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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. for his controversial power reforms. Morris Iemma gets crucial backing The Premier got great support. forced to defend itself Royal North Shore Hospital is delivered in a toilet. after another baby a maximum security prison Our cameras go inside during a snap raid. On your feet, fellas, let's go. Kylie given a top French honour. And from Paris with love -

Merci beaucoup. Merci. Good evening. at the Labor conference, Despite all the fireworks have defied the unions members of Morris Iemma's caucus to privatise the power sector. and given him the green light

the issue when it was raised today. MPs didn't even bother to debate from State Parliament. Adam Walters joins us Adam, it was a strong show of unity, a hornets' nest with the unions? but no doubt they've stirred Yes, I think they have. with the unions. There's a real battle ahead shoring up support But today was all about of his parliamentary colleagues. and securing the backing from the 80-minute caucus meeting Morris Iemma emerged as a leader in total control. It went very well. gave a report on where we're at, Gave a report on the conference, and we're pushing ahead, for discussion and consultation. and we've got the door open to the bitterness of open warfare His mood in stark contrast at Labor's weekend conference. to go forward together We'll exhaust every avenue possible a very detailed Caucus meeting and after that it was just the package, the plan. on electricity - in the party room seemed rattled. Mr Iemma's few opponents and union sympathisers Backbench detractors were outnumbered and outgunned his own way on privatising power. by a premier determined to get and/or the Premier in conflict. None of us want to see the Caucus of the fighting words shouted Hardly an echo

voted overwhelmingly against when Labor's conference delegates

the power sell off. I have to got admit the direction these negotiations - I'm quite positive about are going to take. second phase of negotiations - the Premier was applauded. At one stage, The Premier got great support. His backing so solid, on privatisation for a third time. there was no need for Caucus to vote and nothing to vote on. No motions put - Opposition Leader with media quotes The Premier then taunted the to privatisation. on his refusal to commit it's splinters in the backside. Sitting on the fence again - what any homebuyer does, What's wrong with doing what anybody buying a car does, before you actually take it up? which is inspecting the deal certainly drawn. What happens next? Adam, the battle lines are

The warring parties meet tomorrow

morning for round one of new

negotiations. The unions are saying

any talk of industrial action or

blackouts will be premature or

until the outcome of those new

talks it is no one. A funeral was held today of last week's Harbour boat tragedy. for one of the six young victims near Wollongong, Stacey Wright was farewelled remembered as a beautiful person independence of a new life in Sydney. who was just beginning to enjoy the

22 tomorrow. Stacey Wright would have turned she won a lot of friends. For someone so young, at Fairy Meadow was full, Every pew in the big Catholic church paying their respects at least 600 people to the woman her uncle described and infectious personality. as having a cheeky smile since last Thursday - Not only have we been crying

two, it's been a river of tears. it hasn't been shedding a tear or she stepped aboard the runabout Stacey was in a party mood when early Thursday with 13 friends. came to say goodbye. Some of those who survived wearing a neck brace, 18-year-old Chloe Dickey,

Edmund Renew comforting two friends. Gene Robson and Chudlau Thanawat

Michael Tsimnadis, and in the black beanie, rescued from the water. the only survivor Stacey's stepfather is Maori gave her a traditional send-off. and her extended family who was unable to pay his respects - One of those survivors Matthew Reynolds. the driver of the runabout, to be interviewed by police. He's still in hospital and is yet joined the investigation Homicide detectives have now for the coroner. They were taken by water police at Bradley's Head. to the scene of the crash Mark Burrows, Nine News.

at Sydney's Holsworthy Army Barracks A memorial service was held last night for commando Jason Marks, last week who was killed in Afghanistan during a battle with the Taliban. and children joined his comrades Lance Corporal Marks's wife at the sunset service. was among those to lay a wreath. Prime Minister Rudd THE 'LAST POST' PLAYS

has been added to the honour roll Lance Corporal Marks's name the Royal Australian Regiment. of the 4th Battalion, fellow commando Luke Worsley His name is alongside last year. who was killed in Afghanistan

