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This program is captioned live. to 27 years in jail A Sydney man sentenced for the callous murder of his wife. for Jody and her baby. We got justice

Swimmer Nick D'Arcy back training of remaining on the Olympic team. and confident all my life. It's just a dream. It is something I've wanted to do to a barrage of complaints Sydney organisers cave in as the face of Fashion Week. and dump a 14-year-old And exclusive vision with a Melbourne tram. of Shane Warne's tangle Good evening.

his pregnant wife missing. Two years ago Mark Galante reported to make an emotional appeal He even went on television for her return. sentenced to 27 years jail Today he was "Her callous, cold-blooded murder." for what the judge described as family wanted so desperately to hear. It's the verdict Jody Galante's for Jody and her baby. We got justice Mark Galante - tonight behind bars. for every year that he took - He got one year 26 for Jody and 1 for the baby. more than happy with that. We can't be he last saw his pregnant wife The 29-year-old always claimed Parklea markets in January 2006. when he dropped her near the you're all right, please. Let someone know It was an act. was lying in bushland Galante knew his wife's body in the Blue Mountains. in the back of her head He had shot her still in the car. while their child was three days later. Police found her body After a 2-month investigation

and charged with murder. he was arrested Justice Michael Adams said In handing down his sentence the killing was:

When the verdict was read out in relief Jody's mother threw her head back

and softly cried out the word 'yes'. and was consoled by her family. She then burst into tears Mark Galante, who showed no emotion. Sitting just a few meters away - We will just miss her forever.

it's all you've got. Don't let go of your family, Wendy Kingston, National Nine News. has been found not guilty A RiverCat ferry captain Sydney Harbour in January last year. over the death of a fisherman on No comment, guys. The jury did a marvellous job. of the 'Dawn Fraser' Ezra Hilkiah was in charge fisherman's dinghy near Luna Park. when it collided with the eight days later from his injuries. 72-year-old Peter Karatasas died is back in training, Troubled swimming star Nick D'Arcy as he awaits a decision from the AOC on the Olympic team. on whether he remains in nearly two weeks, For the first time not headlines. Nick D'Arcy trying to make a splash,?

he's gunning for Beijing And D'Arcy made it clear time wasted. but all the training could be to kick him off the team. The AOC may soon decide a favourable outcome from the AOC. Just looking forward to training for the Olympics still. I'm back in the water and hopefully king-hitting - swimmer Simon Cowley The man D'Arcy is accused of

continues to make slow progress. at D'Arcy's training session. His name wasn't mentioned

the pressure for Nick D'Arcy It was all about cranking up to go to the Games. on the team. He feels he's earnt his spot he's always enjoyed being on a team, He is a great team member, he's still adamant he wants to go. he has so many mates on the team, of D'Arcy finishing in the top three. His coach dangled the prospect Nick can get a medal over there. I'm reasonably confident D'Arcy's coach reckons the swimmer will go to Beijing there's a 75% chance but that might be optimistic. a claim The AOC is also investigating two years ago. D'Arcy beat up Ironman Tim Peach is not complete yet. The investigation I'll form an opinion When that investigation is complete,

breached our team agreement. as to whether he has or has not about going to his first Games. A breach means D'Arcy can forget

all my life, It's something I've wanted to do how do describe a dream? it's just a dream - Mark Burrows, National Nine News. have arrested 45 people Chinese security forces at the Beijing Games. accused of plotting terrorist action use explosives It's claimed they were planning to

reporters and spectators. and to kidnap athletes,

The Chinese showed off their haul - and other material for making bombs, explosives tools, they say, for terrorists the Beijing Games. wanting to target The spokesman said foreign journalists, tourists they'd planned to kidnap as well as athletes.

have arrested 45 suspects China's elite security forces in raids over the past two weeks. as members of a group They have been identified an independent state wanting to establish north-western region. in China's Muslim on high alert The threat has the Chinese Libby Trickett and the mother of Australian swimmer feeling a little nervous. like that. You do worry about situations of 500 to the Games. Australia will send a team from Beijing this morning Our Olympics chief flew in a security briefing. where he'd received Their continued advice to us Australians and our team in Beijing. is there is no known threat to from Prime Minister Rudd And there were also assurances who is still in China. Our bottom line is this - must be taken every practical measure of Australian athletes. to ensure the safety with the terrorist plot China's decision to go public by some of its critics, is now being questioned from the torch relay fiasco claiming it's merely a distraction an opportunity as well as giving the authorities to crack down on dissident groups. Damian Ryan, National Nine News.

Merrylands High School The violent raid on earlier this week American-style gang culture emerging highlighted a frightening on our streets. even more prominent in our prisons. But that same culture is been given an exclusive look Nine News has under way to break up the gangs. at a major operation White Pride, the Supreme Force, Islamic Soldiers, Willing to Kill - White Pride, the Supreme Force, Islamic Soldiers, Willing to Kill - violent street gangs inside our jails.

They're very dangerous they're unpredictable. They'll arm up. Jail boss Ron Woodham has seen the gang culture evolve, starting out as teenage graffiti gangs only to later end up here. We regard those young people who come in as 'thugs' as cellophane gangsters - we can see straight through them. In here, it's a constant battle to break up the prison gangs -

a battle that, according to the jail boss, is being won by crushing them with an iron fist. Many are ethnic based. Most are identified by tattoos. This prisoner was beaten and slashed by a rival gang attempting to remove a tattoo from his shoulder blade. This is another gang. The two in front have their faces blacked out, sentenced to death by their own. The jail security unit is identifying the leaders

and, often at night, transfers them to prisons across the State. The head of the group -

we'll move him and smash the gang structure, and spread them to the four winds.

While Woodham is confident he's winning the battle, the war is far from over. We have to split them up as soon as they come to us and make them individuals. Simon Bouda, National Nine News. Thieves have broken into the electoral office of Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese

in what appears to be a politically-motivated robbery. A computer disk drive was the only item stolen from the Marrickville office. It is difficult to see how this would be of value on a commercial basis to whoever took the item. Federal Police have joined the investigation. Organisers of this year's Australian Fashion Week were humiliated into an embarrassing backdown today.

They planned to use a Polish model, who is only 14-years-old as the face of the event,

but quickly changed after a storm of bad publicity. Polish-born Monika Jagaciak is a rising catwalk star, and already an accomplished model. Sultry, provocative and just 14 years old. She was due to be the face of Australian Fashion Week, and the cover of 'Vogue' was waiting. I was under the impression she was 16 or 17

and it wasn't until a couple of days ago that I found out she was 14 - which is when I pulled the plug. That started a chain reaction,

fuelling public pressure and politicians. I'm always concerned about young people and their images. Simply unacceptable. The fashion industry made it clear no model under 16 should be employed, and that's where it ought to end. And it did. The Fashion Week committee held an emergency meeting, deciding: "In light of industry and community concern effective immediately, "both male and female models "will need to be at least 16 years of age". So Monika will have to cancel her ticket to Sydney. But at least one Sydney agency believes the backdown is wrong. I think if the agent is here and supporting her and chaperoning her, I think it's OK. The fashion elite believe the 14-year-old is destined for supermodel status. So when Fashion Week begins here at Circular Quay in two weeks time, there'll be 300 Australian models, there'll be 300 Australian models relieved she's not here. Denham Hitchcock, National Nine News. Swimming champion Lisa Curry Kenny who's still recovering from major heart surgery - broke down in tears today as she received her Order of Australia medal. We also wish that your heart will tick as well and properly as ever and I'm sure it will. Congratulations. Ms Curry Kenny says she's fine physically but still struggles emotionally. I think if he didn't bring it up I would have been fine. She was honoured for her work with the Australia Day Council. Shane Warne has retired from international cricket but he can't keep away from the spotlight. Today he was caught on camera in Melbourne following a close encounter with a tram. It was a scene typical of any proud parents - Tim Rose videoing Mum and newborn Toshan. (Sings) # Twinkle twinkle little star. # The lullaby disrupted, though, by the frantic ding-dings of a troubled tram and the sounds of screeching brakes. # How I wonder what you are...# BRAKES SCREECH

Proud Dad immediately turned newsman.

Yep, it was definitely tram versus car.

But then the real story unfolded. Shane Warne. (Laughs) Yep, it was definitely Shane Warne. The spin king was clearly unimpressed that his sparkling new black Mercedes suddenly had the markings of the 112 tram down the left side. Are you serious? (Laughs) It's Shane Warne. Eventually the two drivers came together - details were exchanged and a little memento of the occasion.

Looks like he gave his autograph to the tram driver, exchanged details, and then got in the car and drove off. Tim himself will also make a nice little earn from the incident. As for the incident itself, it was all over in a matter of minutes. The tram continued on its way, Warne went his. While back in the house, it was take two... # How I wonder what you are... # Tony Jones, National Nine News. And also in Melbourne - a situation you really have to see to believe. A boy got himself into a very awkward spot this morning - getting trapped inside this arcade machine after climbing up the shute in his quest for a prize. This footage was shot by a bystander on a mobile-phone camera. The kid is stuck in the ... gaming machine. It took security guards about 10 minutes to get him out. We're not sure how many coins they inserted before he was finally dispensed. In the news ahead - a revolution in the diagnosis of lung cancer. The tiny geckos that someone tried to smuggle out of Australia. And exit stage-right for the Aussie star of 'American Idol'.

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The parents of an 18-month-old boy left at a daycare centre at Tweed Heads are devastated tonight. The toddler drowned when taken by staff on a trip to a local park and lake. He was found floating face down in the water. By the time paramedics arrived he was in cardiac arrest and was unable to be resuscitated. Yesterday, a young boy was revived by his parents after nearly drowning in a spa at Holsworthy. Customs officials have discovered a cruel smuggling operation involving some of our native animals.

They found 2 adult and 2 baby southern leaf tail geckos - concealed in books which had been hollowed out.

for the Czech republic They were packaged up and destined for the Czech Republic until Customs was tipped-off by suspicious workers at Australia Post. So far no one has been charged. The animals have been found a new home.

There can be no more nerve wracking time than waiting to find out if you have cancer or if an existing tumour has spread. Now, that life-changing diagnosis will be much quicker and simpler for those facing the scourge of lung cancer.

Eva Walder doesn't know whether the spots in her lungs are malignant. She's about to undergo a new diagnostic procedure.

I hope I don't feel anything because I'll be sleeping. The technology is called EBUS - an ultrasound probe is inserted through the airways so doctors can take a biopsy of the lymph nodes deep inside the chest without the need for a surgical incision. It's a far less aggressive means of diagnosing lung cancer. At the end of the probe is a saline filled balloon to provide a clearer picture. This fine needle pierces the lymph nodes. and the use of ultrasound minimises the risk of hitting major blood vessels. Here we go, we'll do another puncture. The sample is then examined under a microscope. The procedure takes about an hour. the results will decide the best course of treatment if the cancer has spread, chemotherapy will be required. It's estimated that 25%-30% of patients undergo unnecessary surgery for lung cancer. crueland unusual punishment

It really constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. Eva Walder won't know her results until next week, but is glad she didn't need surgery. There is no scars, no cut and I think it's much faster.

Gabriella Rogers, National Nine News. Tornado season has officially begun in the United States - with Texas and Oklahoma suffering some serious damage overnight. The peak danger period lasts for three months. No-one was seriously injured by these storms but tragically, the twisters kill up to 90 Americans every year.

