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(generated from captions) Welcome to A Current Affair. there's nothing like an unfair fine First tonight, to make Aussie drivers see red. about a people-power revolt This is a story for tens of thousands of dollars It's stung hundreds of them who knows his way around the system. and leading the campaign is a man He used to be a police prosecutor. They call it the bayside bandit. that's exactly what it is. Highway robbery, has been robbing them blind, Locals say this flashing pickpocket even on a green arrow. fighting mad, they're fighting back. And now they're not only this thing to the end? Are you prepared to fight Thank you. ALL: Yes! in the car with me. I had a 3-year-old and a 4-year-old with my two children. I would never ever run a red light Why did you make the sign? I really wanted to support my Dad across the whole stop sign because we were halfway and it just turned red. when it happened Now 417 drivers are seeing red. for a mass court battle They've banded together to fight the $220 prosecutions. they've been fined $100,000, Between them, they've lost 1,251 demerit points, of drivers prosecuted. and they're only a small percentage Going through on the green. See? See? shy in the presence of the camera Clearly, locals are anxious and gun of Nepean Highway and Bay Road on the corner in Cheltenham, south of Melbourne. I could see you got a shock then. I did. I got a hell of a shock. is no mean feat. And for this bloke to be confused as a defendant Now he's leading the charge to court after being fined himself. How old are you, Bob? 75 last Thursday. a traffic infringement notice When was the last time you had before this? Never had one. You've never had one? Never had one in my life. No. Have you had one since? So this is your only blemish? It's my only blemish. in the one room at the one time. I've never seen so many criminals Bob began it, State member for Sandringham, and Murray Thompson, MP, is co-ordinating it. There's a fighting fund, a barrister and a solicitor, and a whole lot of attitude. In 15 years in politics of this size gathered together I've never seen a meeting in relation to a road traffic issue. There's not a hoon in sight. owners, nurses, This is an amalgam of angry business mothers with children, schoolteachers, pensioners, even a vicar's wife. I've been driving for 50 years one single misdemeanour and I've not ever had very shocked so I was really, really to receive this traffic notice. It's just insane. I don't run red lights. a young boy at an intersection. I saw someone killed when I was It's insane. My bitch with this light To me, it's the quickest light change from green to red. I've ever seen they turned on the green arrow. Most of these drivers swear the amber light too short They claim the sequence was faulty, and the camera triggered too quickly. and the Victorian Government. It's a claim rejected by police it's amber, now it's red. There is goes - Three seconds. seven months ago, But when you were pinged you came and timed as well. 1.2 to 1.7 seconds. Back then. Back then? When all those people got fined? Yeah, that's right. What did he say? You've had an expert time the lights. it was his attitude. Well, it wasn't what he said, He just shook his head. the sequence of timing He just could not believe between amber and red. Too short. Too short? So, Janet, this is your new car? Yes, it is. No. Not a very lucky car though. when you first got fined? How long had you been in the country Four days. Yes. Four days, fresh from Scotland? when you got fined? And how long had you been in the car Five minutes. And then you got another one? Five minutes!

