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(generated from captions) First tonight, meat substitution shoppers are getting a raw deal and the butchers who claim put you on alert These allegations should certainly our most popular supermarkets. the next time you go to

to supermarket cuts, and when it comes is as it seems. he claims not everything That's not veal, it's baby beef.

That's not lamb, it's mutton. That is not veal - it's the wrong colour to be veal. it's too big to be veal and with the supermarkets You see, Charlie has a beef with consumers. and he wants to share it should be done about this. It's disgusting and something as manager of butcher shops, I've had 20 years as well as in abattoirs. I know all about cuts. if they were a cut above the rest. and left it up to Charlie to decide Would you eat that? Why not? No.

Well, it's not lamb, for a start. with all that much fat on it. It's mutton. A lamb isn't born we bought from Woolworths. Those were the lamb chops didn't fare much better. The Coles ones by the time you cook it, That's just all scrap - of meat in middle there. you're paying for a little bit between mutton and lamb? What's the difference Lamb is a lighter colour. whatsoever, It has hardly any fat on it for a couple of years. Mutton's been out in the yard to respond to the allegations. We asked Coles and Woolworths they sell mutton as lamb, Both emphatically deny the store in question while Woolworths claims in the last two months. hasn't had any mutton for sale For the record, on any scientific testing, Charlie's observations aren't based just decades of experience. as much as we are. they're in the dark are they? they're not like they used to be, the name - Woolworths. I bought lamb chops at - can I say as the hobs of hell - and I said, I could hardly eat them - tough are definitely mutton, I reckon." "These are not lamb chops, these How would you describe the quality in the supermarkets? of what's being sold Second grade, overall. what's not necessarily veal as veal. they're allowed to sell

can be 6-9 months old, They say a veal only baby poddy calves. but veal is really It's a baby beef. There's no way that's veal. between veal and baby beef? What's the difference Veal is a calf just born it's a very light grey colour, and it's a grey colour,

is a deep maroon colour. whereas that years of experience, Despite Charlie's the Woolies veal steak. he couldn't even identify silverside. I'm not sure what it is. I don't know if that's rump or unsuspecting customers going to? If you can't identify that, how are Exactly. According to Coles:

you do. but when you go to the butcher, and John Davis come in, And that's where Robert Troenchard joining forces the butcher and the farmer for constomers online to provide a better deal via How are you going, John? cut and deliver meat The enterprising pair in regional NSW. to around 70 customers piece of meat looks like, isn't it? So John, this is what a quality Exactly right. From the farm to the household, over 60 meat products. the website sells off the supermarket price. In some cases you'll pay up to 50%

to your family? Will you serve supermarket meat No, I refuse to eat it. via her boutiquemeats website. is cattle farmer Robbie Shaw they've ever tasted It's the best meat what real meat tasted like. and they've forgotten Each cut is labelled. it's not that particular cut. There's no doubt that to take a look at supermarket beef. Finally, we asked Charlie This one is from Coles. you're paying $37 a kilo, That's terrible - it is an the end bit of the fillet. It's not the quality part of fillet. Woolworths gets the tick of approval. In this case, a scotch fillet from

to the supermarkets? What's your message by the public Wise up, do the right thing and stop trying to rip 'em off. tell us And both Coles and Woolworths the national Ausmeat guidelines. they strictly follow story at our ninemsn website. There is more information on that probably dreading - It is the news he was today charged by police former AFL star Wayne Carey was incident at his apartment. four months after a domestic Carey will face six charges. with the latest is Nick Etchells. And joining me now live Why has it taken so long for police to lay these charges? Ordinarily, police are happy to lay charges and assemble a brief of evidence after that, but because of who Wayne Carey is and the high-profile nature of this case, every detail is going to be poured over. They wanted to make sure that they crossed every tee and dotted every i and assembled their brief of evidence and make sure that no loose ends - that all the Lucians were tied up. They want to get to this point pudding for the strong this case they possibly can. Police used capsicum spray. If kerry had not been charged as a result of this incident, would police have been forced to justify that internally? Capsicum spray is a fairly serious offence. can't use it as a warning against fairly serious offence. Police

people. It is supposed to be used in cases of eminent physical threat, so either way it was likely that charges were going to be laid either against Carey over at an alleged assault or four police for excessive use of force. It must be pointed out that at this stage when Carey has made no public allegation of excessive force by the police. Let's hear what Wayne Carey had to of excessive force by the police.

say about the St Andrew Denton. When the police arrived I answer the door and said that I called police and had security appear and everything is fine and you are not needed. Then the police officers started pushing their way in the door and I said you're not needed. If he decides to plead not guilty Wallace come down to "he said, they said"? We heard by the said leading up to the incident, but we've had seen a vision that the incoming Arts into the corridor after he was capsicum spray and but there is no other vision of what actually happened in the incident. So the three police officers who were there will put forward their vision of what happened. Wayne Carey has his girlfriend Kate Nielsen as a witness and any friends they might have been there, so if he doesn't plead guilty and a goes before a magistrate or jury, it all come down to whose version of events to they actually believe. And Wayne Carey will face Melbourne Magistrates Court on May 22.

But this one has a big difference. P-plater Priscilla Rikka has been fined for driving too slowly on a major roadway. Not surprisingly, who claim it's sending the wrong message. "Do these coppers want me to go fast

"or do they want us to be cautious?" Now a red P-plater only has four to start with and she lost two a while back, so what does it mean? I will lose my licence. that I'm going to lose my licence for driving cautiously.

That's the sad part. for hooning, speeding, recklessness or stupidity.

As I drove past, he did an illegal turn and came behind me and I was a bit intimated by that. I stayed under the limit anyway, as I do, And then he, he pulled me over and I pulled over, and he told me I was driving too slow. 2:30am, not another vehicle on the road except the police But he sort of said to me, "What are you doing? You're going too slow." And I can cause a traffic incident as I was driving in my right lane. but nervous, having the police on her tail, and she would have moved into the left lane sooner if they hadn't been there. And I'm a cautious driver, I really am, and I've copped this fine for driving cautiously. So, I'm very confused. I think their tactics were very reprehensible, to say the least. P-plate drivers often get unfair treatment, when a warning would have done. None of the people who ring me up have ever had a warning. They are usually just slammed with a fine, thank you very much. I think it's ridiculous. It really is outrageous. I mean, what sort of message is that giving young P-platers - to drive faster? Pricilla's dad Mario is fuming. I'm always telling my daughter to slow down and she does listen to me, so it's disappointing that she's gonna lose her licence over this. I believe that the officer who issued the ticket, didn't exercise his discretion appropriately and he's made a gross error of judgement. We consulted criminal defence lawyer Dennis Miralis. In my opinion, whilst the fine, strictly speaking, technically is correct - it is completely inconsistent with the spirit of the law. There were no other vehicles in front or to the left of the vehicle and there was no suggestion that this vehicle was holding up traffic in the right-hand lane. It just makes no sense whatsoever, in those circumstances, to issue a penalty notice. Priscilla took us back to the scene. By day, a major road choked with traffic, none of which seems to care which lane it's in as it thunders along. There are also no 'keep left unless overtaking' signs but then under the law, there have to be. In my opinion, this particular fine should be challenged in court. I believe a magistrate will apply commonsense in this particular case. I'm going to fight this because I've done nothing wrong. The officer stated to me that I was travelling too slow. What chances does a P-plater driver have if I cannot travel a few kilometres below the limit to be sure of not exceeding the limit? First step is writing a letter in the hope the infringement will be forgiven without penalty. If that fails, she'll have her day in court. "What lesson does this teach? Yours truly, Priscilla Ricca." and said the law requires all drivers travelling on a multi-lane road with a speed limit in excess of 80 km/h to travel in the left-hand lane unless overtaking. Forewarned is forearmed. And if you've received an unfair fine we want to know about it. Sen us an email or give us a call. with a capital 'A'. And with Oscar credibility and a rumoured romantic history they are also a film publicist's dream. They are talking with Nine's Entertainment Editor Richard Wilkins.

What do you want to know? You and he go back - there's a bit of history there? She said, "Yes, sucker." And then we did it. Dodge Connolly - needed a star. Set in the 1920s, 'Leatherheads' recounts the early days of pro football in the US. Ooh, good-looking war hero football boy.

Starring and directed by George, it's also the setting for a love triangle. Where were you two? you got any history of that in your own life? Yes - Stan, my publicist who you see back there - Stan and I have been fighting over a woman for years now and you can imagine who's been winning. I'm a 2-time sexiest man alive and Stan is a publicist. I got him!

