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(generated from captions) welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello, I'm Sandra Sully, Final ruling - Nick D'Arcy, and what Olympic officials have decided on his future.

The shock new report on housing - bad news for renters. great news for buyers, in the Feds Digging in - the threat to call to comment further. It's quite inproper You disgusting, disgraceful fraud.

to sell Australia to the Poms. Getting Paul Keating He has no liking for the British. and even fatter dogs Fat cats, just a problem for humans, So obesity is no longer it's striking our pets. to trim down furry friends. The university plan for Buddy Franklin headlines Then bittersweet news Sports Tonight with Brad McEwan. Sandra, the Hawthorn goal machine North Melbourne, is free to play against to win the Brownlow medal. but is now ineligible for Collingwood forward Travis Cloke. And bad news

took the Us Open to a fifth day. How Tiger Woods The Knights take on the Cowboys, bring in the big guns. as the West Tigers

But first - Nick D'Arcy's dream the Court of Arbitration for Sport Tonight to go to Beijing. formally rejected his appeal to make its decision The panel took five hours the sport into disrepute D'Arcy was ruled to have brought over a bar-rule brawl in March after being charged in court tomorrow. he'll face that charge for the Government There's been a boost in the latest Newspoll

in Parliament for Kevin Rudd. despite another tough day over petrol He's faced more pressure of one of his MPs being investigated and the threat by the federal police. Kevin Rudd may be losing some traction in the petrol debate

but according to the latest Newspoll in tomorrow's 'Australian' to be published around Brendan Nelson He's still doing laps would make a better Prime minister. when it comes to who well in front of the Coalition After preferences, Labor is still with an 18-point lead. Not even the release national employment standards - of the Government's 10 new including a maximum 38-hour week - out of the oil shock debate. could take the heat focused on a plan for an Asian union Why is the Prime Minister more and nuclear disarmament for petrol for Australian families? than dealing with the decisive plan in but one thing - But those opposite are interested responsible economic management. cheap tabloid politics not headline writers more material The Opposition set out to give controversy to be referred with a call for the Belinda Neal to the federal police. to tell the Parliament They want the embattled backbencher her version of events in Iguana-gate. was placed on members of her staff And to explain whether any pressure declarations with regard to statutory written four days after the event. debate But the Government quickly gagged that fateful nightclub outing. about what happened during and after heard. their voices heard Wheat growers wanted on the road to Parliament. so they blocked a bridge we're losing our livelihood. We're getting it taken from us, and the Liberals They're angry with Labor monopoly on wheat exports. over the scrapping of the single-desk Murray McCloskey, Ten News. A plan to make Paul Keating in Britain has left people puzzled. the face of Australian tourism Political enemies say the British. the former PM doesn't even like the 'Lizard of Oz' The British tabloids dubbed him on the Queen. for daring to place his hand may become the 'Wizard of Oz' Now, Paul Keating to Australia. for helping to lure more Britons he put his arm around the Queen. I didn't know who he was until because it's warmer than England. People come here Simple as that. used in Los Angeles, Trading on a successful campaign G'day UK. the new one would be called join others, like Kylie Minogue. It's suggested Mr Keating would when they do some research, he has no liking for the British they'll realise that to have him as ambassador. and it's most inappropriate have been struggling with ideas Tourism chiefs to draw more travellers here. are you? So where the bloody hell that Lara Bingle didn't? So what does the former PM have that was even more colourful. Maybe a turn of phrase you disgraceful, disgusting fraud. You fraud - all dressed up but no-one at home. David Jones clothes dummy - As crazy as the idea sounds, it's actually come from a group tourism and business leaders of prominent Australian in the UK. know nothing about it, Trouble is, tourism chiefs here was in the dark, and even the former prime minister because he hadn't heard about it. his office saying he can't comment not convinced. The current Prime Minister, though, It's about as probable, I reckon, and Paul Keating team up as having John Howard in the Eurovision Song Contest. for a dual number no-one could consider. Now there's a prospect Eddy Meyer, Ten News. most infamous terror suspects One of Australia's on terrorism charges. has been ordered to stand trial again

Jack Thomas was acquitted 2-years ago of helping al-Qaeda,

of accepting its money but found guilty and having a false passport. on appeal. The convictions were later overturned found new evidence But the Public Prosecutor

the 35-year-old later did on the ABC. in an interview triggering a re-trial. Today he lost his appeal, in the High Court. Although the case might be challenged out of London ten minutes ago George W. Bush flew on the war on terror. after winning new support troop numbers in Afghanistan Britain has vowed to ramp up and crack down on Iran. to Britain George W. Bush's last visit as President of the United States and his last chance to personally lobby his nation's ally the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. not to set a timetable for anti-war demonstrators. That agenda has outraged engagement at Windsor Castle, Earlier, the Bushes had a more formal meeting with the monarch who's seen 10 US presidents. But George W. Bush is the first the Queen has guided through the royal residence since she hosted Ronald Reagan in 1982. The President's last visit to London won't come cheap

for British taxpayers - it's estimates his security bill alone will top $2 million. Although the crowds protesting his farewell tour are far smaller than those demonstrating on past visits, an indication the outgoing leader's international influence is winding down as his presidency does.

The obesity crisis is now hitting our pets. and a third of cats are overweight, Almost half Australia's dogs leading some owners to drastic action - even liposuction. Tipping the scales at close to 30kg, Roxy is almost twice as heavy as she should be.

The lovable cross-breed was dumped when her owners became too busy to care for her, clearly thinking food was her only need. People have become quite time-poor, and what you're finding is people are working longer hours and when they do come home,

they're finding they don't have the time to walk their pet. It's a common story, leading to an increase in pet obesity, with 33% of our cats and 41% of our dogs overweight. And just like in humans, that's leading to health complications. Roxy's lame in one leg because of the added pressure on her joints. Just like in people, all the fat distributes in certain places, and she's almost got tuckshop arms. But there are solutions on offer. Sydney University's running a Fatties to Fitties clinic - weight watchers for pets.

They come for regular weight checks every fortnight, they get a chance to talk to our staff about how things are going, what can be done to help them and support them. And when things are really bad, there's another human remedy. Liposuction is usually conducted when there's localised bit of fatty tissue that's interfering with the animal's ability to move and get around. So obesity's no longer just a problem for humans, it's also striking our pets. But all it takes is half an hour's exercise a day to keep that weight at bay. And that should keep the scales heading in the right direction of both the pet and its owner. Amber Muir, Ten News. Housing experts predict it'll cost more to rent than to buy. When we come back - when to expect to see the switch. My dad's got a ute AND a car. My dad's got a ute, a car and a motorbike. My dad's got two utes, seven cars and a semitrailer.

Mazda Roadshow's headed your way, Try out the latest Mazda wheels and deals. Mazda Roadshow - you can't top it. This program is captioned live. Startling predictions on the housing front with house prices set to surge over the next three years. A new report says it will be the result of a housing shortfall

and the possibility of renting becoming more expensive than a mortgage. on property markets isn't good. The short term outlook

House prices across Australia are expected to remain flat. And another rate rise is forecast for September. That's the latest findings by BIS Shrapnel. The report, in part, blaming the Federal Government's promised tax cuts.

We think the Reserve Bank may think about stopping people spending those tax cuts in the form of another rate rise. The good news, it'll improve next year. The report forecasts price surges in three years because of strong population growth and high levels of demand. In Sydney, housing prices are expected to increase by around 18%. In Melbourne and Adelaide, median house prices are set to rise by 16%. Perth will have more modest growth at 10%. While in south-east Queensland the total growth is expected to be around 22% by the end of the decade. But not everyone's convinced. I wouldn't be quite so bullish. I suspect prices may remain a little more moderate, Forecasters say record numbers of people moving here from overseas are putting more pressure on the housing demand and not enough new properties are being built. That means rising rents will outstrip the cost of a mortgage. Those people who do have the choice whether to rent or buy may choose to go and buy, but it's those who don't have a choice that get the rough end of the stick. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. An unconvinving start to the week after some gains from the US market on Friday night. For the details, Tom Piotrowski at Commsec. There was definitely a note of caution in today's trade Sandra. That was reflected in the low volumes that were going through the market and also the fact that we saw some decent performances as far as regional markets were concerned today. Elsewhere, we were looking forward to the remainder of the week and the remainder that will be reporting profit results this week. So there was not that much demand as far as the banks were concerned. Elsewhere we saw a drop in the price of oil which put the oil producers under pressure but we saw some decent performances as far as the travel and transport stocks were both concerned. Qantas shares were up by 1% today. Thanks, Tom. As fuel goes up, so are the sales of electric bikes, cycles and scooters. But buyers are being warned their ride might not be roadworthy. Eddy Krieger bought an electric bike five years ago to help him pick up the pace on his daily ride. Now as a distributor he's having trouble keeping up with demand. Over the past couple of months, because of the petrol situation and the heavy traffic in Sydney, it's almost been like a 100% increase in sales of electric bicycles. Eddy and his Melbourne supplier are receiving daily inquiries about the electric wheels known as e-bikes, which give riders at least 50km of pedal-free travel with each battery charge. Fellow distributor Corey Wilson says as fuel prices increase, so does business. If I ride the bike to work it costs me 20c a day. If I take the car to work it can cost me as much as $20 a day, While it's not exactly a motorbike, you do have to watch your speed. Some of these models can reach up to 40km/h, which is fast enough for me. And consumers beware - in most states e-bikes don't require registration Any wheels with a bigger motor must be registered and comply with Australian design standards. Many electric scooters, like this model, don't. Make sure it has a 200-watt motor and that it looks like a bicycle. it may not come under the laws. If it looks like anything else, Sales of petrol-powered scooters are also up. Five years ago, just 3,000 were sold. Last year that jumped to more than 14,000 and standard cycles are still outselling cars. Emily Rice, Ten News. It's Australian music's night of nights. Entertainment reporter Angela Bishop has been on the the red carpet for the APRA awards. Thank you Sandra. Well this is the night when Australia's best songwriters and it is one that they all take very, very seriously. It is not so much about the outfit, it is not so much about the glamour of rock and roll as about some very, very talented people. and glamour, he is more about the pen and paper. '20 Good Reasons' is up for Song of the Year - you must be very pleased about that? Yes, very pleased. It is very, well saw us, you never think you're going to get a nomination like that. This is the first time I've been to the awards so I'm really excited. And a funny thing occurred to me, if Natalie Bassingthwaite was to marry Ray Thistlethwaite she would be Natalie Bassingthwaite-Thistlethwaite. But that is another story. Also tonight, performing is Richard Clapton who has an anniversary of his own that he is celebrating. I have been with APRA for 35 years so I love at APRA - I really do. Also nominated for Song of the Year tonight is Silverchair for their song 'Straight Lines'.

Even if you do win, you don't win because it is like, because you can't lose. So if you cut loose, you can't win. And it is a special night tonight - manager extraordinaire Roger Davies is receiving back in the '70s. And now looks after celebrities. Tina Turner is making an album right now which hopefully will come out in Cher is playing in Las Vegas. Sandra, we're a little way away from knowing the winners tonight. All will be revealed tomorrow. Sports Tonight now with Brad McEwan. How good is Tiger Woods!

Amazing - with a sore knee, but that fierce determination of his, Woods ensured the US Open will go to a fifth day.

The Lakers stun the Celtics. And the Cabbie on the road to the Olympics. BLUESY ROCK MUSIC VOICEOVER: With the availability of a true one-tonne payload... ..and a towing capacity of up to 2.3 tonnes... 2,500 years ago, the Mayans discovered the secret of the cacao bean. Smooth, rich, dark chocolate. Such was its worth, it replaced gold as their currency. But wealth never goes unchallenged. It's from these origins that Cadbury Old Gold was born. Smooth, rich, dark chocolate. Worth its weight in gold.

WOMAN: It's great, catching up with our friends. We're always up for something new. But back pain can really get in my way. That's why I rely on new Panadol Back + Neck. Its active ingredient works where I need it, fast. So I don't have to hold back. Panadol Back + Neck - it's my choice. This program is captioned live. Good evening and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. Hawthorn will accept a reprimand for key forward Buddy Franklin, freeing him to play this weekend. The Coleman Medal leader might have escaped suspension, but he's out of the running for the Brownlow, as Kelli Underwood reports. That's right, Brad. Buddy Franklin can sleep easy tonight knowing he'll take his place in the side this weekend - with the club all but confirming he will plead guilty in the morning. Buddy had his number taken for this high hit on Crow Michael Doughty. REFEREE: I'm reporting you. COMMENTATOR: Franklin has been reported - what a sensation. The Hawks claiming they set a precedent with Sam Mitchell last month - when the skipper put the team ahead of individual glory. Like Mitchell, Franklin will plead guilty, which will rule him ineligible for the Brownlow Medal. But Collingwood is set to head to the Tribunal after Travis Cloke copped a week for a swinging elbow - it can't be reduced. It rules the key forward out of Sunday's crunch game against the Bulldogs. It's been a big day for the goal kickers. Brendan Fevola's management reopening contract talks after his latest match-winning performance for the Blues. Can't talk about it man. From a players we'd like to keep him as long as we could but like I said it is up to the club to decide the specifics of whether it is three years or four years. Chris Tarrant has made a rare media appearance describing himself as misunderstood. The Fremantle forward denying he's homesick You can talk about my footy and my form and stuff. But things that get brought up which are 100% untrue, they are the things that effect you because it effects everyone around you. And Port Adelaide might be losing but the coach hasn't lost his sense of humour. When I was fatter I used to win a whole lot more games, so I'm thinking of putting on a few kilograms actually. The Power have got the Tigers this weekend Brad, and there'll be some good news at Punt Road tomorrow regarding one of their youngsters. I'll have all the details tomorrow night. The North Queensland Cowboys have crashed to their seventh straight defeat tonight with Newcastle. losing a fiery encounter in the balance With their season hanging the Cowboys started with a bang. COMMENTATOR: Quick ball. down. On the outside, Farrar will get it to the first 4-pointer Ben Farrar wrestling his way

wrestled his way out of a tackle. while Knights centre Adam McDougall with an even sweeter finish. A slick move piece, oh Danny Buderus. no signs of an Origin hangover The Newcastle skipper showing in for the leveller. sending Chris Houston of his own just before the break. And he looked to be in for a try somehow taking precedence. A penalty against Karl Webb try to Newcastle through Buderus. It should have been just play on and on the next set of six. The Knights justly rewarded Going to Hilder. Too easy. and on the gas early in the second. The visitors up 12-4 at the break Faaoso straight and hard to Gidley. The game then blowing up when Sione Faumuina took out the try scorer and attempted to go on with it. They need to throw a lasso around him

and get him off the field in a hurry before he just completely snaps. The heated exchange sparked the Cowboys into action as they moved within eight points. a thrilling finale. Bartlett reaching out. First man ball. suddenly had the game on level terms A stray hand from Houston with 10 minutes to go. the fightback in style. for the match winner. Jarrod Mullen crashing over it with pure strength. he'll reach out and score. Still can't get him down, Scott Mackinnon for Sports Tonight. losing streak since 1999. So the Cowboys on their worst by the Knights Origin players Most of tonight's damage inflicted Kurt Gidley and Danny Buderus. Those guys have got so much pride, I mean Origin players generally, keen to get back on the horse and when they lose they are just as quickly as possible and get a win under their belt. They love to win. The highs and lows of footy, eh. Titans and Sharks split Manly, Melbourne, the Roosters, at the top of the table. only by for and against of the top eight. While the Dragons are the new members

The Tigers loss to the Eels saw them slip to 11th. The Cowboys sharing the bottom of the ladder with a disappointing South Sydney. After being convincingly beaten by the Eels yesterday, the West Tigers are in need of some more muscle in the pack. They got more than they bargained for today. When WWE superstars Batista and MVP showed up to West Tigers training to pass on some wrestling tips. they were hoping But whilst the Tigers for 'the Royal Rumble' may not be ready they had the basics covered. Yeah, it's pretty cool. any lessons from us, I don't think they need and mix it up a little bit. but it nice for them to get in the crusher and grapple tackles NRL opponents beware, but some new moves may be introduced. have been outlawed Batista Bombs on the field there - Yeah, might throw a few probably get 8 weeks but (laughs)... see how they go down - their size the Tigers could use. The wrestling tips handy but it's Danny Galea out for the year. Corey Payne and Todd Payten. Also out are O'Hara, Keith Galloway, and Taniela Tuiaki Bryce Gibbs, Liam Fulton against the Broncos. hopefully returning moment, we're really struggling. With the guys we got out at the But we can't whinge about that, we just have to get on with the job. Brisbane likely to be strengthened Michael Ennis from a knee injury. with the return of in-form hooker And finally, Dick Turner, the Queensland State of Origin team manager from 1983 to 1996 has passed away aged 76 after a battle with cancer. Adam Thompson for Sports Tonight. Some more Tiger Woods magic into an 18-hole play-off. has forced the US Open head to head tomorrow morning Woods and Rocco Mediate will go after they tied on 1-under par. this long all day Tiger Woods hadn't hit a punt to force a 18-hole play-off. but he needed it different? COMMENTATOR: Expect any thing As he had done the past two days, and out of form. Woods began in pain the challenges came thick and fast. A double bogey at the first,

at the second, Rocco Mediate pegged one back to set up birdie. stopping this stiff He then stumbled jumped to the lead at the ninth. and Englishman Lee Westwood Even Australia's Geoff Ogilvy, to the cliff face, after a brief detour threw his hat in the ring. of a pair of front nine birdies. Down to even par on the back Oh, it's in. The world number one stoic His emotions elevated after a hook shot into the scrub at 13. The first of two homeward stretch bogies. Tiger feeling the strain. Mediate, meanwhile, scrambled his way to one under.

Par at the last, (Laughs). Rocco, not going away. Par at the last, Rocco in the clubhouse with a 1-shot lead. Tiger needing eagle to win. after coming up short. Frustrations boiling over the world's best is still in the hunt But, thanks to this, for a 14th major tournament crown. but that's just me. I'd rather go right now I'll be ready tomorrow. But, hey, it is what it is. tomorrow morning. I'm playing against a monster I've got to get excited. the best player that ever played. I get to play against Whatever happens happens. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. to watch the play-off. And Ten is the place at 2am eastern, Our live coverage begins and midnight in Perth. 1:30am in Adelaide It's not often we say this, a shocking day in the field! but Australia's cricketers have had Indies chase a massive victory target Four dropped catches as the West in the second Test. It should have been an impossible target. COMMENTATOR: Haddin continuing on his merry way. A 475-run lead that should also have dented the home side's confidence. But after Brad Haddin and Michael Clarke propelled Australia towards its declaration, the tourists' fielding let the Windies in with a chance. Dropped it. at the crease Simon Katich spent eight hours he'd stayed there. and he must have been wishing in the first innings, He dropped two catches in the second as well. now a dubious double His name is Simon Katich but he doesn't catch. He wasn't alone - letting Chris Gayle off the hook. young spinner Beau Casson yet another shot. Brad Haddin giving Xavier Marshall That really should have been taken. Stuart Clark and Brett Lee Frustrated bowlers each denied two wickets. that did stick. They combined for the first catch Gone! Marshall making the most of his two reprieves, a 95-run stand with Ramnaresh Sarwan. with the breakthrough. Michael Clarke's spin It's given straight away. Casson's first Test victim, Marshall on 85 when he became a sharp take from Phil Jaques. The Windies with seven final-day wickets in hand. Leanne West for Sports Tonight. The Aussies set the home-side a world-record winning target, but their good work was undone by four dropped catches. The Windies need 240 runs to win, with one day left to play. The NBA finals are returning to Boston after LA got one back today. 3 games to 2 in the best of 7 series. The Lakers still trail Game 5 - where the movies are made, and extreme close-ups taken to a new level,

for LA in the first quarter. but it's about all that went wrong hit four 3-pointers and 15 points. Kobe Bryant alone Like in game 4, to lead by as many as 19 points. the Lakers blew away Boston and the margin shrunk rapidly. But then Kobe went cold, and it's a 4-point game. Pierce, puts a 3 in, Paul Pierce was Boston's rock to within 3 points at the half. and he pulled his team to see his kids on fathers day. An odd time for Kobe The 3rd quarter, for the Celtics to strike. the right time Ray Allen with the 3 - (COMMENTATOR) tied game. The momentum, the score, the possession fortunes would fluctuate. to lead by as many as 14 points in the 4th quarter. Boston's answer came in the form Pierce and a 2-time championship-winning veteran. (COMMENTATOR) Cassell...banks it in! and then this. Celtics with a chance to tie or take the lead. I don't like the shots the Lakers are taking Backed away by Bryant, here he goes down the end, puts it in. It's the Lakers by 4.

Essentially, it won the match, and kept the series alive. 103 to 98 - the final score. Pierce top scored with 38 points, while Bryant scored just 10 points in the final 3 quarters, but it was enough to send it back to Boston. Tough loss tonight, tough one to swallow but I will try and get the next one in Boston. In more realistic terms, if at training camp you would have told us we'll give you two games that you have to win we all would of took it in a heartbeat. So, this is a great opportunity for us. To international basketball, where a new-look Boomers team took on Iran. from the 3-point line. Aussie Dave Barlow with hot hands But the men from the Middle East had their own piece of magic. Australia's dominance from the perimeter the difference. With just 12 spots on the Olympic team up for grabs, the three game series vital for team selection. Eight internationals took to the netball court tonight when the Melbourne Vixens hosted the league-leading Waikato Magic.

The Vixens closed it out in the final minutes, upsetting the magic 47-40. And in Dunedin,

the Southern Steel continued West Coast Fever's struggling season. The Kiwis led by eight goals at quarter time and the margin only grew. COMMENTATOR: Oooh, good work. Daneka Wipiiti shot 41 goals for the Steel. They won it 58-43. Rafael Nadal has claimed the first grass-court title of his career, defeating Serbian Novak Djokovic in straight sets at Queens. Nadal fought back from three games down to win the first set in a tie break, Then closed out the match by taking out the final three games. He becomes the first player to win the French Open and Queens in the same year since Illi Nastase in 1973. It's a confidence boost for Nadal ahead of Wimbledon, but world number one Roger Federer also showed some impressive touch with his fifth title in Germany, extending his winning streak on grass to 59 matches.

One of Australia's Olympic medal hopefuls in his quest for Beijing gold. is juggling an unusual preparation The Indian-born wrestler is funding his training, by driving a Melbourne taxi. Discipline, strength and single-mindedness are but a few of freestyle wrestler Sandeep Kumar's weapons. is the 25-year-old's greatest virtue But determination, it seems, driving him to his ultimate goal. I like to win gold medal for Australia -

any medal - gold, silver or bronze. rope climbing and sparring Gruelling weight training, on track for Beijing. has the adopted Aussie of four years like Russia and the United States, from Wrestling powerhouse nations also holds down a full-time job. the world number 13 Ten hours a day, five days a week the wheel of a cab, Sandeep sits behind and needless to say, on their best behaviour. his passengers are always He doesn't look for the fight! Kuldip Singh Bassi says Taxi owner and wrestling coach to medal in Beijing. his charge is an outside chance and mentally he's very strong He's very strong and he's very technical. and he's got a strong heart But it's an unlikely dietary regime that Sandeep hopes will give him the edge. I never eat meat. I'm a properly vegetarian. As of Friday, there will be no more cabs. He'll train full time in the hope of becoming Australia's first Indian-born Olympic medallist.

Luke Waters for Sports Tonight. Um, th-there's a guy at the counter. I don't know what he wants. Ah. He wants a Stunner Deal.

back the Cheeseburger Stunner Deal. VOICEOVER: Now Hungry Jack's brings Cheeseburger, You can get a flame-grilled and a Storm dessert regular fries, regular Coke all for just $4.95. Cheeseburger Stunner Deals - stunning value for everyone. at Hungry Jack's. The burgers are better This program is captioned live. century for England Play of the day and Kevin Pietersen's

was a great innings, in their one-day win over New Zealand was the right-handed batsmen but what was even better, left handed. hitting this massive six, he gets Styris for the second time, Pietersen - in an unlikely fashion.

No sign of an achy breaky heart, could only look and laugh Kiwi bowler 'Billy Ray' Styris

as KP popped him over the boundary. Pietersen was laughing, all the way to our Play of the Day.

It would be nice just to hit a six

and wouldn't it. Yes are you getting

getting up early tomorrow to watch

Tiger Woods. Yes I'm. Mostly cloudy in Cairns. Cloud increasing in Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. A possible shower in Sydney. Mostly sunny in Canberra, Hobart, Darwin and Alice Springs. Showers easing in Perth. And that's the latest from Ten News. The Early News tomorrow is at 6am. from the Late News team, goodnight. I'm Sandra Sully, by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext captions