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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. to build hybrid cars in Australia. Toyota announces plans good for fuel efficiency, Good for motorists,

in Australia, good for the car industry good for the environment. teen nudes to a Sydney gallery. Police hand back controversial More hard evidence in a French field. hat Aussie diggers are buried out to end BlackBerry's big business. The new Apple iPhone were a handheld device, If Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie it would be the iPhone. Good afternoon. As petrol continues to rise anywhere in sight with no price ceiling

switching from gas guzzlers drivers around the world are rapidly and hybrid cars. to more fuel-efficient PM Kevin Rudd's visit to Japan Today, to coincide with making hybrid Camrys in Melbourne, Toyota announced it will begin the production line by 2010. with the first to roll off

is travelling with the PM. Nine's Tim Lester In 18 months' time of building hybrid cars. Australia will enter the business headquarters in Japan today, Toyota confirming,here it's Nagoya will be extended by perhaps 200 jobs that the Altona plant in Melbourne to cater for the change to build 10,000 hybrid cars a year and beginning 2010 it expects

in the plant. brought forward The Government has confirmed it has its Green Innovation Fund in a subsidy to the company, supplying $35 million to invest about $100 million, the company will have an obligation the Government investment, three times in Australia. in research and development to a subsidy to a private company Mr Rudd acknowledges this amounts

to, in effect, of building hybrid cars, prop up the business in Australia and is a good move. but he says that has a precedence for Australian motorists This is an important step forward and fuel efficiency, Australian motor vehicle industry, an important step forward for the also for the environment. an important step forward Government of $35 million The investment by the Australian

direction, whilst a step in the right uwe will need to see the detail. Australian taxpayers I think it is important that get for our dollar. know exactly what we're going to will be The Australian hybrid we're told one third more fuel efficient, fewer emissions, it will therefore have one third about $1,000 a year. and could save an Australian family

just yet But you cannot do your sums on it worked out the pricing because Toyota says they have not of the vehicle much closer to the time. and won't until

how easy it will be Therefore it is difficult to know of Australian motorists. on the pocket expand this green car plan rapidly The Federal Government is trying to to Detroit tonight by sending its Innovation Minister heavyweights of the auto industry for talks with the other Ford and General Motors. transformation We want to see a rapid

in industry. of the Australian automotive Because it is so important - have the freedom of movement not just to ensuring people it is a great liberator, it hs on so many other things. but also because of the effects Australia, No surprises from the response of out on the New Plan. unions are among the first to speak great thing Today's announcement has been a

industry for Australian manufacturing membership. and a terrific thing for our is here The announcement means that Toyota for at least a further 20 years security and it provides our members job 200 66,000 Australians, an additional Australia's motor-industry employs right across that period of time.

but the Government says that this jobs is not a major change in that, an Australian green car industry. delivers on its commitment to push is calling an emergency meeting Still on petrol and Saudi Arabia consumers to discuss soaring prices, of oil-producing nations and as 'unjustified'. describing the current price with 10,000 drivers No argument from Europe's truckies, across Spain, Portugal and France. staging a protest on highways HORNS HONK bad on the French-Spanish border, Huge traffic jams were particularly as fishermen in Mediterranean ports

over the spiralling cost of fuel. ended their 3-week strike has used his first speech Barack Obama to go after the oil companies. of the real presidential campaign to introduce a windfall tax He's pledging being made by big oil. on the record profits pay a tax on their windfall profits I'll make oil companies like Exxon to help families and we'll use the money

energy costs and other bills. pay for their skyrocketing paying the equivalent On average, Americans are currently of around $1.11 a litre for petrol. controversial photographs NSW police have returned of nude teens by artist Bill Henson, last month seized from a Sydney gallery amid claims of child pornography.

on public display. it won't be putting the artworks However, the gallery says

Nine's Damian Ryan has more. Thank you Rachel. Yet other development Bill Henson photographs - in the controversy surrounding the some people will be fuming will be declaring this while supporters of Henson's work a victory for common sense. At around 10:00 this morning Roslyn Oxley Gallery in Paddington a police truck pulled up here at the

two weeks ago to return 15 photographs they seized

works amounted to child pornography. amid allegations the In the batch handed back of a naked 13 year-old girl. as that photograph

the Director of Public Prosecutions Last Friday police were notified by the charges of child pornography that they had little chance that

would stand up in a court of law. rehang the exhibition, The Art Gallery now intends to private viewing, private appointment, it will be open only for

should last until June 25. and the show Back to you. Office of Police Integrity hearing A Victorian has heard allegations details of a secret task force that a senior officer divulged to help a former colleague who was under investigation for murder. Detective Sergeant Denis Linahan told the inquiry he remained a close friend of former drug squad officer Paul Dale

who was implicated in the 2004 murders of police informant Terence Hodson and his wife Christine. Hodson was due to give evidence against Dale in a drugs trial.

