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Tonight - to slash hundreds of rail jobs. the Government's secret plot victory over Channel Seven. Mercedes Corby savours her defamation

And seeking a new high - for food flavourings. teenagers ditch alcopops and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening, also tonight - disabling the toughest of criminals. the flash new police weapon

And invitation-only beachside raves - party craze sweeping Sydney. an exclusive look at the dangerous until next week Mercedes Corby will have to wait her court win over Channel Seven. to hear how much she'll pocket from at the network, She's taken another swipe ahead of truth. accusing it of putting ratings For Mercedes Corby, against trashy tabloid television. it's a win I'm relieved accountable for their false stories. 'Today Tonight' has been held It's sad when the hunt for ratings she was defamed by the Seven Network A court finding in four stories a drug smuggler, grower and dealer. which labelled her disgusting allegations Living with these

has been very difficult and hurtful. the good news to sister Schapelle. In Bali, Michael Corby delivered has finally came out. Everyone is very happy the truth was warts and all. The 5-week defamation trial told the court Former best friend Jody Power and shabu. Mercedes used speed, cocaine who lifted the lid on Powers' lies The 'Today Tonight' reporter

today tight-lipped. $500,000 or more. You've cost your network What's your response to the outcome? ridiculous with those stories? Don't you feel you've been totally

No, not at all. How do you feel? I'll talk later, thanks. swung past Seven's studios, On a victory lap, Mercedes Corby Anna Coren a friendly wave offering 'Today Tonight' presenter mid-broadcast. Oh, look she's seen us! for Mercedes Corby again next week. And so it's back to court and explain to the judge She'll take the stand were to her reputation. just how damaging these stories compensation she receives. He'll then decide how much 'Today Tonight' think hard I really hope that in future about somebody. before broadcasting attacks and lies

food flavourings to young people. Supermarkets may have to stop selling Police are pushing for a ban are getting high on potent additives after learning teenagers like vanilla essence. may not be new, Battling binge drinking certainly is. but banning baking goods over the age of 18 - and only to people like cigarettes and alcohol. in the northern suburbs of Sydney Ten News has learned police in sales in the past few weeks. have noted a recent tenfold increase is so concerned The Police Commissioner to the entire force warning them: he released a statewide directive Liquor enforcement officer Albert Gardner's report to the Minister

used by mums and dads This is a legitimate product going to be abused by minors. but we want to make sure it's not A cake-making staple, aware of it being widely abused. this is the first time police are vanilla essence contains 70% alcohol. At just 94 cents Police say the cases of teenagers bulk-buying it and binge drinking it

tax was introduced last month. have risen since Kevin Rudd's alcopop The distillers' industry says Mr Rudd's alcopop tax has backfired, in the past fortnight. showing sales are up one-fifth I certainly don't think into consideration they took this kind of thing

and, like I say, wasn't commenting today. Leading brand manufacturer Queens Jacqui Maddock, Ten News.

An exclusive look tonight underground dance party culture inside Sydney's in dangerous and remote locations. with all-night raves the latest event, Police have criticised held in wartime gun turrets. not your average city nightclub. It's certainly An all-night rave with 300 people, a dance-floor, lights, a bonfire a DJ and speaker system, and plenty of alcohol. Invitation by word of mouth only. It happened on Saturday night. This was the venue - on Commonwealth land a disused wartime gun bunker at the end of the Malabar headland. littered with empty drink bottles, Five days on, the area is still and other party leftovers. smashed lanterns and partying When we're cranking up the music and celebrating the sun coming up, through until 8:00 in the morning I mean, no-one can hear us. I mean, what a place to be. Getting there wasn't easy. Guests had to walk 2km, this graffiti-filled tunnel, then battle through but lived in by bats. lit up by candles dotted with ventilation shafts. The headland is also when he fell down one. Last year a young man died Let's face it, yes, and walk through the bush it's a risk to go and go through a party. you can get lost in the bush. And, yes, Organiser Andy Gray at Clovelly three months ago also arranged this cliff-ledge party in a massive police rescue operation. which resulted

Police say there are untroubled by

they these type of parties. They say

they had no idea that this one was

on. I wouldn't like to be charged.