Michael Johns - the Australian singer regarded as one of the favourites in this year's American Idol - has made a surprise exit. Tonight, we're going to say goodbye to Michael Johns. In the final seven, Johns was undone by poor marks

for his version of Aerosmith's 'Dream On'. # The past is gone... # He signed off with the same song. Critics believe his exit won't hinder a promising career. # Dream until your dreams come true. # Stephanie with sport next -

and there are two big league matches tonight? The Eels are hosting the Titans, and in Melbourne it's the Grand Final rematch - Storm coach Craig Bellamy joins us shortly. Also, a setback for Tigers star Robbie Farah. And one to remember in the first round of the Masters. CARNIVAL MUSIC Now if you bundle three or more services from ActewAGL and TransACT, you'll get some great rewards. There are eight services to choose from

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Many are talking about redemption.

What are your expectations. I

expect we will face a fire upside.

Last it is last year end that is

done and dusted. We think 80

minutes side will play against us

tonight. Dalguise had prepared very

well. We took a lot of confidence

above last week. What about Slater?

Hears that a great guy to coach.

Not actually in the competition

games he has had that form in the

trials. Every time he plays the

ball he enjoys and self and

everyone enjoys watching him play

for. He always goes out to have a

good time end whinny has a good

time the crowd watches it. Facts

emerge end good luck.

A setback for Tigers star Robbie Farah who has been ruled out of Sunday's game against the Raiders. He was named at halfback, but continues to struggle with a protruding disc in his back. I have some trauma to that area, if I don't let it rest then I can do more damage. Farah is expected to spend up to three weeks on the sideline. Englishman Justin Rose and South Africa's Trevor Immelman share the lead after the opening round of the US Masters. They're 4 under - the chasing group is one shot back. Tiger Woods finished at even par. Peter Lonard is the best of the Australians at 1 under, Robert Allenby is even. The rest found it tough-going. As always, Augusta looked the part, but hidden amongst the beauty the beast lurked and it can catch out the very best - Tiger following 12 straight pars with back-to-back bogeys, then revived his round with an eagle at 15. COMMENTATOR: Going onto the putting surface, tongue's on it - oh, yes! That was tough to top, but Englishman Ian Poulter found a way. He had an ace up his sleeve and it was revealed at the 16th. Just watch this. Almost repeating the dose - Aussie John Senden. Despite finishing his first competitive round at Augusta at 8 over par, this close shave left a smile on his face. See, almost. Phil Mickelson's ability to escape from trouble has earned him two green jackets. with miracles like this he may need to make more room in the closet. ...a birdy at the first followed by a birdy at number 2. For the third time, Justin Rose sits atop the leaderboard after the opening round. His challenge now - to hold it together for all four days. Trevor Immelman joined Rose at 4 under, and was one of just two players to complete the round bogey-free. Oh!

for the Australians, It was largely a struggle

under moonlight - Aaron Baddeley completing his round will bring a change of fortune. he hopes the morning National Nine News. Chris Hodgkinson,

Tonight is all about the football.

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Melbourne and Hobart, except for showers in Adelaide, later in Canberra. and some light rain

for Sydney, Tomorrow, fine with inland fogs ahead of the change for Sunday. then cloud increasing north-east in the afternoon. Winds will be freshening from the expect light Nor-westers expect light nor-westers On coastal waters, nor-easters later, ahead of the more gusty only to about 1 metre. with seas and the E/SE swell

the partly cloudy skies. Temperatures will be warmer despite on the coast We're expecting 15-25 and a degree or so higher inland. A different story on Sunday - with that southerly. back to the low 20s we're likely to stay And, that's where or two on most days next week. with at least a further shower Finally tonight - it's breeding time at the zoo. on the South Coast at least. Well, at Mogo Zoo of four white lion cubs. It is celebrating the arrival born in January The two boys and two girls were gone on public display. but have only just with their keepers. And they've been busy bonding a type of African wild cat, And these are serval kittens, born at the zoo just nine weeks ago. That's the news for this Friday. Hope you have a great weekend. I'm Mark Ferguson, by Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions