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(generated from captions) killed in Afghanistan A young Australian soldier and dangerous and bloody. 2008 will be difficult Todd McKenney 'Dancing with the Stars' judge speaks out on his drug charges. against the 'Chaser' team Prosecutors drop the case

over the APEC stunt. outshine the outfits And glamour guests

on day one of Sydney Fashion Week. out here It's a different kind of madness with all the flashes going off.

Good evening. A Sydney family is in mourning, of a young soldier devastated by the death killed in action in Afghanistan. Lance Corporal Jason Marks 27-year-old leaves a wife and two small children. was attacked by the Taliban. He died after his commando unit were wounded. Four other Australians mission is becoming even deadlier. Our military's most dangerous

the 4th Battalion's commander called In south-west Sydney this morning, their young dad was dead. to tell the Marks family 5-year-old boy and 5-month-old girl Jason Marks - husband, father of a to die in Afghanistan. and now the fifth Australian soldier He was just a happy boy, honest. It's just a tragedy, you know. He wasn't boisterous or anything. was in a commando company The 27-year-old on a Taliban position about to lead an attack at Tarin Kowt. 25km south-east of their base company deliberate attacks You don't mount of casualties. without some high risk unleashing small arms fire But the Taliban hit first, on the Australians, and rocket-propelled grenades and wounding four others. killing Lance Corporal Marks fighter jets and Apache helicopters The coalition scrambled F-16

to help the Australians. for the Australian Defence Force This is a sad day the Australian Army. and in particular, for Defence families, And a worrying time as the receding Afghan winter in Taliban attacks, makes way for an expected surge attempt on President Hamid Karzai, like this apparent assassination killing 1 and injuring 11. the strike on a Kabul parade the fighting season. We are moving into what they call the fighting season. We are moving into what they call and dangerous and bloody 2008 will be difficult needs to prepare itself and the Australian nation

in the year ahead. for further losses in Queensland say Neighbours of Jason Marks's parents to his return from Afghanistan they were looking forward

of his children. and he, to seeing more spending a lot more time with them. Yeah, and he was looking forward to a statement this afternoon: Wife Cassandra Marks released He's a hero to us all, you know. the foundations have been shaken. He is the rock of our family and Tim Lester, Nine News.

Todd McKenney TV and radio personality to his day in court claims he's looking forward on charges of drug possession. so he can try to clear his name passed out from a drug overdose On Friday afternoon, he was found in Sydney's east. Outside his lawyer's office, about the embarrassing incident. Todd McKenney had little to say team not to comment any further. I've been instructed by my legal there is in it. I appreciate how much interest

seen headbutting a fence, The 42-year-old was allegedly in a park in Rushcutters Bay before he was found unconscious on Friday afternoon. the party drug GBH, He's been charged with possessing also known as 'fantasy'. was spiked at a party But McKenney claims his drink and that the drug was planted on him. to clearing my name in court. I look forward on his breakfast radio program, Earlier, he tried to laugh off the incident. the front page of the papers - I've finally made these circumstances - unfortunately under from the listeners. but I've had incredible support off, it was a different story. But when the microphone was switched

as you can imagine, He's pretty shaken up, with the way things are going. and he's pretty unhappy Is he worried about his career? He's been advised

not to say anything in his place. and I guess I've been advised It's the most important thing to me. My career is paramount.

did happen to Todd McKenney But the details of what exactly will eventually come out in court. and how he ended up in that park He's due to appear on 16 May. Wendy Kingston, Nine News.

out of security for the APEC summit, They made a laughing stock

proved there was a legal loophole and now the ABC's 'Chaser' team has you could drive a limo through. and three court appearances, After eight months of investigation prosecutors have dropped all charges. The comedians are now in the clear. that left police furious. It was a TV stunt and their fake motorcade - The 'Chaser' gang APEC's heavily manned checkpoints. waved through

of George Bush's hotel, They got within 10 metres and ordered to stand trial. but were caught, charged in court tomorrow The case was due back Prosecutions dropped all charges. but today the Director of Public and that's why we're kind of happy It could have gone either way that it's gone this way. The DPP says intended to breach security there was no evidence the Chasers

only because police let them in. and that it happened there was sufficient evidence. At the time, and I'd do the same thing tomorrow. I ran the investigation team for the police and then the DPP It's taken almost eight months to reach their decision. But it's the 'Chaser' team with the last word. that have been left