He says more adventure park

are in the pipeline. He says more adventure park parties

An international expert says of falling into an old quarry. some homes in Hornsby are in danger which owns the quarry, But the local council, is just scaremongering. says the warning but trouble for Hornsby Council The old CSR quarry has been nothing for nearly $26 million. since it was bought five years ago finding it was safe, Despite a year-long technical survey has warned a leading environmental geochemist

when, not if, the site caves in. that houses will be lost disputing those findings, For anyone to come out based on little evidence, with scaremongering really should be taken with a grain of salt. Dozens of homes surround the 100-year-old site. Dr Dick Ineson, an expert on quarry remediation, says the area is unstable and homes are at risk. Council can use the site for any number of opportunities. The safety of landowners is guaranteed. They do concede, however, if the water table continues to rise, the southern wall could come down. Residents not overly concerned. We're not worried about it at the moment. The dilemma has long been just what to do with this 28-hectare hole in the ground. but Council is determined to at least get some of its money back. Aside from filling it, turning it into a housing development or sports fields, they'll pursue legal action, claiming flawed State laws forced them to pay too much. The legislation has been changed. No council will ever have to acquire a property in those circumstances again. It was certainly a bad deal for Council, which Council was forced into. Frank Coletta, Ten News. The State Government is accused of lying over plans to slash hundreds of jobs from the stressed rail system. The Transport Minister insists the employees are staying, but rail bosses say it's definite - workers will be lost. Leaked documents show frontline rail workers are among those facing the chop from management. The news comes as the finishing touches are put on next Tuesday's Budget with public transport as the centrepiece. And according to the Opposition, it's a major embarrassment for Transport Minister John Watkins. he told everybody it was a furphy about the issue of the potential loss of 417 jobs. Yet two days later

the acting head of RailCorp has issued a statement to all staff. It says there are plans to remove 417 station staff. But there are plenty around. In fact, an extra 5% across the network compared to a year ago. It's a bad end to the week for Rob Mason who was heckled by angry commuter Michael Hart on Monday during a news conference. There is a lot of tactics. There's a lot of pushing and shoving in an industrial dialogue. That's what's happening at the moment. The Minister is guaranteeing the jobs so it leaves RailCorp making empty threats. Which ever way you look at it it's really dishonest for the Minister for Transport to tell the community one thing, then have the acting head of RailCorp say another thing to staff. The mixed message over rail jobs is an unwelcome diversion for the Government just ahead of the Budget. A document that will emphasise infrastructure spending including more money for roads and on the railways. I can't give away secrets about the Budget but what I do know is that it will generously fund public transport, both rail, bus and ferry. All will be revealed on Tuesday afternoon. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Almost 70 years on, the mystery of HMAS 'Sydney' continues. Why did she sink and why did none of her 645 crew survive? A commission of inquiry began today to try to answer those questions. A handful of relatives attended the inquiry, among them, Judith Bennet, who lost her father George Quinn when the 'Sydney' sank in November 1941. Today she recalled her heartbroken mother's dying words. She couldn't wait for Dad to come home any longer. She was going to meet him... sorry. The discovery of 'Sydney' and 'Kormoran' prompted the inquiry into Australia's greatest maritime mystery. The commissioner promising to seek answers on behalf of grief-stricken families. Those questions centre upon how it came that 'Sydney II' was lost in battle and lost without any survivors. He'll travel to Germany next month to take evidence from 'Kormoran' survivors. The oldest, a frail 96 years of age. The actions of Captain Joseph Burnett will be examined. Decades of controversy failing to answer why he took 'Sydney' to within 1,000 metres of the German raider, which then opened fire. For 'Sydney' to have been in so close and both ships stationary, 'Kormoran' must have surrendered. Archives here and in Britain, the US, Germany and Japan are being searched for documentary evidence. will also examine the claims The inquiry of official cover-ups and conspiracy theories surrounding the loss of HMAS 'Sydney' that persist to the present day. I believe there was a submarine involved. The Cole inquiry, in my view, to find out once and for all what happened. Public hearings will begin later this year. John Hill, Ten News. It's our last sport with Tim Webster in a full-time capacity, he's hanging up his regular 5:00 hat tonight.

So we'll take a look back at some of your finest TV moments as well as all the sport. Ahead, Darren Lockyer's gamble to take on the Blues in Origin and the Roosters hit back at criticism they can only score tries one way. who's still there at the French Open Plus, we'll hear from Lleyton Hewitt Casey Dellaqua. along with another Aussie, And we meet the 41-year-old swimmer trying to reach her fifth Olympics including how lap swimmers would try and make her race

even though she was pregant and just trying to stay fit. And the build-up in Christchurch to the Waratahs' big challenge against the Crusaders for the Super 14 title. Blamed for a damaging Cabinet leak. Next, Kevin Rudd takes aim at the public service. Also tonight, the 'Underbelly' star let off for drink-driving. And history unearthed - the real story behind the Ned Kelly dig.

This program is captioned live. One of the stars of 'Underbelly', Alex Dimitriades, has been spared a jail sentence after pleading guilty to drink-driving. He was instead placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond and allowed to keep his licence after claiming he was the only one who could drive his sick mother to hospital.

But the 34-year-old actor has been axed from an anti- drink-driving television campaign. If you drink and drive you're a bloody idiot, basically.

That's about it. I made a mistake and I'm totally understanding of my mistake so I hope to benefit from this experience. He escaped a fine and no conviction has been recorded. serial bad driver and Bra Boy surfing gang member Jai Abberton. In December, he was caught driving despite being banned from getting behind the wheel for 14 years. He'll have to wait 16 years now after a magistrate added another two years to his ban and handed him an 8-month suspended jail sentence. The Rudd Government denies it's at war with the public service as the fallout continues from this week's damaging FuelWatch leaks. But the Prime Minister is standing by his vow to make his bureaucrats work even harder. Into the lion's den, a day after the Prime Minister let loose on public servants, Julia Gillard surrounded as she opened Centrelink's new headquarters. Such a remarkable crowd in so many layers. A warm reception, despite Federal Police being called in to investigate this week's explosive leaks on FuelWatch. Kevin Rudd blames a public service embittered over increased workloads for the embarrassing revelations, but warns the pace isn't going to slow. When it comes to the future, it's going to get more intense, not less intense. But angry Government employees are asking what happened to Kevin Rudd's promise to improve the work-life balance for families. Our lives have been turned into sheer hell. Our departments have turned into nightmares. Like all Australians they want to work hard but they also want the right to spend time with their families

and in their communities. Labor's front bench are attempting to dispel talk of a crippling rift. There is no breakdown but clearly there is a contest of ideas in Canberra as there should be. The winner over FuelWatch is the ACCC. Kevin Rudd standing firm the scheme will go ahead based on the competition watchdog's advice over other key departments. What we've seen this week is stubborn Kevin, control freak Kevin, we've seen the real Kevin Rudd. The Government's honeymoon period seems to be the major casualty in the war over rising petrol prices, the Prime Minister is already bracing himself for the public backlash. You take a whacking from time to time. I imagine also that we'll take a whacking in next week's opinion polls. Brad Hodson, Ten News. Archaeologists have wrapped up their mission to unearth the story of Ned Kelly. 7,500 artifacts have been brought to the surface more than 12 decades after the famous shoot-out. Almost 128 years to the day after Ned Kelly's last stand Glenrowan is giving up its secrets. Unbelievable! Well done all. After a month of trawling and scrapping the real story of the famous shoot-out at the Anne Jones Inn is emerging room-by-room. So this is the place - the iconic image of the four guys standing shoulder to shoulder in their armour engaging with the police who are running from the railway station. they've gone through a doorway here We've found into a back room reasonably secure because the bullets aren't penetrating through here. I guess it was really hair on the back of the neck stuff realising this was happening - the last hours of the members of the Kelly Gang. A pile of spent cartridges found at the back of the site

paints a vivid picture of the desperate gunfight - the gang reloading as the fire raged in front of them. When you are holding an artefact, a discarded cartridge, the last time it was held it was fired by a weapon in the middle of the battle. By far the most exciting find is a tiny copper percussion cap possibly fired by the infamous bushranger himself. While the archeologists here have sifted through hundreds of items from the fateful siege they're also digging up the truth surrounding Ned Kelly's final hours. You can see the ferociousness of it. You can see how small this building is. That is an amazing experience. Gerard Scholten, Ten News.

We have had some days recently. You

may have thought it was already

winter but it officially starts

this weekend. NEWLINE. Winter

starts Sunday and then it gets cold.

An overnight low of 11 in the city.

There has not been too much rain

here but up in northern New South

Wales as they have copped a bit.

There are some storms that are

happening over South Queensland and

northern New South Wales. I will be

back later with more weather and a

surprise for Tim Webster. Next, charged again - serial offender Naomi Campbell facing lenghty jail time. And blinded by the light - the flashy new device stopping suspects in their tracks. Tender, juicy chicken fillets blended with herbs. Great! OK. Follow me! Original Recipe Fillets Banquet, thanks. Eight large breast fillets in the 11 secret herbs and spices - with less than 7g of fat per average piece - plus sides. VOICEOVER: There's no place in the world like Sydney, a city designed to inspire. Experience world-class dining, international style, and spectacular theatre, like 'The Phantom of the Opera'. Stay at Star City with great Showbiz packages,

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You are watching Ten News. This program is captioned live.. Where

should we avoid? It is all about

the M2, traffic heading into the

city this evening. It is a very

slow run. The gridlock is really

slowing all the way down towards

winter road. What about that

perfect sunset behind us? The Ritalin debate has resurfaced, with news hundreds of toddlers are being given the drug to treat hyperactivity. But experts are split on whether there's any benefit. As the mother of a child with ADHD, Diana Scott-Waine knows well the difference the drug Ritalin makes. The best way to put it would be to say relief from the condition. Diana's daughter Isabella was five when she was diagnosed with the disorder and medicated. Only, now she's aged 11, Isabella wants out. I benefit from her taking it but she's feeling a bit, the best way I can put it is wired, The debate over whether to medicate or not is now happening in many family homes after the number of children as young as toddlers on Ritalin was revealed. 245 5-year-olds, almost 7,000 6-10-year-olds, I'm worried about children being medicated where's there's not clear evidence of the benefit to them. Paediatricians like Dr Michael Kohn point out is strictly controlled in NSW. I've been asked to review a case of a 5-year-old who toddled out the front door and was stopped by a car, so we know these young ones are very much at risk. Doctors say medication is a last resort after all other strategies have failed. And in many cases it's the only way of ensuring that child's safety. Research is now under way into the impact of medication on child patients. Amber Muir, Ten News. One of the world's last uncontacted tribes

has been seen for the first time. Photographs of the tribe were taken during several flights over a remote part of the Amazon rainforest on the Brazil/Peru border. The photographs show members of the tribe taking aim at the helicopter with bows and arrows. It's claimed the tribal people are in increasing danger from illegal logging in the area. Supermodel Naomi Campbell could be sent to jail for her latest brush with the law. with assaulting two police officers at London's Heathrow Airport after being escorted off a flight. It's claimed she fired up after her bag went astray. She has a track record for super tantrums - seen here in full flight aboard a plane after a fellow passenger tried to take her photo. how to put on a fine show, But she always knows dressing up to serve her community service after being found guilty of assaulting her housekeeper. The next crime-fighting weapon may soon be an extremely bright torch. A California company is developing a device

it claims is capable of safely disabling an offender within seconds. And we warn the images in this story may adversely affect some viewers. Pointed towards the eyes of the torch caused flash-blindness almost instantly. It makes you focus into the light and then everything around it kind of disappears. Such a reaction, developer Intelligent Optical Systems believes, would give a police officer enough time to overpower an offender. A lot pf people ask, "Well, what happens if they just turn away "or put sunglasses on or cover their eyes?" Well, all of those things are desired affects. Called the LED Incapacitator, it works by emitting lights of different colours and frequencies, no time to adjust. giving the eyes and brain Test subjects have complained of headaches and feeling sick usually disappear within an hour. but the symptoms We've gotten people who say, "Why are you making people sick?" and things like that. Well, it's the alternative to not making them dead. other agencies in the United States That's why police forces and are interested in the torch as an alternative to tasers and capsicum spray. While the focus is on developing the technology for law enforcement use, eventually a much smaller device could be available as personal protection. The company says inquiries have been flooding in from around the world. Any interest from Australian law enforcement, the Australian Federal Police? I'm sure we have. Los Angeles police will begin trialling it before the end of the year, In Torrance, California, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Hail Della Bosca. Next, the war video taking the mickey out of our Education Minister. Also, chasing the economic boom back home. Aussie expats turn their backs on Britain.

