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(generated from captions) I tell you what, felucca from Australia TO the Nile. I think you'll have to catch the Oh, thank you, Vera. Just meeting you is enough. It's been lots of fun. It's been a pleasure having you. Let's see the money. Thanks for joining us on the show. with your cheque, Vera. The lovely Emma Gurney your own way, Now, if you get yourself to Egypt

you know, $100 will go a long way. You'll buy a baby donkey for that. It's been a lot of fun. Thank you so much for being with us. Thanks, Berj. Thanks, family.

Been fun. Been fun. Thanks, everyone. See you next time on the Deal. Tonight - This program is captioned live.

sacked from a road safety campaign the 'Underbelly' star after a drink-driving conviction. to move on with her life Mercedes Corby's plan and look after Schapelle in prison. Exclusive - Adrian Brown inside Burma of Cyclone Nargis. with the forgotten victims And spectacular pictures visit Sydney Harbour. as four humpback whales with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. Alex Dimitriades Star of Channel Nine's 'Underbelly', a major road safety campaign has been dumped from on a drink driving charge. after facing court admitting he was an idiot. Dimitriades pleaded guilty, angering campaigners But he avoided a conviction, to other drivers. who say it sets the wrong example his gangster character, He looked like rushing past the cameras into court. 'Running Man' Alex Dimitriades was nicknamed in the TV series 'Underbelly'. he was stopped in his tracks, And today pleading guilty to drink driving. you're a bloody idiot. Yeah, if you drink and drive, was more than twice the legal limit The 34-year-old on Oxford Street, Paddington when he was pulled over earlier this month. with a good behaviour bond He escaped and is still allowed to drive. the star lives with his mum The court was told for medical treatment. and needs to take her to hospital for community service, He was also given credit

as an anti-drink driving ambassador. including his role Have a drink or drive, TV ADVERTISEMENT:

don't mess around trying to do both. I am involved in the campaign active in the future, and I hope to be a little more yeah, definitely. to redeem himself that easily. But he won't get a chance Against Drink Driving group The Recording Artists as soon as he was charged. dumped Alex Dimitriades their entire ad campaign Now they have to re-shoot and they're not impressed. one of their stars drank, drove Furious

and all but got away with it. you're gonna drink drive Either you decide or you're not going to drink drive. there's no excuse. It's 100% preventable - Oh, look, that's a long story. and that's it. I've learnt from the experience has also escaped serious punishment Bra Boy Jai Abberton after being caught behind the wheel until 2022. while already banned from driving could have been jailed The Maroubra surfer for driving while disqualified. it was his sixth conviction the Sydney magistrate decided Instead, with his drug rehabilitation Abberton had made progress a suspended sentence. and should be given to his licence disqualification An extra two years was added before he can legally drive again. so it will be another 16 years Mercedes Corby says resuming a normal life she's looking forward to against Channel 7. after winning her defamation case

is expected back in court next week But the mother-of-three she deserves. to argue how much compensation For the past month, has been pulled apart every aspect of her private life in a high-profile court case. she wants to leave it all behind. Today, Mercedes Corby says to getting back Now I am looking forward

my husband to my beautiful three children, and my sister Schapelle. Jodie Power Mercedes sued her former friend and Channel 7 'Today Tonight' and the news over a series of stories aired on last year.

will ever be friends again? REPORTER: Do you think you and Jodie

Those reports had Ms Power of dealing in drugs. accusing the Corby family disgusting allegations Living with these has been very difficult and hurtful. is being held accountable I'm relieved 'Today Tonight' for their false stories. During the trial, discussing drugs letters written by Mercedes were shown to the jury, apparently smoking a marijuana pipe. along with photos of her After just a few hours deliberation, she had been defamed. the jury last night agreed and hold my head high I can walk out of that courtroom the 100% truth. and know that I have told next week Both parties will return to court Mercedes' reputation was damaged to argue how badly should be awarded. and how much compensation are expected to top $500,000. Legal bills alone for the trial evidence in the damages phase. I'm also looking forward to giving Sydney's commuters have been told they're facing at least another five years of crowd crush. are packed to overflowing Buses and trains because a growing number of workers each day. can't afford to drive to the office to human traffic. Car traffic is giving way Rising petrol prices out of their vehicles are forcing commuters public transport network. and onto the groaning they just go past. My bus is definitely full - Yeah, it was quite full, $1.60 a litre now, isn't it? but petrol, yeah, it's over It's costing more and more. queues are growing, Buses are bulging, are like cattle yards. train platforms The Government says to cope with demand. it's pouring money into the system the Epping-Chatswood rail link, It's why we're about to complete 626 rail carriages, it's why we've purchased it's why we're planning that north-west metro and now a western metro. This State Government has 13 years of failed management and failed delivery in relation to public transport infrastructure.

