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(generated from captions) MAN: It was the perfect holiday. Australian tourists... Hundreds feared dead - or family for information? Have you checked with any friends in that location. She's meant to be Can't you do something? How about a mobile phone? with Smartraveller? Were they registered This program is captioned live. Tonight - Schapelle Corby Convicted drug smuggler from her Bali prison. rushed to hospital to their deaths 2 workers fall 26 floors

on a Gold Coast high-rise. when scaffolding collapsed caught out by fine print Sydney families on long-term, no-interest deals. unwanted backyard water feature. And the home-owners left with an with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. from her Bali jail cell to hospital Schapelle Corby has been rushed suffering severe depression. is being treated by doctors The convicted drug smuggler who say she's barely eaten or slept her final bid for freedom. since losing

Schapelle Corby is out of her cell, at Bali's Sanglah Hospital. but still under armed guard

Kerobokan prison The word from inside

and sleeping for weeks. is she has had trouble eating

says Schapelle's lawyer Erwin Siregar has been sinking into depression the 30-year-old

ever since she learned in March 20-year jail sentence had failed. that a final appeal against her she was taken to hospital. Things became so bad late yesterday, Sister Mercedes Corby, back in Bali after her long-running defamation case, has been by her side the results of blood tests. as doctors wait for Is it stable? How is Schapelle's condition now? NOt stable, not yet. Stress and feelings of helplessness taking its toll - not just the legal losses, of her father and step-father. but earlier this year the deaths will need to be in hospital Doctors won't say how long she but it could be weeks. to their deaths 2 workers have fallen 26 storeys when scaffolding collapsed on a Gold Coast high-rise.

on a construction site The men were working by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. near an ALP conference attended The crash was so loud, in neighbouring buildings. it woke people and we knew something was wrong - We jumped something happened. so I came down if I could help I heard a massive bang, where I live and I looked through the back window a couple of dead bodies and I could just see and all of that around. and a load of scaffolding The men fell 26 storeys. the outside of a high-rise They were rendering using a swinging stage window cleaners use. which is similar to the platform It collapsed on one side. The two workers slid down, it toppled from up top and they fell to their death. their screams for help. Workmates heard the tragic event unfold. Many witnessed this shouldn't happen. I was a builder all of my life - It upsets me. As news spread, arrived at the scene. devastated family and friends to speak on camera They were too distraught One of them is a father-of-two. They were aged 36 and 32.

Correction, 56 and 52. for everyone involved. It's a very traumatic incident through the construction industry. The accident has sent shockwaves Counsellors have been brought in cope with what's happened. to help the men's co-workers was just blocks away Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at the ALP State Conference.

of those men. Our thoughts are with the families are investigating Workplace Health and Safety officers its own audit of the site. and the union will conduct and a $25 congestion tax Changing school hours are what experts say to fix its transport chaos. Sydney needs also recommends A University of Sydney study of 70 Lane Cove Tunnels. building the equivalent struggle to improve traffic flow. The Government admits it will a growing number of people in cars, Because we have

we have a growing population. to maintain the network The challenge is as efficiently as possible, and ensure it operates and we will continue to do that. The Opposition says to find a solution the Government's had 13 years but hasn't come up with any answers. Police believe his car collided with a train a driver killed when in Sydney's south deliberately onto the tracks. drove his vehicle Passengers were left stranded during last night's peak hour. when the accident happened A man died, and others could have. it was a close call for them too. Passengers knew

wondering what happened. Everyone was shocked, quiet, Police say their train driver's quick thinking they escaped injury because of south of Heathcote. after a car veered off the F6, It has crashed through a metal fence

about an 8 metre-high embankment and gone down down onto the tracks. couldn't stop in time The northbound train driver the impact wasn't at speed. but at least The train hit a car. and a whole lot of noise. We just heard a bump jumped up and down a bit, And then the train kind of almost derailed fall out of the side. and we saw something passenger train heading south. The driver alerted another It stopped just short of the wreck. Excellent work by both train drivers in relation to in the manner in which they did. being able to pull up their trains Investigators don't know yet by the plunge or the train. whether the man was killed There are no skid marks on the road the angle of approach was too sharp and, in any case, to have simply lost control for a speeding car and deviated in this direction. Police suspect and pointed his car this way, the driver slowed down he wanted to do this. that, perhaps, before they could leave. Passengers waited an hour to cater for stranded commuters CityRail put on 54 buses along the Illawarra line. It remains closed - coincidentally, for other maintenance issues. A man has died when fire swept through a granny flat in Sydney's west. Firefighters were called to a blaze at the back of a Bossley Park home just before 4:00 this morning. Neighbours were treated for shock after the weatherboard flat went up in flames. The body of a 49-year-old man was found inside. Fire investigators are not treating the blaze as suspicious. Sydney families battling high interest rates and record petrol prices have been warned about the trap of no-interest finance. Shoppers can end up paying hundreds of dollars in hidden fees if they don't read the fine print. Young mother Kelda Murray used to trust those attractive, no-interest, no-repayment deals. That was until she signed one that cost her more than $50 in hidden fees. I was just really annoyed I wasn't told up front. Kelda bought a $1,500 mattress from Harvey Norman on a 20-month interest-free deal. She paid it off early but after weeks of trying, can't close the account. Yeah, it has been a strain. The New South Wales Government has launched an online consumer survey after several complaints like Kelda's. And we really do need to know whether or not it's disadvantaging people or whether it's a good thing. Gerry Harvey swears by the deals. But if they want to look at the website and the Government wants to put a website there

and a bit more bureaucracy - that's fine - who cares? A waste of time? Financial counsellors say unless you have a safe-payment plan, it's a big risk.

If you lose your job in the meantime, something happens with the overtime, there's an illness, you know those sorts of things can really tip you over. It's your own fault if you get in trouble. Because I'd prefer to have the money before I buy it and I just don't like debt. And there's no relief in sight

with predictions of another rate rise in August, and as of Monday, the Commonwealth Bank is expected to increase it's fixed home loan rate. Hundreds of protesters have marched through The Block marking the first anniversary of the Government's intervention in remote Aboriginal communities. The national day of action demanded the Prime Minister scrap the controversial strategy fighting alcohol and child abuse. A show of Indigenous force across the country. Chanting. Protestors marching in Sydney's Redfern, in the heart of Melbourne, and in Brisbane - all angry at the Commonwealth's ongoing intervention in the Northern Territory. This whole policy is a racist policy, because all it's doing is denigrating us, criminalising us. One year after the Howard Government launched the crackdown on child and alcohol abuse, many remain sceptical. It's one of the ongoing acts of genocide that's been continuing for the last 240 years in this country. Others believe the Government needs to deploy more money and resources. We haven't invested in their languages, their societies - we've neglected that and it's come back to bite them on the arse. But Prime Minister Rudd continues to back the policy which he inherited from the Coalition. It will be tough, it will be difficult, we must remain committed to doing it. And the Government has today released a report card on the emergency intervention which indicates living standards are slowly improving in the remote Aboriginal communities.

The man who designed the policy now wants it to go a lot further. Not to do so means we'll be saying sorry again in another 20 years time, but now we'll have no excuse because we know better. A driver has lost control of her car, crashed through a fence and ended up at the bottom of a backyard Melbourne pool. The woman escaped and ran away, leaving a stunned family with an unwanted water feature. It's drink driving of a very different kind. The driver couldn't have done a better job if their aim was to land in the back of their pool. The car speared straight into the McLennan family's pool

after slamming through their back fence when its 31-year-old driver lost control on a roundabout around 4am. By morning, the unusual water feature had become a neighbourhood attraction as the family recounted how a good night's sleep quickly became a nightmare. I just heard, like, a massive bang and I just seen this car in the pool and I just went and told Mum and Dad and came out here and it started sinking. We weren't sure whether someone was in the pool so I went and grabbed a hammer and started smashing in the windscreen. Soaking wet, the female driver was seen running away, leaving the McLennans to ponder their lucky escape. The nosedive stopped the car from slamming into their house. Possibly through my son's bedroom window and he actually had a friend staying over the night so it was pretty hairy. With the driver allegedly unlicensed and uninsured the McLennans face quite a fight to recover the cost of what's expected to be quite a hefty damage bill. I'm tipping we're up for a few dollars but the insurance - hopefully we can work something out with the insurance company, I don't know. Still to come - a young boy attacked by two pet dogs in western Sydney.

Also, $100,000 to catch a Camden teenager's killer. And the supermodel sentenced to community service for her latest angry outburst. That's next. Every coffee now served at McCafe is made from Rainforest Alliance certified beans. McCafe Rainforest Alliance coffee - a great deal for workers and a great-tasting coffee for you. 2,500 years ago, the Mayans discovered the secret of the cacao bean. Smooth, rich, dark chocolate. Such was its worth, it replaced gold as their currency. But wealth never goes unchallenged. It's from these origins that Cadbury Old Gold was born. Smooth, rich, dark chocolate. Worth its weight in gold.

A 1-year-old boy has been mauled by two pet dogs at his home in western Sydney overnight. The child was rushed to Nepean Hospital with injuries to his back, chest and legs, just after 1:00 this morning. The Staffordshire bull terriers will be put down later tonight.

The boy is in a serious condition. A $100,000 reward is being offered to help solve the murder of a Sydney teenager five years ago. 17-year-old Nathan Garriock died when he was hit by a car then bashed outside an 18th birthday party in Camden in 2003. Police interviewed more than 150 witnesses but don't have enough evidence to lay charges. Anyone with information is being asked to call Crime Stoppers. Model Naomi Campbell has been sentenced to 200 hours community service for her latest angry outburst. The runway diva abused and spat at police and a plane's captain when her luggage went missing at Heathrow Airport. Move to the side. Naomi Campbell struggled through this crush outside a West London court to be sentenced for assault. Despite her anger-management issues, she'd regained her composure by the time the prosecution detailed her fury directed at two police and an airline captain. She ranted -

It had nothing to do with race, it had nothing to do with fame, and it's simply someone being aggressive and hostile and paying the penalty for that. Thousands of passengers lost their bags when Heathrow's Terminal 5 opened in April. Naomi's held a designer outfit for a US chat-show appearance. It was an extraordinary circumstance and things escalated, got a bit out of control. It was all very, very unfortunate. She's relieved it's over. The diva's had a meltdown on a plane before when someone tried to take a photo. And she's done community service before too for throwing a mobile phone at a housekeeper in New York. She's not scared of hard work so, you know, she'll handle whatever she's got to do. The Olympic torch relay has arrived at its most controversial destination - the Tibetan capital of Lhasa. Police and military troops lined the streets as hand-picked spectators cheered.

Students waved Olympic banners and the Chinese national flag. The relay was peaceful but cut short as a precaution and mark of respect for those killed during recent riots. NASA's Mars lander has sent back images showing water on the Red Planet. Trenches dug on the northern hemisphere have revealed what scientists think are ice crumbs. They disappeared after four days leading the experts to believe the surface could be covered in a sheet of ice. The 'Phoenix' lander is carrying out more tests. The sun didn't come up over the horizon until 7am today - the shortest day of the year. With less than 10 hours of daylight to enjoy, surfers and fishermen were up early at Bondi Beach. The winter solstice marks the changing of the seasons when the days start becoming longer. But the change is a gradual one, just a few seconds less darkness each day. Time for sport with Kylie Gillies and some good news for Roosters star Anthony Minichiello. Doctors have ruled out career-threatening surgery. More on that, shortly. Also tonight - The Dragons win five straight but there's Origin doubts over Mark Gasnier. And the Windies slip up but still have enough clout to rout Australia. COMMENTATOR: A mighty hit!

Now there's even more to the world of Grapevine. ActewAGL and TransACT's very own Internet service provider is growing, delivering high-speed broadband to Canberra and the region. With blistering broadband speeds, expert technical support and plans to suit your budget, Grapevine will grow your world. Call 13 35 00 or visit: Conditions apply. Reports Anthony Minichiello's career could be over

have proved premature with doctors today ruling out surgery on a neck injury. The Roosters full-back will miss six weeks. But Dragons captain Mark Gasnier must wait until Monday to find out if a back injury will force him out of the Origin decider. Last night, 4 teams on 16 points were separated by field goals. The Broncos pipped the Tigers

while the Dragons made it five in a row with victory against the Panthers. The winning streak continues for the Dragons,

but they're sweating on one man they can't afford to lose. Mark Gasnier was clearly hampered by injury. In the second half, he's had a crook back, he struggled to touch it there.

The Panthers dominated the first half. COMMENTATOR: Got it back for Wesser, he delivers! Rhys' lightning left soon after with an abdominal injury,

still Penrith went to half-time with a 12-0 lead. Lewis goes straight through. St George Illawarra hit back after the break. Sammut does his best. Creagh's still able to stretch it. Half-back Jamie Soward gambled in the next set of six. He set up back-to-back tries and levelled scores. Here come the Dragons!

They sprint away to score. Soward also kicked the match-winning field goal - 13-12. The Panthers blamed a 12-4 penalty count. Absolutely absurd. We got penalised over in the corner for Frank Pritchard hitting Mark Gasnier in the hand. At the end of the game, in front of the sticks, Junior Moors gets hit straight round the eyeballs and he tells him to get up. 17-year-old Wade Graham's classy debut eased some pain. Did you go to school today?

Yeah, I did actually went until lunchtime.

Then the nerves got to me so I had to go home. In Brisbane, hookers Michael Ennis and Robbie Farah clashed. They might finish up like the Falcon and Benny. And the Tigers unveiled giant rookie Dane Laurie. I thought it was Wendell Sailor. We played him in the second row in 1993. Tigers' errors gave the Broncos back-to-back second-half tries.

Karmichael Hunt guided Brisbane to a 1-point win. I thought he was outstanding, Karmichael, yeah. Two teams who need a win to keep in touch with the top 8 are meeting at Homebush as Round 15 of the NRL continues. It's just reached half-time between the Bulldogs and the Raiders and it's the visitors leading 26-18. The visitors were the first on the scoreboard through full-back David Milne busting through some soft defence. COMMENTATOR: Milne straight through the gap off a Campese ball to the line. The Raiders first chance inside the Bulldogs' 20. The Green Machine then went the length of the field to extend their lead - Colin Best with his fifth try of the season.

Bulldogs winger Hazem El Masri soared high to put the Dogs back in it but Best then grabbed his second in what's proving to be a high-scoring game. And in Round 13 of the AFL today - Socceroos captain Harry Kewell hasn't ruled out representing Australia at the Beijing Games. The 29-year-old could be included as one of three over-age players in the Olyroos squad. It's always something that I'd love to do. It's a major event. Obviously, the last couple I have been injured for them, and that, but you never know. Kewell will take a week's holiday after tomorrow's game against China in Sydney before deciding whether to sign for Italian side Roma. Still with soccer and another major shock at Euro 2008 with Turkey knocking out highly fancied Croatia who scored first in extra time only to see the Turks draw level in the final minute. That sent the tie to the dreaded penalty shoot-out where Mladin Petric's miss proved costly. COMMENTATOR: It's Turkey! Rustu, the villain, right at the end, turns hero. Turkey will play Germany in the semifinals on Wednesday. The West Indies have beaten Australia in a rain-affected Twenty20 match which was reduced to 11 overs a side. top scored to get the Aussies to 97. But Windies opener Xavier Marshall hit 36 off 15 balls to help the home side win it by 7 wickets. It's hard to beat the party atmosphere of Caribbean cricket and debutant Luke Ronchi had his groove on. COMMENTATOR:It's gone into the Greenidge and Haynes Stand - a remarkable shot! He hit 36 off 22 balls. There he goes again, straight down the ground... ..carries on the first bounce for 4. The only slip-ups were coming from the Windies. Fidel Edwards needs to go to the local shoemaker

and get shoes that have spikes on the side. Ronchi put together a 570-run opening stand with Shaun Marsh

Correction: 57-run opening stand. before Windies' quick Kemar Roach took 3 wickets in 3 overs. Has he taken it? What a catch! Australia finished at 3/97. The chase began brilliantly for Xavier Marshall pulling Brett Lee for 6 off the first ball. Mitchell Johnson was given the same thumping in the next over. A mighty hit... ..that's gone over the Greenidge and Haynes Stand. The Windies reached 50 without loss in less than 3 overs and won it easily with 7 wickets to spare - the shortest, completed match in Twenty20 history. The one-day international series starts in St Vincent on Tuesday.

World champion Casey Stoner has set the fastest time in practice for the British MotoGP. The Aussie who won last year's race at Donington Park, and currently lies fourth in the world standings, was 0.5 seconds faster than American Nicky Hayden and Italian Valentino Rossi. Spain's Dani Pedrosa parted company with his Honda but returned to post the 6th-fastest time. Aussie Chris Vermeulen was 9th fastest.

And fingers cauzed for Takeover

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Across the country,

there'll be a few showers in Melbourne and a shower or two for Adelaide. Canberra will have a fine day tomorrow, as will the other major cities. On Sydney's waters - Temperatures will drop to single figures tonight across the west, slightly higher on the coast. Fine tomorrow but it will be cloudy at times, and combined with chilly winds, tops across the city will be around 17 degrees. Staying fine for the next week, but temperatures should get a little cooler by Friday.

But not by much. And that's Seven news to now but I'll be back later with updates. Stay with us for 'The Great Outdoors' and the best family holidays that will even get the teenagers away from the PlayStation. I'm Chris Bath, thanks for your company.

Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia Now, one thing kids remember when they grow up are family holidays. Now, just think back when you were a little tacker. School was...yeah, sort of alright. But school holidays - oh, now you're talking.

Well, the Great Outdoors has come up with some great ideas for good old-fashioned family fun. Like that. And we've got some great ideas for grown-ups as well. Vanuatu has 'family-friendly' written all over it. But then we tackle the really big problem -

how to entertain the older kids. And Andrew reckons he's on a winner. Do your teenagers drive you up the wall on holidays? I think I've found the place for payback. (GIGGLES) Jen's taking us on one of the world's great drives. Hi. Welcome to the USA. The Great Outdoors is gonna take you on the great American drive from L.A. all the way to San Francisco. So come along! Then there's the magic words - stay and eat for free.

And Tom's got a place where the kids do just that. Mummy is 71. Mummy is 15. It doesn't teach them how to count, though. Speaking of free, we're giving away a Winnebago worth $150,00. It's a ripper prize and it could be yours. It's hard when you're a little fella and you're always hearing your parents saying, "You can't do this. You can't do that.

"Don't touch this. That's only for adults." Well, here's a turn of events, let me tell you. This island is Kids' Haven, 'cause here kids rule, don't they? Heyyyy!