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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Sandra Sully He died doing what he loved. killed in Afghanistan in six months. The fourth Australian soldier and dangerous and bloody. 2008 will be difficult Locked in a dungeon for 24 years, by her father - forced to have seven children some had never seen the sun. Charges dropped - over the APEC security debacle. the Chaser team cleared nine completely innocent people Today there are who are very relieved and Chas and I are relieved as well. Our paths may cross again. and a head-turning Miranda. Plus Megan, Mischa, at Australian Fashion Week. The pull of star power headlines Sports Tonight Then footballers behaving badly with Brad McEwan. dumped as captain, Sandra, South Sydney's David Kidwell and hefty AFL bans and Fremantle's Josh Carr. for West Coast's Daniel Kerr out of the Indian Premier League Also tonight - Harbhajan Singh kicked for slapping Sreesanth a remarkable ton. as Adam Gilchrist tonks COMMENTATOR: 100 off 42 deliveries. It was bigger than Texas. in the US. Adam Scott's stunning winning putt Are you kidding? And - like, wow, wipeout. at Teahupoo. Surfers chewed up and spat out bloodshed to come in Afghanistan The Prime Minister is warning of more killed an Australian father of two after a Taliban attack and wounded four others. Lance Corporal Jason Marks to his mates. has been described as an inspiration his family - 27-year-old Jason Marks loved aged five and five months. his wife and two children, He also loved his job. and also very, very fit. Very dedicated, highly enthusiastic to his mates. He was a great inspiration at the soldier's Sydney home As his commanding officer arrived to offer support, was sinking in. the news every defence family dreads well mannered, grown up. happened, I just don't, you know, It's just distraught news that he was just a good boy. by Taliban militants Lance Corporal Marks was killed 25km south-east of Tarin Kowt. in Oruzgan Province, from 4 RAR He was among a group of commandos on the Taliban. preparing to launch an assault There was a heavy exchange of fire. His body was flown to Tarin Kowt. who had also been wounded. With him, four others Their injuries not life threatening. In a statement, wife Cassandra says: Australian soldier to be killed Lance Corporal Marks is the fifth since this war began seven years ago. in action in Afghanistan The Prime Minister warning for further casualties. we should prepare

and dangerous and bloody. 2008 will be difficult Just hours before the attack, heavy security in the capital Kabul on President Hamid Karzai. to launch an assassination attempt

a change of strategy in Afghanistan Kevin Rudd is hoping will produce better results. He says unless he believed they could win. he wouldn't have committed troops Leonie Mellor, Ten News. is embedded with Australian forces And Ten News Reporter Tim Collits rocked all those serving overseas. in Baghdad where the tragic news has here in Baghdad It's getting toward late afternoon to Lance Corporal Jason Marks and the shock of what happened

among his mates and army colleagues is still sinking in main headquarter complex. here at the army's But such is the level to the cause among the troops, all that heartbreak to one side they're very much able to push and get back to the job at hand. to speak to some of them, We did manage for yet another security patrol busy gearing up in the Baghdad Green Zone. Quite sad obviously. today and talk about it. We'll get together at some stage I feel sad for his family and that for him when he joined the army. but he knew what he had in store It comes to a big hit military and to Australia's society. and it is a major loss to the And the four diggers wounded Lance Corporal Jason Marks in the attack that killed for surgery to their wounds, are set to be airlifted to Germany aren't life-threatening. which, we're told, The army also busy with preparations their ramp ceremony. for what they call

That is, the formal return back to Australia. of Lance Corporal Jason Marks's body on her neighbour's doorstep A mother of two has been shot dead as she screamed for help. and hospitals Police shut down nearby schools for the killer. as a manhunt got under way a man chased and shot her in the head Witnesses say her frantic knocks at the door. as a neighbour answered can't believe it. Can't believe it actually,

that's the really sad part. I just think, the kids -

was seen fleeing the area The man, believed to be in his 60s, in a silver commodore. in June over an alleged incident Greens MP Ian Cohen is facing court dating back to 2006. a woman suffered a ruptured eardrum Police say

when she was hit on the head. himself against the charge. The MP says he'll vigorously defend The ABC's Chaser team is off the hook stunt. over that notorious APEC security

prosecutors today admitted Much to the pranksters surprise and dropped the charges. the case was weak which stunned the nation - It was a stunt passing through tight APEC security, the ABC's 'Chaser' team of the US President's hotel. to get within metres The 11 pranksters were arrested and set to go on trial in July,

charges dropped. but today, they got the last laugh - nine completely innocent people Today there are who are very relieved and Chas and I are relieved as well. prosecutors said In a written statement, guilty of breaching security because: the team was unlikely to be found still can't see the funny side. Seven months on, police of a lot of things. They do make light after this I have to do World Youth Day may cross again. and I'm sure our paths a fake Popemobile I think it will be harder to hire but we'll look into it. than a fake motorcade, The saga over, are now free to concentrate and the 'Chaser' team on their national stage show, parts of which are now being rewritten to include their infamous brush with the law. And here's a taste. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. To Austria's house of horrors

over the woman kept in a dungeon for 24 years and forced to have seven children by her father. The 73-year-old has now confessed, admitting he kept his daughter as a sex slave while fathering his own grandchildren.

And police have just released photos of the hell-hole cellar. For a quarter of a century, 73-year-old Josef Fritzel remained silent over the truth behind his daughter's disappearance. Now he has cracked. Police say Josef gave them a code to unlock a hidden door at his home. It revealed a network of rooms where the pensioner admitted he locked up his daughter for 24 years. And forced her to bear seven of his children. Elizabeth Fritzel and three of her children were kept prisoners in these small rooms without natural light or fresh air. One of the babies died at birth, the remaining three lead a normal life just a few feet above the dungeon. Fostered by Josef and his unsuspecting wife who believed they'd been abandoned by their runaway mother. (Translation) This was all apparently done in coordination with her father who is responsible for these actions. Evidently he ensured that the appropriate letters were given to the children which had to be written by their mother in a way he had demanded. This is likely because he was an authoritarian and decided what happened and what would happen in the family. The truth only emerged after one of the imprisoned children was admitted to hospital with a serious unknown illness. It was note doctors found in the 19-year-old's pocket from her mother pleading for help which sparked a new interest in her whereabouts. Elizabeth Fritzl and her children are now being cared for by doctors and psychologists trying to heal their physical and mental scars. years without daylight, (Translation) The effects of 20 incest and other illnesses we can research in the next few days it is possible that the 19-year-old woman would never get healthy again.

The small town of Amstetten is shocked by the horrors they lived with unknowingly for more than 20 years. Newspaper headlines called the case the 'crime of a monster' and the 'worst crime of all time' but Austrians have seen similar headlines before. The case has ignited memories The Austrian teenager held captive in a house in Vienna for eight years. She ran to freedom in 2006. While police are not connecting the two cases many Austrians are asking why, yet again, a child has been imprisoned, abused and left undiscovered for so long. Up to 70 people are dead and hundreds have been injured in a train crash in China. Two passenger trains collided just before dawn near the city of Zibo

after one of the trains derailed. Chinese media reports more than 420 people have been hurt in the crash. 51 of them are critical. There are reports it was a head-on collision. 10 carriages from one of the trains fell into a ditch. No foreigners have been injured. And 19 are dead tonight in a helicopter crash in the Black Sea. The heavy-lift craft plunging into the water is about to cost you more money. Flying with Qantas being passed on to passengers. Rising fuel costs are again to another record oil price It's a reaction in the cost of jet fuel - and the consequent surge its bottom line Qantas moving to protect

of shrinking profit margins. at a time in realistic terms anyway, Airline fares are exceptionally low but to lift their fares. so airlines really have no choice it's happening all around the world. Qantas isn't the only one, from May 9, saying Qantas will lift base airfares is no longer enough the fuel surcharge alone to cover the extra cost. Domestic fares will go up 3.5% - to a return Sydney-Melbourne fare. adding about $8 International flights rise 3%, to a return flight to London. adding about $70 very resilient - The passenger has proven to be people want to fly. when it will have an impact The time may come

and that concerns airlines, they're flying with full aeroplanes. but at the moment If there's any good news in this, in the Australian aviation market it's that there's enough competition may not mean to ensure that this fare rise the end of discounting just yet. as far as the oil price is concerned. But that's where the good news ends supply isn't keeping up Demand is strong, like Nigeria and the North Sea, and we've got outages in places to stay at pretty high levels means that oil prices are likely for quite some time. that goes beyond recent records - And that could mean a petrol price in the next two weeks. predicted to hit $1.60 a litre Eddy Meyer, Ten News. stranded at Sydney airport Hundreds of passengers are tonight international flights are delayed. as dozens of domestic and the closure Westerly winds of 40km/h forced at Mascot this afternoon, of both the north and south runways available. leaving only the east-west runway to have flights running on schedule Sydney airport is hoping by midnight, to prepare for delays. but is warning passengers on home loan interest rates Another bank makes a decision

that no-one's going to like. The details in a moment. BRAKES HISS, LAID-BACK MUSIC CAR ALARM DRONES

Hey, how you going? G'day, mate. Oh, good to see ya. catching up with a friend, There's nothing like McFeast Deluxe at McDonald's. like your old friend when you order, And now we only make it fresher than ever before. so it's as fast as ever, and tastes This program is captioned live. Another bank has bumped up its home loan interest rate

independently of the RBA. will rise 10 basis points on Friday Westpac's standard variable rate to 9.47%. for the increase. It's blamed wholesale borrowing costs It's a case of buyer beware. new petrol voucher scheme Woolworths's by 10 cents a litre, promises to cut the cost of fuel but the discount is a one-off. Since its rollout, up online for the swipe-card saving, more than 300,000 people have signed only to to find the petrol discount cut to just 4 cents on the second fill-up.

the current pricing climate I think given anything of this nature great enthusiasm by motorists. is going to be taken up with customers enjoy a saving of any size. Woolworths says Tom Piotrowski. Finance news with CommSec's

of the blocks this morning Tom, the market shot out thoughts. but buyers seemed to have second They did Sandra. The first half hour was great. by more than 80 points The market was up ahead to the remainder of the week, but then perhaps investors looked going to be incredibly important in the US in particular, which is for markets around the world a US interest rate decision because not only do we get on their jobs market we'll also get a reading and how the US economy performed So, amidst that, what we saw was selling in the resource stocks. Part of the reason for that being that the resource sector really has been the backbone of the market this month. It is up as much as 15%. But the money was moving out of that group and into the financial stocks which have been in negative territory but recently just moved into positive territory. They're up by about 5% for the month, the hope being that the NAB's profit result later this week will provide continuing new momentum in that regard. Let's look at the market now for today - some of the biggest gains. Global miners were down. Olivia Newton-John on the final leg Some household names are joining of her great walk to Beijing. Some were even prepared to endure a little embarrassment - in the name of charity. It's not a bad way to start the day - singalongs with Olivia Newton-John and Cliff Richard to get in the mood for a very big walk. (All sing) # You have to believe we are magic. # I just never found it possible to say no to Olivia. So here we are. Magic the kitten was rescued and Olivia has adopted him, carrying him everywhere she goes. So he's our little mascot. The Great Walk to Beijing is no easy walk to Beijing. This is hard work. Every single person joining Olivia Newton-John for this amazing effort is walking with a special person in their hearts, someone who's been affected by cancer. And that's what keeps each and every one of us going. Doing it really tough, though, is Ian Thorpe. I heard a whisper that your shoes are still in Hong Kong. Not just my shoes, all of my luggage. So you might be doing this In thongs, barefoot.

The walk winds up tomorrow, but the fundraising is set to continue. The Duchess of York, I would like to come down and see the centre, see the hospital and really have a good time. She joined Joan Rivers for a fundraising meeting in Beijing after the comedian did her turn on the Wall in red stilettos,

under the mistaken illusion she was going to the Great Mall of China. I thought we can shop and I said, "I'm all for days on the mall." Angela Bishop in China for Ten News. Some serious star power has been used to launch Australian Fashion Week. Celebrities are lining the catwalks with designers saying it's the best year ever. The famous, more than the frocks, took centre stage this morning as the stars turned out to support the launch of Fashion Week.

Designer Kirrily Johnston showed off the first threads on the runway with flowing gowns, gold and headwear. It turned the heads of the social set, with Miranda Kerr a front-row guest and the reviews for our designers were glowing. I think I find them a bit younger and funkier. It's just really good for my age, you know, just funky. Wayne Cooper revealed his latest collection, Clouds and Rainbows, tonight. There were more stars on hand boasting about our best. To us, like, we're from L.A. - Hollywood, the glitz and glamour. We love the bling-bling. One Teapsoon, a well-established Aussie brand, took its inspiration for bling from love, the Roman Empire and 'Mad Max'. Probably the best vibe ever this year. is for their show to come off seamlessly, everything else is a little less organised, with hundreds of photographers all after that perfect picture. This year 250 international buyers and media are in town. This is the week where the Australian fashion industry says "Look at me!" We want the attention of the world on us. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Sports Tonight with Brad McEwan. Brad - to many Australian cricket fans Yes Sandra - We've now learnt one of the teams had 19 players on the field in the dramatic final quarter. Details next. Also tonight, an Olympic blow for the Boomers. Scott McDonald's stunning double in the old firm derby. Plus a frightening Formula 1 stack and a pit crew punch. ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYS QUIETLY MUSIC BUILDS Stunning new looks. STRINGS PLAY Stunning sports performance. Stunning levels of comfort. In hatch, sedan or wagon. Stunning from the start. If you live for cheese, try Domino's Triple Cheese pizza. And your favourite toppings. This program is captioned live. Good evening, and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. There's a major twist to yesterday's thrilling draw The AFL has tonight confirmed the Swans had 19 players on the field when Brett Kirk kicked a point to level the scores. And it's been costly weekend for two players from Perth - West Coast midfielder Daniel Kerr has been suspended for five matches

and Fremantle's Josh Carr has been rubbed out for four games. This head butt from volatile Eagle Daniel Kerr was deemed intentional, with medium impact and high contact by the match review panel. COMMENTATOR: Now there's a player down. Kerr - Kerr was involved - in comes Staker - it's on! for Kerr's previous offences, the star Eagle can accept the 3-game ban with a guilty plea or risk five matches by contesting the case. He's been looked at for head-butting previously, but he's never been found guilty. Across town at Fremantle, serial offender Josh Carr has copped three weeks out for an ugly kneeing offence on Gary Ablett. It will blow out to four if the Dockers contest and lose. Brent Staker, the man hit by Barry Hall, has been reprimanded for a strike not caught on camera. Port Adelaide's Chad Cornes is out with a broken finger, but copped a reprimand for this strike. Hawthorn's Ben McGlynn also getting a reprimand with an early guilty plea

while Carlton youngster Darren Pfeiffer's match-day report

was thrown out. On the injury front, North Melbourne forward Aaron Edwards after breaking his leg against the Swans. Hopefully it's not too bad, but I think it's a fractured fibula. Essendon speedster Alwyn Davey's season is over. He'll undergo a knee reconstruction next week. I didn't think it would be that bad but as it came out, it was pretty bad. The Eagles woes continue. Gun defender Adam Hunter is sweating on scans to his knee while Shannon Hurn is facing six weeks on the sidelines with a leg fracture. On the field, premature Kangaroo celebrations from the season's second draw, had the Swans disbelieving. They were right beside me when they were celebrating and I was, "Hang on a second, what are they doing?" I started second guessing as well. And Hawthorn honoured legendary figure John Kennedy with a giant statue at its training base. The players got a first-hand taste of the 3-time premiership coach's great oratory skills. Your finding about yourself and who you are. Well, I've been doing that for about 70 years and it's a pretty disappointing process. Ian Cohen for Sports Tonight. South Sydney veteran David Kidwell has been stripped of the captaincy after failing a club breath test. Kidwell was one of five players who blew over the limit - the other four have been dumped from the first-grade team. David Kidwell implemented South Sydney's zero-tolerance ban. Now it's cost him the captaincy and four others their place in the side after Kidwell, Eddie Paea, Jaiman Lowe, Fetuli Talanoa and Ben Rogers failed to blow zero at Saturday's recovery session. Adding to the woes at Redfern, the Rabbitohs were slugged $70,000 by the NRL for breaching the salary cap last season. The Tigers and the Raiders also attracting hefty penalties among the six clubs fined. On a brighter note, there were some very happy players today after being given their first Kangaroos jersey ahead of next month's Centenary Test against the Kiwis. The fight for the Australian fullback spot as fierce as ever, Melbourne's Billy Slater winning this round. They probably could have picked about three fullbacks for this Test and they would have done a great job so you know, I've just got to make sure I prepare right and do a good job. Reality setting in for North Queensland too, Cowboy's enforcer Carl Webb earning his first call-up on the bench. It was quoted in the paper that I was a little bit teary-eyed - that wasn't true. It was obviously a very proud moment and a bit emotional but it's the highest honour you can have in the game. The other rep players assembled in Sydney this morning ahead of Friday's City-Country Origin clash. Parramatta's Jarryd Hayne not surprised to be among the City boys instead of pulling on the green and gold. JOURNALIST: Did you think you'd miss out on the Test side? Ah, yeah. Of course. I haven't been playing well. Haynesy's form's a bit down. I suppose when you get shot at, you get a few different things going through your head. A blow for the Country side - fullback Brett Stuart ruled out this morning with a calf tear. Very disappointed, I was looking forward to getting back to Wollongong where we grew up. Ben Hornby welcomed into the side, his Dragons team-mate and former Test front-rower Jason Ryles missed out. There's a lot of politics involved in making representative teams and that's just the way they've decided to go and it is really out of my hands. Yeah, if form's got anything to do with it there in the mix, that's for sure. then I would have certainly been

And just the one judicial charge out of Round 7. North Queensland's Jacob Lillyman the Cowboys' next two games. He'll miss Victoria Murphy for Sports Tonight. and Rocky Elsom Waratahs pair Timana Tahu will return to the line-up of South Africa. in the upcoming 2-match tour Tahu says he's 100% fit and confident of the hamstring problems and there won't be a recurrence that have plagued his career. These hamstrings hamstrings in the world, are probably the most talked about I've got to try and keep on top of but it's just something that and the body's wearing down. because I'm getting older a month out with a torn thigh muscle. Wallabies forward Elsom is back after on Thursday. The Waratahs leave for South Africa has suffered a double blow The Boomers' Olympic campaign Australia's top-ranked golfer. Adam Scott is once again to hate Harbhajan Singh, The cricketer Australian's love of this year's Indian Premier League. has effectively been kicked out

from the remainder of the tournament Singh was tonight banned Sreesanth. for slapping Indian team-mate

offence, As penalty for the level 4.20 committed by Mr Harbhajan Singh, we hereby order that Mr Harbhajan Singh be banned in the first IPL season. for the remaining matches Despite the very public make-up between the pair, all his remaining match payments. Singh will forgo

Without Singh, for the Deccan Chargers. Adam Gilchrist. and their rampaging opener

century in the competition The Aussie great smashed the fastest recorded their first win. as the Deccan Chargers to the tournament After a quiet start the real Adam Gilchrist stood up

out of the picture. and almost blasted himself the big screen. COMMENTATOR: I think it's damaged And just take a look where it hits. There it is! The screen survived but Mumbai's bowlers took a hammering. 10 sixes and 9 fours from Gilchrist's flashing blade. He's gone again. It's further this time. Shot! beautiful shot! Not even the umpires were safe. the next 50 from just 14 balls. Oh, my word, that is humungous! 100 off 42 deliveries! than the old IPL record, That's five balls faster Andrew Symonds. Fellow Aussie Simon Katich also turned in a Man of the Match performance, scoring 75 for the Punjab Kings in their 4-wicket win over the Delhi Daredevils.

Leanne West for Sports Tonight. McLaren driver Heikki Kovalainen is in hospital this evening has suffered a double blow The Boomers' Olympic campaign Jason Smith both ruled out. with captain Sam McKinnon and veteran throughout the lungs It sort of dispersed and gone and I'm pretty lucky go to my heart or your brain. that one big blood clot didn't after undergoing shoulder surgery, Smith will miss the Games until Christmas. putting him out of action

Australia's top-ranked golfer. Adam Scott is once again at number five He's replaced Geoff Ogilvy an enthralling 3-hole play-off at the Byron Nelson Championship. He'd blown a 3-shot overnight lead for victory. and dropped two play-off hole chances to finish with a flourish. Yet Adam Scott found enough Are you kidding? COMMENTATOR: Something like this... The 16m bomb seemed to blow away had left. any fight American Ryan Moore Though Scott was the one to throwing this tournament away. who'd come close at five. In the water for a double bogey and putts just wouldn't drop. His lead gone The 27-year-old needed a touch of magic at the last to force the sudden death extra holes. Oh what a shot! Spin. That's spot on. Play-off bound! pay cheque from up close, Yet twice he missed the $1.2 million from way out. setting up a most improbable winner and obviously found my range I dug it out of nowhere on the third play-off, other ones. I was hitting it too close on the

think today. You know, I got away with one I so confident in his form Just reward after feeling on the Gold Coast to enter the event. he cut short a holiday back home

Anthony Goodridge, Sports Tonight. is in hospital this evening McLaren driver Heikki Kovalainen in the Spanish Grand Prix. after a sickening crash disintegrated on lap 22, The 26-year-old's front left tyre sending him into the wall. to do absolutely nothing about that. COMMENTATOR: He would have been able no head injuries or broken bones, Amazingingly, Kovalainen had he will race in a fortnight. and his team is confident Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen won the race a hat-trick of F1 wins. giving the Prancing Horse Mark Webber finished fifth.

