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(generated from captions) ..but here we are. Well, we know who didn't shoot me. Are you gonna tell us who shot you? It wasn't Stephen Logan. you didn't see the man. Well, you said who pulled the trigger. I didn't, but I do know out with it. Alright, Mrs Forrester, or don't you? Do you know who shot you so if you know who did it, tell me. I want to close this case, about repercussions, don't be, And if you're worried for a very, very long time. because we're gonna put them away So come on now, Mrs Forrester. Who did this to you? Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. by sport's highest court. His last hope dashed Not giving up - to appeal the council ban. backers of Camden's Muslim school

found guilty of serious corruption. And Wollongong's former town planner Good evening. Also tonight - uncover human remains and archeologists on the battlefield of Fromelles. But heading Ten News - the skyrocketing cost of fuel on our national airline Qantas. has taken a huge toll routes across the country. It's grounding planes and cutting from Sydney Airport with the details. Ten reporter Gabrielle Boyle joins us these are drastic measures And, Gabi,

the Australian airline industry. Up he really use a great day for

Ended is a great day here at Ended is a great day here at Sydney the Australian airline industry.

airport. Qantas has announced

massive cutbacks because of the

rapidly rising cost of fuel. In the

next two years they expect their

fuel bill to increase by $2 billion.

So they have been forced to ground,

retire or cancel orders for several planes and this will affect

services run across the strain.

Qantas tell me they are cutting their

their Dockers to Sydney line, there

is rock to Northern Line and Bill

will be forced to provide fewer

services from Ayers Rock is Sydney and

and then Jet Star service from the

Sydney to the with Sundays will be Sydney to the with Sundays will be

cut. Passengers affected will be

contacted is what they say. Stuff

cuts are also in the winds? That is

the unfortunate side. Stuff cuts

have we have been told will happen.

Obviously they're taking voluntary

redundancies first but how many

stuff will go is not clear yet but

certainly stuff cuts. Has there

been any reaction from Qantas has

main competitor Virgin Airlines?

They are saying they will not be They are saying they will not

taking over the routes that Qantas

is leaving behind and will not be

replacing the services and if

anything they may be forced to cut

back services themselves so really

it is a great day for the

Australian airline industry. the pain tonight Motorists are also feeling to 15 cents a litre. with petrol prices jumping up But, despite the soaring prices, the Federal Opposition appears set

Government's FuelWatch scheme. to block key elements of the Rudd Getting ahead of the price spike, some lucky motorists filled their cars last night.

In the eastern States at the bowser would be caused today. no one knew just how much pain When it came this afternoon leapt to around $1.64. the price in many service stations the prices were notified yesterday. In Perth, FuelWatch showed motorists And in one suburb, between the dearest and cheapest. there was a seven cent difference WA Liberal Senator Judith Adams likes it.

I think FuelWatch is working. very aware of the cost of fuel. It makes the community But that's not what her party thinks. is oppose the key part of FuelWatch. What we are going to do locks in the prices for 24 hours, That's the part that the Rudd Government's plan effectively crippling across the nation. to roll out the scheme refuses to guarantee The Prime Minister, though, FuelWatch will lower prices, Australian people want politicians I don't believe the

and making irresponsible promises. running out there targeted three ministers In Parliament, the Opposition it believed opposed FuelWatch. They all defended the policy, who last month said including Martin Ferguson, and motorists in western Sydney. it would hit small business I contend that all consumers will ultimately benefit from a national FuelWatch scheme any other major metropolitan city. where ever they live in Sydney or is spreading around the world. Fuel price rage one of the main routes into London Angry truck drivers blockaded in an angry backlash over taxes. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. will not represent Australia Controversial swimmer Nick D'Arcy at the Beijing Games. in Switzerland has ruled The Court of Arbitration for Sport brought himself into disrepute. D'Arcy's conduct John Coates But it also found AOC boss overstepped the mark by not consulting the full board.

after he was charged with assaulting another swimmer in a Sydney bar.