If commuters are frustrated now, there's bad news ahead. Some experts say petrol will soon top $2 a litre and overcrowding on buses and trains will get even worse. I suspect that we're going to be up against it for the next 5 or 10 years, it's really going to take 20 years to rebuild our cities to be less car dependent. For now, the Chamber of Commerce wants to lure passengers away from the peak. Free public transport for people who travel very early in the morning and are able to get to work before 7am.

They're some of the issues that in consultation with the City of Sydney I want to look at. Four weeks after a cyclone destroyed southern Burma, a Seven News crew has defied the regime's ban on foreign media, to record the devastation. They're images the military rulers don't want you to see.

Desperate survivors still waiting for aid on the Irrawaddy Delta. Seven's Adrian Brown has our report. In village after village, people throng the roads in the hope of food. Desperation is forcing many to beg. So what are they waiting for?

Waiting for donations now. Donations. With so little official aid reaching the hard-hit areas, it's being left to volunteers to deliver food, money and medical supplies themselves. Among these destitute survivors, frustration at the regime is turning to anger.

But for their own safety, those now daring to speak out can't be identified. They are so... you know, brutal government. Brutal? Brutal government. This is a country where people can be arrested and jailed for talking to foreign journalists

so it's remarkable in a way that some people have been prepared to talk with us. It is a measure of the mounting fury here over the government's response to the cyclone. Many I spoke to, like this monk, were scathing.

They are useless, they don't care for the people. You don't think the government cares? No, nothing at all. Are you worried when you say that to me? No. (LAUGHS) You're not worried? No, not at all. To keep foreigners reaching the worst-affected areas, Burma's vast security apparatus is in overdrive. At a military checkpoint, a tense moment - our passports are taken, car details and names written down and we're ordered back to Rangoon. Here, Australian aid workers are still waiting for permission to go south where, one month after the cyclone, it's feared many survivors have still received no aid.

There are still reports of people that haven't received or haven't been able to be accessed as yet. In the Delta region,

lives and industries were washed away

but there's a more immediate concern now - the rice planting season ends in three weeks when the monsoon rains begin. (THUNDER RUMBLES) Now a harvest that millions depend on could be doomed, raising the prospect of another threat - famine. Those pictures from Seven cameraman Rob Brown. With one day to go this month is shaping up to be Sydney's driest May ever. What began as a promising season of rain has failed to deliver for city and country. That's bad news for farmers and gardeners. Graham Ross has been gardening almost 50 years. He can't remember an autumn like this. It's been incredibly dry, so we've been given a bit of a false start this autumn, certainly in Sydney. Just 3mm of rain fell over Observatory Hill this month, the average is 122mm. With sunny skies forecast tomorrow, it looks like this May will be Sydney's driest. Prior to that the record was 3.7mm, which was back in 1957. This week's thunderstorms looked like delivering... (LIGHTNING CRACKS) ..but only to a few select suburbs.

Cronulla had over 50mm. Campbelltown, about 37mm.

A far cry from last month when snow fell on parts of the Central West and Sydney splashed through 13 consecutive days of rain. Not much in our dams, though - total storage dipping to 64.7%. But Sydney's gardeners need not despair. Experts like Graham say the lack of rain is manageable. His own garden here at Beecroft is a perfect example. It hasn't seen fresh water for two months, yet still looks lush thanks to recycling, mulching and careful planting. I'm selecting plants from all around the globe that are from dry areas - from Arizona, a beautiful conifer there. Farmers out west have fewer options. There was good growth during the summer our way through that summer feed. Sydney Harbour welcomed four very special tourists late this afternoon, and they certainly seemed to enjoy themselves. Four humpback whales spent a couple of hours splashing around in the water near Manly, before heading back out to sea. Oh breach! Oh! Just as I turned away. They always make the coming winter wonderful. The whales that pass us on their long swim from Antarctica to the Whitsundays. And occasionally when they come into the Harbour... ..well, that's the best part. Four of them did this afternoon, humpbacks, playing around Little Manly. The whale watching boat True Blue first spotted them off Bondi and stayed with them. These ones were quite content to swim along nice and slowly.