I'm pretty sure that Stan didn't come between George and Renee on set, but as they are good friends and he is a notorious prankster, did Renee ever worry about what lay in store each day? because I am under the misconception that I got off scott-free but I don't think so - I'm still waiting. I'll probably still be paranoid till I retire at 90

to see what he's been planning. George may have been keeping his powder dry. As the director and star, he had responsibilities not only to the actors he shared screen time with, and don't bump into the furniture kind of thing. Right? Or sometimes I actually do, but that's because I drink.

Yeah, no, directing is a whole other - you got to cover all your bases, but it's fun. Really quick, just right here. I wanted to do a comedy. After 'Goodnight and Good Luck' and 'Syriana' had come out that year, every film I was offered to direct were very serious, political in nature and if you want to be a director and not an issues director, but an actual director,

then you want to mix it up and I thought I would do a comedy. You know what, it's a nice day at the office, that's for sure. He's a good person, really thoughtful, very generous and very much the same on the set. She's kind of quirky, isn't she? Yes, she is quirky. She doesn't feel contemporary as an actress, so she can do a period piece, but she can deliver a punchline with the best of them, so... I thought you had to be 21 to get into a place like this.

I meant her IQ. George and Renee are both known as great comic actors, yet it's their dramatic roles which have won them their Oscars, I was almost killed. George for 'Syriana' and Renee for 'Cold Mountain'. Is that a yes or a no? How does fame impact on you? Not very well - it's the most difficult variable in the equation of what is this very strange life. Like many stars, Renee has had her run-ins with the paparazzi. She's been in situations such as Mischa Barton has found herself in recently with the infamous pap Jamie Fawcett. I have no interest in who has cellulite and who doesn't. It's just so bizarre to me that that has value. Why don't we want to celebrate the people that we see do good things? Why do we need them to be less than - less than they are? Do you think we're always looking for the chink in the armour? Yeah, because it makes us feel better about ourselves. Apart from speculation over his love life, George has managed to dodge the paparazzi over the years. Having a villa in Italy helps him keep out of the spotlight. It's the funny thing about winning the Academy Award... Do you pinch yourself with your career? You have got to figure I'm about the most successful version of me

I was ever going to be, right? Yeah, I feel like I got lucky through a lot of different things. Do you really believe in luck? Has to be - I wouldn't have any of this, none of this, had I not got 'ER' and had 'ER' not been picked up for a Thursday night at 10:00. it wouldn't have been 45 million people a night, it would have been 10 million people a night and I don't get a career. And you might have only been the sexiest man alive once? Maybe even once. That part I still would have got. There's no way you would have kept me out of that. And 'Leatherheads' opens around the country on May 29. Or is it the tight swimmers? These are the critical questions that have divided the sporting and medical world today. Swimming star Grant Hackett's portly belly has some worrying whether he is a little underdone for the Beijing Olympics. The dual Olympic 1500-metre Gold Medallist says he is fit and healthy. Others are less than convinced. some flab hanging over the tool shed there, Ben. Is he fat? No, I personally don't think so. I don't think he's out of shape I think it was an unfortunate moment that was caught on camera. Is it an unflattering photo, or a swimmer out of breath? Or does Grant Hackett really have a muffin top? He does look in these photographs to be carrying a bit of a paunch. No-one seemed to care about how the Olympic champ fared

It was all about how he looked when he got out. Now, that is a good beer gur in anyone's language. It's a beer belly, a nice, big beer belly. Yeah. That's not a sixpack, that's probably a keg. If I was Grant's coach I would be a little bit worried because he's only got three months to win gold, not at that distance. So he needs to trim down to swim 4s, 8s and 15s. Dr John Tickell from the 'Great Australian Diet' has spent plenty of time getting celebrities like Hackett into shape. I'd call Grant fat, but in three months' time I got a feeling he won't be fat. It's a different form of training but he's got to do it. I'm a bit surprised that everyone is talking about whether or not he's got a bit of a tummy on him. Swimming legend and Channel Nine commentator Nicole Livingstone says Grant's apparent paunch could have been caused by some very heavy breathing. I believe that what has happened at that stage is because he has exerted himself over 10km, it is a shock to the body when you hit dry land S, I think at that stage, he has just lost his core strength. He's lost his stomach girdle and it has hung out for that split second. I honestly think a lot of it has been blown out of proportion. Realistically, we should be getting behind him

and supporting him and making sure he is moving in the right direction towards Beijing. Champion swimmer Geoff Heugill knows what it's like to go from lean and mean to round and cuddly. When he retired from swimming he put on 34 kilos in 4 months. Your whole life is regimented for so long in your life that, all of a sudden, you've go, I guess, reality that stares you in the face.