once again Royal North Shore Hospital has been forced to defend its actions. his child was born on a toilet A new father says to care for his wife. because there wasn't enough staff left hospital late today Kathy and Nick Patsidis 24 hours after a harrowing birth. with their baby daughter Marissa - and started screaming again, She's gone to the toilet the head's coming out." saying, "The head's coming out, after arriving at the hospital, At 2:00pm yesterday, seven hours the 27-year-old was induced. Her husband claims could feel a bowling ball coming out, two hours later she told staff she was conducted yet no physical examination to go to the bathroom alone and she was allowed

in her birthing suite. and here comes the baby's head - I've gone in there which I've had to grab, right - strangling the child. the umbilical cord basically right outside the bathroom door, Two midwives, one who was waiting

and safely delivered the baby. raced in

the birth was fast and traumatic The hospital accepts for Kathy Patsidis and her family at no stage was she left unattended, but deny any wrongdoing, saying the entire time. a midwife was present The hospital, already the subject of a special inquiry, has rejected claims by the family of a chronic staff shortage saying the ward was fully-manned yesterday. It was a very busy day in delivery yesterday, Every birthing room was full. Allison Langdon, Nine News. Police are hoping witnesses will contact them following a disturbing road rage incident near Penrith late yesterday which could have proved deadly. A dispute between two drivers erupted at Werrington.

It ended when the driver of a white Commodore got out with a hand gun, firing a shot into this Subaru WRX. There was three people inside the car, an 18-year-old driver and two 16-year-old girls,

so we could have been dealing with a crime far worse than we are at the moment. No-one was injured. The Commodore had four men inside, described as Middle Eastern or Mediterranean in appearance. Roadworks sparked a spectacular gas fire at Cremorne

on Sydney's lower North Shore last night. A tar-stripping machine ruptured a gas main. Two workers were very lucky to escape. I saw the flame underneath the machine and I just got out of there. As police moved nearby residents away fire crews kept their hoses on the machine's diesel tank to prevent an explosion. The fire in Belgrave Street burnt for six hours until road-workers managed to dig their way to a nearby valve and turn the gas off. Prison officers carried out a series of surprise raids in Parklea Jail overnight. The were searching for weapons, drugs and other items and they've warned that these raids won't be the last. They struck with lightning speed, the element of surprise, critical.

Nine News joined an elite squad of prison officers in raids at Sydney's maximum security Parklea Jail.

It was carefully planned. Protective equipment must be worn at all times. Charlie Two, Sierra Two, radio check. Operation Sabre was so secret even the governor of the jail didn't know we were coming. We just can't run the risk of anyone knowing onsite before we arrive there, that might destroy the effectiveness of this raid. The prime targets were hit simultaneously. On your feet, fellas. Let's go. Some of this State's toughest and most dangerous inmates were targeted, their cells upended as the crack team of prison officers searching for home-made weapons, drugs and even mobile phones Yep, is this your mobile phone? Yep, it's down the toilet. This mobile was flushed as prison officers burst in. Mobile phones are very valuable things within the correctional centre. Using high-tech cameras, they could even search the cell's plumbing.

Hands on your head. Up against the wall. A small box-cutter blade was found in one cell. While this is not the first swoop of its type. it won't be the last.

If you want to deal in contraband, don't expect a good night's sleep. Simon Bouda, Nine News. At least 15,000 people are now feared dead - 10,000 in one village alone - after the weekend cyclone which swept through Burma.

Australia is standing by to send in aid if and when the notoriously reclusive military regime accepts help from the outside world. It came roaring out of the south-west

hammering Burma with 200km/h winds and blinding rain.

Dozens of small isolated villages lay in its path. The wind and storm-driven waves did tremendous damage. Thousands of lives lost as water flooded inland. Burma's largest city, Rangoon, was badly damaged - large buildings unroofed, famous pagodas at risk,

trees and powerlines crashing onto homes and streets. The cyclone so powerful it blew large boats onto their sides and buckled steel bridges. The world was quick to offer emergency aid but Burma's military dictators rule a tightly-controlled country, releasing pictures such as these in an attempt to show they're handling the crisis on their own. We hope the regime will allow the independent agencies in

to do the usual examinations

to work out the most effective way of supplying that aid but, yes - we certainly stand ready to do our bit. America's first lady, Laura Bush, made a rare visit to the White House briefing room, appealing to the Burmese generals to accept aid and condemning them for not telling their people the cyclone was approaching. Although they were aware of the threat, Burma's state-run media failed to issue a timely warning

to citizens in the storms path. The international aid agencies say the survivors will be in desperate need of food, water and shelter. Whether they get that help is now completely up to the military regime. Peter Harvey, Nine News. Kylie Minogue has developed a love of France and the feeling turns out to be mutual. Today she was honoured with the country's Knighthood for the Arts after a brief slip up by the French culture minister. The only problem with this love affair - the French struggle with her name. All the French said, "Non, non, non. Say 'Keeley' - en Francaise." I said, "OK". So Keeley, Kylie - I really don't mind. And being a gracious guest - Kylie tried a little French. C'est un momente exceptionale pour moi. D'etre ici avec vous aujourd'hui en Paris. Merci Beaucoup. An exceptional moment, she said, to be in Paris on this day. Well done, Keeley. In the news ahead - claims health cutbacks will leave youngsters with asthma at greater risk. And a war medal for Prince Harry from his aunty.

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Inflation -

You would think

youngsters battling asthma would be a top priority in our health system. But according to the Asthma Foundation children in some areas of Sydney are being put at risk

because of recent cutbacks.

Campbelltown mother-of-four Rachael McGrady says it's a daily struggle educating people about her children's asthma - three of them are chronic sufferers. Five-year-old, Nerys stopped breathing after experiencing an attack last year. It's been such a chronic problem for our family,

Sydney's south-west is an asthma hot spot but prevention programs to help families and teachers are being scaled back. What we're particularly experiencing are the reduction of nursing resources, community nurses, who go out and work in the asthma-friendly schools program.

It is serious. It's not a joke and it's life-threatening. Rachael fought hard to have teachers educated at her daughter's school. They didn't realise what triggered it, how to respond. They're all things you must know in an emergency. An award-winning outreach program based at Campbelltown Hospital was closed six months ago. They're making the front-line efforts to manage asthma out in the community harder to do. The Asthma Foundation was so concerned, it wrote to the Department of Health three months ago requesting an urgent meeting. So far, there's been no response. If the Government wants to keep people out of the health system, as patients in hospital, then they need to supply the education. Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. Emmy award-winning actor Judy Davis was in court today attempting to sue the 'Daily Telegraph'. She says the newspaper implied she was a child-hating selfish hypocrite when it reported on her opposition to flood lights at a park near her Sydney home. Judy Davis once played a journalist in the 'The Man Who Sued God'. It's not as if you're trying to set some precedent for humanity, or anything, is it? Today, journalists were in her sights again. Davis went to a Leichhardt Council meeting,

worried by a proposal to install floodlights at her local oval so junior soccer teams could play at night. She says the 'Telegraph' portrayed her as hard-hearted and as a selfish hypocrite. The actress says she went to the council meeting as one of a number of residents concerned about the environmental impact of the development

and was outraged by suggestions in the paper that she was opposed to local children playing sport. But the 'Telegraph' argued the article was true.

Prince Harry has been honoured for his service in Afghanistan with his aunt, the Princess Royal, handing him his campaign medal. Girlfriend Chelsy Davy and brother Prince William were there in support of Harry

and 170 members of his Household Cavalry. The group served 6 months in Afghanistan but Harry's mission was cut short when a media blackout was broken. The day ended with a march through Windsor and a service of thanksgiving for their safe return home. Tom Cruise has returned to the couch which became the focus of so much ridicule during a previous visit to the Oprah Winfrey show. A gesture from Oprah - and Tom clearly got the joke. His appearance was part of an 'Oprah' celebration - marking 25 years since Cruise first rose to fame in 'Risky Business' - a movie where he apparently got his taste for over excitement on couches. Ken with sport next - and the Kiwis miss an important date today? They say it wasn't a snub, but the New Zealanders arrived late for a World Cup Launch.

And Grant Hackett's coach defends his fitness. I was driving back from cricket practice,

only about two blocks away from home, and I came up behind this Torana. I don't really know how it happened but I just run into the back of him. CRASH! And then, whoof! He's done the two 360s and there's not much I could say. But I walked over to this bloke and I said, "G'day, mate." These days, I'd just walk the two blocks home. VOICEOVER: Driving less these days?

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As we reported last night, David Kidwell has been left out of the New Zealand team for Friday's Centenary Test against Australia. The Kiwis have named three rookies and their build up took another turn today at the Opera House.