There was four of them. Four humpback whales and they just had a good ol' time in there. There is the small one. They're going north to breed. The females start coming back with their calves around the middle of August. And either way, we get to see whales until November. Yes, yes, yes. It is amazing. You will probably never see it again.

That is the first time we have ever seen them. We are up from Melbourne, so it was good. It has been a great trip from the States. We have seen everything. If you're lucky enough to be out on the water,

remember you have to keep at least 100m away from them. We wouldn't want to frighten them off. (CHOPPER WHIRLS)

Still to come - Australia's new record lottery prize. Also, moves to restrict food additive sales after a rush from binge-drinking teens.

And supermodel Naomi Campbell facing jail charged with assault. That's next. for new-release books for 50% below the recommonded retail price. The fun never stops! If I had my way, I'd have more time to get ready in the morning. I could have a second cup of coffee. And there'd be no rush for the early bus. You've got it. The new ACTION. We're going your way. The safety record of Garuda Airlines is causing concern with two close calls in Perth this month. On Wednesday, a Garuda flight flew kilometres off course

in bad weather. Three weeks ago another flight almost hit workers on the runway. be allowed to fly to Australia. I believe the airline should not The Europeans have banned all Indonesian airlines. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority says it checks Garuda planes at least once a fortnight. It's a lot higher regime of safety checks than we have for other international airlines. And this is something we do as a risk management tool when accidents happen or incidents happen. But CASA says there's no evidence yet to justify banning the Indonesian airline. Supermarket staff are being asked to look out for teenagers buying up supplies of food essence. Police are warning underage drinkers are turning to the high-alcohol products after a big tax increase hit alcopops. Sultanas, cooking chocolate and food essence. It's used to make cakes but some teenagers are using it to get drunk. The concern for us is minors are purchasing this product and becoming intoxicated. It's flavoured, cheap and full of alcohol - this one is 85%. The product is poured directly into a soft drink and for a very cheap amount they've got an alcopop. A statewide police alert has been issued after officers discovered teenagers drinking lemon essence on the North Shore. The problem's emerged just one month after the Federal Government's tax hike on alcopops. It was designed to cut binge drinking

but it's feared teenagers are now turning to other drinks. They'll get anything to get drunk, really. It's an isolated problem but parents are being warned. They should educate their kids not to drink this stuff, that it actually does have quite high alcohol content and can cause harm. Supermarkets have been told to watch out for young people buying large amounts. We'll be asking our grocers just to monitor the sale at this stage. Essence could soon be restricted to behind the counter sales like cigarettes with ID checks also being considered. It sounds pretty desperate to get drunk. An inquiry into the World War II sinking of HMAS 'Sydney' will hear evidence in Germany from survivors of the raider 'Kormoran'. Hearings started today and will consider several theories on why the Sydney sank and whether a proper search was launched to find survivors. Family members hope the inquiry ends their long wait for answers. About 67 years. I was only 5 when Dad went down, so... The inquiry will be given 40 hours of underwater video taken of both wrecks found off the WA coast in March. Supermodel Naomi Campbell faces 18 months jail after being charged with assault. She's accused of lashing out aboard an aircraft after being told her luggage had been lost. London police have charged her with six offences,

including assaulting two officers who escorted her from the plane. Miss Campbell is bitterly disappointed have advised her to be prosecuted for various offences. She's famously lashed out before, including a fight over her photo being taken. And she's done community service for assaulting her housekeeper. Scientists have made a major breakthrough in artificial limbs. They've enabled a monkey to move a robotic arm using brainwaves alone. Devices implanted in its brain send signals to a microchip. Current bionic limbs work by using electrical impulses from muscles. But scientists warn thought control is a long way from human development. Powerball will set a new Australian lottery record next week with a $50 million first prize. Last night's $40 million failed to go off and not surprisingly, given consecutive numbers 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 were drawn. So the cash will be offered again next Thursday. Lotto's record prize money week continues tomorrow night with Division 1 worth $19 million. Sport with Matthew White and a big gamble for Darren Lockyer tonight. He's ready to play against Parramatta but a slippery surface will make it risky. Also tonight, the Crusaders saddle up for the Super 14 final. And the Socceroos star in fine form -

look out, Iraq, here comes Harry. When you add up the fact that they last longer, they're saving energy, time and the environment, they're well worth it in the end.

Energy-saving globes - $14.75. 10L Wash & Wear Advanced - $133. Dynamic Lifter - $22.84. Laminate floor - $13.57 per square metre. If you happen to find a cheaper price on a stocked item, we'll beat it by 10%. Save money and the environment at the same time. Lowest prices are just the beginning. Brisbane's Darren Lockyer is prepared to risk it all tonight as he embarks on a comeback with State of Origin 2 in mind. Lockyer will play against Parramatta on a slippery Suncorp pitch just 19 days after having knee surgery. Darren Lockyer's ignoring the signs and will play at Suncorp Stadium tonight. After 24 hours of heavy Queensland rain, the news has the whole State beaming.

Obviously, we're real excited about it but I won't get too carried away. We'll see what happens after tonight. Meninga admits the five-eighth and his troublesome knee only need to make it through tonight's Broncos-Eels match to be invited to Origin 2. The final decision will be Lockyer's. You don't really need too many games under your belt if you've got experience so we'll leave it up to him. A hamstring injury has Dragon Mark Gasnier in doubt for Origin. He won't play against Souths on Sunday but coach Nathan Brown has resisted calling up Wendell Sailor to replace him. Sailor's now hoping to return to the big time next week against the Broncos. Will he be the Wendell Sailor of 25, 26? No, but will he still contribute, he will definitely. And as he prepares for his 150th first-grade game,

Matt Cooper's showing all the wisdom of a rugby league veteran. Every time you lose a game, you're just one win away from a win. Waratahs captain Phil Waugh missed the final training run before tomorrow's Super 14 final, still suffering from hamstring soreness.

Seven's Nick Marshall-McCormack is with the 'Tahs in Christchurch. Nick, will he be right for the final? No panic this end, Matty. Team management say he'll be good to go.

But locals aren't fussed if he plays or not - they reckon the Crusaders already have it won. They're confident of riding away with their seventh Super Rugby title. Crusaders! We have already won. We can't loose. Certainly the Crusaders. The Waratahs and their fans may be the only ones here who believe they're a chance of winning their maiden title. Halfback Luke Burgess is feeling the pressure. Certainly a bit of nerves. I am pretty happy with how things have gone this week and I am just itching to get back on the field. Burgess has sparked the Tahs backline to finally play the running rugby the fans crave. Today his captain paid him the ultimate complement. I think Burgo is one of the best halfbacks I've ever seen. I think that is a pretty big call. The Waratahs lost the 2005 final here by kicking away possession. This time they plan to attack. Kurtley Beale's goal kicking remains a concern - he's been practicing hard but hasn't got much help from Burgess. I cant help him. I've got no goal-kicking skills, so it is up to him. But I have complete faith in him. And Matt, Seven News has learnt that Eastwood's Chris Hickey

will soon sign as the new Waratahs coach. But if you listen to the bookies, he won't inheriting a title winning team - they have the 'Tahs at $3 for tomorrow's final. Australia's hopes of hosting soccer's 2018 World Cup have taken a blow with FIFA president Sepp Blatter predicting the event will go to Europe. South Africa and Brazil will stage the next two tournaments and Blatter says Australia stands a better chance of bidding for the Cup in 2022. They are advocating for 2018 but 2018 will be very difficult after having been already in the Southern Hemisphere and to be far away. At least there's some encouraging news for the Socceroos with Harry Kewell looking sharp in a practice match ahead of Sunday's qualifying game with Iraq. Lleyton Hewitt and Casey Dellacqua are through to the third round of the French Open. Hewitt beat Mardy Fish in straight sets, Dellacqua accounted for Nathalie Dechy while Sam Stosur lost her match. of trouble from his hip injury, Hewitt is showing no signs

the 25th seed has now set up a clash David Ferrer. with clay court specialist a very accomplished claycourt player He's obviously with the best guys and has matched it on this surface over the last three or four years so it's going to be a good one. World number 51 Dellacqua Carla Suarez Navarro tonight will play Spanish qualifier for a spot in the last 16.