Mr Linahan has denied making inquiries about Dale's phones being tapped and trying to influence witnesses in the murder investigation. A third person has appeared in a Melbourne court over an alleged million-dollar plot to smuggle convicted drug baron Tony Mokbel out of Australia. 34-year-old Yvonne Warfe is facing charges - including perverting the course of justice and impeding a prosecution. In all, five people have been arrested over the plot which involved a country hide-a-way a luxury yacht and illicit money transfers.

Two of those charged are yet to face court. NSW Premier Morris Iemma is standing by his embattled Education Minister John Della Bosca

saying he has no grounds to sack him. It comes after reports Mr Della Bosca used his connections to force staff at a Central Coast nightclub to withdraw claims he and Federal MP wife Belinda Neal were abusive. Having examined his report and the written apology,

I'm not in a postionto be discussing him or standing him down. But Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard hasn't taken as kindly to her minister saying Ms Neal has been asked to explain her role to the Prime Minister's Office. More evidence today confirming that Aussie World War One diggers are buried in a mass grave at Fromelles in France. Excavations have turned up two of the distinctive Rising Sun insignias worn on the soldiers' slouch hats.

It's just the kind of small item the archaeologists had been looking for, something which could only have come from an Australian soldier. This is it, a Rising Sun badge. It's unequivocally Australian. It's identifiable as the badge worn by all Australian soldiers, whatever their rank. It is a terrible phrase to use, but there is a sense of elation that you do have that breakthrough. The badge was found at one of five burial pits here among human remains.

It would have been worn on the collar of a uniform. The find has been described as momentuous. The remains of 30 men have now been found and the experts are convinced there are many more. It looks as though there are several hundred bodies in here. The dig team came here with certain objectives in mind - to find human remains and assess their condition,

to try to establish nationality and to get a firm idea of just how many men are buried here. They're now confident that by the time they finish on Friday they will have achieved those aims. But for now the task is only getting harder to bear, even for these hardened professionals. It is a horrific sight in each of those pits.

I have never seen such graphi display of human remains." At the end of the day you can't help but be strongly reminded

of the horrors and the products of war. James Talia, Nine News. NSW Premier Morris Iemma is The Apple iPhone finally goes on sale in Australia next month but in the US the company has just launched a new, more feature packed, 3G model. And Apple isn't content with just having the world's most sought-after mobile phone it is aiming to take on the world's most popular business device - The BlackBerry.

Today corporate America, that bastion of boring business computing, was put on notice. Today we're introducing the iPhone 3G. the iPhone is coming. There are a lot of employees that have them at home, and they really want to use them at work. In a rare interview Apple chief Steve Jobs tells ABC News, the newest version will, for the first time, include all the software big companies now seek from the BlackBerry.

Across corporate America today the BlackBerry is about as common as a ballpoint pen, but with the introduction of this new iPhone Apple wants to change that. The market for business dollars is huge and BlackBerry dominates the iPhone by more than double right now.

The reality is the ease of the use now,

for a business person to use an iPhone, just got better, and so that is BlackBerry's sweet spot, so BlackBerry be aware.

Now that the iPhone comes with the secure email businesses rely on, BlackBerry and other smart-phone users may be looking to change their image. If Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were a hand-held device that would be the iPhone. The question is whether CEOs will make the switch and help the iPhone further entrench itself as the most talked about cell phone in history. After the break - flood disaster - the American Midwest hit by devastating floods. And in sport with Tim Sheridan, world champions Italy humbled at Euro 2008.

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In the US, at least 10 people are dead after torrential rains caused flooding across the Midwest. In Wisconsin, entire homes have been ripped from their foundations

and swept away.

Torrential rains caused the local dam to burst, flooding more than 30 counties. Nearby states like Iowa and Indiana are also being inundated. In China, the army is using anti-tank weapons

to blast open a so-called quake lake.

Powerful aftershocks continue to threaten the stability of the swollen lake. Today a 5-magnitude aftershock triggered massive landslides on nearby mountains. More than a million people are at risk if the lake overflows. And in Ukraine hopes are fading for 12 miners still missing after a weekend gas explosion at a coal mine.

So far, 24 miners have been rescued

after being trapped a kilometre underground. One miner was found dead. Gas explosions are frequent in Ukraine mines. just a fortnight ago 11 people died in an explosion at another mine. Competition for good jobs is always tough particularly in the US, where unemployment is on the rise. The key is standing out from the crowd, and some job seekers are going to extraordinary lengths

to impress prospective employers. With fewer entry-level jobs and the biggest spike in the unemployment rate in 20 years finding ways to stand out is not only helpful for job seekers... You should hire moi.'s become essential. Recruiters say they've seen it all. Student came in wearing a mini resume on his shirt. Someone sent us a singing telegram with all of their qualifications

or someone actually brought three of their references in person to the interview. Getting creative isn't just for new college grads, experts say it's especially important for seasoned workers looking to change jobs. The competition is really steep and the best resume today is useless. unless it gets into the right hands,

and in order to do that a job seeker has to be incredibly savvy. But getting too creative can backfire.

Success is a mental phenomenon. Alexi Vayner thought his 7-minute video resume would land his dream job on Wall Street. Failure cannot be considered an option. Instead, it spread across the Internet as a joke - turning his life into a nightmare. So far, it's been like going through hell.

All of my private information is on the Internet. Still, learning to market yourself the right way is crucial in a tight job market. It kind of reflects my life. I'm very simple yet creative. College senior Claire Coleman turned her resume into a magazine - all about herself. A lot of people were concerned that I didn't have the creativity skills that they were looking for because I was an accounting major. I wanted to use some of the different graphic design skills that I'd worked on. Instead of a cover letter, he wrote a mock letter to the editor. Instead of articles she wrote about her college life and in this new more demanding environment, her ingenuity paid off. Our jaws just dropped. We'd never seen anything like this. The magazine paired with this girl that was just so professional and so poised. That was the deciding factor. Now to sport with Tim Sheridan, Tim, Craig Bellamy tells the Queenslanders to butt out? The New South Wales coach claims the Maroons

have done nothing but whine since losing game one but Mal Meninga has laughed off suggestions he's trying to influence referee Tony Archer. Tomorrow night the Blues can wrap up the series in Brisbane and they might get under the Queenslanders' skins even before kick off.

The Blues have been keeping things low key in Queensland, but before kick-off tomorrow they plan to revive an old tradition that will change all that. Driving past the Caxton Hotel, just up the road from Suncorp Stadium, will get the players and fans fired up. All the boys have been thinking about it and talking about it,

but whether or not the insurance companies and police will want that I don't know. The Maroons have made big changes to their team and the Blues also expect a different style of play.

Up here, it's always a bit more of a free-flowing game, but who that helps I'm not sure, but we've trained pretty well. The Melbourne Storm have 10 players in the two Origin camps and it was always going to tell on their performance against the Titans.

Who's being shortchanged here? It's the fans and they are our game. It was the second loss for the defending premiers during the interstate series and they want the NRL to postpone club games during the weeks Origin is on.

I think we've improved on the St George game and the positive is it's two down and one to go. The Titans had three players out themselves, including Scott Prince, and they had to grind out their three tries to nil win. The surprise packets of the season, the Gold Coast, one of five teams with 18 points at the top of the table. I know when we get our game in order we can challenge anyone and halfway through the competition, that's what we're working on for the back half of the competition. Bence Hamerli, Nine News. Sydney Swans coach Paul Roos admits midfielder Adam Goodes should have been suspended for one match, for his head-high bump on Adam Selwood. Instead, the dual Brownlow medallist was given a reprimand

