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(generated from captions) Wow. Excellent letters. You can talk it out. 10 seconds on the clock. within that 10 seconds. Make sure you start 10 seconds on the clock. Yep. Your time, Corey, starts now. 'It's neither here nor there'. It is! (LAUGHS) Well done, mate. Yeah, right here, right now.

Thank you. Excellent work. $13,325 in cash and prizes. Beautiful work. Yes. And you're back again tomorrow. another $200,000 wedge on, Still gonna add so please do that as well.

We'll be back. Kel's back. Corey's back. night for the Million Dollar Wheel. We'll see you once again tomorrow Have a great evening. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Patients alarmed Legionnaires disease as the bacteria which causes

is found at Nepean Hospital. Here, don't tell me that - really! gets new energy The struggling Federal Opposition from a FuelWatch leak. More turmoil at the Rabbitohs... Yeah. Back on the bloody front page. to move to the Central Coast. ..with a new push incredible turnaround And an Australian quadriplegic's stem cell treatment. thanks to controversial my lotto numbers have come up. I feel like Good evening. at Nepean Hospital - There's a major health scare legionnella bacteria following the discovery of in the hospitals hot-water system. the problem a week ago, Routine testing picked up until now. but it's been kept quiet - alarmed to learn Patients and visitors were legionella the potentially deadly bacteria,

had been found inside the hospital.

really? Here? Oh, don't tell me that, wouldn't it? Would've been nicer to know, in the hot-water system The bug was detected during routine tests a week ago. decision not to alert all patients, Nepean Hospital today defended its building are affected, saying only two wards in the south legionnaires disease is low. and the risk of contracting

something you want to see happen, It's pretty rare, it's just not there are sick people. especially in a hospital where one of the wards Doctor Glenn Close says

is for cancer patients. potentially exposed to the bacteria have so far have shown no symptoms. They're being closely monitored, but

to protect them and staff. All precautions are being taken for about a minute or so Flushing the shower before people get in using bottled drinking water. and in one of the wards,

For the past week,

its hot water system the hospital has been flushing-out with high doses of chlorine. if that was successful We'll find out late tomorrow and the bacteria has been killed. Allison Langdon, Nine News. challenged to resign Prime Minister Rudd has been if he can't do more from soaring petrol prices. to help Australians under pressure said Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson Mr Rudd should get out of the way showing Cabinet is split after a document was leaked over how to handle the cost of fuel. embarrassing for the Government. It could hardly have been more Energy Minister Martin Ferguson A leaked Cabinet submission from branding the FuelWatch scheme battlers out of pocket a waste of money that would leave service stations out of business. and possibly force small independent a Cabinet document was leaked. I'm obviously concerned that was delighted at the leak, claiming The opposition, though,

all their criticisms of the scheme. Mr Ferguson had confirmed interests of Australian motorists. FuelWatch is going to undermine the It is going to put prices up. in Cabinet, Having lost the Fuelwatch battle the Minister has fallen into line. in a very tough global market. It is the best available option the weapon he needed But the leak gave Brendan Nelson and shore up his own leadership. to batter the Prime Minister the Prime Ministe for letting down This house censures meet with the high cost of petrol. Australians trying to make ends Mr Rudd for saying last week The Opposition Leader attacked as much as it physically can the Government has done rising living costs. to help families battling

for Australians If you can't do any more the job to somebody who can. then get out of the way and give by quoting a report Mr Rudd defended FuelWatch treasurer from the ACCC, commissioned by the previous the consumer watchdog. 2 cents on average A scheme which could bring about reduction at the bowser. As tempers flared... We will not be silenced. to adopt his policy Dr Nelson challenged the Government in fuel excise. of a 5 cents a litre cut can control is the excise on petrol. The one thing the Prime Minister bruising Mr Rudd has suffered It's the most serious parliamentary since becoming PM six months ago. impressed his troops Dr Nelson's aggression will have

on the Liberal benches. Laurie Oakes, Nine News. attacked on another front today. Kevin Rudd was also being

government members A Senate hearing queried a travelling assistant as to why the Prime Minister needed earlier this year. during his two week overseas trip at $1.60, We've got the petrol prices

you won't do a thing about it looking after the Prime Minster. and we've got the butler, Jeeves, The Government says with correspondence and gifts the assistant's role was to help was offensive. and that to call him a butler Golden Age - This is meant to be Australia's economic growth so strong and higher interest rates that we've had to suffer higher in a bid to slow it down. sharing in this booming economy. But some areas of Sydney are not 35 people a day are going bankrupt impossible to make ends meet. as they find it On the main street in Campbelltown, sums up the sentiment. a discount shop kaput, closing down. Won't be long, a few more days then Vietnamese restaurant all gone. A kebab shop, tobacconist, and local

after eight years. And a menswear shop closing

Over the past 12 months, Campelltown has recorded the highest number of bankruptcies. It can have enormous implications because all the property other than essential household items will be taken and sold by the trustee. We believe That is a grave concern. Those families are in real trouble. Local businesses still hope to beat the odds. I used to spend between $50 and upwards and now it's come down to $35. There is almost a mini-recession here in Campbelltown with shopkeepers facing the worst trading conditions since the 80s, but there will be little help from the Government because it's hoping for a slowdown in areas such as this, to take pressure off the economy. The banks realise they've lent too much. This document shows a lender recovering only $10,000 from a developer who owes $500,000. Even in the wealthy Eastern Suburbs, a dozen apartments in this building alone have been repossessed, There are going to be businesses that crash - people will lose their jobs as result of it. Some retailers are in strife - this local chicken shop's turnover is down 30% in two months.

People have got no money. Karen Tso, Nine News. Camden Council on Sydney's south-western outskirts is meeting at the moment to decide on that controversial plan for an Islamic school in the township. Denham Hitchcock is there. And Denham, what's happening?

When I came here in December that

the people literally tried to claw

their way through the doors are

just to get inside it to have their

voices heard. It is a very

different mood here tonight because

it looks like the vocal majority of

Camden is about to get their way.

The council meeting his hand - -

happening right now and May are

expected to formally rejected the

Islamic school that was planned

here. There is a lot of pressure.

We do not want them. We do not what

Muslims anywhere we do not want

them in Australia. This Campbell

never be the same again if they get

in. Whether it is planning,

designing, or cultural the decision

will be the same. The council

should come out in about one hour

and let us know the decision and

why. As you can see it will be a

popular one for the people here

tonight. After that it will be up

to the lawyers and the caught system. And now the result of our poll on the new rules for learner drivers. We asked whether L-platers should have to do 120 hours of training. The Central Coast Rabbitohs may not be a name we're used to just yet but it is being seriously suggested as the only option left

for the struggling club. Ken Sutcliffe joins us now - and Ken, could Souths really be heading north? The NRL's multimillion-dollar offer to relocate

is still on the table after yesterday's development, which saw Peter Holmes a Court punted as chairman. Something drastic is needed, with the football club haemorrhaging financially and on the field. Jason Taylor today was doing his best to rev up his bottom-of-the-table Rabbits and soon he will get some help, with the embattled coach targetted by yet another upheaval in the famous club. Back on the bloody front page, yeah. One win from 10 starts has led to the resurrection of veteran coach John Lang to play the role of football consultant, but clearly, Peter Homles a Court is the biggest victim of the shake-up,

dumped as South Sydney's executive chairman after falling out with his co-owner Russell Crowe. I don't think Peter Holmes a Court knew or had the passion for rugby league like the people of Sydney have for their football teams. It's understood Crowe is unhappy with Holmes a Court's high-profile approach to the job

while the club continues to lose games and money. If you go out and try and buy a premiership and think you're going to do it, if you miss it, it's generally D-day for you - you're going to go bankrupt.

Many believe the only way out for Souths is to grab the NRL's $8 million offer and move to the Central Coast. You can obviously retain your colours, your identity, to shore up your place for the future of the competition. Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court were refusing to speak publicly today - a far cry from the fanfare nearly two years ago when they bought the club and promised big things. Damian Ryan, Nine News. Mark I'll be back later in sport with the Bulldogs's upset last night against the Sharks, and Australia's gutsy win in the first Test against the Windies.

A Gold Coast man left a quadraplegic by a rugby tackle is putting his faith in a controversial stem cell treatment in India. He says he is making incredible progress. Doctors here say while it's encouraging, they need to know much more about the process. For 14 years, Perry Cross has been searching the world for a miracle.

Paralysed from the neck down, he needs a ventilator just to breathe. Now, in Delhi of all places, Perry says he's has found a treatment that works. Since March, Perry has been injected with what this Indian clinic says are embryonic stem cells, experimental therapy banned in Australia. For the first time since his accident, it appears Perry can breathe by himself. You can see his nostrils are moving, he's taking a breath. It's a bit like you put your Lotto numbers in each week - well, I feel my numbers have come up. The doctor claiming credit is Geeta Shroff. I do believe it's the stem cells. It can't be anything else.

But stem cell researchers are sceptical. It's impossible to know what she is doing, whether it's safe or not, and I'd be very concerned it's not safe.

Perry has led a high-profile campaign for more stem cell research in Australia

and has inspired many with his positive attitude. But researchers here will now be asking has he been deceived by a maverick doctor? Perry's mother, at least, is a believer.

It's hard to watch someone for 14 years that can't breathe and that now can. Mark Burrows, Nine News. In the news ahead -

the hunt for the remains of Aussie WWI soldiers in France. And the death of Hollywood's Sydney Pollack. She almost had me for lunch. Wasn't her fault, Meredith. She's a lion. One car says Holden more than any other - So every time we make a new one, we have to make it better. This car has all kinds of safety features, with ESP and curtain airbags all standard. But there's a simple reason the Holden Commodore is the most loved car in Australia - Drive one today and you'll see what everyone's talking about. I look to Landmark because in six months time, I need to fill these, that and that. We look to Landmark because we want to get as much out of this place as we put into it. Or more. I look to Landmark because I know the best way to grow the wool, but they know the best way to sell it. And I look to Landmark because they've got all I need and the right advice. I'd advise you to give me a hand here, Steve. That's good advice, mate. It's the right advice. Landmark - look to us. Police are calling for witnesses after vandals caused $150,000 damage inside an historic cemetery in Liverpool.

At Pioneer Memorial Park council workers discovered several headstones and a tombstone knocked over and smashed. Police say the graves are heritage-listed dating back to the 1800s. Work has begun to retrieve some long-lost Diggers thought to be buried in a mass grave in northern France. The excavation began last night, looking for traces of 170 men who vanished in battle 90 years ago. Scratching the surface of a First World War mystery to find the missing Diggers from the Battle of Fromelles. There are five pits and we're going to confirm whether human remains are in any of those pits. The burial pits were dug by the Germans. Extensive research indicates it should be the final resting place for 170 Aussies,

who fought all the way to the enemy line, and died in the effort. A team from Glasgow University is running the dig. I have to say that we're all very honoured to be here. Also here, Tim Whitford. His great uncle Harry Willis is among the missing. He and his family are hoping they'll finally get some answers. My great Uncle Harry was really just a boy. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of Harry's story, so I'm here to just witness that. The search could take as long as three weeks. If the diggers are here decisions will have to be made about what to do with them, though Tim knows what he wants for his Uncle Harry. A military burial with diggers firing shots over him and people crying and Australian flags and everything he deserved for over 90 years. James Talia, Nine News. A town in the Amercian state of Iowa has been all but wiped out

as a giant tornado cleared a path almost 2km wide. Six people died as homes and shops in Parkersburg were demolished. Locals shocked by the scale of the damage. We're strong and we'll get through this. It's going to take time. Lots of tears. TV and radio warnings probably saved many lives. The death today of a man who stood on both sides of the camera. Sydney Pollack was a director, producer and actor on some of the world's most memorable movies.

He was beaten by cancer at the age of 73. Sydney Pollack gave his magical touch - and often his presence - to some of the most successful movies of the last 40 years. # Memories...# 'The Way We Were', 'Tootsie', 'Three Days of the Condor', 'Out of Africa' among his stand-out works. 'Out of Africa' won seven Oscars, including Best Director. She almost had me for lunch. Wasn't her fault, Meredith - she's a lion. His works were a draw for the big stars. Robert Redford joined him for seven films. Dustin Hoffman argued with him so much making 'Tootsie', he suggested Pollack steer that energy into a role as Tootsie's manager.

You played a tomato for 30 seconds - they went half a day over schedule because you wouldn't sit down! Pollack had a supporting role with Nicole Kidman in 'Eyes Wide Shut', then he directed her for 'The Interpreter', the very first movie shot inside the United Nations. When I'm given Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman as raw material, half my job is done. He recently appeared in the movie 'Michael Clayton', opposite George Clooney. They're gonna sue us for legal malpractice.

except there won't be anything for them to win.

Pollack once explained that his bit parts were not the vanity of a wannabe actor. It was his way of spying on other directors, part of a lifelong quest to keep improving as a maker of movies. Robert Penfold, Nine News, Los Angeles. Coming up shortly - the artist who draws masterpieces completely from memory.

But Ken is next with sport - and the Bulldogs coach wants his star player targeted? But beware when you do. Plus - the Tigers bomb machine. And Anthony Mundine caught short for his title defence. This Thursday's Powerball has jackpotted Morning, girls. Philly with fruit? What a shame. More for me! Sweet Tooth Fairy. Bulldogs coach Steve Folkes hopes more clubs try to push Sonny Bill Williams around. The Bulldogs beat the Sharks 30-22 last night and while Williams was a target - all it did was fire him up. It was the usual mix at the Bulldogs' recovery this morning. Sonny Bill and Ben Roberts compared caps, Reni Mataui went for a ride and Andrew Ryan showed off the stitches that may change a career. I'm getting uglier by the day. I think the modelling career is out the window now. The captain was among the Bulldogs' best last night. Ryan scored only his second try for the season, but what timing. The Sharks were on a roll until this. They're a good team, they're in the top eight and they've had some good wins, so we'll get a lot of confidence out of that. There was also a side of Sonny Bill rarely seen. The coach wishes he was pushed around more. All this talk about him being frustrated and things - if someone pushes you, you push them back, Even if it's Greg Bird? Exactly. Exactly - more so.

Push is coming to shove at the Tigers.

Highly rated second rower Chris Heighington is being chased by the Dragons, Panthers and teams in England and his current club wants to know tomorrow if he's staying. Yeah, that's it, mate. Hopefully it can be at the Tigers but if not, time to move on. In preparation for their game against the Roosters,

the Tigers have wheeled out a machine they haven't used for years. It's all part of getting ready for the Roosters. I think they've scored 25 tries off kicks - more by a huge amount that anyone else in the NRL. Clinton Fletcher, Nine News.

Waratahs skipper Phil Waugh says

the injection of fresh faces into the line-up over the past couple of seasons has played a big role the team's success this year. The likes of fly-half Kurtley Beale, halfback Luke Burgess and winger Lachie Turner will play their first Super 14 final on Saturday night. I think there's plenty of energy. That youth and enthusiasm has been very refreshing. The Waratahs travel to Christchurch tomorrow morning. Australia was back to its competitive best today winning the first cricket Test against the West Indies. Chasing 287, the Windies were all out for 191 - beaten by 95 runs. Ponting spelled out the task and the Aussie quicks followed it to the letter, Clark getting some athletic assistance from Symonds. Commentators much more impressed with his catching than his hair-do. You call them dreadlocks? Now these are dreadlocks! But faces in the stands remained grim when Clark struck again. Fancy footwork kept Morton alive. It was getting there as well - good work.

The stay of execution was brief, Lee completing the job.

Bravo and Chanderpaul both exited cheaply. It's another one. A 68-run partnership between Ramdin and Sammy was a roadblock for the Aussies, but a suicide single took care of that. Quick single, Stuart MacGill is the fielder and he's hit.

Man of the match Clark finished with five wickets for the innings and eight for the match. MacGill dealt with the tail, what shaped as a dangerous day for the Australians ending in delight.

Out - and that's it, Australia have won. When you talk about Test match cricket, just look at the way we went about it today.

That was real Test match cricket as far as Australia's concerned. Chris Hodgkinson, Nine News. Like or loathe him, Anthony Mundine won't be ignored.

At a Melbourne construction site Mundine was king of the world for his title defence against Sam Soliman tomorrow night. I'm too good, bro.

Later, at the weigh-in,

Mundine got caught with his pants down which resulted in a nose-to-nose encounter. Sam could see the funny side but the Man was a bit miffed at being upstaged by the local. To finance - and recent falls on the sharemarket have taken their toll on one of our biggest investors - Perpetual.

Its shares fell 4% after it admitted its investment funds have dropped more than $6 billion. When it comes to an eye for detail, there's no-one more impressive than autistic artist Stephen Whiltshire. His latest work is this large panoramic drawing of Jerusalem. What's truly astounding is that it's all done from memory. When I was up there in the helicopter, I go around it twice and take a little closer view where I remember. Stephen's photographic memory first came to the world's attention 20 years ago.

His autism meant that he didn't speak until he was eight. His first word? Paper. Jaynie will join us after the break with all the weather details. Coming up on WIN News... The Macarthur power plant dramatically down-sized, Speeding motorists to be slapped with more than just a fine, And our Paralympians far from impressed with officials in Beijing. Details next. Tuesday. Tuesday's a strange day. (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT'S 'EVERYDAY PEOPLE' PLAYS) Tuesdays are a bit of a non-event. Restaurants are empty. But cinemas are full. Except if you're Australia Post. On Tuesdays more 'best wishes', more 'wows' are delivered than any other day. And they're yours to keep every day. Australia Post. Part of every day. And an update on that Islamic school at Camden - the council there has just made a unanimous decision to reject the proposal. Now, here's Jaynie - and some dark clouds are brewing? Mark, we can't rule out storms tonight -

there were plenty off the coast this morning. But during the afternoon a few isolated storms popped up on the ranges, some may spill into the western suburbs with the chance of a few showers also reaching the coast. A repeat of yesterday with fog in the west this morning, thickest around Richmond and Campbelltown. Then a gorgeous warm day of 22-23 degrees with northerly winds. There is a slow moving trough over inland NSW. In the last 24 hours we have had up to 10mm of rain in a few spots but generally lighter falls. And since 9:00am this morning most of the rain has been confined to eastern NSW, heaviest in the southern corner. And record rain in the last 24 hours over parts of SA and Tasmania. And during Wednesday, the trough will make its way to the north-east of NSW and south-east Queensland where all the action will eventually be. So Brisbane is likely to get a few storms. Perth will have a front bringing wild weather. An early splash for Melbourne. Late rain for Hobart. And for us - perhaps more of a chance of storms anywhere in Sydney and the Central Coast. If you are keen for a wave - some clean ones first up, but the swell should drop slightly.

Fog a big possibility across Sydney again tomorrow morning, thickest should be for inland suburbs where it's cooler. Most of us hitting a top of 20. Then that's it for any rain as we bid farewell to the month. On the up side, it should be a nice weekend - slightly warmer on Saturday, Mark. And that's Nine News for this Tuesday. We'll leave you with our visit today to Blacktown North Public School which has students from 21 different countries with 34 community languages. I'm Mark Ferguson, good night. Tonight ... The Macarthur data centre scaled back following public backlash, The town's struggling and succeeding amid water restrictions. And, an urgent call for more foster carers across the region.