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(generated from captions) Er... Bara... Bora... On... The... Er... (BLEEP!) Something in... No idea. it is 'first in, best dressed'. Oh! Ordinarily, But not today. Ah! Don't forget, though, already you have won $3,490 in cash and prizes Corey's back tomorrow night. and, of course, He's our carry-over champ,

for another $200,000. hopefully playing a new show, and we're launching it, Speaking of which, because this is $200,000 wedge onto the wheel we're gonna add another till it's won. and we'll do that every night It's Million Dollar Wheel! See you tomorrow night. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. a very public serve. An angry commuter gives rail bosses You wouldn't have a clue.

on these bloody trains. You don't even travel in a stretch limo. I mean, you come to work Up yours! Children and teachers in shock at Carlingford. as fire wrecks a school Heartbreaking for the children. rebel Sydney L-platers and their parents for beginners behind the wheel. against the tough new rules a full year, to fill up 120 hours. It will probably take about a year, first pictures sent back - And the hunt for life on Mars - makes a perfect touchdown after the 'Phoenix' spacecraft on the Red Planet. Phoenix has landed! Phoenix has landed! Good evening. Also tonight - on Brett Lee. the Windies get their revenge We've all had those moments of the perfect words to say... when we've thought passed by. ..after the opportunity has Sydney train traveller today. Not so one angry to confront our rail bosses He had the chance and he made sure he didn't miss. reality It was a head-on clash between and the Government's spin machine. acting Railcorp CEO Rob Mason Caught in the wreckage - got it all of his chest. got it all off his chest. after a furious commuter the Blue Mountains, Four carriages from nearly choking to death. with thousands of people on it You wouldn't have a clue - on these bloody trains. you don't even travel in a stretch limo - I bet you come to work up yours! to sell the Government's latest line The rail boss had been trying when Michael Hart from Katoomba on reports of management problems told Mr Mason what he really thinks. that's the acting CEO of Railcorp. You're drawing the line obviously, Yeah, I just found that out. Yeah. You've had enough of hearing... I've had a gutful of it. Unscripted and unleashed -

RailCorp's media show this morning - Michael Hart didn't just steal it was a complete hijacking. customer relations All they ever do it talk about but they never do. and how things are going to improve the rail union saying Entirely sympathetic - every right to be concerned Michael Hart is among thousands with passing between senior managers, about a dangerous culture of buck RailCorp internal report. revealed in a leaked internal of serious mismanagement Unacceptable levels right across our rail industry. that have safety consequences an experience on RailCorp There are people that have which is not what that we want to improve it. and that's why we're working hard the Minister's message. But Michael Hart had no stomach for Oh, look I want to ralph, you know. you know, throw up. Quite frankly, I want to ralph,

Adam Walters, Nine News. at the heart of every community The local school is took a body blow last night and the people of Carlingford West set their school on fire. when an electrical fault seven classrooms The blaze tore through and caused $1 million damage. were sent home. Children who turned up today gone, all gone. A distraught teacher summed it up - at Carlingford West Public. Up in smoke, seven classrooms that whole block. It's totally devastated hard work by scores of children Along with nearly half a year's from Kindergarten to Year 2. especially this is Education Week - Heartbreaking for the children - for their open night. they had everything ready racing to the school at midnight. 000 calls sent fire brigades were hindered by a locked gate - But the first crews on the scene another fire on the school grounds. installed a year ago after but to close the school - This morning, staff had no choice as teachers turned them away. children visibly shocked

the whole school is closed. We are closed, had investigators deeply suspicious A school fire on a Sunday night to sniff out any form of accelerant. and they called in dogs trained

Late today, fire investigators

which would suggest arson. declared they could find nothing an electrical fault was to blame The theory now is that

for the $1 million fire. saw first-hand the damage The Education Minister the Government's full support. and then promised as soon as logistically possible, I guarantee, demountables here. there will be appropriate They should arrive by Wednesday will take much longer. while the rebuilding Damian Ryan, Nine News. to defend their working conditions. Teachers went on strike last week some unexpected support. This week they are getting says One of our leading business groups up to $130,000 a year they should be paid and keeps, to make sure the profession attracts, the best possible candidates. high school for four years. Bronwyn Dann has been teaching She earns $60,000 a year. to work, A lot of people have gone overseas

still in the teaching profession

a lot better salary over there. but they can earn Bronwyn will hit the top rate - Another four years -

$75,000 a year. says The Business Council of Australia should be nearly double - $130,000. that top rate investment in our prosperity Teachers are the front-line of the in the future. produce very successful students. We know that the very best teachers The cost of the rise would be $4 billion. What we do have is the highest-paid teachers in the nation. What we do have is the highest-paid teachers in the nation. We do reward teachers. So teachers are leaving and some never start the job in the first place.

Up to 40% who train as teachers never actually go on to teach. Meanwhile some of the State's top private schools have been accused of rorting the HSC exam by getting their students extra time and assistance like larger print. Some of the reasons range from chronic illnesses to sweaty palms. It advantages the school because they get a higher HSC score, It advantages the student because they have more time to do the exam. On average, 6% of the State's HSC students were judged to have special needs. But at Reddam House in Woolhara, 36% of HSC students won extra time and assistance. I think it's up to each school to do the best they can for their children. States, Catholic, independent - I think all schools have the same guidelines. Mark Burrows, Nine News. It's not unusual for a car chase to end like this one - at Eastern Creek, the driver crashing into a pole last night. But what is unusual is that earlier he stopped to drop off a 6-year-old girl at a house in Mount Druitt. He then took off again but lost control after police used road spikes to end the pursuit. The shouts of protests are getting louder over the State Government's move last year to make L-platers spend 120 hours behind the wheel. Denham Hitchcock has been investigating. divided the community. Denham, this really has divided the community? Mark, many parents say they simply don't have the time or the money to chalk up the hours that are needed, but at the same time there has also been a 44% drop in the P-plate road toll.

Because of that, the Roads Minister is making no changes, and no apology.

It's easy to forget just how daunting driving can be. Ah, there's a car coming. MAN: They're on the other side. (LAUGHS) For Claire Curtis, it's her first lesson. We turn left here - put the indicator on. Not on the right-hand side - the other one. And under the new laws there'll be plenty more. Learner drivers now have to log 120 supervised hours behind the wheel before they can go for their Ps, and for parents like Terry Clark it's too much. His only vehicle is a delivery truck, which means his son would have to log those hours at a driving school. A price tag like that means it's impossible. I just have to say to my son, "I'm sorry, we can't get your licence for you." And then there's that other precious commodity - time. It will probably take about a year, a full year, to fill up 120 hours. So as long as you don't fudge the figures, 120 hours is like spending three working weeks in the car - which is a lot. But if you listen to the Roads Minister, it's the other figures that count. In 2006, we had 49 P-plater deaths on our roads. We've seen that drop to 27 young lives.

That's a 44% drop and if further incentive was needed, there's a family's grief behind every cross on the Pacific Highway. There's sacrifices and there's a lot of hours but I'd rather be there than at a funeral. If Claire's parents pay for every hour, their sacrifice will be $7,000. Denham Hitchcock, Nine News. And you can have your say - with Nine MSN, in a special poll we're running with Nine MSN. Results in the news tomorrow night at 6:00. The two divers who spent 19 hours stranded off Queensland have agreed to help pay for the cost of their miracle rescue following reports of a million-dollar deal to sell their story to a British newspaper. Richard Neely and Allyson Dalton were diving on the Great Barrier Reef on Friday when they surfaced too far from their chartered boat. But they have told 'A Current Affair' they never drifted away from the dive site. We were on the dive site for the entire time of our allocated dive time. We were just shocked when they weren't coming and we were continuing to get further from the boat. They were finally found on Saturday morning. The cost of the air and sea search is estimated at over $100,000. And you can see the full interview with Richard Neely and Allyson Dalton on 'A Current Affair' straight after the news. A giant step today in the quest to find out if life ever existed on Mars. NASA has landed a small space probe called 'Phoenix' in the red planet's arctic zone, in the Red Planet's arctic zone, nine years after the agency's original Mars lander lost control and crashed. The very first ground pictures near the Martian North Pole. Beneath the famous red soil, there could be millions of tonnes of ice, and if organisms ever lived here, they could be preserved

in the Red Planet's eternal deep freeze. When the 'Phoenix' first landed, the camera checked if the solar panels had fanned out, also the position of landing feet, then a snap of the surrounding terrain. 'Phoenix' was safely down after NASA's so-called "seven minutes of terror" -

the fiery entry through the atmosphere. Then, the deployment of a parachute to slow it down, and finally, thruster rockets fired to cushion the landing - the end of a 10-month trip, across 679 million kilometres of space. MAN: Phoenix has landed! Phoenix has landed! The sheer cost of this mission to Mars is massive, almost $440 million.

And considering NASA has failed in half its previous attempts to Mars, it was also a very big risk. 'Phoenix' has a robotic arm, which will dig up icy sub-soil and examine it for signs of life. After three months, she'll retire as a mini lab,

and become a weather observer, the very first, at Ice Station Mars.

Peter Stefanovic for Nine News in Los Angeles. In the news ahead - we take a look at Australia's first prison without walls and an important lesson - how not to fly a jumbo jet.

SONG: # I've been everywhere, man I've been everywhere, man # Crossed the deserts bare, man I've breathed the mountain air, man # Of travel, I've had my share, man, I've been everywhere # I've been to Toowong, Kurrajong, Tuggeranong, Mooloolabah # Blairmount, Heathmont, Jolimont, Caringbah # North Hill, Bass Hill, Townsville, Carramar, Parkside... # BigPond - Australia's greatest wireless broadband coverage is now even faster. Get half price wireless broadband access for the first six months plus a rebate of up to $299 on your wireless device when you sign up to a 36-month plan. # Engadine, Granville, Geelong, Toowong... # over the suspected murder of a 54-year-old man. Brian Gilsenan was attacked by two men in Bathurst Street, suffering severe head injuries. The attack occurred in February but he died from his injuries at the weekend. We don't know what the motive for the confrontation was. Police believe the couple in the video may have witnessed the assault. The very definition of jail is being turned on its head at the state's newest prison - west of Lismore.

Nine News has been given a tour of Australia's first jail without walls. This is where prisoners will come for one last chance to turn their lives around. A 600-hectare cattle farm on the Clarence River. Walk out girlie, walk out. No cells, and no guards, the $20 milllion facility for men and women is a working farm. It's been needed for quite some time, we virtually know it will be successful. About a third of the cost of sending someone to a regular jail,

the aim is to teach young adult offenders life skills, so they can break their cycle of crime. They're people who we want to prevent going to jail. The fifty men will be kept separate from the women by an electronic beam around their facility. There'll be two people to a room in self-contained dormitories. It's like their home and we've designed it as such. Prisoners will begin arriving here from tomorrow. Most have issues with drug and alcohol abuse, or domestic violence. They'll have up to twelve months to prove they can change,

or they'll be sent to jail. That's something Dave Page wants to prevent. It'll be his job to teach the inmates how to sow crops

and herd cattle. The fellas will have a lot to learn, but I'm working beside them, where I can teach them. If the program works, it's likely more will be set up across the State. At Tabulam, west of Lismore, Allison Langdon for Nine News.

There's been another brutal blow in China's earthquake disaster with six more people killed by a powerful aftershock which damaged another 70,000 buildings. The official death toll from the main quake two weeks ago

is now 62,000 with another 24,000 people still missing. And a new menace is threatening the region. Landslides have blocked rivers and so much water has backed up, there's now a risk of flash flooding. At Brussels airport, a jumbo jet air freighter with a broken back. The pilot had aborted take off after hearing a loud noise and the jet skidded 300 metres across open land. The jumbo had a full load of fuel initially there were fears of a powerful explosion.

5 crewmen escaped with minor injuries. The French are celebrating a welcome win on home soil at the Cannes Film Festival, scoring their first Golden Palm Award since 1987. The winner was a school house drama called 'The Class'

which beat 21 international contenders. An amazing, amazing film, 'Entre les Murs' - 'The Class'.

The film stars a group of first-time teenage actors, all from the same high school in Paris.

Australia was also honoured -

'Jerrycan' by Julius Avery won for the Best Short Work for its depiction of bored teenagers in country Victoria. Ken with sport next - and changes at the top of the Rabbitohs? Peter Holmes a Court has stepped down and John Lang signs up. Also the West Indies defiant as Australia struggles in the first Test. And motoring action from Formula 1 and the Indy 500. I look to Landmark because they work as hard as I do to grow my business. I look to Landmark on getting the biggest return for each,

knowing the smallest detail. We look to Landmark to help protect our future. Although it's in pretty good hands. I look to Landmark because they know buyers for that lot, so I can spend more time with this lot. Landmark - look to us. (ALARM BUZZES) (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT'S 'EVERYDAY PEOPLE' PLAYS) Monday. Mondays are hard work. Mondays can be uphill. You start a diet on a Monday. You get Mondayitis on Monday. Lots of songs have been written about Mondays. At Australia Post we organise passports, so you'll enjoy more of every day.

Amongst all the turmoil at the Rabbitohs, two big changes announced. Peter Holmes a Court has stepped down as executive chairman and veteran coach John Lang has been appointed as a consultant to help Jason Taylor. The developments at Souths haven't caught anyone by surprise. Holmes A Court signalled weeks ago he needed to more time for his other business interests but as part-owner of the Rabbitohs he's staying on as a board member. As for John Lang, the former Cronulla and Penrith coach, has the job of helping Taylor turn around a season

that has produced just one win this year. At the Roosters there are no such problems. 19-year-old Mitchell Pearce continues to star with his kicking game now one of the best in the business.

As the season goes on, I'm starting to know what to do and that but it is a lot of practice. Parramatta's, Krisnan Inu, has passed an important test on his ankle

and will play only his second NRL game this year against Brisbane on Friday night. After breaking down in round one, Inu ran out for Wentworthville yesterday in the New South Wales Cup and while he was nervous, the ankle held up.

For a team chasing consistency, Inu is crucial for the Eels. Not dying to do what I have been doing last year I'm just dying to get back on the field and do a bit more for the team. And the big men are fighting out the vacancy for a Blues prop. Ben Cross can't play in game Two after breaking his thumb in Origin I and after eight games for NSW, the Dragons, Jason Ryles, is among the job seekers . Oh yeah, I'm playing every week, so I've got to be some chance. Clinton Fletcher, Nine News. Australian is in for a real fight

on the final day of the first Test against the West Indies in Jamaica. The Aussies were rolled for just 167 in their second innings - only Andrew Symonds provided serious resistance. In reply, the Windies are 1/46, needing a further 241 to win. The Aussies began the day at 4 for 17 and it quickly got worse - nightwatchman Mitchell Johnson clocking off in the first over. COMMENTATOR: An appeal, and it's been given! Hodge tried to launch the rescue mission - selector Merv Hughes happy with what he saw. But the Windies were soon smiling again.

Well, the West Indies needed a breakthrough. Whether it be Test cricket or twenty20, Symonds knows only one way to play. Well he's gone to the right of him and put him away again. 3 sixes off Jaggernauth and he had a half century. That's another one to raise his half century. Lightning reactions from Morton sent Haddin on his way. What a catch! Lee flattened Chanderpaul on day 3 - today the Windies got their revenge. Well, he's getting a working over. He shook off the blow, but Edwards had his measure. And that's caught behind. On 79, Symonds miscued - putting three fieldsmen on a collision course. Someone has taken it. Amid the chaos, Sammy kept his cool and held on. MacGill failed to add to the total, the West Indies set 287 to win. Clark grabbing the only breakthrough... That's the end of it. ..before bad light ensured the Windies avoided any further damage.

Lewis Hamilton has won a wet incident-packed Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix, the British driver recovered from an early puncture, while others weren't so fortunate -

Roseburg found no give in the cement barriers in a heavy shunt, Raikonnen also among many to get it wrong. A jubilant Hamilton won from Kubica and Massa with Australia's Mark Webber fourth. As usual there was plenty of action at the Indy 500, the track they call the Brickyard claimed a mountain of high speed crash victims. Despite all the carnage no one was seriously injured, female driver Danic Patrick was involved in a pit-lane crash with Australian Ryan Briscoe - she was furious but an official ran interference. New Zealand's Scott Dixon won the race - the 27-year-old Kiwi celebrating with a pint of milk.

Australian golfer Rod Pampling has just missed out on winning the Fort Worth PGA Tour event in Texas. A shot in front of Phil Mickelson coming to the 17th, Pampling bogeyed, despite a brilliant recovery from the bunker. COMMENTATOR: What a shot! Mickelson was in a 3-way tie with Pampling and South Africa's Tim Clark until he sank a birdie putt at the 18th to steal the tournament. Mickelson, the champion. In finance - the board of St George Bank has recommended

that its shareholders accept the proposed Westpac deal - getting 1.3 Westpac shares for every St George share.

After the break, Jaynie will have all the weather details. Details at 6:30. Coming up on WIN News... Legislation to review the legal age for piercings and tattoos. Cooma patients still travelling to Canberra for dialysis treatment. And a rare defeat at home for the Gunners.

It was a superb Sydney day, will it continue Jaynie? Mark, doesn't look like we'll get storms tonight, maybe just a few showers following our warm and sunny Monday - mainly thanks to winds coming in from the north. 21 degrees in the city. And 23 at Sydney Olympic Park.

A couple of scattered storms over our State tonight from a weakening trough. But for NSW, not a great deal of rain from them. There is a front crossing the south-east bringing storms with the heaviest falls over SA and Tasmania. Tomorrow the trough will be slow-moving and hopefully inland NSW will see some widespread heavier falls. More showers along the Queensland coast from onshore winds.

So showers for Cairns. The all clear for Brisbane, Darwin and Perth. Storms for Adelaide and Canberra. Clearing showers for Melbourne and Hobart. A better chance of storms in Sydney tomorrow. But most of the day will be fine and sunny. Light winds and a 2-meter swell for surfers. Temperatures very much like today. 21 degrees for most of us. And for the Mountains a top of 14. Wednesday will be very similar again with temperatures in the low 20s and possible storms. Clearing up after that. And looking at a fine start to winter on Sunday. And it's a big hello to tonight's weather cadets from the Northern Beaches Christian School. We hear you had a lot of fun collecting your weather data, and what a great day for it. But let's hope these next two days bring some decent rain. Only 1.4mm so far this month, Mark. That's Nine News for this Monday - I'm Mark Ferguson, good night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia rugby. Details in WIN News Late Tonight .

A young Canberra woman the latest victim of of night club violence in Civic, The A-C-T Opposition accused of running a scare campaign over the Macarthur power

plant, And, moves to stop children as young as twelve from having nipple piercings.