And meet our newest corporal - the brave little boy whose military wish came true. Don't! WOMAN: Jason, have you brushed your teeth yet? (SIGHS) (VIDEO GAME PLAYS) Jason. Mum, I just did! Yeah? And for how long? VOICEOVER: No matter how well your kids brush, there'll always be germs that are left behind. New Listerine Smart Rinse helps clean your kid's whole mouth

and contains fluoride to protect against cavities. New from Listerine. WOMAN: Made from 100% arabica beans, there's now a stronger, smoother, more enjoyable coffee blend at McCafe. So come into McCafe and try the delicious new blend yourself. This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - Mercedes Corby has taken a swipe at the Seven Network as she basks in her defamation victory. She'll find out how much she'll receive in damages next week. While she waits, her brother Michael is at Bali's Kerobokan jail breaking the news to Schapelle. really relieved Obviously she'd be really happy, and the stress would be taken off her. She's been stressed out and she'd be happy for Merc. Teenagers are turning their backs on alcopops in favour of food flavourings. The additives, which sell for less than a dollar and contain 69% alcohol, may be banned from sale in supermarkets. Woolworths and Coles are awaiting further direction from the Government. And police have raised concerns about the latest dance craze gripping Sydney. hey say revellers seeking party kicks at all-night raves in remote beachside locations should be cautious. State Minister John Della Bosca has brushed off a video lampooning his efforts to broker Labor's recent power deal. The clip, posted on the internet, is from the German movie 'Downfall' and paints Della Bosca as Adolf Hitler. Subtitles reveal his fury at being rolled on the privatisation vote

and his apparent desire to become treasurer. with too much time on their hands, The video's a product of someone a very good imagination but little information and no knowledge of Labor politics. The video is believed to have come from the Premier's office. Working in London was once a right of passage was once a rite of passage for young Australian bankers. But now a record number of ex-pats are returning to Australia as the credit crunch continues to bite in Britain. For years, the sky's been the limit for ambitious Australians fast-tracking their careers in London's busy finance district. But times have changed in the Square Mile and so have the job opportunities. Most people are saying there's going to be a definite slowdown. Some people are saying it's the check in the market that needed to happen. Recent research suggests this year less Australians are looking for city jobs in London and more are leaving. Ryan Andrews feels there may be better work for him back in Melbourne. As the global credit crunch hits, especially with major media companies, the first thing they cut is spending. This isn't a trend that In fact, as Britain's financial sector continues to struggle and Australia's excel, it's expected more and more expats will be packing up and heading home. In fact, more Australians are leaving London from any other nationality than workers and fewer of them are seeking to go there. And it's no coincidence the Australian dollar is now stronger against the sterling than it has been in more than a decade. James Perry-Keene is one of 34,000 Aussies who have left London in the past 12 months. It's an ample opportunity now in Australia to come home and earn Australian dollars. following the London bombing but now it's fears about job security that's driving them out. 62% of those Australians that are looking to head back, are looking to head home for employment-related, career-related opportunities. But it's not all gloom for Aussies thinking of heading to London. Temporary contracts are the best bet. What we've seen is a number of those large organisations reasonably reluctant to take on permanent hires but happy to commit to 6- to 9-month contracts. Their advice - if you're wanting to leave, don't delay.

Jaqueline Maddock, Ten News. With the latest finance news, here's Ed DeSalis from BankWest. The release of economic indicators from the March quarter pointed to a savage slowdown in activity in Australia. This is coming at a time of surging inflation fuelled by astronomic oil prices. And if you've filled the car up recently you'll know what I'm talking about. hasn't been like this since the 1970s The economic environment But pay packets are growing at 7.5% which is a good thing for workers. Taking a look at today's figures: Next week, keep your eye out for official interest rates. for the Reserve Bank's announcement A 6-year-old boy became a captain in the army today, teaching a few soldiers a lesson about bravery. Reid Capp got a uniform and helicopter ride as a present from the Army Aviation Training Centre through the Make a Wish foundation. Reid is fighting cancer and wants to be a soldier. I think it would be very fun. When he first got his uniform on he said, "Oh, will they be giving me a gun, too?" We said no. The soldiers at Oakey say they learnt more about the joy of giving.

Our last regular sport now with the lovely Tim Webster and the Eels' Brett Finch reaches 200 games tonight. Yes, and we'll hear what he thinks of all the ups and downs that have made up this milestone. Plus, the Roosters accused of being one dimensional in attack. Also, it's the final crusade in Christchurch as the Waratahs get ready to make their charge at that elusive Super 14 crown. And how a 41-year-old mum stays fit enough to try and qualify for the pool at a fifth Olympic Games. The ACT Government is committed to providing quality education to all students, no matter where they live in Canberra. That's why the largest ever funding package is now delivering new public schools, smart technology and fast fibre-optic broadband and better facilities. Combined with smart ideas,

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than with a headache. Panadol - it's my choice.

This program is captioned live. Mark Gasnier says he's still available for NSW selection despite suffering a hamstring injury. Meanwhile, Maroons skipper Darren Lockyer makes his comeback from knee surgery tonight for the Broncos against Parramatta. It's not often a player picks himself for State of Origin, but Queensland say it's up to Darren Lockyer whether he's ready for Origin II. He's a pretty honest character too. of where he's at after the game. He'll give us a fair appreciation so just a bit of match fitness under his belt tonight and a bit of confidence for the big games. He's a big-game player and he knows how to lift, certainly for Origin games. Facing off against Lockyer tonight is Brett Finch, playing the 200th game of a sometimes turbulent career. Along the way you're going to have your ups and downs and criticism and I've certainly had my fair share of that. But to know you've come out the other side certainly gives you a sense of satisfaction. Ahead of Monday night's SFS blockbuster with Wests Tigers, the Roosters are upset at claims they are can only score tries from kicks. They are the NRL's number one in that category with 22. One thing I know is we've scored plenty of points this year - We're on top of the ladder and we work hard on what we do here at the Roosters and whether it's through kicks or passes I don't think it matters. But they better keep practising. The Tigers have conceded just five tries from kicks - the best in the league. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Super 14 final tomorrow. It's a rematch of the 2005 The Waratahs take on the Crusaders in New Zealand. And today the Christchurch fans turned out to wish their team and their departing coach all the best ahead of the big game. They rode in by horseback promoting this week's box office hit in Christchurch - Robbie Deans and his Last Crusade. Sadly, Robbie's leaving us. Hopefully he won't get those Aussies beating us this year.

They love their Robbie - the soon-to-be our Robbie. In Christchurch they've even made him a flag. Just give him all the best and good luck over in Aussie but hope he gives us one more title. Today was, guess, yep, that's right - red and black day. You don't really like it, do you? I think he's scared of the wig. Possibly, but this boy wasn't. Who's going to win tomorrow night? Crusaders.

By how many? Oh, at least 10 points. But the Waratahs, two off the mark, aren't about to let face paint and streamers interrupt their preparations. It's obviously an emotional day for them. As I said we've been involved in a few of those emotional days in the past few years and they've turned out to be good for us so we'll see what happens . Who knows, they might even stop the great Robbie of Canterbury running away with the treasure one last time. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Star Swans defender Tadhg Kennelly makes his return to action against Richmond at the SCG on Sunday. Kennelly missed the match against Port Adelaide last week

after dislocating his knee cap in the win over Essendon.

Coach Paul Roos delighted he'll be lining up alongside running defenders Martin Mattner and Nick Malceski. We know what each one of them can do individually. We don't know yet what they can all three do together. But individually they are three very good players. The Richmond game also holds the tantalising prospect of Adam Goodes lining up on Tigers star Matthew Richardson. Lleyton Hewitt has cruised through his second round clash at the French Open. He disposed of American Mardy Fish in just over two hours. The 25th seed took advantage of his opponent's 51 unforced errors to close out the match 6-4, 6-3, 6-2. All in all I felt like I didn't serve great at the start of the match but my serve picked up as the match went on. Pretty heavy conditions out there as well. Casey Dellaqua also progressed in as many days and tonight will play her third match a Spanish qualifier. when she takes on We recently marvelled at the teenage girls who fought their way onto the Aussie Olympic swimming team. Next month the Americans will be watching another marvel trying to make it to Beijing almost a quarter of a century after first winning gold. Boasting a body teenagers would be proud of, 41-year-old mother Dara Torres

is preparing to take on kids more than half her age in one last shot at Olympic glory. An incredible fifth Games, 24 years after her first. I get asked that a lot. Like, why, why are you doing this and the best answer I can give is because I can. To keep fit while pregnant, Dara headed to the pool. These middle-aged men would start racing me and I'd look down at my belly and say, "What are they doing? "Can't they see I've got six months belly here?" That fired up the four-time Olympic gold medallist. She took on all comers at last year's US Nationals. COMMENTATOR: A new American record. That was her own American record, set eight years ago. Looking at what she does in the weight room,

outside the pool, in the pool, and she has a daughter - it's unbelievable what she does, definitely. Unfortunately, in this day and age, almost every amazing achievement arouses suspicion. You can DNA test me, blood test me, urine test me, I'm an open book. Just test me so I can show people that I'm doing this the right way. per day And that means 1.5 hours in the gym to complement the countless laps in the pool,

evoking memories of Australia's own super mum, Commonwealth Games gold medallist Lisa Curry Kenny. Aussie world-beaters Libby Trickett and Cate Campbell are favourites for Beijing, though if she makes it there, Torres will have already won. I'm hoping I can pave the way for other athletes or even everyday people to do something who think that they're too old that they really want to do. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for Eagle Farm tomorrow. And in Sports Tonight - Australia won't give up trying to host the 2018 World Cup. Plus, all the footy highlights and post-mortems. And for now, it's have a great weekend and goodbye.

And it's the end of a very special era for us here at Ten News. It's the last night that Tim Webster will be with us as our regular sport presenter on the news desk. He's been a part of the Ten family since February 1981. (FAST-PACED MUSIC PLAYS) VOICEOVER: Tim Webster, Eyewitness News at 6:00. Good evening, I'm Katrina Lee. And I'm Tim Webster. Headlining Eyewitness News tonight - Yes, a great sailor in every way. VOICEOVER: Eyewitness News at 6:00. I'm Tim Webster. Look after yourself. Goodnight. (HAPPY MUSIC PLAYS) Well, good morning to Australia. Welcome to Wednesday 20 February.

I am Kerri-Anne Kennerley and this is Tim Webster. It is indeed. Good morning, everyone. Good morning, Australia on this Wednesday 3 February 1988.

Good evening, everyone and welcome to Sports Tonight. Featuring in this hour - our very first bulletin for... Hello, everyone. I'm Tim Webster. of Sports Tonight. Good morning, everyone at home. The first event on the program kicks of at 3:00 this afternoon. It wouldn't be the Commonwealth Games without... Absolutely. Tim! TIM WEBSTER: ..of the Fosters Melbourne Cup for the year 2000. So hello, everyone. Welcome wherever you are watching this around the world. This is Melbourne's finest hour. Good morning, everyone. of the Masters from Augusta. It took a while to do it but South Africa's Retief Goosen finally won the US Open championship. VOICEOVER: Looks like mishap

when one of the Crocodile Hunter's reptiles decided to turn into a trouser snake, biting Tim Webster on the leg. This belongs to the network because we believed in the Supercars. has died. The bull they couldn't ride We'll see you then, cheers. Thanks, Tim. Particularly shuddering moment as well in last night's grand final. You could feel it in the loungeroom, that's for sure. Manly fullback Brett Stewart was absolutely smashed. That's all in Ten News for this Friday. Thanks for your company and have a great weekend. (DRUM BEAT BUILDS TO A CLIMAX) Stay with us, you stay with us too, Mr Webster. Angela Bishop is back with a special musical tribute to our favourite sports presenter. That and the weekend forecast after the break.

Had to not knowing if you would

have seen it on camera but I saw have seen it on camera but I saw a

little bit of a quiver in team

Webster's leap. You have more

surprises for Tim Webster? It is

all about celebrations tonight and

believe it or not, Richard Clark

done - - Clapton it is celebrating

35 years in the business tonight. I

wish I had been a live that long.

In it is 35 years since I a released my first album. With have

a special treat coming up for you

shortly. Looking across verdict it is 17 degrees.

A special present for Tim Webb

stuff. - - Tim Webster.

I watch the waves come tumbling

down. Heard so many different

sounds. It clears my worried mind.

I am right in the shelter. Richard

collapse and is one of your

favourite barters soap I hope that

is a special thing for you.

Tim Bailey is back on Monday. It is

the end of an era. Good luck with

the radio show. We will certainly

miss you. Give us a kiss. I will

miss you too. Have a great weekend.

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