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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. $50,000 for a kidney - to let Australians sell their organs. the radical proposal 350 dead and 20,000 homes destroyed rips through Burma. as a tropical cyclone and who's hot and who's not - night of nights. behind the scenes of TV's Ten News with Frank Coletta. First this morning - from one of our leading doctors - a controversial call he's suggested allowed to sell their kidneys. that young Australians should be in this country, Selling or buying organs is illegal by the head of Transplant Australia, and for more I'm joined Chris Thomas. Good morning, Chris. of this idea? What does your organisation think

He it is nice that we are on the

front page again, because this is a

human tragedy unfolding every day

in Australia. The reality is that

we are appalled by such a

suggestion that there should be a

sale for organs in this country. sale for organs in this country.

Well, the doctor behind this

proposal says Young Australians

could get up to $50,000 for a

kidney. That could be an attractive

offer for many struggling families.

Yes, it would be attractive - it

preys upon of the struggling people

in our societies. It may be those

people who may suffer from diabetes

obesity or kidney disease as a result of

obesity and lifestyle diseases and

they may end up needing a kidney

transplant at some stage in the

feature themselves. I suppose the

reality is that some desperate

patients are travelling to Third

World countries to buy and sell

organs. Is that a better

alternative to doing it here? No.

Because we do not know about the

safety of those transplants. Those donors

donors may suffer from HIV or donors may suffer from HIV or some

form of underlying cancer, so the

patients receiving bays kidneys and

coming back to Australia are

finding their his rejection of the

organ and they are in a fart worst

state than they were prior to going

overseas. He says the suggestion is

sparked by beat lowly doughnut rate

here. Why do we have such a low

generate? They are systemic

problems in the hospital will - -

hospital system. We have been at

sitting on a clinical task force

for the past 12 months and have

come up with 51 of recommendations

to fix the system. At the same time,

we need to encourage more

Australians to sign up to organ

donation and talk to their families

about it. Many people who have

signed on to the Australian organ

Donor Register had not actually

told their family and it is

actually those families that will

make the final decision about organ donation.

donation. He touched on encouraging

Australians took donated. What are

be 51 recommendations? All the

organisations operate in their own

Silo in each state. We need some

kind of national organisation - we

need national triggers - where some

hospitals in some state split get

organ donors in different ways. And

therefore some of organ donors for

through the cracks. We need to

train nurses and doctors at the

undergraduate level so that they

actually appreciate the benefits of

organ and issued an donations.

Thank you very much Chris.

there is no need for a tough budget, The Treasurer has been warned could tip the economy over the edge. and savage spending cuts

Paul Bongiorno, Ten's political editor, joins us live from Canberra. Malcolm Turnbull Paul, Shadow Treasurer against next week's Budget. is taking a very tough line

Yes, he is going against the tide

of what one would expect from a

liberal Coalition the shadow

spokesman on the economy. He has

been attacking the Rudd government

and treasurer Wayne this one from

the left. The sort of difference the left. The sort of

that would be needed to make any

difference t inflation and would be

$6 billion a year. He also $6 billion a year. He also says

there is so much uncertainty in the

world economy that now is not the

time to tighten the reins. Here is

how he explained it. from overseas, There is a lot of grief coming in in much higher interest rates, we're already seeing that has increased rates by. over and above what the Reserve Bank on Australian families? Does he really understand

The ACT had to back down today in

favour of the civil and unions for

same-sex couples? Yes. The Federal

Government said that they did not

want the ACT to go ahead with any

laws that would mimic the marriage

between a man and a woman. Behind

the scenes, the Attorney-General

made it very clear to the ACT made it very clear to the ACT

government that if they went ahead,

overrule them. the Federal Government would

of the Federal Government Given the stubborn refusal on this legislation, to consider compromise in a position

That choice was to abandon

registration of same-sex couples

choice. civil unions, or abandon that

The wreckage of a boat that exploded, on Melbourne's Yarra River, killing two has been taken for forensic testing. of the water was a difficult task. But getting the cruiser out The operation was quite dangerous, in the water, there was a lot of fuel in the cabling and debris also, entanglement hazards that was still in the water.

and his 82-year-old wife Jenny 84-year-old Alex Elliot on Saturday. were killed in the explosion only minutes before the blast. They had refuelled their vessel are hunting two men Police in Melbourne after a violent home invasion. the men entered a Plumpton house, Armed with pistols, before restraining his parents. tying up a 16-year-old boy, slept through the family's ordeal. Another boy, aged five,

with jewellery and cash The bandits escaped after half an hour. the family members freed themselves The men are still on the run. the site of Ned Kelly's last stand, Archaeologists have begun excavating of the bloody siege. to try and find physical remains The Ann Jones Inn in Glenrowan final battle with police. was the site of Kelly's were killed, Three of his gang members

was arrested after the shoot-out. and the legendary bushranger will be joined by experts University students so no artefacts are damaged. to dig up the site by hand,

the secret past of the Austrian man, More grim details emerge about as a sex slave for 24 years. who used his captive daughter That story when the Morning News returns.

And a preview of 'The Dark Knight', before his sudden death. Heath Ledger's last role

This program is captioned live. as winds of almost 200 km/h About 20,000 homes were destroyed tore through the impoverished country. At the height of the storm winds of up to 120 miles an hour ripped through this impoverished region, blowing off roofs and forcing families to flee, some carrying what few possessions they could. This, clearly something precious wrapped in a bundle of clothes against the driving rain.

The devastation is widespread, wiping out acres of crops as well as homes. Communications have been badly affected with roads and railways blocked, telephone and powerlines down. Burma's Prime Minister has been pictured on state television visiting families taking refuge in a Buddhist pagoda. Some emergency supplies are being distributed. Soldiers have been seen helping in the clear-up but given the secretive nature of this military regime, It's difficult to gauge the true scale of the disaster. More grim details have emerged about the secret past of the Austrian man, who used his captive daughter as a sex slave for 24 years. Josef Fritzl's sister-in-law has revealed he spent 18 months in jail for raping a nurse around the time his daughter was born. This was 15 years ago, back home, his imprisoned daughter Elisabeth had already given birth to four of his children. The woman who filmed this remembered him as a helpful, funny guy. Fritzl's sister-in-law Christine has different memories. "He was such a tyrant", she says, "He tolerated no dissent. I was scared myself. I did not feel confident to say anything in any form that could possibly offend him." Still, Christine claims her sister Rosmarie, Fritzl's wife had no idea he was involved in Elisabeth's disappearance.

"He was just as strict with Elisabeth as he was with each of his children. There was nothing in particular that could lead you to say that he was more intimate with her. The child never confided in anyone."

But increasingly, police are questioning how readily people accepted Josef Fritzl's explanations about his daughter's disappearance and the arrival in his house of three of her children - Lisa, Monika and Alexander. Elisabeth and her children

are no longer being held in their cellar prison

but they are still hidden away. This time, for their own safety and wellbeing at this clinic. They are unlikely ever to lead normal lives, the eldest daughter Kerstin may not survive at all. Many people in this small community had suspicions about Fritzl over the years but did nothing.

Movie star, Jackie Chan, has joined the Olympic torch relay. The actor carried the torch on the first leg of the relay in mainland China.

The movie star says the flame can send a message of compassion, peace and love to the entire world. The torch will travel through China for the next three months, returning to Beijing for the Games opening ceremony on 8 August. The late Aussie actor Heath Ledger has a starring role in the new trailer for the latest Batman movie, 'Dark Knight'. The film will be released in Australian cinemas in July. One of the world's top style gurus has taken a novel approach to helping women overcome their body issues. Over five days he convinces them to strip off naked and pose for a photo shoot. He managed to work wonders on the most hopeless men. But just how does Carson Kressley convince any woman to do this? Margheritas! No, it's an intensive process and these aren't women who hate their thighs or don't like their bustlines. They really, really hate their bodies, they've not been happy for years and years so it's a real process, where four days we really drill it into them that you don't have to be perfect to be beautiful. He's now casting his famous Queer Eye over the ladies, with his new show 'How To Look Good Naked.' I'm going to teach her how to accept embrace, accentuate everything she sees in the mirror. But his ultimate goal is to get women to not only love their bodies - but flaunt them - nude. It's not just a nude photo shoot to be creepy and weird it's about to literally leave everything behind and say look it's OK just the way I am. And then there's this - a massive billboard in New York's Time Square for everyone to critique.

She's got a great rack, she's got nice shapely legs. A lot of time they won't believe it themselves they need to have total strangers say "Yeah you look beautiful" and that's what we do and why we do it. His biggest tip - don't single out the flaws. Change your perception, how you view yourself, that can do more for you than liposuction, crazy diets. Would you ever go naked? I would right now. Look at those babies. 'How To Look Good Naked', premieres tonight on Channel Ten at 8pm. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. next, we'll look at the chances of another interest rate rise. WOMAN: Let's see, they had milk for breakfast, cheese at lunch...

Hmm, what about their afternoon calcium? (COW MOOS)

All the fun of a Streets Paddle Pop... And all the calcium from a glass of milk! New Streets Paddle Pop Moo:

The power is in the pro-vitamin formula - to make frizzy hair smoother... This program is captioned live. A leading Australian doctor wants organ trading to be legalised, saying it could save thousands of lives. But transplant groups have condemned the proposal, saying it would prey on the most disadvantaged members of our society. More than 350 people have been killed in a tropical cyclone that's devastated Burma. About 20,000 homes were destroyed as winds of almost 200 km/h tore through the impoverished country. The Australian television industry has marked a milestone, celebrating 50 years of the Logies. The biggest accolade of the night reserved for Kate Ritchie, winning the coveted Gold Logie for the second year running. And of course, Ten's entertainment reporter, Angela Bishop, was there - and she filed this report from the red carpet. It's the night where too much glamour is barely enough, but in these new greener times, a number of celebs ditched the limos and instead walked to the Logies - even in heels.

Well, at least mack I cannot

believe it is your first ladies,

and your heels are even higher than

mine. It is not my first time - I

am usually with the dancers out the

bad eating the leftovers. I would

have loved to have her here, we

could have shown each other off as

a couple. With this being the 50th

year, organises our hoping they're

is as much interest in who wins

what has been who wears what. A

change to online voting has brought

some new faces. I am the gold Logie

winner elect. You are not to

worried about the ABC types moving

in? I am hoping they get distracted

by the commercial breaks. There was

not much nostalgia are taught for

the Logies birthday, with some

young ones are stealing the show. I

would definitely like to would definitely like to dedicate

this to my mum and dad and I would

also like to thank everyone who

watched Bindi the jungle girl - it

is so nice. Chris Lilley once took

Logies and performed a show-

stopping number. And 'Bondi Rescue'

won the first ever though deep for

the most popular factual program.

But as Kate Ritchie rose to take

the gold for the second year in a

row, the 20-year veteran of home-

and-away proved that some old faces

could still pull in the beds. I

almost feel a bit guilty about how

perfect it is. If I had written a

script like this, you would not

have believed it. One tradition was

not going anywhere - B Logies late night party. In finance news, the Australian sharemarket has opened in the black. The Reserve Bank will hand down its decision on interest rates when it meets tomorrow. The RBA is widely expected to leave rates on hold at 7.25% but the market is factoring in a 40% chance of another hike in the cash rate. Despite annual inflation reaching a 17-year high of 4.4%, falls in retail sales, car sales and auction clearing rates rate hikes are biting. suggest the RBA's successive Now for a look at the national weather.

A special program allowing disabled artists to put their work on show is producing amazing results. For those who help the artists, the work is rewarding,

but emotionally draining. Imagine being so passionate about your work, so frustrated wanting to do more, that the tears flow. Louise Taylor can.