These extraordinary images show just how close two drivers came to disaster

in the second race of the Le Mans Series. While his car dismantled around him, Frenchman Stephane Ortelli escaped with only a broken ankle.

But what about Italian Rinaldo Capello? of being cleaned up His car within seconds by Ortelli's tumbling wreck. lead in the World Superbike standings And Troy Bayliss has increased his

in the Netherlands. after winning both round-four races finish came in the World Supersports. But the most thrilling motorcycle Jonathan Ray closes the door. COMMENTATOR: On the last corner Can he hold on to it? to beat his team-mate. Johnny Ray hanging desperately on They're side by side! Pitt has won! Pitt's got it! winning by 0.001sec. Aussie Andrew Pitt - on the outside - in the World Rally Championship A near-miss for Finn Jari Matti Latvala. co-driver Miikka Anttila underneath. His Ford fell off its jack with Luckily he escaped unharmed. the inaugural Rally of Jordan Fellow Finn Miko Hirvonen claimed

of the championship standings, and moves to the top finished third while Australia's Chris Atkinson

in five starts. to claim his fourth podium has propelled Celtic to victory Socceroos striker Scott McDonald

against arch-rival Rangers. He scored in the fourth minute

before Rangers hit back with two first-half goals to claim the lead.

McDonald levelled the scores with a cracker. The Australian was brought down in the box midway through the second half, to round out a crucial win. leaving team mate Barry Robson

A voodoo ritual, blessing the skies before take-off? or just LeBron James an aerial assault on Washington. The Cleveland forward launching Lights it up in the capital! COMMENTATOR: James... than just the 2 on the board. You know those have more impact into submission. The Wizards tried to belt him But King James kept on coming. The baby powder worked - in the 100-97 win his sweat-free hands scored 34 points in their first-round play-off series. giving the Cavaliers a 3-1 lead And look out for the Shaq attack. against San Antonio. Phoenix trying to stay alive And the finish! COMMENTATOR: Feeding to O'Neal...

and 12 rebounds. The big fella with 14 points figures in the 105-86 victory. Five Suns players scored double The Spurs now lead the series 3-1. Organisers were forced to cancel competitive surfing midway through day one at Teahupoo in Tahiti. of the Billabong Pro trials The waves considered too dangerous, but try telling that to a group of pro surfers chasing the ultimate ride. This is Hawaiian Garrett McNamara being chased by a giant at lightning speed. He won the race on day one at Teahupoo. but not everyone did With Aussie Laurie Towner for company had the luckiest of escapes. this Brazilian surfer were everywhere. Monsters like these organisers cancelled competition. So big, took their chances anyway. Some, like Stefan Keoni, Even 2004 Pipeline Master Jamie O'Brien paid a price for his bravado. Got a fat lip and a sore eye but still getting barrelled. The big waves set a backdrop for sheer poetry on water and some stunning surfing. This a perfect 10 from Gabriel Villaran. Two young Aussies showed age is no barrier. Woo-hoo! West Australian Jay Davies mastering some of the thickest sets of the day. It's hard to explain how good this place is. It's amazing - you feel like you're close to heaven here. I don't think they know how old I am because I look a little older, I think. They'll be back for more tomorrow, weather permitting. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. where we honour men like 'Polly' Farmer, the first bloke to kick the ball with his hands. an excuse to jump all over their mates' backs. And all the other hall-of-famers that made Australian football what it is today. So on 10 May, we celebrate the true greats of our game with a tribute match featuring the best of the best. (Pants) (Grunts) VOICEOVER: New Liquid Blast from Extra helps wash away that furry feeling and freshens your mouth. This program is captioned live. A racetrack isn't the safest place on earth Just ask Aussie Will Power who crashed out of this morning's IndyCar race. But spare another thought for the pit crews. Driver Marty Roth did his best to make life difficult for an opposition crew. First running into one of the crew, then running over another. COMMENTATOR: He runs over a toe! While he deserved to get slapped with a ticket, all Roth got was a slap in the head, and our Play of the Day. wearing a helmet? Before we go a

couple of games in the Trans Tasman

netball competition. The New South

Wales team beat him their opponents so. Weather-wise now - so tomorrow it'll be mostly sunny in Cairns. A sunny day is on the way in Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin and Alice Springs. A frosty start to a sunny day in Canberra. A Clearing shower in Melbourne and Hobart. Cloud increasing in Adelaide and a Possible shower in Perth. And that's the latest from Ten News. The Early News tomorrow is at 6am. I'm Sandra Sully, from the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.