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(generated from captions) She knows who shot her.

Who? That's what's so horrible. The person that shot her...'s my brother. Storm? she's gonna put him behind bars. And if I don't leave you,

you have to help me, Eric. Eric, please, please, Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - death on Sydney Harbour - claiming five young lives. two boats collide, Oh, it's horrible. I'm devastated. Our thoughts and prayers who have lost loved ones. are with the families A joy-ride ends in disaster, taken without permission... the victims crammed onto a small boat The indications are there were 14 people on observing the regulations, We need to really crack down I think. Good evening. a possible suspect Police have been interviewing shocking harbour crash over this morning's and nine injured. which has left five people dead with an overcrowded boat A trawler collided off Bradley's Head just before 3am. it's a joy-ride gone horribly wrong - Early indications are

with a scene of shock and panic. rescuers confronted crammed on board, With too many people it was impossible to escape the danger.

to the harbour, As emergency crews raced been lost. five young lives had already Four women and one man, lying dead in the small boat,

with a fishing trawler its stern torn after it collided just before 3:00am. eight men and one woman. Another nine were injured - stretchered up the ferry wharf, Some could walk, but others had to be with critical injuries. one airlifted to hospital

on the water at night-time, Obviously, two boats moving there has been a collision poor visibility,

people have lost their lives. and as a result,

more than 50 people, The rescue effort involved including two members of the public. by police. They've been branded heroes totally unrelated - They were on the water, fishing -

and rendered assistance, heard the incident happen on board the runabout. Police say there were 14 people It was licensed to carry just 8. of removing the five bodies, Daylight brought the grim task one by one. carried out on stretchers, to a marine repairs company. The runabout belongs from its mooring without permission Its owner says the boat was stolen

keen for a midnight party. by a subcontractor and his friends,

To have people dead and being

associated with our boat - it is pretty horrible. experienced captain Peter Evans. At the helm of the trawler, He's feeling terrible, of course. It's just a terrible situation, and the destruction of families with the loss of life and he feels that. is where the boat was taken from. This small marina in east Balmain It's likely the group used kept on board for emergencies a set of keys to get the engine started. he saw all 14 pile on board, A local fisherman says and they were drunk. the runabout was overloaded. Another was concerned for that boat. "That's too many people

going to stay up in the water?" "Is that boat

"We'll be right." And what did they say? all were drinking. All of them were smashed, Saw one bloke carrying a bong. They were carrying a box of beers. farewell drinks The group had been having at a nearby pub earlier in the night. Many of the victims are understood of the hotel. to be current or former employees And Daniel Sutton joins us now at Balmain. from the the water police base

an ongoing investigation, Daniel, this is obviously about what caused the crash? but do we know any more

Investigators are still looking

over the wreckage of both vessels.

They are focusing in on four main

factors - speed - how fast each

vessel was

vessel was going. Where they each

vessel had the lights on. Alcohol -

people getting on board his boat

was seen to be carrying a large

amount of alcohol, and the 4th

factor - which is how many people

were on board, whether the boat was

overloaded. 14 people on a boat

that was licensed to carry just

eight. And what about the victims eight. And what about the victims -

how did these young people know

each other? A tragic picture is

emerging of these young people.

They were all friends that work

together at a local pub in Balmain.

They were getting together to

farewell the owners of the pub who

had sold up and were moving to new

premises. They had gone on to this

boat to continue those celebrations. boat to continue those celebrations.

Sadly, it has all ended in tragedy.

harbour crash death toll might rise. doctors are now warning the from Royal North Shore Hospital, And in grim news harbour crash death toll might rise. doctors are now warning the is not expected to survive. A 30-year-old man on life-support after suffering severe brain damage. He underwent surgery earlier today It's been a horrible day of waiting at the hospital

of the victims. for friends and relatives don't even remember what happened. Some of those who survived Suffering only minor injuries, from hospital six patients were discharged just hours after the accident, about the ordeal. but none were prepared to speak You were on the boat this morning?

their privacy. I ask you to please respect from hospital grounds, Police escorted survivors only bumps and scratches. mostly suffering more seriously injured Family and friends of those

this morning... gathered at the hospital It was a tragedy. to speak about the accident. ..but were not prepared on two men and an 18-year-old woman. Doctors focused their efforts

suffering head and chest injuries A 30-year-old male was taken in for surgery. we could This morning we did everything

and get them off to theatre. to stabilise that person he remains in intensive care tonight. The surgery went well,

from the others Detectives took statements of what happened. to build a clearer picture and critically injured patients Doctors say the nine survivors didn't say a lot about the ordeal they'd been through overnight. Some of them were too traumatised to speak, others simply didn't remember. They were all shocked and unsure exactly what the circumstances were. The Premier visited medical staff Our thoughts and prayers are with those who've lost loved ones. I suppose these are the situations that we train for and it ran exceptionally smoothly. Evan Batten, Ten News. the number of people killed Today's collision brings to 10 in crashes on Sydney Harbour in just over a year.

