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without it? # # How'd I ever do business This program is captioned live. Tonight - to save the life of a Sydney man Neighbours fight rescued from his burning home.

Hunters Hill radioactive waste dump A brother and sister blame a for their parents' deaths. farewell a former Nomads leader. Over 1,000 bikies from rival gangs And exclusive -

from 'American Idol' the Aussie eliminated talks about his famous fans. from Nicole and Keith Urban. I want to relay a message with Samantha Armytage. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News

Good evening. have worked desperately Quick-thinking neighbours in south-west Sydney to save the life of a man this morning. while his house went up in flames was given first aid The father-of-two

on the lawn of his burning home to try to put out the flames. while residents grabbed garden hoses Before dawn in a quiet Punchbowl street,

by a roaring fire and screams. neighbours are woken Fire, flames, smoke, noise, people - it was just everything at once. was alone when the blaze broke out. 49-year-old Frank Calabrese His wife and two children were away. Caught on amateur video, rushing to help the burned man neighbours can be seen who was lying in his front garden. A little bit Scared?

in this moment because I knew I had to react bite your fingernails. because there's no time to sort of the flames with a garden hose. Suzi Ndaira's brother battles on this towel. I need some cold water with soaked bath towels. While she treats Mr Calabrese

the house is well alight. By the time firefighters arrive, I told him calm down, "I've got my first aid certificate, "I'm going to put these on you until the ambulance gets here." "and they'll keep you cool

work on Mr Calabrese at the scene Ambulance officers continued to while the fire was extinguished. He was taken to Liverpool Hospital a serious but stable condition. where today he was in a cigarette sparked the fire. Investigators think While they sifted through the burnt house,

comforted by relatives and friends. Mr Calabreze's wife and kids were

are considering legal action A Sydney brother and sister after losing their parents to cancer a radioactive dump. while living near potentially dangerous waste The pair says no-one told them their Hunters Hill home. was lurking next to For years, why their parents died so young. Katie and Greg McGrath have wondered Now they might have the answer. death was a coincidence We've always thought Mum and Dad's this is something serious - but Katie,

we need to look at this. were always in the garden, Iris and Fabian McGrath on Nelson Parade in Hunter's Hill. grew their own vegetables

of a former uranium smelter. They didn't know it was the site Fabian of stomach cancer - Iris died from leukaemia, 9 months apart in their mid-30s. that was dumped on this site I blame the radioactive waste for more than 30 years and the Department of Health have really affectively covered up! Katie and Greg feel cheated, and want an apology. say they've been lied to This could've been avoided, that these things happen. people should be told What's a Government for? Despite all this, the Government still maintains the area is safe

and have the tests to prove it. haven't seen those tests Greg and Katie and doubt they ever will.

stuff is legal. That is stuff is legal. That is the bottom line. living near the site At least five people have died of cancer.

growing up and not knowing, It's been really difficult 'mum' and 'dad'. I never said the words to look after the kids... Katie has no-one look after her kids now - no grandmother or grandfather. a hijack scare at Melbourne Airport A Qantas plane has sparked overnight. A runway was shut down on the aircraft after it landed and passengers forced to stay

it was just a misunderstanding. but the airline says Parked on an isolated taxiway, were taking no chances Federal Police from Adelaide. with the Qantas flight Passengers were kept on board there was a problem. telling loved ones via text is apparently on his plane The security alert the Federal Police are boarding. and that It's believed a hijacking code while in the air. the plane accidentally transmitted there was a miscommunication. Qantas would only confirm they were kept in the dark Passengers say for 45 minutes. as the aircraft sat by the runway and sit there To just sit there and sit there

and then all of a sudden, the Federal Police come on." "Oh, we're going to let What's going on? emergency services were alerted Sources tell Seven News

before the aircraft landed. but the response was downgraded

As a precaution

officials shut down one of the airport's two runways.

security issue, an inadvertent security issue. that it was eventually disembarked an hour late. The 168 passengers or something like that. Miscommunication shouldn't I? Should have got the earlier flight, about Tibet Kevin Rudd has taken his concerns of China's leadership to the top levels with President Hu Jintao. during a meeting

discussed the war in Afghanistan The Prime Minister has also with Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf

of his 17-day world tour. on the final leg his 14th world leader in 17 days, Pressing the flesh with

Chinese President Hu Jintao... sharing a joke with

..before getting down to the serious business.

They agreed to kick-start free trade talks and work together on climate change. And Mr Rudd again put his concerns about the military crackdown in Tibet. Well, China's got a very tough line on Tibet. And President Hu showed no signs of giving ground. No-one is pretending this is easy and I'm not but I continue to argue the case. And there was another case to argue last night

when he met Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf who is in China for a regional leaders meeting. Mr Rudd said Pakistan should be doing more

to stop the movement of Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters across its border with Afghanistan. It doesn't help those responsible for security within Afghanistan. But he believes the war can be won. I wouldn't have troops in Afghanistan now if I didn't believe there was a strategy which enabled us to prevail.

And so ends Kevin Rudd's overseas odyssey. He'll now step down from the lofty heights of the world stage to tackle the domestic challenges of his 2020 ideas summit and his first Budget.

Shadow Treasurer Malcolm Turnbull has left the country as speculation grows he's preparing to challenge Brendan Nelson for the Opposition Leader's job.

Mr Nelson insists his position is secure despite reports Liberal colleagues have lost faith in him. and I will keep fighting and speaking up for everyday Australians. Senior Opposition figures are said to be plotting to remove their leader within the next few months. Over 1,000 bikers have gathered in Western Sydney for the funeral of a former Nomads Motorcycle Club president. Rivals from the Rebels and Bandidos gangs came together to farewell Tom Browne and almost stop traffic on the M7. Out of the haze, black machines and black leather.

This was a farewell for an old-school bikie. John Browne or 'Metho Tom' used to lead the Nomads. Today they led him to his funeral. Helmets off - that's how they do it with son Daniel riding with his dad who died from lung cancer at 57. Very emotional. It still feels so surreal. Doesn't feel right, you know. With a police escort, it stretched for kilometres - from Blacktown to Rooty Hill. There were also Bandidos and Rebels. They were in a war with the Nomads three years ago when Tom's prized Harley Davidson shop was destroyed.

All paying respects to the altar boy who became a bikie boss. He started riding with the Nomads Motorcycle Club in 1969 on a Bezer which we think was his. Stories from a...colourful life. He's got a tattoo, another one but this says 'wow'!

He knows there's a few blokes that he owes. He said he'd catch up with youse later. (Laughter) Before being taken on his final ride.

You don't often hear eulogies like that

with prostitutes and tattoos but Tom's mates say that's the way he would've wanted it. The thing about bikies is they don't go quietly. He was taken past his Eastern Creek home,

stopping traffic on the way to Pinegrove cemetery.

He liked being the centre of attention. He'd be proud. Two police officers have been assaulted during a brawl in the inner city overnight. Witnesses say a fight broke out after a woman flagged down, then spat on a police car in Chippendale. Capsicum spray was used to subdue the 21-year-old when she allegedly bit a female officer

and a number of drunk men tried to intervene. Three men were also arrested and charged.

Young models will be banned from the catwalk under a crackdown on child sexual exploitation. The State Government will raise the legal modelling age after a 14-year-old Polish girl was hired to star at Fashion Week in Sydney. She was dropped because of public outrage.

What we will be doing is increasing the age from 15 to 16 with regards to modelling and that includes still photographic modelling, also catwalk modelling. Fashion Week organisers have already banned models under 16. The Australian eliminated from 'American Idol' has revealed Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are fans who voted to keep him on the Foxtel show. Michael Johns has told Seven News he can't believe his overnight fame in the US and plans on making the most of it. G'day, g'day, g'day. Michael Johns endures his first day of freedom after months locked down in the 'Idol' camp. It is all wrong but it is all right. (Laughs) Right because he's finally reunited with his Texan wife but wrong because he got booted off 'Idol' eight weeks early in an upset that has made national headlines.

It is the biggest shock of the season on 'American Idol'. Today, the 29 year-old told Seven News how being Australian helped him get to the top 12. It didn't hurt, put it that way. I didn't know how America was going to receive, you know, having a foreigner as they say it over here. Like, on the show, but that is another good thing about being from Australia - they love the accent. He can't believe how famous he's become in just a few months. I actually got to meet Rupert Murdoch a couple of days ago, like, and the fact that Rupert walked up to me and was like "how's it going, Michael?" I mean, are you kidding me? It was Murdoch's assistant who delivered the biggest shocker. And he said "I wanted to relay a message from Nicole and Keith Urban" and they said, they told Rupert's wife and they said you were their favourite and they voted for you and they watch you every week.

Not winning idol is not always a bad thing. Many finalists have gone on to do better than the winners.

Johns has already booked a tour with 'Idol's top 10, he has an album in the works and his idol Dolly Parton wants to write songs with him. DOLLY PARTON: We will write a song and we'll sing it. This is just the beginning. # Dream on, dream on. # Still to come - Australian teenagers declare their party reputation is unfair. Also, William and Kate have royal watchers in a spin. And why Miss USA isn't just about bikinis and big smiles. My engine's ready to explode, explode, explode!

A 2020 Youth Summit in Canberra has been told Australian teenagers are not just a bunch of Corey-style party animals.

100 of the country's best and brightest young adults have gathered at Parliament House to discuss the issues that most concern them.

Some people say that our generation only cares about ourselves, that we don't commit to anything and that we just don't care, but really that is a lie. The youth forum will develop a list of recommendations to be put to the main 2020 Summit next weekend. Prince William has received his pilot wings during a Royal Air Force ceremony in England. Girlfriend Kate Middleton watched on as proud Prince Charles made the presentation.

Flying Officer William Wales. The couple's public appearance will once again put the spotlight back on speculation a royal proposal is not far off. The Olympic torch has had a peaceful trip through the streets of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Torch runners jogged past fenced-off protesters. Strong winds were the biggest concern, unlike the violent protests in Europe and the US. The IOC says the torch's route will continue as planned. We have agreed on the route of the torch and that it goes to Tibet. The torch relay next moves to Tanzania before arriving in Canberra on April 24. Eight teenagers charged with bashing a cheerleader and recording the attack have faced court in Florida.

Three have been charged with kidnapping, which carries a possible life sentence. The victim was lured to a house where she was assaulted for 30 minutes. Overwhelmed. Kids fight but not like that. The attackers were allegedly going to post the video on YouTube. Heather Mills has taken another pot shot at Sir Paul McCartney on British television. The former model says

she's not jealous of her ex-husband's new girlfriend heiress Mary Sheville. I think he's got three different girlfriends so I wish all the girls the best of luck. Better them and not me. Heather also admitted throwing a glass of water over Sir Paul's lawyer in court last month. Heather Mills was a judge at one of the world's biggest beauty contests this afternoon in Las Vegas.

This year's Miss USA pageant wasn't just about bikinis though

with a cerebral palsy contestant making it to the top 50. The 20-year-old Miss Iowa has broken all the stereotypes of beauty pageants. Abbey Curran has cerebral palsy. VOICEOVER: One of the hottest ladies in the country. But she didn't make it to the final 15. It's 20 times harder to walk out there and be brave enough. The most surprising thing? Um... Perhaps it was the women's interests - knitting... ..laughing... ..and spinning. Not this kind - the kind that involves a bike, apparently.

Last year's winner had words of wisdom. Well, I'm hitting Hollywood. The gowns came off and the bikinis came out. COMMENTATOR: It's getting exciting! Then it was the dreaded... The final question! Well...I'm a little crazy.

I think I'd have to pick Britney Spears. I think that's unfortunate for the children. Inside out. It's certainly made me a better person overall. Donald Trump was there. The tiara... CHEERING AND APPLAUSE ..went to the Big Texan. She...wait for it... .."hopes to make the world a better place". Men have thrown their wives over their shoulders and made a run for it in the Hunter Valley. The Australian Wife Carrying Championships have been held this afternoon at Singleton. to the finish line. It was a 200m run-and-dunk

The winner will travel to Finland in July to compete in the World Championships. Time for sport with Ben Damon and Melbourne win the Grand Final rematch. Just too strong for Manly and there's more bad news for Sea Eagles fans - hobbling home with an ankle injury. star forward Anthony Watmough

Also tonight, Tiger Woods stays on track for Masters win number five. COMMETATOR: Got it. CHEERS AND APPLAUSE

Round 5 of the NRL continues this afternoon with the Dragons taking on the Cowboys in Wollongong. It's half-time in that clash at WIN Stadium with the visitors currently leading the home side by 8-6. Dragons Cows Dragons halfback Jamie Soward looked to have scored first points for the home side but his try was disallowed for obstruction.

But there was no doubt about Johnathan Thurston's 4-pointer for the Cowboys. COMMENTATOR: Touched by a Dragon, grabbed by O'Donnell, back on the inside for Thurston. Soward got the benefit of the doubt as both look for their second win of the season. Manly lost their Grand Final rematch with Melbourne

but the damage might be far more significant. Eagles stars Anthony Watmough and Jamie Lyon both nursing injuries

after last night's defeat. While Scott Prince dazzled the Eels at Parramatta, Storm fullback Billy Slater won his duel with Brett Stewart as Melbourne proved they're still the team to beat. Manly fans need some good news today and while Anthony Watmough's limp doesn't look great, the Eagles star's confident he'll recover quickly. Pretty painful last night but went for a swim this morning, got around with the boot off for a little bit, gonna have to wait and see on Monday. Watmough wanted to play on, but wasn't worth the risk. Manly's night had already been bad enough. COMMENTATOR: Slater will score, Billy Slater is over! After a couple of hiccups, the Storm left no doubt they're still league's best team.

Inglis will score... ..oh, he brushes them away like flies on a summer's day. While Brett Stewart spent most of the night in defence mode, Michael Crocker didn't get him this time Billy Slater was making it almost impossible for Test selectors to leave him out. Slater runs a ring around them and scores, scores for Melbourne! Manly and the rest of the league can blame the Sharks and Roosters for igniting the Storm. We don't have to think too far back to Round 2 and 3, those two losses will keep us motivated for the rest of the year. We're gonna take a lot out of it, we always do out of a loss like that, we know we've got a lot of stuff to work on. At Parramatta, Titans captain Scott Prince led the Gold Coast to their first away win since last June. He's not the Prince, he's the king.

He's the best halfback going around in the comp. The Eels looked a chance of winning in the second half. Brett Finch led the comeback.

And Finch has followed through to score! But the Titans closed it out - it was Parra's second straight defeat. In today's AFL games - Geelong beat St Kilda by 42 points

while the Kangaroos accounted for Melbourne, winners by 48. Last night, the Western Bulldogs downed Essendon by 30. an unbeatable 3-0 lead Australia have claimed

in their Davis Cup playoff against Thailand in Townsville. Lleyton Hewitt and Paul Hanley were just too strong in the doubles, easing to a straight-sets victory. Australia now face a playoff for the right to re-enter the competition's elite 16-nation World Group next year. It's been enjoyable. All the guys have come with great attitude and it's paid off. The world group playoff will take place in September. To netball The Group 1 Rosehill Guineas was run today

with Dealer Principal taking out the $500,000 feature. It's the first race in the 3-year-old Triple Crown and Dealer Principal hit the front a furlong from home. COMMENTATOR: Dealer Principal, Steel Giant and also Kingda Ka and Largo Lad's on the outside fence but Dealer Principal takes out the Guineas. Dealer Principal won it from Kingda Ka. He paid $9.80 the win. The Golden Slipper's on at Rosehill next week.

Australia's 70-year winless drought at the US Masters

looks likely to continue after Round 2 at Augusta this morning. Only four Aussies made the cut with Adam Scott, Robert Allenby, Geoff Ogilvy and Stuart Appleby all tied at 2-over par. That's 10 shots behind South Africa's Trevor Immelman, who's at 8-under par. Tournament favourite Tiger Woods has work to do at 1 under. This is the sweet sound of perfection. Thousands of fans followed Tiger Woods' every move

riding the highs... CROWD CHEERS ..and the lows. CROWD SIGHS

He made up for 3 bogies with 4 birdies, finishing with a round of 71 7 shots behind the leader Trevor Immelman. CROWD CHEERS The South African carded a 68. Snedecker chip in from on the green. This was brilliant from Brandt Snedeker chipping in on the green and he didn't even leave a divot. COMMENTATOR: Judged just right! The American is outright second on 7 under. Ian Poulter is two shots back in third - a player who counts himself man enough to wear pink. and in great touch - Adam Scott was in red

one of only four Aussies to make the cut. Adam Scott, really hang tough today.

At 4 over, Aaron Baddely missed out by just one shot. Stuart Appleby, Geoff Ogilvy and Robert Allenby made it through to Round 3.

But if you were going to back a man on moving day, it would be Woods. Just got to stay patient. anything can happen - mean you can come back pretty quickly here.

I don't know why he's having a go at blokes wearing pink . blokes wearing pink

blokes wearing The day started off nice enough before the high clouds rolled in.

next in Seven News. I'll have Sunday's forecast

VOICEOVER: Compared your super fund with AustralianSuper? for people in any industry. over 3, 5 and 10 years.

Contact AustralianSuper - the Industry SuperFund for all Australians. We enjoyed a pleasant day in Sydney today. After a mild night of 14, the city reached a top of 24 - 2 above average. Right now it's 20 degrees. Most suburbs had a top of 24. Homebush and Penrith had tops of 25, Cronulla and Manly reached top temperatures of 23. in the Mountains. It got to 20 in the mountains. Showers are forecast across the south-east of the country tomorrow. Melbourne and Brisbane will have a shower or two but mostly fine elsewhere. Hot days in Perth and Broome.

Fine tonight with some early fog in the west in the morning. A few showers and the chance of a storm possible tomorrow,

most likely in the afternoon. Winds will be light at first, turning more southerly and freshening throughout the day. A wet 7-day outlook. Brief showers for the start of the week, the chance of rain continuing right through until next weekend. And that's Seven news to now but before I go, don't forget the first results of our Australia Speaks survey will be available in the 'Sunday Telegraph' tomorrow. I'm Samantha Armytage. Thanks for your company. I'll see you on 'Weekend Sunrise' in the morning. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia There's a big difference between overseas holidays and holidaying in Australia. For one, at home you know what your money's worth. 20 bucks on the nose. Winners are grinners. Race 5. $20 on 8. Two, you can understand the dress standards. ALL: Hey! And three, you can understand the language. Sausage sanger and dead horse. Cheers! (Laughs) And then there's some things you'll never understand. But it just makes you love the place even more. G'day. Welcome to the Great Outdoors. Australia, here we come! I mean, where else but Australia can you go belting around the bush on the back of a sled

and throw the kids on board as well? JEN: If you love dogs and you love camping, then you are going to love this weekend away. (Shrieks) And where else would you find 340 million reasons to visit one of Australia's greatest treasures? This is a great mass of crystal features all on the one spot. The gem of the south.

Oh, Queensland! Beautiful one day, medieval the next. Tonight on The Great Outdoors, we will rejoice in medieval magnificence.

But if you like your boats better, there's a little town in South Australia that may be more to your style. One thing I love about Australia, about driving around Australia, is the big things that we see.

It's not often you get to eat them. More than 6,000 of these little beauties turn up to the annual Ute Muster, and the competition is intense. Buckle bunnies, cuttin' cookies, broken dips and circle work. This is the Deni Utemuster.