Lleyton is up tomorrow night. Have a good weekend. topsy-turvy week and the share market's Checking finance now

ended with a loss. because of falling resource prices. Mining companies were hit hard The ASX 200 fell 55 points. . Sara's next with the weather and after such a dry month, on the way. hopefully there's some rain On the way, Chris a little more sunshine for Sydney. but first there's weather details I'll have the weekend after the break. Ahhh...Friday. 'EVERYDAY PEOPLE' PLAYS) (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT'S Food tastes better on a Friday. The sun's brighter. wherever you are. helping local communities Australia Post is to life every day. and bring sport and a future

to the working week It was a beautiful sunny end after the morning fog cleared.

at around 2 o'clock Some drizzle moved over the city but it didn't last long. climbed into the low 20s. And with light winds, temperatures and Campbelltown hit 21. Gosford, Penrith, Liverpool, for late May That's a touch above average in the Mountains but it was 3 above normal 16 degrees. where the temperature hit From the satellite - South-East Queensland at the moment. we have severe storms over is set to continue this weekend And the wild weather and winds to 110km/h. with very heavy rain may push west of the divide Some of those falls and plains areas over the northern slopes which is great news for farmers dry conditions in Sydney but this high should maintain until later in the weekend. or Perth this weekend So if you're heading to Brisbane your wet weather gear. you better pack Rain, wind and a top of 19. The chance of a shower in Hobart. but fine elsewhere. Drizzly in Melbourne, with early morning fog patches Expect a cool night for quite some time. and then our last day of sunshine

will dip to 5 degrees in the west, Overnight temperatures into the low 20s. but it should warm up 22 in Liverpool. So it should be quite a pleasant end to autumn but make sure you get out and enjoy the sunshine

to develop later on Sunday because showers are expected and stay with us right through next week. the Mercedes Corby defamation case. Some breaking news now on reached a settlement with Ms Corby. Channel 7 has announced it has are confidential. Details of the deal And that's Seven News to now. Thanks for your company. I'm Chris Bath. Have a great weekend. Goodnight. Dumb and dumber. so bad at their job, Up close with criminals for stupidity. police want them behind bars Pensioner Terri's 10-year diary. Every cent spent in that time. on how the pension has not kept up, If ever the government needed proof here it is. Money down the drain. The official 'Choice' tests clean and germ free. on how best to keep your bathroom Good evening. who steal the entitlements They're the bosses of thousands of workers. $325 million hasn't been paid. Its been revealed who simply couldnt be bothered All pocketed by employers to pay employees their dues. It's your money, in their pockets. getting away with theft. Rodney Lohse reports on the bosses Did you steal it, did you steal...? Get real. Get off my premises. OK, we're leaving John, you've stolen their money - but you know I've been so loyal working for him I'm devastated to know and reliable - to know all my retirement is gone yeah, lost for words is of Susanne Tuck, Allison Moyle, Do you know where the superannuation Theresa Rolley, all ex employees What company is that relevant to? his pie van business John Gisler has run it's hard to keep track under so many different names, How many businesses have you run? I can't recall. It's a lot isn't it haven't forgotten But his former employees thousands in superannuation. because he still owes them pretty hard - Full of false promises, of super. he owes me 3.5 years' worth but holiday pay they promised. About $7,000, not only super

But John Gisler is far from alone, is almost an industry itself. not paying super are out of pocket Australian employees in unpaid retirement entitlements in excess of $325 million

is policing this national disgrace. and workers want to know who and I'm owed $2,600. I worked there for 2 years at this discount store Alisha Collins was a loyal employee and betrayed by management. only to find herself deceived

that they were paying me super It has it on the pay slip they said they were paying it and when I contacted them BT Financial, but when I rang the super being made to my account. they said their was no payments