We thought he had does carry other

points from last year we were bracing ourselves. Goodes is now free to play his 203rd consecutive game against St Kilda on Saturday. The Wallabies have held their first training session in Melbourne, ahead of Saturday's Test match against Ireland. Luke Burgess is expected to play halfback after running alongside Matt Giteau, New coach Robbie Deans will name his first Wallaby team tomorrow morning. Ireland claim to be tired, going into the match, after losing by 10 points to New Zealand last weekend. World champions Italy have been humbled in their first match at Euro 2008, beaten 3-0 by the Netherlands this morning. Ruud van Nistelrooy scored a controversial goal midway through the first half. The referees' boss later backed the linesman who allowed it. There was no doubt about the next two goals - Wesley Sneijder and Giovanni van Bronckhorst finished off great attacking moves for the Netherlands' first win against Italy in 30 years. The other match in the group between Romania and France finished goalless, a result which could prove costly for the highly-fancied French. In tennis, the grass season is under way and Lleyton Hewitt's Wimbledon preparations

began with a straight-sets win at the Queen's tournament. All three Aussies in action at Queens - Hewitt, Chris Guccione and wildcard Joseph Sirianni - won through to the second round. Hewitt made short work of British wildcard Josh Goodall,

breaking him in the third game of the first set and never looking back. The Aussie is chasing his fifth Queen's title. I always look forward to coming back to Queen's

and I've had some success here in the past, so it's nice to get that first one. Tiger Woods has played his first official practice round for the US Open, but pulled out after just 9 holes. He's still recovering from the arthroscopic knee surgery he had after the Masters in April. Even so, Woods is still the hot favourite, with six career victories on the tough Torrey Pines layout. When he tees off on Thursday,

the 32-year-old will be chasing his third US Open title and his 14th major. Still to come - Jaynie Seal with all the weather details and in finance the boss of brewing giant Foster's quits after four years.

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Finance news now with Joanna Townsend. Jo, there's plenty of economic data out today all pointing to a slowdown in the Aussie economy? Jobs, housing and business conditions - all of the key data out today is pointing towards an Aussie economy heading south.

Job ads both in the paper and online fell almost 2% as bosses felt less inclined to take on new workers. Less of us took out loans, with a bigger-than-expected fall in the value of home loans for owner-occupied housing.

And although business conditions and confidence stabilised, businesses are revising down their short-term expectations. Of course, the only potential good news here is an interest rate cut - still predicted early in 2009.

And after some speculation, Foster's boss Trevor O'hoy has quit the top job. The alcohol giant today downgraded its earning outlook, while we are all still drinking beer, the company says it simply paid too much for its wine assets. And an independent banking analyst has voiced concern about the Westpac-St George merger's long term effect on an already small Australian banking industry. I think longer term, arguably, to get the correct sinergies then there will have to be some merging and wether that ends up in the brand we will have to wait and see over time.

as Saudi Arabia says it does have enough oil to reach demand. On the markets -

The rain continues to affect parts of the country, where do we expect the best falls? By the looks of it, Rachel, southern half of the country will experience the higher totals, from a combination of the trough in the north west

feeding moisture into the front.

And another trough in the east, heading towards the coast. The QLD coast seeing a few showers however, from south-east winds. But the biggest falls today have most certainly been around NSW and the ACT. Canberra a total of 6mm's today which makes it a total of 11mms. And Sydney this morning woke up to very thick fog with visibility down to 100 meters in some areas, along with disruptions at the airport.

Tomorrow, with thanks to the trough and another front more rain spreading to a wide spread area around SA, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. The high in the west keeping conditions dry. And the showers will hang around the QLD coast. Brisbane just a light splash or two for the State of Origin. Darwin dry, and just a few showers for remaining capitals.

Thursday - two fronts will cross the south-east bringing strong winds and showers. Melbourne has barely seen a drop this June, so lets hope for something decent. Warming up in Sydney with a couple of morning showers. Friday - southerly winds will bring cold air and a few showers to the east. And we may even see our first bit of realsnow in a couple of weeks And that's the afternoon edition. You can keep up-to-date on the latest news through our website: Our next major bulletin is at 6:00pm.

Nightline tonight is at 11:30. I'm Rachael Rollo, thanks for your company. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia

The Antiques Roadshow comes to the shores of Loch Gilp, on the west coast of Scotland, and the town of Lochgilphead, just north of the Mull of Kintyre.

Lochgilphead is only 50 miles from Glasgow as the crow flies, but 85 by road because of the contours of the lochs. In 1794, a surveyor remarked, "The convenience of water carriage exempts the people of Argyllshire

"from the absolute necessity of an expensive attention to roads." In other words, round here, the boat is the only way to travel. This is the entrance to the Crinan Canal, just south of Lochgilphead. It was designed to save a long haul around the Mull.