team as a privilege We regard membership of an Olympic of our athletes is extremely high. and the standard we expect at his Sunshine Coast home. D'Arcy is about to make a statement We'll bring you that shortly. Muslim school is going to court. The ugly fight over Camden's they're victims of racism The backers say to fight the local council, and they're going after thousands of complaints. which has thrown out their plans

the Muslim school at Camden, Imam Foud El Chami, the man behind

to his mosque to pray. was disappointed as he went the council's decision. But he vowed to fight there is no reason. I mean there is no reason to say no,

the rules, why they say no? If you are complying 100% with rejected the school proposal Locals applauded as councillors last night. well done, thank you. Rejected unanimously, The community don't want the Islamic Muslim school here, OK?

it's on a major intersection, There are traffic concerns, the land is contaminated of planning issues and there are a number as to why this site isn't acceptable the Qu'uranic Society, But the Muslim group, accuses the council of favouring the concerns of local voters.

they have made a big fuss out of it, Some small in number,

from a different planet. as like we have come We came from the same tree. Not everyone, of course. Yeah, of course, racism. The Qu'uranic Society believes it has a strong case

and hopes to overturn the council's decision

in the Land and Environment Court. The group has already briefed lawyers to begin its court action.

Because the one who will be judging, he's a judge. He will not be scared about his position, he will be losing his position. his group has already spent $250,000 on the project and is determined to win the right to build the school. John Hill, Ten News. Charges are being recommended against the star witness

in the Wollongong sex-for-development scandal. Disgraced town planner Beth Morgan and ex-lover Frank Vellar could now face up to five years jail.

Frank Vella has kept a low profile

since being named in the one long

council scandal. He went into

hiding today as I take found he and his ex-lover and

In the penalty can be up to five

years in jail. 32-year-old Beth

Morgan has left along on behind.

Her unit is for sale and she is

letting her family's home town of

Port Macquarie. The inquiry heard

she had a three-year sexual

relationship with Frank Vella and

was given $1,000 in cash, holidays

and apologises. She approved mellows mellows hundred million dollar

construction that was four times

higher than should have been

allowed. The kebab shop where they

used to meet at the so-called table

of knowledge has been one of the

victims. The owners are saying

they're fed up with the notoriety and their businesses on the verge

of Rowan after 22 years. One of his

reputation has also been damaged.

Yes it is an embarrassment to those

running the city. He is still

happening right now. One of council

is being run by administrators. A

line has been drawn to show line has been drawn to show that we have confidence in the future now.

Four years on the hundred million

dollar development despite dollar development despite the investigation remains a white and

of elephant. It is put on hold by

the land Environment Court and the

I take commissioner wants the

Melbourne suspended. This report

must be implemented swiftly. A more

heads will roll because Beth Morgan

has admitted she has had affairs

with two other developers. The

final report will be handed down later later this year. One of the enduring mysteries of World War I could soon be solved with the discovery of human remains at a suspected mass burial site in northern France. Archaeologists believe around 170 Australian diggers lie there after one of the bloodiest days in our military history. After just five hours of digging in this field at Fromelles in Northern France,

archaeologists had their suspicions confirmed. Finding human remains at what they of up to 400 Australian and British soldiers from World War I. We can't be 100% certain at this point. We're at the initial stages of this excavation. Some body parts have been found. For 92 years the final resting place of these diggers who fought at the battle of Fromelles has been a mystery. Now it's believed the German forces buried the dead here in our military history when more than 5,500 Australians were killed or wounded. It was quite tragic because the least prepared division were thrown into the action and they had terrible casualties. We'll treat our mates with respect. This is hallowed ground. French police will now examine the site before archaeologists continue their search. It's very important to handle this very sensitively. so let's get it all right first in terms of the science. It's not yet known whether those buried at Fromelles can be identified with no artifacts, such as tags, so far uncovered. But the Government is looking into the possibility of using DNA matching with families still alive.

It offers hope for those who still don't know what happened to their loved ones. There were various reports came back. One being that he'd been taken prisoner, that he died of wounds. It's likely Australia's war heroes will be commemorated with a memorial at the site. Brad Hodson, Ten News. In sport with Tim Webster, and Nick D'Arcy loses his Olympic appeal. Yes, after Crowe's big sell job in a bid to ensure Luke Lewis went to the Rabbitohs the Panthers have kept their man. The Penrith board revised their offer in a long round of meetings today and as you'll hear Lewis admits the last-minute process has left him in a spin. And they're here but will they play? The suspended Iraqi soccer team arrives in Brisbane to find out if they'll be allowed in Sunday's World Cup qualifier. And also - McKenzie's crusade - the Waratahs coach had his first win in charge of the side in Christchurch and is hoping it's an omen against the Crusaders on Saturday. Next - a bikie gang boss wins a multi-million dollar lawsuit against a bank. prominent Australians support artist Bill Henson over his photos of nude children. And prisoners in their own home. - Randwick residents angry over World Youth Day road closures. VOICEOVER: There's no place in the world like Sydney, a city designed to inspire. Experience world-class dining, international style, and spectacular theatre, like 'The Phantom of the Opera'. Stay at Star City with great Showbiz packages, including tickets to 'The Phantom of the Opera', for $235 per person, twin-share. Call: Or visit:

(JOYFUL MUSIC) Especially with two years comprehensive insurance For a limited time. Mercedes-Benz dealer today. The RTA is being accused of wasting millions of taxpayer dollars with stunning harbour views. by moving into a building It's claimed they could have saved a fortune by heading west. As views go it's one of the city's finest

and it will be enjoyed by the planners and administrators behind our clogged road network. The Roads Minister says it makes perfect sense. This is a major move by the RTA and this move will save the taxpayers of NSW about $4.5 million, so it's an important saving of money for the taxpayers of this State, and that's funds we can allocate back to roads. But the Opposition says more than $20 million would have been saved with a move to Parramatta. and expensive for Optus it's too flash and too expensive for our RTA. Parramatta's Lord Mayor can't understand why business would want to relocate to the North Shore. I just think it's madness, North Sydney compared to Parramatta. it's bad economics, to move to

North Sydney claims the west has enough already. Parramatta has more than its share of State Government departments. I don't why North Sydney shouldn't have a share of that as well. There's no doubt it's a great view

and the RTA will share it with spies from ASIO and an insurance company when they all move in in 2009, but will the view be distracting? On the streets of Parramatta, pride for the capital of the west. home, everything. I love it. I love it - close to work, But also cynicism about why North Sydney was the choice. They don't care - you're paying for it, so I'd go for a harbour view if I could. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. A woman accused of orchestrating Nowra's bodies in the barrels murders A bikie boss has won a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the ANZ Bank. Rebels chief Alex Vella had three properties and $300,000 stolen by former friend and business partner Tony Caradonna. A court found the ANZ Bank was responsible, because it gave Caradonna access to accounts without Vella's signature. The properties, including a Rebels clubhouse, will be returned to Mr Vella. including a Rebels clubhouse, will be returned to Mr Vella. This is not about bikies. It's about honesty. And I proved my point because I was honest about it. Caradonna will reappear in court tomorrow. Screen star Cate Blanchett has joined the fight A woman accused of orchestrating Nowra's bodies in the barrels murders has pleaded guilty to the crime. Kim Leanne Snibson confessed to all four charges,

as her Supreme Court trial resumed today. In 2006, the 37-year-old recruited two men to attack and kill Gregory Hosa and Kathryn McKay, who owned a local horse stud. The pair were beaten, hogtied and gagged, before their bodies were set alight in 44 gallon drums. Snibson's co-accused - Andrew Flentjar - is maintaining his innocence. His trial continues on Monday. Residents surrounding Randwick racecourse claim they'll be prisoners in their own homes during World Youth Day celebrations. That's due to parking restrictions and road closures during the event. On any working day traffic around Randwick Racecourse is bumper-to-bumper during peak periods. Residents say it will only get worse during World Youth Day celebrations. I can only envisage that it's gonna be massive gridlock around the eastern suburbs at that time. And that's due to partial road closures a preferred route to and from the city for many motorists. Doncaster Avenue will only be open to northbound traffic and along one side small safety barricades will be installed

to protect the thousands of people taking part in the pilgrims' walk. and over the weekend The CBD will be no place for cars the eastern suburbs will be no place for cars. The changes mean locals will be forced to park at least 1km away from their home. We actually have to go so far to be able to park it's just better for us to be out of Sydney. And there are no options for the likes of Ellen McGrath and her disabled 88-year-old mother. If we have to go any great distance it rules her out.

