one of my favourite tournaments of the year and otherwise, I probably wouldn't be playing. Dellacqua upset 12th seed Patty Schnyder in three sets while Stosur cruised through against Iona Olaru in straight sets.

congratulations but more congratulations to you , happy

birthday. The think you , , Ben . .

Time marches on . Checking finance now, on the share market. and it was a mixed day Financial stocks were down rises in resource companies. but they were offset by The ASX 200 closed up six points. Healthscope lost 6% Private hospital operator to repay debt. after raising $800 million Sara's next with the weather is easing. and it feels as though our cold snap trick, Ian Yes, plenty of sunshine did the and it's set to get even warmer. CARNIVAL MUSIC three or more services Now if you bundle from ActewAGL and TransACT, you'll get some great rewards. There are eight services to choose from and the bigger your bundle, the higher the savings - up to a fantastic 25% off your total ActewAGL electricity or TransACT account, plus a Privileges Card when you bundle five or more services. Call us today on 13 12 93 and save a bundle. After such a gloomy start to the month Sydney's sunny skies are sure making up for lost time.

They helped temperatures into the high teens this afternoon. which is 3 up on normal. 19 degrees in town, was spot on average. Last night's low of 9 It's now 14. this morning, Richmond was the coldest spot dipping to 1 degree, with Penrith and Terrey Hills. but it warmed up to 18 there today Wollongong managed to crack 20, just below that. but the rest of Sydney hovered From the satellite, a strong high has pushed into NSW is working two-fold, and that system across the southern half driving gale force westerly winds of the country and gusty easterlies over the north. will push through Tasmania A series of cold front over the next few days helping to strengthen those winds but sadly there won't be much rain in them. Hold onto your hats,

it's going to be a windy day in Melbourne and Adelaide but just a few light showers at most. Canberra, 13. A wet start for Perth, then up to 18. Brisbane looks like the spot to be sunny and 23. On tomorrow's weather today expect another cold night with those clear skies then some early fog patches ahead of a fine and sunny day. Tops are expected to reach an unseasonable 20 or 21 degrees in most areas. 19 for Wollongong and Terrey Hills. Katoomba, 12. Looking ahead, 21. winds are going to pick on Thursday, Easing on Friday fine and sunny through the weekend. And that's Seven News to now

during the evening. but we'll have updates Next on 'Today Tonight'

with gangland heavy, Mick Gatto. Derryn Hinch and his feud thanks for your company. I'm Ian Ross,

Goodnight. bashed and bruised Today Tonight reporter Rodney Lohse we've ever seen. as he hunts down the worst con man

Gangland lawyer Zarah Garde-Wilson's baby bombshell -

the father. The new scandal

forcing her to make the biggest decision of her life. Olivia Newton-John's fight to save her memory using basic maths to stop her forgetting. The system that will keep your mind sharp -

whatever your age. Good evening. It's a noisy and threatening showdown between radio jock Derryn Hinch and gangland heavy Mick Gatto brought on by a fiery Hinch editorial

against Gatto's mates what was viewed as a scourge, complaining that drug dealers a motley crew of murderers, pimps, for some unknown reason, and standover men was, being treated as celebrities. Today, neither was giving way. Jackie Quist reports. a standover man. He's a crook, he's a thug, Mick Gatto.

The feared boss of the Carlton Crew.

at a Carlton restaurant. A killer who shot Andrew Vienamin as some sort of celebrity. He now makes the social pages I did an editorial about celebrity crims

as I feel very strongly about it and he called in. Hello. Mick Gatto? MICK GATTO: It certainly is, mate. They tell me you've got plenty to say about me, mate. The so-called 'human headline' Derryn Hinch versus underworld identity and construction boss Mick Gatto. A radio talkback exchange that quickly turned very nasty. So it's ratbags like you that sort of put me in the limelight

where I want to be left to my own business and get on with my life. But I can't 'cause I've got maggots like you, driving me mad. If I could go to my grave being called a maggot by a person like Mick Gatto, boy, I"m proud of myself. very soon, mate. I hope you go to your grave because you are a maggot. That's where you deserve to be Yeah, well you live in that world quickly, don't you? where people go to their graves Yeah, well you'll be one of them. mate. You'll be one of them very soon, Well, if I do, "It's self-defence." put your hand up and say more than my hand up. Yeah, mate, I'd like to put I know you would. Yeah, I know you would, Mate, hope you die very soon. didn't you have enough enemies? Derryn, Obviously not, obviously not. of feeling that he's rattled me, I'm not going to give him the joy but I would say you never take anything like this lightly.

I'm not a two-headed monster. I treat people the way they treat me and simple as that.