has ultimately ended with another. What started out as a prank of Osama bin Laden, Today, they released this footage

of Osama bin Laden, Today, they released this footage complete with their own subtitles. in three months time, And with the arrival of the Pope about to stop pushing the envelope. there's no sign these comedians are Well, you know, It'll be harder to hire a fake popemobile it'll be harder to hire but we'll look into it. than a fake motorcade, Jessica Rich, Nine News. So much for global warming -

and very early taste of winter today, we've been hit by a bitter which has brought solid snowfalls across the State's central-west. Orange never rose beyond 7 degrees, with locals freezing through their coldest April day in 12 years. Lithgow also had some heavy falls, many making the most of the white-out. It's all good news for the coming ski season, with about 10cm recorded at Perisher, where the temperature dropped to a chilly -5 overnight. You already need plenty of patience to ride Sydney trains, but tonight there are warnings of worse to come - CityRail is said to be planning cuts to station staff. The Government denies there'll be widespread job losses, but admits it would prefer passengers to buy their tickets from machines, not people.

It's a battle between man and machine according to rail unions, claiming 400 jobs are on the line because the Government wants to fully automate ticket sales. The most savage cuts are in our CBD area - places like Town Hall, and Wynyard and Central, where the majority of our people travel to and from. The unions claim passengers are far from impressed with the reliability of the ticketing machines. Often they're broken so there's really long lines on Monday mornings.

Sometimes they're good, sometimes they're bad. If you get a line of five people

there'll be three in there that take five minutes to process a ticket but if you go to the counter and get a real human being, they can help you straightaway. The unions are saying today was just typical - with 15 ticketing machines breaking down in all corners of the city rail network.

Because they're full of cash, no one empties out the cash. They won't take notes or they won't take coins. Commuters are facing the additional prospect of waiting even longer to buy old tickets from an old system. The Government says it has no plans for mass job cuts. I will not approve any accommodation that reduces front-line services for the travelling public. But the unions persisted, But the unions persisted. Last week, RailCorp put on the table over 400 job cuts

that they told us would fund a 4% pay increase.

It was a 'take it or leave it' offer. Adam Walters, Nine News. Beating breast cancer is all about detecting it early. So, there's very good news for women in Sydney's south-west - they are the first to benefit from a multimillion-dollar upgrade of breast-screening technology. This breast screen van in Green Valley looks conventional, but inside it boasts the latest weapon in the fight against cancer.

It's the first mobile unit to use digital mammography.

It really will increase our detection of breast cancer. The proof is in these images - the digital scan on the left shows more detail in the breast, compared to conventional film, on the right. With the digital films you have a lot of clarity. It's much better at detecting tumours in younger women

who have denser breast tissue.

The image can be viewed instantly, before it's sent electronically to radiologists. The experts can then magnify and manipulate the scan. Less radiation because you're not having to take as many films. 56-year-old Judith Byrne is among 750 women in Sydney's south-west who'll be screened over the next month. I lost my dad's mum due to breast cancer

and that's what prompted me to have the screening. All 15 mobile units across the State will be fitted with this technology. The roll-out will also include 40 breast-screen centres. It's part of a $45 million investment

in breast-screening technology. The next units to be rolled out will be in Redfern, also on the North Coast, Greater Western NSW and in Tamworth. Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. Supermodel Miranda Kerr and Hollywood stars Miranda Otto and Mischa Barton have ramped up the glamour stakes on the opening day of Sydney Fashion Week.

Karen Tso is at Circular Quay and Karen, were the celebrity guests impressed with our local designers? The star studded

The star studded guest-list he

today were already be defence of the local designers but they

already found a few new things to

wear. Unfortunately, the guest list

was so high profile it was

threatening to over shed the main

event - the close.

There to snap the clothes, photographers instead trained their lenses on the guests, with Hollywood A-listers Mischa Barton and Miranda Otto,

a model or two and music divas, all front row. There's so many great young designers. It's some really good clothes for women my age. Happy to step off the catwalk and watch from the sidelines, Miranda Kerr was hoping for some down-time. It's a different kind of madness out here, as you can see, with all the flashes going off. Melbourne designer Kirrily Johnston opened the week

with a nomadic-themed show. Billowing tops, ruched dresses and more than a hint of grey. It was up to fashion favourite Nicola Finetti

to splash some colour around. The former architect sent out his signature cocktail dresses, with pleats, panels and lattice work. Beautiful. I've loved Nicola's clothes for a long time.

I've worn them in my video clips. We're looking for things that have life in them and are well-made and quality and we found that already today. So many shows in one day, there was bound to be a wardrobe malfunction.

But streetwear label One Teaspoon's experiment with tie-dye and dreadlocks paid off. Some 'Mad Max' inspiration - that's where the boots and the hair... Short hemlines graced the catwalk again this year, but with a twist. The must-have piece - high-waisted shorts. The shows are continuing this

evening. What other big names are

strutting their stuff? A short time

ago we saw the collection from

Wayne Cooper. It was typical -

quite a lavish, the clothes quite

chic end a heat of glam rock. It is

just the beginning of what is

shaping up to be a busy week at Australian fashion Week.

Australian fashion Week. The shows

will run quite laid into the night. the shocking case of a woman held captive in a cellar for 24 years. And rock fans injured when a concert hall collapses.

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In the most dangerous of driving lessons a 23-year-old learner has been caught doing nearly 160km/h on the Hume Highway near Campbelltown last night.

What is most remarkable is that his father was in the passenger seat. Both men have been charged. An ordinary-looking family home in Austria has hidden a shocking secret for the past 24 years, a father keeping his own daughter locked in the basement as his sex slave. The woman had seven children during her time in captivity, with her father choosing to raise some of the youngsters in his home, but keeping others captive with their mother. A photograph of Elisabeth Fritzl as a teenager - already being sexually abused by her father, with her life about to become even more hellish. In 1984, she was forced into a secret room beneath this apartment. TRANSLATOR: The policemen who found her couldn't believe what they were seeing. She was badly malnourished, white haired and with pale skin.

Rescue came by chance. One of Fritzl's captive children, an 18-year-old girl, was taken to hospital. The girl had no official records, so police were sent to find the mother. They found her with two other children in their basement chamber. The mother broke down and broke the silence about her ordeal. Elisabeth Fritzl bore all seven children inside the house. One of them died soon after birth and her father Josef apparently burned the body in the garden.

Three of the children, including Monika and Lisa, were raised in relative normality, Josef Fritzl telling neighbours that his daughter had abandoned them. The 73-year-old is under arrest on suspicion of incest and wrongful imprisonment. Elisabeth Fritzl is now 42. She has been taken into psychiatric care.

Her lifetime of abuse apparently began when she was 11.

The 18-year-old taken to hospital is in a coma. The other five have been separated to begin their own specialised care. James Talia, Nine News. A concert hall floor has collapsed as a Christian rock band performed in Canada sending 70 people plunging into the basement. The floor gave way as fans jumped up and down to the music. At least 40 were hurt,

including two who suffered serious injuries. Ken with sport is next - and Sharks fire up over accusations of centenary Test nepotism. Plus Adam Scott wins in sudden death. Also, motoring mayhem from three forms of car racing.

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In breaking news,

South Sydney's David Kidwell has relinquished the co-captaincy and four other players have been dumped, after failing breathalyser tests at a recovery session on Sunday morning. Ben Rogers, Jaimen Lowe, Eddie Paea and Fetuli Talanoa will all miss Sunday's game against the Cowboys. Meanwhile, Paul Gallen has hit back at suggestions he's only in the Australian Test team because he's coached by Ricky Stuart. One game back from a suspension and straight into the Test team - Paul Gallen knew that his selection would be tainted

by his association with the Test coach. I've played a couple of Origins, so it's not like I haven't done anything in my career so I'm not going to let stuff like that bother me. The Sharks' bulging 'bruise brothers' are ready to carry their intimidation from the NRL into Test football. There are blokes picked in there that are pretty fiery characters.

Enter Carl Webb, who, like Gallen, is making his Test debut. He's done the job for Queensland and he's ready to get involved in the rough stuff for Stuart. If he has selected me for a job, then I'll do it to the best of my ability. You need to I guess, fight fire with fire, really, and there's a good, tough forward pack there. Gallen does have a handbrake. Probably a little bit worried about suspensions, yeah, I've got a big carry-over point. The other debut boy looks like he's been in a blue. They had another look at it today and basically said it's all fine - no blurred vision and the eyelid is working pretty good. The Country and City teams gathered today. Brett Finch says the Blues Origin selectors should opt for a specialist halfback. Craig Bellamy has touched on that, you know, he'd like to go with someone who plays there week-in, week-out for their club, so it is a specialist position and it's a pretty tough one to play. And on the signing front, Trent Barrett is definitely leaving Wigan and returning to Australia. Wayne Bennett, the incoming Dragons coach has already had a couple of conversations with Barrett and he is trying to bring him back to the Dragons. He won't have it his own way - there are four clubs including the Cronulla, Bulldogs, Manly and Souths.

who all want him for next season. Danny Weidler, Nine News. Australian golfer Adam Scott has holed a 15-metre putt to win the Byron Nelson Championship in the US. He pocketed more than $1.2 million after a tense play-off against American Ryan Moore. How quickly Scott's mood changed - frustrated after throwing away a 3-shot lead, the smile returning after holing a birdie putt at the last to stay alive. COMMENTATOR: Play-off bound. There were more mood swings to come... ..twice setting up birdie chances in the play-off. He is rewarded. Anguish as the putts slid by. How can it not turn left to right? Then, at the third extra hole, when he least expected it, one finally dropped. Something like this. Are you kidding?

Moore couldn't repeat the miracle.

Scott claiming his second title for the year. Obviously found my range at the third play-off hole. I was hitting it too close at the other ones. You know, I got away with one I think today. Chris Hodgkinson, Nine News. Troy Bayliss is hanging up his leathers at the end of the year and right now he looks like retiring as Superbike world champion. Bayliss won both races of the Dutch round

to lead the riders' championship by 70 points. After a comfortable win in race one, Bayliss had to work a little harder in race two, with Nori Haga pressing the Australian right to the finish line. COMMENTATOR: He's made one last gasp towards the line but can't do it. At the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix, it was messy at the back.

Heikki Kovalainen held the lead briefly but his McLaren suffered a high-speed puncture

and the Finnish driver was in all sorts of trouble. COMMENTATOR: Ow! That's one broken car. He was taken to hospital with concussion. Kimi Raikkonen went on to win from Ferrari team-mate Felipe Massa, followed by Lewis Hamilton, while Australia's Mark Webber finished fifth.

In the Le Mans Series, Frenchman Stephane Ortelli survived this terrifying crash, the car disintegrating all around him.

The end result - a broken ankle.

In Indy cars, the hazards of working in pit lane -

a crew member is hit from behind. But it didn't end there - moments later, the same victim. He runs over him again. And that guy's got a licence to drive racing cars. And finally, it's that time of year when the world's best surfers put their skills to the ultimate test at Teahupoo in Tahiti.

The notorious break has already bared its teeth and the main contest hasn't even begun. The conditions became so dangerous the competition was put on hold. But that didn't stop a bunch of brave tow-in surfers heading out just for fun.

In finance news, the housing industry has warned rent could keep sky-rocketing for two years because of the shortage of new houses. After the break, Jaynie will have the latest on this cold snap.

A cold snap dumps snow and rain on the regio ,

Farmers say the new next G netwo k isn't up to scratch.1 Tasman trip. Details next.

We've already seen pictures of the April snow. To tell us why, here's Jaynie. Mark, Sydney shivered today with our coldest April day in nine years, reaching only 17 degrees and that was also our coldest day since September of last year. And with those fierce winds, which were gusting to over 70km/h the temperature felt about 10 degrees cooler than it actually is. There has been reports of light snow in the Blue Mountains and just a few scattered showers about Sydney today. Expect a few more wintry showers about tonight. All this icy cold weather is coming in behind this vigorous front, which is bringing in the cold air and strong winds. Hail likely over the south-east of the State tonight. And this morning, Brisbane was hit with major dust and dirt across the entire city, with very poor visibility and westerly winds gusting to over 35km/h. Back home and tomorrow the large high will clear that front away pretty quickly. But under clear skies, that cold air will stay with us,

with a freezing and frosty morning for Canberra. Melbourne, in for morning showers -

it was their coldest morning for six months today, reaching 7 degrees. Sydney, that cold weather is with us for a week at least. Surfers, a great weekend. Pretty flat today, but the swell should be building tomorrow. Temperatures dipping to 4 degrees for Richmond and Liverpool. A top of about 18. Then from Wednesday, temperatures up to 21 degrees, With our nights remaining extremely cold.

And Mark, we will have our weekly weather cadets tomorrow. That's the news for this Monday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia

Tonight . . he Property Council turns up

rain on the reg on. G od vening, viability of the Territory's reliance on the Commonwealth1