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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. of the Sydney man accused A hung jury in the case and his brother. of killing his parents A man arrested a State Government minister for allegedly assaulting

outside Parliament. It was quite a shove, yeah.

A pilot missing presumed dead off Botany Bay. after a cargo plane crashes had good qualifications. He was an experienced pilot, into a farcical wild goose chase And the Olympic torch relay descends in San Francisco. Good evening.

to reach a verdict A Supreme Court jury has failed and most controversial murder cases. on one of Sydney's longest-running face a re-trial Jeffrey Gilham may now have to

his entire family on charges he killed at their Woronora home in 1993.

Nearly 15 years ago, were found lying in pools of blood. Jeffrey Gilham's parents and brother in their waterfront Woronora home. Each had been violently stabbed But it wasn't until two years ago with their murders. that police charged Gilham seven weeks of evidence, And today, after hearing carried out the abhorrent crime. the jury couldn't agree if he Are you hoping this is the end? has always maintained The 37-year-old brother Chris, he chased and stabbed his older over their mother Helen's body but only after finding him standing with a lit match. I don't know why. He killed them, he killed them, of the police investigation, From the very beginning of what happened. Gilham has stuck to his version and your brother? Did you kill your mother and father Yeah, I killed my brother. with only $20 to his name, The prosecution claimed that for the killing Jeffrey Gilham's motive

was his parents' wealth, the compelling evidence - but it believed way all three victims were stabbed. the remarkable similarities in the

has always pushed for this trial. Jeffrey's uncle, Tony Gilham, It's still in the system any further prosecution. so I don't want to jeopardise to decide on a retrial. It's now up to the DPP National Nine News. Allison Langdon, outside State Parliament today A man was arrested on a government minister. accused of an assault pushed violently Lands Minister Tony Kelly was

traffic on Macquarie Street. and almost stumbled into busy

the Lands Minister Police allege this man attacked Parliament House this morning. as the MP was about to enter actually to my wife Talking on the mobile phone this gentleman moved from the edge towards the roadway. and gave me a shove fall in front of approaching traffic. The Minister feared he'd It was quite a shove, yeah. Off the edge and both hands. but as I said, And I'm certainly all right to somebody else my worry was that he might do it and they could end up under a car. he demanded an explanation. Managing to regain his balance, I said what was that all about something about security and he mumbled

and I just kept going. I've got no idea what that meant.

by parliament house security guards The attack was witnessed who called police. about the safety of others, Despite the Minister's worry the man was allowed to walk away with a court appearance notice. after being issued

the decision to let the suspect go. Senior police have defended in terms of an assault matter It is a standard investigation in all the circumstances, and the police, have taken the correct action. from Marrickville The 32-year-old man will appear in court next month. Adam Walters, National Nine News. deep-ocean salvage teams Authorities will have to call in of a cargo plane to retrieve the wreckage from Sydney Airport last night. that crashed soon after take-off of finding the pilot alive. Police have given up hope remains a mystery. The cause of the crash was scooped up at the crash site. The plane's cargo of mail the pilot survived. Police say there was no chance

indicated the Metroliner - The condition of the wreckage like this one - 4.5 nautical miles off the coast. crashed at high speed picked up by navy sonar this morning. The plane's wrecked fuselage was on the bottom of the ocean We were able to identify wreckage in about 17 metres of water. taken off from Sydney airport The Airtex charter plane had just for a flight to Brisbane when trouble struck. at around 11:30pm last night

freight planes go past You hear a lot of "Gee that one's down low." and I thought, Shortly after take-off, over Port Hacking, the plane zigzagged off course from air traffic controllers prompting a radio call "Is everything OK?" who asked, a minor technical problem - The pilot reported

disappeared off the radar screens. his aircraft then banked left and had good qualifications, He was an experienced pilot, what happened. so we really don't know

to his family early this morning. The pilot's boss broke the news were in a state of disbelief. He said his staff had a good mechanical history. The aircraft its black box flight recorder Investigators want to examine even for the navy. but the salvage job is too big, may never be retrieved. The pilot's body National Nine News. Shaun Fewings, this afternoon A helicopter was called in of a 14-month-old boy, to help save the life in Sydney's south-west. who nearly drowned by his family members, He was found in a spa at a home at Holsworthy. who resuscitated him landed nearby The NRMA Care Flight helicopter to Westmead hospital, and flew the toddler a serious but stable condition. he remains in came to a halt again this morning The slow morning grind along the F3 after yet another truck crash. into a rock wall, The vehicle jack-knifed for 5km and blowing out travel times causing traffic to bank up it was a case of 'here we go again'. For drivers using the F3 moment RADIO: Unfortunately at the for the F3 it's just a nightmare.

Again, the culprit was a wayward truck which had jackknifed at Berowra.

Two lanes were blocked causing a tail back stretching up to 5km. At this time of the morning, this stretch of the freeway is rarely a good run today, the traffic was barely moving. CAR HORN SOUNDS With just one lane open, some drivers had the option of diverting onto the old Pacific Highway north of Brooklyn. After a series of similar crashes the RTA last month announced it would build 19 switch over points.

Six are already in place, but they weren't activated this morning. We did consider the cross over,

but this morning the quickest thing was to use a diversion and clear the crash. It took 1.5 hours to clear the wreckage but a lot longer to clear the congestion. Simon Bouda, National Nine News. Corruption watchdog, the ICAC, may be asked to investigate political donations

given to the Labor Party by the Transport Workers Union. The Opposition wants to know if the money came originally from taxpayers, paid to the union as Government grants. It's a money trail which the Opposition claims has a stench of corruption. There is a very strong whiff about these Government grants. The grants totalling $700,000 were awarded to the Transport Workers Union.

At the same time, the Opposition claims, the union donated a similar amount to the State Labor Party. Taxpayers have a right to know if their money has simply been laundered through a trade union and given back to the Labor Party. An indignant Industrial Relations Minister claimed the grants have been spent by the union on trucking safety initiatives. Not one cent has been used for political contributions. But the minister did admit a benefactor of the grants was a union-backed community organisation run by a friend. Is it true they looked after your dog?

Yes, it is.

And it was issue which dogged Mr Della Bosca in Parliament. Loud shouting ..bone head!

The allegations could be considered a case for the ICAC. But the Opposition, at the moment, is holding fire after branding the corruption investigator a 'lap-dog'. Why don't you do that - show some ticker. Don't get up and smear people over this side.

Do it, there's the challenge for you. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. The Olympic torch relay through San Francisco has been turned into a farcical game of hide-and-seek

in another troubled day for the symbolic flame. Organisers tried to sidestep anti-China demonstrations but many true spectators were disappointed by the altered route. Once again, no harmony on this journey. As the first torchbearer set out from the San Francisco docks, the runner was steered into a warehouse and vanished. Then, the flame was loaded into a bus

and taken across town and the relay reappeared,

ultimately reaching a section of the official route with as heavy a guard as you'd see for a US president.

The protesters against the Chinese crackdown in Tibet weren't the only voices in this crowd. China supporters led their own demonstrations, flew banners in the sky - and got into heated debates. CROWD JEERS Remember the excitement and pure joy as the torch made its way through Australia in 2000?

Well, there's none of that here now. In fact, San Francisco is now a city divided with many of the locals furious that the whole thing has been spoiled. Despite a constantly changing route, some were determined to get their Olympic experience. This is the closest that we've been all day, so this has been like a wild goose chase. The biggest crowd gathered at the hastily arranged new finishing post and there were a number of arrests

as the police tried to clear the area. Out on the highway, the relay paused. Authorities decided there was too much danger to everyone - ..and it was all over. A bus carried the flame and its escorts back to the airport. Next stop Argentina - the IOC insisting this afternoon that there are no plans to cut short the troubled relay. In San Francisco, Robert Penfold, National Nine News.

Australia's friendship with China has been put to the test with Prime Minister Rudd bluntly telling the country's leaders there are significant human rights problems in Tibet that need to be resolved. The sensitivity of the issue

caused Mr Rudd's meeting with Premier Wen Jiabao to run way over time. The Australian flag flew over Beijing's infamous Tiananmen Square as Prime Minister Rudd arrived at the neighbouring Great Hall of the People

to meet Premier Wen Jiabao. The two leaders' formal inspection of the guard looked friendly enough but China is clearly miffed at the Australian leader raising Tibet issue in his speech yesterday,

and according to Mr Rudd he repeated it during today's 2.5 hours of talks. The position of the Australian Government is that there are significant human rights problems in Tibet.

They exchanged niceties for the cameras. TRANSLATION: I believe that your visit will add further impetus to the future growth of China/Australia relations. Also, I look forward to expanding further the relationship between us. But behind closed doors

how did Premier Wen respond to Mr Rudd's comments? The Prime Minister won't say, though clearly there was no agreement between the leaders

on Tibet. Their position today was consistent with the public position China has adopted in recent times. Rudd insists there was agreement on other issues - new co-operation on dealing with climate change, and the Prime Minister says the stalled free-trade agreement talks have now been unfrozen. And Kevin Rudd has another chance to measure how his Tibet comments have affected relations. On Saturday morning he meets China's President Hu Jintao.

In Beijing, Tim Lester, National Nine News. In the news ahead - why senior doctors are deserting Westmead Hospital. Children and those with fair skin - banned from solariums. And a blind runner's marathon effort on his way to a world record.

A new sign tonight that the higher interest rates are starting to bite, with unemployment rising for the first time in four months. The jobless rate for March was 4.1%, up 0.1%. The increase comes despite an extra 14,800 jobs being created. Tougher rules on solariums are to be introduced following the melanoma death last year of Melbourne woman Clare Oliver. From next January, those under the age of 18 and anyone with fair skin will be prevented from using the tanning clinics. In a perfect world we would not have solariums, we have enough skin cancer from natural exposure. The State Government also wants the number of visits to solariums to be limited.

The inquiry into public hospitals moved to Westmead today where staff and former patients outlined a series of shortcomings. It also heard alarming evidence that too many experienced specialists are leaving to join the private system. Dr Therese McGee is a senior specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology at Westmead Hospital. She told the inquiry she fears the public system is being drained of experience,

older doctors drawn to the private system by huge salaries. At Westmead, an obstetrician might earn $200,000. Private medical specialists practising obstetrics make well over $1 million a year. but of couse they work 80 hours a week and they are out of bed all the time. All too often now, key decisions are being made by junior, inexperienced doctors.

They are over-testing, and admitting patients who nurses know are not ill enough to be in hospital. Last year, a pregnant Zareen Nisha rushed to Westmead knowing her unborn baby had died.

She said she was traumatised after being forced to wait in a room for 20 minutes with other women who were expecting. On top of that, I was told to go home and come back in the morning

because there were no beds available. Professor Paul Hartnett of the Sydney West Cancer Network

later told the inquiry doctors and nurses needed to work on better communication with patients. A simple thing is to tell the patient, "I'll be back in half an hour," or "the next thing that will happen is you will have a scan at 2:00pm, "if it's cancelled, we'll let you know." Mark Burrows, National Nine News.

A blind athlete is on the verge of achieving something truly amazing. This morning, Dave Heeley set off on a marathon in Centennial Park. It's the fourth leg of his international challenge to complete seven marathons, on seven continents, in seven days, raising money for a Guide Dog charity. Nobody said this was going to be a walk in the park. We got four down. This is the middle one.

The 50-year-old's efforts will end on Sunday at the London Marathon. Ken with sport is next - and the Roosters coach lays down the law to Anthony Minichiello? Also, the latest on Robbie Farrah's injury. And Junior Masters big day at Augusta National.

Incoming Dragons coach Wayne Bennett held his first recruitment meeting with his new club today, talking about possible new buys for the club with Dragons officials. Meanwhile, Roosters coach Brad Fittler has told Nine News he wants injured fullback Anthony Minichiello to forget about representative football this season. It was all about injuries at Roosters training today. Brad Fittler was speculating

that Willie Mason may play against the Panthers. Mason, meanwhile, was seeking advice from Fittler's mentor, Phil Gould.

Sam Perrett is filling Anthony Minichiello's boots but Fittler doesn't want that to be permanent so he's called on the former Blues and Australian fullback to stand down from representative football. It's a decision up to Mini.

Personally, I think it's possibly a good time to say, "OK, give it a rest for a while." It's not to say that it's the end of his life in rep football either. He's gotta look after his back now,

I think the last thing he needs on his mind is outer distractions. It's my understanding Minichiello and Fitler had a heart-to-heart discussion about the matter earlier this week. When Minichiello left that meeting, he was convinced his coach was right and he should quit rep football, but was yet to come back with an answer. Late today, Minichiello

was leaning towards playing representative football but he understands Fittler's concerns. Having one or two weeks off now and then coming back into the side and trying to make a rep side is probably a little bit selfish.

At the Tigers, Robbie Farrah is also battling a back problem but he completed training today and will know tomorrow if he's fit to play the Raiders.

And Parramatta hooker Mark Riddell has turned the heat

on the Melbourne Storm and their chicken-wing tackle. It's pretty ordinary. From my point of view, it's definitely coached. Danny Weidler, National nine news. A spot in the Super 14 top four is on offer for the Waratahs who have travelled to Perth for Saturday's clash with the Western Force. The winner will be in the box seat to reach the semifinals. Everyone knows everyone very well.

We know their game inside out and they know ours,

so that makes it interesting. Haig Sare returns for the Force, he has served an 8-match suspension for the fight which led to the dumping of Matt Henjak. The Sydney Swans are short-priced favourites heading into Saturday night's grudge match against West Coast at ANZ Stadium. Games between the rivals have rarely been decided by more than handful of points in recent years and Paul Roos expects another close encounter. We probably see them as our biggest rival and we have an enormous amount of respect for the way they play. The Swans are set to name the same team which defeated Brisbane last week. Nine Australians tee off tonight at the US Masters, the largest overseas representation in the field. They all believe Tiger Woods is the man to beat. but Geoff Ogilvy isn't giving in.

He knows first-hand that Tiger is beatable. Augusta is all dressed up. Everything is in bloom. So is Australia's Geoff Ogilvy. I feel decent about my game.

It's always a different story when you come here. It's such a different challenge than what you get anywhere else. Form has come at the right time for the new world number five. In his last two tournaments he's finished first and second, including a win over Tiger Woods.

Tiger has made majors his own in the last 10 years and especially this one. He seems to do pretty well around here so he's going to be hard to beat, but beatable, I'm sure. Richard Green is teeing off at the Masters for the first time, one of two Australian debutants. Not that course inexperience is a concern - he eagled the 9th hole during practice this morning. Most of the guys who come and get the privilege to play here have all earned their spot. It's pretty confidence-building, that's for sure. Today's perfect weather has given players an ideal preparation but it may not stay like this for the whole tournament. Heavy rain is expected during the later rounds which could play a part in deciding a winner. The high fives were flying during a pre-Masters par-3 contest - a hole-in-one four times. CHEERING While boys and girls played caddie to their famous fathers... Oh no! ..and judging by these shots,

some of them might be wearing a green jacket for themselves one day. COMMENTATOR: How about that thrill?

In Augusta, Peter Stefanovic, National Nine News. And the Souths coach is in for a gruelling, Mark.

After the break, the CommSec finance report and Jaynie Seal with the weather. Then the young lady from Woolongong with the world at her feet.

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In finance today - the market didn't respond to better-than-expected jobs figures instead following Wall Street into the red. Mark, a return to sunshine for the next few days,

even some warmer weather. This last lot of rain did not provide much to our catchments - with a minor drop in the overall total. Warragamba Dam received 10mm. Some thick fog about for parts of far-western Sydney. Next to no rain about - with a top of 23 in the city and Cronulla - right on average. Rain and storms continue to fall over north-east-NSW and south-east Queensland. There is a deepening low off the coast and severe weather warnings for local flash-flooding. Already, Evans Head has had 254mm in the last three days. Ballina and Byron have had close to 200mm. Tomorrow a fairly powerful front will swing across

into SA and Victoria bringing light to moderate rain - affecting the south-west of NSW by tomorrow night,

moving up the coast for the weekend.

So just a few showers for the south-east. Heating up in Perth over the next few days. Plenty of sunshine for Sydney tomorrow. Southerly winds will be lighter in the morning which should make for better conditions for surfers - although the swell won't be that huge. Another cool night under mostly clear skies. 23-24 degrees across the board. 7-day forecast -

Saturday - sunshine all the way and a couple of degrees warmer. Then some cooler air from a front will move in on Sunday. Showers forecast for next week as well. And hopefully the light showers in Melbourne won't arrive until after the footy tomorrow night, Mark. And finally, a Wollongong University student is planning a break from the books after she was crowned Miss World Australia.

20-year-old Katie Richardson will now represent our country at the finals in the Ukraine in September It's going to be hard work - four weeks in heels from 6:00 in the morning with make-up on until all hours into the night. Katie beat 18 other young women to take out the title in a number of categories, including singing, sporting ability and communication skills.

That's the News for this Thursday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.