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Good morning and welcome to 9am

with David and Kim. Good morning

everyone. Good morning and happy everyone. Good morning and

Wednesday to you. Thank you. I like Wednesday. We are anticipate on

that bit. The hutch day, yes. Even

the most graphic ads for road

safety are losing their shock

value, so a new program which

exposes school students to an

accident and

accident and fors them to bring a

victim back to life seems to be

hitting the new generation of

drivers right between the eyes.

Families are facing significant

financial and emotional stress at

the moment, and that worry is often

passed on to the children. We'll talk with Dr John Irvine this

morning about ways to help parents

and kids resolve the tough issues.

Although it sounds like a favoured pursuit of the tree

pursuit of the tree hugger, kin ease

yolgy is a stiens kin ease yolgy is yolgy is a stiens kin ease yolgy

a science. What part of the body

tells the truth? I don't know.

Because it takes one to know one,

we have put Mark Howard up against

some stiff opposition. The school

kids who heckled their teachers

successfully and ended up in the class clowns Grand Final. Less embrace the day.

I know you're sitting comfortably on your fat television wage, but much pay your fat television wage, but how

much pay is too much pay? Where did

that one come from? Hang on, I have

to make room in my back for that

knife. How much pay is too much pay.

Of course, I'm not referring to you.

No, that's right. I'm referring to

the Macquarie Group, you know the the Macquarie Group, you know

Macquarie Group bank chief, Allan

Moss. Man, he is doing well. He

retires on Friday and walks away

with $80 million. Yes. Ridiculous,

isn't it. So, it has begun this

debate that the Prime Minister has

even weighed into, and he said

yesterday that there needed to be

limits, he said "I think at a time

when a lot of Australians are

pulling tight on the belt, it is important for the the corporate

leaders to do the same and show

salary restraint". I would like to

see him donate a whole heap to a

project to get affordable housing

to people or something really

productive as opposed to sitting on

a huge wage and buying another

mansion by the harbour. He's

negotiated this pay. He has. He's

been at the bank for 30 years.

Under his leadership, it recorded

its 15th consecutive record annual

profit. Yesterday, profit rose 23%

to $1.8 billion, so he's lifted the

performance of the bank to $1.8

billion. Correct. He's negotiated

his pay. Exactly. Do we deny him

that I don't think he should be

denied it, he's clearly been a successful businessman and been in

a position to earn a lot of money,

but the onus is now on him to but the onus is now on him to do

something productive and not just

sit on his millions. At what point,

do we go, that's enough? I think in

a freep age, you can't do it. It is

not $150,000 any more, because

that's where awful the tax kicks in

at $150,000. Does it matter if you

get $80 million, who cares if you

get taxed half of it. He makes way

for Nicholas Moore who replaces him

as the highest paid chief executive.

He earned $26.8 million for the

year. Almost 80 times the year. Almost 80 times the $336,000

for Mr Rudd and 478 the average

Victorian worker's pay of about

$56,000. It also equauts to him

earning $3,053 an hour, awake or

asleep. Wow! Imagine that. Yes, I

do. I think it is more poignant,

given the e-mails we had yesterday

from some of the older viewers and

from single mums and single parents

who are doing it tough who are

surviving you know on a couple of surviving you know on a couple

hundred dollars a week and most of

that is going in rent. Remember the

lady who wrote in yesterday, she

was a single mother, her rent was...

She has $75 a week after she pays

her rent to pay bills, buy food,

put petrol in the car, and it is

just... That's extraordinary. It is

a staggering chasm between the

wealthy and the poor. I sometimes

wonder if that person was running a

bank what the profit would be if

she can survive on $75 a week. She

could give the Reserve Bank a run

for the money.

In 1973, Prime Minister Whitlam

asked the nation to find a new

anthem. He decided 'Advance

Australia Fair' to be the most

appropriate. It wasn't until this

day in 1977 that it won an opinion

poll as preferred national anthem.

30 years on, the song remains large

lip unknown by Australians. Now lip unknown by Australians.

tell us what's on the front page?

Home owners are warned another

interest rate rise is on the cards.

The minutes from last month's

Reserve Bank board meeting reveals

that home owners only narrowly

escaped another rate rise.

Economists say consumers need to

do their bit when tax cuts are

delivered in July. The advice in

terms of tax cuts is to direct

those to the higher living cost,

the fact that the rent is gone up

or the mortgage is gone up. The

Opposition says that the plan to

cut the fuel exise will refuse

pressure on rates. The baby bonus

is under threat with a renewed push

for universal paid maternity

leader. Outgoing leader dels

Desailly has outlined an inquiry

to give new mums 14 weeks. She says

it would cost the Government half

of what the Government spends on

the baby bonus. Unions are

demanding at least six months paid

maternity leave to be partly funded

by a business levy.

Now, don't you think it makes sense,

much as the if it is only going to cost half as

much as the baby bonus, they could

double the amount they're pushing

for. Exactly. They could push for

28 weeks. This is the sticking

point, we discussed this a number

of time. If you go out at 14 weeks

which everyone realises is not

enough, you're going to negotiate

down. You want to go up. Go harder

Natasha Stott Despoja. She's only

got a matter of five weeks left in

Parliament and she's certainly

making every single one of them

count. All right, two people have

been pulled alive from the rubble

in China more than a week after a

powerful earthquake shook the

region. A woman in her 60s kept

herself alive for more than 190

hours by drinking rain power that

dripped through the cracked concrete

and rubble. A 31-year-old man was

later freed after a lengthy rescue

mission. He spent 179 hours trapped

in the remains of a collapsed

power station. The official death

toll from the earthquake now stands

at more than 40,000.

US senator Ted Kennedy has been

diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour after suffering a seizure

on Saturday. The 76-year-old pat ri on Saturday. The 76-year-old pat

a of the Democrat family has been

active in American politics since

1962. He recently endorsed

democratic nominee Barack Obama.

Well, an Australian garden designed

by celebrity gardener Jamie Durie

has taken out the top honour at

the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.

Native plants formed the back drop

to the design which seefbled a

polite nod from the head of state.

Settled around their campfire

inspired dining area, the Aussie

team could finally relax. Their display garden at the famed

Chelsea Flower Show earned them the

event's top honour - a gold medal

after nine months of hard work.

It's been running pretty much

non-stop since then, and all

accumulated this morning when we

got gold. So, it's been a long

process but well worth the effort.

For the first time, only indigenous

plants were used in the Australian

entry which incorporated water

features and sand stone, inspired

by our famous beaches. It is

number one in the world. It's the

Olympics, it's the World Cup. And

just like any big sporting event,

the Chelsea Flower Show is all

about the fans. More than 150,000 people will visit over the course

of the five days, with everyone

from the common suburban gardener

right to the top of the tree. Like

the Queen, who dropped in as soon as

the show opened, particularly proud

of her own palace gardens, she's

only missed the event twice during her reign.

A big congratulations to A big congratulations to Jamie

Durie. He's done very well. And the

team of course. Absolutely. Would

you have that in your backyard? I'd

happily have that. Really? I

thought it looked stunning. How thought it looked stunning. How much

would you pay for it? Yeah, not

quite what it is estimated to be

worth. $800,000. You know he's got

a potential buyer for that? What,

the prince. Mr Macquarie bank.

Apparently Prince Philip came along

and mistook a palm for a fern. and mistook a palm for a fern. He

was complimenting Jamie and saying,

I like that. And it is a member of

the Cicad family. That's what the Cicad family. That's what Jamie

told the prince. And then he walked

away. I wasn't asking for a bloody

lecture - and wandered off! We'll

have more on the stories coming up

in the morning news at 11:00 and a

full wrap in Ten News at 5:00.

With 12 consecutive interest rate

rises in a row, many Australian

familys are feeling the pinch. A

recent report found thousands of

households are struggling to meet

mortgage repayments and credit card

debt is going through the roof. So,

how do you address such a sad state

of affairs with your children? of affairs with your children? Dr

John Irvine joins us this morning

with some words of wisdom for

families struggling to shake off

the blues. Good morning.

It's a big issue for families,

because we've seen in victory

yarbgs rate go up by three times -

it's tripled in the last six years.

The number of people on mortgage

stress or defaulting, and in NSW,

it has gone up 67% this year.

That's repositions alone? That's

repositions alone. Now, you know

you think of all of the poor

parents trying to struggle, but

what about the kids in that sort of

family. How do you try, and it is

not just that reason. You've got

mortgage stress and marital stress,

you've got... Divorce rates are

high. And mental distress. And

death even. Awful those things are

striking familys and every parent

feels guilty. I don't know, it's

sad that families they're a part of

life. Your families have been sad

at some point. There's a level of

sadness which is only natural, and

I would imagine that it is

important that children experience

some kind of ... It's part of

some kind of ... It's part of the

ebb and flow of life. But then, the

point we're making here, isn't it

is that if there's massive stress

that parents are experiencing,

like they might be experiencing at

the moment under mortgage stress,

it naturally flows, it's going to

naturally flow on to the children.

How can you possibly protect them

from that? Gets go to the first

part. Chronic stress is the issue

that really strois and it is that really strois and it is destructive, destructive on the

person carrying it, because it

affects some part of your well

being system. And it affects the

kids. You can cope with the acute

stress, but at the end of that, if

we're able to hug and laugh and do

those things, back comes the

chemistry and the kids said, that's

part of the ebb and flow of life.

But what about those where it But what about those where it is

really chronic and ongoing, that's

the thing I think we need the thing I think we need to

address, because as you said

already from the headlines, there

could be more on the way and so

familys need to be ready for those.

I really want you to talk about, in

the research notes for these, you

gave a great example of a woman you

were speaking to and I think this

is a really good indication of a

sad family and what happened. I've

been inspired by so many familys.

I'll call her Carol and she met me

to talk and we talked about

tragedies that happened in her life,

no need to go into those but no need to go into those but she

was left with one elder boy from

her first marriage, her husband

time. And second one she was left

with three little kids so she had

four. Then the eldest boy who was an apprentice electrician was

killed in the work place. He was

the apple of her eye and was like a

side owe dad and helped with the

little ones. And she said that once

her little 8-year-old called her

and said, "mum, why is our home so

horrible". And he said, " It's

always sad and no-one laughs". And

she said, "you know what we've been

through, it's not easy". And he

said, "What are we going to do

about it?"

And he said, "Why done we say in

the morning what things are

worrying us and at night time,

we'll see who solved it the best".

And she said from that day on, we And she said from that day on, we

became a problem-solving family

rather than a problem-living

family and it took her an

8-year-old to show her. We all have

stresses and strains, they're part

of it. But it is whether we're

working on what we're going to

change, what we're going to solve.

If we haven't got answers, who do

we go to, and we've got to do

something for the kids and we know

that the long-term impact of a

depressed house on the kids. And

the likelihood of depression in

their lives and the likelihood of

drug addiction and so on is much

higher in depressed homes. So, we

can't change the mortgage thing

maybe, but there may be advisors

that we can go to. We can't change

our partner, if they walked out on

us or they're not supporting us,

but we can change ourselves. That's

the only person we can change. If

you change yourself, then the rest

of the word has to adapt to that. I

was going to say, kids also need to

understand that someone else can't

make them happy. Yes. And I make them happy. Yes. And I think

lots of adults need to realise that

too. That's right, I think I may

have said before, as Steven Coby

says in his books about the

happiness principle, that every

successful person works inside out.

I change, and I force change.

People who are really depressed and

unsuccessful, I'm waiting for

something to change out there that

will make me happy and it never

works. So, you are the agent of

change in your own life and in your

family's life, and even if you're

feeling down and you can't see any

light, there are people here who

you can talk to about it, even that

helps. There are ways you can look

at yourself and what your situation

is, or people you can go to, but I

would advise you, it is very

important that you offload these problems rather than download, and

by that, I mean lean on someone

your own size. Kids are not your own size. Kids are not up to -

I'm thinking of a boy I'm working

with at the moment whose gut is in

an absolute mess because mum's

situation is in a mess and she

keeps, not deliberately, but

downloading it on him and he can't

solve it. He's only a boy. So,

you've got to give kids things that

they can solve, because they're

problem solvers and they like to

solve problems. So, lean on someone

your own size, don't download it,

offload. To what extent do we let

the children know of the stress

we're experiencing. Let's say for example, we're experiencing

financial stress. To what extent

do we let them know if it is

ongoing and we're talking about the

possibility of a further rate rise

and parents are going, oh my God, I

can't cope with another one. This

stress is ongoing. Eventually, for

some of the kids, one day, they may

have to pack up the car and leave

the house, so what do the parents

say to the kids? How do you deal

with it? Yes, in many ways, there's

a double barrelled one there. Kids

don't care pre-teenage about things

as much. I can remember when we

changed house, we went up to a

bigger house and the kids asked if

we could go back to the other one

because it was friendlyer. So, the

material things we can't get too

caught up on. And I think sometimes

all of us have to declare it and

say that the most important things

in life aren't things. So, do share

it with the kids, say, yeah, we're

in strife with this because of this

and this and this, but the kids

don't mind hearing that message,

but they want to hear, yes, but

this hasn't beaten you mum, has it? This hasn't beaten you dad and

we're going to do something about we're going to do something about

it. We might have a dad cooks night

instead of eating out - where dad

cleans up as well! We might do a

lot of things we can, work within

the family, ways where the kids

feel that they're combatting the

problem. They're helping the family

get through the issue, they love it.

And what they can do. And if it

means we're shifting house, that's

fine. If that's the ultimate

scenario that we have to face, we

have to downsize or something, the

kids can face it if they feel their

parents are psychologically ready.

OK, I take your point, but, what

about for the child at school who

is missing out on the excursion or

all of the other kids are going to

sport and they can't afford to

because their parent doesn't have because their parent doesn't have

the money? Inmean, that's just a

realistic scenario? Yeah, sometimes

it is a change of school too that

can be involved and I've got a few

families I'm working with who have

done that. The kids will accept done that. The kids will accept it

if they're part of it. This is the

problem and this is how we're going

to do it and this is our suggestion

to resolve it. We cut out this and

this. What about you kids?

Particularly the kids who are at an

age which are sensitive to it. How

do you think? Do we go there or

save something so we can go to the

excursion. OK, so include them? So

the kids, they love problem

solving, let them be part of it,

but don't download your problems on

it. Let them be part of what you're

going to do. The postivity. Can going to do. The postivity. Can I

shift focus just for a second? What

if there's a sad kid at school, for

whatever reason. A deeply sad kid

at school, and another kid

befriends the sad kid and becomes

his closest mate and really

supports him through that. At what

point do we get concerned that the

kid who has befriended the sad kid

becomes a sad kid as well? There's

a fair bit in the genes. If you're

an optimistic kid, you're an

optimistic kid. You don't

necessarily get tied up up, but

sometimes you can over identify

with it. That's where the parent of

the child who feels that they're

being pulled in says there is a bit

of exclusivity happening here, how

can we share this and make sure

that the boy isn't getting caught up

So it means using your resources,

in this case, the school so the

teacher is aware of the dynamics

and making sure that we all

participate in whatever. Same as

when there's a kid who has died in

the class. How do we sort this out?

If there's a kid who is sad, what

can we do? Sometimes it is a matter

of getting back to the family,

sometimes it is a matter of getting

a medical check. A lot of sad kids

are underperforming and working off

three cylinders. I say, get them

medically checked out first, it

could be thyroid or iron levels or

something. And there's a lot we can

do and a lot we should do because

we're a community. And if we all as

a family say, let's work on this

together and let's work out what

decisions we make and how we are ale going to tackle this. ale going to tackle this. The kids

need not come off this one iota

worse, in fact in many ways the

better because the check is going

to come sooner or later. If they

get in it in childhood and learn

how to cope with it, they learn.

And it is up to the community, it

is up to friends and other parents

to say, look, I'll take your kid

out for a day and you have a break.

I think we all need to be sensitive.

It is worth finishing on, the most important things in important things in life are not

things. And that's what really

matters. That's right. Thank you,

John. Thank you Dr John. We'll be

back with more of us after this.

This program is captioned live.

17-25-year-olds make up roughly 12%

of the population. Yet, they are

involved in almost half of all

speed related road crashes. No

matter how the message is put to

them, it just doesn't seem to get

through, so why not put them at the

scene? Put them in a wheelchair

perhaps. Many of the 12,000

students who attended the Youth and

Road Trauma Forum left in shock Road Trauma Forum left in shock

after experiencing a simulated

car crash. But, as the NRMA's car crash. But, as the NRMA's Anne

Morphett explains, interactive

programs are starting to drive home

the road safety message and Anne

joins us now from Sydney. Good morning. Let's talk about it and

take it from the start. We're not

necessarily - well, seeing graphic

images portrayed in commercials on

television is not necessarily a new

thing. Why then has this program,

which actually puts kids at the

scene, why has this worked? Well, I

think there's a big difference

between a TV commercial and having

young people in the audience

watching real life fire brigade and police and ambulance officers

having it compared and explained

by a care flight doctor. So,

they're seeing what happens in a

situation, when they attend a crash.

So, it is real people, it is not

actors. So, how does it work? What

is it exactly? Well, we have high

school students from years 10, 11

and 12 attend a 3-day Forum. Each

day it is the same. There's a crash

scenario and that's what we've been

referring to, where the only actors

involved are a number of young

people and there's a scenario set

up where they've taken their eye

off the road for a moment on their

way home from a paeft. They've hit

a motorcyclist and from there, a motorcyclist and from there, the

car is discovered by friends, they

call 000 and in fact, what happens

from then on in is that the highway

patrol come, the ambulance, the

fire brigades and the crash police,

police crash investigation union. We We have some vision of that and we

need to warn that this is very

life-like vision, so if you have

very young kids, it might be an

idea to steer them away from the

camera for a moment. But as you

said, the point of this is that

these are real people explaining

and acting out the scenarios.

That's right, and the compere is

explaining what they're about to

see is what happens. You don't see

firemen and ambulance officers

running around a scene. They calmly

do what they do and it is very

graphic. But, we feel that we need

to make it as real as possible to

get the message home. And, the reaction has been astounding really.

Can you explain what the people

that watch it feel? Well, what

we've seen is students, there's

almost 4,000 students in the aud

toreium and they're absolutely

silent. You can hear a pin drop and

for that age group, it takes something miraculous to get their

attention. We need them to hear the

message and the fact is that at the

end of this, they really see the

results of a moment's results of a moment's inattention

and the behaviour of passengers and

how important it is to respect the

driver and not take their

attention off the road, and also attention off the road, and also a

huge respect for the surgions and

the police fire brigade and

everybody doing their job, and in

fact, it is explained to them that

the reason that all of those

the reason that all of those people

are participating in the day's

event is because they want to be

involved in prevention. They're

really horrified every time they

attend a scene and it is yet again

another young driver. What is the

reaction from emergency services?

Look, they love it. Apart from the

crash scenario, they get to talk to

the young people. They actually get

to answer their questions. They

talk about how they feel, because

often young people just want to

know, what is it like? Do you get

hardened by it. And in fact, they

hear from these service personnel,

emergency service personnel emergency service personnel that

they don't get hardened. They're

sickened every time that they have

to attend a scene or break the news

to someone's family.

to someone's family. They also hear

from surgeons as well, done they?

They do. What do they explain? Dr

Valerie Marker from Westmead Traumy

Unit speaks what it is like to be a

trauma surgeon and by the time they

get to the traum I unit, things are

bad, and how often they have to

come out and speak to the family and break news and break news that you know,

perhaps that young person will

never be the same or perhaps they

haven't been able to save their

life and that's just a horrendous job. What about the effect of

putting them in a wheelchair? We

have the wheelchair basketball

association involved, and there is

some wheelchair basketball and some wheelchair basketball and some

people in wheelchairs as a result

of car crashes talking to students

about what it is. The opportunity

for students to be in for students to be in a wheelchair,

you know, sometimes they think that

these things look like fun, but

after five minutes, they realise it

is not fun, it is hard work and you

know, while they can get out of the

chair after participating, the

speakers talk to them about -

they're never going to get up and

walk again. Their whole life, it

takes longer to get themselves into

the shower, take care of themselves

and be independent. Have a social

life and play sports. A lot of them,

you know the crash that they were

involved in has men that they done

have the career choice that they

really wanted, so a massive impact

on their life and on their

families' lives. You mentioned too,

for a lot of the kids it is the

first time that they come in

contact with all of these sorts of

people, including the police and I

would imagine that many of would imagine that many of them would have a different

understanding of what the police do,

as to the one they're confronted

with in this scenario? It's true.

One of the reasons that the police

like being involved is that they

said, this is a great opportunity.

Weapon don't want the first time

that we meet these students to be

when we're booking them for an

offence or when we're at the scene

of a crash or when we're breaking

the news to their family. We would

like to get to know them here, and

it really works, because a loft it really works, because a loft the

students end up wanting to get

their photograph taken standing

next to the Highway Patrol so it is

a huge barrier that can be broken.

I think it is an extraordinary

program and certainly what you're

saying about the success rates

should encourage more States to get

involved. But at the moment, it is

only NSW, is that right? It is NSW

at the moment, we've had students

from all over NSW and the ACT. The from all over NSW and the ACT. The

Motoring Club in SA is running the

program next year. They've come

over and looked at what we're doing

and seen the results and the

information from students and from

teachers, and from the emergency

service personnel, so they service personnel, so they feel

that this is - you know young

people being seriously injured and

killed on the roads is a national

issue, particularly young men and particularly young people living

in regional areas, so it is a problem

problem unfortunately we all have.

So, we're happy to share the

information with other States. Is this something that you would like

to see funned nationally, or funded

by the stais? Well, it isn't funded

by anyone other than Westmead

hospital and NRMA Motoring and

Services and this year, the

national accident authority in NSW

is contributing, so I think it is something that people expect the

Roads Authority or the Government

to be doing something about. It is

a health prevention measure, that's

what we're trying to do. Change

behaviour, and much better to spend

money on that than more hospital

services. Sure. Why are so many crashes happening to these young

drivers. You mentioned that the

simulation, the instance in simulation, the instance in the

simulation is caused by a moment simulation is caused by a moment

of inattention. What is that moment

of inattention? Is it a common one? of inattention? Is it a common one?

Well, it is. We set the scenario

where the arena is in pitch black

but there's an audio tape playing

and the scene is some young and the scene is some young people

coming home from a party. They're

trying to get someone home in time

because they've had a curfew and

their parents have set a time limit.

The person in the rear seat The person in the rear seat had

their seat belt on but they their seat belt on but they get a

text message with a photo and undo

it and show the photo to the

driver and the front seat passenger

who take their eye off the road for

just a moment. But in that moment,

they don't see a motorcyclist. The

car runs into the motorcyclist. The

person in the reerz seat is thrown through the wind screen into the

road and actually are killed in the

scenario, and it just took that scenario, and it just took that

moment's inattention, and in the

sown scenario that we set up, there

is a mention that someone had just

one drink. Well, learners and

P-platers are not allowed any

alcohol. So the scene is, a

moment's inattention, just one

little bit of alcohol, a little bit

over the speed limit, it is just

small things that actually cause

these crashes. I think that's the these crashes. I think that's the

most shocking part of it all. Why

are young people still dying in

regional areas in such huge

numbers? That's just one of the

ongoing tragedies, we see that

where we're not making a

difference at the moment. Often it

is young men. One of the main

factors is that young drivers,

more than drivers over 25, it is

their lack of experience that their lack of experience that seems

to be ar direct relationship to the

number of crashes that they're

involved in. And on country roads,

you have a higher speed limit a

posted speed limit so they're often

80km/h roads or 100km/h roads in

some areas, so any time you run off

the road, you hit a tree, you hit

another vehicle at higher speeds,

the outcome is often far more

serious injuries and often it is a

fate fatal. What are the kids

saying as they leave the

simulation? What is the feed back

that you've got? Well, one of that you've got? Well, one of the

that the simulation draws in is

that it is only a moment, and a lot

of young people think it takes a

lot more inattention to get you

into trouble, so they don't realise

what a short period of time can

make a difference. Or a lot more

speed. With speed, the same thing.

In the afternoon on the day's

program, we actually have a car

driven into the arena on the floor

at 30km/h and then at 50km/h and

we're demonstrating both the

ability of ABS brakes to make a

difference to non-ABS. It is about

stopping distance for every 5km/h or

10km/h over per speed, you need

more distance and we put a bucket

of water on the floor so they see a

little bit of water on the surface.

Unlike TVads that have special

effects, they're actually watching

real time, a driver in a car

that's been explained, they're

seeing what braking distance is.

So, that seems to be making a

difference to them too. So, not

using special effects. They're very sophisticated and see a lot of

things on TV. This is real and in

real time, that has an impact. Look,

I just think it is an extraordinary program. I think every parent

watching this show would love their

child or teenager to see it. Thank

you. Thank you very much.

Fantastic. Look, a couple of basic

culinary rules of thumb, really

great tasting food is never any

good for you. Food that's good for

you always tastes bland, and

fabulous tasting food is always

cheap. Arrianne when you spend $2,000 you'll receive a $200 Freedom voucher So hurry into Freedom today. prove otherwise next. Skwhreer

This program is captioned live.

Feeding a family is no mean feat,

and too often, a tight budget and

lack of imagination and a busy

schedule can hurt our healthy

eating efforts. This morning, Craig Harper and Kerry Bolte join us in

the kitchen to whip up nutrition

and delicious family fare in a

flash with the help of Arianne

Spratt. What about me, it's usually

about him. You are the person in

charge of nutrition. Hello. But

first of all, we need to say

congratulations to you. Thank you.

You're doing so well. We need You're doing so well. We need to

point out that the Bolte family is

part of the weight loss family.

They are, they're the selected

family and they are doing

beautifully. Six of them and four

of them needed to lose a few pounds,

and seven weeks into the process,

we're up to 50 kilos weight loss.

That's fantastic. And dad could

riding trackwork for Bart Cummings

because he looks like a jockey.'S

lost nearly 20k. And lovely Janelle

who is 15 has lost nearly who is 15 has lost nearly 15kg.

She's doing amazingly. And of

course, mum here has had to go out

and purchase a few new items. The

pantry Nazi has been in. Two didn't

need to lose weight and four did.

And the four that needed to have

collectively lost about 50kg. We

need to point out, not to make too

fine a point on this, but you've

actually had to go and buy new

nickers. Yes, myself and Janelle.

Because they're falling down on the

tread mill. Do we need to know

that? Do I talk about my undies!

Can I cook something? Now, you've

been talking with the family too

about providing healthier options

for the family, low fat in some

cases. That's right, and also tying

in with the budget week, it's

expensive to feed a family of six

and we don't eat enough vegetables,

and the other thing that I'm

cooking. Vegetables are boring.

They're not. They need like butter

and salt. He doesn't like

vegetables. What I'm doing today, I

want to talk about two things.

Vegetables can be exciting and

also pasta doesn't have to be banned

does it? Not at all. Pasta is

actually quite good, the issue is

not so much the pasta but what we

put on it. The creamy sauce on top.

The oil and the cream. If you take

a bowl of pasta with say 200

calories worth of pasta and put

sauce on it, give or take, you

pretty much double the calories

depending on it. If you put on a cream sauce,

cream sauce, instantly you have 400,

not 200. A bit of cream is OK. This

has no cream. It has some cheese

but it still tastes really good. It

has ricotta cheese, lo fat. And I'm

going to start off the tomato going to start off the tomato sauce

for the canneloni. I'm going to get

you two to keep an eye on that for

me. When it gets a bit softer, if I can get

can get you to add that tomato

sauce to it and we'll think about

the water in a second, and I wanted

to talk as well about pasta and we

can buy pasta which of course we've

done and we can make it and I love

making pasta. Is this whole male

pasta? No, but I made it last night

and it discolours a bit. I love and it discolours a bit. I love my

pasta maker. But if you don't have

one, you can still do it without it.

And I've just made these sheets and

you can get perfect control over

the thickness and the size if you

make it yourself. And it is easy.

Is it cost effective? It works out

a similar time as bought, if you

put the time in, it wouldn't. It

tastes so much better. What sort of

meals were you cooking for the

family. Prior to Craig coming into

the life. What would be a typical

evening meal? We would have had

pasta, but we would have used a

lot more oil than what we were

using and probably the extra heavy

cheese. Yes, so like the full fat?

Yeah. The really rich full fat one.

Oh yeah, how much of

Oh yeah, how much of this do we

want? All of it. But since we've

been eating healthy, we haven't

been uegs the foods in our panry.

We've just been using stuff out of

the fridge the whole time. That

would be because I attacked the

pantry and threw out the rubbish,

that's because the 17 types of

peanut butter are gone. It is better

to eat fresh vegetables obviously,

and this is what I've just roasted

and this is what I've just roasted

up, and there is no oil in there

except a tiny bit of spray. Just

chopped up all of the vepbltabls

that I like and roasted them that I like and roasted them with

garlic clofbss and I'm going to add

them. You can use left over roast

vegetables from the night before.

You basically want to put the

veggies in there. Can I get you to

add in the parsley and the basil that's in there.

that's in there. Absolutely. In

terms of the family, we know as

adults how you can make vegetables

tasty and we know that they're full

of fibre and nutrition, but how do

you convince a family of teenagers

to jump on the band wagon. They are

very motivated, I much say. They

don't have much choice, because

that's all I dish up. She just

threatens them. Otherwise they're

going to be hungry. Craig, what did you bin

you bin from the pantry? We had 17

different kinds of peanut butter as

I said, and as I also said in the

segment, if there was a worldwide

glut on cheese, we could go there because they had the market cornered. There were about seven

types of cheese. And 85 different

snack foods. And a lot of just

crappy, museli bars, which a few

are OK, but the majority in my opinion, not

opinion, not so great, high in fat

and sugar. So we got rid of all of

the rubbish and we're reaping the

benefits. Was it the snacks do you

think or the evening meal that think or the evening meal that was

most of a problem for the family? I

think it was a bit of both and I

also think it was the volume. I

know that dad, Daryl, used to sit

down with chocolate and lollies and

chips virtually every night. It's

not so much that we need that

not so much that we need that food

and we use it for comfort and

we'reuals today it. So we do what

we've always done because it is a

habit that we've created. Think

about how much we eat post dinner.

We eat dinner, we can not We eat dinner, we can not possibly

been hungry and then we go, I think

I need a little something. Yeah, my

husband calls it a little naughty

treat. A snack with flavour! So, that's something we've worked on

and they've changed habits and exercising productivity and

effectively. They're all looking

different and feeling different and

getting some good results. Are you

fining that the family is more

inspired to eat healthily when

noticing such dramatic changes in

their body and how they're feeling?

Yes, they do actually, and I think

it has happen helped that we did it

as a family, so when someone is

starting to feel a bit down,

everyone else has been picking them

up. Can we talk about this for a

second, you can see that all I'm

doing, I'm just rolling it up, just

like a pancake I guess, and with

the sauce, put some in the bottom

because the pasta, because it is

not cooked will suck up quite a bit

of liquid, so all you do... This is

easy because I've lookled at them

and said, what a great thing

piping them in. That's all you do.

I like this. Then we'll ladle a bit

more over the top of that. So, it

needs to be very liquid. If you

think it is too sloppy, it is probably just right because it

sucks it up. And a bit of romano

cheese over the top and you only

need about 50grams of it and that's

what you end up with, that what you end up with, that

beautiful and rich looking one. I

could quite possibility be could quite possibility be having

my first breakfast of cannollini in

my life. It doesn't look like it my life. It doesn't look like it is

good for you and I mean that in the

best way. That is probably a serve,

two of those sheets is about, I

think we worked out about 40grams

of pasta which is really good. And

not too much fat and that is going

to fill you and it is also

something - one of the issues that

the kids had were they were like,

Craig, weapon want something with

flavour, now they have something

that's healthy. Lots of basil and

taste, and a big salad on the side.

Well done, keep up the good work,

we can't wait to see the rest of

the family. You're looking amazing,

can you see where it is falling off

you. If you would like details of

today's meal, you can download

awful the details from the website.

Thank you very much. Back in a

moment. In this technological age we live in, you'd think someone would have applied a bit of science to dusting. Well, they have - and it's about time too. Lee joins us with the original revolutionary GoDuster. Hi, Lee. Hi, Marianne. Dusting would have to be my least-favourite household job. Agreed! Especially with that old duster. It just moves the dust around, throwing it in the air, and I'm left sneezing. It's about to change - have a look at this. It's portable, motorised and completely cordless. GoDuster does the job faster and better. Gets into all those hard-to-reach places where dust loves to pile up. Faster and better sounds good to me. Tell us a bit about the science behind the Go Buster. The motorised head spins at 250 revs per minute, creating a static charge, on these tens of thousands of dusting fingers.

Now the static charge combined with the spinning head attracts the dust to the head picking it up like a magnet. All you have to do is push the start button and wave it like a wand. It's that easy. You will find you can clean so much more in a fraction of the time leaving you free to do more of the things you really want to do. Some people get so carried away with their GoDuster, we've had to put a warning on the handle - "May actually cause you to enjoy dusting."

Most of us have got a collection of old dusting cloths and feather dusters, looks like they could be a thing of the past. Definitely, no more flying feathers no more sneezing. It's a much healthier option if you do have asthma or allergy sufferers in your family. Now Marianne, I want to show you something I love about the GoDuster. It conforms to any shape or size, Which means you can easily clean without having to shuffle things around, Now that alone saves you so much time. You don't have to pick each item up, dust it off and put it back down.

You'll zip around the knick knacks in superfast time.

Look at what else it can do. For blinds it's the best. You can get each and every speck of dust the first time, every time. Use it for grids and grills, and it's fantastic around the fireplace. The GoDuster is great for all your electronics - Use it for plasmas and LCD screens, DVD players and game consoles It's the fastest way to clean shelves and books without having to move them. And even though it's powerful, it's gentle enough to use on stemware, or even delicate flowers. The GoDuster slides easily into every nook and cranny, getting into places where your hand can't. And it's safe enough to use even on the most expensive antique wood furniture. Get lampshades done and dusted in no time

and watch as it conforms to intricate picture frames without any effort. All the dust the first time every time. Ever tried to dust fake flowers or dusty tree branches? Let the tens of thousands of dusting fingers of the GoDuster get into the areas where no rag could ever get to. Kids get a kick out of how easy it is to use. GoDuster is sounding better by the minute. And I believe there's a variety of attachments to help with all sorts of different jobs? That's right, Marianne. GoDuster comes with interchangeable heads. You get the extra long head, perfect for reaching and dusting delicate light fittings or getting to those cobwebs up very high. The medium head - now that's great for everyday dusting. And when you call and you order today we'll include the mini duster head free, brilliant for cleaning inside your car, the computer keyboard and small delicate items. When you are done,

just rinse your GoDuster heads under running water and they'll dry good as new. It's high time there was a better way to dust. Here is how to order: With the extra long head, and the medium head and the mini-head. A huge value - all for just three easy payments of $19.95 plus delivery. But we're not through yet. Call now and use your credit card and you'll get the GoDuster extension handle of $15 value - free!

Now you can reach those places you couldn't get to before. Plus we'll include this handy wall caddy to hold your GoDuster and all three dusting heads - another $15 value - free. All this for just three easy payments of $19.95. And if you're not completely satisfied simply return it within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price less delivery. Call Global Shop Direct now on: Or go online to Thanks, Lee, from Global Shop Direct.

Can I ask you to shake for Can I ask you to shake for a

minute? Why? You were rattling

before. It was my earrings, they put

sticky tape on because they were

too noisy. You sowned like a rain

stick. Oupbl I'm one of the gonks

with a the the head on a spring in with a the the head on a spring in

a car. A trueer word has never been

said! What do you mean! Do you want

to take this outside! Yeah, let's

go. All right, we had a great chat

this morning about this amazing

program in NSW being run by NRMA

with support from hospitals and

emergency services. What it does is

put students into a huge aud

toreium in a scenario with a car crash. We've had a great response

to it. Audrey says, "What an

amazing idea. Why isn't this a

Government sponsored demonstration.

On the sunshine coast, we have driver work shops held by driver work shops held by the

police and ambosetc. The teenager

are o so used to seeing carnage,

it is second nature". I was it is second nature". I was

thinking yesterday, there's the

generation of driver who's been

brought up during the amazing TAC brought up during the amazing TAC

ads, so they'reuals today that approach so a new approach approach so a new approach needed

to be taken and this seems like a

great way to do it. And putting them

in there in the live scenario. Can

you imagine talking to a surgeon

about what he has to do to try to

save the life of somebody that's

been in a car crash. Having to pin bones together and pull bones together and pull fragments

out. Or as Anne said, or having to

come out of the operating theatre and tell the parents that

and tell the parents that they

weren't able to be successful. weren't able to be successful. Yeah,

it is really sobering. We'll

anticipate bring you the latest

news headlines shortly, but after the break, Mark Howard proves

This program is captioned live.

Good Charlotte, I quite like them.

So doi. They've got decent taste in

girlfriends too. Now, let's move on. Just such a... don't get

Just such a... don't get me

started! What do you do with the

pesingy high school students who

heckle the teacher in class? Well,

you train them to be comedians.

Mark Howard, just the kind of pupil

that any teacher would hate has met

some smart alecs on the way to

becoming comedians.

When I was at school, I used to

get in trouble for heckling the

teacher, but cracking gags is

finally getting the recognition it

deserves and the best are here at

Town Hall to compete in the Town Hall to compete in the class Grand Final. Backstage, the kids don't seem to

be suffering any nerves. Well,

almost all the kids! What type of stuff are we talking about today?

My act. Basically, I'm a paranoid

gesbot who thinks his student

representative council is out to

get him.

# Going to grab some afternoon


How did you get to the position

here today. Qantas! Everyone's a

comedian here. Every single one of

them is a comedian. What type of

things do you learn in the comedy?

Confidence comes from it really.

Like, it is so scary but if the

audience likes you and they laugh

and stuff, it's just the best

feeling. We have a lot of comedy

talent amongst the youngsters of

the country. We do, actually. And

it's really impressive how capable and sophisticated the kids and sophisticated the kids R what

the gig will demonstrate is the

diversity and the inventiveness

and the freshness of the material

that the kids are coming up with.

There's no clapper metre today, the

performers have to impress a performers have to impress a panel

of tough judges. I went to KFC, a

bloke standing there, I have a bit

of acne as you can see. And a bloke

is standing there and I said, "I'll

just get the popcorn chicken and

chips" and he said, "Jesus, a blind

man could eat read your face. Words

that count dirty, ... I tell you

what, it is not easy being a girl

in high school because it is

impossible to please everyone. I

mean f you wear make-up. You're

plastic. If you don't wear make-up,

you're ugly. If you go out to pears

on Saturday night. You're a skank.

If you happen to spend your weekend

alone with your level four war lock

army and a transformation life of 15, you're a nerd! Fire

in the hole. Grenade. What's it like going out there with all of

those people watching you?

Backstage was a bit scary, but once

you get out there and you're

rolling through it, everything goes

through nicey and you're having a

great time so you're not scared great time so you're not scared at

all. The other day, imcame hope

with 98% on my test. Best score,

high score. Where are the other 2%?

Mum, what? I did not go through 48

hours of labour for you to get 98%.

If I can make you, I gonna break

you! Good, the audience was great.

Once you get um there. There is no

need for the SRC. It is secretly a

popularity contest. How do I know?

I ran it - came last! You You know all you city girls out there, country girls have bling too! Please welcome the class clowns of 2008. Do you wake up feeling exhausted? If so, there's a good chance it's because of the pillow you're sleeping on. And today we have Janelle from Daily Deals here to enlighten us on the Microlux Deluxe Pillow. Morning, Marianne. How important is it to find the right pillow, do you think? It's actually critical. Research shows that a lack of quality sleep can often be attributed to an unsuitable pillow. Now pillows that are too soft can cause headaches and snoring, and pillows that are too firm can cause tossing and turning. Our amazing offer today will not only help save viewers from waking up tired, it's going to also help them save a lot of money too. Well, that sounds good, A better night's sleep and a chance to save money at the same time? Sounds great, doesn't it? Let me introduce the Microlux Deluxe Pillow. It combines soft, breathable comfort with firm inner support. It's a specially designed pillow with superb microfibre filling. Microlux microfibre is a unique, hypoallergenic filling

designed and meticulously engineered to replace

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to provide a healthier, more hygienic, and odourless sleeping experience. How does its design help the neck at night? Good question. It's the Microlux fibre inside - have a feel of that, Marianne. Isn't that amazing? Unlike down, microfibre retains loft providing you with plenty of support while you sleep.

It features a double-piped box-walled edge and a 300-thread-count quality cover. It will always provide the support you need, and it comes with a 5-year guarantee. Sounds great. What's this HealthGuard treatment all about? Let me show you the importance of HealthGuard. If you have a look at this pillow here, the one with the feathers - doesn't that look yucky? Compare that with the hypoallergenic microfibre that I showed you earlier,

now the feathers look stained and soiled, they're quite filthy-looking, aren't they? The critical part is they're loaded with micro-organisms. That sounds really nasty. Tell us a little more about that. Normal pillows absorb germs from our skin and the air. And they can become a breeding ground for things like mould, bacteria, fungus and dust mites. The older your pillow, the more likely that it's contaminated. He's an interesting fact - 10% of the weight of a pillow that's just two years old

can be composed of dead mites and their droppings. It's a nasty little zoo in there sometimes, Marianne. That sounds disgusting! How does the HealthGuard help, then? The HealthGuard used in the Microlux Pillows is an environmentally friendly treatment that helps to eliminate funghi and bacteria, dust mites and algae. Now that's great news also for allergy and asthma sufferers. The other added advantage that I love about the Microlux Pillows is that, unlike a lot of other pillows,

they're fully machine-washable, and you can even tumble-dry them. Don't you love that, being a mum? That is great. That will save you time. We've covered all the bases except price. How much are we talking here? You'd think pillows of this exceptional quality would be as much as $100 a piece, even more. As a special introductory offer, you can take home your very own piece of Microlux HealthGuarded luxury for just $49.95

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If you do, doesn't it? It's an amazing offer, but it doesn't even stop there. As a special further offer to the viewers this morning:

You're going to need to jump on the phone right now. Write down the number: Or look for us on the web:

It is a fantastic offer. That's new pillows for the whole family. It covers everybody. Get one for Nanna too. Thank you, Janelle, from Daily Deals. After the break, the latest

After the break, the latest from

the Ten News centre. And still to

come - kinesiology, how our muscles

tell the truth about our physical

and emotional <