It's what they want to say, and so if it's not said correctly it can be misinterpreted. It needs to be said the very best way it can be said.

Louise helps clients of the Cerebral Palsy League express their feelings on canvas. This side? They work painstakingly, with sticks, in twisted hands. Does he have something in his mind? He knows exactly what he's doing. the environment, his work is about Australia getting poisoned. A lot of the contraptions being used now to help the artists are handmade prototypes, but support workers hope eventually to have something more permanent, more engineered. Because every year the artists have an exhibition, and sell some. How much was that worth, mate? $100. Sara Wyatt is entering another show, the Cerebral Palsy League's fundraiser, later this month. Her work is called 'I wish I was seven'.

'Cause when I was seven, I was little. They won't get sold. Why not? Because they're stupid. I don't think so. I bet it's snapped up by someone with a true appreciation of colour. You like blues and yellow? Yeah. That's purple. Oh. Well, clearly, artistically I am a barren desert. these young people aren't, Thanks to Cascade's services

and yet, incredibly, Louise Taylor still worries her efforts are never enough. Sometimes it can be like hitting your head against the wall when the work's not getting there. I'm going to cry, sorry. Mark Suleau, Ten News. Is fingerprint technology really as accurate as it's claimed to be? We look at what happens when the experts get it wrong, in our feature story next. This program is captioned live. and fingerprint analysis has provided in criminal trials for almost a century. But how accurate is the technology, and what are the repercussions if the experts get it wrong? OK. We're going to roll the thumbs in towards the body and the fingers away from the body so that we get a nice, clean set of ridges. Good ridges. I have good ridges? Yes, you do. Nice and clear. Fingerprints - they are a universal symbol of identity. These ridges, which allow us to grasp objects, form a complex mix of whorls, arches and loops, believed to be unique to each person. Not even identical twins have identical fingerprints, which is why fingerprint analysis plays a huge role in solving crimes. Remember, always start with the latent print. Once a cop, now a criminology professor at the University of Maryland... OK, we are going to use graphite powder. We've laid some latent prints.

..Tom Moriello says the best way to track down criminals is still the old-fashioned way - dusting for prints. It's the most common physical evidence that we find at a crime scene. When two objects touch each other they take on characteristics of each other and there are always fingerprints everywhere.

Fingerprint analysis was first used in an American court to convict a killer in 1911. Since then, as any fan of 'CSI' knows, criminal investigation has become a lot more high-tech.

We've got a perfect match. After almost a century, fingerprint analysis remains a widely accepted forensic tool, but that may be about to change. Without question, fingerprint evidence is considered to be, by juries, incontrovertible evidence of guilt, far different from that. and unfortunately, the reality is Attorney and forensic expert Patrick Kent, with the Maryland Public Defender's Office, says that while DNA evidence is a science, fingerprint analysis is just an art. It has never been tested,

it has never been shown to be accurate, they do not even have a standard way that they do fingerprint comparisons. Are you saying that fingerprint evidence should not be allowed? My answer, unequivocally, is that it should not. And in a decision last fall that shocked lawyers across the country, a judge in Maryland agreed. evidence She threw out the fingerprint tying the defendant, Brian Keith Rose, to murder.

I feel the jury in that case is actually being denied very valuable evidence. Glen Langenburg is a fingerprint examiner with the Minnesota State Crime Lab. We are not saying that it is foolproof. Is that our standard, that to be able to use evidence in court it must be perfect? I mean, the irony is eyewitness testimony gets in every time - no-one ever challenges eyewitness testimony. The witness comes in, gets cross-examined, but it is still coming in every time. The judge's decision in the Rose case could jeopardise thousands of criminal investigations nationwide. She called fingerprint evidence a subjective, untested, unverifiable identification procedure. I do not believe

that there is evidence to support that type of decision. the FBI's West Virginia complex, Tom Bush is from which processes as many as 140,000 fingerprints a day. When you think about the history of fingerprints... He says the department has been using fingerprints to catch criminals

for more than 80 years... ..Al Capone - here is a picture of Al...

..which means a lot of bad guys have left a lasting impression.

Who else do you have? We have Pretty Boy Floyd, this is Machine Gun Kelly, Clyde Barrow, these are more fingerprints, where he had been arrested previous times. Today, with the automated fingerprint ID system, which stores tens of millions of prints from criminal arrests and employment background checks, analysis can take just minutes. Police from around the country can contact the system and get a response in just hours. We believe our system to be in the high 98th percentile accurate. But if fingerprint analysis is so accurate, why did the Baltimore County judge in the Brian Rose case refuse to allow it in as evidence? Because of what happened to this man in Portland, Oregon. It was surreal. It was just surreal. My first impression - "No way, there has got to be a mistake." On May 6, 2004, FBI agents came to Mona Mayfield's home They sat at the kitchen table and the gentleman opened up his briefcase

and he said, "this bag was found less than 20 minutes away "from the Madrid, Spain bombing. "And you know, your husband's fingerprint was on it." Just two months earlier, terrorists had bombed four commuter trains in Madrid killing almost 200 people. An international investigation led to Brandon Mayfield, Mona's husband, an American lawyer who converted to Islam. Mayfield was arrested after this smudged, partial print, found on a bag of detonators, was matched to his - not by one FBI examiner, but three. I honestly felt like I was being framed, because I haven't been out of the country for over 10 years. Mayfield, an army veteran, had no criminal record and no ties to terrorist groups. His lawyer brought in an independent examiner with the hope of clearing his name. And that person as well says it is your fingerprint. It is my fingerprint. Yes, four mistakes in a row. I mean, weren't you in a panic at that point? Yes, I was. That was a very dark day for me, to say the least. I think it was, I had probably already been in jail and lockdown for over two weeks. I was tired and I was just being worn thin. And I assume as the days go on, people are thinking you are married to a terrorist. Yes, yes. And then I began to -

I did not want to let my kids out of sight - I did not want to send the school, I was scared to send them to school. I was afraid for their safety. Spanish investigators found the man to whom the fingerprint really belonged. If the Spanish police had not actually found the real person who left that fingerprint, where would Brandon Mayfield be today? There is no question that Mr Mayfield would be sentenced, either to life or sentenced to death. No question. It turns out, a partial distorted print, like the one the FBI had, often yields more multiple potential matches. In fact, when the Madrid print was put into the Government's automated system, 20 prints with similarities came up, including Mayfield's. After the first FBI examiner mistakenly matched the print to Mayfield, the other two confirmed it. The Bureau has since promised procedural reform, but Patrick Kent says he is not buying it. The problem is, how many Mayfields are there? If, quote, the best, by their own admission can make an error in a high-profile case when they know the world is watching? What is happening in the counties, in the countryside, in areas where we do not have, quote, the best of the best? But examiner Glen Langenburg believes this case is not the norm. I am always concerned if an innocent person has to go to jail, of course. that it is a rampant issue, But I am not concerned that this is happening every single day, that people are going to jail on fingerprint evidence. I just do not believe that. Brandon Mayfield,

the American arrested in connection with the Madrid train bombings has been released from prison. Brandon Mayfield received a public apology from the FBI, along with a $2 million legal settlement. I was looking at the consequences and felt totally helpless and had no idea how my family was going to take care of themselves or what is going to become of me.

I just want to leave it in the past. Of course it is going to affect me, it is always going to affect me. Even for my children, it is always going to affect them for the rest of their lives. As for Brian Keith Rose in Maryland, he is still facing murder charges. The case has now been moved to federal court, where the judge is expected to allow in the fingerprint evidence. is not just an aberration. Mr Mayfield is a public face of many people in jail. It leaves me sleepless, quite candidly, because, in fact, it is not just that it scares me to death, it is the evidence that they use to put people to death. Ahead - Melbourne ends its losing streak in the AFL. Also, South Sydney finally win a game as well, as everything goes to script for their celebrity co-owner. This program is captioned live. Sport with Mark Aiston after finally winning. Frank, many said they'd never make it but wow, what a spectacular win over Fremantle. Now like the Dockers, the Bombers are a team under the pump, Essendon reeling after a whopping 64-point loss to Port Adelaide. 7-goal performance On the back of a brilliant from small forward Daniel Motlop, Port Adelaide won three straight games, and battered the Bombers.

That is the best of them. All hail

Daniel Motlop. The new king. We

expected to win, we expected to

play well, so all you can do

Already missing key talls Fletcher and Lucas, McPhee is on report, His team humiliated - he took it out on the umpires.

I am going to have to speak to

Geoff. It doesn't seem to be Our Game holding the ball any more. Dean Bailey's drought at the Demons has broken. After six losing games, his seventh provided a fairytale comeback. Down by 51 points - they got up to win.

I am happy that the guys have won a

game. The loss was a game. The loss was a shattering blow for Mark Harvey.

And while the unbeaten Hawks and Cats sit pretty on top of the ladder, the Bulldogs have also shown they're the real deal - beating the Swans yesterday in Sydney. Tim Hodges, Ten News. Australian Rugby League Captain Darren Lockyer is out of Friday's Centenary Rugby League Test against the Kiwis at the SCG He's looking at possible minor surgery for an ongoing knee problem which could also keep him out of the first Origin clash.

As the Kangaroos were assembling, their skipper was preparing to head home.

With my knee, I would not have been

able to put any preparation into

the team. To be honest I would

probably have been more of a

liability. We have lost one of the

best players in the game today - it is a huge blow. Michael Crocker called up with Greg Bird shifting to five eighth - Anthony Lefranchi remains 18th man. Better news in Redfern with South Sydney finally celebrating success. their first win of the season The Rabbitohs recording over North Queensland. COMMENTATOR: Beau Champion will score. Beau Champion bagged a double, John Sutton did the same as the Bunnies elated their fans with a 28 points to 24 win.

It is a relief, but is also excitement as we know we can go

forward from here. We still think

we can make the top eight. And The Warriors downed Canberra at Mount Smart Stadium to keep intact their perfect record at home for 2008. The home side winning 14 points to 6. Victoria Murphy, Ten News. Shane Warne's Rajasthan Royals are topping the Indian Premier League. In other results less joy for Glenn McGrath's Delhi Daredevils 29-run losers to Mumbai, while Warne watched one of his young proteges, Sohail Tanvir, tear apart the Chennai batting attack for a convincing fifth straight win. He's coached them, encouraged them and shown them how it's done, Shane Warne able to sit back and watch the hard work pay off. 23-year-old Sohail Tanvir trapping Parthiv Patel for a first ball wicket. A double in the first over with New Zealand skipper Stephen Flemming sent packing too. Warne in the mix for Tanvir's third, sliding across Graeme Smith for the catch. Rajasthan's other Shane, Shane Watson equally safe off his own bowling. COMMENTATOR: In the air, somebody's going to take the catch. Caught and bowled. to take dangerman MS Donhi out of the picture. Chennai struggling at 5 for 44. Tanvir with a hand in both of Munaf Patel's wickets. Then three more of his own, Limiting the target to just 111, Limiting the target to just 110. Death rattle bowled him, Tanvis strikes the minute he comes back. Tanvir with an Ipl record Tanvir with an IPL record six wicket haul for just 14 runs. The chase made easier by Chennai, Smith let off the hook, Watson with a cameo bash, Rajasthan winning with six overs to spare.

While for Glenn McGrath it was a case of no wickets and no runs for Delhi in an unhappy 29-run capitulation to Mumbai. Reigning MotoGP world champ, Casey Stoner remains around the mark with the current points leaders following a third place finish at the Grand Prix of China. Tyre problems prevented him from keeping touch with winner Valentino Ross. Second place to Spain's Dani Pedrosa has him leading the championship, 25 points ahead of Stoner Jorge Lorenzo finished fourth, just two days after breaking his ankle in practice. Australia's Robert Allenby carded a bogey-free final round to equal his best result on the US golf tour for the year - fourth at the Wachovia Championships in North Carolina. Battling wrist pain, Allenby shot a 6-under-par 66 missing several close birdie chances just like this while Adam Scott impressed for a tie in eighth spot. CHEERING COMMENTATOR: Well, I'd say that's about 48 feet, what we saw last week, from the putting surface. American Anthony Kim won the event by five shots, at 22 years he's the youngest winner on the tour since 2005. The national weather details when the Morning News returns. Um... I think... that ordering your Happy Meal is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 3 - choose a drink. (Whispers) The other one? (Whispers) The other one. This program is captioned live. at the national weather. A new band of what can only be described as privileged pooches is emerging, as modern families delay having children. Instead of the high cost of kids, proud pet parents are spending a fortune on their animals, and even healthcare. a fortune on their animals, including fashion and even healthcare. We've seen the professionals proudly being man's best friend, but in 2008 are they becoming a whole lot more? Are our interest rates and buy a house for them to live in? So do we then turn to our pets as surrogate children? Interesting question. But you don't have to go too far to see that extreme pet care can be as high as the human cost of living. Even if canines are replacing the kids. It's that whole Hugh Hefner, 'Playboy' Mansion thing. This boutique fashion is simply the start. It is all about looking after the children. Pauline Halkitis was a little embarrassed to tell us exactly how much she spends on Chloe and Molly, but it involves all the trimmings. We celebrate their birthdays every year, we get the party hats out and balloons and we get them presents and they get to unwrap their presents. The days of el cheapo collar are gone, and everybody wants really nice stuff now. What's also becoming incredibly popular is dog haircuts. Little Zanda here is just about to go upstairs for what's known as a lion cut. Three hours in the salon later, and it's the cuddliest lion you've seen. We do dinosaur cuts on dogs as well now, so you have your miniature poodle and they come out looking like a stegosaurus. A little more serious than the plucking and preening, is pet physiotherapy. A growing trend where the practitioner uses food to help dogs stretch. For others there's dog acupuncture - which apparently has the same results on dogs as it does on humans. And for Buffy it's a 3-minute session in this specialised hydrotherapy treadmill, for energy, relaxation and pain relief. Animals have pain, they have bad backs, they need help if they've had surgery or if they've been hit by a car, they don't just bounce back. Suzannah's dog Dante knows all about bouncing. He's in physio now

after she paid $4,000 for a knee reconstruction. We're told he did it while he was chasing girls on the beach. you'll do whatever When you love something so much and you end up being a little kooky sometimes and acting like they are your children. It's definitely going to grow, I think more and more people are going to be appreciating pets a whole lot more. Josh Murphy, Ten News. That brings you up to date with all the news.

Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Frank Coletta, good morning. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Who will win 'Big Brother 2008'? As always, it's up to you, but this year it's different. Each week you vote for your favourite housemate and then the three housemates with the least amount of votes get nominated. Got it? Good! Here's the numbers - get dialling. Is your favourite the blonde bombshell, Brigitte? To vote for Brigitte: If country girl Dixie is your darling: Keep tom boy Renee safe by: Vote for the buxom Bianca by: You can support space cadet Saxon Help Rory the brickie stay in the House by: Travis is 'the Voice'. To keep hearing 'the Voice' in the House: To keep Ben 'the Brain' in the House: If David the fireman is your favourite: Rebecca, personal trainer - to keep her in the House: Dr Alice the vet. Support her by: Last but not least, Nobbi the Kombi man. Keep Nobbi out of nomination danger by: Belong votes cost 55 cents maximum. 190 votes from mobiles extra. Lines close at 7:30pm standard eastern time this Sunday, May 11. Terms and conditions