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(generated from captions) that you care about me, I mean, you've even told me

worried about me, that that's why you were that you thought I was drinking and talked to Nick. and that's why you went Do you care about me? Do you care about me at all? Do you? Brooke, please... you want to do for years now. what you've told me because of you. I've given up everything you wanna do and marry Ridge. Just do what you've told me Do it. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight, Burma's misery - pleads for help the cyclone-ravaged nation the staggering death toll. to deal with

as he faces court on drug charges. Olympian Scott Miller all smiles feeling this morning? JOURNALIST: Scott, how are you Fantastic. paedophile is freed early from jail. And a family furious as a notorious on who's next. Now it's just wait and see and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson a Sydney Harbour boat crash survivor Also tonight, the father of Good evening.

speaks out in his son's defence. in 48 hours - And from fat to fantastic silences the critics. But the Burma cyclone disaster heads our news

and there are fears might have lost their lives as many as 250,000 people in the monster storm. the death toll stands at 22,000. As we go to air, The worst-affected area in the country's south is the Irrawaddy delta are missing. where more than 40,000 people A strong storm surge heavily populated area underwater. has left much of the like the death toll, The scale of this disaster, is growing by the hour.

in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis, 60,000 people are dead or missing

into the devastated Irrawaddy delta, as the relief effort reaches further but that figure is expected to climb

home to millions of people. Those who survived the cyclone's fury food, shelter and clean water. urgently need have lost their homes, It's estimated a million people with entire towns swept away and the storm surge that followed. by the cyclone the whole village is wiped out. MAN: Some areas, no houses, There's no place to stay at all, of course, the food is quite scarce. and no potable water and, Food prices have more than doubled of shops being looted. and there are reports to arrive at Rangoon's airport, Relief supplies are starting

and transport links smashed, but, with communications there's no indication will reach the most devastated areas, when water, food and medical help in the country's south. a lot of fractures, We know we'll have a lot of major limb problems. we've got the problem And, of course,

in the rice fields of people that have died the actual water sources themselves. actually leading to contamination of for international help, Burma has now asked have complained but the United Nations and the US have not yet been issued with visas. their disaster relief teams forget the military dictatorship, Forget politics, aid and assistance through let's just get and dying as we speak to people who are suffering on the ground. through a lack of support

in immediate aid Australia has pledged $3 million to go to Australian relief agencies, and UNICEF. the UN's World Food Programme We've structured our humanitarian assistance in this way

we can assist in remedial efforts on the ground. says The Department of Foreign Affairs

of Australian casualties. it has no reports John Hill, Ten News. to the cyclone devastation in Burma, As the world reacts experts here warn with a major natural disaster. Australia is ill-prepared to cope

on fighting terrorism. They say we've been too focused

later this news hour. We'll have that story There's been a dramatic turn investigation. in the Sydney Harbour boat crash skipper of the over-loaded runabout, Matthew Reynolds, named as the at the helm when the boat was hit, has told his father he was not killing six people. hospital vigil, A rare departure from his daily his son who can't yet defend himself. Charlie Reynolds emerged to defend for last week's boat crash He says Matthew is NOT to blame on Sydney Harbour. that claimed six young lives That's what Matt related to me - But he won't say who was. His son's said to be devastated - mother of two, Ashlie Ayres, he lost his girlfriend, and five other mates. will take a year to mend. His fractured vertebra will last a lifetime. His mental scars He just feels for them greatly. he knows they're suffering. He's suffering, Matthew, an experienced skipper, that was designed to carry just 8. piled 14 people into a runabout

with a large fishing trawler. Two hours later it collided

what you like So you can read into that didn't steal the boat. but he certainly Not so, according to its owner, Sydney Ship & Repair Engineering. John McPherson from He's adamant... contracting for the company. That's despite interview Matthew about the crash Detectives are yet to formally to determine who was behind the wheel at the time. they'll soon have their chance, Though to be released from hospital the 31-year-old is expected as early as tomorrow, for the remaining five funerals. in time Belinda Heggen, Ten News. has faced a Sydney court Olympic swimmer Scott Miller on drugs and weapons charges. Despite the serious allegations, he feels fantastic. the 33-year-old says and father on the right, Flanked by his lawyer on the left Scott Miller arrived at Manly Local Court to face weapon and drugs charges looking confident, even cocky. this morning? Scott, how are you feeling Fantastic. since he was arrested three weeks ago The 33-year-old has been free on bail on his Dee Why apartment. in a police raid He's charged with possessing a pill press, found in a nearby storage unit and capable of producing 27,000 tablets an hour. According to court papers, police found capsicum spray in his home and two medications he didn't have a prescription for - the anabolic steroid Stanzol and Stilnox, a common sleeping tablet. Miller's friend Mark Catchpole, the son of Wallaby great Ken, was arrested in the same operation, which also netted a loaded pistol, a variety of drugs and cash. But, unlike his friend, Miller hasn't spent a night in custody since his arrest. Today the registrar continued his bail, on the proviso he reports to police every Monday and Friday. The case was adjourned until next month, Miller thanking his loved ones as he left court surrounded by cameras.

REPORTER: Have you got anything you want to say to your friends and family at all? Yeah, I love them all. All except his lawyer, it seems. Miller was in such a hurry he almost left court without him. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. A serial paedophile, who repeatedly molested a 9-year-old girl while on parole, has again been let out of jail early. Now his victims are bravely speaking out to warn others. Released from Long Bay Jail, Andrew Manners was keen to hide his face. Do you have anything you'd like to say to your victims, Mr Manners? But there's no hiding his dirty past. The 32-year-old dance teacher's 8-year sentence for child sex offences was reduced to six because he pleaded guilty. Good behaviour in jail means he's out in five. His victim's family horrified. He should not be able to be released into abusing any other young child. Her childhood innocence was taken from her, was stolen -

she can never get that back. This home video shows Andrew Manners performing Scottish dancing at a children's dance school. It was during this time he sexually assaulted a 9-year-old female dance student six times. Making matters worse, he was on parole at the time after two previous stints in jail for abusing seven children in Queensland. I just wish the other young kids that possibly were abused had felt confident enough to come forward. Manners was released on parole this time for behaving well and completing a rehabilitation course. Can you be certain that you won't reoffend? Victims are adamant he will offend again. His words were, "I will be back with the children and I will be back with dancing." Manners's parole conditions prevent him from being in contact with any children, especially his victims. He will also be required to avoid any places where children frequent, and will wear an electronic tracking device at all times. But that's cold comfort for victims. move your children away - he is like a pied piper - kids flock to him for some reason. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Tough new jail terms have been introduced in a desperate bid to punish rock throwers. But the sickening attacks on drivers are continuing - two teenagers have been charged after hurling a 2kg stone at a passing car. This is the jagged 2kg rock that was hurled at a 60-year-old motorist yesterday morning. The man was travelling through the Horsley Drive underpass on Fairfield Street when the rock smashed into his car. It's believed two teenagers, aged 14 and 15,

threw the stone from this roadside creek. By chance, police on pushbikes were nearby. They saw two young people running away and they immediately gave chase and they arrested these young people. It's horrifying

that people would still want to throw such a large rock at a car and people still don't understand the consequences of their actions. Three rocks were found on the road. Only one hit its target. Luckily, the driver wasn't hurt. He was very fortunate that the rock actually hit the bonnet first and that must have taken some of the energy out of the rock. The 14-year-old will face court this month. The 15-year-old will receive counselling. Until now, the act of picking up a rock and throwing it was not an offence, but that is changing. The Government has today introduced legislation which will mean throwing any projectile

could land you in jail for five years.

The act of throwing a rock at a vehicle is not only downright stupid but also dangerous, and the Government won't tolerate this kind of behaviour. The tough law and jail term will apply regardless of whether a projectile hits the intended target or not. James Boyce, Ten News. And if you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News, email them to: We're interested in both photos and video. Tim Webster with sport on the best weight loss program and Grant Hackett seems to be in the country. Yes, and he's definitely looking more fit than fat. The swimming champ arrived back in Australia today after those unflattering photos from Spain.

He stripped down to prove once and for all he's not battling a weight problem. Fat or simply unflattering? You be the judge. Grant Hackett stripping for the cameras, parading his much-criticised waistline for all to see. I can push it out or suck it in, or I can flex it but I'm just standing here normally. So I don't think I've got anything to prove to anybody when it comes to this issue. I just think it's all a bit ridiculous. And what a difference 48 hours can make. These were the images that sparked the belly backlash,

when Hackett emerged from the water after failing to qualify for the open water Olympic swim.

Stung by the criticism, he stepped off the plane and straight into a media storm. I just couldn't believe out of all this and the disappointment of the race and what had occurred and all that and then to have a personal attack like that, it just didn't feel just. The two-time Olympic champion has put the weight debate down to carbohydrate loading and a bloated belly. Hackett also revealed he's dropped 6kg since the World Championships last year and that his skin fold results are the lowest they've been in five years. and it's a load of rubbish. I'm training for the Olympics. I'm not gonna stop training and start eating. It's all a bit too silly and a bit cuckoo. Still he expects plenty of ribbing from team-mates And he did manage to find one upside from the saga. Yeah, I just tried to do that so I could have a go for 'The Biggest Loser'. Kelli Underwood, Ten News. Also ahead, why one rugby league great predicts Friday's Centenary Test could add to the game's history The Indian Premier League player

who took one of the catches of the tournament while wearing his footy boots - this one looks great from any angle. Also, we'll have the innings from Adam Gilchrist that had the umpires replacing a lost ball. Kevin Rudd's plan from the public service - to slash more than $1 billion details next. Plus, thousands flee a ferocious volcanic eruption. And securing their financial futures - Sydney youngsters learn to be wise with money. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. The Australian Football Hall of Fame - where we honour men like 'Polly' Farmer, the first bloke to kick the ball with his hands. And Alex Jesaulenko, who gave kids across the country And all the other hall-of-famers that made Australian football what it is today. with a tribute match featuring the best of the best. That's why right now at Freedom, Hurry. Limited time only. This program is captioned live. The ex-husband of a former Liberal Party candidate has been convicted and fined over the dodgy election flyer scam. 44-year-old Greg Chijoff pleaded guilty to handing out unauthorised pamphlets during the federal election campaign last year. The flyers claimed to be from the Islamic Australia Federation,

supporting the Labor Party campaign. The IT worker was convicted and fined $750. The court heard it also cost him his marriage of 21 years. Shocking claims have emerged this afternoon of psychiatric patients being handcuffed to beds at Nepean Hospital. Ten's State political reporter Kevin Wilde was in Parliament when the concerns were raised. Kevin, what did the Government have to say about this?

They don't want to deal with the specifics of the issue but the

details themselves are quite

disturbing. They are being

investigated by at work cover and

one would hope by the Health

Department. 36 hours one patient

was allegedly handcuffed and

sedated in a hospital and another

for possibly 48 hours. Paul Lynch

did not want to deal with the

specifics when it was put to him.

In relation to the comments I made last week, it is worth getting on the record that the spike at Prince of Wales

was in relation to people that were affected by alcohol and by drug abuse issues.

For the Opposition to consistently say they are mental health issues is to take the clock backwards. You are trying to denigrate people suffering from mental health issues and you have not been prepared to be honest in the way you've discussed that publicly.

The Premier's power pushed seems to

be gaining momentum - a week any

closer to seeing it a reality?

Today party bosses turned up to

talk to the premier and they talk to the premier and they have

been told that a deal will be going

forward and it is a matter of

saving face for those opposed to

the privatisation deal. Hopefully

it will be through in a week and everyone will accept what the

government has come up with. They

would be happy but it will go

through and as we have through and as we have reported,

the legislation will be reported to

Parliament in June.

Thanks. Kevin Wilde at State Parliament. We're being warned of longer queues at airports and Centrelink as Canberra slashes more than $1 billion

from the public service. The Government says it's to cut out the cancer of inflation. Kevin Rudd went west to announce the biggest leak of his Government's Budget so far. Labor had already foreshadowed a 2% cut to federal agencies. The Prime Minister has now put a price tag on it. This efficiency dividend of itself will yield a further $1.3 billion over the next four years. It will mean longer queues at airports, screamed the giant public sector union at other agencies. and poorer service delivery Centrelink is already struggling to meet the needs of the one in three Australians who deal with it. You don't address inflation by cutting public sector jobs. That's not going to take one cent off the price of a litre of petrol. decisions on the way through and they won't all be popular. He says they are aimed at cutting the cancer of rising prices. The Opposition went back to the future today to attack the Government's Budget strategy, seizing on Treasury advice to the Howard government early last year to run its old argument that scrapping WorkChoices would lead to higher prices and interest rates. The problem is the advice was before Labor released its detailed policy and it assumed no change to WorkChoices. John Howard himself ignored it a month later with his own roll-back. That didn't stop Dr Nelson or his deputy. about fighting inflation If Labour was serious they would stop this roll-back of the workplace relations reforms. then WorkChoices would be back five minutes later. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Children as young as five are being taught how to avoid money troubles. Schools across the country are now teaching the Making Cents course to help students develop good financial skills. It's as obvious as ABC - learning all about the one thing that has such a dramatic impact on our lives. Everyone? CHILDREN: Dollars. These children are among nearly 100,000 in classrooms across Australia learning the financial basics. Can you give me some examples? What kind of things would you be doing with your money in a bank? Developed by financial services company Citi and the YWCA,

Making Cents covers all aspects of money management. Then on the next line we need to continue our balance. So what's my new balance now that I've made that deposit?

In the past, financial education was left until high school, but this program is taught from kindergarten to Year 6. We believe good money habits start young, and Making Cents is about developing good money habits. Board games teach children about savings, spending and budgeting. Spent $5 at the canteen. Pupils are taught to shop online. Making the most of a set amount of money, they even learn to compare prices at local stores. Reinforcing the need for such programs, you only have to look to the current generation. Citigroup's latest survey shows 29% of all adults worry about their financial future, 21% don't use any form of household budget and 13% rate their understanding of finance as poor or very poor. Teachers say they were sceptical at first but are now amazed at how quickly children pick up complex financial concepts. I've had children come back and say, "We went shopping "and I was trying to explain to Mum and Dad

"that we should look at all the different products "and try and work out which is the cheapest and better thing to buy," so it has been valuable in that way for parents as well. The first steps in preventing financial failures passing from one generation to the next. Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

Check of the weather - Catherine, blue

blue skies and sunshine - it

doesn't get better. A we can't get enough of the blue skies and

sunshine. Another beautiful day. It

reached 13 degrees overnight, two

degrees over average. It is quite

call in some parts of the state -

five degrees in Richmond. 23

degrees in the City helped by the

westerly winds and blue skies. westerly winds and blue skies. It

was gusty at mascot at 50

kilometres an hour. 28 degrees at

Grafton. It is currently 20 degrees

and a will have the forecast and

the rest of the way that at 5:55pm. Police tactics under fire following a violent arrest - details after the break. And how a corrupt dictator robbed Cliff Richard of a top music award. where we honour men like 'Polly' Farmer, the first bloke to kick the ball with his hands. And Alex Jesaulenko, who gave kids across the country an excuse to jump all over their mates' backs. And all the other hall-of-famers So on 10 May, with a tribute match featuring the best of the best.

Stunning praise from 'Motor' magazine. MAN: "For all-round excellence, nothing can beat the Mazda6. "It's impossible not to like." Stunning praise from 'Wheels' magazine. "inside and out." "Most cars have a fatal flaw, but not this one." New Mazda6. Stunning from the start. This program is captioned live. there's still no clear leader in the Democrat race for the White House. As predicted, Barack Obama picked up a win in North Carolina, which has a large black population.

Hillary Clinton won a crucial victory in Indiana, allowing her to stay in the Democratic race. Tonight we've come from behind, we've broken the tie, on to the White House. and thanks to you it's full speed Republican John McCain The final decision on who takes on so-called super-delegates. could now rest with the party's has been exposed in the US More police brutality caught on tape beating three men. after a dozen officers were out of a car. The suspects were dragged and repeatedly kicked. Two were held on the ground

and struck with a baton. The third man is seen being punched by a TV helicopter crew. The pictures were shot It's believed the men were suspected in the fatal shooting of a policeman of being involved two days earlier. Australia is being partly blamed every year in Hong Kong, over the 2,000 pollution deaths to help improve their air quality. and now locals want us is a breath-taking site - Hong Kong's skyline but disappear behind thick smog. high-rises dominate the city vista than Bangkok. We have worse air quality now nice blue with white clouds. It used to be beautiful - We never see that now. the world's business elite. Asia's financial capital attracts because of the pollution. Now many are leaving Australian engineer Ian Whitton the city's contaminated air decline. has watched "I love Hong Kong, I say to everybody, I keep complaining about "but the only thing "is the air quality." Haze-related health problems more than 2,000 premature deaths contribute to and cost $1 billion annually. much of the pollution problem Hong Kong blames on industry across the border. the "world's factory". Southern China is also known as of manufacturing and power plants Tens of thousands operate in the region

drift down and blanket Hong Kong and China's emissions simply for much of the year. for the pollution. all countries are partly responsible sells resources like coal Australia, in particular, China's rapid industrial growth to support and imports its goods. But Hong Kong is also at fault - crammed onto its three main islands, almost 7 million people are by two coal-fired power stations their energy needs met

and 500,000 vehicles choke the roads. to cherish their clear skies Mr Whitton wants Australians with new technology. and help the region clean up Every time you go back to Australia "Wow, this is just great." you look at the sky and you think, You come back to Hong Kong is the smog. and the first thing that greets you You do wonder why you live here sometimes. The Commonwealth is already funding clean-coal research in Southern China. In Hong Kong, Emily Rice, Ten News. Thousands of people are being told to leave their homes as a volcano threatens a major eruption in Chile. The long-dormant volcano started to wake up five days ago, sending huge clouds of ash 30km into the air. The ash is being blown hundreds of kilometres across the border into Argentina. People in both countries are being advised to wear breathing masks.

Experts say lava is building in the crater. It's 9,000 years since the volcano last erupted. A former mental health patient has been convicted of stalking Hollywood star Uma Thurman. The actress told a US court Jack Jordan stalked and harassed her for two years. bombarding her with letters, phone calls and visits to her New York home. He also threatened to kill himself if he didn't meet the 'Kill Bill' star. 37-year-old Jordan faces up to one year in jail. Britney Spears has been awarded expanded visitation rights to her two sons. She showed up in person, and on time, to her latest custody hearing. Her ex-husband's lawyers say it's a sign she's getting her life back on track, three months after being admitted to a mental health facility. It represents a step going forward - a cautious step, but a step nonetheless. There's been no change to orders granting Kevin Federline custody of the couple's boys, but Spears can now see her children for longer periods. 40 years ago, Cliff Richard's song 'Congratulations' lost the Eurovision song contest by just one point. Now a documentary claims the vote was rigged by Spain's fascist dictator, General Franco. He's one of the most notorious figures in the history of modern tyranny, guilty or suspected of countless crimes against freedom and against his own people, but now the story of General Franco contains a new outrage - fixing the Eurovision Song Contest so that Cliff Richard would lose. at the Royal Albert Hall When Cliff took the stage 40 years ago,

he knew and everyone knew, this song was a winner. (Sings) # Congratulations and celebrations # When I tell everyone # That you're in love with me # No-one thought he could be beaten but he was, after a huge number of votes for a Spanish entry

that no-one now remembers. (Sings) # La la la la # La la la la la la # La la la # La la la # The song titled 'La La La' wasn't even that popular in Spain. The original singer was dropped because she performed in Catalan, But now it's emerged the Spanish dictator gave his backing to a large-scale campaign of bribery, to make sure certain juries went for his long-haired songstress She beat me by one point. There were a couple of countries that gave me zero points. Had they given me one each I'd have won by one. (Sings) # Congratulations and jubilation # Cliff had the last laugh, of course - and even today everyone knows the tune. No-one remembers anything about 'La la la', except, maybe, the words. (Sings) # La # Damon Green, Ten News. Still to come, the lessons we can learn from the Burma disaster. The experts issue an important warning. Also tonight, a bizarre search - on the run with 100 dogs. a couple convicted of cruelty And the release of Barnsey's autobiography becomes a family affair. This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - victims are furious at the early release of a notorious paedophile.

Andrew Manners repeatedly molested a 9-year-old while working as a dance teacher in Sydney while on parole for other offences in Queensland. He was released today after serving 5 years of a 6-year sentence. Olympian Scott Miller faces a Sydney court on a string of drug charges. He was arrested three weeks ago after police allegedly found steroids and capsicum spray in his northern beaches home, and a pill press in a nearby storage unit. Miller's bail has been continued. And authorities in cyclone-ravaged Burma

issue an appeal for international help.

A staggering 60,000 people are now dead or missing. However, the United Nations and the US have complained disaster relief teams have not yet been issued with visas. Experts here warn Australia is poorly prepared to cope with a major natural disaster. They say we've been too focused on fighting terrorism, overlooking other dangers. Australia has had its share of disasters. Cyclone Tracey destroyed Darwin in 1974.

The Granville train smash occurred three years later. But we've seen nothing like the catastrophic devastation of the Asian tsunami or the crisis currently engulfing Burma. We have been very fortunate we haven't had massive loss of life. The US was caught out when Hurricane Katrina hit. It had been singularly focused on terrorism after September 11. Mr Templeman warns the same could happen here. When you think of $10 billion being spent on terrorism, which has been very important, and only $500 million spent on dealing with the consequence management aspects, I think it deserves a bit more consideration. Australian Strategic Policy Institute has called for a major rethink. It wants a national disaster warning system. A new super agency combining counter terrorism and emergency planning. Better hospital emergency planning and the impact of climate change. Australia's infrastructure is also under huge pressure. The backlog bill to fix it estimated at $150 billion. The fear is much of it won't survive a major disaster. The Asprey report is timely and a reminder that we need to review all of our preparation efforts. more recognition for our volunteers The report also wants and for the community to take greater responsibility for itself. The general feeling is that people can ring 000 and there will always be a response. That may not be the case. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Two people notorious for cruelty to animals are on the run tonight with 100 dogs in tow.

Joseph and Margarete Higham have been convicted in South Australia for mistreating 170 dogs. But they have a shocking record, being found guilty of hundreds of offences in NSW and Queensland. in South Australia They absconded before being sentenced for neglect that left the animals in agony. It's Australia's worst case of hoarding times by three now. It's unbelievable the amount of charges these people have been up against. The fugitives are believed to be towing their huge haul of dogs in a trailer. To the BankWest finance report - oil prices have surged again and the Australian share market has closed in the red. The average price of unleaded fuel in Sydney tonight is $1.44 a litre, but we found it as low as $1.38 at Croydon Park. Could pigs hold the cure for diabetes? A patient living with a pig cell implant says the procedure has changed his life. It's the first time in the world that pig cells, transplanted in the way we do it with this coating, can work and cure diabetes. Health reporter Amber Muir has that story tomorrow night here on Ten News. He's had one of the most incredible careers in Australian music but it's gone hand in hand with a wild and dangerous personal life. Now at 52, Jimmy Barnes is baring all in a revealing new book. Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll - Jimmy Barnes's life has had it all and now that life is laid bare in a book. You know what? The best thing about the book is, I don't have to compile all that stuff. I've got a scrapbook now I can give my grandkids. At today's launch of the book, famous friends were falling over each other to say nice things about the bloke. I'm actually in love with him. Have you told him? Breaking news.

During the past 11 years we've become friends. Not like Sam Neill who follows him around like a puppy dog waiting for a pat on the head. I mean, I've got more class than that. I haven't got a good word to say about him. Of course there was music, with the whole family getting involved - brother Swanee, brother-in-law Diesel, daughters Mahalia, Elly-May and son David Campbell. (SINGS) # And the Wichita lineman is still on the line.

Jimmy is the first to admit that

there are chunks of his life that

he has trouble remembering. Luckily

a lot of his friends and family

have been diligent in keeping a record. And it is warts and all - a $3,000-a-day cocaine habit, infidelity, fights, all documented alongside some of the star's incredible highs. You've also been very honest, was that very important to you? You have to tell it like it is.

Every life has the Good the Bad And

the ugly. Unhappy to sit next to him. (SINGS) # Just makes it harder to believe Angela Bishop, Ten News. Sport now and Tim, claims Friday's league Test is set to ignite. Yes - a former Test star says trans-Tasman rivalry is such that tempers will fray. lesson on 100 years of the game And the Kangaroos get a history but the prediction of biffo means they'll be anything but bookworms. Also - stand by for Adam Gilchrist's batting fireworks

while a team-mate puts his hands up for the best catch of the IPL. you have to wait for. That's why right now at Freedom, This program is captioned live. Old-fashioned fireworks have been predicted for Friday's Centenary Test against New Zealand. But Kangaroo forward Willie Mason isn't worried about being a prime target. A day after calling the Kiwis rude, Cameron Smith was all smiles as he launched a book celebrating rugby league's anniversary. But an old warrior reckons there'll be no place for happy faces come Friday night. There'll be some punches thrown. It's a physical game, Australia versus New Zealand. I don't think I've ever seen a match without punches. They even punch in the netball. Yeah, there'll be fisticuffs. After some of the trans-Tasman brawls from Price's day

and in more recent times,

the Kangaroos say they're ready for anything. But they're not predicting a night of spite at the SCG. I don't think there'll be anything stupid. It will be a tough, physical game, all fair. That's the way we play, both teams. They're not dirty - they're not Pommies. Earlier, Mason rubbished talk he would use David Kidwell's hit from two years ago as extra motivation. I've played in plenty of Tests, but that was probably the highlight for David Kidwell

in his Test career. I know they pump up because I'm playing, and, you know, I pump up the same. It's not like I don't ever play good in Tests just because he put one good shot on me. Smith is looking for two wins out of two as Test captain, stacking him up nicely against the game's greats, like Dally Messenger. The stats don't make pretty reading for New Zealand. Of the last 11 one-off Tests against Australia, they've lost 10, including last year's 58-0 pummelling. Ominously, the Kangaroos have even greater incentive to perform - both State of Origin teams are named on Tuesday. If you play terrible in this Test and play ---- on the weekend, you probably won't get picked. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Former Kangaroo Reni Maitua is back for the Bulldogs this weekend after six weeks out with a rib injury. His time on the sidelines coincided with an unsuccessful attempt to leave the club. Definitely, I'll be staying at the club and honouring the contract I have until the end of 2009. Bulldogs players brought their kids to today's training session. They're asking fans to bring a can of food against the Panthers to Saturday's home game

in aid of the Salvation Army. A boost for the Waratahs against the Stormers, ahead of Sunday's crucial game with centre Tom Carter signing on for another two seasons. The 24-year-old has the intimidating task of marking hard-running Springbok Jean de Villiers on the weekend. And while one inquisitive local welcomed the Tahs to training today, Carter knows the 50,000-strong crowd at Newlands won't be quite as friendly. Waughy and Vics have been speaking to us about how hostile and how loud it is there, so we've working on that during the week. Hopefully we've got our strategies and hopefully we can, as I say, execute our game plan and come away with a good win. The Tahs sit just two points clear of the Stormers and need a win to maintain their hopes of a home semifinal. To AFL, and Victoria's captain Jonathan Brown has flown into Melbourne to talk up his chances of playing in Saturday night's Hall of Fame tribute match. The big Lions forward rates his chances highly after testing his quad at a work-out. His arrival coincides with the Dream Team's first run on the MCG.

The Swans' Tadhg Kennelly received lessons in the team sentiment of hating the Vics.

I loved the Big V in Ireland, actually. No, I didn't know nothing about the AFL let alone the Big V. Kennelly didn't train but will be given every opportunity to prove his fitness. And you can see the Hall of Fame game live here on Ten Australian leg spinner Stuart MacGill has taken a veiled swipe at the methods of he's finally pain-free The 37-year-old says after injuring his knee in Buchanan's boot camp in the lead-up to the 2006 Ashes series. The current coaching staff has a very clear idea of what constitutes preparation for a cricket series, and it corresponds with mine, which is very good. The Aussies leave for their West Indies tour on Saturday. An inspiring half-century from stand-in skipper Adam Gilchrist helped the Deccan Chargers lift themselves off the bottom of the IPL table. The retired Test wicket-keeper won his second man of the match performance for the tournament, but Deccan have just their second win. Under stand-in skipper Adam Gilchrist the Deccan Chargers looked shaky early, before finding a fielding groove that choked the Chennai bats on an ideal run-scoring pitch. COMMENTATOR: Oh, in the air.

Oh, yes, another catch, another good catch. This time Herschelle Gibbs. The athletic South African Gibbs fielding in footy boots, countryman Albie Morkel relying on brute power. That's gone all the way. Oh, that's gone out of the stadium! He's calling for a new ball already. That and a late burst from Gony pushed Chennai to 144. Gibbs and Gilchrist charged at the target from the outset. Well, and this one is going to go all the way out as well. Well, the bowlers around the world will be saying, "Thank God he's retired from Test match cricket "and one-day internationals." Fierce, fierce. Styrus in for Gibbs, and he almost took the umpire out. Gilchrist passed 50

and still touchy when asked about the squash ball in his glove after the game. Yeah, there's probably been enough written, enough said about it. It's just what I use now. When he fell, Sharma stepped in with ease, becoming the highest run scorer in the comp. The Chargers home with two overs to spare. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. And in Sports Tonight, the NRL Team of the Century meets with Kangaroos players Stay with us - the full weather wrap is next. At Mitre 10, we've got unbeatable prices, 'cause we'll beat any lower everyday price by 10%! BOING! So long as it's not a competitor's sale price or a trade purchase, we'll beat it! BOING!

All the weather details now.

Catherine, everyone will be

planning ahead for Mother's Day and

I suspect your input will help us

make decisions. A unfortunately the

blue skies and sunshine won't stick

around for the weekend for Mother's

Day. Try to take advantage for the

next couple of days. Before I

continue football rest of her

weather, let me tell you about the

Telstra Environment Award. It Telstra Environment Award. It goes

to Alex Roberts. At 12 years old,

Alex has been a committed

environmentalist for some time with

the help of an elderly neighbour.

The two became friends after her

going 000 when finding his

neighbour unconscious. He has implemented a recycling programme

at his school with the money going

to a Vietnamese orphanage. If you

to a passionate about the

environment, then enter the Telstra

at Environment Award and you can

win money. What can I say about the

weather except that it has been

glorious. Blue skies and sunshine

all week. Some of us have to work. glorious. Blue skies and sunshine all week. Some of us have to work.

Let's have a look at the Let's have a look at the current temperatures.

On the satellite Mapp, cloud over

Tasmania and Victoria is bringing

isolated showers. Calls us

westerlies in the South Wales.

Westerly winds and their front will

maintain a light showers in its

southern Victoria and Tasmania. The

rest of the country will be totally

dry. Try across New South Wales tomorrow and showers for Victoria

and Tasmania. If you are passionate

about the environment and you're

doing your bit to curb global

warming then entered the Telstra

Environment Awards. Let's have a

look at the forecast now.

Great news for the west of the week.

Blue skies and sunshine but not so

good for Mother's Day. Back to you.

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