The Kiwis will be hoping their timing is better in Friday night's Test. Today, they arrived at a function promoting this year's World Cup as it finished - and it wasn't a good look. A little bit late, yeah. Steve Kearney's first assignment as coach not too good. The New Zealanders say it wasn't a snub, they just had priorities

and after a heavy training session, their recovery came first. They have a process that they go through and we're disappointed that we didn't turn up. I'm sorry we let everybody down.

As expected, the Kiwis have left veteran David Kidwell out of their Test XVII. They've named three rookies, including Dragons winger Jason Nightingale, who has issues with the haka. The words I'm struggling with a little bit - I've got the "kamate, kamate" bit at the start - and that sort of thing, but... The Kangaroos are preparing for what they keep saying is a danger game. After last year's disasters, New Zealand's international reputation is in tatters and that's why they've brought in Wayne Bennett. This Test match is gonna be, I think,

one of the biggest challenges this team's had for the last 3-4 years. The World Cup function was a brief diversion, at least for one team. It's not rude to us.

I guess it's probably rude to the international game, because we're trying to promote the World Cup. Clinton Fletcher, Nine News. Grant Hackett's coach says the champion swimmer is in the best shape of his life,

despite questions being raised about his fitness.

Hackett was accused of being overweight

after his failed bid to qualify for the Olympic 10km event. Since his disappointment in Seville, Grant's gut has become swimming's biggest issue. But according to his coach, Hackett's paunch has been blown out of all proportion. He would have carbohydrate-loaded, which is to maximise his energy for the race, which might have made his stomach bloat up a little bit more. Hackett returns to Australia tomorrow to continue his Olympic preparation. The hope is, the only thing weighing him down in Beijing will be the medals around his neck. Grant's in his best condition he's ever been in. His skin folds are very low, which is a test of his fat percentages, his weight is very low. Our cricketers will have to get used to time away from home, following the release of the full schedule for next year's Ashes tour. With the world Twenty20 tournament also held in England, some players will be on the road for almost four months. It's actually not as long as it used to be. In the old days, the boys used to head off on the ship and it was basically a 6-month round trip. Cricket Australia is also keeping an eye on developments in the Indian Premier League,

with talk the salary cap may be scrapped, allowing players to earn tens of millions of dollars. We're not under any illusions as to the lure that IPL can offer and may offer in the future. Chris Hodgkinson, Nine News. Humiliated soccer great Ronaldo has spoken for the first time about his encounter with cross-dressing prostitutes but the Brazillian and AC Milan superstar has denied being intimate.

Ronaldo described it as the biggest mistake of his life that will haunt him forever - as will these images. Finance news now - and St George Bank disappointed the market today with its half-yearly results - falling more than 2.5% at the close. Our fifth largest bank will soon shed staff in a restructure. After the break -

Mike Bailey will have all the weather details.

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GENTLE PIANO MUSIC We all know someone who's fought breast cancer. Now we can all join the fight by saying yes to taking part So far, more than $3 million has been raised for breast cancer research. So join in, because every step is one step closer to a cure. Now, here's Mike with all the weather details. There was something of a surprise today, Mark. The cloud was expected, but not the raindrops - although there weren't many of them. At centres where the rain did fall this morning and again briefly in the afternoon, the top scores were less than a millimetre. The air was mild enough, despite the cloud. Coastal temperatures went from 12 to 24 - still 1 below average overnight - but a couple of degrees above for the maximum. Most of the weather action remains further south. A cold front has brought more rain and strong winds through the southern parts of SA, Victoria and Tasmania.

Winds are expected to ease there tomorrow but there will be more showers. And some patchy rain is also likely about the south and west of NSW. Showers are forecast for Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart with a trough also likely to produce some rain around Perth over the next couple of days. Sydney will still have some cloud and possible showers overnight but tomorrow should be back to fine and mostly sunny.

Winds will be moderate to fresh west to sou'westerlies tending more southerly later in the day.

That cloud should make for a milder night than some of the past few. Minimum temperatures should mostly stay in double figures and the city should go from 13 to 21 degrees. There is still no change to the medium-term outlook.

More fine days through to Saturday, then mostly fine, at this stage,

for Sunday - which is Mothers' Day, Mark. That's the news for this Tuesday. I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia