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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. The State Government under fire on self promotion. for its massive spending There are a million other uses used before they go into these ads. where taxpayer dollars should be over their demand for more pay. Our police threaten to strike of China's earthquake zone In the centre came tumbling down. when the city of Beichuan And the Canetoads touch down final preparations for Origin I. as both sides make Good evening. Also tonight, Fergie fires back - for claiming her daughter is fat. attacking the British tabloids I am extremely upset. have to be anorexic Why should she the British newspapers? to fit in with is constantly telling us State Government advertising Morris Iemma's team is doing. what a good job an awful lot to hear it. Trouble is, we're paying on advertising They spent nearly $100 million in the past year alone. desperately needed elsewhere. Your money - which is that's far from impressive With a record education and public transport, when it comes to health, is keen to lift its public image. it's no wonder the Government We use the half-flush when we can. on advertising? But spending $95 million There are a million other uses

should be used where taxpayer dollars into these sorts of ads. before they go spent more on ads last year The Iemma Government and McDonald's combined. than the Commonwealth Bank The NSW Government is undertaking to our railway system. one of the biggest-ever upgrades among the big spenders. The State Government ranked seventh by all governments The expenditures on advertising before an election. tends to peak in the year Isn't that a coincidence? Isn't that interesting? for Seniors Week has been cut. This, when funding It's absolutely pointless. at all the bizarre advertisements I mean, look all denominations coming out with. we watch governments of the money is well spent. The Government argues is just part of running the State. It says the advertising bill with over six million people. This is the biggest State, campaigns of public interest. It's important that we promote more better uses for the money. Welfare groups can think of many That's the whole question for volunteers. of reimbursement of petrol costs Simon Bouda, Nine News. A major battle over pay is looming and the State Government, between police with the union claiming move interstate to get a better deal. that half its members would is at police headquarters. Allison Langdon a long and messy fight? Ally, this looks like being

police conference was very strong. Mark, the language used at today's

to use its Budget surplus Officers urged the Government or they'll take action. to look after them,

and Minister had any doubt If the Police Commissioner of the rank and file - about the number one concern it was cleared up today. of officers The disgust and contempt of a 2.5% pay rise. for the Iemma Government's proposal the salary issue, I think it's far and away put squarely on the table today. I think that's the one that was a much bigger increase, The Police Association is demanding which is running above 4% at least in line with inflation industrial action and it will consider if it's unhappy with the offer. wouldn't be drawn on the threat, The minister, though, 57% of officers would consider despite a recent survey finding joining another State's force were better. if the pay and conditions a new award. We're twelve months away from temperature in those negotiations. I'm not going to raise the

alarming figures - The Union also revealed high levels of psychological stress 12% of its members are suffering

and some are at risk of self-harm. as his top priority. The Commissioner has listed that It's my aim

to the force that are sick as I can. to bring as many people back

There was also a very clear message

to the government, just days after

the of they approve the youth -

make use of cases the union now

wants it to go further and issue or

frontline officers with a weapon. If you believe the union, happy at the moment. the State's firefighters aren't

being called to medical emergencies It says its members are increasingly because of a shortage of ambulances. that we're dealing with a patient If it is the situation catches fire, and somebody's house out of the burning building? who is going to pull them the metropolitan fire commissioner But both the Ambulance Service and are down-playing the claims. on the scene to administer first aid They say fire crews are often first due to quicker response times, of ambulances. not because of any shortage for more maternity leave There is increasing momentum held hearings in Sydney on the issue. and the Productivity Commission has for six months with full pay The push is on but the question is

should foot the bill. whether employers or the government it's the battle of all mothers. To these women,

What do we want?

When do we want it? Six months.

Now! six months paid maternity leave Unionists angry that

government policy. isn't already established that's intolerable This is a situation in any industrialised country. in other countries. It doesn't happen It shouldn't happen in Australia. Australia and the United States The Productivity Commission was told are the only First World nations paid maternity leave. where governments don't provide

its women workers 14 paid weeks. Even Tanzania gives on lower incomes My main concern is women and workplaces in professions or industries leave on the birth of a child. where they're not getting any paid

That is unacceptable. is campaigning for Senator Stott Despoja for people on the minimum wage - 14 weeks federally-funded paid leave for higher paid workers. employers to pay top-ups Big business doesn't agree. It would be a taxpayer-funded system.

But we believe this is a community issue, real benefits wwould flow to the community from increased participation inthe workforce.

It's a complex and costly issue - one where the Federal Government won't be rushed into and decision. The Productivity Commission's report is not due until the end of the year. An announcement from the Federal Government - probably in next year's Budget. Peter Harvey, Nine News. Vatican officials have confirmed the Pope will visit the tomb of Sister Mary MacKillop during his World Youth Day visit to Sydney. Sister Mary was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1995 and is one miracle away from becoming Australia's first saint. I think we know in our hearts that she is a saint to be and we hope and pray, in God's good time, that the whole world will see that with us. But the Vatican says there are no plans just yet to elevate her to sainthood. A survivor of the Chinese earthquake has shown remarkable video of the terrible first hour after his town was mostly levelled in last week's disaster. His recording began as the quake hit then documented the shock and grief in a place suddenly transformed into rubble and dust. This was the moment when the earth shook and the city of Beichuan came crumbling down. 20 seconds after the first massive tremor and the ground is still rocking. Blanketed in dust, the people are terrified, crying and clinging to each other. And there is more to come - another violent tremor - everyone cowers, the camera microphone breaks and then behind them, buildings collapse

These people survived because they were outside.

In a nearby theatre, children performing a play are trapped when a wall collapses, A lucky few are rescued, others stagger out. Panic then sets in and the people of Beichuan run for their lives. "My baby" she says, "Where's my baby?" No-one really knows. It's now about half an hour since the main earthquake - survivors sit bloodied, dazed, their world upended.

Eight days later and very little has changed. There is still the odd miracle emerging from the rubble, with many roads still cut. Look at this truck, it's got a boulder in it. Rescuers are struggling to pick through every village, every broken building. Their work is perilous - it's been confirmed 200 have lost their lives,

most swept away by mud or rock slides. This disaster has not only destroyed families, but dented a generation. China's one-child policy meant

the Wongs treasured their only daughter, Leung Chan - she's now gone. The earthquake destroyed close to 7,000 schools. Thousands of children were lost and so many parents are now alone. Damian Ryan, Nine News. To Burma's cyclone disaster - these images highlight the regime's woeful response to the rescue effort. A truck carrying private aid, mostly chocolate bars and biscuits, was allowed to enter the disaster zone but it wasn't allowed to stop, forcing starving people to scramble for something to eat. Finally, the driver did pause. But the Burmese people need much more than a few snacks with 2.4 million now struggling to survive. There is an amazing new development in the bold bid to recreate the Tasmanian Tiger. It has been extinct for 70 years, and previous efforts have failed. Now, scientists are on the verge of bringing the Tassie Tiger back from the dead by implanting it's genetic material into a mouse.

On the outside, it's a mouse, but those blue bits inside, they're pure Tasmanian tiger. It's definitely a world-first. As far as we know, nobody's ever done that before. WOMAN: In a living organism. In a living organism. The last known tiger, or thylacine, died in 1936, hunted to extinction by man. After nine years research, Melbourne University scientists have extracted genes from preserved thylacine tissue inserted them into a mouse embryo and watched cartilage and tissue grow - the first time an extinct species has been brought back to life in any form. If scientists can resurrect at least part of the animal is it possible these children may one day see one that's alive? I think technology's improving all the time for us to be able to do these kind of things. Yeah, at the moment we don't have it, but it's foreseeable. And you'd have to have a suitable host species to put it in and I guess the most logical one is the Tasmanian devil. So even the possibility that this fella could be brought back to life at some stage raises the question - how far back could scientists go when it comes to resurrecting extinct animals? They say while 'Jurassic Park' is still a very long way from possibility, there is work being done on other prehistoric creatures - including one of our predecessors. There's certainly a lot of work that's being done on Neanderthals and mammoths and I would think that those groups? would be very interested to use this technique now. Brett McLeod, Nine News. It's nearly winter, but this time each year Sydney starts to run a temperature -

State of Origin fever. Game one kicks off in just over 24 hours time and Ken - the mind games are well underway? Yes, Mark. Blues coach Craig Bellamy is preparing

for the Maroons to make changes to their run-on team for tomorrow night's first Origin game in Sydney. While Bellamy hasn't ruled out tinkering with his own squad, he says the Queenslanders have numerous options. Listening to the players, there hasn't been a lot of relaxing in camp. Melbourne's Craig Bellamy has brought a new level of intensity to the Blues and everyone has responded well to that. It's no secret that Melbourne are consistently - week in, week out - they're the benchmark

and that's why Craig's here, to bring that across to NSW. There's been talk of Craig Fitzgibbon starting for Willie Mason tomorrow night and what about Queensland's plans? Bellamy is expecting some shuffling in their flashy back line, with Greg Inglis replacing Karmichael Hunt at five-eighth, among many options. When you start swapping your team around a bit during the game, perhaps it might be a little bit confusing for so many positional changes. The Queenslanders arrived giving nothing away. They're just happy they've got the Blues thinking. Wee got a game plan and we believe in that game plan. We believe that if we stick to that game plan, we're a great chance of being successful. Both teams are completing their preparations on ANZ Stadium tonight and a slippery surface will dictate how they play the game. The surface is a concern and it's been a concern for a while. I don't know what they can do about it, so we'll just have to play those conditions. No doubt it will be physical. Yeah, they'll play up the middle. The focal point will obviously be Cam Smith with his style of play there. Clinton Fletcher, Nine News. In the news ahead - Fergie's spirited defence of her daughter's figure. The blunder by animal rights activists. And Nicole and her baby bump steal the limelight from husband Keith. If I had my way, my daughter would listen to me. THOMAS! My son would listen to me. And ACTION would give us the bus service we really want. The improvements you've asked for? You've got 'em. The new ACTION. We're going your way. VOICEOVER: New Mazda6 comes with something few other cars can match. Stunning praise from 'Motor' magazine. MAN: "For all-round excellence, nothing can beat the Mazda6. "It's impossible not to like." Stunning praise from 'Wheels' magazine.

"The new Mazda6 is class-leadingly impressive, "inside and out." And stunning praise from GoAuto. "Most cars have a fatal flaw, but not this one." New Mazda6. Animal rights protestors have tried to disrupt a kangaroo cull on Defence Force land in Canberra. They broke into the site where the roos had been herded into an enclosure. 400 of them are to be put down. Nothing short of mass murder. But the protesters only managed to agitate another mob of kangaroos, which had been sedated and were about to be set free. An encouraging piece of urban renewal is taking place in an area of Sydney once deemed a ghetto. The suburb of Minto in the south-west is getting a makeover by mixing private and public housing together for the first time. What a difference a bulldozer makes. The infamous Minto housing estate has been reborn - 3-4 bedroom homes, parks and community barbecues.

We're spending $10 million on the landscaping.

We're going to have six new parks, we've got a new community facility worth about $1.5 million to $2 million. The old townhouses were known as the Radburn design, copied from the US - an experiment to clump Housing Commission families together. Residents hated them. Laneways turned into drug alleys. There were no backyards. Families were cut off from one another. They turned Minto in a ghetto. What makes this estate truly different from the old Minto is that two thirds of the homes will be sold to private buyers. The other third will be Housing Commission. We think communities are much stronger, more harmonious, if they are quite different. They can learn from each other, they can talk with each other -

share some different types of stories. The private homes will sell for around $300,000. The houses are all designed specifically to blend in

to the community so a Department of Housing home will look no different to any other home in the street.

All up, 1,100 homes will be built on the old Minto slums. The first time in Australia public and private housing have been mixed together. 2008 - a new experiment begins. Mark Burrows, Nine News. The British tabloids have never been a friend to Sarah Ferguson and now they are targeting her eldest daughter.

They have taken plenty of pot shots at 19-year-old Princess Beatrice over her weight, and Fergie is now resuming a battle which began over her own figure 20 years ago.

The woman once labelled the 'Duchess of Pork' is fighting the tabloids again, trying to save her daughter from the same treatment. Princess Beatrice last week came in for a thrashing about her weight, after she was photographed on the Caribbean island of St Barts. Her mother is having none of it. She's size 10. She's very happy with herself. I am extremely upset - why should she have to be anorexic to fit in with the British newspapers? Beatrice, fifth in line to the throne, hasn't commented, but for her mother, it's familiar territory. Her own weight battles were tabloid fodder for years

during and after her marriage to Prince Andrew. For the past decade she's been the face of Weight Watchers in the US. It's the hardest thing in the world, staying on a diet. She's now moving back to Britain, determined to highlight the nation's obesity problem

through a new reality TV show, while trying to keep tabloid editors at bay as well. This girl is a strong and exceptionally good person. Why do you always have to look at the negative. James Talia, Nine News, London. Nicole Kidman has provided an update on the progress of her baby bump. She was out last night with her husband at the Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. The couple's baby is due in two months. They say they know the gender but they are keeping it a secret. Ken with sport next - and Souths delivered a shocker last night in front of the Gladiator? Russell must be ready to feed them to the lions - we'll have that, plus Harry Kewell. Also - Shane Warne gets a knock back for a comeback. And how's this for a unique driving range? (JOYFUL MUSIC) Especially with two years comprehensive insurance included on demonstrator vehicles. For a limited time. See your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer today. To say Souths were dreadful last night is an understatement, beaten 38-10 by the Raiders. Looking like Mintie lollies in their away strip, the Rabbitohs's defence had all the resistance of a soft-centre chocolate, letting in seven tries. The Raiders were having the time of their lives - just about everything they tried came off. All associated with Souths were in pain, but it wasn't all bad, was it? We weren't as bad defensively as we have been a few times, to be honest. The Socceroos have received some high-profile support, ahead of Friday's international against African heavyweight Ghana. PM Kevin Rudd today gave a few words of advice to Harry Kewell. Even the PM is concerned about the fitness of our number one player. No injuries. He'll be pleased to hear Kewell's body is 100%. I think I can run with the best of them now. I'm looking forward to it. Obviously, my match fitness is down because I haven't played for God knows how long, now. Mr Rudd, meanwhile, will stand shoulder to shoulder with the FFA in its battle to host the 2018 World Cup. This will be a marathon of all marathons - it is going to be tough as hell. No Lote Tuqiri at Waratahs training today. A knee injury has kept him off the paddock so far this week. No issues up front, an in-form forward pack hoping to drive the Waratahs all the way to the Super 14 final.

With the higher stakes of the finals I guess you put that little bit extra in. It's more like a Test match. Cricket - and Shane Warne has proved he can still grab a headline after suggesting he may available for next year's Ashes series. The reality is that Shane is retired and he's not available for selection until he's not retired. Despite 1.5 years out of international cricket Warne is among the leading wicket takers in the IPL. Yeah, he's bowling four overs every four days, yeah. Chris Hodgkinson, Nine News. And taking golf to new heights - Justin Rose driving balls off the roof of The 02 Arena in London

to promote the British PGA and the Ryder Cup. We're assured the balls all landed in the Thames. In finance news - outgoing Macquarie Group boss Allan Moss took his final bow and took home around $100 million dollars. Macquarie delivered record results at $1.8 billion dollars but shares fell heavily as new boss Nicholas Moore said such a performance would be tough to repeat next year. After the break - Jaynie will have all our weather details. against Souths. De$ails next. If I had my way, I'd have more time to get ready in the morning. I could have a second cup of coffee.

And there'd be no rush for the early bus.

You've got it. The new ACTION.

We're going your way. Now, here's Jaynie with the weather.

Mark, we should start to see a few showers rolling in tomorrow,

nothing today, though - just more beautiful weather and a top of 22 for the city. The air was fairly dry with south-west winds gusting up to 46km/h at Holsworthy. The high has kept our State dry again today - just the odd shower over the southern inland. And a few showers crossing south-eastern States from a fairly weak front. Clear skies, light winds helping with fog and frost on the NSW ranges tomorrow morning. And, with south-south-east winds freshening on the coast, showers are going to start moving in. But sadly, still not a drop of rain for inland NSW. Around the country - and it's a cold day ahead for Melbourne and Hobart.

And in Perth - showers are set to build this week

potentially receiving up to 20mm by the weekend. Sydney - most of our showers will be confined to the coast. A few isolated heavy spots about, and a few could trickle further inland. Surfers - a pretty impressive swell compared to a few days ago and tomorrow the swell should be up to around 2.5 feet. There could be some fog for inland suburbs tomorrow morning where temperatures should reach 20 degrees. Southerly winds freshening later in the day. The forecast is for a few more showers - again, mainly along the coast. And temperatures dropping a degree or two, Mark, as we get closer to winter. And for the State of Origin match - there's a pretty good chance of a shower during the game and, Mark, around 14 degrees for the kick-off. That's the news for this Tuesday. I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia