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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. ANDREW O'KEEFE: Good morning. 2020, here we come. at Parliament House. It's people power of the Future Summit begins. We're live to Canberra, as day two

Plus, Nick D'arcy's D-Day. Will the swimmer appeal his sacking? And then -

What are you going away with me this weekend. Why? Because of this. with Dr McDreamy Patrick Dempsey. Our exclusive Welcome to Sunday, 20 April, 2008. # Reach up for the sunrise Sunrise with Andrew and Sam. VOICEOVER: Welcome to Weekend

# Put your hands in # To the big sky # You can touch the sunrise # Welcome to the show. Also coming up, making headlines around the world. the bizarre polygamist sect

Isn't that hard to say, bizarre

polygamist sect. It is

polygamist sect. It is Hard to say. removed from this Texas compound More than 400 children have been amid allegations of abuse. doors to cameras for the first time. This morning, the ranch opens its

It is quite amazing.

Extraordinary-looking place.

Entirely made out of cake icing by the

the look of it. Then, do you

recognise this girl? I do. crying recognise this girl? I do. Somebody

crying now, crying now, it

crying now,. It's Britney Spears

innocent. Good singer, the early days. So

innocent. Still is. on the 'Mickey Mouse Club'. as a young performer struggle in their adult lives. Later, why child stars Speaking of stars, with Bryan Adams. we'll go one-on-one pumping out hits since, well... The Canadian rocker has been not long after the summer of '69. Don't miss that exclusive.

He dated elMacPherson for a while.

He has got it going on. Did you interview him for

interview him for this. No, it is a

Nuala Heffner special. You are

judging him as a

judging him as a hot sort from the

footage? Yes, just judging him, yes.

No personal experience of his charms

and allures? You like his music.

Yes, love the Summer of 69. Used to

dance around

dance around the dorm toz that at boarder school. Can

boarder school. Can you see them all

at boarding school, dancing around

in their socks and scungies. with this morning's top story. But let's begin of the 2020 summit And the second day in Canberra shortly. will get under way Mark Riley is there. Our chief political correspondent Good morning, Mark. What's on the agenda today?

Well, Canberra is living up to the

Aboriginal definition of its name as

a meeting please. We a meeting please. We had a,000

people over the weekend, people over the weekend, giving us

ideas. Each Of the 10 groups

delivered five groups to Kevin Rudd,

he was sitting on 50 last night and

today the hard work today the

today the hard work of whittling down

down the list of 50 into a handful

that might work, the big ideas that

might help Australia shape itself in

2020 and beyond. So this morning

there will be a big plenary session there will be a big plenary


where everybody puts their two bob's

worth in and they start to fine down

the 50 ideas into half a dozen

the 50 ideas into half a dozen or

so. We will talk to Tim Costello in so. We will talk to Tim Costello

a little while. But in the meantime, Brendan Nelson is Brendan Nelson is among

Brendan Nelson is among a small

group of critics who have

group of critics who have called it

a gabFest. It

a gabFest. It probably is gab-fest

and it is up to the government to

make it more than that and put it

into action. There have been a whole into action. There have been a

welter of ideas, things like of rights, welter of ideas, things like a bill

of rights, a treaty, a

of rights, a treaty, a republic in a

short period of time, release of

cabinet documents after 10 years but there cabinet documents after 10 years

there are other ones the governments

won't like, some talking about

abolishing regional and state

governments, legalised drugs, make

it illegal for politicians

it illegal for politicians to lie. I

like that one, that idea was thrown

up by Julian Burnside. So a

journalist telling you politicians

shouldn't lie. So all we need is a journalist telling you politicians used car

used car salesman and the circle is

complete. How

complete. How difficult is to get to

ideas, how many will end up as

policies. No-one, knows, but that

policies. No-one, knows, but that is

the hard bit. The good bit

the hard bit. The good bit is

getting the people involved in the

process, getting the people in and

say this is your parliament, what do

you want

you want as for us as a government

to do for you. And then the

difficult part, the government has

got to sift through all the ideas

terms and and see what is achievable in policy

terms and to lay down the framework

for that to happen, to hand is over to

to thebuke rockacy, have it

analysed, costed, but the steps in

place and say, this is what you

asked for, this is what we intend

asked for, this is what we intend to

do. I'm be surprised if more than a

handful of five or six ideas get up

but if they do and they are good

something. ideas, haven't we achieved

something. Thanks allot, Rile sg.

There can be nothing wrong with

being exposed to new ideas. Putting

all the brains in one spot, it is

exciting. There is

exciting. There is something old

world, medy evil, something about

the earls. I don't expect the Magna

Carta to come

Carta to come out of it. And Hugh

Jackman with the Wolverine mustache. Yes. the morning's news Now for the rest of here's Talitha Cummins. has been seriously hurt A family of four Good morning.

overnight. in a crash in Sydney's west with the family's hatchback Police say a ute collided at an intersection in Richmond just before midnight. The family's out-of-control car

the front yard of a house. then crashed into almost two hours to free the driver. It took emergency crews to Westmead Children's Hospital A toddler was airlifted in a serious condition. have launched an investigation Victorian police which killed a 5-year-old boy. into a speed-boat crash

were injured Five other people cruiser collided on Port Phillip Bay when a ski boat and half-cabin yesterday afternoon. The half-cabin cruiser has hit the ski boat in the side and by the looks of the damage has ridden up on top of the ski boat and, unfortunately, caused quite a bit of damage to the boat and injuries to the people on board. Paramedics were unable to revive the child, who took the full force of the impact. Witnesses say both boats were travelling fast. A Perth man will face court on Tuesday after his car hit and killed a baby girl outside her home on Friday. Police say the high-performance Holden spun out of control and struck the infant and her mother. The 24-year-old driver will answer multiple charges, including drink driving. A Victorian man will face court tomorrow on murder charges after an argument got out of hand in Ballarat yesterday. Authorities say two 20-year-old men were arguing in the driveway of a home when one of them was stabbed. He died a short time later in Ballarat Hospital. New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma faces suspension from the Labor Party. He's been formally charged with disloyal conduct for refusing to toe the party's line over a plan to privatise the State's $15 billion electricity sector. The Alexandria branch made the symbolic move.

State Treasurer Michael Costa has also been charged and may be asked to appear alongside his boss before an internal party meeting. Zimbabwe's opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says he's staying out of the country because he fears he'll be imprisoned or attacked. It comes amid claims members of President Robert Mugabe's party are assaulting opposition activists in torture camps. Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has called on African leaders to do more to help end the crisis. There has been substantial international attention the question which has been posed is - where are the Africans? A partial recount of votes from the elections held last month is under way. Meanwhile,

a Chinese ship carrying weapons destined for Zimbabwe is now heading for Angola. Dockers in South Africa refused to unload its cargo

of ammunition, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades. Zimbabwe's Opposition claims

the weapons, ordered just three days after the election, were part of a Mugabe government plan to crack down on their supporters. A US judge has ruled more than 400 children taken from a polygamous ranch must stay in custody to undergo genetic testing. They hope to determine how members of the Texas sect are related while investigations continue into allegations of abuse. 416 children were removed during a raid on the Yearning For Zion ranch earlier this month. Authorities were responding to a call from a 16-year-old girl

who claimed to have been beaten and raped by her 50-year-old husband. The Olympic Torch has arrived in Malaysia early,

following a peaceful leg of the relay in Thailand. More than 2,000 police and security officials guarded the flame on its 10km journey through Bangkok.

Protesters were more active in Paris where thousands took to the streets in a rare show of support for China's handling of the lead up to the Beijing Games. A 9-year-old Australian boy with a rare form of aggressive cancer will meet Pope Benedict XVI in New York today. Dylan Hartung has battled neuroblastoma for almost 4 years. He was 1 of 50 ill children chosen for a special healing mass. Dylan and his family relocated to Manhattan from Melbourne in 2005 so he could undergo specialist treatment for the disease. The youngest member of the British royal family has been christened at a private ceremony at Windsor Castle. The 4-month-old son of Prince Edward and wife Sophie was christened James Alexander Philip Theo. He'll take the title Viscount Severn. Proud grandparents, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, were among family and friends invited to attend.

That is our sport, Oh, the news,

sorry. A very cute name. What was

it? James, Alexander Theo. Theo is

Greek for uncle or something like

that? As you rightly mentioned,

sport is coming up. That is me, I think. After the break, NRL, Super 14 action, premiere league and an amazing AFL fightback. The Kangaroos' come-from-behind win is next on Weekend Sunrise. VOICEOVER: Builder does a dodgy job? That's not a big deal. Holden turns 60. Now, THAT'S a big deal. like LX 4x4 Turbo Diesel Crew Cab from only $33,990 plus on-road costs. Now with sport, here's Simon Reeve. North Melbourne has launched an amazing fightback to down Collingwood at the MCG overnight. The Kangas trailed by 21 in the final term but steamed home to get the points at the MCG. Also last night, the Hawks recorded a hard-fought win over the Lions in a wonderful match at the Gabba.

Yesterday, the Cats remained unbeaten shaking off the courageous Swans and the Crows were too strong for the Dockers. North ran over the top of the Pies in the final term, booting six of the last seven goals for a memorable win. COMMENTATOR: It's bouncing back. It's a goal!

In Brisbane, Buddy Franklin was on fire for the Hawks, kicking 8 in the 2-goal triumph lifting the Hawks to a 5-0 record.

He is some footballer. The Brumbies kept their Super 14 finals hopes alive with a gutsy come-from-behind win over the Sharks last night. The home team handed the Sharks their first loss of the season at Canberra Stadium, while the Waratahs were too good for the Lions. in South Africa, In this morning's matches

wins to the Bulls and Stormers. It was a stunning fightback from the Brumbies, recovering from an 18-7 half-time deficit to get home by 6. COMMENTATOR: Salvi! Try! At the Sydney Football Stadium, it was a rare scoreless first half before the Tahs hit their stride to winning convincingly. It's been a night of high drama and thrilling action in the NRL. The Panthers downed the Sharks in a golden-point thriller after Cronulla thought they had won it through Brett Kimmorley. The Cowboys ran riot over a disappointing Warriors outfit. And the Bulldogs were too good for the Dragons. It took two clutch plays in the space of five minutes from rookie half Jarrod Sammut to get the Panthers home in a nail-biter. COMMENTATOR: He wins the game! The Panthers have won! In Townsville, pocket rocket Matt Bowen was electric in his return to the Cowboys' lineup bagging a hat-trick. The V8 Supercar series continues in New Zealand this afternoon, with defending champion Garth Tander chasing back-to-back race wins. Tander will start from pole opening race from former team-mate Rick Kelly and Steven Richards. The chasing pack gets a chance to gain on series leader Jamie Whincup, who's out of action for the weekend after crashing his Ford in qualifying.

All the action on Seven today, check

your local guides. The Indian Premier League has continued this morning

with some Aussie legends turning back the clock in the Twenty20 bash for cash. Shane Warne's Rajasthan Royals have gone down by nine wickets to a Delhi Daredevils side featuring former Test great Glenn McGrath. "Pigeon" managed some of the old magic snaring an early wicket, but Warnie was unable to do much with the ball. The Daredevils cruising to the modest 130-run target with 29 balls to spare. One of our current stars took centre stage in this morning's other IPL clash. Mike Hussey smashed an unbeaten 116 from just 54 balls to lead the Chennai Super Kings to a thumping win over Kings XI Punjab. The biggest fight of 2008 so far is only hours away. Undefeated Welshman Joe Calzaghe and Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins are set to slug it out later today in Las Vegas for the Light Heavyweight Championship of the world. There's no love lost between the pair. In the lead up to the fight, Hopkins declared "He's not about to lose to a white boy".

I love that old boxing stuff. It is great. It should be

great. It should be a heck of a fight

fight too. Yes, absolutely. The Executioner. You

Executioner. You wouldn't want to go

against someone called that. Does he

bring a range of toxic needles to

the rings. Yes, and electrodes. What

you doing with that gun, boy? Now to Sunday's weather. Showers will continue along much of the east coast today, thanks to moist, onshore winds. North-east winds across the interior will bring hot conditions to the south. A trough will trigger rain over southern WA. So, to the capitals. Showers persisting in Brisbane today, until Tuesday, when the rain will begin to ease off. A wet week expected in Sydney,

as showers continue due to those moist, south-east winds. It should remain fine and relatively warm for Melbourne, with just some local morning fogs expected over the next few days. In Adelaide,

above-average temperatures will continue. The mercury should stay in the mid to high 20s, with sunny skies. Perth, showers today but they'll ease tomorrow before increasing again on Tuesday. Taking a look around the rest of the country - Canberra, the chance of a brief shower tomorrow. Hobart, fine today, but there could be some drizzle around tomorrow before fining up. And fine, sunny and hot in Darwin.

Don't normally think of wind as

being moist, do you. We mention it

twice. Along the east

twice. Along the east coast it is.

It is so sad, on the other side of

the Great Divide, I talked to mum

and dad, not a drop of rain

and dad, not a drop of rain in Wagga

and mum said not a drop of rain. The

moistest thing in Wagga is your

mum's carrot, cake I have

mum's carrot, cake I have heard. It

is a good carrot cake. It is

is a good carrot cake. It is a

compliment. It is important. I

didn't know what you were going to

say then, but yes...

Ahead this morning, inside America's notorious polygamist sect.

There is another one in Wagga we are not going to cover. Our cameras go behind closed doors, for the first time. But next, never-before-seen pictures of Britain's future king. The Charles childhood, when we come back. When you have an active day ahead, fuel up with a delicious breakfast. A tasty bowl of cereal can help get you moving. Then see how many steps you can do with your free pedometer from Kellogg's. Also join in the fun Also jo n in the fun and enter your steps online at:

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Good morning and welcome to Anzac

Day. Join Day. Join Sunrise for an

unforgettable morning. This

morning's service is one morning's service is one of

significant meaning to us all. See why the

why the Currimbin dawn service is

reknown around the world. The spirit

of ANZAC will live on though of ANZAC will live on though the

numbers are smaller. Commercial

free, in full, Anzac Day, from 6am

on Sunrise. Anzac

on Sunrise. Anzac Day of course,

this Friday. It is a on Sunrise. Anzac Day of course, this Friday. It is a beautiful

service, that one. Very lovely

indeed. Prince Charles turns 60 in November and to mark the milestone, a new biography is being published in the UK. Its authors have unearthed never-before-seen photos of the royal as a young boy. They provide a rare insight into the childhood of Britain's future king. Nina Nannar reports.

That lovely Wimbetton More, That lovely Wimbetton More, they spend That lovely Wimbetton More, they

spend happy afternoon with the

world's most famous baby. So began a

life so well documented over the

past five decades but there were

some images kept in the royal family

albums until now. Here he is in

September of 1952, his mother gazing

down at him as he sits in one of his

favourite toys, a Sunbeam favourite toys, a Sunbeam coupe rr

rr pedal car. It

rr pedal car. It remains in pristine

condition at winder caster. Here as

a five-year-old poses with his

three-year-old sister Ann with a

height marker. He is height marker. He is the clear

winner. Amongst the memorabilia

published is a letter to his beloved

grandmother, the Queen Mother. Royal

watchers say it reveal watchers say it reveal as closeness

in their relationship that would endure. He

endure. He wrotd a letter to

endure. He wrotd a letter to say, " endure. He wrotd a letter to say,

"Did you like your

"Did you like your holiday, "Did you like your holiday, granny."

It was

It was written with the crosses It was written with the crosses and

circles and it shows the human side

of him. It wasn't all relaxation on

the royal yacht.

the royal yacht. Here he is cleaning

a life raft. In all, 300 images are

being published, charting his life

as a son, father and future king. He

has travelled far but the pictures

show how far

show how far he has gone. Didn't it

look like a happy family. It did. Sweet

Sweet and cute, but sad. The

tortuous nature of his tortuous nature of his life today.

But he seems to be happy with

Camilla. One would think one is

terribly happy with one's current life. And after 9:00 this morning, don't miss our special report on child stars. Find out why most never make it in the adult world. Also coming up, 'Grey's Anatomy' star Patrick Dempsey. He tells us why he likes the fairer sex. But next, news, sport and weather together. And we'll return to the nation's capital

for day two of the 2020 summit. Meeting of the minds. Day two of the 2020 Future Summit is about to begin. This morning, we're live to Canberra with the strategists and the stars. Plus, inside the compound. What really goes on at the Texas polygamist sect. And then...


# Ain't nobody crying # ..why good girls go bad. The curse of the child star this Sunday, 20 April, 2008.

# Reach up for the Sunrise

# Reach up for the Sunrise. Now back

to to weekend

to 'Weekend Sunrise', with Andrew

and Sam. What is it about child stars? They start out sweet, but most struggle in the adult world. Coming up,

There are the Olsen twins! Cute. what the ones who've made it did right. for 30 years is Bryan Adams. One man who's been a star

The Canadian singer has several classics to his name. But where is he now? Find out later.

He is in London. You spoiled the surprise! surprise! Sorry. And the big names keep coming. Ladies, don't go anywhere. Do you have many female friends? I do now (laughs).

What a rascal! Nelson chats to Dr McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey. He's in a new flick called 'Made of Honour'. That's our Movie of the Week. Right now though, time for the latest news with Talitha Cummins. Good morning again, Talitha. Good morning. Australia will become a republic within two years if delegates at Kevin Rudd's 2020 summit have their way. It's just one recommendation certain to come out of the summit which is heading into its second, and final, day. The Prime Minister asked his summiteers to give the government a piece of their mind. We are opening the windows of our democracy to let a little bit of fresh air in.

And 1,000 of the country's best and

brightest delivered. On butcher's

paper, sticky labels and in

conversation. We have to stop thinking of

thinking of ourselves as a country that

that is so dependentant on that is so dependentant on natural

resources that are in the ground and

think about being resourceful nation?

nation? Institute a national paid

maternity leave scheme. 72 24 hours

centres for kids to escape to. An active

active culture of government

disclosing. Politicians should be

accountable if they mislead or

deceive the government. We want to

close the gap off, the 17-year gap.

Everyone is taking their job

seriously, none more so than

Cate Blanchett who seriously, none more so than actress

Cate Blanchett who had 17-day-old

son Ignatius to think of. Hugh

Jackman is one delegate superman.

Tell me your highlight Tell me your highlight of today.

Meeting me! Today the delegates will sift through their ideas

sift through their ideas so the 2020

vision can

vision can take place. Kevin Rudd

wants one

wants one big idea from each of the

10 groups and three concrete policy

proposals. The big challenge,

10 groups and three concrete policy proposals. The big challenge,: one

has to be Absolutely Everybody

absolutely no cost. I say it is

worth having a go at the summit,

even if we fail. Some aren'ting

their breath. My gut feeling now it

is a bit of a yeah, talk fest. Stop

talking about it and actually do it. Rfrn Firefighters in Melbourne have spent the night battling a blaze building supplies company which destroyed a second-hand

in the city's outer-east.

Firefighters were able to contain the fire stopping it from spreading to surrounding factories. Investigators will look into the cause of the fire this morning. A family of four

has been seriously hurt in a crash in Sydney's west overnight. Police say a ute collided with the family's hatchback at an intersection in Richmond just before midnight. The family's out-of-control car then crashed into the front yard of a house. It took emergency crews almost two hours to free the driver. A toddler was airlifted to Westmead Children's Hospital

in a serious condition. A convicted child killer has been given a rare opportunity to clear his name. Graham Stafford served almost 15 years behind bars for the brutal murder of Queensland schoolgirl Leanne Holland in 1991. But despite several failed appeals, he's always maintained his innocence. Stafford presented new evidence to the Queensland Attorney-General and his case for a pardon has been referred to the Court of Appeal. A Sydney mortuary has been forced to buy a forklift truck Victorian taxpayers could be forced to pay up to $1 billion compensation to gambling operators Tabcorp and Tatts. Fairfax newspapers report the State Government has been secretly seeking legal advice on whether taxpayers should fund the massive payout. Compensation may be payable to Tabcorp and Tatts if their licences are withdrawn as part of an industry overhaul in 2012. Queensland parents who supply their children with alcohol will be slapped with a $6,000 fine.

Tough new laws have been introduced to tackle underage binge drinking and alcohol abuse. The fine will apply to all adults including older siblings and friends. Police want the greater powers in time for schoolies week celebrations in November. The current penalty for supplying alcohol to minors is $3,000. A partial recount of votes from Zimbabwe's elections held last month is under way in the country's capital. It comes as former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan called on African leaders to do more to help end the country's crisis. President Robert Mugabe's party has so far refused to accept defeat. There has been substantial international attention.

The question which has been posed is, "Where are the Africans?" Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says

he's staying out of the country for fear he'll be imprisoned or attacked. Pakistan says it has successfully test fired a long-range ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. The Shaheen-II missile was launched in front of the country's new Prime Minister from an undisclosed location. It's claimed the rocket can travel up to 2,000km to a target. Pope Benedict the XVI is continuing his American tour on the third anniversary of his election. Thousands of onlookers lined New York's Fifth Avenue as the Pontiff passed by in the Pope Mobile. Earlier, he addressed a 3,000-strong crowd on sex abuse in the US Catholic Church. Blocks away, atheist groups held protests accusing the church of avoiding fighting paedophiles. Meantime, a 9-year-old Australian boy with a rare form of cancer will meet the Pontiff this morning. Dylan Hartung is battling neuroblastoma which attacks the nervous system. Dylan's family moved to New York from Melbourne three years ago in search of better treatment. And now with sport, here's Simon Reeve. continue to build, Hawthorn's premiership credentials

after another stunning performance last night. The Hawks downed the Brisbane Lions to remain unbeaten, while in last night's other match, the Kangaroo's charged home to down the Magpies at the MCG. Yesterday, Geelong was too strong for Sydney, and Adelaide held off a late charge from Fremantle. Daniel Bradshaw and Buddy Franklin enaged in an old-fashioned full-forward shootout at the Gabba. Bradshaw with seven goals, and Franklin eight as the Hawks prevailed in a close one. COMMENTATOR: Tough kick for the left-footer...

Unless you're a genius, unless you

are a genius! Best footballer in the

country. It was another extraordinary contest at the 'G'. in the final term before North Melbourne charged home to win by seven.

The Waratahs remain on track for a Super 14 finals berth, clinically disposing of the Lions last night. The Tahs kept the South Africans tryless in atrocious conditions at the Sydney Football Stadium, while in Canberra, the Brumbies scored a major upset downing the previously unbeaten Sharks.

It was a rare scoreless opening half in pouring rain, but the Tahs clicked it up a gear in the second half running in four tries. COMMENTATOR: Dean Mumm scores. At Canberra Stadium, the Brumbies kept their finals hopes alive, coming back from an 18 to 7 halftime deficit. This morning in South Africa, the Bulls downed the Highlanders and the Stormers beat the Hurricanes. stunning form reversal In the NRL North Queensland's

has continued overnight. The Cowboys hammered the Warriors to record a third straight win, the Panthers downed the Sharks in a golden-point heart-stopper and the Bulldogs comfortably beat the Dragons. It was the Johnathan Thurston and Matty Bowen show in Townsville. The pair combining for some amazing instinctive tries. COMMENTATOR: Guess who. Matty Bowen.

At Toyota Stadium, it was the boot of rookie half Jarrod Sammut that got the Panthers home in the first period of golden point. Aussie players are making their mark in the new Indian Premier League. Mike Hussey smashed an unbeaten century

as the Chennai Super Kings downed a Kings Punjab XI side

featurning a host of Australians, including Brett Lee, Simon Katich and James Hopes. the buy of the tournament Hussey may turn out to be

at $381,000 going on his brilliant unbeaten 116 from just 54 balls, spearheding the Super Kings to a 33-run win.

Shane Warne's career as a captain-coach is off to a shaky start. His side the Rajasthan Royals have been humbled in this morning's other match. The Royals lost to Glenn McGrath's Dehli Daredevils by 9 wickets.

And things are hotting up in the

English premier English premier league title race,

Manchester United's lead has been

cut to just four points after they

were held to

were held to a draw at Blackburn

this morning. In other results:

Strugglers Bolton moved out of the

drop zone for the first time in a

long while

long while with a win. But things

are not as rosy if

are not as rosy if Reding, they are

are not as rosy if Reding, they are teetering on the brink of relegation

after going down to Arsenal. And the Australian women's basketball team looks on track for a strong performance in Beijing. The Opals downed the United States 74 to 60 in an Olympic trial event overnight.

Those Indian premeier league names

don't really role off don't really role off the tongue.

The Delhi Daredevils. I like the

Rajasthan royals. The whole polo set thing. The

thing. The Punjah who? The XI and

the superothers. Imagine sitting in

the room with the people who came up

the names. It would have been

hysterical. I was watching it

streaming on the web, I have another

choice now for watching sport in my

house, which is great, my family

love it, footy on in the back

love it, footy on in the background,

on the TV. I love the outfit,

wearing gold pads and gloves and helmets. It

helmets. It is so Bollywood. The captain of the

captain of the madras captain of the madras Monsoons. Now for Sunday's weather. Coming up, behind closed doors. We'll take you inside the bizarre polygamist sect making headlines around the world. But next, the strategies and the stars. We're live to Canberra as the 2020 summit enters its final day. GENERAL CHATTER VOICEOVER: Say hello to mornings at McDonald's. Day 2 of the 2020 Summit is about to get under way in Canberra. The events has brought together the nation's best and brightest - with some exceptions - to have their say on the country's future. Reverend Tim Costello from World Vision is co-chairing the event. Reverend Costello, good morning. How was day one?

Good morning, I'm obviously one of

the exceptions? Well, you haven't

made it to the first session yet.

But it is because But it is because we are delaying

you. Thanks for getting you. Thanks for getting up and

talking to us. How was day one in

your view? Jng it was a total

success. It is a high-wire act with no success. It is a high-wire act with

no safety net when you get 100

opinionated, 10,000 streams

together, bringing their best ideas. I think it

I think it was a success. Because

not just ministers, but the Prime Minister

Minister moved among all the groups.

You had the strong feeling that not

only was he inviting ideas, he was actually seriously listening and the

government was going to respond.

Interesting. Now, I'm direct one of

the criticisms first, our our

attention to one. Because there are so

so many people involved, each with excellent ideas,

excellent ideas, it will be impossible to

impossible to come out of this with

any concrete strategies but is it the any concrete strategies but is it

the aim to get concrete strategies

or just the aim to get a or just the aim to get a vision or

objectives? You can't do the policy

work in a day and a half. It is

really to dm

really to dm up with a national

ambition and our stream worked very

hard to get to that. We will go over

it again today. And then, ideas, that

that really are like little gems

that you have got to have taken away

and polished and worked on by the

department, to say, what would that

cost, what would the policy behind

that look like? Is it really

possible? The Prime Minister promised to possible? The Prime Minister has

promised to do that promised to do that and and come

back to us before Christmas. If

people came

people came thinking they'll layout

the blue print and go, look at that,

my idea is a beautiful thing, it was never

never going to work that way.

never going to work that way. Have

you heard any fantastic ideas yet.

Yes, all mine were terrific. We have

had some wonderful ideas.

had some wonderful ideas. The one I

really liked in my stream was a

national development index national development index that is

parallel to the GDP. GDP just

measures the economic growth and as

we know, with global warming,

economic growth of itself is not

necessarily a good thing. So

national development says when you

factor in the environment, factor in the environment, when you

factor in the social causes, how are we

we developing? And on the news every

night, you see three things at the

end, finance, weather and

end, finance, weather and sport.

They all have numbers attached to

them. Because the numbers change

each day, it is newsworthy. Now, a

national development index might say, "

say, "How is this money homeless

today? We planted this many trees."

It is as much

It is as much part of our

development as the all ordinaries

index. It is a fascinating path. We

could go down the B

could go down the Boutineers path

too. You mentioned climate change.

It seems to be an issue that he be

very strong in every stream so far?

Look, it is. It is the great threat

facing all of us. Speaking from a

world vision point of view, the

great threat facing the developed

world. Africa, that has put the

least energy into the atmosphere will actually suffer will actually suffer the most. will actually suffer the most. So it

is an equity issue as well as an

environment issue and we have to

environment issue and we have to solve it. I think most here know we

have to make deep cuts, if only

because we love our children and

love our future grandchildren. We

know making the deep cuts is the

only way

only way to hand on to them the sort of world that

of world that weive areed. It seems

to me, Tim, it is something which

people intuitively understand, but

having trouble applying in

having trouble applying in their own

lives or knowing how to apply, in

their own lives, do you think that

this summit will be seen as great

leadership in that respect? Or

indeed, in any respect? Will it mean

something to the average person?

Look, how it translates in

Campbelltown or post code Dandenong

or Frankston, it is going to be

interesting to see. Public rights,

in my area, one-hub shops and

communities where health and legal rights and educational rights

rights and educational rights all

have a centre, but I suspect for the

average Australian, they are saying well, average Australian, they are saying well,, "

well,, "Is my food prices and petrol

prices going to go up more? I have

got high

got high interest rates, I can't do

anymore. Are

anymore. Are you going to deal with binge anymore. Are you going to deal with

binge drinking and the fact in my

communities I don't feel safe?

communities I don't feel safe?." So

these are big ideas that, you know,

generically, if you like, try to

deal with those very specific

things. We will see if they get lost

in translation. Well, Tim, we are

all looking forward to see how they

translate on paper. Best of luck for

translate on paper. Best of luck for the rest of the summit and thanks

for joining us. Politics aside, it's proving to be a star-studded summit, turning the national capital into the celebrity capital. Reporter Sarah Cumming is on star watch for us.

Good morning, Sarah.. Did you take your autograph book with you?

I know How important as a I know How important as a journalist

it is to be cool at all times but

did you take your autograft book?

No, but I should have. I have to

admit I was a little star struck

when the delegates started arriving

yesterday. It was a star-studded A

list, the likeoffs which we haven't seen

seen before, especially not here in

the nation's

the nation's capital. Movie stars, the nation's capital. Movie stars

celebrities, academics, celebrities, academics, sporting greats and the

greats and the nation's top business

people. A lot of the focus people. A lot of the focus was Cate Blanchett of

people. A lot of the focus was on Cate Blanchett of course and her new

son Cate Blanchett of course and her new

son Ignatuus. She was joined by Hugh

Jackman, posing with photographs

with other delegates, very giving

with his time, certainly a crowd

favourite. They were joined by

business people like Laughlin

Murdoch and the nation's richest

man, Andrew Forest. It will be

interesting to see what ideas

interesting to see what ideas they

come up with by the end of ths weeblg. FUNKY MUSIC PLAYS Parliament House has never looked so glamorous. Introducing the Summit's youngest delegate. Ignatius - just one week old. In 2020, he'll be starting high school. You alright, darling? Cate Blanchett's next job - helping give birth to a new vision for Australia.

Oh, excellent. Very excited about today. Among her summit classmates, she's earned a nickname. Cate Blanchett is Superwoman. Look, she's amazing on every level I think she's flawless as a person and I'm thrilled that she's sort of leading our stream. HE was leading them in song. And they were thrilled

(Both sing) # From little things, # From little things, big things grow. # It was the richest and most respected A-List in the nation's history. G'day. Do we register here or..? Yeah. Are you with a stream? Yeah. I'm hoping it will all come together will come out of it for the future. and some good ideas

Even seasoned celebrities were overwhelmed. I'm very excited and that's very intimidating. (laughs) I'll see you guys later. A little bit daunting. (laughs) Highfliers arrived by private jet. Australia's wealthiest man was bursting with ideas. Look, I have a lot of trouble keeping them in a bottle. From mining magnates to sporting greats. It's an honour to be invited and it's - it'll be interesting to see how the day goes. Fashion too. Good to see you. You've won the tie award again. (Laughs) Even grand planning comes with small interruptions. Oh God, there goes the baby in the hallway. (Audience laughs) This is going to work.

And it certainly did. Cate Blanchett

did an incredible job yesterday of

cochairing one of the streams and also

also looking after a one-week old

baby. There were a few times in the

sessions where you could hear him

crying in the background, it

certainly prompted a few laughs and

so she had to

so she had to pop out and feed the

baby at times. But she baby at times. But she did an

baby at times. But she did an amazing job. As you heard, hew

Jackman dubbed her superpumeen and

I'm sure every -- superwomen and I'm

sure everyone would agree. The fact

she is here one week after giving

she is here one week after giving birth shows how much she believes in the forum. And where have all these celebrities been staying? Surely, the hotels are full?

Yes, they are. All of the top

hotelerize full around town. We saw

a number of the celebrities out last

night at local restaurants and

private functions around the place.

And a number of the celebrities and

deg gts had a few drinks after

thinks wrapped up yesterday here

thinks wrapped up yesterday here at Parliament House in the Great Hall.

They let their hair They let their hair down,

They let their hair down, functions at the national gallery and the

national library. They had a few

champagnes and ready to do it all

again this morning. Thank you for

getting up early and talking to us,

sounds great. The place to be. Sure it. Coming up, the future for swimmer Nick D'Arcy. His appeal deadline expires this morning, so will he fight his sacking? But after the break, the news headlines and the Riley Diary. This is Weekend Sunrise across Australia. You have a good day. WOMAN: Right from the very first taste of our new stronger, smoother, 100% arabica bean coffee blend, you'll notice a change at McCafe. So come into McCafe and try the delicious new blend yourself. Now there's even more to the world of Grapevine. ActewAGL and TransACT's very own Internet service provider is growing, delivering high-speed broadband to Canberra and the region.

With blistering broadband speeds, expert technical support and plans to suit your budget, Grapevine will grow your world. Call 13 35 00 or visit: Conditions apply.

Shortly, the bizarre religious sect at the centre of abuse allegations. More than 400 children have been removed from a polygamy compound in Texas. In this half hour, we'll take you inside the ranch. Then, the dangers of Hollywood for the young and impressionable. We'll look at the child stars who've struggled to grow up and those who've flourished later in life. And Nelson has an exclusive with Patrick Dempsey. You probably know him as Dr McDreamy from 'Grey's Anatomy'.

Or you wish you knew him... In his latest project, he plays a male maid of honour. But right now, let's get a news hit from Talitha. Good morning again, everyone. The final day of the 2020 summit will get under way in Canberra shortly. 1,000 delegates from all walks of life will nominate the best ideas to shape Australia's future. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has asked the 10 groups to pick at least one big idea and three concrete policy proposals one of which must involve no cost. Delegates are almost certain to recommend Australia becomes a republic within two years. A family-of-4 has been seriously hurt in a crash in Sydney's west overnight.

Police say a ute collided with the family's hatchback at an intersection in Richmond just before midnight. And New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma faces suspension from the Labor Party for refusing to tow the party's line over a plan to privatise the State's electricity sector. And making sports headlines this morning - North Melbourne has produced a stirring final-quarter fightback to down Collingwood at the MCG overnight. The Kangas trailed by 21 inside the final term but responded under pressure, booting six of the last seven goals to snare victory. The Brumbies Super 14 finals hopes are well and truly alive this morning, following an impressive win over the previously unbeaten Sharks overnight. The boys from the ACT trailed 18-7 early in the second half but dug deep to get home 27-21. And two of the world's finest pound-for-pound pugilists will square off later today in Las Vegas. Undefeated Welshman Joe Calzaghe takes on the man known as 'The Executioner', Bernard Hopkins for the light-heavyweight championship of the world. And the weather this Sunday -

Sam, my Sam, not this Sam, don't

forget to tell mummy, 'Gladiators'

is on tonight at 6.

is on tonight at 6.30. He is a huge fan, they

fan, they are staying on the farm.

He is a big Thunder fan. So

He is a big Thunder fan. So is Sam.

Yes. That boxer looked like he was

auditioning for Deal

auditioning for Deal or No deal. Did

you feel at home there?

you feel at home there? We often have

have world heavy weight title

holders on the show. If there are

any constitutional lawyers out

there, if Morris Iemma is suspended,

does he govern as an independent. I

don't think so. Let us know, but I

wouldn't imagine he could. They

would have to have a bi-election or

something. No, no. They would have

to elect

to elect a new leader of the labe

party. Elect him, he is elected as

the: He is

the: He is elected as the member for

Lakemba. If anyone knows. Good question, an

question, an rue. Thank you, Sam,

sometimes it is the questions and

not the answers. It is like the 2020 summit. It seems like Canberra is the centre of the universe this morning. But aside from 2020, what else has happened in the political world this week? Our correspondent kept tabs on everything. Let's open the Riley Diary.

As the Kevinator returned from his world-domination tour -

there's that strange wave again - he and wife, Therese, glided down the stairs

to be saluted by a member of the Royal Australian Air Force. Now, that's a salute! But it struck us that this was the same guy who saluted him on arrival in Washington. That's him there on the right... ..and here in Brussels.

There he is again at the bottom of the stairs. London. Yep, that's him. Beijing. There he is. Sanya. And back home. He's decided to fly without a doctor but he does take someone along to salute at him. Now, you'd reckon with all that practice he could have given old George W. a better salute than this. More like kids playing cowboys and Indians, that one. Now, the great thing about world travel is knowing exactly where you are. It's a pleasure to be here in Washington. And here. It's great to be back in London. Even in the trickiest places. It's good to be here with Penny Wong, the Minister for Climate Change, out here at this particular plant run by Huangjong Energy. But, sometimes, even a jetsetting genius can forget exactly where in the universe he is. happy I am this morning to be at um, at SDN, here at ah, at ah... Australia.

Ifrment (crickets chirp) Remember that? Maybe you should visit more often. And although he did manage to make it to the hospital to drop off a present for Cate Blanchett's latest baby, he somehow didn't have time to make it here, to the funeral of Labor legend John Button. One of the party's great thinkers and reformers. The man who leant his name to the 1984 car plan that saved the Australian automobile industry and became one of the most influential ministers of the Hawke-Keating era. Heck of a bloke. Meanwhile, the Leader of the Opposition, whatsisname, continued his listening tour. ...terrific to be here in Parramatta. At least HE knows where he is. And, the previous day he was where all politicians love to be - the shopping mall - where he found some rare support. They should give him a fair go, because too many people bickering is the worst thing that can happen. But she also had a few home truths for him. Let's start off. Kevin Rudd is doing an excellent job and I do believe that. The reason why you left is because Howard wouldn't admit the Aboriginals had a problem

and fair play to you. You've given them a bit of a go. Right. But there is one Liberal she really, REALLY likes. I (Stammers)

Yep, likes him so much, she can't remember his name either. That's the trouble with listening tours. There's too many issues that you people have got to get back to down to what people want... Right, yeah. ..not what you're all flying about. Yep. Anyway, I've said me say now. Thank you. People will make you listen, whether you like it or not. (Laughs) Madam, the country salutes you. Riles, good morning again.

Man! Why would you submit yourself

to that, day after day? Well, you

know, because they think people love them. They them. They really do,

them. They really do, they think

they love them. They hope they do. Indeed, indeed. The final day of the 2020 summit is just about to get under way - what's happening this morning?

Well, this morning, Andrew, the

process is really to whittle down

the big ideas into one each of the, from the big ideas into one each of the, from

from each of the 10

from each of the 10 streams and also three policy three policy ideas from each of those streams and those streams and those policy ideas

have got to include one that doesn't

come at any

come at any cost whatsoever. It is

really a process now of elimination.

All the ideas are out there, now the people

people get together, are having a

bit of a cup of tea now and a

preplenary session chat and they get

together and go through the ideas

and start to shave off those ones

that might not make it. Each of the

sessions needs to come up with

sessions needs to come up with one

big idea to put to the Prime

big idea to put to the Prime

Minister. Hope fal one that isn't

too mritly loaded that has some prospect of

prospect of getting through -- too

politically loaded and

politically loaded and one that

politically loaded and one that will find its way into find its way into the Australian

stat aouch. So the individual

streech sessionerize over and it is

all plenary from

all plenary from here on in. No,

there is a plenary this morning to start

start things off and then they'll go

back into

back into their back into their individual streams

and I think that is when we will see

the kind of

the kind of points of conflick, when

the people who will passionately

dispose of their ideas will put them

up against other people's ideas and

who has got the biggest idea is

inname of the game. They come back

midafternoon with that one idea and

that is when

that is when it reach as crescendo

and we get an idea, a general idea

about what ideas will flow

about what ideas will flow amch We

get the idea. You get the idea,

good, Sam, you can explain it to good, Sam, you can explain it to me. See

See you soon. See

See you soon. See you, guys. Does 'McDreamy' get a little 'mcsteamy' in his new movie? Find out when Nelson Aspen talks to Patrick Dempsey.

All the big issues. That exclusive is in 10 minutes. But straight ahead, America's bizarre polygamist compound. We'll go inside the sect when we come back. Boo! No need to be scared of new carpet at these prices. Just check out the new Carpet Court catalogue. You'll find a scoop purchase of this sensational extra heavy duty twist pile. We've bought the manufacturer's entire stock. Prices are never to be repeated, and stock is limited. So once it's gone, it's gone. Plus you'll find heaps of other great options in a stunning range of latest-season colours. So pick up a catalogue now. Heh heh. Uh... Oh. We work hard to make it easy. Welcome back.

416 children remain in police custody in Texas this morning. They were removed from a bizarre religious sect earlier this month amid claims of abuse. Most of their mothers have returned to the polygamist ranch they call home.

Now, for the first time, they've invited the media inside the desert compound. From the United States, Mike Amor reports. NEWSREEL: Mothers from the polygamist sect say they've been traumatised over the state's decision

to keep them separated from their children.

They expect even more women and children could be moved to this state facility before it's all over. This is the world's first look inside the Texas polygamist ranch deep in the desert near El Dorado. I just started crying and I said, "I haven't broken any law". Church members have opened up the compound to cameras to try to win the PR war. (Cries) They came and they took my 12-year-old son and I pleaded with them to not take him, he was sick. I said he was too young, "Don't take him". Last month police conducted the biggest mass seizure of children in modern memory. 400 were removed from the religious sect. This is not about numbers. This is about children who are at imminent risk of harm - children that we believe have been abused or neglected. Marleigh Meisner is the local head of Child Protective Services. It's very, very difficult in these interviews to determine who we have. As many of you know, we've discussed it previously - their names change, many of them have the very same name. While the kids are being kept at a nearby stadium, many of their mothers have returned to the ranch.

I wanted to go back and give my child a hug... We couldn't hug 'em. ..and they just pushed me out the door. Some members have even posted videos on the Internet. I do not know why they have my children. No-one has told me anything. No-one has confronted me and said, "This is why". And every way I look at this, it's just more of the same. It's religious persecution because of an unpopular religion. We want to bring mothers and children back. Court documents paint a disturbing picture of life inside the sect - of physical, emotional and sexual abuse and of pregnant minors forced into spiritual marriage at the age of 13. It was just life of constant tyranny and constant fear. Carolyn Jessup spent 35 years in the sect. Everything spiralled into a level of insane control. You could not read a newspaper, you could not watch TV, you could not go to a movie. Kristin Dekker is another former member who's broken free. Her sister and nieces still live on the Texas compound. I feel the emotion. I feel what they're going through. I was, like I said, in fear.

I grew up in fear and, um, fear of the Government, fear of outside, fear of everything and the end of the world. The compound was founded by this man - sect leader Warren Jeffs. He's serving jail time for his part in the rape of a 14-year-old girl. He's also awaiting trial on charges of incest and sexual conduct with a minor. The Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints has now hired itself lawyers. REPORTER: A lot of people are saying bad things about your clients and there's no-one speaking for them. I am speaking for them and I'm going to say it in the courtroom. Several of them, basically, would just sit down or kneel down and pray. Some of them were sobbing. We are going through each and every one of the residences and the outbuildings looking for information that meets the search warrant. Our children just keep asking, "When can we go home? Can we please go home?" As authorities struggle to untangle the web of secrecy, there's a nearby reminder this is not the first time. Along the Arizona-Utah border, a monument commemorates 260 children taken during a polygamy raid in 1953. It was the same sect. Wow. Mike Amor reporting. And a judge has now ordered the displaced children and their parents to undergo genetic testing to determine relationships among the group.

To determine who is father and

daughter. Because none of the kids

will actually say who their parents

are. It is huge, isn't it? What an

extraordinary step but if the

allegations include allegations of

incest, it is a necessary first. To

actually remove, it is easy to go

actually remove, it is easy to go how bizarre, but 416 kids kept in a

football stadium, away from their

parents. Parents aren't allowed parents. Parents aren't allowed to

visits as I understand, lun thaesz they

they bought tick toots the game,

they can train them up as cheer leaders. Swimmer Nick D'Arcy is yet to appeal his sacking. His deadline expires in two hours. So, was the AOC fair? We'll hear from both sides later this Sunrise. But next, our exclusive with Dr McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey. 'Made of Honour' is Nelson's Movie of the Week.

Tomorrow on the Morning Show, Vince

and Betty get physical. and Betty get physical. Our

favourite granomads have been

challenged to a gym workout but will

they last the

they last the dist instance don't

misthe latest installment of Vince

and Betty's grey momad adventures

with special guest Tom Williams. HE is the guy they call Dr McDreamy. SHE is the woman who played Tom Cruise's wife in 'Mission Impossible III'. Together, Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan star

Ha, ha, that was the mission

impossible, being Tom Cruise's wife. It's a romantic comedy about finding true love right under your nose. Our showbiz correspondent Nelson Aspen met the cast. Nelson, good morning to you. Good morning, guys. Well, you know how these things go - the question isn't, you know, will there be a happy ending? The question is - how do our hero and heroine get to the happy ending? And who better to show us than one of Hollywood's hottest heart-throbs. 'GREY'S ANATOMY': Go away with me this weekend. Why would I want to go away with you? 'Cause of this. We know him best as Dr McDreamy from 'Grey's Anatomy'. But in this flick, he's the one doing the chasing. 'MADE OF HONOUR': What's the matter with you today? I don't know. than just sleepin' around. Maybe there's more to life

I don't understand. I'm not followin'. Our mate Patrick Dempsey plays co-star Michelle Monaghan's best buddy. I'm going to Scotland on business for six weeks. Six weeks - what am I gonna do without you? I think you'll be fine. I like the relationship with Michelle when you're friends - when we see you as friends. Do you have many female friends? Hmm. I do now.

(Both laugh) Things get tricky, though, when his girl returns from a working trip. I'm alright! I'm engaged! He proposed and I accepted! Oh, wow. It's beautiful. If you were getting married, I'd expect to be your best man.

Tom... Hmm? ..will you be my maid of honour? Your maid of honour!? I love it that you got to do some physical comedy. Yeah, me too. You weren't afraid to take a fall. Yeah, no. That was... ..early on in my early career, I did a lot of physical comedy and it was fun to have a couple of moments where I could do that. I enjoy it and it's the stuff that makes me laugh. What you want to do is stir up the table. Make it come alive with colour and finesse - that is the goal. In real life, vivacious Michelle Monaghan is the wife of an Australian. We actually got married in Port Douglas and we had a beautiful, beautiful wedding up there and it was so nice. All my friends and family from the States came over and it really gave them an opportunity to spend to spend time in Australia and experience all the fine things there and I actually had a maid of honour at my wedding so when I initially read this script, that really, really appealed to me. my maid of honour She's wanted to be since we were 5 years old so now she's really going to hate you. There they are now. Dempsey's character decides it's time to tell his best friend how he really feels. Hey, I thought we could go for a walk and on the vows. I've been working on them all week and I think they're actually getting worse. I'm crazy about you, I think about you all the time and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Really? Really. That's so generic. Much of the movie was shot on location in Scotland. The people were amazing and really lovely, warm.

The countryside is beautiful, dramatic and very sweet, and open and in a lot of ways, very innocent, which was nice to see. It was very hard to leave Scotland.

This must be the lucky young man who

is marying our beautiful Hanmahop. Oh, no. I'm not marrying him. This is Tom, my maid of honour. Oh...well, how 'bout that. We have many gay and lesbian members of the congregation. Welcome. Oh... Now, I'm not a big fan of movies that try to make you feel like a loser if you're not married or want to be married but Michelle and Patrick are so darn appealing, I'm gonna give it a thumbs up anyway. Just don't throw your bouquets my way. (Laughs) See ya. Thanks, Nelson.

We would nev consider it. It

We would nev consider it. Is it a

metaphor? I'm not

metaphor? I'm not sure what it is. And 'Made of Honour' is in cinemas Thursday week. Why do some many of Hollywood's child stars crash and burn in adult life? Don't miss that special report in our next hour. But after the break, news with Talitha and sport with Simon. You're watching Weekend Sunrise on the Seven Network.

It sounds like Guns and Roses. It

is! That is why it sounds so much like Guns and Roses.

like Guns and Roses. W