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(generated from captions) he is standing firm.

His audience was mostly impressed. is as good as my English His Chinese language or better than my English, I think. He speak Chinese very well as a foreign political leader.

China's most senior Tibet official, But far from impressed wheeled out to say totally unfounded Mr Rudd's comments were would know and anyone who knew the history human rights. that the province now enjoys enough to tolerate disagreement, I think this relationship is broad putting my views forthrightly. and on these questions I'll be on Tibet and human rights Mr Rudd will clearly walk a tightrope tomorrow. when his official talks begin Also of concern, resource companies. a black ban on one of our biggest Rudd met wit Rio Tinto chiefs Just before he left London, that China is refusing who are worried on the spot market. to buy iron ore from them

As I say to the Chinese, resource majors, I say to the Australian commercial matters. these are ultimately Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. In Beijing, is calling on our seasoned athletes The legendary Olympian Dawn Fraser of the Beijing games. to consider a personal boycott For the first time in almost 50 years the Olympics the swimming champion won't attend were a modern-day athlete and says if she she would choose not to compete. I wouldn't go to the Olympics, I would boycott, as far as an Olympian is concerned, because I think my voice, for the Olympic Games to not go to Beijing

would help the Tibetans. have dampened the Games spirit Dawn Fraser says while protests they have raised awareness of Tibet. braced for trouble San Francisco is tonight due to start in a few hours. with the Olympic torch relay are already making themselves heard But protesters at rallies and street marches. burns brightly in San Francisco The flame for a free Tibet ahead of the torch relay, the cause given a boost supporters of Tibet. by some high-profile and long time

Also rallying the crowd Archbishop Desmond Tutu, calling on the world's leaders opening ceremony in Beijing. to stay away from the Olympics' Mr President, George Bush, We're saying to you, to all leaders of the world, don't go to Beijing. for goodness sake, to swell to many thousands The number of protesters is expected through the streets of San Francisco. as the torch relay makes its way Organisers have stepped up security amid fears of more violent scenes. just high emotions There was no sign of violence,

to make their voices heard as thousands took to the streets

makes its public appearance. a full day before the flame from the local Tibetan community, Although the marchers were largely many others stood by their side, who now calls the US home. including one Australian woman for the Tibetans This is an opportunity to draw attention to their cause, have been behaving in Tibet and the way the Chinese is just outrageous. touched down in San Francisco, Hours earlier the Olympic torch it will visit. the only North American city ahead of the relay. It remains at a secret location Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In San Francisco,

of the Olympic flame There will be no boycott sporting greats. by two of Australia's Ian Thorpe and Ron Clarke say when it arrives in Canberra. they'll run with the torch And in Sydney tonight, in support of Tibet. hundreds have turned out by the Dalai Lama's spokesman, The crowd were addressed the Canberra torch run. who's concerned about I'm sure there will be protest and Tibetan supporters, by the Tibetan communities but I hope it will be peaceful. in the national capital on April 24. The torch will be in northern NSW Beaches are still shut that killed a teenager yesterday with fears the shark could still be in the area. tribute to the young surfer Peter Edmonds's classmates have paid who pulled him from the surf while the friend could be awarded for bravery. Tears and tributes for a young mate too suddenly, too soon. whose life ended very upsetting, Peter's death has been to support one another and we're all working together and we thank you for your support. during this very tough time, Peter Edmonds shared their grief Friends of shark attack victim caring and ambitious student. as their principal spoke of a polite, very polite, very respectful, Peter was a lovely young fellow - by his peers and by the staff. loved his sport, was well-liked The beaches remain closed -

any possibility of a shark hunt. torrential rain ruling out

quite atrocious The conditons really are for undertaking such a search, we still really only know and at the end of the day and very dark in colour. that it's a large shark and there's lots of them around, If it is a bull shark,

which one you're attacking - I don't think you could identify a lot of sharks you could end up killing the one that you're after. and not even get

grieved in private today. Peter's parents of their only son's love of life Yesterday they told Ten News and his hopes for the future. He used to do funny things... He was always exciting. Such a sense of humour. ..just on the spur of the moment. and he was quirky and funny He had such a sense of humour, a big hole, isn't it? and, I guess it's gonna leave

Brock Curtis-Matthew. Absent from school today - to try and save Peter's. The teenager who risked his own life So we're very proud of Brock. and to Brock We've spoken to his family and offered whatever support we can. for the bravery award. NSW Police plan to nominate him from Lismore to Ballina to go surfing The boys would often catch the bus he knew the risks, and Peter's father says having encountered sharks before. with him I've often been in the water swim underneath us. and we've had sharks on their own way to say goodbye. His school friends are working He was looking forward to being a groomsman at his sister's wedding.

He was just such a lovely kid. In Ballina, Amelia Charlton, Ten News. Our bad habits are costing the nation around $56 billion every year. A new report has found smoking accounts for $31 billion of the total cost, alcohol, $15 billion. The social price-tag of the legal drugs far outstrips that of illegal substances, like marijuana, heroin and ice. That's an enormous amount of money, and that's not just the health cost to individuals or to the health system, in terms of crime, lost productivity at work, people taking time off to care for others. A new task force will attempt to work out strategies to reduce the annual bill. There's a big crackdown on parents giving children cough medicine. From now on a prescription will be needed because of fears of deadly abuse. For decades, they've been a staple in every parent's bathroom cabinet - cough medicine to ease a child's sore throat. But from today, they'll now only be available with a doctor's prescription, after a government committee found they pose potential dangers for toddlers.

Allegedly some children have died from overuse or overdose.

The ban follows similar action in the US and UK, where some children suffered serious side effects. Excessive sedation, seizure activity or irregular heartbeats, and these are things that can be caused by a number of different medications in the cocktail of medicines that we have in cough suppressants. And then there's the risk of poisoning.

In 2006, 55,000 calls for help were made about accidental toddler overdoses in NSW alone. When it comes to benefit, the National Drugs and Poison Schedule Committee found cough syrups simply don't work on a child under five. In some cases, they actually mask respiratory infections which require antibiotics. So what should a parent give a child who just can't sleep at night? to smooth an irritated throat. The advice comes just in time for the annual cold and flu season. Amber Muir, Ten News.

is sure to hit a nerve with struggling homebuyers grappling to pay higher interest rates. He says he agrees with the Reserve Bank's decisions to repeatedly raise official rates. of the Reserve Bank. Of course I support the independence No, no. That's not the question I asked. I said, are you in step with the decisions he's taken?

Are you in complete agreement with Mr Stevens? I am completely in step with the Reserve Bank, to its inflation-targeting regime, and its approach which is in place in order to stop into the future. higher levels of interest rates in three years. The bank has lifted rates eight times and it busted the wood. He smacked me across the head who attacked railway guards Sentenced - the vicious thugs coming to someone's aid. Put it down! Be cool, pal.

YOU put the gun down! Don't make me do this. Oh, hi. We're the DVDs you ordered. Hey, lady, can you tell these guys this is not a Tarantino film? What? It's 'The Blues Brothers'. 'The Blues Brothers'? Wait a minute, I thought this was 'Men In Black'. What? Isn't it? Now I'm really confused. BigPond Movies - delivered to your door. No late fees. VOICEOVER: Compared your super fund with AustralianSuper? for people in any industry. This program is captioned live. Two transit guards have described how they thought they were going to die after being attacked by a group of drunken youths.

The pair were attacked by three drunk and violent men outside a Perth train station, after trying to come to the rescue of others. were sentenced Today two of their attackers to 1.5 and 2 years jail. across there and busted the wood. I though John would never get up Absolutely, being struck across his head when I saw the piece of wood on impact. because it actually shattered next month. A third man will be sentenced have escaped with their lives A pilot and his passenger from the sky near Townsville. after their helicopter fell high-voltage power lines The men were installing sending them into a 40-metre plunge. when the engine suddenly failed spinal surgery. The pilot is undergoing

if you leave the TV on This is what can happen to deter anyone breaking in. when the TV exploded The homeowner was in hospital sparking a blaze that engulfed the home in minutes in Adelaide. Millions upon millions of dollars have been found stashed in a wall during a crime raid.

Police also netted guns and jewellery, smashing a huge syndicate. They look like house bricks wrapped in plastic but really they're giant wads of cash, police forced to smash their way through gyprock walls in a Sydney home and they're still counting. to uncover the jackpot - $5 million

was certainly surprising, yes. The size of the amounts found a pistol with a silencer, Detectives also found three rifles, jewellery and ammunition. occurred at dawn yesterday morning The raids on seven properties Fairfield, Bringelly and Colo Vale at Mount Pritchard, St Johns Park, belonged to a criminal syndicate Police say the money they've been targeting for 15 months. money found last year and this year We will allege that

is obviously the product of firearms and drugs. of the illicit dealing with drug offences Three men have already been charged during the investigation. invited Ten News into their home, Today one of their families of heavy-handed tactics. accusing police They're breaking through doors, they're putting guns to people's heads, getting them to drop to the ground, putting holes in their walls. Even prized portraits of a fictitious criminal mastermind have been ripped off the wall. The list of exactly what police seized at one of the properties runs three pages, but it appears and the owners are furious their house has been damaged. What are they going to do about the damage that they've done? is yet to result in charges. The cash bonanza Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Tom Piotrowski now. Finance News with CommSec's Tom - new data on consumer sentiment for the day's market. seemed to set the scene It did, Sandra. and higher petrol prices Rising rents, mortgage stress that contributed are just some of the reasons by 1.3% in April. to consumer confidence falling it has fallen by more than 20%, But over the preceding three months,

in about 15 years. so we're now at our lowest levels

a difficult time of it today, Not surprisingly, retailers had but in the bigger picture, in the last 24 hours, the news hasn't been good for example, overnight predicted the International Monetary Fund that losses attributed to the credit crunch could approach a $1 trillion over the course of the next three years. So that certainly made the going very difficult for the banks The bright spot was BHP Billiton. Those shares rocketed ahead by 3.7% on speculation that Chinese interests might be putting a slide-rule over the company to take a stake in it, so resource stocks did pretty well by comparison today. Thank you, Tom. Let's take a look at how the day played out elsewhere for investors. And some more finance news tonight, captured in Far North Queensland. A 500-kilogram crocodile has been The 4.5m monster is the size of a car the small town of Bamaga for days. and had been prowling around to the local school It had taken a particular liking only a few hundred metres away. and was trapped in water have been caught in recent days Two other crocodiles but this one is the largest. and ferried to Cairns by barge. It'll be brought ashore Sports Tonight with Brad McEwan. and the Gold Coast AFL team Brad - Michael Voss would be a pretty good fit. than a Queensland favourite son Sandra, who better to coach its newest footy team? But does he want the job? We'll hear from Voss next. Also tonight, Who did and didn't get a Cricket Australia contract.

Melbourne Victory and Adelaide United continue their Asian Cup campaigns. And happy days for Liverpool and Chelsea. MAN: So, NetBank Saver is a high-interest online savings account from the Commonwealth that you can access anytime - no fees and no minimum balance. That's exactly right. It's a great account. And you'd be hopping-mad not to sign up for it. Hey, guys. we let people play-box Joey here So the idea is outside the bank branches. Stick and move. (Man whimpers) Ahh! Ooh! Guys, lose the rabbit. about the NetBank Saver. But you're spot-on Shh. Is my moustache OK? SONG: # Just for # Just for almost anything. These days, it seems you can claim But there's one thing that's independently tested. It can't just be bought - it must be earned. The Heart Foundation Tick. Not now. Now? SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom! Now! Mazda CX-9 VOICEOVER: The new all-wheel-drive carries you in style and total luxury.

It also carries seven people in spacious comfort... ..whatever seat they choose. All-new Mazda CX-9. It can carry your whole life. # Zoom, zoom, zoom! # This program is captioned live. Good evening and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. 3-time Premiership captain, 5-time best and fairest, and Brownlow Medallist - Michael Voss has done just about everything in the AFL except of course, coach. for the new Gold Coast franchise He'd be a logical choice but does he want the job? Ian Cohen has the latest on what might end up a multimillion-dollar question.

and good evening. Thanks very much, Brad, Michael Voss's footy credentials, There's no doubting number one son in Queensland, or the fact that he is the AFL's a coaching job does he want to take on been approached about yet? that he says he hasn't even from South Africa, thrust on me, in many ways. so all this has sort of just been this is what's happened. I mean, as soon as I've landed,

but is still unsure on his response. He is anticipating a discussion, at the end of the day, Well, I guess, to start?" it's "Where would you like And whether that's putting both feet in and jumping head-first, or is that establishing one of these teams. Do I decide to go coach, or do I need to go to an AFL club first, as an assistant, or other opportunities to be able to go into a senior coach somewhere else. Kevin Sheedy says Voss shouldn't expect a long-term deal straight up. I wouldn't give a senior coach five years. because, you know, I'd give him three, At the Eagles, more midfield woes. Matt Priddis going under the knife, ruling him out of action with a knee problem for at least three weeks. It's a condyle - a floating bone. a tiny little bit of bone, and suck that out. and they just have to go in there no certainty to travel to Sydney. Big man Dean Cox is still He's gotta run around enough in how it feels, for him to be confident obviously, so that would probably be, running and kicking, bit of jumping. training a little bit, At Carlton, his team has forgotten how to win. coach Brett Ratten believes

on what the negatives are, Sometimes people reflect 17 points or 20 points up, and when you get to what do we do from here? 15th straight defeat on the Blues when the arch rivals square off on Sunday at the MCG.

I think we need to win again so we can get the belief back. It's been disappointing that we haven't had a win so far this year, but we have seen some improvements, and seen Matthew Kreuzer make one of the best debuts for a while. And Brad, before I go, congratulations, although not everyone is offering them,

who will be the whistleblower in game number 300 this weekend. Well done to Scott. I'll talk to you then. Teams tomorrow - Thanks, Ian. prop Michael Weyman To the NRL and suspended Canberra over his flurry of punches has broken his silence

at Gold Coast rival Daniel Conn. from Titans players He didn't bite at taunts but he did get something off his chest. Michael Weyman's owned up to the crime and will do the time, but there's one thing he won't cop. No chance was it a king hit. As I said, I was brought up the way not to do that kind of stuff and as far as I'm concerned I'm not a king-hitter. He says he's sorry, describing his blow on the Gold Coast's Daniel Conn a heat of the moment thing. Weyman's got six weeks to think about it, time he doesn't plan to waste. It's probably been the hardest week of my football career. I think I owe it to myself and my team-mates to really get as fit as I can. Meantime, Cronulla's board has decided against docking the pay of its suspended forwards, Ben Ross and Paul Gallen. The Sharks say the NRL's judicial process is punishment enough. At the Bulldogs, Reni Maitua's club-imposed exile is over, but a rib injury will prevent his return to first grade against the Warriors this weekend. His coach fronted the cameras for the first time since deciding to call it quits at season's end. I'm not gonna talk about that stuff. If you wanna talk about football, All the other stuff is off limits. are talking The North Queensland Cowboys about this wall at WIN Stadium. They've spoken with St George Illawarra officials about avoiding a repeat of this on Saturday night. they wouldn't allow their players to play on it if there was any, um, form of danger to them. The struggling Dragons line-up boosted by the return of forwards Ben Creagh and Dean Young. We've only just lost the last two games and I think people can see that we're trying, The Cowboys are gonna be desperate. We've both only won one game and no-one wants to get stuck down the bottom, and then the blow-torch does start. Just don't ask prop Justin Poore how the Dragons plan to do it. I wouldn't have a clue. Mate, to tell you the truth, I'm in the front row, mate. Leanne West, for Sports Tonight. Aussie golfer Stuart Appleby is about to join the circus - the circus that follows the world's best golfer Tiger Woods -

his playing partner of the US Masters. Fellow Aussie Adam Scott is right to play after overcoming illness. From the Augusta national course, here's Sports Tonight's Leigh Diffey. Another solid day of practice here at the Masters, and one player we were pleased to see out there is Australia's Adam Scott. He is recovering from the illness that forced him to withdraw from last week's Houston Open and he is almost back to 100%. Yeah, I feel really good. I've played a lot of really good rounds, I just quite haven't played four together yet. So I was hoping to put four solid ones together last week but it's gonna have to be this week. He has six appearances here at Augusta National, but only one top 10 finish. And he says he's identified the reason why. You really need to be controlling your shots into the greens well and giving yourself chances from inside 15ft or the putts become quite scary. And, whether it is a deflection of attention, or a genuine tip, Scott recommends Geoff Ogilvy as one to watch. He looks good, he looks a little like he is out on the course with confidence, which he did not really have at the start of the year. Just a year ago fellow Australian Aaron Baddeley made the cut at the Masters and says it makes a huge psychological difference. This year I've got a better understanding of the course than what I did last year. I feel like I have a better understanding of my game

than I did last year. So I think this year will be a different year. Playing just nine holes today, world number one Tiger Woods begins his quest for a fifth green jacket. You don't envision winning this many this soon. It takes so much experience and so much knowledge of how to play this golf course, and then obviously play well at the same time. He says he can get better, which is absolutely scary. I mean, I know I can. I mean, I know it is encouraging, it makes you want to work harder. He is a freak - in a good way. I have some nice memories here. I just didn't finish off my rounds last year the way I needed to. I made some mistakes on 17 and 18 a couple of days, and that was the difference between winning and losing. There is no doubt Tiger likes to get things going early. He was the first to tee up at 7:45 this morning and there was a record practice round crowd here to watch him.

You can watch all the Masters action here on Ten and Ten HD this Friday morning from 5:45am, but as always, please check your local guides. The Melbourne Victory could've and perhaps should've beaten Gamba Osaka in tonight's Asian Champions League qualifier. But they didn't - beaten in a 7-goal thriller. Less than a minute on the clock and Melbourne almost had the lead. COMMENTATOR: Billy Celeski miscontrolled the ball - got the shot away second time around. Just two minutes later, Danny Allsop gave the Victory the lead. And stings the finger of the goal keeper Danny Allsop finishes it off for Melbourne. The Japanese reply putting the foot in Footagawa. what about that from Footagawa? Not long after the Brazilian who earns more than Melbourne Victory's entire salary cap got involved. Bouncing back came Melbourne's Roddy Vargas scoring his second Asian Champions League goal. Caceres floats a ball in... they have scored. Gamba Osaka centimetres from a half-time lead when this chance was waved away. Oh, did go over the line - Bare claiming that it did. The second half a mirror of the first. An early chance for Melbourne before Danny Allsop found the back of the net. And it's turned in by Danny Allsop - his second in the game, and Melbourne lead 3-2. Gamba Osaka providing a swift reply. And again, it's gone in at the near post. ties it up again at three apiece. Before sealing it with a late, late winner. Oh, and a goal by Lucas - that has surely won it! Adam Thompson for Sports Tonight. The Victory scoring three despite the absence of striker Archie Thompson and still losing. They now need to win the return match in Osaka to have any chance of advancing The bottom line is, the difference is they were really match fit and battle-hardened. And they had tremendous quality off the bench. When you've got seven internationals in your side, and a couple of very good Brazilians, you're gonna pay for any little errors you make. I think what we've got to do now is win over in Osaka next week - in two weeks time - and we've got to rely on them dropping points - either a draw or a loss. It's not in our hands any more, but it's very important we win the next one. Adelaide United took an early lead in their Group E match against Binh Duong. Diego with the opener. COMMENTATOR: Missed by the keeper, open chance surely - and Adelaide United take the lead. And has just made it 2-0 with that match nearing its conclusion. And you can see more highlights of Adelaide's match in the early news at 6am tomorrow morning. Over in Europe, Liverpool has set up a Champions League semifinal with Chelsea after a stunning win over Arsenal. The two sides faced each other for the third time in six days - and they saved the best for last. Liverpool's response setting the Anfield crowd alight. The Reds' devotees becoming more delirious

when Fernando Torres turned and shot in an instant. COMMENTATOR: It's Torres - oh, brilliant! Anfield is rocking! a chance to equalise. He wouldn't make the same mistake twice.

Three waiting for the cross, surely. Adabayour! It's Arsenal heading for the semifinals now. That was until Curtis Tooray was judged to have brought Reds substitute Ryan Babbel down in the box. Skipper Steven Gerrard holding his nerve from the spot. What a fantastic story here at Anfield - another mythical night. Babbel put Arsenal to the sword and ended their European aspirations in extra time. Liverpool have reached the Champions League semifinals. They'll face Chelsea in the final four for the third time in four years, after the Blues defeated Fenerbahce. in the fourth minute. A Lampard tap-in late in the second sealing the Turkish side's fate. Frank Lampard - 2-0 Chelsea! Andrew Brown, for Sports Tonight. David Hussey, Doug Bollinger, Beau Casson and Shaun Marsh have been rewarded for great domestic seasons - the quartet winning lucrative Cricket Australia contracts for the first time. But the announcement has been overshadowed by more concerns about the Indian Premier League. In just nine days, Cameron White and David Hussey will be on opposing sides in the opening match of the Indian Premier League. Going with an open mind - obviously I've been to India but obviously this is a whole new format, a whole new series, so I've no idea what to expect, really. But the IPL's causing headaches for Aussie administrators, a survey of top players revealing almost half would consider early retirement to play in the cashed-up league. Although there's a lot of money in the game, for Australian-contracted players, both and obviously there's a lot of money around the world at the moment, but the reality is, I don't think many of them play for the money.

They still play to play for their country.

Andrew Hilditch also announced the 25 players awarded new contracts. WA batsman Shaun Marsh among four new faces. 10 members of the squad are from New South Wales, including paceman Doug Bollinger, who popped a bottle of his namesake to celebrate. Bollinger's getting married this weekend, Formerly nicknamed the Bald Eagle,

and has a new head of hair for the occasion. Oh mate, I got the call yesterday afternoon, and it was one of the best things I've ever heard. You know, it's one of those things that you dream about when you're a kid playing in the backyard, so I'm so happy at the moment - it's been the best couple of days of my life. But as he prepares to leave the Warriors and join Victoria, one-time Test opener Chris Rogers has been cut from the list. Adam McNicol, for Sports Tonight. Only six horses are guaranteed a start

in the world's richest race for 2-year-old thoroughbreds, the Golden Slipper. And a top fancy has this evening been ruled out. Sports Tonight's Paul Cochrane tell's us who it is. Hi Brad. Tough night for you to be stuck in the office, my friend. I'm here at Rosehill Gardens, in case the rose on my suit did not give it away for you.

A big night for the Sydney Turf Club. They have opened the Grand Pavilion. It's all the start of a big two weeks for them. But all the talk is about the race, and I come to you tonight with breaking news. One of the fancies in the race, Love and Kisses, the Chris Waller trained filly, is out. Its trainer said that it would be It had to run in the top two this week. I had a chance to speak to Chris just before.

Here is what he had to say. It means running three weeks in a row. She would have to run again this Saturday to qualify, and then back up two weeks later - one week later in the Golden Slipper. For a 2-year-old filly, basically that is way too hard. in the Golden Slipper on Saturday week. Two people who hope to be part of the race are the South African jockeys Glynn Schofield and Jeff Lloyd. I had a chance to speak to them just before. We also spoke to their wives - see if you can spot the resemblance. Tell me the story. The resemblance is they've got two beautiful stallions. We've got two sisters here amongst the ladies in the middle. How did you do this to yourself that you married a couple of jockeys? Well, come from a racing background so obviously that led into it.

And how did this all occur? I don't know. I will tell you what happened. I thought she had money, so I married her. Big mistake, eh? Big mistake. Brad, a really big social night here at Rosehill Gardens - the opening of the Grand Pavilion, lot of people dressed up, great social night. is about the race Saturday week - But all the talk the favourite, the David Hayes trained All American. Thanks, Paul. Time for more footy now a fantastic weekend of AFL and another chance to relive with the best marks and best goals from the Rivalry Round.

Oh! What a mark! COMMENTATOR: That's a great mark! An outstanding mark in the pocket by big Tom Hawkins. Pavlich - oh! The skipper. A floating punt inside 50. Oh! What a goal! Lovett splitting the middle of the MCG

with a scintillating run, a long kick and a brilliant goal. into the pocket, Not a good kick though, brilliantly done by Thomas. And this gives an opportunity for Lovett. Pace to burn and he relishes the space on the southern MCG wing. Looks at Watson, gets it back again. He deserves a great finish - how's that for closure? Oh! What a goal!

(Man sings) # Everybody's talkin' at me # I hear every word they're sayin' # With my phone and laptop combined # People conference-call me # I can see their faces # Send them files any time # I'm goin' home when the sun's still shinin' # Emailin' from the train

# Turbo Card and NextIP

# On the road # Work's all done My wife just grins # Kids tucked up in bed # How'd I ever do business without it? # This program is captioned live. It's one thing to put your money where your mouth is, but what about putting your plumbing supplies business where Wal's cheek is?

Queensland father of four Wal Niebling is auctioning the right-hand side of his face to advertisers. My local paper will pay - charge you $100 a week for one ad per week and that gets thrown in the bin. This is here forever, where ever I walk someone sees it. Prices start at $20,000 - Wal says its a bargain. We suggest don't tell him he's dreaming. A permanent play of the day. Six apparently very effective.

Right on the spot. Thanks. The national weather forecast now. Tomorrow it'll be sunny in Cairns and Alice Springs. Showers will ease in Brisbane. A possible shower is forecast in Sydney. It'll be mostly sunny in Canberra and Darwin.

Increasing sunshine is forecast in Melbourne. A Clearing shower in Hobart and Perth. Cloud increasing in Adelaide.

Australia's entrant in the Miss World beauty pageant was named tonight. The winner is 20-year-old Katie Richardson, a university student in New South Wales. Katie will fly the flag for Australia at the Miss World contest in Kiev in the Ukraine in September. The global TV audience for that event will be two billion people. And that's the latest from Ten News. I'm Sandra Sully, from the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.