Our State political reporter Kevin Wilde Kevin, how's the Government reacted

Are there are now three separate

inquiries into this particular

crash. There is a promise from the

Premier to improve standards. For people we used it people we used it for fun, for

people who use it professionally.

But some people it is no

coincidence we have had a series of deadly smashes. Once again, Sydney Harbour is marked by tragedy. It's barely a year since four people, including ice skater Morgan Innes, died when the pleasure craft they were travelling on was hit by a ferry. The Government hasn't implemented all of the safety measures recommended by an independent investigation into that crash. What there is in place are, for example, speed restrictions. There are licence conditions.

There are, for example, conditions on lighting. There's also been increased patrols. The Ports Minister Joe Tripodi defends the current laws. It is the toughest standard in the country, but if it's necessary, we'll look at it again,

and continue to improve it until we get it right. There will be no rush to act, despite calls for curfews and a greater police presence. The reviews will take months. Any sense of knee-jerk, other than dealing with fact,

would be inappropriate. Police have revealed just how few officers patrol the harbour. We had the normal staff - a staff of five. You're talking about a harbour that's 4,000 square kilometres in length, so we can't be everywhere. Interestingly, the water police are now more hands-on. The patrolling done by water police now what it was two and five years ago. Professional fisherman remain concerned that many recreational boat users pose a danger. Oh, certainly, they say that very often - "What a nightmare, "I've had to dodge this boat or that boat, "little boats in the road, "in the wrong place, at the wrong time."

At the very least, they want greater regulation and education of occasional users of the harbour. These people sometimes anchor in the channels, adequate lighting, sometimes they don't have any lighting at all,

or they might just flash a torch, so it's very hard to see them. And hard to stop, when their loads often exceed 300 tonnes. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. We'll have more on the harbour disaster later this news hour,

but the rest of the day's news is next, including warnings of a recession we can't avoid. Also, a teenager charged over a shop fire that caused panic and $1 million damage.

And salad surprise - the tiny ingredient that's turned a family off its greens.


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The Australian Football Hall of Fame - where we honour men like 'Polly' Farmer, the first bloke to kick the ball with his hands. And Alex Jesaulenko, who gave kids across the country And all the other hall-of-famers

we celebrate the true greats of our game with a tribute match featuring the best of the best.

This program is captioned live.

A teenager has been charged over a $1.5 million prank. 2,500 shoppers fled the Royal Randwick Centre after loud bangs, fire and smoke at the Food For Less supermarket.

$1 million in stock was ruined, along with structural damage of $500,000. The 14-year-old boy was locked up overnight and faced court today.

If you get pictures of a story and would like to see them on Ten News, you can send an email or MMS. We're interested in both photos and video. Reckless spending and the rich will be the target of the Rudd Government's first Budget. But the aged will be looked after,

despite fears of big cuts for the country's 3,000 nursing homes. The Australian economy is a bit like Harvey the computerised mannikin Kevin Rudd met at a new medical school in Victoria. How's the patient? He's surviving. Harvy has a heart murmur. thanks to rising inflation. The economy has palpitations Wayne Swan thinks he has the cure. We do have to take the axe to irresponsible spending because if we don't that will put further pressure on inflation. But the providers of aged care in Australia's 3,000 nursing homes fear that means the Treasurer won't renew a funding formula worth about $100 million a year that tops up their wages bill. We will face the prospect of cutting staff further, cutting services, cutting care. Mr Young says they have received no assurances from the Government.

But the Minister for Ageing Justine Elliot says the Government is committed of the nation's frail and elderly. to the protection More money and not less will be poured in. Also to be looked after in the Budget, working families whose combined income is around $70,000. But it seems the rich will pay, wealthy executives will lose the chance to minimise tax on their share options. This individual loophole will be eliminated.

Window dressing says Malcolm Turnbull. It's very hard for me to comment on what Mr Swan is proposing because he really hasn't given us enough information. I think he's being deliberately vague. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. There's a warning tonight Australia is following America into a recession we can't avoid.

Experts say our aggressive interest rate rises are pushing too many people over the edge. We've been told these are the boom times, but one economist believes it's a boom that's about to explode. A financial slump caused by enormous household debt. Because Australia's Reserve Bank has been putting rates up, they're increasing the pressure that level of debt is causing and they possibly will make things worse. So much worse, Professor Steve Keen is using the 'R' word. We used to call Keating's recession the recession we had to have. I'm calling this one the recession we can't avoid. He's critical of the Reserve Bank only one tool in fighting inflation. because it chooses to use They think that if they can control the rate of interest they will control the rate of inflation. the control mechanism wrong. I think they've got

I don't think it's as simple as they make it out to be. Professor Keen believes that much of what's driving inflation at the moment are things that struggling families have little discretion over - surging petrol and food prices, higher mortgages and rents, making the financial pain they feel so much worse. While our official interest rate is 7.25%,

the US cut its to 2% overnight to stimulate an economy that's crumbling. I think the Fed would like it to be the end of it. I don't think it will be because I believe the economy will continue to cycle downward for a while. Others reject the idea we're heading towards recession, but admit the Reserve Bank is walking a fine line. When you try to slow the economy down by raising interest rates, you never know if you've done enough until the day when, unfortunately,

you frequently find out you've already done too much. The only point of agreement that the Reserve Bank board will almost certainly leave rates on hold when it meets on Tuesday.

Prices at the supermarket are soaring,

with some basics leaping by 50% in just three years. Health professionals fear the rise is forcing Australians to make unhealthy food choices.

Gone are the days shoppers could rely on bread, milk and vegies

being well within their means. Well, as a single mother it's really hard to try and maintain our standard of living, pay the mortgage and eat properly really.

The average shopping bill now $139 more per month than it was last year.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures reveal the cost of healthy foods is continuing to climb well above inflation. So middle-income earners and those less fortunate are finding it increasingly difficult to eat well. A high reliance on highly processed foods can increases the risk of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, type two diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancers. And here is where is really hurts -

in just three years a simple loaf of white bread costs $1 more, it's up 39%. Two litres of milk is 18.5% more expensive. The humble and versatile staple of a carton of dozen eggs, is, wait for it, 50% more expensive. A kilo of potatoes used to cost you $2.20, now it costs $3.00, that's an increase of 43.6%.

And this will come as no surprise - since March 2005 petrol has increased a whopping 40%. The Australian Retailers Association blames a worldwide food shortage, unstable weather patterns and petrol prices which affect every stage of the supply channel. Martine Griffiths, Ten News. A tiny green frog has travelled more than 2,000km

in a bag of salad leaves. The eastern dwarf frog ended up in Far North Queensland dafter hitching a ride from a farm after hitching a ride from a farm near the New South Wales border. It was found in a packet of supermarket salad by a local reporter, who knew it was a story. I chucked the spinach down and just ran round the whole office and told everyone,

"Remember the story last week? It just happened to me!" I couldn't believe it. The stowaway is in a local frog hospital, but is expected to make a full recovery.

I saw you week wielding your arm

around - I'm sure that was not too

shady from the sunshine. Look, it may be

may be a new month, but the St

nippy weather has continued into

May. In fact, April was the cold as

they pull in 57 years. Overnight,

lows ranged to six degrees.

Visibility was reduced by fog to

half a kilometre this morning

before that lifted later in the day. In Charlotte pass it reached-three In Charlotte pass it reached-three

degrees. A cloudy day, with patches

of sunshine - I will have tomorrow's

tomorrow's report and the forecast later on.

Up next, WA's seat-sniffing politician now on the nose in his own party. And holidaying while his family suffered in secret - of Austria's evil father. a look at the home movies

This program is captioned live.

Let's check on the traffic. We have Let's check on the traffic. We have

got a shining Sunset, drizzle on the

the camera lens - red light as far

as the eye can see. You can see the

sun setting over the mountains.

When you zoom down on the M2,

heading west it is bumper-to-bumper

from North Ryde all the way through

to Beecroft. There was

to Beecroft. There was an incident

at Epping Road - but you can see

the motorists at peak hour trying

to a of that - avoided it. We are

going to head to Homebush now - we

will bring you an update of the


The politician caught sniffing a woman's chair is resisting mounting pressure to quit as WA's Opposition Leader. to haunt him today, Troy Buswell's past came back when he was cornered in a prank outside Parliament House - a radio station offering him a free chair. The Liberal leader gladly accepted, and wheeled the seat inside. Oh, I wish I had that. It's a repulsion, isn't it? Not the one on the right, the one on the left. The sniffing scandal has caused deep divisions within the Liberals and there are calls for a leadership spill when the party meets next week. One of Australia's worst sex offenders has pleaded guilty to 86 charges. Video footage shows a Melbourne man, who is obsessed with Naomi Robson, raping and assaulting 11 unconscious women. when asked his plea in the Supreme Court to one count of rape. His top lawyer, Remy van der Weil, QC, told Justice Cummins his client will plead guilty to a further 85 charges,

including 25 of rape and 61 of indecent assault. Over a decade from 1996, the former chef, who had a deep infatuation with TV personality Naomi Robson, dated, drugged, raped and filmed 11 women, including a relative. Police are yet to identify four of the victims who can be seen in the 17 videos Xydias made of the attacks found in his home. The 44-year-old's campaign of terror ended with his arrest in June last year after a tip-off. More victims came forward after his arrest, recognising him on the news. Although rape charges are usually heard in the County Court, prosecutor Michele Williams, SC, successfully argued Xydias should be sentenced in the higher Supreme Court.

Before sentencing later this year Justice Cummins will have to watch a 90-minute DVD compilation of rapes and assaults on the unconscious women which police say made victims physically sick on viewing.

He'll return to court for pre-sentencing submissions in July. Kate McGrath, Ten News. Death row Bali bomber Amrozi is to remarry his first wife,

even though he's still married to another woman. The so-called Smiling Assassin will have the death row wedding next month, but authorities claim there will be no honeymoon. Amrozi is waiting execution over the 2002 Bali bombings which killed 202 people, including 88 Australians.

The Austrian who fathered seven children with his sex-slave daughter is now being investigated over a murder mystery.

And new video has been released showing Josef Fritzl enjoying an Asian holiday while his secret family suffered A world away from his sickening secret, Josef Fritzl is a happy man - on holiday in Thailand, clearly enjoying himself. He takes in some sun, then tucks into a feast, while his daughter and three of the children he fathered with her

remain locked in his underground cellar in Austria. A former friend of the retired electrician

handed in the video, claiming he and Fritzl went on holiday a number of times in the '90s. Elisabeth Fritzl, who bore seven of her father's children while imprisoned, is being treated in hospital. She and the three children raised in the cellar have been reunited with her mother and the other children, who were taken upstairs. Inside the clinic, one of the boys has turned 12, the family reportedly celebrating with a birthday cake. While they put their lives back together,

police are slowly picking their father's apart. We have to bring light to every aspect of the suspect's life. They're now investigating a link between Fritzl and the unsolved murder of a young woman, 22 years ago.

(SPEAKS GERMAN) "We will use all professional means," says the nation's Chancellor, slander this has caused Austria." But few will soon forget one of the most shocking criminal cases in living memory. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Prince William has made a flying visit to Afghanistan to meet British troops on the front line. The Prince also piloted a transport plane part of the way to Kandahar in the country's troubled south. was for William The purpose of the exercise to familiarise himself with the operations of the Royal Air Force after being awarded his RAF wings. Stay with us, we'll have more on the Sydney Harbour boating tragedy next. Also, the rush for Penfold's new Grange at $550 a bottle.

And the latest video game craze too violent for our teenagers.

ROCK MUSIC When we took the versatility of a SUV and mixed it with the agility of a hatch, we created the first true compact crossover. With the safety of All Mode 4x4, VDC and six airbags, the all-new Nissan Dualis is:

This program is captioned live.

More now on the harbour tragedy, and with fears the death toll could soon rise to six, police have been interviewing the main suspect in the boat crash. Officers want to know what the overloaded boat was doing on Sydney Harbour in the middle of the night. Police are yet to identify the four young women and one young man who were killed when their overcrowded boat collided with a fishing trawler that was heading out of Sydney Harbour.

All aged in their late teens and early 20s, came to a tragic end at Bradley's Head just before 3:00am. 14 people onboard a 22ft vessel, that's obviously part of the things we're gonna have to look at. The boat was licensed to carry only eight passengers. It's not yet known if its navigation lights were working or if alcohol was involved.

Police have praised the efforts of 50 emergency workers who rushed to the scene. Two nearby fishermen gave immediate aid, one clearly distressed by the crash. The aluminium working boat was stolen during the night. from its berth Our boat has been taken by somebody over at Balmain at Nicholson Street, evidently for some sort of joy-ride or whatever. As police investigations got under way,

nine survivors were rushed to hospital. Six, suffering shock and minor injuries, were later released. Lacerations here and there

but, overwhelmingly, they were very cold as well and shock. Three survivors remain in hospital.

Grave concern is held for one 30-year-old man

who is battling serious head injuries in intensive care. that happens in Sydney, The harbour is the centre of so much

it's terrible to think of it today as a place of suffering and death. While police can't yet say what caused the crash, this latest multifatality on Sydney Harbour

has renewed calls for a greater police presence and tougher safety standards on what remains a busy working waterway. Professional fishermen remain concerned that many recreational boat users pose a danger. They say that very often -

"What a nightmare, or that boat, little boats "in the road, in the wrong place." In March last year for a crash in which a ferry smashed into a pleasure cruiser, killing four. Jacqui Maddock, Ten News. The father of one of the victims of that crash last year is Robert Innes. He's been lobbying for improved harbour safety

ever since his daughter Morgan's death. Robert joins us now from Brisbane. Robert, you of all people know what it's like to lose a loved one in a boat crash. How would the families of today's accident be coping?

Just trying to get through. From

our point of view, we have been

through that day. It is a terrible through that day. It is a terrible

day. Our thoughts and our prayers

and all care must go to the

families of the victims. Has of the

investigation into your daughter's

death prompted any investigation on

the water? They have spoken the water? They have spoken about

lights if as being one of the issues.

issues. Keep in mind that if you

have a speed limit, people have to

abide by it. There was regulations

prior to the accident last March

that applied to ferries in relation

to a North South regulation. Later

in the year, they found that 17 out

of 19 vote on the harbour were of 19 vote on the harbour were not

abiding by that regulation. There

has been regulations in the past, there has been regulations in terms

of speed, but at the end of the day

if people do not abide by them in a

commercial sense as well, you

cannot help it. Do you think regulations should be cannot help it. Do you think more

I do. I regulations should be implemented?

I do. I think we should do more.

One thing that we must keep in mind

is that the commercial vessel which

hit the smaller vessel continued on.

I do not understand that from a

person who is watching that involve

- - evolve throughout the day.

Thank you for your time.

Sydney's west is fighting back by a self-proclaimed property guru after another vicious attack from Queensland. from Cabramatta, He's telling investors to keep away but he's got his facts wrong.

It's the Wild West alright. housing hot-spotter Terry Ryder Locals are wild with anger Blacktown are no-go zones for buyers. reckons Bankstown, Parramatta and

Today he added Cabramatta. He called it ugly.

That's just ludicrous, ludicrous. show Ryder is off track. Crime statistics in Bankstown and Blacktown. Stealing from dwellings is down has fallen significantly Motor vehicle theft in Bankstown and Parramatta into robbery on the streets. and there's been big inroads so many wonderful people here Parramatta's a great place,

to be here for 30 years and I've been very fortunate and has several investments there. Mick Stephenson lives in Bankstown to be rented in Bankstown now. There's hardly a house they're snapped up. up in Queensland Name a council or an area an Australian Test cricket captain where they can boast an ex-PM,

of all time. and probably the greatest swimmer

we love to hate, Victorians, The irony is the other mob

in western Sydney see so much potential a second AFL team into the area, that they're desperate to move to upgrade Blacktown's Olympic Park investing millions to make it happen. in Bankstown and works in Parramatta. Last word to Ben, who lives big time. Frank Coletta, Ten News.

his proposed power sell-off The Premier is confident State Labor conference. won't be derailed at this weekend's Morris Iemma says are deserting him over the plan reports a growing number of MPs are false. phone calls yesterday from MPs I've received about half a dozen who expressed their opinion in Caucus

with the package. and that was that they didn't agree won't necessarily sway the vote. Mr Iemma says the 15 opposing MPs

eleventh hour talks with them He is however considering and the unions to negotiate an electricity deal. To the BankWest finance report and the Australian share market has closed flat

after a weak lead from Wall Street.

tonight is $1.52. The average price of fuel in Sydney at Roselands. We found it as low as $1.40 to the Internet Australians have rushed on an R-rated video game to get around a ban that's caused a worldwide sensation. offensive - Critics say 'Grand Theft Auto' is flying off the shelves. but even the censored version is

cousin! MAN: Don't do anything stupid, For a 'Grand Theft Auto' fan, on the latest version - IV. that means missing out across the globe this week, They queued up for midnight releases to $400 million of sales. clocking up close on this sucker, Every last cent I spent it was worth it. With its urban crime theme, the game's been compared to 'The Godfather' or 'The Sopranos' and it resonates with players.

Please, no more killings. That troubles our classification experts. I truly don't understand why people find that shooting a prostitute in a virtual world or a real world as an amusing way to spend time. Retailers here are selling edited versions, with our MA15+ rating. so the game complies That's because there's no R18+ for video games, an issue our attorneys-general have been debating. If we don't have that category, then it's likely, in my view, there will be more of the games circulating their content. Already, many fans have bypassed the current ban,

buying uncensored versions online.

The public will be invited to contribute to a national discussion later this year. Amber Muir, Ten News. Wine lovers from around Australia have been handing over thousands of dollars today

for the latest release of Penfolds Grange Red. is highly sought after by investors. The 2003 vintage, priced at $550, Penfolds describes it as solid and stoic,

a blend of mostly shiraz with a little cabernet. There will be people buying this for their children, anniversaries, for all sorts of occasions, but ultimately, hopefully, to drink.

Demand for Grange normally outstrips the production of only 9,000 cases. Tim Webster now with sport and Sally Robbins breaks her silence

on what went wrong at the Athens Olympics. Yes, the reason she laid down is next. Plus, why the country team thinks some city forwards will be dreading their rivals. Also, a sight league fans thought they'd never see - John Hopoate with a new career as a referee. And breaking the stumps in every sense in the IPL. COMMENTATOR: Oh, finding the right length straight away - Jacques Kallis.

The Australian Football Hall of Fame - where we honour men like 'Polly' Farmer, the first bloke to kick the ball with his hands. And Alex Jesaulenko, who gave kids across the country And all the other hall-of-famers

that made Australian football what it is today. we celebrate the true greats of our game with a tribute match featuring the best of the best.

This program is captioned live. City officials are confident Mark O'Meley has recovered from hamstring problems and should take on Country.

It's been an easier day for the boys from the bush following last night's naming of their best ever team. The players wound down with a bit of beach cricket in Wollongong ahead of tomorrow night's clash against City. I think you'll see a lot of passion from our blokes. I reckon there'll be a few City blokes that are sleeping tonight and be a little bit restless, put it that way. The citysiders opting for training as they attempt to retain the title. NSW Origin coach Coach Craig Bellamy won't be at the game.

It's understood he's not happy with some of the selections. Rugby league's bad boy has, incredibly, become a referee. John Hopoate is now the man in the middle No, the camera doesn't lie. John Hopoate, the man sent off three times in his career, suspended for a total of 45 weeks, and infamous for bad-mouthing officials is now a referee. Which hand is it in? Ironically Hopoate only started refereeing to work off a suspension but now he's caught the bug. The transformation from the bad old days even has Hopoate shaking his head. It's a job I never ever thought about, I never ever wanted to do it. To me referees were just guys who couldn't play. That's the way I looked at it.

But until you do it you've got a lot more respect for the guys that actually get out there and do it. Today Hopoate was in charge of Arrive Alive Cup schoolboy qualifiers.

The crowd a little smaller than he's used to. This is one strange sight. John Hopoate was the bane of referees throughout his career yet here he is with a whistle in his mouth. And this is no novelty act. Hopoate will meet the NRL next week after being asked to take it up full-time,

possibly being fast-tracked like his former Manly team-mate Luke Phillips. I'm one of the players the refs hated to ref and for them to ask me was a bit mind-boggling. All I've done is abuse them my whole career and now they want me to be a ref. If today's anything to go by he'll be a hit with the players, although there was some measured criticism. a grapple tackle. Some guy was giving me I looked to the ref and he just laughed at me. I think he needs to practise on that grapple tackle because it's not working for him.

'Hoppa's expecting more flak if he makes it to the NRL. The crowd will come there to boo me more than the away team so it's something I've got to think about. I can't get sent off. Adam Hawse, Ten News. The Waratahs are eyeing off the Super 14 finals on their 2-game tour of South Africa. The Tahs flew out this morning and are currently sitting in second position on the ladder.

They'll play the 11th-placed Bulls this weekend, before meeting the 6th-placed Stormers. The reality is, we've got to win two games in South Africa and that's a difficult task. It's always been a difficult task - it doesn't matter which team it is, you go look through the history - or win a lot of games over there. not many teams win The Tahs are looking to become the first NSW side to win six straight Super 14 rugby matches. The Swans clash with the Western Bulldogs on Sunday at the SCG has caused some divisions in Peter Everitt's family. 'Spida' makes his return to senior football

against the team his younger brother Andrew plays for. At the Everitt Christmas dinner the older brother forced his family to choose sides for the Round 7 clash. Of course Mum went with my younger brother. Bad luck, Mum - he's not playing so the Swans got up. I think it ended up being 14-12 or something.

That's only because I got four kids. He hasn't got any. (Laughs) Young ruckman Jesse White with Nick Davis also dropped. Rower Sally Robbins has finally broken her silence about what happened at the Athens Olympics. Robbins says pushing her body beyond its limits by trying to please her team-mates caused her to collapse during the final of the women's eight

at the 2004 Games. I try to do things beyond my capabilities. Outside of sport this is generally seen as a really good trait but in rowing it's proven to be my weakness. After missing selection for Beijing, Robbins is yet to decide if she'll row on to London in 2012. Chelsea and Manchester United, The top two Premier League sides, will play out the first all-England Champions League final. Chelsea survived an emotionallly charged second semi against Liverpool. Didier Drogba scored Chelsea's first, but Liverpool sent the game to extra time, where this penalty gave Chelsea striker Frank Lampard the chance to put the Blues ahead, Lampard playing just a week after the death of his mother. COMMENTATOR: And scores! 19 in total. Champions League goal number three,

Dad, Frank Lampard Senior, was there to share the emotions. Both sides scored again to make it 3-2 - the final whistle a huge relief for Chelsea manager Avram Grant. Glenn McGrath has proved there's still life after retirement from international cricket. He's the first bowler to grab a 4-wicket haul in the Indian Premier League, to help his Delhi Daredevils down Jacques Kallis set the standard early for the Challengers.

COMMENTATOR: Finding the right length straightaway, Jacques Kallis.

And he has broken the stump - always a very satisfying spectacle for the fast bowlers. While McGrath's wickets all came from catches, three in his first three overs, to rip through the Challengers' top order. The man of the match gave away just 29 runs,

his fourth wicket, Bangalore skipper Rahul Dravid. And no Late News with Sports Tonight because of the IPL cricket. You can watch that instead. Let's check on the traffic. 8 to

cut bingle causing problems in Homebush.

Homebush. You can see the home but she

she Bay Drive traffic

she Bay Drive traffic - a long

tailback back-to- sav Strathfield along Homebush Bay Drive.

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This program is captioned live. It

always worries me on a Thursday evening

evening when the rain starts to set

in for the weekend. Yes, but do not worry,

worry, by eight Saturday it will be

so sunny. There is only one more

working day before the weekend.

Last night was the coldest April

night in the 57 years., so if you

had your ugg boots on that his wife.

had your ugg boots on that his wife.

It is currently spitting here. Let us look It is currently spitting here. Let us look at temperatures around the city.

On the satellite - jet stream cloud

blanketing the New South Wales and eastern eastern Victoria is generating only

patchy light rain in the south.

Scattered cloud crossing western

Victoria is causing light Victoria is causing light showers.

Tomorrow - cold westerly wind

behind the front will cause light

showers to the South East. Onshore

winds will bring isolated winds will bring isolated showers

to the Queensland coast. Tomorrow -

showers in south-east New South Wales and Wales and South East Western

Australia was a light showers on

the Queensland coast and a possible

Creek - - thundery showers for the

Gascoyne. Kids - St your parents to

walk the safety - but safely to school tomorrow.

He'd pester your parents to walk

safely to school tomorrow. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening and tune in for our Early News from 6:00 tomorrow morning. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.