You can eat that ice-cream, or you can drink that beer or you can eat that pizza. You can do all those sorts of things. We've seen it happen to many of the greats - have been criticised for packing it on when they packed it in. As for Grant, you be the judge. Here he is a few years ago... ..and here's how he looks now. I reckon we all need to probably calm down a bit and if we're looking at Grant, look at his past performances. He has already won two Olympic Games gold medals. He is trying to do something that has never been done before in history which means it is actually quite hard to do. Dr Tickell says looking like a typical Aussie male isn't a good thing. I would like to get the tape measure on Grant because that tells a tale and we know, Ben, that any male who has a measurement around the waist of over 100cm Your risks for heart disease and diabetes and cancer skyrocket.

And I think the other thing we need to do is, all as Australians is get off into our underwear and and have a good look at ourselves in front of the mirror - before you criticise somebody else. The question; Do you think Grant Hackett is out of shape? After the break - how to beat those budget blues.

They are three very successful women in vastly different career paths. But their common bond is making their money work for them. Here are their budget tips. Any chick can get rich. It's all about growing up and sacrificing some shoes. it's not just a selfish thing. These wealthy women are getting rich quick. I like to think that I can do everything. and in true female fashion, they're more than happy to have a gossip about how any girl can reach the million dollar mark. The way I run my business is very different to the way I manage my own personal funds. Bella Seventi runs this sucessful restaurant, but she's quick to point out she's not so good at crunching the numbers because Bella loves to shop. Yeah I do, I do spend a little. But I know what my disposable income is, so I don't - I try not to go over that. To most moneymakers - this is called a budget. The 'B-word'. because women don't like to hear that we have to budget and we have to be careful about what we're spending. So I just like to know what I can spend as opposed to what I can't spend. My budget is mortgage comes out, and whatever is left - go for it! Woohoo! Radio host Bianca Di owns this house and another proprty on the Gold Coast. She saved her pennies by following two simple steps. On the day of the month that I was getting paid, I automatically had x amount of dollars taken from that account and put into another account that I couldn't access with a keycard. Get to sales. There is always going to be a risk, there is less risk with property. You just gotta take the plunge, you just gotta stand at the edge of the cliff and just go 'wooo' and jump and pray to god you have real estate wings.

how can we make it work? Mum, and author of '$0 to Rich', Tracey Edwards. put 10% aside. That's your savings done, you don't have to worry about it. And once you've done that, she recommends paying all the bills and lastly, allow whatever is left as spending money. If you do start saving around $100 a week, in 5 years you can have $30,000 and in 7 years you can have $50,000 - that's a home deposit. Learning more about money does make a difference. Julianne Dowling has written a practical recipe book, not to teach women how to cook, but how to count your coin.

There is holiday work, part-time work, there's lots of things that might be in your house and you can use that lump sum to reduce your debt. Spending can become a habit - stay away from the shops.

Don't take the credit cards. They usually stick to K-mart and Target. It's my quarterly, thank you. But tips and encouragement aside - every woman is different. I think it's important for everybody to make that purchase, or do what's right for them when it's right for them, you know? It's sort of irrelevent what's going on around you. she is now thinking about selling her home and upgrading. a powerful politician and his shameful double life.

working hard to help those who elected him. Instead he betrayed them and his family. A powerful politician... He's a drug addict? Basically, yeah. He's a member of parliament? His shameful double life - the cover-up that will outrage Auistralia.

Seriously... No! You're acting like a crazy person. Ben Fordham with that exclusive story tomorrow. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia

BERT NEWTON: Tonight, we're counting down 20 priceless pranks and pranksters. From headline-making stunts... That is brilliant! outrageous set-ups. It's just so cheeky! It's shocking! What else could you do but laugh at that? We've got some very close calls... You don't do that. Nah, you're screwed. Bad night. ..and even some close encounters. I think I was engaged to him. As long as they stopped at probing. (SCREAMS) Good evening, and welcome to 20 to 1. Tonight, we're celebrating some of the world's most bizarre and hilarious pranks and pranksters. Now, we all love a good laugh, as long as it's not at our expense. And tonight, we can sit back and watch some poor, unsuspecting victims being tortured for our entertainment. Cruel, isn't it? Well, let the cruelty begin with a prank that should've had the victim smelling a rat. At number 20, when the U.S. show 'Scare Tactics' pranks a victim,