She'll just have to stay inside. Well, we'll be housebound for three days. Prisoner in my own home under siege conditions. But it's not just residents who'll be affected by the parking restrictions, businesses too say they'll be hurt. Like resident Eric Dehaart who works from home as an accountant. in the vicinity of $30-$50,000 in lost revenue that week. The Government says there'll be no compensation. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Screen star Cate Blanchett has joined the fight over the photo scandal involving nude children. Shadow Treasurer Malcolm Turnbull has also criticised police in the case.

It's a sign of the growing scale The Roslyn Oxley gallery remains closed and as Bill Henson awaits possible child pornography charges, Australia's arts community has painted a different picture. To be besmirched with suggestions of pornography is offensive and disappointing. Rachel Healy is one of 40 signatories in an open letter backing the photographer. Actor Cate Blanchett is among them. And others agree. I don't believe that we should have policeman invading art galleries. Malcolm Turnbull owns two of Henson's pictures - a profile and a sunset. But while he has joined the likes of Blanchett in opposing the police action, detractors are standing firm. I gave my reaction, I don't apologise for that reaction. I stand by that view and I won't be changing it. What we don't know is whether police will stand by their threat to lay charges. being investigated. The matter's still But today, their boss stood by their actions. I've got to say my own personal view is one that's not inconsistent with the same police that took possession of those particular pictures. The gallery hopes to show the rest of Henson's work in the next few weeks. Josh Murhpy, Ten News.

Up and it team badly with here he

would be out Dean that electrical

storm and showing us first hand and

a bishop is refusing to leave the

cosy warmth of the studio. The we

actually came running inside

actually came running inside

because the crew got nervous. No

the guys were it very brave but

there was lightning striking in there was lightning striking in a

very tall metal tower so in the

interests of Occupational Health and Safety we're here telling you

there are thunderstorms over Sydney.

They have finally hit. Campbelltown

bore the brunt of it with the 5 mm

in 30 minutes but as the storms get

further into the city they further into the city they are

dwindling down with not so much

rain. Right now it is 18 degrees

and we will have full details of how

how the storm progress - in fact how the storm progress - in fact

we'll have a sunny day tomorrow - at 650. of the Burma aid effort. Behind the scenes Next, an Australian relief worker gives a first-hand account. And one man's quest to set a skydiving record fails when the balloon takes off without him.

and I came up behind this Torana. but I just run into the back of him. (CRASH!) And then, whoof! He's done the two 360s and... ..I walked over to this bloke and I said, "G'day, mate." These days I'd just walk the two blocks home. Driving less? You could save up to 20% car insurance premium. So call 13 50 50. SONG: # Wise move, APIA. # A young Australian aid worker has returned from Burma on a mission to help cyclone survivors facing the deadly threat of disease. The student was exposed to the horrors of the disaster but is already planning her next trip.

encounter. The 20-year-old one of

just a handful of were strains

helping in the relief effort helping in the relief effort in

Burma's cyclone ravaged Irrawaddy

Delta. You can see the Delta. You can see the corpses

right there in front of you. With

the help of her father was born

there she handed out food and medical packages to isolated

villages. 100 and a 5000 and now

missing or dead. The route be it

from his diseased - mosquitoes and

malaria and everybody in every day

survivors are still dying. Boats

and fresh water still in desperate

short supply. A a body floating up

and down the water every day and

the water is being used for cooking

the water is being used for cooking

and drinking. Australia's defence

forces also helping flying in these

two helicopters. But Burma's

military plane is a defining the international community, international community, extending

the house arrest of the Opposition

Leader who has been detained since 1990.

1990. Mrs Drain says it focuses on

helping the people of Burma and

close to fly back there in just two weeks. Extraordinary pictures Two days after touching down, the 'Phoenix' Mars lander has taken more photos showing it's in a relatively flat area. Other photos show the spacecraft is sitting near the edge of a crater 10 metres wide. 'Phoenix' is healthy, everything is fine. a sequence of commands It is running out The mission to find evidence life once existed on Mars has hit a small hitch.

Mission Control is unable to communicate with the lander's robotic arm but NASA scientists are confident they can solve the problem. An attempt to break has been dramatically bungled. A former French paratrooper was planning to jump from a balloon on the edge of space but his ride took off without him. He is a man with a glorious dream, ready to risk everything in pursuit of it. Michel Fournier already holds many records for skydiving at altitude. His quest was to travel in this tiny capsule, 25 miles up into the sky, four times higher than commercial planes fly, and then jump out of it. This film was taken during the years he spent training. By the time he pulled the cord on his parachute, he hoped to have set four new world records. After two previous abortive attempts, all was looking good this morning. In a remote area of Canada this 64-year-old adventurer was already inside the capsule, breathing pure oxygen ready for his ascent while the balloons that would carry him to the edge of space were being inflated with helium. But look over this Canadian reporter's shoulder - and see as he did things suddenly went very wrong. Oh, what just happened? Oh, it's a disaster. It was indeed a disaster - for the half-inflated balloon was heading for space but for some reason it was not connected to Mr Fournier's capsule. Someone had to break the news to him. He emerged from the pod to be consoled by members of his team. He'd spent several years and more than ?10 million on a dream that was fast disappearing into the Canadian sky. Paul Davies, Ten News. Another treasured relic of the nation's war history has sold at auction. Bidding was fierce for the last Victoria Cross awarded in World War I. At $399,000 - sold! With fees and taxes the anonymous bidder, thought to be businessman Kerry Stokes,

parted with $468,000. The medal was awarded to Lieutenant George Ingram for an attack on a nest of German machine guns in France. It will be displayed beside 59 others at the Australian War Memorial. Next, the new organic fuel saving motorists money.

Also, blogging their way to a booming career - meet the Aussies earning a living sharing their thoughts. And look how far she's come - Kylie still fabulous at 40. (QUIRKY MUSIC) Bed wetting can be embarrassing for kids. Low self-esteem can often result. Thankfully, DryNites Pyjama Pants allows kids to discreetly manage the bed-wetting stage. Kids often become dry in their own time. In the meantime, there's DryNites. CHORAL FLOURISH, TING! Morning. New girl, right? Hi. P.A.: Joseph, call on line 1. Hi. CHORAL FLOURISH Brekkie? Philly on toast? We use it like butter. Hello, 60% less fat. I was the size of a cumulonimbus when I got here. So embarrassing. Anyway... Trashy mags - yes! Oh, and work, um, between noon and ten past, so...yay. please call reception. Moses. Moses, to a record $40 million. Powerball's record jackpot offer. Don't miss Thursday's record $40 million jackpot. More now on swimmer Nick D'Arcy's dumping from the Olympic team. He says he's still holding out hope of going to Beijing. This afternoon sport's highest court ruled D'Arcy breached ethical behaviour bylaws. But D'Arcy says he'll keep training. He spoke a short time ago outside Gold Coast home.

I am still currently and member of

the Australian Olympic team and the

overall decision will be made some

time next week. It will be left to

the discretion of the the strain

Olympic Committee or the Court of

Arbitration of sport. I am not by

any means saying that I am

confident of going but even if

there is that slim chance I am

still going to keep going, keep

training, because even if that slim

chance gets up I want to be in the

best shape. But obviously my

chances have been severely compromised from today's decision. The world's fastest car has been unveiled in Sydney. The Koenigsegg CCX can reach 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds. At top speed the Swedish prototype hits 429km/h. And it can be all yours for just $2 million. It seems as if the sky's the limit on oil prices. Made from carbon fibre, the machine weighs just 100 kilos more than a Mini. While the price tag might be off-putting, manufacturers say it's surprisingly fuel efficient.

Convicted fraudster Alan Bond has clawed his way back into Australia's rich list. Bond has been absent from the BRW's richest 200 for 19 years when he was convicted of the biggest corporate fraud in Australian history. The disgraced entrepreneur is now in 157th place, with a $265 million fortune built from overseas mining interests. And for the first time in 20 years, the Packer name has been been bumped from top spot. James Packer has fallen to third place, worth $6.1 billion. His friend and Fortescue Mining Group chief Andrew Forrest is now the richest Australian on record. To the Bankwest finance report - and poor finishes by the big miners have dragged down the share market.

The average price of petrol in the city is $1.52. We found it as low as $1.46 at Kirawee and Sylvania Heights. The pain of recent fuel hikes is Diesel-driven trucking companies have jacked up freight levies to such a point that we could soon be paying for it at the supermarket. In the seven years Steve McGraw has run his own freight business, he's never seen diesel hikes like these. Prices have jumped 30 cents since the start of the year, costing the company tens of thousands of dollars. Today he reluctantly upped the fuel levy he charges clients. Well, any company that doesn't raise their fuel rates in this industry isn't gonna be around that long. Typical of small local carriers like ourselves. We get hit up very hard by fuel increases and we have to pass that on to our customers ultimately.

Not every truck owner has been so lucky. There's a lot that have gone out of business already because they haven't been able to pass the fuel levy on. And it won't be long before the rising transport costs hit the family budget. The end consumer eventually sees these costs at the stores at the retail level.

If it doesn't happen today it will happen in a few weeks or a few months. In five years the cost of diesel has almost doubled from 93 cents to $1.78 a litre. That's in line with crude oil prices, which have jumped $15 alone in the last three weeks. We expect it to probably go another 10-15 cents a litre by the time this current crude price flows through. This green liquid could be one way to tackle the rising cost of diesel. It's an Australian-made organic diesel which its producer claims, that when put into the tank, can reduce your fuel consumption by 10%. Travelling and on the road and I can personally testify to this - you can pick up 90-100 kilometres per tank of fuel. It's also greener, emitting 30% less greenhouse gases than regular diesel. James Boyce, Ten News. The world's fastest car has been unveiled in Sydney. Are you after a job where you can stay at home and earn a six-figure salary? Well, stay tuned! It's the growing career of blogging, the online job where you get paid for your opinions. Meet Darren Rowse - a stay-at-home dad. There is Karen Cheng - she's a stay-at-home mum - and then Neerav Bhatt.

What do they all have in common? They are all bloggers, each with a potential income of more than $100,000 a year. about making money online. And Darren's very good at it. He's Australia's number one ranked blogger from writing about blogs and photography. I talk about these things every day and so to write about them and to be paid for that is a bonus. also sees her paid some serious pocket money. from her holidays and even her husband's sperm count. Mothers' group, really - a 24-hour online mothers' group. So while the rest of us join the rat race each morning in the daily city squeeze, the life of a professional blogger is somewhat more relaxed. On each of their sites they advertise and every time someone clicks on an ad they get money from Google or Yahoo. More and more going into full-time and beyond full-time in generating millions of dollars from blogs. So - can just anyone tap into this revenue stream and give up the nine-to-five lifestyle? The short answer is yes, but one of the top 12 income-earning bloggers, who lives here, has told us not all is easy in the blogosphere. That's Neerav Bhatt who earns a healthy living from his two blogs but warns you need passion and long-term commitment. and they are really passionate about a topic that not many people are writing about, go ahead. But do not quit your day job. Some have, though. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is one of them. So they are launching careers, they're selling themselves as consultants, they're writing books.

Darren is not a celebrity but is writing a book - 'Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income'. Secrets he and his family know well. Yeah! Josh Murphy, Ten News. Australia's ski industry is facing a bleak future. Experts are predicting a decrease in snowfalls, because of climate change. No-one wants to put a date on when the ski industry will pull up shutters it's going to be pretty tough. but certainly by mid-century But the industry has plans to fight back. That story, Ten News tomorrow.

Sport no - and Tim, the Tahs touch down in New Zealand.

And Penrith's Luke Lewis left spinning as the panthers try to talk him out of going to the Rabbitohs. Also - the Iraq football team arrives in Brisbane for a World Cup qualifier against the Socceroos that may not go ahead. Rush in for Mitre 10's mightiest sale of the year. Tempo kettle or toaster - $19.95 each. 4-litre Wattyl Ultra Premium Acrylic paint with bonus 2-litre Ceiling White - 59 bucks. Mighty helpful Mitre 10. The ACT Government is committed to providing quality education to all students, no matter where they live in Canberra. That's why the largest ever funding package is now delivering new public schools,

smart technology and fast fibre-optic broadband and better facilities. Combined with smart ideas, like SMS technology to keep parents informed, it's making sure that now and in the future ACT public schools have so much more to offer. If I had my way, I'd have more time to get ready in the morning. I could have a second cup of coffee.

And there'd be no rush for the early bus.

You've got it. The new ACTION.

We're going your way. More bad news for Souths. Big-name signing Luke Lewis has reneged on his agreement to join the Rabbitohs and will stay with the Panthers for the next four years. Penrith outbid Russell Crowe's last-ditch efforts to win Lewis over. Souths could have used a boost after the past few days they've had. But hopes of seeing Luke Lewis in red and green are now over. The Panther backing out of his agreement, but insists it has nothing to do with the turmoil engulfing the Rabbitohs. First I said I was going to go to Souths and I was always willing to do the right thing

After Russell Crowe held talks with him yesterday Panthers officials upped their efforts to keep Lewis, who hadn't signed a contract. CEO Michael Leary holding talks with coach Matt Elliott. Even then they still feared Crowe's influence.

I do not have Russell's charm or

his good looks or his public-

speaking abilities so if that is

going to be the difference would

will be a rabbit toe. But in the

end it came down to personal

reasons. So my in my family is a

big crook at the moment. I want to

be close. I don't like to travel a lot. which saw Crowe attend a secret meeting last night where it's understood he tried to patch up his strained relationship with co-owner Peter Holmes a Court. In other signing news Chris Heighington has agreed to a new 3-year contract with the Wests Tigers. The Western Force fear key playmaker Matt Giteau will walk out on the club sponsor Firepower fall through. if third-party agreements with It's believed Giteau could lose up to $1 million. Meantime the Waratahs have touched down in Christchurch to acclimatise ahead of Saturday's Super 14 final against the Crusaders. The Tahs have recorded just one win against their opponents at AAMI Stadium and it was back in 2004, but coach Ewen McKenzie is hoping for something special in his last game in charge. The first victory was my first game as coach - think it was a record score. Hopefully the wheel turns enough so we might repeat so we'll see. It's been rumoured McKenzie could take over Iraq's soccer team has pleaded with FIFA to allow Sunday's World cup qualifier against the Socceroos to go ahead. The Iraqis have arrived in Brisbane, preparing to play as planned. A dark cloud hung over the Iraqis this afternoon for their first training session in Australia. Still no guarantee they'll play against the Socceroos in Sunday's World Cup qualifier with their government yet to reinstate the country's football association. With tomorrow night's deadline set down by FIFA rapidly approaching, the team says the game carries huge importance. TRANSLATOR: Because we feel that the soccer brings happiness to Iraqi people. In the way the Iraqi people are living and the hardship back home. Touching down last night, the players arrived in Brisbane and in limbo, but local fans made them feel welcome. If FIFA does enforce the suspension tomorrow night and prevents these players Queensland Roar has offered to take on Australia instead. And at this stage of their World Cup campaign,

the Socceroos say any match is a good match.

If we don't play the game, the next one will be a few weeks away, so I think having a game is crucial. For now though, the only game Iraq is definitely playing is the waiting game. Rob Hazel, Ten News. The Sydney Swans have been boosted by the news Barry Hall will return three weeks sooner than expected. He is serving a 7-match ban for striking Eagles player Brent Staker and looked likely to miss 10 weeks

when he broke his arm in the same match. But X-rays have showed the bone has healed well and he's training without a cast. he gets the pun out next Monday, which is a minor operation. a couple of weeks to go but he's set to play against St Kilda. Another milestone for Swans games record holder Michael O'Loughlin - Sunday's match against Richmond at the MCG will be his 300th in all competitions and that earns him AFL life membership. Adam Gilchrist's Indian Premier League season is over. His Deccan Chargers tumbled to a seventh straight defeat, this time against semifinal-bound Chennai. Gilly managed just 5 runs in Deccan's 147.

The fielders stood where he was and

Adam Gilchrist has let him go. Deccan's fate sealed with a 6 from Suresh Rainer. After retiring from the representative game, Gilchrist has no cricket to play until next year's Indian Premier League. Rain continues to cause delays at the French Open. Lleyton Hewitt never made it on to the court while Casey Dellaqua trails 5-6 in the first set of her suspended first-round match. The Roland Garros crowd has been patient with the weather over the past few days but they were keen to see things Local favourite Amelie Mauresmo one of the few to complete a match, And after waiting all day, the king of clay, Raphael Nadal played less than 10 minutes before the heavens opened again. That's it for now. And no Sports Tonight. You can enjoy IPL cricket instead.

Angela Bishop's back with the latest on Sydney's stormy weather next. DREAMY MUSIC ZING! SPLASH! ENGINE REVS, MUSIC SWELLS As much as I love what I do... ..I never want to lose sight of what's really important.

MOBILE PHONE BEEPS So when there's a chance for all of us to catch up, I don't need a headache bringing me down. That's why I keep Panadol Rapid handy. It's absorbed twice as fast as regular Panadol tablets. Because I'd rather spend time with friends than with a headache. Panadol - it's my choice.

You're watching 10 years. You may

be able to hear that thunder

rumbling around the studios this

evening. The worst of it is that it

is happening right in the middle of

peter out. Angela Bishop, is that

localised where we are all is that right

right around the city.? It has been

travelling at a bit of a pace

because it began in Campbelltown

this afternoon and dumped 35 mm in

30 minutes out there but its managers Ben thunder and managers Ben thunder and lightning

in the City with not much rain. But

scary, frankly. The traffic has

been too dangerous for the chopper.

You can see from these pictures it

is a dark and stormy night. There

really is a lot are legible

thunderstorms but not much rain

which means that if the rain does

not follow the City will have been

the driest May on record at the rate we are going.

The satellite shows a thick cloud

and passing Western Australia and passing Western Australia

bringing heavy showers. Cloud over bringing heavy showers. Cloud over

NSW and southern Queensland in a

trough generating these

thunderstorms mainly on the Rangers

unclad over eastern Queensland in

an upper trough causing patchy rain.

Tomorrow - most onshore winds which

will maintain showers along the

southern Queensland coastal ranges

and a strong high will kick in for

when the South Wales, Victoria and

Tasmania message right after a cold morning with frost and fog patches. Rainfall

Rainfall tomorrow - Rainfall tomorrow - isolated

showers on the northern half of the

Mr Klaus coast adjacent Rangers.

Rain over Queensland. Showers for Tasmania and south-west Western

Australia. It is a very special Australia. It is a very special day

today because it is the birthday of

a very special girl, Kylie Minogue.

She is not able to be with us

tonight because she is in Europe during

during a 53-date concert so this is

a copy of herself that she faxed

over for us to use. They say your

life flashes before your eyes when

you turned 40 so here is a quick

look at her life. Misses her look at her life. Misses her days

from the Henderson Kids, skyways to

neighbours and 20 years ago when

she married Scott and then her

fabulous career with 60 million

album sales and just something to

be very proud of. She is currently

getting ready to have dinner with

her parents, her brother and her sister and her record-company chief

in Paris and then resuming her to

her. Many happy returns, Kylie.

Vigo - Tuesday's date if you are heading out tonight. Spies, flashy gadgets and a supermodel. James Bond would have approved of the over-the-top launch of the new 007 book, 'Devil May Care'. Author Sebastian Faulks wrote the novel in the style of Bond's creator, Ian Fleming, with the support of his family. The story is set in the '60s, but the plot is top-secret. Well, James Bond dies on page one. No, no, that's a joke. Not until midnight tonight. If I did I'd be tied to a chair and whipped with a rope so I can't tell you anything about it. The book's release marks 100 years since the birth of Ian Fleming. That's Ten News for now, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening, but there's no Late News with Sports Tonight. The early news is our next bulletin from 6:00 tomorrow morning. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Who will win Big Brother '08? Australia, it's your decision! This year vote for your favourite housemate and on Sunday the three least popular are nominated and the housemates evict. To save your favourite housemate call 1902 5555, then - For the blonde bombshell, Brigitte, add 61. If you dig Dixie the country chick, add 62. Keep Renee the abattoir worker and tomboy safe by adding 63. Vote for the fiesty Bianca by adding 64. Help Rory the tradie stay in the House by adding 66. To save grandmother Terri, add 67.

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