Yes, before one week. when you got the second one? What was your reaction I was gutted. and London for 12 years Janet drove in Germany for 12 years without a ticket. Did you do it? Are you innocent or guilty? I'm innocent. I went through green. No, I didn't go through red lights, Not so, says the bayside bandit. Janet lost six points, In short order, and was fined $440. half her licence, from Glasgow says And the bonny wee lassie you can stick it up yer kilt. and go to court. Yes, I am going to put an appeal in I haven't paid my fines yet. Surely they don't expect us of fighter pilots to have the timing reactions that intersection? to make our way through this situation? How would you describe Basically outrageous. There is fundamentally a cover-up. The Government is in denial. In the Victorian Parliament, the Police Minister, Bob Cameron, Murray Thompson has bombarded for months, over the rogue camera. Questions like this: And the response - there was no response. Welcome to Australia, mate. Hope it gets better. Thanks very much. and I will not pay it. I haven't paid it I will go to jail before I pay it. I will. No you won't. The old copper at 75? Yes. I'll get a job in the library. Martin King with that story. all those cases heard And Bob is trying to have over one day. by the same magistrate We'll let you know how he fares. running for cover. that have the supermarket giants In particular - for steak as American shoppers. claims we're paying twice as much and I just walk on by. I look at the meat As a consumer it makes me angry. If you feed the man meat - on the beefed-up prices. be prepared to choke into the supermarket Every time we go by Woolworths and Coles. we are simply being ripped off That's the warning from Southern Sydney Retailers Association's Craig Kelly. He has told the ACCC inquiry into grocery prices Australians are paying up to twice as much for a steak than Americans. outstripping the US and the UK. For the last decade, Woolworths and Coles have been telling us they are lowering prices. It is absolutely false. It has been the longest-running disinformation campaign in this nation's history. A regular grade American steak - and they're graded over there - we're looking at perhaps $7-$8 John Carter from the Australian Beef Association blames the supermarket superpowers for muscling out little players, crushing competition and driving up prices. By far the principle problem in this is the supermarkets, with the US having over 50 chains and here in Australia we've got two. And they've really basically got the market controlled. We like to see new entrants in the supermarket space. Christopher Zinn from 'Choice' magazine says smaller players can have a big impact on grocery prices. If you have an Aldi in your neighbourhood you can be sure the near-by Coles, Woolworths or Safeway are actually going to be cheaper because it really makes competition on the price, significantly. Now Costco is coming to Melbourne. When consumers see how much you can buy products for, alternative ways of selling something new, it will make a difference. The grocery giants deny any retail profiteering. purchase, transport, storage and preparation costs, its margin is only 18%, or $1.80 on a $10 cut of beef,

and that is not including supermarket running costs. While Coles, which says it provides only about 5% of Australia's total beef production, claims many factors drive up prices, including what price Australian beef exporters get for their product. That will be $23.85. There is no doubt that butchers have been really squeezed by the supermarkets moving into packaged meat. As a result, some of them are offering really good prices, some really good product. Jeff Boucher admits prices for meat are higher across the board. But he says your local butcher can offer that special ingredient. We can choose the quality of the meat that we sell, and also offer a personalised service. I buy my meat at the butcher's because I find that the supermarket is far too expensive nowadays. And for more on that story, go to our ninemsn website. your accountant is supposed to be someone you can trust. They know all your financial secrets. But this one devised a shocking scam, posing as a devout Christian, then taking his church-going clients for everything. I'm from A Current Affair, we've come to see you about all the people you've taken money from. Would you like to talk to us about that, about the millions and millions and millions of dollars you've taken from people? he wouldn't be ripping people off. How does it work that you can go into a congregation and just harvest it of all the money they have? That's a pretty low thing to do isn't it? Do you reckon God lets you do that? He just can't open his mouth without telling lies. His name is Blake Richards, professed Christian - and a tax accountant. A man with many enemies in his community. Yet here he is, with his wife Lisa, winning over more of the faithful. Come on. He's got to be stopped. # The Lord's my shepherd, I'll not want... # Up and down this coast, Blake Richards has left a trail of ruin. He is the wolf in sheep's clothing. they even prayed with him. Yet this small-town accountant has fleeced them of every dollar he could get. I mean the amounts, Howard, are $90,000, $38,000, $120,000. Neil Harrison - one of Blake's victims in a company called Big Kids Toys. Blake talked it up as a great investment. But it collapsed. Investors were left high and dry with debts in the millions. Neil lost $30,000. His wife $120,000. While Blake got his cash out before the end. because the $120,000 was extremely hard-earned, and I apologise to Marion for that, also I lost the rest of my superannuation. He can pray a beautiful prayer. Do all the things that you would expect of a Christian. How much have you lost? Well, we invested $390,000 with him in the very first place and we've done a lot of money since, because we borrowed against our house. Many of Blake's victims are deeply embarrassed by their own naivety. And after all, they've lost their homes, their life savings, sometimes their lifestyle - all to his gift of the gab. So they're shamefaced, and they find it very hard to talk. I've been through pain, anger, sadness, depression, the lot. A lifetime's work and savings. In what became a pattern of behaviour, Blake joined her church and advised she borrow against her home to invest in his project called Longbeach. It failed dismally. He gave us the impression that the house was an asset we could use, it was idle money. For their $390,000 investment, they got second mortgages over two pieces of land no one else wanted. Blake doesn't even hold a license to offer investment advice. Worse, two of his office staff have revealed to us that the Richards tampered with investors' documents so that all his fiddles could go undetected. We tried a second time to talk to Blake and wife Lisa. She has been a company director in many of his failed ventures, but had nothing to say to us, while he hid in the church kitchen. I would give him a ring and say, "How's our money going?" "you'll have millions by Christmas". Blake begged local builder Ted Johnston and wife Dianna Blake also promised the company's owner he would raise millions to get their high-tech water-treatment system in production. Ted and Dianna put in $100,000. He'd double our money in 12 months. Ever heard of Ted Johnson? No. Mark Freeman, the creator of Ingetech. He put $100,000 into this? Well again, we've never heard of Ted Johnson. In a blatant fraud, Blake used Ted and Dianna's money for his own purposes. Face-to-face, he brazenly admitted it. I said to him, "Where's our money?" I said, "You used our money to pay your debts?" He said, "Yes." He admitted that to me. He just used our money to pay his filthy bloody debts. I can only say that it would be at least up to $500,000 has gone missing. Where did it go? We have no idea. Meanwhile, Blake boasted to some he was calling from his boat in the Whitsundays. And that was a bitter pill to mum-and-dad investors whose losses may now total more than $30 million. Come on, let's give Jesus the glory. So how did he learn his black arts? Simple! who, back in the '90s, reaped millions from the folk at the Hillsong Church. but unlike Orehek he's never been caught and jailed. Nothing to say to us, but his victims are clamouring for justice. He has to be stopped. He's just a bloody con man. Don't we even get one word of apology to these people, Blake? Not one word? Who in their right mind joins churches and gets the Christians to give him all their money and he just takes it and runs with it? You've taken them because they're Christians. You've taken them as well. In fact, you're very evenhanded, aren't you? The most puzzling question - why is Blake Richards still operating? Even though company watchdog ASIC were tipped off about him four years ago, they haven't yet acted to shut him down. I'd say, "Blake, I wish I'd never met you, "I certainly wish my wife had never met you, "because you've ruined our lives. "And the gig's up, the gig's up, Blake, "because we're going to make sure "you never do this to anybody ever again." And we did request an interview with ASIC, but it wouldn't comment on any individual case We'd also like to hear from anyone else who's lost money as a result of Blake Richards's advice. Now here's something you don't know. Would you believe most Australian women are wearing the wrong bra size? And it's important because, apart from stopping back and neck pain, the right support can apparently make you look younger and thinner. But here's something else - the expert with all the answers is a man! Too bouncy. Too squished. Across Australia, bra crimes are being committed every day. The bra buster is on the case. Are you wearing the right-size bra? I think so. You, my darling, are not wearing the right bra. Would you mind just jumping up and down so I can check? Come on, let me see. Come on, just pull your top up. No! Two or three. Oh, you've just passed the Gok test. Thank you. Have a great day. As us women know, finding the right bra size isn't easy. In fact, 70% of us are serial offenders. And, more importantly, how do we solve them? In a recent survey, 98% of women said they didn't like their body. Gok Wan is a man on a mission. In the UK he teaches women how to look good naked. Here, he's joined forces with Bendon to sort out Australia's bra crimes. There's about 4.5 inches there. Basically either go shopping or adjust the strap, alright? OK. Thank you. See you later. This is called the 'Foursome'. and if they wear a bra that's far too tight for them in the cup and the back, it's going to press in and you're gonna have four breasts. So, as you can see, we've changed the bra to a correct-fitting one. Now we've gone up two cup sizes. Now, this is a really common thing. Some women I've met have been two, three or sometimes four cup sizes wrong. And the simple rule of thumb is get it on, if you can get your finger just about around the cup, that's enough space. Crime number two. So this is basically called 'Fag Bag' and it's very, very baggy - so much room. This is normally a result of.., ..what tends to happen is people have babies, they buy bras because they're pregnant and of course their bangers are more full, then they have the baby, they stop breastfeeding, they still carry on wearing the bras, which is then you've got this. Obviously now a correct-fitting bra is not too baggy and, again, OK, so from the front it looks fine, but if we just turn around can you see, basically this is called the 'Mile High Club'. This is when the bra is too big for you. Now totally fixed. and if we just spin round, gorgeous, this is in total alignment with around the front of the bra. This is going to give you maximum support. Well, this is called the 'Hang Out'. This is where basically a bra is too tight and what it does is it cuts into you. So as you can see now this bra fits. There's just enough tension just here. Now, when you buy your bra, always make sure you fit it to the first hook and as it gets old and the elastic goes, you can tighten it up by going to the second and then the third. you've got to have a correct-fitting bra. Get it done professionally, don't trust yourself, and it's dead easy. Australia's bra crimes - case closed. And selected Myer stores across the country will be setting up 'bra banks' - inviting women to deposit their old bras. or each one, a dollar will go to the charity, UNIFEM. Still to come - the best mates making big money from real estate. How they did it. WOMAN: Sensitive teeth can really spoil a special moment. When you suffer from it, only one thing matters - effective and lasting relief. But my dentist told me it's not enough. He said I also need to protect my teeth and gums. So I chose a toothpaste that does both. Colgate Sensitive Multi Protection. Used every day, it helps prevent pain from coming back. Plus it fights bacteria to protect teeth and gums. It's the right choice. but how about a string of them? This is a story of two best mates who decided to try the real estate game. And within no time, they had snapped up two dozen properties. They say anyone can do it by following a few simple tips. Hi, I'm Mark. And I'm Matt. We bought $5.1 million worth of property... just 14 months. They're computer geeks who've become multimillion-dollar property tycoons. 18 months ago we bought these seven units for $890,000. And they're now worth $1.4 million. We bought this 2-bedroom house six months for $440,000. Big block of land - now it's worth about $550,000. We bought this block of four apartments seven months ago for $730,000. And now its worth around $950,000. One by one, mates Matt Dawson and Mark Vasudeva have been buying properties. They now own 18 units and 5 houses, all in Brisbane. And the boys say they're just getting started. So, guys, this was your first property? It certainly was. It's located in Greenslopes, about 4km south of the city. It's a block of seven units. Matt and Mark have been mates for more than 10 years. They run their own IT business in Melbourne and only recently decided to jump into the property game. Why on earth are you buying up all these properties in Brisbane? I guess when we first started and we did our research we looked at all the capital cities and Melbourne was really expensive, Sydney was really expensive. We got to Brisbane and you can actually get some properties that are really good value for money. Matt and Mark say one of the golden rules when buying investment properties is to try and keep within 10km of the city centre, which is exactly what they've done in Brisbane, targeting suburbs like Greenslopes, Stafford, Gordon Park and Hamilton. Absolutely. What we're looking at doing And on top of that, two townhouses side by side. Mark and Matt say to always look for a property with a twist - some way you can somehow add value. And at this house in a neighbouring suburb, they renovated and put in an extra bedroom. By doing a few cosmetic renovations, With an extra bedroom, it's not unusual to get an extra $40 or $50 a week. What do you think of these two blokes? Well, what would you think about guys who bought 23 properties in 14 months? How many people can do that? Geoff Doidge from the Reno Kings is an expert at buying investment properties and says the secret to success is knowing what and where to buy. They've done their research, they know the right area, the right property, and they know the right price. It looks good on paper, but how much debt are you in? We have around $3.8 million worth of debt. Interest rates aren't a concern for them because they have fixed rates on most of their properties. You can speak to your bank and lock in your interest rate so you know for the next five years you'll be paying a certain amount of interest so rate rises won't affect you. And Mark's tips again: If it fits the mould and it's something that will add value to our portfolio, I don't think we ever will. Ben McCormack reporting. And Matt and Mark have been so successful they are now teaching other people how to become property investors. For more information, check our website. Still to come - fallen idol. A reality TV star's financial nightmare.

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..there's a parent trying to push them to the top. If I see one tear, then I'm going to throttle you. We found 10 parents who are convinced that their kid has what it takes to become a break-out star. I hear some of you wanna become child stars. Is that true? Well, I was a child star. For six weeks we're going to put them through a boot camp... What do you mean, we're adopted?! test the talent of the kids

and the drive and determination of the parents. I think this is probably the worst take I've ever seen. I'm serious. I'm not kidding. Can you stop, Mum? I'm not kidding. No! How about you try being nice to me? I'm trying my best, OK?